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Written By Isolde

June 24, 2016, 11:01 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Eira

A delightfully blunt and crude commoner, she comes highly recommended as a bodyguard. There may be some growing pains, but she has the potential to be good for me. She has delusions of being a landed noble of some sort, and it's charming, even if practically impossible.

Written By Margot

June 24, 2016, 10:19 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Alarie

A fine young tailer who I hope will help me make Thraxian fashions... fashionable. It will be a struggle but perhaps we will have some success.

Written By Margot

June 24, 2016, 10:13 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Niccolo

Isolde's father and now I know where so many of her best qualities come from. Refreshingly blunt, and to the point, and not nearly as fussy as I expected of a Lyceum man. He asks hard questions and distracts any attempts to turn the tables on himself but I shall still try.

Written By Dagon

June 24, 2016, 9:43 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Jaenelle

Ah, my cousin Jaenelle, charming and clever, I think she was happy with her arrangement, and it was a real tragedy that she became a widow so soon and at such a young age. I do enjoy the time I spend in her company though, especially when Valerius is around. Having someone else try and prod him down a better path is quite useful!

Written By Alarie

June 24, 2016, 9:35 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Margot

I had the incredible pleasure of sewing my first silk dress for this marvelous lady. She is modest, yet elegant. Yet, I sense a strength in her. She is like a rolemodel of what Thraxian women should become. I look forward to doing more business with her.

Written By Valencia

June 24, 2016, 9:24 p.m.(11/8/1003 AR)

I feel the pain of Angus' passing renewed every time something happens that reminds me of him. I wish I could have told him that I finally sent the ring he made me to be fixed, I still regret throwing it at him that day.
    He'd tracked mud into our bedroom and when I complained he'd very rudely told me to 'get used to it', that I'd never fit in here if I whined about some mud. I took the ring and flung it at his head, but my aim has always been lousy. It hit a vase, cracking it down the middle, and in the process, the ring chipped.

I've gotten used to mud, Angus.

Written By Shrike

June 24, 2016, 7:09 p.m.(11/7/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Viviana

The Sword of Setarco is an interesting woman, when she's not busy gushing about her love of sailing she is more then happy to make clear how uncomfortable my presence makes her, 'tingling her spine' as she puts it. I'll be sure to get myself a front row seat for her time in Arx.

Written By Valencia

June 24, 2016, 6:58 p.m.(11/7/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Niccolo

I met with Uncle Niccolo for the first time since the King's Rest began. He seems... different. He's still condescending and enfuriating of course, but he also seems a bit more paranoid. Where has he been all this time? Surely not hiding from the world. He mentioned that troubles are brewing in the northern islands as well, I'll see what I can find out but I do worry that I'm chasing spectres of a heartbroken man rather than actual conspiracies.

Written By Victus

June 24, 2016, 1:12 p.m.(11/7/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Kima

I'll admit freely that Kima's wine wasn't half fucking bad. Won't win me over from ale, mind, but if I gotta drink wine I'll rather order the Saik vintage than some Grayson swill that tastes like cat piss. Truth is, before I met her I didn't even fucking know there was such a thing as the Baron Saik, let alone that they had any fucking vineyards to speak of. Wonder if her Uncle's paying her a percentage of what she can pull in from Arx, pushing it on every fucking person she comes across?

Speaking of Kima, it might have been a close fight she fought with Marian, one that could've gone either way if Luck had chosen her to take it rather'n Marian, but she still won. Looked good doing it. No doubt she'll have a new collection of useless silk draped perfumed stinking layabouts coming to her for sword instruction. Just so they can all ogle her ass and prance around saying they were taught by her personally.

Written By Niccolo

June 24, 2016, 12:05 p.m.(11/6/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Victus

I've crossed paths a couple of times with this Thrax lord, and regardless of his brusque demeanor, I find myself taking a liking to him. He is blunt, gruff, but honest in his feelings. There is a grudging respect between us, I've noticed, and I'm sure it has to do with my experience fighting the Abandoned back in the Lyceum. On my end, I can respect his strength and no-nonsense approach to life.

Written By Niccolo

June 24, 2016, 12:01 p.m.(11/6/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Belladonna

Her concern for my wellbeing is touching. Belladonna is as beautiful as she is charming. I can't help but admit that whenever we meet, she brings a smile to my face and encourages the good memories I have of the Pravus family to resurface. Her company when indulging on a goblet of wine is certainly welcome.

Written By Niccolo

June 24, 2016, 11:57 a.m.(11/6/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Margot

I don't know Lady Margot well. Her story can be tragic or inspiring, depending on how you look at it. I give her credit, for she was more honest about her feelings during her meeting than I thought she would. Then again, said honesty is not always pragmatic. Still, at this point, she is interesting enough that I'm curious to learn more about her.

Written By Gerry

June 24, 2016, 11:38 a.m.(11/6/1003 AR)

Saw the biggest man I'd ever seen today. Now I'm a wide traveled man, but he surely looked as if he had giants blood in him.

It was at the trader's tavern, where Gutthraw that slimy fat old bastard of a merchant dared to suggest my wares were less than reputable, in full public. Why, if I wasn't such a peaceful man, I might just take grave insult at such unworthy and untrue slander. Regardless, in the wake of Gutthraw's embarrassing departure, making the other patrons quite uncomfortable, especially the table next to ours, I was addressed by a lady. Lady Calista Fidante, I'm sure bards write whole epics about nothing but her beauty and the men who kill themselves trying to be worthy of it.

We could've had an interesting conversation I think, she and her goodwoman companion and I. But then comes a pair of princelings, and I decided it was better for my hide to make my departure. Alas, alas. And on the way, that's when I saw the giant.

Written By Kima

June 24, 2016, 2:35 a.m.(11/5/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Gustave

This Marquis is delightfully backwater. He seems a practical, logical man, however. By the by, has anyone ever mentioned how tall he is? No, then allow me to do so. He might know a thing or two about pikes, but it's entirely reasonable to believe he could simply throw those of us bearing a completely normal stature around like an angry child does their toys. As I /have/ been bodily thrown in combat before, I don't fancy ever finding out how true my suspicions may be.

Written By Kima

June 24, 2016, 2:28 a.m.(11/5/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Calvert

I met this darling young scholar the other night while visiting the Traders Tavern. He flushed crimson from the moment I laid eyes on him, and it was only too easy to keep him flustered. However, he's not simply a scholar with a pretty face, he's Aldwin Aurum's own nephew. Our conversation was /most/ interesting, and I look forward to more.

Written By Kima

June 24, 2016, 2:22 a.m.(11/5/1003 AR)

Without wasting time on mundane details, I shall instead dive immediately into the meat of things: I challenged Princess Marian Valardin to a spar, which she graciously accepted. To my great pleasure, we were watched by no fewer than six other nobles - shall I name them? Of course I shall! Prince Dagon; Lord Victus; Duke Vercyn; Princess Valencia; Marquis Gustave; and mine own Duke Hadrian.

And if this wasn't enough, I even won, perhaps proving to the Sword of Sanctum that I am not the useless, but oh so pretty fop she suspected me of being.

Let me be frank - I want to boast. I want my ego to spill over and congratulate myself until I'm practically drunk on it. But I shall refrain. It was a close thing, and there is every reason to suspect that Marian's lack of a helmet had something to do with the outcome. Is this humble enough? It shall have to be.

Now, in other news, I have promised to sing the virtues of the sea in order to win sailors over to the Thraxian fleet. It was hard to say no to Victus after he had just quaffed nearly a bottle of my family's wine while promising to promote it to his drinking buddies. Yes, yes, they may prefer ale, but good is good.

What else? Oh, I owe Vercyn a wine date. He might be half a Shav but at least he's not a hideous troll.

So much for slowing down the drinking, I guess.

Written By Kima

June 24, 2016, 2:02 a.m.(11/5/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Marian

When we first met, I could tell that the Sword of Sanctum saw little reason to think much of me. Now, normally, I couldn't care less what some other woman thought. But this was different. This was Marian Valardin. She's hardly much older than me, but in a way, it feels as if I grew up on tales of her. It may have taken knocking her around some on the sparring grounds, but I believe I've earned her respect. It was well worth it.

Written By Vercyn

June 23, 2016, 9:31 p.m.(11/5/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Donrai

When a shav gets leprosy up in the North, the Abandoned just leave them to die alone and never speak of them again. Just saying.

Written By Hadrian

June 23, 2016, 6:02 p.m.(11/4/1003 AR)

*This journal has been stricken and replaced with a note bearing the personal seal of the Dominus*

-Tampering discovered by the Censor Liborum, reported to Aldwin, Arch Scholar of Vellichor. The evidence of the tampering has been sealed forever, with the guilty party being sentenced by Dominus Fawkuhl forever more as a Silent Reflection. Never again will the name of the guilty scholar be seen, as they have sinned against Vellichor, and are now blotted away forevermore. So it is written, so shall it be known.

Written By Calista

June 23, 2016, 3:34 p.m.(11/4/1003 AR)

Relationship Note on Alarissa

Princess Alarissa Valardin is Prince Barric Greyson's sister. While I've just met her, she is quite adorable and affable. I do not know much about her, yet, but given that I do spend time with Prince Barric, it would be wise to befriend his sister. Clearly she's married into the Valardin House but I do not know who her husband is or if he is still alive. There seems to be quite a lot of widowers in Arx. Regardless, the woman loves fashion as much as I do and I foresee this becoming a pleasant friendship.

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