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A Sailor's Ball

This event is in honor of the noble sailors of Arx, who as the conflict upon us rages, continue to suit up, lade up and ship out, heading for Setarco, Stonewall, and Darkwater Watch to protect everything we have against those that want to take it from us. Proceeds will go toward building new ships, supporting the Compact, specifically sustaining the increased workload placed on the disciples and Shrine of Mangata, and to alleviating the burdens of families that have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

There will be events, games, contests of skill including: oyster diving, fire dowsing, toy ship sailing, rigging climbing, dueling on the open seas, and a kissing booth, because sailors are good at all of these things, or should at least aspire to be. Contests may be entered multiple times for a tiny donation.

The event will be held at the Golden Hart which was generously donated by Princess Valencia Velenosa. Prizes will be awarded through a raffle system, with additional entries going to those who win a contest against their peers.

Prizes will be announced at a later time so stay tuned!

Every donor will receive a blessed token of Mangata to send to the sailor they are missing at sea.


May 18, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Catalana Wash


Alban Porter Desiree Verity Ian Signe Paige(RIP) Rohran Michael Tesha Alarissa Elloise Kenna Iseulet Zoey Felicia Gianna Galen Titania(RIP) Aethan Kieran Barric(RIP) Sorrel Antonio Zebulon Juliana Amari



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Suitably stinky now, Ian returns to Zoey after getting waylaid by the busboy who's doing the last of the decorations, who wanted the verse sung for him again. With the room filling up, the words Ian sings aren't quite audible, but his whiskey soaked voice and the tune ('What do we do with a drunken sailor') are.

Teonia Redreef, Aryka Wyrmfang, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Sorrel.

Zebulon has joined the ringside table.

Juliana arrives, following Aethan.

Gianna walks about, adjusting the pegbox of her gittern and stumming. She pushes some of her hair around her eyes and begins accompanying the drunken sailor song the busboy and Ian are singing.

Catalana has joined the upper rafters.

Catalana has left the upper rafters.

Catalana has joined the an upholstered mahogany sofa embroidered with the Bounty of Cerilla.

Iseulet arrives with her hands neatly folded behind her, wearing black - as is very Thraxian of her. A high neckline and floor length speaks of the Thraxian ideal of beauty in severity, long sleeves, and figure hugging silk. The back, however, it a different story, remaining open and dipping dangerously low. She moves with a serpentine fluidity and grace, dipping her head and curtseying on her way in, smiling to those faces she knows and some she does not!

Zebulon walks into the Arena and looks around slowly at the place, admiring the atmosphere and design. He is dressed up..or down, or at least out of his usual armor tonight. Instead going for his tried and true captain outfit to match the occasion. Dark red breeches with a faded black tunic and black boot that are scuffed beyond repair. He looks around for familari faces before dropping into a seat at the ringside table to watch people for a spell and get a feel for the room.

Porter pulls his formal bridge coat sharply into place, the blue with gold flashes complimenting the severe Thraxian black of his dress uniform. Where others are elegant in their stride, Porter swaggers a seaman's swagger... all the way to the refreshments.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

Vald arrives, following Sina.

Quill, the grunty little porcupine, Rohran arrive, following Paige.

Tesha arrives dressed in crimson and without an escort. This is not unlike any other event that the Telmar woman has attended. She gives a smile to those that she passes as she makes her way in. There's a moment taken to look around before she heads for the bar. Because that's a good place to start.

Zoey smiles when Ian returns and she reaches for his hand. "You've done a good job," she says softly. "And you smell perfect. Not too strong." There's a twinkle in her eye as she speaks the last bit.

Standing next that sofa she had brought in, she looked something akin to the night sky. Her long blonde hair was pinned up into a simple chignon and that was it. The gown alone was enough. For now she waits as everyone is making their way inside. A warm smile tugs at her lips as she seems to be....waiting for something.

Desiree arrives wearing white. She looks around with confidence and smiles when she sees someone she knows.

a mysterious water-filled barrel is now unlocked.

Sorrel is dressed like a sea sunset, all in corals and pearls, lovely and graceful and a good eight months pregnant or so. She still manages to move fluidly, like she's dancing, a small pleasant smile on her lips.

Wash hurries in at the last moment carrying a bulging satchel. "I'm here. I got them. I'm here." He assures his wife. "As promised by the Archlector of Mangata herself." He looks over the room with interest. A crownsworn crew of sailors from all walks of life are hanging lines and sails, decoratin the room to look like the deck of a sailing ship.

Vald leaves, following Sina.

Amari makes a quiet entrance, dressed in a sea blue silk gown, appropriate for the occasion. Like Tesha, just ahead of her, she's without an obvious escort and also seems to think the bar is the best place to start. She angles that way at an unhurried pace, eyes open and drinking up the environs, and the faces familiar and otherwise within it. She's free with her smiles, even if they are a touch reserved, offering them to those she passes or finds herself eyeing curiously.

Amari has joined the bar.

Gianna switches songs, strumming her gittern to a lively tune. She hasn't started singing. Still feeling out the crowd, since things are only starting to happen.

With one hand holding his cane and the other holding a drink (that he's just gotten someone to swap out for a full one), Ian doesn't actually have any hands with which to greet Zoey, so he settles for a nod. Then he peers at her, and looks like he's about to say something when he notices Wash come in. "Wash!" Are we not supposed to yell at fancy events?

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Porter has joined the bar.

Aethan arrives with Juliana, looking around at those already here. He isn't looking particularly like he's ready to party, but he's not looking particularly dour, either. Just normal, which for him equals a little bit flat. He catches sight of first Ian and Zoey, who get a wave, and then Porter, who also does. He moves out of the way of the door just in time for Wash to come hurrying past them, and a little huff escapes him as he leans in to say something low to Juliana. Then he straightens again, giving a nod to anyone who he knows whose eyes he's able to catch.

Lord-General Rohran of the Hounds of Oakhaven arrives to the Sailor's Ball with a plan in his head. That plan is to show up with a beautiful woman on his arm and use her as a wild distraction against anyone who might try and approach him for Sailor or Ball-centric activities and conversation. That he arrives with Paige Fieldstone, who has found her way into a dress, of all things, would speak of just how well the first part of his plan is going. Then again, he is a man of plans, and seeing them through. As for the latter half? The night is young, and he has just arrived, a man in a sea of unfamiliar faces, dressed more as if he were about to head outside and begin working on the Autumn harvest, but if he's underdressed it does nothing save for provide that much better of a backdrop by which to display the ranger at his side. He looks around, and leans into the woman to murmur, "This must be the place. I want to sail already.", and gives her a tight smile.

Porter thinks yelling is just fine. It's a ball that's just getting underway, after all. There's some linking up to be done. Porter's smile is broad and charming beneath his immaculately groomed and shaped black beard. His hair glistens with fragrant pomeade, freshly cut, shaved, and styled. And now he has a dark and spiced rum in his hand, so he has well and truly arrived at the party at last. A wave? From Aethan? Porter waves back, a little stunned that it's not a taciturn nod of the head, but it is a party after all.

After everyone makes their way in getting settled Catalana finally steps up with a warm smile.

"Greetings!! I'm so glad that everyone could make it. For those that do not know me, I am Lady Catalana Kennex...and this...." Motioning to Wash who was hurrying in, she chuckles. " my husband Lord Wash Kennex. We want to thank you for being our guest and hope you enjoy yourself."

There is a moment for her to catch her breath, a hand moving to her midsection for a moment before moving to her locket.

"Please help yourselves to food and drink! We will have three games this evening so be prepared!!" She motions to a barrel with a smirk. "There are favors. Reach in the waters and pull out an oyster shell but know....not every oyster shell is created equal....." A playful wink is given then.

(( take 1-oyster from barrel ))

Zoey suddenly looks curious when Ian starts to speak, only to chuckle when he's so easily distracted by the arrival of Wash. She shakes her head and smiles a little before wandering off for a drink.

Zebulon gets up from the table as he eyes Wash enter and behind him a few of Zeb's crew, also dressed in the red and black of Igniseri, tubmle is, already half-drunk and disperse towards the bar with a wave to their captain on the way by. "Wash! Good to see you again! I only got lost twice getting here, so that's almost a record for me." He looks around, dodging folks as he walks through towards the Kennex man. He keeps an eye out for anyone else he knows, or interesting new faces.

Zebulon gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Porter gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Aethan gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Amari gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Gianna gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Juliana tilts her head to Aethan's whisper, the Pravus is in black and white today, lace and satin, the dress would almost look demure with it's high tab neckline and three quarter sleeves, if it wasn't for the tightly corseted waist, that left her with a distinctly hourglass shape. What ever Aethan said, gets a smile and a small squeeze to the arm she wrapped around. Head tipping to whisper back before she turns her gaze back to the party and nods to those she knows.

Desiree gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Zoey gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Admittedly, Iseulet is a little bit hesitant to put her hand into a mysterious barrel! But she does so. Nervously.

Iseulet gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Paige's return smile is much more at ease, her fingers squeezing lightly at his forearm as she murmurs back, "It would appear so. Very nautical. You know I've never been on a ship?" She looks towards Catalana when she speaks, then chuckles and tugs at Rohran lightly, "Lets get in line fo rthe party favors, hm? Then we can get that drink I promised you." Its free, but hey! All the better for her commoner's pockets! Looking to him to lead the way like the General he is, Paige moves along with him towards the oyster barrel.

Paige gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Felicia gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Rohran gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Gianna adjusts her roaming to head over by that barrel, finishing her current tune with a flourish to reach in and fish a shell out. Hand dripping, she curiously tries to pry it open.

Ian excuses himself and makes an effort at threading his way over to Wash. He's not fast at the best of times, and especially not when he has to at once try to keep his attention on his own footsteps and also thread his way through a lot of milling, mingling people. So it's an effort more than an actual success.

Felicia puts a mysterious oyster shell in a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Juliana gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Porter has left the bar.

Felicia gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Sorrel gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Paige gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Wash adds a tiny bow when he is introduced. "We've all lost loved ones, and seen loved ones sail home." He says, unburdening his satchel from his shoulder. "I can personally attest to the protection offered by Mangata when I was at sea, and I expect to journey out there again. If you, or a loved one, will be sailing the deeps, please take one of these blessed tokens of Mangata, generously donated with the blessings of the Archlector herself." He spills the Wave and Cloud Tokens out onto a table. "They WILL protect you from danger at sea, they have done as much for me."

Tesha gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

"Not shy at all, are you?" Porter asks Gianna, somehow coming up next to the singer. "What did you find inside?" He has yet to pry open his shell, and his big hands fairly dwarf the prize. He's quiet, and stops entirely when Wash makes his announcement, but the question hangs all the same.

Zebulon gets Heart of the North from a mysterious oyster shell.

Zoey fishes out a shell on her way to the bar and stops by Porter. "Porter," she asks, looking up at the man, "do you have a knife I could borrow? I left my satchel upstairs."

Porter offers his useful knife to Zoey.

Gianna's eyes widen when she opens her oyster to find an ornate ring inside. Her face lights up, and she holds it up to admire the wink and sparkle of the topaz set on the pewter wave with apparent pleasure. She's still smiling when she looks up at Porter. She turns the shell to show him the ring inside.

Whatever Juliana says to him has Aethan shaking his head, though he also notes Porter's stunned look, and a little wry smile touches his face -- wry, perhaps, because it isn't hard for him to realize why his brother is surprised. He moves toward the bucket then, reaching in to grab one of the oysters, then a knife from his belt so that he can pry it open. He sees Tesha on the way, and there's a nod to her as he pries open the creature's shell. "Lady Tesha," he says. "Good to see you."

Felicia snags an oyster from the barrel before returning to the bar. The King's Own might have missed the messenger on the 'ball' portion of the evening, given her black leather, but she doesn't seem to be particularly preturbed as she takes up a whiskey to sip, blatantly people watching.

2 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

She seems to be unarmed as well, but manages with a bit of determination, wincing and... "Oh, what a gorgeous surprise." Iseulet remarks, "And such a clever presentation." She looks to Aethan and smiles, "Nice to see you again, My Lord." And then her eyes dart to Princess Sorrel, "I hope you're doing well, your Highness?"

"I've been on a few ships, for longer than I would have liked to. I much prefer my feet on solid ground. Luckily, I don't get seasick, but I've seen enough of it to pity those who do..", Rohran confesses, leading Paige over to the line where people are picking up oysters and shucking them for whatever is inside. As the gentleman he is, he picks one oyster out of the barrel and offers it to his companion, first, before taking a second for himself. "How do you think they get.. the prizes inside of these? They don't seem easy to open. At least, I've always had to use something sharp to get them open whenever I've eaten them..", he questions, clearly having little experience with mollusks outside of devouring them. He looks around, for something to use, then settles for the corner of a table, which he subtly uses to work between both halves of the shell until it pries open enough to get his fingers inside.

Rohran gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Zoey accepts it with a small smile and uses the pointy end to shuck the oyster. She finds a golden ring with a pearl inside and smiles at it before handing the knife back to Porter. "Thank you," she says softly. And she turns to finish her walk to the bar.

Wash drops an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Porter gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

With most of the room congregating near the oysters, Ian finally makes it over to Wash. "Hey, Wash, listen. I need you to do a favor for me." He lowers his voice and explains said favor quietly with a sharp glitter of genuine mischief in his eyes.

Paige gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Zoey gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

Juliana gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Felicia gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Aethan gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Tesha gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Titania comes walking into the arena looking around her ocean blue eyes looking about, perhaps for someone. She is in a dress yes a dress! looking a bit out of place as she looks about but there is a soft smile spread across her lips.

"Ah, yes, thank you," Sorrel says with a broad smile to Iseulet, nodding once. "And how are you? Doing well, I hope." She fiddles with her little oyster shell, peeking at the object inside.

Gianna gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Amari slips in next to Tesha at the bar after she's made a brief detour to pull an oyster shell from the barrel of mystery. Her smile warms considerably as she's greeted and replies in kind, "I am, Lady Tesha. I usually have no luck dragging any other Keatons along to these events and I've not a man with a sturdy arm to hold onto either." Though, she does do a quick doubletake when she notices there is a Keaton present, and a Fieldstone as well. "Oh, one's turned up on their own. Have you met Lord Rohran Keaton?" There's a little dip of her head to Aethan and Juliana, then she's looking off at Rohran and Paige. The latter especially. She lifts a hand to the pair.

Titania gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Iseulet gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Catalana moves over to a part of the arena, smirking a bit. "Now then...for the first game. Dueling on the seats!" Pointing to a plank lazily resting on an overturned barrel before picking up two wooden swords. "Contestants will face off, balancing on each end of this place while trying to throw the other off balance with a playful thwack. Winner gets to pull another shell and see if they get lucky!

"Are you proposing?" Porter asks, playing at being scandalized as Gianna opens the small shell and presents the ring inside of it to him. His eyes have gone round, his mouth gaping just enough to hide the smile pulling at the corners of his lips. "It's a lovely ring. I mean..."

Ian motions someone over who's carrying a box and has them hand it over to Wash while they talk. Was that a grin? There might have been a grin.

2 Armed Confessors arrives, following Elloise.

Amari gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Rohran gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Titania gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Gianna tucks her wicked little knife back into her belt now that she's prised out her prize and pushed it onto her finger. "It's mine," she tells Porter. "Get your own." What the hell.

Elloise gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Gianna gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Elloise gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Zebulon looks at the precious ring hiding inside his oyster and holds it up to the light to get a good look at the detail of tiny Farhaven. It is exquisite and he looks around before tucking into his chest pocket. Some day he'll find someone to gift it to! He waves to Catalana, offering himself for the games.

"And now, before the festivities commence, I've learned that I have a duty to complete." Wash gestures to Aethan. "Before becoming Admiral of Thrax, I was Admiral of Kennex, my second captain, the man to whom I at least one finger, several times over, and the new Admiral of Kennex, Aethan Kennex!" He produces a fanciful purple hat. "Here is the traditional Kennex Admiral Hat for you to wear. Shall we duel?" He gestures to the wooden barrel and sword.

Juliana chuckles at Aethan's look, then hands him the oyster that she had picked up to have him open for her. Giving his shoulder a bump, just not while he is opening the oyster. "Seems they have gone all out. It is lovely." then winking at Porter at his suprised look to his elder brother. "Did you want to find somewhere to sit?" asked of Aethan.

Paige smiles lightly and shrugs, "I wouldn't mind trying my hand at sailing somewhere, as long as I had a destination to reach so I could just enjoy the trip. But I don't think I would want to do it all the time. I like the feel of ground underfoot and leaves brushing my face, the smell of sap and wood and, well.. the forest, really. Or fields." She pulls a small pin from her hair (purely decorative) and uses the sharp tip to pry open the shell. The pooor cheap pin is done in by it but she merely tucks it away and pulls the ring from her shell, looking to Rohran with a chuckle, "Looks like we'll match." She glances over at Amari's voice and smiles, lifting a hand in return greeting, "See? I knew Lady Amari would make it. We should go say hello."

Porter laughs loudly, enjoying himself. "So it is," he tells the indignant Gianna.

Tesha takes a drink of rum as she looks over things and there's a moment she shakes herself as she realizes Aethan is speaking to her. She gives him a warm smile, "Lord Kennex. It's lovely to see you. How are you this evening?" she asks him. "It seemed like a fun evening so I wanted to come and see how it went." she admits. There is a smile to Juliana as well, "Good evening, my lady." she greets her. Though there's a smile to Amari after that, "Well, more family coming out to events is always nice. I don't think I've met that one." she admits as she looks to Rohran from where she and Amari as seated.

Porter applauds Aethan's appointment to Admiral. "None better!" he crows. "There's a man who will do _exactly_ what is necessary to win the day. Bravo!"

Iseulet claps approvingly at the announcement, "Congratulations."

Zoey draws up at the bar and quietly orders a glass and a bottle of whiskey. While she's waiting, she smiles at Aethan and THAT HAT, watching to see if he will actually put it on.

Iseulet's greeting brings Aethan's eyes that way, and there's a nod to her, too, as he replies, "Lady Blackshore. Nice to see you here." He's gotten the oyster open, turning back to Tesha and continuing, "I'm well, thank you. And you?" And he might have replied to Juliana, too, but Wash's words stop him, and he looks up, his eyes widening a little bit. Then he just lets out a laugh. It's maybe not //quite// much of a laugh as some people might give, but it's a real laugh. "Gods," he says, shaking his head, but he glances to Juliana and holds up a finger, before he heads toward Wash to take the hat. "If you're looking to get beat," he says, looking over his shoulder with a wider smile at Porter's words, before he turns back to Wash.

Felicia chuckles at the game, draining her whiskey and getting to her feet before pausing to applaud Wash and Aethan, prowling her way over to the arena to take a look.

Elloise certainly isn't dressed for a ball, but she's in the mood to attend one for a little while. She ducks through, weaves between a few guests, and she shoves her hand - glove included - up to the elbow in the barrel. She retrieves one, holding it eye level as she inspects it closely. Then, she slips off to shuck it, intensely interested in the mollusk. Not the jewelry that she pries out of it. With a wrinkle of her nose, she pockets the entire favor - for later.

Gianna can't so much clap without tucking her gittern into the crook of her arm or something, and that's just not happening. She gives Porter's oyster a curious look and resumes playing, picking out another lively tune to provide a musical backdrop for the sword fighting.

Porter gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Zoey takes her bottle and glass and walks over to the corner table. She settles in, pouring herself a tumbler of the whiskey as she observes the ball unfold.

Zoey has joined the corner table.

Elloise has joined the bar.

"I'm doing alright, Lord Aethan. I'll let you get on with the evening though. Congratulations again, Admiral." Tesha gives him a smile and a dip of her head. Then she looks back to Amari and there's a bit of a whisper to her before she drains the rest of her rum.

Desiree has joined the bar.

Lord Rohran holds up his own ring as he digs it out of the shell, showing that it does, indeed, match Paige's ring. He glances around, to see what everyone else is pulling out, and when they're not all the same ring, he looks briefly thoughtful, then amused at length. "Huh. What are the odds?", he asks, laughing quietly to himself. He finds Amari in the crowd when she is pointed out to him, and leans in to murmur, "Well.. she /did/ say she was one for social gatherings these days. Yes, let's go say hello to her.", and he offers his arm to Paige again before starting to find a path toward his cousin, the easiest to get him and his companion there without disturbing other people. When he's close enough, he calls out, "Amari Keaton! I'm glad I did not place a bet on not seeing another Keaton here. I didn't even expect to show up. Or.. know that this ball was even happening. Except..", and he glances to the side at Paige, before shaking his head just a little. "Life is strange. When in Arx, right?".

The oyster shell pops open for Porter's rough hands, unable to resist. Inside is a pewter ring, simple and elegant and surprisingly large. He tries a few fingers before he finds one that fits, and he holds out his hand to admire it. Porter always was a devoted admirer of the fancy, formal, and elegant.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel arrives, following Kenna.

"I think I got a man's ring, too," Sorrel remarks to Porter, pulling out a ring with words on it from her oyster. She looks up to see how this next game goes, though, grinning cheerfully.

Zebulon looks around again, a little lost in the crowd of faces, then makes a decision and heads straight to the bar, waiting his turn. Once the barkeep notices him, he orders a mug of ale and taps at the bar as he waits for it to arrive. He smiles to those around him at the bar, congenial to a fault. "Good evening."

Elloise gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

Amari offers a round of soft applause for the newly minted Admiral, before she's looking back to Tesha, excited, "Oh, you'll like him. I'll make sure to introduce you." And Paige has seen her, she thinks, so she lifts her hand again as if to beckon them both over. Not that it turns out to be necessary. When they make their way over, she blinks at Paige and flashes her a quick grin before she can get around to all those introductions she promised. "It was a surprise to see you, cousin, and you too. Life is very strange. I agree. Lady Tesha Telmar, this is my cousin, Lord Rohran Keaton and Mistress Paige Fieldstone."

"It's nice, isn't it?" Porter asks Sorrel, grinning quite broadly. "Does it fit upon your thumb like so?"

Felicia has left the bar.

Sorrel gets the hidden words ring from a mysterious oyster shell.

Felicia has joined the ring of valor.

Iseulet receives a messenger and has to be off, pulled away by her assistant, Alsandair. On her way out, she dips her head and curtseys and politely makes her way out.

Juliana lets go of Aethan, clapping as the announcement is made then nodding while he goes to retrieve said hat. Her own brows arching a little, as it seems the Lady Juliana is trying to figure out how to make that fashionable. While everyone seems to mingle around, she spots Sorrel, smiling to skirt around to her cousin, stopping beside her with a touch to the Princess's arm.

Alsandair, Crom leave, following Iseulet.

Sorrel shows her ring to Porter with a laugh. "Yeah, I think maybe I'll give it to Galen later," she says with a laugh, grinning broadly. "Long have I yearned for your lips," she reads from it.

Ian withdraws to join Porter and Sorrel at the bar before he somehow gets swept up in this madness and/or "accidentally" tagged by Aethan's wooden sword. "That was fast," he says to Porter. "Even for a married woman."

Ian then lowers his voice and says a couple more words to Porter.

Porter smiles. "Milady, you can't say such things to me here," Porter says playfully to Sorrel as she reads the words written upon the ring. He lifts his hand to his chest, as if flattered and a little flustered.

Paige chuckles lightly and smiles up at him, holding her ring out to him, "Here, I think this one is sized more for you. Its certainly too big for my fingers." But then he's offering her his arm again and she threads her arm though his to let him lead her towards Amari. Smiling brightly towards the other Keaton, lifting a shrug, "I really didn't do -that- much... he just had no plans and I thought it would be nice to get him out to meet some people, you know? The Countess agreed." Meaning, it was a group effort to get the man to make an appearance. She turns her bright smile towards Tesha, "Lady Telmar! I've seen you at a number of places but we've never actually met. Its a pleasure." Balancing herself with the hand on Rohran's arm, she dips into a curtsy for the noblewoman. "I've had the pleasure of running the Gauntlet with your... I believe cousin? Sir Corban! He gave me a run for my money on that one! Dame Alexis was there to time us." Rising up, she glances to Rohran and chuckles, "You should give it a try sometime, my lord. You might find it interesting."

Kenna is gonna just have been off having a nice private conversation in a corner before she steps back into the main sway of things. She's got a skip to her step as she pauses beside Sorrel and company, absolutely peeking to see what has porter slightly flustered.

Taking up a sword, she smiles as she offers it to the first contestant: Zebulon. Catalana smiles warmly then and as she looks up. "I'll give a laugh as we demonstrate....." And with that she motions to the plank as she steps on her side in that billowing dress.

Removing the oyster ring from her pocket, again, Elloise peers at the gold ring that removes from it. She rubs the matte pearl between her fingers, nose crinkled up, then she gently bites the semiprecious gem - testing to see if its genuine. Pale eyes widen, then widen some more, and her expression brightens up. "Real. A real pearl will usually have a slightly rough or gritty texture from tiny scale-like imperfections in its outer layers of nacre. Neat. I don't know what I will do with this, because a ring might be a hindrance in my work. Ring snags, finger snaps, and good-bye finger." Elloise shakes her head slightly, as she mutters to herself. "That would be very unfortunate."

Gianna strolls over toward the barrel and plank, taking up a position where she can see and be seen. And also not fallen on. She strums a little tune on her gittern to accompany the combatants onto the plank.

Upon hearing his name called, Zebulon sets his ale down and maneuvers through the crowd towards the arena and Catalana. He stops short, giving a crisp salute with a grin. "As you wish." The Champion has maybe been practicing this since seeing the duel last night with Bliss and Jeffeth, so climbs onto his end of the plank fairly easily.

a mysterious water-filled barrel is now locked.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

a mysterious water-filled barrel is now unlocked.

Kenna gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Catalana checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Kenna gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Catalana checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 1 higher.

Zebulon has rolled a critical success!
Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 85 higher.

Catalana has rolled a critical success!
Catalana checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 41 higher.

Kenna tilts her head sideways before remarking, "Is it just me or are they getting BETTER with every passing second?"

"Be gentle with him." With drink in hand, Ian gives Sorrel these few parting words, and then begins threading his way over to where Zoey is sitting.

Felicia takes up a spot near the plank and watches Catalana and Zebulon fight, unbiased in her cheering at the pair of them in delight.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 5 lower.

Catalana checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 11 lower.

Because it's a party, and apparently Aethan has been replaced by a changeling, he puts on the hat, setting it on his head at a very jaunty angle -- though it's so large, pretty much any angle would work for that effect. He casts a look over his shoulder at Juliana with raised eyebrows, as though to ask her what she thinks of it, but he looks like he's joking. Shockingly. He shoots a look at Ian then, but the smile doesn't fade, though it does soften into a softer look. Then he turns to watch the proceedings, waiting for his turn.

"You don't have to be that gentle," Porter says with a laugh, though he's mostly paying attention to the duel upon the plank to see just how it goes.

Tesha takes a breath and gets another rum from the bar. Though she sits it aside and turns around when Amari's cousin arrives. There's a look to Paige and Rohran and there's a smile to them. "Sounds like my family trying to get me out to meet people." she admits to them. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Rohran and Mistress Fieldstone." she tells them with another smile. "I've been charged with finding new friends and all of that. Too much time in the tower. All that." she chuckles.

Zoey lifts her eyebrows as Zebulon and Catalana square off on the plank and barrel. And those brows climb higher as they actually put on -quite- a show.

With that, Catalana gives a quick salute with that 'sword as she holds the skirts of her gown up with one hand while holding out. And with that she started to rock that plank as she started to strike at him. A smile on her face she laughs as she at least manages to stay on, maybe even landing a hit. But of course it was fleeting as she felt her balance finally slip and she goes tumbling to the ground in a pool of skirts. Laughing she slowly stands and nods. "And we have a winner! Hold on until we get to the next bracket. Next pair!"

Juliana standing beside Sorrel, grins at the look on Aethan's face, when the hat goes on, she rolls her eyes dramatically. Though it's for show, instead just watching the man as he enjoys himself. "I am going to have to make him so sort of coat to make that work." chuckles then looking to Sorrel. "Hello cousin, how are you and the wee one doing?"

Zebulon balances for a few minutes with skill, playfully swatting at Catalana as the plank moves slightly which motion they make. The movement gets worse as the 'attacks' get a little more aggressive, the Champion unable to help himself from pushing it a little bit more. just as he goes for strike, his foot slips out to the side and he is falling with a leg on each side of the plank. As Catalana also falls, the plank heavily slams into his groin and his face shrivels into a grimace of pain and his hands move instinctively to protect the damaged goods. Winning is never easy when you're Zebulon! His voice squeak out a 'Yay...' as he crab walks away from the plank.

A hand flies up to Kenna's mouth as Catalana falls first from the plank and a giggle escapes the woman's mouth before she clamps down on it. There's some super undignified snorting going as the Whitehawk tries //so hard// to not lose it too badly. Then Catalana has calling for another pair? OH YES. "Here, take my drink?" Kenna shoves it at a random person before raising her hands and giggling harder, "I VOLUNTEER."

Rohran offers Tesha a polite smile as she's introduced by Amari, and while he acts as a balancing point for Paige's curtsey, after, he proffers his own sweeping bow to the woman, in a most practiced sort of fashion. "It's a pleasure, Lady Tesha. The room's brighter for your presence.", he greets, also with a compliment. It would appear the man can be cordial, when it's called for. Then, to Amari he says, "She's not telling of how they surrounded me in a half-circle and started beating their war drums. It was the chanting that convinced me to depart, and come to the ball. I can still hear the chanting. And the cries of those wolves..". The Lord-General affects a haunted look for a moment, just for the theatrics of it, before a smile props up his lips again. He gestures to Paige, up and down with his free hand, and says, "Have you seen Mistress Paige's dress? It's something else, isn't it? I knew, when I saw her in it, that between her face and her dress, I could happily escape most notice tonight. A comforting thought.", and then he's turning his hazel-blue eyes to the woman on his arm, briefly, with a lifting of his brows. He asks, "Try what? This Gauntlet you mentioned? Perhaps. I'll rest a bit longer, first, having just arrived."

Dramatic strumming accompanies each lunge and parry! Gianna plucks out a silly tune when the falling happens.

Ian gives Aethan a gaunty little salute before settling down with Zoey. And his drink.

Ian has joined the corner table.

Porter applauds for Zebulon and Catalana for their swordplay and good graces. Not good balance, because... owch.

Wash moves to pick his wife up after her tumble. "It's not as easy to fight a duel when the deck is constantly shifting under one's feet." He explains to the audience. "I assure you, her knifework is as good as mine."

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Galen.

Porter moves through the crowd like a shark through the waves, making his apologies and putting a hand upon a shoulder as he accidentally bumps someone. All the way up to the plank, and he eyes it warily. "This seems..." Dangerous? Ill advised? "Like it's going to be fun!" He laughs and climbs aboard, taking a moment to balance upon the board. Oh. "Sword me!" he calls, having forgotten to get his stick.

"Next time, get a gown. I know better --" Elloise slides off her seat at the bar, heading toward the exit.

"I am totally going to play that plank game, pregnant or not," Sorrel informs Juliana with the most impish grin on her face. "It looks awesome!" She raises a glass to Kenna's enthusiasm, her evergreen eyes sparkling. Mind you, she's drinking juice at a bar, but she is kind of pregnant.

Felicia can't help but grin, offering Catalana and Zebulon a sharp whistle, though the latter limping off merits it's own apologetic grimace. But with the call out for her to take her turn there's a salute for Catalana before she elects to remove her cuirass, leaving only a light black linen shirt, for fairness, as she takes her spot at the opposite end to Porter with a laugh,"I have to say I've not fought with a stiff piece of wood in a while... I'll try not to whap you?"

Elloise has left the bar.

2 Armed Confessors leaves, following Elloise.

Titania comes all the way in spotting her cousins and heads in their direction first stopping to greet Catalana and Wash with a grin on her face, "Lady Catalana, Lord Wash." she says in a cheery sounding voice.

Amari looks off towards the duel, brows rising and no small amount of concern in her expression which doesn't fade until Catalana is back on her feet, safe and sound. "That was a good try, considering. I think I'd fall on my head before I'd even get a swing in." That said, she looks back to the trio she's with at the bar. She gestures for Paige and Rohran to join her and Tesha, grinning at pair, "Your dress is really something. I don't think it was chanting or drumming, or even wolves that actually convinced you, was it cousin?" She thinks not. "Let's all have a glass of rum?" Hopefully that's what they want, because she's already turned and ordering for them, and herself.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

"I believe you're supposed to do your best to give me a spanking," Porter says, catching a tossed faux sword. "For the sailor's sake."

Zebulon takes a very slow walk back to the bar and his ale, gingerly sitting onto a stool and wincing as he takes a long drink from the mug and turns to watch the next pairing.

Wash applauds Porter's enthusiasm and steps backward, admiring from a distant lest he become a cushion for the larger man's fall. "Good luck Dame Harrow." He calls out. He waves for Titania to join them. "Lady Titania Fireviper. You're company is just what we were missing."

Porter checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

"Seriously - right?!" Kenna says with FEELING to Sorrel, even as she flicks a glance at her pregnant. She's somewhere in the middle of the crowd, looking at the pair on the sides of the plank balancing against one another.

When it's Porter's turn, Aethan puts two fingers in his mouth and lets out a loud whistle, before he quiets to watch the display.

Juliana claps, then watches Porter take to the plank before she looks to Sorrel and narrows her eyes. "It does and no you are not." her gaze slipping to the woman's belly. "I will make you a deal.. if you do not. I will host something after the babe is born so you can play then. Don't make me have to explain to Galen why I let you fall on your stomach."

Catalana looks up to Wash, smiling as he helps her with a laugh. At that she would send Zebulon an apologetic look, mouthing 'sorry'. With that she sees Titania, giving her a quick hug as she smiles. "Ti!!!"

Zoey smiles softly at Ian when he joins her, murmuring something softly at the corner table before turning her attention back to Porter and Felicia.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Amari before departing.

"Oh, well now, a spanking I can deliver." Felicia assures, even if, with the shifting of the plank it's perhaps easier said than done. Ships aren't her 'thing', definitely, given the wobble as she endeavors to try and keep her footing on the plank, with a shorter and far lighter weapon than what's she's used to. The lighter, smaller blade is clearly reason to twirl it about, half wobbling herself in the process before she endeavors to reach out and do just that; to swat Porter on the rear and 'spank' him with her blade.

Nodding to Tesha, Paige chuckles, "Mot of my family is pretty social, but I've been the one to really range out and about and try to draw folks in. It worked, too!" She looks towards Rohran with a cluck of her tongue, though she gives him a briefly strange look at mention of wolves, clearing her throat and grinning. "Oh yes, the tribal chanting and ritual howls.. its got a ninety-eight percent success rate!" Looking back to Amari, Paige laughs and shakes her head, "I wasn't wearing the dress when I browbeat him into it, I was wearing my armor. But I -had- just helped him repair a birdhouse.. and I used a dirty trick that got him to give him finally." Her gaze dips towards the plank and barrel with a chuckle, "If I used a blade, I would give it a go. Being an archer, I don't think the duel would work quite so well."

To be frank, dexterity is not Porter's forte. He's built like an island; all stone and strength able to weather the tides and the waves for all eternity. But he already bumped into someone on the way here. Porter lets out a yelp at the stinging slap. His own attack? Not quite so brilliant. But his smile is. "I'd like it to be known that I saw that coming." Which is not in any sort an excuse for having taken the blow quite so brutally on his rump.

"But I have been pregnant forever, and this is a game I could win!" Sorrel protests to Juliana, though she hasn't stopped grinning yet. There's no indication she'll do quite exactly as she threatened, but she does clap for Porter's smacking.

"Well. That was over almost before it began." Wash says, after Porter takes his tumble. He smiles broadly. "You were all making suggestive remarks and I felt left out."

Gianna picks out another jaunty tune for the duel. It does not last nearly as long as the last, and when Porter topples, she stills her song with an abrupt palm flattening his strings to make his fall all the more tragic. BOMP.

Tesha gives a chuckle to Rohran, "That's very kind of you to say, Lord Keaton." she tells him with a smile. "Ansel is currently teaching me how to handle a blade, I don't think I should go up there and make a fool of myself." she muses. Though there's a look to Rohran, "Would you be one to speak to about a puppy?" she asks him with a smile. Then there's a look to Zebulon, "You did well up there Sir Zebulon." she tells him with a grin.

Catalana smiles. "Good job you two and congrats Felicia. Next pair!

Ian coughs out a startled laugh at Porter's yelp. Sitting with Zoey, now, he's finally got a hand free to slip an arm around her.

"Wash, I can make suggestive remarks to you any time," Porter says with a laugh. "Good spanking. Good show," the big Kennex captain tells Felicia, offering a hand in congratulations and good sportsmanship.

Michael Bisland arrives by himself. In a very nice looking overcoat, because its so much easier to dress up as a gentleman than a Lady. He'll skip the line because he doesn't like standing around for awhile. So many people here, and he is on the hunt for someone who serves drinks!

Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat arrive, following Alarissa.

Felicia possibly didn't mean to spank Porter quite /that/ hard given the color her cheeks go, the laugh apologetic as she gingerly hops down to pass off the sword,"I'm sorry!" she offers with a shake of her head, even as she accepts the hand for a shake of her own,"I mean, really it's your own fault for giving me such an attractive target, but, well... yes. I could buy you a drink to apologize?"

"Not forever you have been pregnant as long as it takes, that is all." Juliana laughs, her arm hooking in Sorrel's affectionately and well it keeps the Princess from taking off to climb on the plank.. When Porter falls she blinks but then it's Aethan's turn and her attention turn fully to the coming battle between him and Wash.

Not for very long he'll be searching though! Kenna spies her favorite Bisland heir enters the room. Up on her toes she goes and puts her hands around her mouth. "LORD MICHAEL!" Hand wave! OVER HERE.

Alarissa's making her way in, finally able to steal away from whatever it was that she was doing. Entourage left at the door, she's up on toes, looking around to see who all has come.

The accompaniment Gianna provides to Porter's rise and subsequent fall gets an approving look from Aethan, as well as a nod. "Very nice touch," he says, before he moves to take one of the wooden swords, then moves to hop up on the barrel. His own movements are quite agile. It's amazing what one can do when one is no longer constantly drunk.

Balancing on a barrel is not quite the same as fighting on a tilting deck, but both Wash and Aethan show a facility for shifting their footing that implies they are equally matched. Indeed, they give ground and take blows with almost equal grace and balance until, eventually, they each push each other a little too hard. Wash is the first to lean off the planking. Despite his usual light-hearted affair, he grimly leans in, lunging one last time to make sure that he does not fall alone.

Fashionably late as per the usual the Prince turned Warlord arrives at the event. His four guards surround him until he has made it to the midst of the room and then they break from Galen to go and enjoy themselves. He was dressed in silks and not for war for once, and this seemed to please him for the moment. Galen takes his time in moving gracefully through the crowd, giving nods and smiles to those he knows and those he doesn't, though the women he knows get a wink in addition to a smile or nod. It doesn't take but a moment for his stormy gaze to land upon his wife, and at the sight of Sorrel all else is lost to him the smile on his lips brightening to its full glory!

Porter passes off his 'blade' as well. "No apologies necessary, but I'll happily take you up on your offer of a drink, Dame Harrow." He has left his own rum... somewhere. Good thing it was empty. It's still "rum" if the glass smells like it and you intend to add more.

Gianna offers Aethan a quick smirk and a wink, plucking out the tune for mounting the plank. It's not particularly flirtacious.

Zoey was -just- relaxing into Ian's arm when she hears Michael's name shouted above the throng, and she sits up like a jack rabbit, looking around for her cousin.

Felicia snags her cuirass from where she left it and nods towards the bar,"Pick a seat, what are you drinking? In recompense I'll brave the bar and get it for you?" she offers with a broad grin,"I mean... wouldn't want you limping /too/ far with that kind of a wound, after all."

Zebulon turns to Lady Tesha and offers her a toothy smile, pushing the remnant of pain away. "Why, thank you, Lady. A lot of time speant on rocking decks does not hurt at all when keeping one's footing. Not going to give it a try yourself?" He lifts his mug to take a quick sip politely.

Even with the hat, Aethan manages to dodge and parry Wash's strikes and make it look relatively easy. But he gets a little confident at the end when it's clear that Wash is going down, and leaves himself open to get knocked off, as well. He falls -- but hits the ground just a hair after Wash. Hey, a win is a win. He picks himself up then, extending a hand with a little smile to his brother in all-but-blood.

Titania smiles to them both and returns the hug, "Your company is just the thing I need Lord Wash." she smiles and laughs at Catalana and grins.

All is well with Ian's world this evening, it would seem. He settles in with his drink to watch Aethan and Wash's rematch.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Galen before departing.

Catalana cheers now as she looks to her husband and fellow Kennex. "Congrats!" A smirk tugs at her lips as she looks up with a bright smile. "Next pair?"

Porter has joined the ringside table.

Catalana looks over to Titania, patting that seat next to her. "Join me, cousin.....keep me company while I help run the games."

"Galen, Juliana won't let me fall off of benches while pregnant. I don't think I'd fall off the bench, though. I'm going to need you to go not fall off the bench for me, okay?" Sorrel says to her husband with a broad grin. "Also, here is a ring that I found in an oyster. I think you should have it. The oyster barrel is closed now."

Wash sets the wooden sword down on the deck and clasps Aethan's hand with the widest smile he can manage. "I wanted to give it a try with barrels that are just slightly different sizes, but I couldn't get the planking to stay on." He explains to Aethan. "Maybe Master Lee will figure it out."

"The darkest, spiciest rum you can find," Porter tells Felicia with a smile. "I'll just be here. Nursing my wound." He plays the warmth of the formerly stinging spot on his rear for all the 'sympathy' he can, limping comically as though he were gravely wounded and then taking a seat gingerly. It should be noted he actually doesn't sit on the spanked side, despite his comic performance.

Rohran's hazel-blue gaze is one the dueling for a moment, before he's telling Tesha, "Actually, play such as this, is especially good for improving one's skills. In real training, the weight of the situation can hold you down and cause you to make mistakes. Nerves get the best of novice fighters. But sometimes, having fun and looking the fool in a safe environment can help one with their lessons. It can certainly be the antedote to nerves..", and he goes on at length about that, even adding, "Though, I think the dueling is full. But, next time, yes? It's hard to be shy, and a fighter. One will give or the other." The whole while he is speaking, there is something else going on, that doesn't take the attention of his words nor his eyes, but happens nonetheless. He finds Paige's hand, with that ring she had offered over to him earlier, and he takes it, quietly, then replaces it with the one he had found, which was noticeably small for him. Making such an exchange requires both of the man's hands, so he dips behind the Fieldstone woman, but brings his hands around to her frontside, the better to play things out, while catching Amari next with his words, "I assure you, it was the chanting and the drumming and the tribe-like warcries of the Keaton women and their accomplices. I've seen a woman in a dress before. I am somewhat of a match for things such as that. Though.. she did help me fix the birdhouse, it's true. So.. maybe we're even, now."

Michael was spotted! DAMNABLE DAMNATION! He'll glance around. Oh. Short, cute and blonde. Michael manages to find a glass of something dark and whiskeyey so at least there is that. Before he heads off towards that wavey wavey hand. He is tall enough and dressed orange/green enough that he is hard to miss. To Kenna, for an arm about waist to seize and lift her into the air in an excessively large hug. "Why must you yell my name so /everyone/ knows I am here?"

Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat leave, following Alarissa.

"You'll have to teach me that dirty trick. It seems highly effective." Amari insists as she turns from the bar with a glass of rum in either hand. One if for Paige, the other for Rohran. Ta da. When Tesha congratulates Zebulon, she tilts her head to regard him too. She'll smile, so the inspection won't seem too rude and as a silent sort of greeting. The yell of LORD MICHAEL has her gaze tick neatly to the entrance, but it's actually Alarissa who she notices there. Once the drinks are out of her hand she'll lift one to the Princess Thrax and smile warmly.

Juliana is completely focused on the match between Wash and Aethan, to the point that with every strike Aethan dodges, Sorrel's arm gets a little shake! Then Wash is going down! "Yes! Oh No!" and then Aethan with him.. the Pravus girl winces and laughs as the both hit ground, clapping before looking up at Sorrel then Galen who she didn't see enter in her focus on Aethan. "Hello favorite cousin." said to the Warlord as she lets go of his wife. "I promise Sorrel, after the baby is born."

Galen raises a sharp eyebrow as he nears his wife and hears her words, a confused look is given to Juliana as well before he just shakes his head. "I am fairly sure I will fall, you know my strength is in taking hits not my balance and agility," he said with his deep melodious voice. "I do appreciate you not letting her do that Jules, I owe you one," he winked and chuckled before turning his blue orbs back to his wife, "A ring you say? That reminds me of something I need to do soon."

Felicia tries hard not to make it 'worse' by grinning too broadly rather than dipping her head respectfully at Porter and wading off to go and fetch a bottle of the darkest, spicest rum the bar can recommend, and a couple of glasses. It is offered for Porter's inspection on her return,"Will this sufficiently sooth that grievous wound, my lord?"

"Oh absolutely not." Tesha laughs at Zebulon. "I'll leave that for you flashy fellows and dazzling dames. I'm not a sword fighter. Maybe I'll marry one eventually." she muses as she looks out over things. Though there's a look to Rohran and a bit of a smile, "I'm not a fighter, my family is better served with me at the books and other duties." she tells him. "I'm learning blades for in case situations." she adds.

"Because you are just //too// much to let be obscure." Kenna retorts as Michael's lifting her up in that hug. She returns it with just as much affection, though once she's back down she's going to lightly poke at his shoulder. "And you have been //way// too busy for me." She can't pout very well, considering how wide she's smiling.

Wash has joined the an upholstered mahogany sofa embroidered with the Bounty of Cerilla.

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Felicia has joined the ringside table.

Zoey leans over waves down a passing waitress. A short conversation and a few minutes later, she's writing out a note and attaching it to Octavian's collar. Off the brave pupper goes, and Zoey is leaning back into Ian's arm again. With her drink.

Porter applauds for the combatants once again and then tucks his fingers to the corners of his lips to give a shrill whistle of support. When Felicia returns, he smiles at her and then at the bottle as she offers it to him to look at. "So long as you share a drink with me, we're back on the mend," he says with earnestness. He pushes a chair out, inviting Felicia to sit. "I thought you looked familiar. It was right about the time you smacked some sense into me that I remembered your name and knew that Catalana had set. Me. Up." Porter is pleased.

Paige is chuckling towards Amari and giving nod, lifting her free hand to place to the right of her mouth, stage whispering, "We'll talk after! I'll show you all the dirty tricks I've got to use. BUt they only owrk on men like Lord Rohran." And then said man is stepping behind her, speaking casually to both Tesha and Amari while he exchanges rings, putting one on her finger and slipping on the one she'd offered to him. Her eyes widen for a second, cheeks flaming before she struggles it down to clear her throat and tipping her head back to murmur something gently to Rohran before looking back to Amari and gratefully accepting the rum! Drinks! Yes! The blush is still very real. Then she's looking to Zebulon and smiling brightly, "Hello! I don't believe we've met. I'm Paige Fieldstone."

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

"Ohh Galen, you owe me so much more than one. I will just add it to the talley." Juliana laughs, winking to Sorrel. Then a press to her cheek. "Don't make me work tonight." is warned to the Princess. Another to Galen's. "Keep an eye on her, she is willey." teases. "Now excuse me, there is an Admiral I want to talk to."

Titania has joined the bar.

Catalana looks up with a smile. "So who's next or is that it?"

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Titania has joined the an upholstered mahogany sofa embroidered with the Bounty of Cerilla.

"Next time," Aethan replies to Wash, before he sets down the wooden sword and moves away from the barrels to wait for the next round. He reaches up to adjust his hat, because let's be honest, it's probably going to need adjusting the entire evening, since it is rather large.

Michael gets collided with, some damn spaniel thumping DIRECTLY into his knee. He'll glance down and pull a note from collar. "Oh no. You have gotten me into trouble, I am sure. You blonde minx." There is words exchanged between the two that are quieter, and he leans in to press a quick kiss into Kenna's temple. "I need to find the woman with the large hair. Before she sends her dog to chew my knees off." And Michael perks up to glance about the place.

Gino, a surly sailor, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Antonio.

Felicia dips her head Porters way before setting the glasses down and pouring a couple of rums before dropping into the offered seat with a laugh,"I'll hope that's a good remember and not a bad one." she enquires with the loft of a brow.

Titania smiles and sits down next to her cousin, she makes sure her dress is pulled currectly so that its not all wrinkled or bunshed up. She looks up from her seat when she spots Galen and gives him a n od then looks back to Wash and Catalana with a smile, "What are we drinking? I can use a drink."

"I've been forbidden, so I volunteer Galen," Sorrel calls over to Catalana with a merry laugh.

Antonio's player hates entrance poses, so, he enters.

"I'm not at //all// sorry about it. If you've been ignoring family in the //same way//," Michael gets a wrinkled nose before Catalana's calling out for volunteers. "Go go~" Kenna shoos Michael on and steps forward, "I //absolutely// have to do this," When Galen is voluentold Kenna turns a wink on him.

"Well, my lady, we all have our talents, I suppose?" Zebulon offers to Lady Tesha before she turns back to Rohran. He catches the smile from Amari and offers once in return, a little warmer. "My lady." As he is lifting his mug for another drink, Paige arrives when the mug is lowered and he smiles again, or still, "Mistress Fieldstone, an honor to meet you. I'm Sir Zebulon Whitewake. Captain of Moon's Folly, knight of the Granato Navy and recently, Champion. I see you and your group are having a fine time?"

"Titania, I have something for you!" Galen calls out to the woman before he glances to his wife and sighs, "Fine love, if you want to watch me fall I will do so to prove my unquestionable devotion to you." he laughs, "I haven't even had a drink yet...Well here anyway."

Catalana calls out with a laugh. "Good! Because I would have pulled you right off that plank!!" Looking to Kenna who she knows wanted to and Galen she grins. "Come on guys so I can see who falls! So we can do the next two rounds and get to the next game."

"First, you'd have to overpower me. Second, I'm slippery like an eel," Sorrel points out to Catalana with amusement, waggling her brows.

Wash points out to Sorrel. "You're suggesting that Thrax ladies have no experience in wrestling eels?"

If people are blushing, Lord Rohran can reliably be found to be, at the time, examining the architecture of wherever he's at. Even here at the Golden Hart. As is proper. Not that he needs to now, standing behind Paige as he is. He takes the offered rum from Amari, "Thank you, cousin. Just one for me. You don't want to see me three rums in. And I don't want to be up there dueling next..". He smiles to Amari, amicably enough, and then Paige is leaning back against him to say something quietly, just as he's taking a sip from that shot of rum. Whatever is says causes his eyes to widen, and he very nearly chokes on the liquor, but almost very nearly. There's a sputtering, before he recovers. He clears his throat, roughly, and makes an excuse, "Oh this rum is wonderful. I didn't expect it would be so wonderful..", before he looks over at Zebulon, who is there now. "Have you tried this rum? It's really great..". There is a look on his face. It is the look of a hunted man, for a second there.

There's a plank resting on a pair of barrels. The game is to attempt to dislodge the opponent without falling off the barrel in the process. So far the greatest success has gone to Dame Felicia Harrow, who toppled Porter Kennex with one swift swat.

Kenna takes up her wooden sword and gives it SWOOSHINGNESS. "This thing is longer than my Quill." Stepping to the plank she waves it slowly at Galen. "We'll go at it," a stumble over the title, "Lord Galan~"

Wash pops out of his seat to secure a supply of whiskey. Three glasses in total, one of which he downs immediately, and the second and third he carries back to the couch where his beloved is ensconced.

Galen rolls his eyes and goes to do the thing, "Cat, you and I need to chat later too." to her he gave a wink and proceeded to prepare by moving to the plank, staring at it a moment and then hopping up onto it much more gracefully than some might expect from the size of the mans frame, "I guess I need this eh?" he asks waggling his brows and lifting the wooden sword before smiling at Kenna, "Lets get ready to rumble!"

Kenna has rolled a critical success!
Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Galen says, "Wash! Bring whiskey fast!"

Another duel! Thankfully, Gianna is still there to provide musical accompaniment. The mounting of the plant is heralded by a fine tune!

"Galen if you are intent on falling, try to aim for your head so I don't have to fix anything!" Juliana calls out to her cousin as she starts making her way through the crowd towards Aethan.

Galen checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Titania smiles and calls back over to Galen, "Is that so! Well then you can give it to me now or after you fall on your ass." she grins at the Thrax and looks to Catalana leaning in to speak with her.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Galen checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 19 higher.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 18 lower.

Galen checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 39 higher.

Juliana's call brings Aethan's eyes to her, the name registering, and he turns back to Galen, eyebrows raising. There's a look of interest, but he does not distract the man, instead starting back toward her. "I think the hat is bringing me luck," he says. "I actually did not expect to beat Wash."

Wash has just passed off a glass of whiskey to Catalana, so he's only got the one left. When Galen lays claim to it Wash arrests the motion of bringing it to his lip and pouts, looking at the glass mournfully.

Zoey is sitting over at the Corner Table with Ian, half watching Kenna and Galen and half scoping the crowd for signs of a certain Bisland Lord. One named Michael.

Kenna was ALL ON TOP of this thing, swishing her sword like she actually knew what she was doing, a giggle rolling off her lips. Eventually the giggling gets //way// to much and it's a single mistep. DOWN Kenna begins to fall, that wooden sword going in the other direction.

Juliana laughs as Aethan steps closer to her, reaching up and straightening /the hat/ before she curls her arm back through his and presses a kiss to his cheek. "Very dashing." states then looks back to the match. "Have you met my cousin?" nods her head toward the match of Kenna and Galen.

Galen easily evaded the swishes of his opponent's cause... Warlord! He chuckled himself while the woman laughed, she did, in fact, start to fall after a solid push from his sword...But wait! There's more! He wielded that wooden sword with grace and precision moving it swiftly to Kenna's side and using his strength to push her back onto the blank as he winked and rolled off of the plank onto the ground himself.

Nodding to Zebulon, Paige offers a smile to him, "A pleasure indeed, sir! You've been proving quite handy with ablade lately from what I've heard. I do hope you go all the way in the Champions Tournament." Lifting her glass towards him in silent toast, she takes a sip before looking back to Rohran, unable to keep from chuckling at his reaction and that brief expression. She turns back to Amari and smiles, "I think we want to see him three rums in and getting up on the plank. Don't you? It sounds like it would be loads of fun, and I have plenty of experience helping a drunk commander back to barracks so they can sleep it off. You should have -seen- Sergeant Hollister after his wife gave birth to their son. He was so many sheets to the wind I was amazed he was still singing!"

So much going on now, but Michael gets to finish his drink and grab another before he catches sight of that Spaniel! And he'll follow along behind it, dipping through the crowd before slipping between shoulders to join Zoey and her accompaniment. "Dearest, dear dear Cousin. Hello sweetheart. Newest cousin." The last directed towards Ian.

Amari is polite enough to try and ignore all the blushing, pointing at Paige as if she's going to be held to her words and simply agreeing with Rohran. Rum is wonderful. Nod nod. She turns to the bar to get her own glass after that, settling in to watch the duels progress. She has probably completely lost track of the conversation, so smiles in an unfocused way at everyone nearby. Mention of three rums in and on the plank brings her attention back, and she nods, "You both should have entered the competition. Or maybe the next? Maybe it'll be something Lady Tesha and I will be good at. It could be boat races, like at the Tyde garden party. That was fun."

Ian nods a greeting to Michael when he comes wandering over. "Good to see you." There's something approaching warmth in his drawn expression, so.... good mood?

Catalana blinks at the....wait...what? Raising her brow she laughs then looks to Kenna. "Well then....congrats!! But don't get comfortable because now you get to pair off with Zebulon." Sipping that whiskey that was passed to her by Wash she looks up. "Round two!!"

Juliana's question gets a shake of Aethan's head, the feather on his hat swishing elegantly with the movement. Because the hat is amazing. "Not yet," he says, "but his reputation precedes him." He takes her hand and tips his head toward Ian and Zoey et al, though when Catalana calls for round two, he doesn't quite go over there yet, instead waiting to hear the pairing.

Tesha gives a smile to Amari and there's a moment taken to finish off her drink, "I'm going to take my leave." she tells her softly as she makes a decision. "It was lovely to see you again, Lady Amari." she tells her. "It was nice to meet you, Lord Keaton and Mistress Fieldstone." she offers as she gives a curtsy to them. Then the Telmar is making her way towards the exit.

Wash stands up again from his table and wanders over for another round of drinks, once again, he slugs his back immediately so he can carry one to Galen and then Titania.

Someone kindly presses an ale into Gianna's hand, and the bard inclines her head to that person - possibly a smitten bus boy - and pauses to have a long sip. She scans the room again, eyes narrowing slightly.

Zebulon finishes his mug and sets it onto the bar for the keep to grab. He nods to Paige and then turns to Ladt Tesha. "Was nice to meet you. I think I had better get going." He slips from the stool and tosses a courteous wave those at the bar and makes his way over to the arena again, walking more normally by this time. "Let's do this!" Zebulon climbs up again on the plank with his wooden sword in hand and waits for Kenna to get back up.

What, what WHAT IS THIS? One mooment Kenna falling to the ground and next she's been poked and is back on the plank? She wobbles there for a moment before she steps off to steady herself. "You're not suppose to cheat to let the other person win!" a protest from the woman with all the good nature possible and gets back on to the plank before dramatically bowing to Zebulon, "For my last opponent!" Yeah, THIS IS FOR YOU GALAN! SWISH

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Galen stands slowly from the ground, his wooden sword places back from wherever it came. "Well fought! I'd try to giggle a touch less in your next bout," another wink and then he moved toward Wash to retrieve said drink, "Thanks mate," was offered with a nod before taking his drink, lifting it toward Kenna and knocking it back. "You got my missive I am sure?" this was clearly directed at Wash, though he did look to Titania, "I'll bring it to you in just a moment," he smiled.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Tesha has left the bar.

Felicia is nursing a rum at the ringside table as she watches the next round, offering her opinion in the form of a whistle and cheer for the winners between chatting with Porter.

Galen saves Kenna and take a tumble, causing Juliana to whistle and clap. Looking up at Aethan, smiles and nods. "Well come then, you are always introducing me to your family. I will introduce you to him." Giving Aethan's arm a tug as she starts for Sorrel because where Sorrel is, Galen will end up.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 0 higher.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 20 higher.

Kenna checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 5 lower.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 21 higher.

Alban steps in and looks around, well this place is packed tonight! The Farshaw lord lingers near the doorway at first, still dressed in his midnight blue leathers, sword dangling from his hip. It takes a few moments for him to spot anyone familiar in the crowd but eventually he spots Felicia and slowly he moves over in that direction. A smile is cast towards Sorrel and then to Galen as he passes from afar, his destination set. "Greetings Felicia." He speaks up a bit, straining to be heard over the din of the crowd.

Rohran's smile tightens just a bit in regards to Amari's mention of entering the competition. He gives a gentle shake of his head. "I have had to lift a sword too often, in these last months. I'm not sure there is any sport in it for me, right now. Perhaps, given time. Even blunted training swords. But, yes, perhaps there will be another event? You should enter something, Amari. You are, after all, the Keaton who spun a cocoon and came out a social butterfly. Is that not what I heard?", he suggests, before lifting his shot of rum and this time getting to drink it down without the mischievous words of a certain ranger. Tesha's taking his attention, then, with her declaration of leaving, even as Paige is speaking to him in lowered tones again. "Have a good evening, Lady Tesha! It was a pleasure."

THIS TIME, this time Kenna's going to take the fall she //really// ought to have taken the last time. At least this time it's less of her giggling and more being out classed! Tumbling off the plank Kenna catches herself in a tumble before sprawling out on the ground still giggling. "ALAS! Well done!"

Zebulon has had a little time to rest, but also to drink, so really, it cancels out. He makes a couple of tantative swats with the wooden sword, but not trying too hard to beat up on unfamiliar woman. It's more time than skill that wins out for him in the end, but he does manage one small smack to Kenna before she falls to the ground.

Felicia turns her attention up at the sound of her name, grinning at Alban,"Lord Farshaw! Hello, would you like to join Captain Porter Kennex and myself... we're drinking rum." she offers towards him with a nod Porter's way, feet propper up on an empty chair beside her before nodding Porter's way.

Sorrel crosses her arms and pouts at Galen. "You threw that fight," she informs him accusingly. "Just because you want to stand over here with me and get drunk."

Porter, too, is keeping an eye on the bouts. He catches Alban approaching and he lifts his chin in a greeting, though he's yet to have met the Farshaw lord. "You'll be up again before long, won't you?" he says to Felicia. "Lord Farshaw, pleased to make your acquaintance."

"All right," Aethan says agreeably at Juliana's suggestion. He's being agreeable! It's a miracle! However, before he can quite get over there, he's being called for his next turn, and a little huff escapes him as he lets go of her hand. "After this," he promises, and then he starts for the barrels, picking up one of the swords and getting up onto the plank.

"He did." Wash concurs with Sorrel. "And he asked me to help." He leaves a whiskey with Galen and heads back to his couch. "I'm a helper!"

Felicia rises to her feet at her name, a finger raised so she can finish the rum before she heads over to the arena, cuirass left behind at the table as she goes to snag a wooden sword and find her unsteady perch again,"I have this theory." she announces, not overly loudly, but sort of in the direction of her table and Aethan both,"Perhaps if I drink more I'll find a sailors grace with this barrel." she offers with a wink, saluting Aethan with the wooden sword briefly.

Galen nods to Wash, "We need to make sure we have supplies to capture something large and nasty by the way," then he quickly moves over to Titania, reaching down to discretely take one of her hands and place something inside of it before leaning in to whisper something to her, as he pulled away he looked to Sorrel, "Is there something wrong with that?" he called out, "What about chivalry!?" then he lifted Titania's hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to it before turning to move back toward Sorrel.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 33 higher.

Zoey smiles megawatt bright for Michael when he appears from between two partygoers. She rises from the table and then launches herself at her favourite cousin. Sneaktacklehug!

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 45 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 46 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 16 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 11 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 25 higher.

Felicia checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 20 lower.

Titania looks to Galen when he comes over she tilts her head to the side listening to the whisper, when he brings her hand up to kiss it she breaths deeply then nods when he walks away looking down into her hand.

Ian loses interest in whatever is going on with Zoey and Michael when the bout between Felicia and Aethan starts. He wasn't taking things terribly seriously up until now, but as the two of them strike and parry, his focus sharpens to a point; he picks the match apart with every bit of interest that he'd turn towards a spar.

Gianna finishes her ale up and sets the mug aside; the busboy admirer whisks it off again, and she smiles, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. Gianna stretches her hand out and wiggles her fingers, stretching them out some.

Kenna pushes herself to her feet and steps herself out of the way of the plank well before the next pair get themselves up and going. Edging through the crowd she aims to go and find herself a nice strong drink before heading to where a particular Bisland Lord has found himself a cousin. "Lady Zoe, Lord Ian," the pair get bright smiles from Kenna.

"Gods, everyone is conspiring against me," Sorrel declares with an overexaggerated pout, hands on her hips.

Juliana shakes her head, then moves back to Sorrel as well, as Aethan takes to the barrels again. "He threw it, which means you get to beat him off it next time." answering to Sorrel with a smile. Turning to watch the match. "Galen, while you are still my favorite cousin, I need to introduce you to Admiral Kennex. As soon as he finishes beating on Dame Harrow."

Alban smiles and gives both a nod of greeting, reaching out offer his hand for a shake to Porter. "Captain Porter Kennex? I have heard of you at least, it's always good to have a face to go with the name." He looks to Felicia then adds. "I would love to drink, for rum, whiskey or whatever you have. I have one goal tonight, to get really drunk, this seems like a great place to start." Then off she goes, so he takes her seat and maybe even a little of the leftover rum.

Aethan nods to Felicia, before they begin. He is clearly built for agility rather than strength, because he dodges and parries more than he strikes, only taking openings that are more assured to be successful. But he does take those -- no mistake of hers is unexploited. It may be a game, but he's intending to win, and while they spar for quite a while, seeming evenly matched, eventually one of those openings yields success, and he manages to land a hit that's aimed to knock her down in earnest.

Catalana cheer as she she laughs. "Good job!!! Now....last pairing: Aethan and Zebulon! Winner gets to choose another oyster shell!"

Signe's a late arrival to the Sailor's Ball where all the games and constests are well underway.

Felicia should not be allowed a lighter blade, really, possibly, she can't quite take it entirely seriously. The knight meets the admiral in a series of thwacks punctuated by wobbling and laughter, the knight managing to hold on mostly by virtue of long hours of practice even in 'adverse situations'. The sweeping strikes of a greatsword not exactly translating well to the wooden blade for all her flailing attempts at maintaining balance and trying to thwap Aethan at the same time. The last pass, she definitely overshoots due to the comparative weight of the blade, and it's not hard at all for Aethan to snake through her defenses and bring her low in a table of limbs. Revenge of the Kennex!

"Ian's brother?" Galen asked of Juliana as he neared, "Let it be known, anyone who should think giving Sorrel alcohol is a good idea will be at best a fool and at worst towed behind my ship for a day," he grinned as he said this and made a point to stare at Sorrel the entire time, the slyness of his grin increasing.

"Zoes. And Kenna. Hello lovely ladies." Michael himself. From the clutching woman. But he can't. For the moment. So his arm will just wrap around Zoey's shoulders and crush her tighter into him. "Did you hear? Some woman is foolish enough to allow me to court her. Its the absurdity of the season."

Porter reaches out and shakes Alban's hand, and for a wonder the two tall men are of an appropriate size in relation to each other. "Likewise. You hear the name, but until something like this--or Elysium forbid, war--we can all rest in relative peace. Let me get you a drink," he says. Porter produces a glass and pours a generous portion of dark, spicy island rum into a glass for Alban.

Zebulon makes his way over to the barrels again, having waited near the side of the arena after his last bout. He hops up this time, landing squarely on his feet with no sway to his posture and raises his blade up in anticipation of this last round against Aethan. "Now, just be gentle when you send me flying, eh?"

When Felicia falls, Aethan hops down, landing lightly and reaching a hand to her to shake with a smile on his face. "Well fought," he says with a nod, before he turns to look at Zebulon. "We'll see," he says with a little laugh, but he climbs back up onto the barrel, taking position for the last bout.

Gianna resumes her musical accompaniment of the plank duels. The final showdown! Dramatic strumming happens as the two duelists claim their places.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 25 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 35 higher.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 0 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 10 higher.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 7 higher.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 2 higher.

"Yes, Aethan." Jules answers to Galen, though not taking her eyes off the man in the bright floppy hat. When he win the next round, she claps loud. Grabbing Sorrel's arm for a moment, as she bounces a bit. Watching the last match with Zebulon intently.

Zebulon checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 1 lower.

Aethan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 14 lower.

Ian continues to ignore the pleasantries over at his table, watching this, the last spar, the FINAL COUNTDOWN.

Porter refills Felicia's drink when she's away. It's a good balm for pride and being paddled.

1 Redrain novice guards arrives, following Kieran.

Alban grunts and watches closely as the liquor is poured, his mouth almost watering. "Thanks, I appreciate it. Oh.." he watches Aethan and Feliciia now. "I should have entered this contest, I'll have to keep a closer eye on it for the future." He claps at the end of the match, obviously cheering for Felicia. "What were we saying, relative peace? I suppose for some that is the case, there is entirely too much drama going on for me , as of late. So, time for rum!" He lifts his mug as Felicia approaches the table, beckoning them all to join the toast.

Signe has joined the ringside table.

Zoey slips out of Michael's grasp with an agile little buck and roll, landing neatly on her feet to kiss his cheek. She then rounds on Kenna and swoops in to give the shorter woman a quick, tight hug. "Kenna, it's so good to see you!" She doesn't -quite- respond to Michael yet, however, as she's straightening to watch Aethan and Zebulon with intent focus. She claps heartily when everyone's on the ground again and grins at Michael. "I -heard-," she remarks lightly, moving back to her seat with Ian and motioning for both Kenna and Michael to join them. "I've got a little present for Ianna as soon as the ink has dried on the contract." She looks at her husband. "Ian, have you met Lady Kenna Whitehawk?" she asks curiously.

Oh crap, this guy knows what he's doing! Zebulon goes from playfully swatting as he had in the previous rounds to actually having to think and react now. Aethan is not going down easily and the Knight Captain digs into his bag of tricks to try to feint Aethan into a weak position, but he can't manage it. Going a bit more reckless, as has worked for him before, he rushes the other and goes for a high strong to the shoulders, trying to knock him down and off, which unfortunately, leaves Zebulon off balance and falling seconds later to the other side of the barrels.

Felicia accepts the hand up from Aethan with a grin and offers him good luck on his next bout before retreating to the ringside table, Alban, Porter, and now a Signe! With her chair claimed by Alban she snags another with a grin and drops into it with a tilt of her head his way and the loft of an enquiring brow,"Salute! Both of you! And Lady Signe! Welcome!"

Ian returns his attention to the conversation at his table, once the fight he was watching comes to an end. "I think..." He looks at Kenna "Have I? I think I've seen you around somewhere, but I'm not sure we've been introduced."

Signe weaves through the gathered crowds until she finds a table which hosts Felicia, Alban and Porter then flops her short self onto a chair. When it's noticed drinks are being raised her eyes brighten a little more, "Oh great, that would be -perfect- right now."

Wash celebrates loudly. "Captain and Admiral! Well fought sirs! Well fought my lords indeed!" He is definitely cheerfully tipsy at this point. "Are we climbing the rigging next? Who wants to climb the rigging?"

And again, Aethan does not play around. It is a game he intends to win -- or at least from the look of it. He begins the same way, mostly dodging as he tries to find openings instead of swinging and hoping, and he finds a few, but Zebulon manages to block them all. Finally, though, he makes a mistake instead, and finds himself off-balance just slightly before his opponent. He tries to keep his footing, but can't quite manage it, and falls just before Zebulon does. "Good fight," he says with a little smile, and he extends a hand to the other man.

Michael has joined the corner table.

Kenna has joined the corner table.

Kieran slips inti the Arena carrying a bottle of whiskey. This was a BYOB party right? Either way the Redrain Prince has decided he needs to mingle and make revelry. That's his job afterall. After a few smiles and nods of his head in greeting, he starts making his way through the crowd.

Porter calls out, "Kissing booth!"

Galen can't help but watch the last bout, his stormy eyes darting from man to man carefully inspecting each movement as if this were a battle of life and death. The Prince raises a single brow as both men start to fall, "How about that," he says to no one particular, "Rum? Anyone got a bottle of rum handy?" shaking his head he looks to Juliana, "He fights well, I can see the resemblance to Ian," Galen noted, "I may have to enlist him," he grinned before grabbing Sorrel around the waist and pulling her (CAREFULLY) to him to kiss passionately.

"And the winner is Sir Zebulon!" Catalana was clapping as she was busy running the competition. It was busy indeed. "Please claim your prize of taking an additional oyster shell from the barrel." With that she looks around at all the new faces.

"Thank you all for coming!! And next up...." Wash was already on it. Laughing she nods. ".....climbing rigging. I'll let Wash look over that aspect but if you'd like to compete....please line up to the...rigging he's had set up."

Zebulon takes Aethan's hand and grips it firmly. "Well fought! I wouldn't be eager to face you if not a game." He gives a pull to help Aethan rise to his feet and claps the other man's shoulder.

Zoey facepalms. "Oh, Porter.

Zebulon gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Zebulon gets an ornate ring of waves crafted out of pewter accented with blue topaz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Titania chuckles, "Now I wish I had come in my leather pants and shirt, I would have done a few games." she smiles as she gets her drink downs it and pours herself some more.

Sorrel is cheerfully lip-locked with her own husband since Porter called out that there was to be kissing. She doesn't need a booth for that! They might need a room, though. "You should meet him," she agrees to Galen absently, then kisses the prince again.

"Me, neither," Aethan admits to Zebulon, shaking the man's hand a time or two, before he lets go, inclining his head and then turning to move toward where Juliana is. And also Sorrel and Galen.

The usual path to the rafters is abetted by ratlines leading from the arena's balcony to the rafters thirty feet above. It's a short climb really compared to how high rigging can go on a modern vessel. Wash lays a hand on the rigging and tests it. "We had the whole crew hanging from this earlier." He says, gesturing to men that are still hanging about, watching the festivities. "So it will hold one or two of us noble lot. Just empty your pockets of spare change..." Wash jokes. He gestures. "At the sound of the whistle, you climb to the top, scamper over the rafter seating, and then down the other side. Safely if you can. No cracked heads hear."

(OOC: Roll str+athletics, or Dex+sailing. All at once now, highest roll wins!)

Alban inclines his head to Signe as she approaches. "Welcome Lady Signe." He then downs the rum after the toasts and chugs until his glass is empty, pushing it forward to be refilled or refilling it himself if possible. His eyes wander to Sorrel and Galen and he can't help but smile a little at the two of them, not that he wants anyone to catch him smiling right now, so he quickly wipes that look of fhis face. "I'm tempted for another toast to ridiculously complicated cousins.." he speaks in a quieter voice then, only for the table.

Porter checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Watching the fight intently, when Aethan falls first, Juliana wrinkles her nose. "Aww." but still claps, smiling to the two men before lifting her eyes to Galen with a slight arch of her brows. "He does, yes. And no, I didn't bring anything with me." which might actually be a first that the Pravus doesn't have a flask of something. When Galen pulls Sorrel in for a kiss, she looks away, finding Aethan coming towards her and well does the same. Standing on her toes, presses a kiss to his lips as he gets within reach. "You did well, guess you will have to keep the hat." smiling.

Felicia checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

At their table Kenna pokes Michael in the shoulder. "Come climb with us Lord Bisland, unless you think that oh so pretty overcoat of yours is //too nice// for it." ShShe teases as she steps aside to take herself to the line reaching back to grab Michael's hand to TRY TO TOW HIM ALONG, glancing back at Ian as she does, "You're amazing!"

Kieran has joined the ringside table.

Looking up at Rohran, Paige smiles brightly and murmurs something to him, lifting her brows at him before pulling away to go traipse towards the lineup for the rope-climb with a grin.

Kenna checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Zoey pops up from her table with Kenna, and leans over to kiss Ian quickly. She all but marches over to the right side of the rigging, and gets ready to climb!

Paige checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Signe checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Michael checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kenna before departing.

Zoey checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Wash stays on the ground for this contest, looking up at the climbers and steadying the rigging. He shouts hoary old sailing mantras at the nobles climbing the rigging. A taste of what seamen hear everytime they go up.

Rigging climbing doesn't lend itself to musical accompaniment quite the same way a duel does. Also, Gianna's been playing for a while and maybe she's just wanting a break. She finds herself something to lean against.

Porter taps Gianna on the shoulder as he goes to the rigging. "Come on, give it a shot."

Galen inclines his head toward the approaching Aethan, "Well done," he offered with a hand extending toward the man, "Galen," he said simply, though a glance was cast beyond Aethan to Ian briefly.

Kieran checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Porter can scale the rigging. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Zebulon nods to Aethan as he departs and Zeb finds his way towards the back of the room. Time to go while the luck is holding out! He inches over to Catalana and Wash and says in their direction so as not to disturb the game ongoing. "Thank you both for a wonderful time, but I need to get going. Wash, thank you for the invite."

Kenna gets to the top, staying studious to the right, gets to the top and waves! Then she slides back down again and punches michael in the shoulder. "You didn't even bother to try!"

Gianna wrinkles her nose as Porter passes her. She sighs, and strides on over to the rigging.

Ian says a few words to the people at his table before they all troop off to climb rigging. He does not troop. He does, however, flag down a waitress to get another drink.

Sorrel grins at Galen and turns to smile at Aethan. "Nice fighting there," she says to him brightly.

Catalana looks up to Zebulon and smiles brightly. "Thank you for coming!!" Giving him a bow of her head she smiles. "I hope you had fun...truly."

Gianna checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Kieran is moving to join the ringside tabke when he sees people climbing rigging and decides that he has to have some of that. The prince hands Signe his bottle of whiskey in a 'hold my beer' fashion, and starts to climb uo the rigging, before making it halfway uo and falling with a splat and a laugh. "And /that/ is why I am not a sailor. Also no seas in the North. That's another good reason."

Zoey -might- be the only one trying to use actual sailing technique right now... But it's also the first time she's actually climbed rigging solo. In a stiff ice silk dress. She takes her time and gets to the top -safely-.

Galen checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Sorrel checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Lord-General Rohran looks, literally, at a loss for words at whatever is spoken to him before Paige pushes off to go join the line for the rigging climbing competition. But he doesn't seem to need words for the moment. He watches.

Aethan returns the kiss from Juliana, and while it's not something that lingers, it's certainly not //that// quick. When he pulls back, a laugh escapes him. "I'm glad I won't be let go so soon after being hired," he remarks, before he looks past her as Galen extends his hand. He reaches forward to take it then, and replies, "Thank you. Aethan." Since the other man likely knows the rest. "Good to meet you." His gaze moves to Sorrel then, and a little smile touches his face. "Thank you, Your Highness." And he does not look like he's going to climb.

Wash takes a moment to shake Zebulon's hand as he departs. "Thank you Sir Whitewake. I hope to see your ship again soon."

Felicia has never been on a ship, but, well, she's climbed a rope before! And rigging is /lots/ of rope, it's not graceful, not at all, but well, she makes up for it in the knights ability to pull herself up by her hands when she has to, concentrating on getting her hands in the right place when she needs to.

Gianna starts trying to haul herself up the rigging. It helps that she's not wearing a dress like the nobles, but... not much. Really, the only thing it helps is that she's not as twisted up in skirts as she might have been otherwise. Gianna is the absolute worst at climbing rigging. Annoyed, she flails an arm to try to get it free.

Signe tosses back the glass of rum before heading to the rope climb. "Ok... I can do this." Giving herself a bit of pep-talk on her way, repeating the words silently to herself as she grips onto the rope. The effort is made to start climbing except Signe's loosing her footing, her limbs become entangled with the rope rigging. She's tangled, upside down, "Why does it move?!" She's shouting out to the others with her head caught between the ropes and the entire room looks upside down. "Um Help?! NEED A LITTLE HELP HERE! THE ROPE IS STUCK!"

Zoey checked dexterity + sailing at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Wash is quick to ascend the rigging, enough so that he can get Signe right-side up and with her feet free again. He has the manners not to laugh, but that grin on his face isn't just because he's enjoying the evening.

The rigging moves because twenty people attacked it. Porter, used to climbing on the ropes aboard a ship, takes it steady and makes damn sure he doesn't fall into the sea. Great for ships, not great for seashell contests.

Felicia gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Zoey spots poor Signe and climbs over to her with surprising alacrity. She reaches her around the same time as Wash, but hangs off to let him handle the untangling.

Ian watches Signe's distress, and then looks around. A certain busboy, the one pressed into service tying knots, looking horrified, starts to edge out of the room.

Sorrel waits until Galen is concerned with his climbing, and then hauls herself up the rigging with the sort of fierce determination that comes from being enormously pregnant and being told she can't play games. When she gets to the top and glances around, she offers Felicia a wink, then starts descending. Knights in rigging!

Paige is more used to trees than ropes, but she's willing to give it a go! It... likely doesn't help that she's in heels. And a dress. Whatever! Climbing! She scrambles up as quickly as the silk will allow for but is unable to get tot he top before Felicia. Climbing back down, she laughs and lifts a hand to Felicia, "You'll have to show me your technique sometime, Dame Felicia!"

Gianna starts to try to extricate herself the rigging and... does so poorly. So poorly that she falls, dangling from one leg and looking quite irate about it. She's also barely off the ground, so her hair's on the floor, getting dirty.

With only one glass of rum finished, Amari probably isn't drunk enough to think herself capable of climbing rigging. Maybe if she'd had three or four before the competition began. Maybe. She looks into her empty glass, up at the ropes and the line of contestants, then back into her glass. Once Paige has gone to attempt the climb, she arches a brow at Rohran, "Did you just suggest I was a caterpillar when I was younger? Cousin." A soft tsk is tsked, but she doesn't seem genuinely upset. It helps her mood that people are falling too.

Galen is climbing the rope with ease and moderate speed, though he watches Felicia and a few others move past him...Wait...Sorrel? Ohhhh no she doesn't! The Prince pondered grabbing her foot but just laughed, she was after all, one of the most agile people he knew and perhaps she COULD play a couple of the games.

Porter slips his hands under Gianna's shoulders and gently lifts her up, helping her out of the rigging with the sort of guilt on his face that comes from being the one to suggest she even try. "Sorry about that. It moves a lot when twenty people attack it at once," P says.

Ian looks like he's going to get up and go after the kid, but someone gives him a drink, so he decides to let it go. It's just that kind of evening.

Alban watches everyone else climb and have fun, he continues to brood and pour cup after cup of rum. After he is suitably well oiled he manages to stand up from the chair and looks to the door. "I need someplace quieter and less joyful to drink. Good evening to you all. " A small , informal bow is given to those still present or at the table before he does an about face and marches his soldierly ass out the door.

Heading back over towards the bar, Paige rejoins Rohran and Amari with a smile, "Didn't win, but that was a fun go!"

Zoey clambers down the rigging again and takes a moment to smooth out her dress and untangle her earrings from her hair. That accomplished, she walks back to Ian and slides into her seat.

Michael tries oh so very hard. Yes. He climbs quite muchly. He'll get up a ways before giving up and coming back down. To return towards that table, after ensuring /someone/ is rescusing poor Signe Nightgold.

Signe posesses all the dexterious cordination of a baby horse, her limbs wobbling on the rope even with Wash' and Zoey's aid. There's a lack of frustration upon her features, amusement at her own failings as she wobbles on the rigging. She's managed to ascend two rows of lines, two rows and all this trouble. "Us mountain people aren't meant to climb things that move!" She informs those nearby, partially laughing.

Gianna is picked up by Porter; her face flushes, but she's kind of in a bad fix without his help, so she doesn't protest. Once she's free again, she eyes him and straightens out her clothing. She doesn't say anything. She just -eyes- him.

Kieran looks up at Signe from where he fell from the rigging and just shakes his head with a grin. "Signe oretend it's the vines of a tree you sre clombing and you will best everyone here.". Thabkfully some people skilled at this are helping her out.

Rohran can be loud, when he needs to be. That's all part of commanding men, after all. At least some part of it. So when the woman is climbing, he claps his hands together and then calls out, "Go Paige! Show them what you're made of!" And she does, even if she doesn't beat Felicia to the top. After, he leans into Amari just a little and says, "It was a poetic suggestion. I assure you, nobody thought you were anything close to a caterpillar." When Paige is rejoining them, he smiles at her, "Well.. just a fun game, isn't it? So long as you had fun, you won, right?". Oh, he's one of those.

Felicia grins broadly at Sorrel and winks back with a laugh that she's the second up the rigging, taking the opportunity to wait and let some of the space clear out below rather than try to climb back down,"Well, first is to wear pants, at least... in my experience. And no heels. But I daresay this is different from doing it on the sea." she grins. Clambering back down when the ropes are clear with a laugh that fades, turning her attention to follow Alban heading back out with a curious expression, even if she chooses not to follow right now.

Sorrel checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

To Felicia, Sorrel says, "I just assumed that no one took the opportunity to look up my dress while I was climbing. Seasilk slippers aren't boots, but they'll get the job done, you know?" She sets herself down on the ground lightly and turns a graceful pirouette, just because she can.

Juliana watches as the introductions are made, her arm slipping into Aethan's again. But then turning to watch the climbing. Seeing Sorrel climbing, the healer frowns but doesn't shout up at the Princess, instead just leans in against Aethan's side. "So anyway. Galen for the most part has always been my favorite cousin, so sometime when he isn't chase Princess Wee.. Herb around and keeping her feet on the ground. I would like you to meet him. Though in truth, Dagon is trying to usurp his title."

Felicia gets the hidden words ring from a mysterious oyster shell.

Porter's eyes crinkle just a little when Gianna spears him with that feline look. "Alright, blackbird," he says. "I'll not goad you into having any more exercise or fun. I missed the gittern accompanyment when I was making my climb. I'd have won with a little musical inspiration." Can someone who is well, well over six feet slink? Yes they can. Away. Back to the table with the rum.

"Mmmph." Gianna dusts herself off and stalks back to her gittern, picking it up swiftly to check that it hasn't been damaged during her short time away from it.

Signe has her balance upon the rigging and remains there safely atop of the ropes rather than tangled inbetween them. "Thank you Lord Wash, is there a way I can be ON your back and YOU climb this?" She cheerfully asks, "I'd like to reach the top."

Felicia grins at Sorrel,"Well, you are the exception. Granted, I daresay you have style on your side, in that dress." she offers her way before going to dig up an oyster, taking out one of her hairpins to pry it open and admire the pretty taken from it as she goes back to her table, and her rum.

Galen works his way halfway back down the rigging before he just pushed off and jumps back to the ground, once standing on solid ground again he lifts a single hand to carefully stroke the Warstache, he catches sight of Alban heading out and offers a deep respectful nod to the man, then that stormy look lands upon his wife, "Dear, just be careful..." he grumbled before feigning an over exaggerated sigh, but did he hear the Sword of Thrax is trying to usurp his favorite cousin status?! This cannot stand, just you wait Dagon...Anyway, he heads back to Aethan and Juliana, "So you and Ian's brother eh?" a concerned look is given to Juliana, before his lips crack into a grin, "I approve of this message."

Aethan looks up to watch, too, wincing at a few of the displays, but he does seem to be enjoying himself, wonder of wonders. He does look over at Juliana when she speaks to him, though, and his mouth pulls upward at the corners. "Is he? That's high praise." But then Galen's coming back, and his eyes move to the other man. "That's right," he says. "Eldest. Porter's the middle, and also the most fun." Clearly.

"Well, good." Amari is easily mollifed. She's soon smiling again, doubly so when Paige returns, "That looked fun. From a distance, vicariously through you. If this is all what's required of a sailor, I'd make a woeful one. I'd probably be a better caterpillar. I don't mind cabbage." Rum isn't bad either, apparently, because she turns back to the bar to have her glass topped up.

Wash gestures, and a pair of sailors leave the room. When they return, they are carrying a rug between them on a long wooden rod. Suspended by chains through the center, the rug emits tiny geysers of steam with each step. They clear a space on the dirt floor of the arena, and unroll the sodden rug. tucked into the rug are warming rocks and cooling embers, a thirty foot stretch of hot rocks and dying coals. Wash takes his place at the end of it, holding a pair of glasses and not wearing his shoes.

The biggest danger one can face at sea is fire. Wooden ships burn all too easily, and every sailor must risk life and limb to put out a fire, even when the arrows fly, and splinters bite at their feet. Any who wish to test themselves in this challenge, must remove their boots, slippers or other protection, and walk across the heated coals to the end while carrying a glass of water." He lifts the glass in his left hand, "Without spilling a drop!" He drinks from the other glass. "Oh. This is the water." He drains the other glass. "This is the vodka. That could have been bad." Then he readies himself to walk across the coals.

(Stamina+survival at 25 to succeed, if multiple people succeed, highest roll of composure wins.)

Wash checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 6 higher.

Kieran takes his seat at the ringside table and reclaims his bottle of whiskey. "I'm not going sailing any time soon. Let's see how everyone else does."

Porter checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 6 lower.

Wash checked composure at difficulty 7, rolling 2 higher.

Signe checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 4 lower.

Felicia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 47 higher.

Kenna aims ONE last punch at Michael but isn't //quite// ready to settle herself. When the //next// game is offered up Kenna laughs and kisses Michael's cheek once. "Just be boring my Lord," and she is OFF.

Kenna checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Kieran is overheard praising Felicia for: Like a champ!

Felicia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Zoey's attention is captured by Wash and she blinks, eyebrows climbing immediately. "Not I," she says with a laugh.

Kenna checked composure at difficulty 7, rolling 4 higher.

Kieran is overheard praising Felicia for: Like a champ!

Ian pauses for a moment when he notices the game, and there's a minute like he looks like he's considering it. But he shakes his head and settles back, becuase his drink is over here.

Juliana arches a brow at Galen as he returns, reaching out to straight the collar of his gray tunic. "Oh do you?" said dryly. "Well don't get ahead of yourself Galen." nodding up to Sorrel. "She seems to be doing well. It won't be long now, hhmm?" arm sliding back into Aethan's as they start on the coals. "Okay, are you seriously planning on trying that? Asked to both men standing with her.

Wash is the first to cross, having simultaneously steeled his nerves and deadened them. He hotfoots it across, managing to just make pained faces with every glance. His glass does spill, raising a gout of steam from the hidden coals, but it does not empty, so he claims success at the other end and downs the drink. "Yes. Definitely the water."

Porter is overheard praising Felicia for: Wow! What an amazing athlete!

Michael checked stamina + survival at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Felicia is watching avidly now, rum is a sailors drink, she's drinking rum! And when Porter gets up to have a go, apparently she's going to try it out, too, pulling off her boots and dropping them on a seat with a laugh,"Gods, I'm sure I'm not drunk enough for this by half." she assets with a bright grin at the other contestants,"I am certain the Lord Commander will understand if I say that I need to take a later shift due to game-related burns, right?"

Kieran eyes the hot rug and just shakes his head. "Nope, nope, nope." He takes a swig of his bottle and watches those foolish enough to make the attempt. The princr claps and cheers for Felicia when she makes it look so easy.

Sorrel skips her way over to Juliana, choosing not to play the next game because she figures Dame Felicia probably has it in the bag. She is grinning broadly. "Apparently my husband thinks I'm a bit of a handful. Turns out, I'm fine. It's not like I turned into glass just because I got pregnant, after all," she says brightly.

Gianna's eyebrows arch as she regards the contest. "Silks," she mutters under her breath, shaking her head.

"No, I can't see you as a sailor, cousin. Though, I have little doubt you /could/ be a sailor, if you wished to be. You've always been like that. Strong of head and will. But I think there are much better pursuits for you, in the world. Just have others sail you around, yes?", Rohran suggests, also reaching for another shot of rum. Could it be the end of the world? The man reaches for it without being prompted to. Or without having it thrust upon him. But there it is. He lifts it, a smile on his lips, and then.. sips.. just about half of it. Before offering the other half to Paige.

Signe watches as the fire blazes the ships. She's right along with Kieran, shaking her head. Both hands raise to cover her head, protecting the tanglment of braids and runic prayer strips twisted within. "We are NOT drunk enough for this Prince Kieran!"

Arriving with Verity on his arm, Barric takes a look over the arena and smiles wryly, "More than fashionably late it seems." He offers to Verity as he takes a look to see what is going on and how far the bar has progressed. Moving away from the entrance with the woman he looks for a place to sit. Nods are provided along with companionable smiles and waves to those he knows and he looks between a few tables to decide where to sit. "Do you have a preference, V, on where to enjoy the festivities?"

Drinking is the fuel for partying. Porter would never drink alone, unless he was thirsty and needed a drink, but at an event like this? He's quite enthusiastic about it. He hops skips and jumps across the burning embers, and by the time he's across, he's all out of water. Whoops. If the water gets on the fire, then that's firefighting. The ship is going to be just fine.

"Now Aethan, I thought Ian was the fun one," Galen teased, or did he? His wily grin wouldn't give that away. "That does look fun and is something I am built to do, but I think I will stand here to make certain my wife doesn't attempt it and then I have to literally throw her over my shoulder and carry her home," he paused, lifting the back of one hand to his head, "It would cause a scene and then I would never hear the end of it," he said with a deep laugh before his stormy eyes darted about, "I still haven't gotten a bottle of rum!"

Zoey smiles at Ian and Michael, leaning into the former as she pours herself another glass of whiskey.

Kenna works her way across SUCCESSFULLY! At the end she gives a little bounce of happiness, "I didn't fail //anything// tonight!" Considering her first big party back in Arx's results, this is amazing in all the ways. Turning about she sees others going and cheers loudly, adding a whistle for good measure.

Juliana laughs as Sorrel bounces up. "That is because you are a bit of a handful. "Do they have anything around here that Galen will allow you to drink?" teases. "I will suffer through a glass of it with you, so you aren't the only one not drinking." eyeing Galen with his demand of rum. "Maybe you need to yell it a little louder?"

Titania has left the an upholstered mahogany sofa embroidered with the Bounty of Cerilla.

2 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Paige beams a grin at Amari and nods, "It was very fun! I'd probably try it again sometime when I'm not in a dress and heels. See if I can't do better. But it was still fun!" She watches the next game get rolled out, that gleam back in her eyes. But then she looks at the dress she's wearing and contents herself with simply watching this round of games. "I have to agree with Lord Rohran. Besides, then your hands would end up like mine.. all rough and calloused, dirt under your nails. You don't want that." The drink, or half of it, that's being offered to her is accepted with a smile, letting him tip the glass back so she can swallow the rum. A smile turned up towards Rohran for the thoughtful gesture.

Aethan can't help but let out a snort at Galen's words, looking around until he finds the brother in question -- Ian, that is. He gestures to the hat with a little wry look -- because he knows you did it, Ian -- before turning back to Galen and Juliana. "Not me," he says, shaking his head. "I only do things that I think I can win." It //might// be a joke, though -- it's hard to tell, because he has the world's deadest deadpan. But it could be.

"I am decidedly the wrong shape to be thrown over your shoulder right now," Sorrel points out to Galen playfully. To Juliana, she says, admittedly with a thick Oathlander accent, "I've been drinking juice. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's ordered juice in months, but I just put on my cutest Oathlander smile, and they brought it to me."

Kieran nods to Signe, "That's the onentruth of my life. I am never drunk enough." He takes a swig of his whiskey and hands the boytle to Signe so she can have her fill, while the eatch the insanity of other crossing the burning rug.

Felicia is not afraid to party! Though from the way the knight eyes the rug, possibly a little wary of fire? Glasses of clear stuff for each hand. And sniffing, hey, vodka! That one gets downed with a squint of one eye and rapid blinking of the other, well now, that was rough. But the look given the rug is definitely 'I-aint-afraid-of-no-rug' before the knight elects to go scorch those fishbelly pale feet, careful not to upend her water in the process. Meeting up with Wash and Kenna on the other side is grounds for another dri... water definitely gets more of a face than the vodka did... who dared replace good vodka with /that/ of all things?

Porter brushes off his feet, hopping on one foot to clean one and then the other. This after 3 stout glasses of rum and with plenty of stools nearby. "I have come to believe--" he tells anyone near him, "--that this party is populated by madmen and women who will scarce refuse a dare. I haven't felt so at home since I came ashore."

"Galen, you will not be throwing her over your shoulder. Period." Juliana lifts a finger to point at him. staring for just a moment to make sure he gets the point before looking to Sorrel with a smile. "Well I will have juice with you, so you are not the only sober one here. Though before she turns to order two glasses, shoulder bumps Aethan. "I think you're fun."

Verity follows at Barric's side, the she's looking quite the Mangatan Sailor's Dream today in seasilk and pearls. "Nowhere in the back, look at all these lovely people! I can feel the excitement just by breathing in." Or that's the booze. Intertwining her arm with his, she gently guides him more towards where the action is happening. A hand snakes out and nabs one drink which she takes with gentle grasp before talking quietly to her chaperone.

Ian slips his arm around Zoey again and, er... is fun? No, he's pretty much sitting there like a lump.

"You know, I like juice too!" Galen says to Sorrel, before a wink is given to Aethan, "Ian is quite fun you just have to understand his fun...Not to mention one of my most trusted friends, which by nature puts you pretty high up there." he shrugged slightly before a bottle of Vodka is slid to him and to the Grand Admiral of Thrax he gives a thankful nod before lifting it to his lips to take a long drink, "Jules, I will throw my wife over my shoulder if I so choose! And be careful or I will throw you over the other one!" he teases, briefly sticking his tongue out at his cousin.

Zoey is every bit as lump-like as Ian, just smiling and chatting quietly and drinking with her tablemates.

Wash greets each person that crosses the hot coals with a steadying hand, just in case they are in such a hurry that they might fall over. "Dame Harrow, I do believe you've spilled nary a drop." He lifts his empty glass. "Whereas I think I drank mine. Impossible to compare."

Rohran nudges Amari, there next to him, and tells the woman, "Who is responsible for this gathering, anyhow? I should very much like to pay my respects. You're the woman who knows everyone, aren't you?", but he smiles at her as he delivers such words, and he reaches for another shot of rum, perhaps starting to loosen up more than he should. There is a carouser inside of him, somewhere. It is known. This shot, he drinks for himself, quickly, easily. But the gentleman in him has the man setting down the small, emptied glass and picking up another one - full - to offer to Paige.

Ian is neither smiling, nor chatting, and therefore succeeds at being the greater lump.

Ian is a show off.

"You will not or I will be cross with you. You have to cradle carry me at this point in my pregnancy. I can't be carried over the shoulder," Sorrel insists to Galen, shaking her head slightly.

A lumpy showoff.

Felicia lifts one foot to scrub at it with her hand, then the other, hopping unsteadily and finally having to use a support beam for balance as she grins wolfishly at Porter again,"So what does a sailor do for burns? Delicate little fragile flower that I am." she snorts at Wash,"You drank it after, though... and it was water... I mean, what self-respecting person drinks /water/?" which is probably the only reason why hers survived with only a sip from it.

When Verity offers that drink she had swiped to his lips Barric tilts his head back to drink it down in a few quick swallows and then chuckles at something Verity has said to him, "That is not something you need to worry about." He promises the vision on his arm as he moves with her towards the ringside table with a smile to those seated already. Drawing out a chair for Verity he nods politely towards those already seated by he smiles wryly at Signe and Felicia, "It appears this is the fun table, without the lumps." His smile grows, "This is the lovely V, or so she has been introduced to me." He makes introductions, "I am Prince Barric Grayson." Then he gestures with a free hand towards Signe, "The Lady Signe Nightgold," To Felicia, "Dame Felicia Harrow, the King's Own Wreckingball." He looks towards Kieran and Porter and then hmms, "I don't believe we've met yet." But he sits anyways after assisting Verity into a chair.

Felicia gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Barric has joined the ringside table.

Aethan looks over at Juliana at her words, and another laugh escapes him. It's that kind of night, it seems. For once. "I'd hope so," he replies, before he turns to Galen again. "I've had a lot of fun with Ian," he continues with a nod. "The latest bit is right here." He gestures to his very fine hat.

"People who don't like hangovers." Wash confides in Felicia. "Lemon and orange zest give it a tolerable flavor I have found."

"Felicia," says Porter, hopping over to watch her get another oyster shell. He's got a wicked grin on under his sharply groomed beard. "Those are for everyone."

Felicia gets A reed thin band with settings of rainbow hued quartz from a mysterious oyster shell.

Kieran is whispering to Signe when Barric starts introducing people. "Prince Kieran of Redrain, Master of Revels to the Crown, at your service. I am here making sure this oarty is properly morale boosting for the populace." He lifts his whiskey bottle, "My morale is certainly high, so far so good."

"Galen Thrax, I end up being called in middle of the night because you jostled that babe to the point of it coming early and I will remind you why to didn't take a drink from my hand for a year." Juliana's blue eyes meet the Warlord's head on, then she rolls them with a laugh as his tongue sticks out at her. "Fine. Just you remember." getting two juices, hands one to Sorrel.. or starts, the pauses, takes a sip of it, then hands it to her.

Desiree has left the bar.

"Hangover's are the gods way of reminding us how much fun we had the night before." Felicia opines at Wash with a wink, even if she's a little slower about gingerly limping her way back to the table,"You're right." she agree's with Porter after snagging yet another oyster,"I think I had best sit any more games out." there's a raise of her hand for the new people at the table,"Not the least of which is because now my feet hurt, and I might just be a /leeetle/ drunk after that last one."

Gianna considers the room. No particular feats of strength or endurance at the moment. Gianna begins to play her gittern again, just background music.

Standing up she laughs a bit then smiles as she claps. "Congrats to Dame Felicia!! Claim you oyster!"

Catalana then smiles as she looks around. "Thank you all for participating!!" Walking over to the barrel she leans over and smiles. "And we still have oyster shells. I think that we might have one more fun prize in there for all who wants to try for it."

Aethan is overheard praising Catalana.

Aethan is overheard praising Wash.

Kenna gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Felicia is overheard praising Catalana.

Amari turns her one hand over, palm up, and then palm down. No callouses. No dirty fingernails. She nods slowly to Paige once she's done her quick inspection, "I don't want that, you're right. I could just issue orders, I suppose...?" Then she looks at the current game with the hot coals, and recalls the preamble given. "Maybe not." The nudge prompts her to set her glass down on the bar and narrow her eyes until she spots those responsible for the ball. "That would be, the amazing Lady Catalana Kennex and Lord Wash Kennex. Riiight there, and there." She doesn't outright point at either, but indicates them with a little nod of her head.

Felicia is overheard praising Wash.

Aethan is overheard praising Ian for: For the best hat ever.

Zoey gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Ian is overheard praising Catalana for: A successful evening, as always.

Ian is overheard praising Wash for: For cat herding.

Porter gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Wash is overheard praising Catalana for: Bravery in the face of daunting tasks, organizational skilled without peer.

Rohran is overheard praising Catalana for: A wonderful time! Even for the socially inept! That was some swordfighting, too.

Taking the shot as its offered, Paige swallows it back and looks to Amari to see if she's going to supply the response, chuckling when she does. Nodding, she offers, "Absolutely. Barking orders across the deck is the best part of being in charge." Then she's looking back to Rohran with a smile, "Is it that time? Shall we go offer our thanks to the hosts and take our leave?"

Ian is overheard praising Aethan for: For wearing the best hat.

Galen laughs as he looks up at Aethan's hat, "Yes, I wasn't sure I should comment on that or not," another swig of Vodka, "I remember everything...Mostly...Sometimes." another swig, "I am going to have to do some real work eventually, I have been lazy enough after getting back to town."

Zoey wanders over to the barrel one last time and fishes out a larger shell this time. She walks back to her table and then bends to kiss Michael's cheek.

Catalana is overheard praising Wash for: For being by my side for all of this and putting up with my crankiness.

"Not just your moral Prince Kieran." Signe chirps and prods at the fellow northerner in jest while still seated at the ringside table which allows them to still witness the challenges below. "V as a single letter?" Signe asked, curious of the woman entangled on Prince Barric's arm. Then she points to the ring at Felicia, the other hand tapping at Kieran's arm, "Look! She's won again. Well done DAME FELICIA!"

Catalana is overheard praising Felicia for: For winning and being awesome!

Porter takes a shell... so it's fortunate that Catalana announces a free for all on them.

Wash gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Porter is overheard praising Catalana for: She throws a damn fun party.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

Wash does actually fetch an oyster from the barrel, but it isn't for himself, he heads over to Gianna and holds it out to her. "As a thank you, for your accompaniment. I hope you will attend future events. I overlooked how important music would be tonight."

Juliana is overheard praising Wash for: Great Party!

Verity gives a courtly curtsey to those at the place as introductions are made, giving them each a look in the eyes, a pleasant smile. "Yes, somewhat." She spies Zoey kissing Michael's cheek and she grins at that brightly. "Oh, I see the party is starting now." She thanks Barric for the assist as she sits down, gesturing for more drinks as she sits poised.

Verity has joined the ringside table.

Juliana is overheard praising Catalana for: Awesome hostess

Sorrel gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Amari has left the bar.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen have been dismissed.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat have been dismissed.

Catalana is overheard praising Zebulon for: For being a good sport and knocking me over!!

Juliana is overheard praising Aethan for: Congradulations Admiral Kennex!

Sorrel gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

Kenna eyes her drink, then raises an eyebrow at Michael. "I'm going to assume that was a bit of a hint. //Maybe// I should." But she's going to drink the rest of that drink first!! STanding she hooks an arm around one of Michael's arms (she's a bit unsteady actually, so it's self interest). "Away then my Lord," To Zoey and Ian, "It was //lovely// seeing you again!"

Paige gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

Galen is overheard praising Catalana for: Had a ball at the Sailor's Ball.

Not much of a party. Zoey kisses her cousin goodbye and then returns to Ian's side.

Gianna takes the shell from Wash with a bit of a surprised look. "Thank you. It's not too late for one last shanty, My Lord."

Sorrel looks to Galen after getting another oyster. "I think I'm about partied out, my love. Do you want to walk me home or are you going to stay and drink?" she asks, then looks to Juliana. "It's been awesome fun," she says brightly.

Ian nods to Kenna and Michael when the two of them rise to go. "Have a good evening."

Juliana gets a mysterious oyster shell from a mysterious water-filled barrel.

"It is not I suppose. I've actually made a study of collecting such shanties." Wash adds. "Do you know the Bell on Oyster Bay? I'm Wash Kennex by the way, what should I call you?"

Kenna grins at Zoe as she follows Michael away. "We've two Iron Guard! What could possibly go wrong?"

Porter gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

"Ohno." Michael murmurs as Kenna /latches/ onto his arm like she is doing. "I'll make sure she doesn't fall into a shrubbery or an even worse fate." A step or two away, and his hand lifts to hold onto her hand, to ensure shes coming with.

Kenna comes!

Galen happily drinks his vodka while looking out around the crowd and smiling at the appearance of everyone enjoying themselves as some prepare to leave, "I will of course walk you home love, it is always my pleasure to accompany such a beautiful and deadly creature as yourself...I'd go with you anywhere!"

Michael has left the corner table.

Kenna has left the corner table.

Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel leaves, following Kenna.

Kenna leaves, following Michael.

Rohran almost goes to move from where he is at, but Paige is resting against him, and so despite the tension of movement creeping into his frame, he doesn't. Instead, he tells Amari, "I'm sure the pair of them are rather occupied. Being the hosts of such a gathering as this one can pull one in many directions. I'll just write them a nice message, I think. When I sit and write out my night's missives to send back to Acorn Hill." He clears his throat, after, and says, "You know, perhaps Arx is not so bad as I remember it being..", and then, "Or, perhaps the company is better this time."

Gianna shakes her head. "I don't know that one. I think I know a good song for a party winding down, however. Why don't I play that? I'm Gianna, by the way."

Juliana leans in and hugs Sorrel carefully. "It has, if you need anything please send me a message. Doesn't matter how late." kissing her cheek. Hand resting on Galen's arm for a moment with a smile. "We need to talk too. I will get hold of you the next couple days. It's good to see you back out and about."

"Mistress Gianna, I'd be pleased to hear it." Wash says turning. "I have a banjo... somewhere around here."

Gianna laughs. "I have my gittern right here," she says. The bard thinks a moment, then climbs up onto a chair and begins to play.

Ian finishes his drink and murmurs something to Zoey.

Zoey murmurs quietly to Ian after the Bisland crew depart.

" Oh, comment away," Aethan says -- belatedly, but he says it. And probably he said it at the appropriate time, not minutes later, like it seems like. He still seems to be pretty happy -- or at least content, though he may be moving to the quiet portion of the evening, having spoken enough full sentences to last a lifetime.

Gianna checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Catalana looks around and seems....content. Finally finishing her whiskey, the hostess slowly makes her way over to Gianna and Wash. "Thank you for playing by the way......I really appreciate it."

Wash did not bring his banjo, but a sailor does provide him with a mouth harp, with which he accompanies Gianna. Not particularly well.

Wash checked charm + performance at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

Gianna's voice rings out pure and true, rising and falling like the sea herself.

Oh, me name's Able Rodgers, a share man am I

On a three masted schooner from Darkwater Watch

I've been the world over north, south, east, and west

But the middle of nowhere wheres' I likes it best

Her voice rings out pure and true, rising and falling like the sea itself.

Gianna's gittern continues to provide deft accompaniment.

Ian braces himself on the table and stands.

Porter is overheard praising Gianna for: She really does have a lovely voice. And she knows sea shanties!

Catalana is overheard praising Gianna for: Thanks for playing at the party and all the beautiful music.

Zoey rises with Ian, but her hand comes to rest on his shoulder when Gianna begins to sing, presumably to still him for a moment. She smiles at the bard (and Wash) while she listens before quietly retrieving her hand and starting to work her way towards the door.

Gianna sings out,

Where it's wave over wave, sea over bow

I'm as happy a man as the sea will allow

There's no other life for a sailor like me

But to sail the salt sea boys, sail the sea r

Well I leave my wife lonely ten months of the year

For she built me a home and raised my children there

She never come out to bid farewell to me

Or ken why a sailor must sail the salt sea...

Back to the chorus. Wave over wave, sea over bow, and so on.

"I am glad you all got to see me!" Galen announces to all as he takes Sorrel in an arm and prepares to depart, "Aethan, the hat is spectacular I may need to borrow it sometime." and with that the Thrax guards see their charge leaving and flock back over to him, though certainly a bit more drunk than they were then they arrived, one last look around making sure everyone has been smiled at, nodded to or winked at and the Thraxian's are gone.

"The hat is LOVELY," Porter agrees loudly from his table. "It suits you, Aethan. Just like Admiralty will."

Catalana is overheard praising Aethan for: Congrats on being Admiral and for the lovely hat.

It's a fond lament Gianna sings, and serveral more verses of it. There are prices to be paid for a love of the sea, and the sailor knows that, but he can't help but love it. When she's finally done, she smiles.

Ian isn't really someone given to making quick escapes, so it probably helps that there's a whole bunch of big hairy Thrax guards (and Galen, he of the Warstache) leaving at the same time. Either way, escape he does.

Ian has left the corner table.

Zoey has left the corner table.

Octavian, a silken spaniel leaves, following Zoey.

Zoey leaves, following Ian.

"We'll see," Aethan replies as Galen starts to leave. "I won't have it ruined, mind." He reaches up to straighten it a little bit, but it's a futile effort -- it will lean jauntily as hard as he tries. He looks to Porter then, and lets out a laugh. "Thanks," he says, probably more for the latter than the former, though it //is// a nice hat. "We'll talk soon, Porter. I have some things I'd like your opinion on." He looks to Wash then, lifting a hand to him, and adds, "You, too, Wash. And thanks for the fight." Then he murmurs something to Juliana, looking about ready to go, too.

Catalana is overheard praising Galen for: For always making an entrance.

Wash waves a farewell to Aethan as he departs. He's a little busy to say much.

4 Thrax Guards leaves, following Galen.

Gianna gets a simple gold ring with a single pearl accent from a mysterious oyster shell.

Rohran gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Juliana leans in to Aethan's shoulder, waving as Galen and Sorrel leave then tilting her head to the whisper before nodding with a smile as she looks up and straightens his hat to jaunt the other way so it doesn't keep bapping her in the head.

Rohran is overheard praising Wash for: An excellent gathering! I enjoyed myself a great deal, and I never enjoy anything. Ever.

Quill, the grunty little porcupine leaves, following Paige.

Paige leaves, following Rohran.

Verity gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Kieran gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Signe gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Barric gets Wave And Cloud Token from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Gianna inclines her head to Catalana as well for the praise and tries to hold off on opening her second shell. She fails, and snicks it open with that wickedly carved knife at her belt. Prying it open, she looks absolutely delighted with the pearl ring.

Porter has left the ringside table.

When the song is finished, Wash meanders over to the table where his satchel is deposited and scoops it up.

Wash picks up an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Felicia has left the ringside table.

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