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Duel: Lord-Prince Niklas Kennex-Grayson vs Duchess Grazia Rubino

Is this the seventh time in the last month that Grandmaster Caspian Wild has faced Sir Jeffeth Bayweather? Sure seems like it! Well, this time they're fighting over whether or not Duchess Grazia should apologize for saying mean things about Princess Sabella Grayson.


June 30, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Grazia Jeffeth Niklas Caspian


Felicia Paige(RIP) Mirari Jamie Etienne Zoey Margret Sabella Cullen Caith Lottie Alessandro Monique Thorley Simone



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Proving Grounds

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Comments and Log

Cullen has joined the Noble Seating.

Lottie turned from her softer conversation with Mirari to yell outward to Caspian, "You should learn to duck better!"

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Zoey arrives with Monique and -all- the party people, her velvety brown eyes scanning the grounds. She spots Niklas and waves cheerily before heading for the noble seats. "I have a flask if anyone needs to warm up," she says to her group.

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Following in the great Monique procession with a bottle of Stone Mountain in hand, Cullen gives Zoey a grin and taps the bottle. "It's a good thing to always come prepared to any social outing, especially one where I know family will be around." Making his way to the noble seating, he finds a comfortable spot and sprawls out, slate grey eyes surveying the grounds and the crowd.

Alessandro and Margret arrive, surprisingly not actually //with// Monique & co, but close behind. And Alessandro does wave to those in the group as well, before murmuring something to Margret. He looks over toward the bench then, giving Niklas an encouraging wave of his own before he starts the two toward the stands. It's always good to encourage the one who's not actually going to be doing the fighting, right? Sabella, too, gets a smile when he sees her, as well as an inclination of his head.

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Caspian is currently in the dueling circle, praticing his knife swings, bouncing around the dueling area, ducking and weaving against an unseen, possibly larger opponent. He's got a wild grin on his looks, looking like someone who's already having fun!

Simone follows along quietly behind her cousins and sister, Monique. She gives a few people smiles and nods in greeting as they pass by. She eyes Cullen with a soft laugh, "I wonder if Marius would agree with you, Cullen. Fortunately, I believe there is a nearly endless supply." She nods to the bottle of Marius' whiskey as she says it. Spotting Alessandro and Margret she waves to them with a warm smile of greeting.

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Caspian gets A blackened set of boots with a white fur lining from a simple blackened leather backpack.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

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Anchoring the back of the Greenmarch-and-friends procession is Jamie, and fittingly as he doesn't seem as animated or social as the rest of them. There is a moment where he cracks a smile though as he tries to swipe the bottle from Cullen's hands. "I could use a drink." He explains with that quiet, smooth voice of his that relies on gravity for attention, rather than how loud he can actually be. His eyes briefly sweep over the area, including the familiar jousting fence that he normally takes a spot at to get a better look at the duelists. Today though, he follows his family (rough translation: follows the bottle) up into the stands.

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Quill, the grunty little porcupine arrives, following Paige.

Niklas comes in with Jeffeth and Sabella. He reaches up to pat the big man on the shoulder and says to him, "The only advice I have is that Caspian is not good at formal debate. He skips turns, his arguments are mushy and his counter-arguments rely on appeals to emotion and strawmen. So if you can work some kind of logical rhetoric into your strategy I think you can really use that to your advantage." Niklas pauses and then says, "Or you can beat him up a bunch. I mean, that will probably work, too." When Niklas sees he has a whole cheering section he laughs and waves up to clan Greenmarch.

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Zoey glances at Cullen's bottle and chuckles. She goes rummaging in her satchel, eventually pulling out a bottle Kennex vodka. "That's why I carry this around," she admits to the man. "You never know when a horde of Kennexes will descend and need refreshments." She holds the bottle out to Jamie. "This is Cartugan Rosewater Vodka," she explains, "and a particularly fine distillation in my opinion. Perfect clarity, balanced flavour profile, and immediately warms you from the inside out."

Monique arrives with a group of very wonderful people including Zoey, Ford, Simone, Cullen and Jamie! They head for the nobles seating and the Greenmarch sports a bright, eager smile. "I think this will be a wonderful event, don't you all? I've been looking forward to it ever since the Whisper Ball! Oh, look! Mags and Al!" She waves to them as she spies them, trying to swipe the bottle from Jamie, who is trying to swipe it from Cullen. There's a look to Simone like 'why won't they give me the booze!'

The big man is a patchwork of leathers. Each segment of leather armor on his body a slight discoloration from the next. Some of his gear has extenders on it, just flat pieces of leather attatched in order to make it possible to stretch over the prodigious size of the big man. Some of his garments display the Harthall colors, an orange lining going over much of the expanse of the giant man.

Lumbering towards the dueling circle, Jeffeth has that large hammer strapped to his back, though also a pair of long blades on either hip. He bows his head to listen to Niklas as he speaks. Jeffeth's lips purse and he gives a little nod. The big man brings up one hand to give Niklas' shoulder a little pat-pat. "Thank you for the advice, Your Highness. I'll beat up his strawmen."

When he arrives at the dueling circle, Jeffeth draws both his simple longsword and his large hammer, they are both placed on the ground, as if he is choosing which one to use.

Seeing Jeffeth enter, Caspian points a finger to him, calling out, "JEFFETH!" He lifts his thumb in the air, and with a dramatic turn, turns that thumb down. "GRUDGE MAAAAAAAATCH!" He calls out in an exicted roar, thrusting his knife upwards towards the night sky! "You're going down this time!"

"Good luck!" Sabella tells Jeffeth brightly. "If you lose I think it means I can never be a member of the Scholars. Not that I was ever going to join, but I don't think that they'd take me if I have to put the things the Duchess has said on a resume." Then she leans in to give Niklas a kiss and says, "I'll see you at the end!" And heads off to the noble seating.

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Coming in late but not overly so, Paige enters the grounds and immeidately seeks out Niklas and Sabella, offering a bright smile and waving towards the pair. "Hello! Good luck with the duel, Your Highness!" To Sabella she offers a grin and wave, "Hello, Princess! Its great to see you again!"

There's a light sigh that passes out through his teeth at all of Caspian's yelling. Jeffeth tilts his head back, before just a light smile curls up his lips. He reaches up, and just tap-taps his own nose. Then gives a bright gleaming smile.

Caspian lets out a little chuckle back to Jeffeth as he taps his nose. "Okay, that was clever. Since you didn't break my nose, I'll try not to leave any scars in places you can't cover up," he says back to the man, looking around a moment. 'I don't see the Dutchess, but that's alright, I'll let her know the results of the match." He looks back to Jeffeth. "I'm ready to dance if you are, big boy."

Arriving on the grounds, Thorley isn't a champion. Never plans on being one. Instead he moves to sit back to join the seating - but not before pausing to Sabella. "May I escort you, Your Highness?" the sword offers to the Princess, so that he can share some information when they are seated.

Sabella smiles at Thorley as she waves to Paige, "Thank you! That would be wonderful!" She replies, taking his arm. "It should be a very good fight I think! I never tire of seeing these two perform. Well, I do tire of the blood, but they seem to like it? So, I am happy they're happy!"

Niklas flops down at the judge's booth and waves to people as he recognizes them. "Countess Stahlben! Good to see you out here today! Marquis Ford! A rare treat!"

Dandy, the red fox arrives, following Etienne.

"Isn't about you Caspian. As much as everyone loves hearing you cry about your nose, I have to do it. You're fighting on the side of someone who said some truly unkind, untrue, and unnecessary things." Jeffeth gives a light shake of his head. "Can't let that stand. So because of that, I can't let you stand." The big man moves over to his weapons and goes to pick up his hammer. Turning it over in his hands, he gives a little nod. "I'm ready, little fella."

Jeffeth wields The Butterfly Effect, a giant high quality steel war hammer.

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"It's Gloria that will decide if it was her right to say those things, with whoever's blood spills," Caspian says, sliding out his feet into a ready position, holding up his knife in a ready position. "So you're gonna have to knock me down before you have the right to say she was wrong. Lets do this."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lottie before departing.

Etienne glides in, avoiding the bulk of the traffic gathering for the show. He stands about for a moment, trying to catch a glimpse of the action before it's too late.

"That's the plan." Jeffeth rumbles, marching over to bend his knees slightly in preparation. "Either way, let us bring honor to Gloria's name."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

Monique spies the Archlector as he arrives, even as she's trying to grab a bottle of whiskey from her male cousins. She waves to Etienne, gesturing the pale-haired Godsworn over to the noble stands. "Blessed Etienne! Come join us! You don't want to miss the action!"

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Niklas calls out to Caspian, "I say she was wrong. That's the whole point. Gloria will just let us know if she should agree. So let's see what Gloria has to say. Though if she'd like to join Skald in the ranks of those who attend duels I do have a seat free over here!"

"What's this about, again? When Duchess Rubino was slinging insults at the Whisper Ball?" Cullen asks Monique as the fight breaks out, then gazes over to Lottie and gives the baker a salute. "My sled racing partner, a good day to you, Goodwoman Lottie!"

Paige offers a broad grin towards Sabella before leaning against the seating, not joining it but staying close! Niklas gets that same grin, "I wouldn't miss it, Your Highness! May the best Prince win!" She chuckles and looks out to the ring as the fight begins.

Lottie lifted her hand in a wave across the stands, bellowing back over poor Mirari's head. "Hello, Lord Cullen!"

Mirari laughs, leaning to the side as Lottie waves and yells. She sneaks another chew from the bag and pops it into her mouth.

As the battle is signalled to begin, Jeffeth charges forward. Rather than approaching the battle slowly like he did last time, he charges straight for Caspian. His shoulder is lowered and the big man plows right into Caspian's chest withi his massive boulder of a shoulder. The smaller man is able to stab against Jeffeth as he does, but it seems to be ineffectual against the big man's armor. Driving Caspian back a few feet, he brings up his hammer into both hands, sidestepping as he watches Caspian with narrowed eyes.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lottie before departing.

Jeffeth's unorthadox fighting style really does catch Caspian offguard, the man tries dodge and strike at Jeffeth before the shoulder slam hits, but he is too slow, and he just glances the man's leather as his shoulder catches him in a soft spot. He grunts, taking a few steps back, giving a wide grin to the man. That hit hurt, but it didn't ruin his mood at least!

Sabella gives a big wave to Niklas and then turns to say to Thorley by way of explanation, "They're fighting over me."

Niklas gives a laugh at Paige's comment. "You're my new favorite countess!" He glances around, then adds, "That I'm not related to!" He glances sidelong at the Kennexes in the crowd, points at Paige and gives her a thumbs up while nodding. But then there's fighting to watch and Jeffeth's first blow gets Niklas to sit up and cheer.

"Something well worth fighting for, Your Highness." Thorley sounds slightly amused. "Though I heard it was to keep you from being an explorer? Just as I thought I had whetted your interest in a personal project of mine."

From her spot in the noble seats, Caith holds up her kitten so Cuddle Puddle can get a good view of the fight. Because, you know, grudge matches is high on the list of kitten concerns. "See?" she tells the wee kitty as the men go at each other. "This is a duel!" The floofy white baby cat just kind of wiggles in her hands and offers her expert feline commentary: "Mew! Meeeew!"

After the first charge, Jeffeth does some pretty stupid swings. His hammer swings this way and hits the grass, then that way and flies into air. Caspian easily steps out of the way of them. It seems they're more aimed to give him just a little bit of room and keep Caspian at bay rather than being able to get in close and stick the big man with a million holes. Caspian is able to hit against his armor once more but it doesn't seem to really cause the big man any pain. When Caspian gets in too close again, Jeffeth swings out the haft of his hammer, rather than the hammer head. Driving the handle of his hammer into Caspian's abdomen to create a little space for himself.

Even just a glancing blow from Jeffeth is something that hurts. He goes in for a strike, and he is just clipped by Jeffeth's handle, but even the glancing blow is enough to cause the man to briefly stumble and have to reterat, holding his side with his free hand. He lets out a small 'Heh' as he smiles to Jeffeth. "Damn you're good," he says, switching the grip on his knife and gets low. And then he slides back in, trying to get close next to Jeffeth again.

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"Ah. I misheard you when I first arrived. My apologies, Your Highness." Thorley offers to the Princess. "I will make sure to share you stories from my time as a knight again sometime." he comments as he watches the duel. "Jeffeth has improved nicely while I was away." Of course most people do improve when others are away, that's the nature of the beast.

Merril, a scholarly aide, Warrior, a skittish pygmy goat kid arrive, following Felicia.

Caspian comes in twice more and is able to land his knife twice more against Jeffeth's leather armor, but it doesn't seem to pierce or do any damage. And when Caspian gets too close, Jeffeth makes him pay for it. Caspian gets close, too close, almost up against Jeffeth's chest. Instead of driving him back this time, the big man brings him in closer. Releasing the hammer with one hand, Jeffeth swings it around Caspian, jostling the man with his shoulder to keep him off balance. It looks as if Jeffeth is going to hug the grandmaster. But instead the haft of the hammer is rapidly swinging up and being caught by Jeffeth behind Caspian. Then the handle of the hammer is brought forward, the rod applying to Caspian's shoulders, and pulling him down. When he pulls Caspian down, Jeffeth's knee comes up, and collides with Caspian's face. Gotta get that nose. It's of course not a killing blow, or enough to truly hurt the man, but it's enough to get the blood flowing.

With that Jeffeth is quickly unentangling, stepping back from Caspian. He motions to the blood on his pants to Caspian, then to the crowd.

Caspian checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Niklas surges to his feet as Jeffeth lands blow after blow while Caspian's weapons are unable to find purchase. For a guy who has repeatedly indicated he's not a fan of duels as a form of conflict resolution, he looks ready to scream for Jeffeth to tear the Grandmaster's skeleton out of his mouth. But instead he settles on roaring, "Gloria! Grayson! Kennex! BAYWEATHER!"

Felicia evidently arrived in time for the best part, at least, to judge from the way the redheaded knight pauses near the entrance to the proving grounds to watch the duel's conclusion with an air of focus.

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Margret stands up from the stands, and starts down them. As she walks at a quick but limping pace she gets her ever-present satchel of medical equipment off her shoulder so it can be prepared for the inevitable end of the duel.

Whelp. If Caspian keeps getting matched against Jeffeth, he's gonna have a flat nose by this rate! The man tries to bring his hands up to protect his face, but he's slow on the draw, and he eats that knee for dinner. Stepping back, he covers his face, wincing a bit, then lifts his hand away from it to reveal the blood. "Good job Jeffeth, Gloria shows you her favor yet again," he says with a grin given his way.

Lowering his hammer head to the ground, Jeffeth slowly bows to Caspian, his fist raising up to press to his chest. "Well fought, Grandmaster." The big man rumbles lowly, straightening up. "It's a shame Lady Grazia could not make it. But I hope to hear her apology soon." The knight gives a firm nod, before turning to the crowd and giving another bow, fist pressed to his chest once more.

Sabella points at Zoey, "Exactly like that, but with husbands!" She then leaps to her feet again to applaud, "Wonderful duel! The hits were very good on both sides!" She calls out cheerfully to Caspian and Jeffeth, "Sorry, Master Caspian, but I am so very glad you were not victorious today! I promise to cheer for you next time!"

From her leaned post against the seating, Paige strightens up and starts whistling at Jeffeth's win over Caspian. "Wooooooooo! Congratulations Sir Bayweather! And Prince Niklas!" She looks to Caspian and calls out, "Well fought, Master Wild!!"

"Give a round of applause for Jeffeth people! This guy is one tough cookie!" Caspian calls out to the crowd, waving his hand over to Jeffeth with a bloody grin given to the crowd. Literally, there is some blood on his teeth! He looks over to Niklas next, saying to the man, "And good job picking him as your Champion." He looks around the crowd, asking, "Any mercies around? My rib is killing me, Jeffeth got it good."

Felicia is overheard praising Jeffeth.

Thorley is overheard praising Jeffeth: Now she'll remember your name.

Margret claps a little when the fight ends, but mostly she looks relieved that it's over. "I can assist you, Master Wild." She starts towards the Champion to begin giving him medical treatment.

Lottie hurried down from the stands once the fighters had completed their bout, moving over to the sidelines. A handkerchief was at the ready for Caspian's face though it sadly wasn't a magical handkerchief. Just a normal one, no super healing powers here. "Well fought, Sir Jeffeth! And you too, Caspian! Looks like you might be needing to earn your silver a different way for a bit, though. Got your nose broke again?"

Zoey laughs brightly at Sabella. "I have a hard time conceiving of Lord Ian as a puppy," she admits. "He's more like a taciturn, faithful old bump on a log." She pauses. "Who happens to be surprisingly thoughtful and rather deadly at the same time." She pushes up and gathers her things, including her silver cup from Ford, and turns to face the duelists. "Well fought, Grandmaster," she calls down. "Congratulations, Sir Jeffeth!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cullen before departing.

Niklas bangs his fist on the edge of the table, then turns to his assistant. "See is Scholar Oswyn is available." But then Margret is seeing to it. "Oh, right! Well. Now I feel silly." To Caspian he says, "You fought valiantly for the Duchess, Grandmaster Wild. She can have no complaints. As you said, Gloria looks down and chooses which hand to bless." Then he's hopping over the bench, which is a bad idea because Niklases aren't built for that sort of thing, but after some doing he doesn't actually fall over. He walks over and gives Jeffeth a big hug, says something quietly to the man, then moves up into the noble stands to grab Sabella for a big newlywed kiss.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Felicia before departing.

"The Grandmaster of the Champions guild!" Jeffeth bellows proudly, gesturing with one hand to Caspian as well for the crowd. Then he's packing up. He's carrying his hammer over to to the stands, to briefly speak with Niklas and Sabella. Then opening up his arms for a hug when Niklas charges at him. A broad smile is given. "Can someone please help me strap the hammer back to my back?" The big man asks with a warm smile of no one in particular.

Caspian takes Lottie's hankerchief with a wide smile given her way, dapping his face to clean off the as Margret works on checking his rib, make sure it isn't broken. Which it isn't, just bruised, likely going to be sore of a few days. "Thank you. I'm a little sad I didn't win, but thems the breaks." He looks to Margret, giving her a smile as well, "And thank you. I need to start remembering making sure there is a healer on hand more often."

Alessandro starts down the stands as well once the fight is over, with a congratulatory wave to Niklas and also Jeffeth, and toward Margret and Caspian. He doesn't get too close, though, just waiting for her to be finished to escort her home once the task has been completed.

With congratulations offered all around, Paige slips out of the proving grounds quietly.

Quill, the grunty little porcupine leaves, following Paige.

Margret finishes wrapping Caspian's wounds with a small frown before she murmurs something soft to him. Her frown turns to a gentle smile, and she says, "I am an assistant guildmaster of the Physician's Guild, and I have been thinking maybe we need a presence at these events. But it is something to discuss another time. Please be careful while you heal up." That said she takes Alessandro's hand to depart.

"Well fought, Master Wild," Alessandro says as he inclines his head to Caspian, before he turns with Margret toward the exit.

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Lottie dipped a curtsy to Margaret, making sure she wasn't obstructing the woman's work with where she was standing. "You can bring that hanky back when you don't need it, Caspian. I gotta' get going as well."

Sabella wraps her arms around Niklas and returns that kiss with jubilation! "I feel like maybe I should be kissing Sir Jeffeth since he did all the hard work, but you did choose him and I chose you so, I feel like maybe I'm the real winner here." She tells her husband with a laugh.

Zoey waves to those gathered and tries to sneak out while everyone is occupied.

"An excuse to swing by your place again?" Caspian asks back to Lottie with a grin. "Great. Not that I needed an excuse. But still, I'll come with a sweet tooth!" He promises her with a smile. "Thank you for coming!" He lets out a chuckle back to Sabella, "Spoken like a true wife!"

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