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Thrax Open Court

High Lord Victus Thrax will be holding court within Thrax's halls this evening. Anything that anyone wishes to be brought before Thrax's leadership - questions and concerns, support, assassination plots and etc - will be heard! Thrax's doors are open to their vassals and the public for the occasion.


April 19, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Caith Katarina Alaric Jaenelle Wash Halsim Alarissa Coraline Valerius Sparte Jan Ian Elara(RIP) Perrach Briar



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Estate - The Maw

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For a meeting of those who call the Isles their home and official political business, the fact that one had to literally step through the jaws of a shark to enter the audience hall of Thrax was about as on-the-nose of an entrance one could get into the world of the Mourning Isles. Victus himself was sat on 'the big chair' in the room, not quite an actual throne but certainly a piece of furniture big enough for the High Lord. Which was saying something. He wore his clothes of leather and silk rather than armor, the coronet his house resting upon his head. His posture was upright, though with some slouch as he ensured he'd stay relaxed in his seat.

"Welcome to an evening at the Thrax estate." He addresses with a gesture to those gathered. "Tonight is simply a forum to discuss business happening on our side of the world, questions and concerns for me particularly, and to showcase anything you think this fealty and its leadership should know about. I'll be talking about some things important to the House as we move forward. Namely the Marin'alfar, rebuilding efforts, future projects and such. But get cozy, have a drink, we ain't here to be boring as fuck about it."

Looking around Cora shrugs and goes to grab a drink and a chair. Victus did tell them to after all. Settling down with something boozy and available, she gets ready to listen.

Katarina walks into the Maw just as Victus speaks. She tries not to grin as she moves to find a seat, accepting a drink as she settles. She nods briefly to the few folks she recognizes before she takes a sip from her glass.

Jaenelle looks towards Alaric as he escorts her, "you mean he does not allow you to drink his rum? That seems rather rude." She makes an appropriate tsking noise in Victus' direction as if to chastise the man for his greed. She settles towards the back beside him, not wishing to interrupt as the meeting begins and Victus adresses the room.

Wash settles down at a seat and hefts a bottle of vodka. "I'm sharing." He says, "If anyone didn't bring their own?"

Briar Marjawn was not a Thrax or anything related to one, but as Alarissa's new protege, he had nonetheless decided to make the trip over to attend the open court. Slipping into the courtyard, the leatherworker glances around the space before he slides into a seat near the rear, trying to cause as little scene as possible, given the setting.

Jan has found herself a wall to lean against, a bottle of rum held loosely in one hand, the other hand placed on her hip. She's quiet for now, though her stormy eyes are sharp and attentive.

Into the Maw Halsim arrives, his silk tunic freshly laundered visibly as he steps over to one of the chairs with a table and takes a place. Out comes a book, along with a quill and inkwell, and the Darkwater Lord begins to write as he listens. "I'm good, thanks." Halsim gives in confirmation to Wash.

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, following Sparte.

Alaric applauds politely, and as the open court starts to get underway elects to stake out a spot by the harp and send a guard off to get some of the drinks on offer. "Don't mind me, your Grace," he declares regally. "I merely like to attend the open courts of the Great Houses to show my support. And to watch other people running meetings for once." He grins at Jaenelle. "No, not at all! He just has a habit of depleting my stocks when I'm hosting. I'm looking forward to returning the favor," he explains reassuringly. But once at his seat he quiets down a bit to not interrupt too much apart from a smile and a nod to Wash over yonder. And Katarina as well.

Alaric has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

Sparte quietly as he can slips in during the quiet applause, trying to find a seat to listen from that isn't disruptive.

Jaenelle has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

2 Armed Confessors, Halle, a very large assistant arrive, following Elara.

Briar has joined the Wooden Kraken Rocking Chair.

Briar has left the Wooden Kraken Rocking Chair.

Briar has joined the an elegant rosewood harp.

Perrach is present, it shouldn't come to no surprise that he's lacking any and all invitations of warmth. The permenant scowl across his brow doesn't seem to change no matter which setting his in. Still he's standing with his back facing a wall and meaty arms folded tightly across his chest.

Victus scans the crowd a moment, dipping his chin in acknowledgement to Wash. "You can share in a moment, Lord Washburn." Then his eyes happen upon the King, quirking his brow. "Despite what history may tell, I promise that you aren't going to be stabbed in this ward tonight your Majesty. At least not by anyone sober and in their right mind." He rolls his eyes before moving onto other business. "To check some shit off early, yes the rumors are true that Alarissa and I are expecting another kid. You may have noticed already, but if you've valued your life have not mentioned to my wife that she's lookin' like it. I've had some questions about if it will change the line of succession if it happens to be a boy. No, it will not. Astrid will remain our declared heir till I'm in the ground and she's taken my place, no matter how many brothers or sisters are spawned in the meantime."

The High Lord's hands join together, fingers intertwine. "For an update on our efforts to rebuild in the wake of the Pirate's war, I've got some good news. While costs of resettling Darkwater are still being tallied, our focus on rebuilding the military has gone greatly with a focus to the navy. Roughly half of our standing fleet was lost at Setarco, and currently over 80% of it has been rebuilt and fit for service once again. All dromonds and longships are accounted for, with just under half a dozen galleys being left before we can call Thrax's retinue at sea at full strength again. Afterwards, we'll be focusing on retraining our land troops. Much of it will hopefully be finished in our upcoming tour of the Isles that heads of houses and family members will be participating in."

Here, Victus gestures to Wash. "If Lord Kennex would like to bring a matter forward, feel free."

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Caith.

Sitting off to the side with booze in hand, Cora looks impressed with this information. Maybe she can join in this tour, that sounds fun.

Elara threads her way through the crowd to Halsim's side. As she does she leans in to say something very quietly before settling in to listen. Her eyes float to Wash and she tilts her head slightly obvious cirousity written across her otherwise still face.

Halsim checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"Not to worry, Your Grace, we're working on several hundred years now since we've had any Crownbreaker Wars and I'm very confident we can keep that streak going well into the future," Alaric replies nonchalantly to Victus. "Congratulations on the upcoming child as well!" he adds pleasantly before turning to Wash to see what he might have to say.

Off to one side and sitting at a table, Halsim is writing into a book. As Elara comes over and sits, Halsim listens to her... and visibly chokes down a laugh, before he writes again, listening.

The open court kicked off and as it progressed Perrach visibly drew a lengthy breath in then out through the nose. His attention then changed to Wash who was next to speak.

Katarina shifts in her seat, drinking from her glass. She glances towards Wash as he's called forward to speak. She raises her glass in his direction and then settles in to listen.

Doot-dee-doo! Caith comes wandering in, happy as can be with a little bounce in her step. Open court is taking place and she sticks to the periphery, glancing across the crowd to take note of the particular Who's Who that have shown up. Spotting her sister, the blonde woman angles herself thattaways and eventually sliiiides in next to Coraline. She gives her sibling a little nudge with her elbow, the universal sign for 'hello'. Or, wait. Is that 'hello' or 'gimme some of that booze'? Depends on the translation and the dialect, one must suppose.

Cora chooses to interpret Caith's motion for both and reaches down for a fresh bottle to hand her sister with a welcomeing smile. She leans in to whisper to her sis as she hands the bottle over.

Jaenelle informs Alaric, "I believe we should have equal opportunity and allow another Great House the chance to take over. It would not be fair if we always assumed it would be my family." She then beams a bright smile towards Victus, "I will certainly have to speak with the Princess Consort and wish her the best in person when able. This is certainly wonderful news."

Jan has a swig of rum and continues to lean at her post at the wall. She does glance over at Perrach, fellow wall-leaner, and tips her chin in a nod to him.

"We could do it alphabetically. That would make it House Valardin's turn next, then," Alaric observes dryly in response to Jaenelle's suggestion.

"Appreciated. We're considering naming it after someone who fell in the war." Victus notes back to Jaenelle and Alaric with a thin smirk on his face. "I might not be a genius politician, but rotating the crown now of all times seems like a surefire way to really fuck things up." He snorts. "Just for future reference."

Perrach offers a grunt of acknowledgement to Jan, translatedly roughly to 'hello' or 'yeah I see you', even a possible 'whatever'. The throaty sound could be defined by anything given the man's demeanor.

Sparte gives Alaric a funny little look. He quietly sounds out the names of the great houses to himself, giving a small shake of his head like something said didn't make sense.

Now having settled in quite nicely alongside her sister, Caith takes a sip from the bottle she's been handed -- yum! -- and nods what something Coraline whispers to her. Her attention, though, remains lightly fixed on the discussion taking place and her gaze hops from person to person as comments are made.

"I am almost certain that House Velenosa would cut in line for the sole purpose of taking the chance away from House Valardin" Jaenelle corrects evenly. "Not even because we wish it, but because we dont want them to have it."

Jan also turns her head to regard Alaric and Jaenelle, her eyebrows arching upward. She blinks twice. Is that... stink-eye?

Sitting at the table, Halsim gives a glance to Elara, before he looks over to Jaenelle, one eyebrow raised just so as he listens... then, he looks up as a messenger comes by.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Halsim before departing.

Olenna, 4 Thrax Guards, Pellinor arrive, following Alarissa.

Alarissa's making her way in, little retinue scattering as they follow. A plant in hand, she's passing it off to Olenna - Elfblight for those in the know, those orchids that populate Grayson grounds - and starts to move into the maw proper to see who all has come.

"Are you suggesting House Velenosa would try to find some sort of negotiating position that would justify them cutting in between the alphabetical progression from 'Thrax' to 'Valardin'?" Alaric asks Jaenelle casually. "Sounds entirely out of alignment with their reputation not definitely never doing anything sneaky, ever." He grins sunnily and nods over at Victus. "The Crown is materially in support of continued efforts to keep the Compact of Arvum 'un-fucked', as it were," he proclaims helpfully. Or at least quasi-helpfully.

Victus settles a little deeper into his seat, resting an ankle upon his knee. The reavers around the High Lord still keep an open floor for Wash, though Victus begins to speak again. "As I said, wanted to touch on our current connections with the Marin'alfar. During the interim before the war, we were fortunate enoug hto not only rediscover our sea-elf friends existed, but also to construct an embassy to further relations with them within the Maelstrom. As a lot of you probably know, all contact with the Marin'alfar was lost as soon as we received word of the Pirate King's move to attack the Compact. It was a hope of ours that war-time had simply left them too busy, but grimly, we still ain't heard anything whatsoever." His expression stiffens, his face becoming like stone. "The last contact we received was a very brief note upon the shores of Setarco addressed to one of our vassals, simply saying they were 'a little busy'. Where they are or what has happened is all pure speculation at this point. But we're encouraging anyone who might have connections to try their luck. Any information at this point would be appreciated while we try and remain optimistic about things."

Alaric's comment almost breaks his dour face, almost. Just a snort. Not of amusement at all, no sir.

"Actually" Jaenelle says with a small casual shake of her head, "I was speaking to their high level of honor and their unwavering loyalty to the Crown and the one who wears it. House Valardin would much rather stand before the crown in staunch defence than think to claim it for themselves." Then her head tips to the side and back, "atleast you can count of House Velenosa for being constant."

Sparte squints. He doesn't seem to be fully sure what is going on at this point, but whatever it is seems worth squinting at. He remains quiet though.

Jan's forehead rumples at the mention of the Marin'alfar. She has a swig of rum, swiping the back of her hand across her mouth.

Jaenelle does add for Victus, "when I spoke with one of the Marin'alfar before left left for the city he did mention there were more dangerous his people faced and he needed to return to see to them. He was very adamant he had to return home to protect his monarch."

2 Armed Confessors have been dismissed.

Halle, a very large assistant have been dismissed.

"You're the one who brought up a rotating system of rebellions. If you don't like my idea to order it alphabetically you could just say so instead of suggesting a bunch of exceptions to the rule, you know," Alaric observes dryly to Jaenelle. With a sip of his drink, he nods with a faint frown at Victus' announcement. "It is troubling, but I do remain hopeful," he replies to the High Lord. "The great city of the Marin'alfar they lost so long is now once again accessible to them; I do not think it is beyond considering that they are very much busy with trying to retake it from any opposition that still remains and consolidating their hold on it above all other concerns. But I do support the notion of sending a party out to try to go to them. Time is critical at this juncture for them and I can't fault them for putting all their effort into seizing the opportunity we have given them."

"A note? That's all?" Perrach questioned from his wall flower position. \\Perrach comments, "Doesn't sound like they care to bother with relations then." Just a speculation on the amount of details offered until Jaenelle adds in more clarification. "They say what sort of dangers this was? Cause if we're tryin to be friendly and shit should know who or what is pissed off at them cause they'll want our sweet ass too."

'We will be heading out soon to the spiral that has appeared where the Darkwater used to be, and what is the known locatin of Mardomum, their Capitol. It is my hopes that we will perhaps be able to run across one of them and see what has happened, and if they have need of aid." Alarissa pipes up politely with a curtsey to Alaric and then a glance to Victus.

Victus would cant his head to Jaenelle. "Aye. We had assumed that to be more of the Pirate King's lackeys, but the fact that they have yet to return does not bode well. We still hope for a resolution that isn't grim." The High Lord grimaces nonetheless, shifting so he can rest his chin in an open palm. "To some brighter projects though, I made a light mention of the Tour of the Isles that we have planned courtesy of my wife. All heads of houses and family members of Thrax as well are being invited to take place, in an effort to raise morale across our people and to motivate some fresh faces to do their parts. Be it filling the holes of our military still left, to contribute to Darkwater's resettling or otherwise. That will be a very long-term project, but we're thinking that the fruits of the labor are gonna be well worth it."

His hand lifts and he makes a gesture over to Sparte. "Our good man Fatchforth here also recently came forward with the idea to renovate long-standing ruins across the Maelstrom into academies and places of learning. Particularly geared toward better education and as a place to assist Thralls that are coming out of their service and re-entering normal life. Another likely long-term project, but one I think most anyone could get behind. The ruins aren't of much archaeological value themselves, whatever knowledge they'd had was picked clean sometime ago. We're hardly a people to let shit go to waste."

Over to Alaric again, Victus' expression softens. "You'll be happy to know then your Majesty that the Scholars and Explorer's League have already put together an expedition to scout their city. I'll be joining them, as will my wife." Next, Perrach. "Their people are much less numerous than the Nox'alfar and from what we know, their government is pretty much shattered. Chances are they're utterly absorbed with whatever this fight is for survival, or they've already lost."

Sparte blinks when he gets called out by name, straightening up a bit to look more presentable. He gives a nod of confirmation to what Victus says. "I, uh... I'm still organizing a survey of the spaces, alongside others. We'll have a timeline for the Academy soon." Gulp, small smile, hope conversation moves on.

"I'd like to come along for that trip to Mardomum." Halsim finally pipes up, "I'd been meaning to learn a bit about the dangers they dealt with under the surface before the Pirate War broke out."

"Do not be too unkind to them, Sir Perrach," Alaric notes diplomatically in support of Victus' comments. "As His Grace says, the Marin'alfar situation is much like what it would have been for us if we had lost at Stormwall, Setarco, and Darkwater and the Marinites had gone on to overrun Arx and scatter us back to our home holds. That the Marin'alfar were still able to commit some determined resistance to this day and even find the ways to make contact with us as they did is a credit to their tenacity and resourcefulness." He smiles approvingly to Victus and Alarissa. "Excellent to hear. Fair winds and smooth sails to your trip, then. I hope you return with good news." He also smiles for Sparte and his project too. "How interesting! I'm sure you'll do quite well with it."

Wash did not have an issue to bring forth. Other than the alcohol he is liberal with sharing if anyone expresses an interest. "I'm not here in any official capacity. I just thought I'd like to be apprised of things. And drink."

Jaenelle take a sip of the borrowed rum that the guard brought when she first arrives, "Venteri did not say what sort of danger there was, but it was something bigger than what we knew. I am not sure if they were willing to say before an alliance was formed." There is a glance towards Alarissa, "please be safe during this trip."

"I promise you, we will be decked out in appropriate armor and should we come across redwater, do our best to avoid it Princess Jaenelle." The Princess Consort smiles widely, btu doesn't move to take a seat with Victus, opting to make her way toward Briar.

Victus quirks a brow back to Wash, then double-takes at his bottle of vodka. Oh. Sharing /alcohol/, not political problems. D'oh. With a chuckle, the High Lord nods again. "That trip has already been booked of what the ship will carry I'm afraid, but the Scholars will be documenting, the Explorer's League exploring and I doubt I'll be keeping my mouth shut if I come back alive. Whatever happens out there, we'll bring back the news." He assures of Halsim and Alaric each, taking one more quick glance around the crowd. "One more thing to share from my end."

Here, Victus leans forward, his posture stiffening into the most proper it's been all night. "Thrax has recently come into knowledge of an order that's been lost to time. One known as the 'Paladins of the East'. It is our belief from what has been gathered that such an was formed at the same time as the Knights of Solace, AKA the Silver Order, and the King's Own, AKA the Silver Swords. As the name suggests, they were devout knights that were dedicated to protecting the Mourning Isles during their existence. For reasons unknown to us, their order became defunct for possibly centuries. Investigations have been launched into discovering more of what they left behind here in the Isles, but I wanted to open the topic up for any with an interest to contribute to. Needless to say, I and Thrax are both /very/ interested in whatever information can be garnered about this order."

He leans back again, sinking into his seat as if nothing had just happened. "That about wraps up the open projects Thrax has ongoing at the moment. Rebuilding continues until we're back to the strength we had pre-war and so forth, while other topics are in the process of being worked on. If you've questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, feel free to voice them now. I'll answer as best I can as we move forward."

"Interesting. I've never heard of them until now." Halsim squints slightly, "I have a matter of my own I'm looking into, but I'll be happy to help you with that afterwards, Your Grace." Halsim confirms to Victus. "Is there interest in potentially resurrecting this order?"

Wash gets up out of his seat and wheels his little red wagon full of vodka over next to Halsim and sits down again. Creak. Creak. Creak. He lifts a bottle of blood red vodka to his lips unapologetically.

Better late than never? Ian comes in, mostly watching his feet as he goes. He has the cane, of course, but today, at least, he walks smoothly enough that it's hard to tell why he needs it.

Alaric nods assent to Victus' mention of the Paladins. "I can certainly see if the Inquisition has run across mentions of such on order in their other projects, although if Lord Halsim hasn't heard of them before I suspect we haven't anything of particular use unfortunately. It sounds as if these Paladins might have been related to Blessed Pena and the heirophants, perhaps; I will see if the Seraph might know anything related as well, just in case."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Coraline before departing.

"The only Paladins I've ever heard of are the ones from the Silent War. That doesn't mean others haven't found mention of them though. Someone might have heard about them in the Inquisition and just didn't think it relevant." Halsim points out.

"I won't lie, possibly." Victus replies to Halsim with a shrug. "But at this moment, the most we know is that they existed and they did so with good purpose. What they stood for, what processes their order underwent to operate, what deeds they did, all currently unknown. We can make educated guesses however, but the primary goal is to replace them with solid bits of recorded history.." He gestures to Alaric then. "The brief time I spent in the Marin'alfar's shrine during our first contact suggested that these Paladins were instrumental in protecting Pena when she underwent the ritual to seal the Abyss in the Darkwater Deeps the first time." A beat. "... The completely normal and not at all supernatural way of it, that is."

Jan reaches up and pinches the bridge of her nose, her eyes briefly fluttering shut.

Ian comes to a halt and lifts his head. "I think I remember reading the House Bisland had an order of Paladins, around the time of the Reckoning," he remarks. "There's something about it in the Hall of Heroes. Their fortress was called... Eastward, or Easthaven, or something like that." Someone may have been doing his homework in anticipation of meeting his bride-to-be's very scary uncle.

"I'd be gentle as a fucking peach, your majesty. They'll fall in love with me." Perrach assured the royal Alaric as a wolf to the flock. Gentle was the wrong word. It's too foreign on his rough tongue. As the flow of information continues the knight turns his head slightly as though it would improve the wealth of insight flowing into that hard dome of his. "Can't help but the knowledge of these Paladin's were lost for a reason."

"There have been so many things lost" Jaenelle says softly with a shake of her head, "it is hard to know what has or hasn't been at this point, but it is important to relearn all that has been taken."

"Knowledge has a way of being stripped from us." Wash says. "Might mean it's valuable, not dangerous."

Alaric nods thoughtfully to Ian's remark. "You're correct; they were famed for standing against the invasion from the sea during the Reckoning. Completely normally, of course." He gestures to Zelda and sends her off with a quickly spoken message. "I will let you know if I turn up anything, then," he tells Victus.

More writing into his book, before Halsim looks up, "I hope to have the survey done by the time the expedition out to the capital is done, at least. We just need an argiculturalist for the team, now."

"Duke Bisland might be able to tell you more," Ian remarks, his attention shifting from the King to Victus. "Or Lord Samael. I gather he's pretty well read."

Alarissa eases over toward Briar, coming to stand beside the man, murmur quietly.

Wash gets Cartugan - Kennex Brand Rosewater Vodka from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

"Knowledge coulda always been lost for a shit reason to. Ain't like it'd be the first time." Victus muses to Perrarch. "My ancestor Darius could tell ya' all about it if he was still alive." He nods to the King again. "Much appreciated, your Majesty. Think that's about everything I was hoping to address tonight. 'Course there'll always be more, but that'll do for now. I'll take that suggestion about Bisland to heart as well."

Briar smirks toward Alarissa, his eyes dancing with amusement before he murmurs something back to her in return, a grin finding it's way to his face.

Jan pipes up, her clarion-clear voice cutting through the room. "I've begun recruitment to rebuild the Kennex Corsairs," she informs Victus and the rest of the room. "It's coming along slowly, but it's coming."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Katarina takes notes of her own, all the better to talk to Edain when she gets back home. She lets out a sigh as she closes her book, glancing between the others currently speaking. She gets to her feet and looks as if she might be departing shortly.

Cora had long since gotten a little lost with how much was going on, but so very interesting! She makes a mental, if slightly mentally pickled note, to ask Caith about it all after.

Ian clears his throat. "... I've been put in charge of tracking down alcohol for the reception. After Zoey and I are married. And we drink a lot. So if anyone has a supplier they could put me in contact with...?" (Ie, if anyone wants a support request?)

"Oh, I'll put some good words in for you, Lord Ian," Alaric offers agreeably. "Congratulations, by the way."

Perking up at the call for booze Cora lends her voice as well, "I know some people." What good soldier or sailor wouldn't? It is like, rum for breakfast and keep on till morning.

Alaric also smiles at Jan. "I'll admit I don't really know too much about the Corsairs apart from what Washburn's mentioned of them, but if you'd like I'm quite amenable to publicizing your effort as well."

"Ain't that the fuckin truth." Perrach comments more serious tone to Victus.

"Master Venturo is going to be providing the spirits for the Nox'alfar Embassy opening, though he does not know it yet, perhaps he can assist you Lord Ian" Jaenelle offers, because the brewery is a great place to get alcohol.

Jan's eyebrows go up, disappearing under the shag of her blonde bangs. "We would be most grateful, Your Majesty." She dips forward again in a respectful little bow. No more stink-eye, at least.

"I have a suit you can wear if you want, your Majesty!" Wash calls to the King.

Ian nods deeply to Alaric. In fact, he could be said to be bowing over his cane, and it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration. The thought is there. "I would appreciate that, Your Majesty." He nods to Coraline, as well. "You're Princess Coraline, aren't you? I think I remember something about training." He nods to Jaenelle, also. "Thank you. I'll send him a messenger."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Halsim before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Alaric glances at Wash for clarification. "Do they wear suits? You never mentioned that part. From what I gleaned I'll need to either swash or buckle to be a proper Corsair. Likely both." He grins at Jan. "Or perhaps I could just stay on shore and say nice things about them. I might be more effective that way."

Ian gets a bright smile, "Oh! Lord Ian, yes! I would love to learn from you. Of course most of my learning seems to come from what new and interesting bruises I can get. I think I got one last week that looked like a fish." She beams, "Whenever would suit I would be happy to spend time learning from you."

Alarissa starts to move away from Briar and head toward Halsim so she can stop and murmur to the man.

"I'll come by the palace." Wash says delightedly. "We'll play dress up."

Ah, booze. Victus knows booze. He can be seen nodding sagely and with pride as such deals are made in the comfort of his own home. "I'd be happy to throw some support behind good drink too. Still need to visit that new brewery actually. Gods, what a fucking great concept, a brewery."

"The Corsairs are decidedly land-based, Your Majesty, but we do appreciate some swash," Jan says, the corners of her lips quirking up ever so slightly. "As well as the occasional buckle."

Coraline is overheard praising Victus for: Prince Victus knows how to party!

"I've promised my time to someone else this evening," Ian explains to Coraline, "but I should be available in a couple of days. If you ask for me at the Hart, they usually know where I am." To Victus, he nods -- another of those deep nods that could be called a bow. "Thank you. That'd mean a lot."

Alaric grimaces faintly and apropros of nothing puts both his hands over Jaenelle's ears when Wash offers to play dress-up. "Please be careful who you say that in front of, Washburn," he sighs. Which isn't strictly speaking a 'no'.

Wash chuckles at his own lack of decorum and swigs from his bottle again. "It's a nice suit. I promise. Only part of the job I miss is wearing the suit."

Jaenelle looks completely and totally entertained as Alaric's hands go over her ears well after the idea is planted. "Wait. What?" she beams, lifting the King's hands away. "I will need to be invited."

A bright smile is diracted at Ian, "Next week it is! I shall inquire at the Hart for sure, and thank you." Jan gets Cora's attention this time, "General at some point I would love to sit and speak with you. I was curious about tactics and stratagy you have used with the Corsaires. I imagine it would be fascinating."

"Nothing wrong with a good suit," Alaric notes to Wash before pulling his hands away from Jaenelle's ears. "I said, 'there's no way I'm wearing that suit'," he tells her.

Victus lifts a brow, tracing his Jan's eyes to land upon his cousin Coraline. "General?"

Looking embarrased Cora blushes, "I got it wrong didn't I?" To Jan she adds, "I am terribly sorry. I have met so many people the past week I do believe everyone is getting jumbled in my head."

"Lady Jan is the general of the Kennex Corsairs." Ian points out to Victus, before heading in Jan's direction, himself. "I can help you with recruitment. I have contacts in Grimhall and Thrax that I can put to use. We should sit down and talk."

Jan inclines her head to Coraline. "Of course, Your Highness." She tips her chin at the younger woman, raising the bottle of rum to her lips for a quick swing. "And my title is General, yes." She points to Ian. "We should. You still owe me a drink."

Despite the fact that he's dressed as prim and proper as ever--down to the intentionally messy way his hair is currently disheveled, Valerius steps into the Maw like a man who just woke up. As he likely did. On top of that, he seems quite surprised to find the parlor is full of people he certainly didn't expect to see today. For the moment he lingers by the path that leads deeper into the estate, and with a gesture he pulls a nearby Thrall aside, speaks quietly, and steps away with a look of new understanding. As it stands he's quite content to stay where he is.

Katarina gets to her feet and begins to gather her things. She walks as if she is leaving and stops near Wash for a quiet word. Once she's said what she needs to, the Valardin Princess continues on her way, raising a hand to wave at the people she is familiar with.

"Sleepy beauty has arisen." Perrach makes an wry comment when Valerius entered. The talk of dress up and clothing had rendered him silent.

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