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Charity Poker Night

To raise money to help current and future refugees with the upcoming battle Caspian Wild will be hosting a charity poker tournament at The Golden Hart. Players will be able to buy chips and at the end of the event half of their remaining chips will go to chairty, and they get to cash out the rest! Why don't you try your luck? Might even be able to make some money!

((OOC Note: You don't have to know how to play poker to participate!

Players can buy up to Ten 1000 silver chips to use in the tournament. Chips can not be bought during the event.
Each round players bet a chip. After each 5th round players must bet an additional chip
Each Round players @check intelligence, luck or wits at 5, with highest successful roll earning all chips that round. (Ties are rerolled)
Players can either choose to cash out or are forced to cash out when they can no longer afford to put in the required amount of chips into the pot.
Players keep 50% of their winnings, 50% go to The Golden Hart.))


March 10, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Valencia Caspian


Romulius Emily Grady Waldemai Reese Mailys Lianne Belladonna Venturo Duarte Niccolo Orathy Desiree



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Waldemai heard there was some kind of gambling going on...

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

A most unlikely pair in Venturo and Lianne stroll in together, the Lady's arms neatly and properly tucked to rest on his arm. Trailing behind them is Fajra who seems to be taking her cues from the Pravus, letting others catch the tail end of a story. "Well, Sal? Killed by his own father because he didn't follow the family business, and instead spent all his time painting. Father couldn't stand it. After the funeral? The paintings sold through the roof. Sal's father cemented his son's legacy and killed off the families all in one act. I keep close to my heart the painting he'd given me." The man's voice is warm and effusive, finding irony, sadness and amusement all at once in whatever the full story had been. "Ahh, here we are, Lady Pravus."

Caspian is sitting at the Wildcard table, deck of cards in hand, shuffling them with smile on his face at the growing crowd. He rises to his feet, holding his hands out and causing the cards to jump from one hand to another. "Good evening! Good evening! Welcome to my Charity Poker Tournament. If you are competing, please sit here at the table and give me your name and how many chips you are buying. Chips are a thousand silver each, and you can buy a max of ten." He motions to the chairs surrounding the Wildcard table, "If you are here to watch, please sit in one of these chairs."

Waldemai has joined the wildcard table.

Grady walks in, talking amicably to Emily as he does. "... so I said to her, never let facts get in the way of a good story. And that's the truth." He barks a short laugh. "Are you thinking of playing in the charity tournament tonight? I was thinking of it myself, though in truth I'm terrible at poker. I just have too honest a face I think to hide my feelings well." He pauses at the threshold, looking around with approbation at the various decorations in the Hart. "Nice place here."

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Lianne seems utterly charmed by the tale Venturo is telling, so much so as to lean in just a little and murmur to him, "Have I mentioned that I'm opening a gallery within the next couple of months?" with a curious arch of her brows. "Should you ever care to part with the piece..." The marquessa all in black lifts her chin as Caspian invites players and audience to take up their places. After a little look back to the blonde who's following them--and, now, shoots off to the side to find herself a place to sit and watch--she regards her companion for the evening and murmurs, "Shall we?" It seems the pair are both heading to the main table.

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"Somethings simply can't be parted with, you know. Far too sentimental of me," The broad smile that touches Venturo's mouth shows this is only part of it all, a gleam of mischief seeded in his features. Once they are at the table, Venturo sees Lianne to her seat, before settling in to take one himself.

Waldemai maybe first to sit down. He's a man who likes a bet, as anyone who's been to the Sunday Sip 'n' Spars will attest. "Six," he says. "That's six thousand, right?"

The leathers are forsaken this evening in exchange for a soft blue understated woolen dress. Emily gives Grady a rueful look and hmms thoughtfully as they step through and draws a long breath, "Oh I had thought to watch. I am not sure I will do us any good if I use my stipend like that," she admits. "You go on ahead, maybe if they open a spot later I will but I am going to watch for now. She gives those already sitting a long look before she touches Grady's shoulder and steps aside to find a seat that is set just aside for those watching, smoothing her skirts as she does so. Her attention shifts again to those participating with growing interest.

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Caspian hands over the chips to Grady, giving them a smile as he says, "Five thousand silver chips. But tell me, what's your name?" I'm Caspian Wild," he says back to the woman with a smile given her way. He turns to the group, "Remember, pay for your chips and give me your name. I rather not have call you 'Hey, you' all night." He gives a little chuckle at that.

Lianne's disappointment at Venturo's refusal is rather unconvincing. Of course, she's a touch distracted by the prospect of the poker they're about to be playing. To the dealer, she offers, "Marquessa Lianne Pravus and Master Venturo Thayne. Ten chips each," though she only slides over enough silver to cover her own half. Only after that's tended does she take a look around at the competition, at the audience, regarding each with intent interest.

Desiree arrives by herself. She pauses to see who is here. She then looks to Caspian and the wildcard table and makes herself comfortable. "Lady Desiree Wyrmguard. I'll buy ten."

Once those introductions are given by Lianne, Venturo's own hand comes out to produce the coins needed to purchase those ten chips. Once given over, he settles back, his green gaze sweeping around to focus one by one on the others that are buying into the charity game.

Caspian looks over to Waldemai curiously, wondering to the man, "Are you buying six thousand silver worth of chips, Waldemai?"

Grady chuckles at Emily's comment. "You spend your money on armor. I spend mine on charity and good will. It's a different battlefield entirely," he says to her easily. "This time you cheer me on." To Caspian he slides over a pouch. "Five please. I'm Lord Grady Deepwood." Looking around at the others curiously, he offers a bow of greeting to Desiree. "Well met, Lady Desiree, Master Caspian. I've seen you fight duels," he comments to Caspian. "You're really quite impressive."

Waldemai passes over a small purse full of small change. "Yes, please. Six."

Caspian slides over the amount of chips bough from the others, Waldemai, Desiree, Lianne, Venturo, and Grady had already gotten her chips. "Last call for buying chips. After that, I will explain the rules and we will deal first hand."

"You have my full, unwavering support, brother," Emily remarks to Grady as she settles in to watch as the chips are passed out. Brow arching she hmmms thoughtfully and settles her hands to her lap. As the others introduce themselves the deepwood lady seems to take each in in turn. Fingers pluck and smooth at her skirts in alternating motions during her idle study.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

Reese arrives, following Mailys.

Mailys arrives, following Romulius.

Lianne runs her fingers over the top chip in her stack as they're handed over, though her green-eyed attention is turned to the group, tracking interactions. When Emily refers to Grady as brother, she casts a curious look back at the woman, studying her for a moment, offering a tentative smile before returning her attention to Caspian as he gets ready to begin the tournament.

Waldemai twinkles his fingers at one of the new arrivals. "Hi, there, Rosalie."

Reese arrives at the Hart while followed along with Rosaslie, her grayson guard, her canines and a falcon. She is along with Mailys and Romulius. A quick glance is given over the room and she has a smile for those here.

With no one else buying chips, Caspian smiles, telling the crowd, "Betting has been made simple for this. One thousand silver chip per round, after the fifth round, we add a second thousand silver chip, and after each fifth round keep adding. You may cash out at any time, or you will be forced to cash out if you can't make a bet." He looks around the group, "Half of your winnings go to charity, you keep the other half. Anyway, lets deal first hand." And with that he deals out the cards to those at the Wildcard Table.

Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle have been dismissed.

Emily sits not far away, perched on the edge of the couch so she may cheer on her brother-in-law, one Grady Deepwood. She's fussing with her skirts when Lianne looks her way. The gaze is noted before she returns the smile in kind with a dip of her head. She caught the name the Lycene Marquessa had given and thus her slender hand lifts in quiet greeting. Her smile slowly grows but she dare not interrupt as the participants are getting ready to place bids and start their game. She leans forward a little to listen to the rules as Caspain offers them, glancing to Grady before back again.

Romulius looks around upon his arrival with Reese and Mailys, he looks at the numbers of silver per chip and he snorts, "Well, I no be playin' this game." He rumbles at Mailys and Reese, instead he slips his arm around Mailys' waist and moves towards the bar where he can watch and get drinks. "Was a good idea Mistress Mailys." He rumbles in his deep gravelly baritone, "But I no can be riskin' 'at much silver. Blackshore needs all I can spare t'be rebuilt." He bows his head over towards Reese, "Enjoy yer game Princess. Good fortune be e'er wit' ya." He smiles and then ambles over towards the bar with a seaman's gait.

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"It's good to see such an enthused crowd here," Venturo's warm voice picks up, his gaze flickering from one person to the next. Thse pale eyes peer over at Emily as well when she speaks up to offer her support for her brother, and then it's back to Lianne. "And are cards something you frequent, Marquessa? I've found my few forays to end up in the most interesting of places."

Waldemai gathers up his chips, and inspects them to see that they are appropriately chippy. "Deal 'em up and take my money, please," he tells the others at the table.

Reese happily joins the game and buys just one chip. This probably isn't going to go well, but the princess is all smiles. "Yeah, I can't risk much now." She says to Romulius. "Need all I can for getting ready for war." She murmurs softly. She goes to join the poker table.

Desiree takes her chips and looks at the others playing as if she is studying them. "Good luck to everyone." She smiles.

"While our gamblers figure out which cards they are throwing away..." Caspian begins back to the crowd, looking them over with his blue black eyes, tapping the rest of the undelt cards upon the deck, "I'd like to recommend to people that they should come to The Golden Hart to both give and gamble. Silver they lose here is going to a good cause, and sometimes you might even win silver!"

"I'm afraid I'd make a terrible player myself," Mailys muses to Reese and Romulius as they draw into the Golden Hart. And none too soon as the last call for chips is made that gives the diminutive raven-haired young woman a excuse to offer, "To drinking then and watching how the chips fall for those playing!" A hand slips against Romulius side as he guides them towards the bar, silk and fur trailing in her wake though her cloak has been half flipped back to bare one shoulder for the slow warming of Spring on the air. She tips her own head back to Reese even as she's led away, "I would bet on you taking the night though Princess Reese."

Mailys has joined the a handsome wooden bar with steel footrest and swivel barstools.

Lianne maintains a steady, cryptic smile as Caspian runs through the rules and begins dealing the cards. She waits until they're all on the table... and then another several seconds still as she turns a sly look this way or that to check out her competitors. "Not at all, Master Thayne," she answers almost cheerfully, her native Setarcan accent softened by years here in Arx. "I believe this will be my second game, though I've another planned with a man hoping to redeem himself after a poor showing against me in chess." That smile sharpens as she looks directly to her companion and tells him, "I don't mean to let him." She turns a smile to the other plays, nodding to the call of luck. "And a bit of cleverness where it counts."

Grady leans back in his chair, looking comfortable as the cards are shuffled. "I'm almost certain I won't win, but then everyone knows the odds favor the house. And in this case the house is providing for refugees, and that's something that should be near and dear to everyone's heart - or Hart?" He grins at his own pun, clearly pleased with himself. "So I'm definitely in," he reiterates as he snakes out a hand to look at his cards.

Grady checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Venturo has rolled a critical success!
Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Waldemai checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Reese checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Watching as Mailys and Romulius cross towards the bar, Emily sits back a little and considers something. The hand is however quickly dealt and she leans in to watch more closely. She leans in to speak softly as she watches Grady, "I hope you have something," she says. Sitting back some, her eyes narrow as she studies the reactions fo the others and passes the tips of her fingers over her lips. Her hand quickly lowers to pluck and smooth the blue woolen skirt of her dress.

Waldemai picks up his cards and holds them close to his face as he thumbs through them, checking to be sure that no one is looking over his shoulder. "Gar-bahge," he mutters.

Grady studies the cards, keeping them close to his chest. He makes a face and at Waldemai's mutter, he nods at the other man. "Agreed," he admits - though he looks so cheerful doing it!

For a long moment, it seems Venturo won't even recognize that the cards exist. Finally his thumb tucks up the top edges to give a brief glance, "Something tells me that he is already at a loss, Marquessa." The absent words are offered up with good humor as his chosen cards are replaced. Not an ounce of slyness, his tact is distinctly different, leaving his features cast in that warm and welcoming glance he offers to all as he looks from face to face. As the cards are replaced, he doesn't even bother to look at them this time around.

"Rum. Bottle. Black." Romulius orders from the barkeep, placing down the barest fractions of a coins worth of silver for the bottle of rum. He looks at Mailys, "Aye, like I be sayin'... dice I can play, no good at it but at leas' I can play it." He rumbles a chuckle and then glances over at the players briefly. He leans over to murmur something quietly to Mailys but then says, "We should leas' see if her Highness makes it to the secon' round aye?" When the rum arrives he gestures for 1 glass, then changes his mind and puts up two fingers. "Oi freckles!" He rumbles over to Emily, "Come drink wit' us." The big scarred bearded man smiles brightly and pours two glasses of black rum, offering one to Mailys and then holding the other one out to Emily in invitation.

Lianne dips her lashes coyly at those words from Venturo, but her attention is on the other players as she seeks to discern just how sincere their displeasure in their hands might be. She seems as pleased as she has been, delighted by her cards, by the company, by the very premise of the evening. With a curious cant of her head, she wonders, "How many of you are regulars?" And thus more familiar with the game than she.

Desiree looks at her cards and then to Waldemai and Grady. "Can't have a good hand everytime." She looks to Lianne. "I'm not a regular, but I thought this sounded fun."

Caspian leans his elbows on the table, watching and waiting as waits for everyone to reveal their cards. "I don't play poker very often. I mean I'm not bad at it, but I wouldn't consider myself a card shark," he says ack to Lianne. "So, show your cards, everyone."

Grady has folded, sliding his cards over to Caspian as he comments to Lianne, "I'm not a regular, but it's a good cause. Of course, I'm still finding all the fun places to be here in Arx, so maybe I'll become a regular now if things go well." He shoots a look at his face-down cards. "Though this is not an auspicious beginning."

"This is my first time here, but then, I'm newly arrived to the city. Venturo Thayne, brewer extraordinaire, and it is a genuine pleasure to meet so many who have come for a good cause." His fingers flip over his cards in one graceful flop, and down his gaze drifts to view them himself. "Well," He murmurs, offering a teasing side long glance towards Lianne, "we can chalk that one up to beginners luck, yes?"

Reese got a bad draw, but she also played a bad game. In short she completely lost her one chip. She doesn't seem upset or even that surprised by such and she gives those here a sheepish smile as she bows out and reveals her high card. "May Gild be with you." She says to those still in the game.

Caspian offers a little grin as he sees Reese is out, and a big grin to Venturo who has the winning hand. He pushes the pot over to him and collects the cards, telling him, "Congradulations." And with that he expertly shuffles the deck once again and deals out his hand. "Okay, next round."

When the call's made and all the cards are down, Lianne remarks to Desiree, "You seem a natural," with a bright smile. Her own hand proves middling, though it hardly seems to bother her; it's all data to analyze that she might do better moving forward, plenty of coins left to lose in the stack in front of her. "Luck won't hold against skill," she warns the winner and seems, given the nod toward Grady, to comfort a fellow unfortunate. Another nod to Caspian suggests a barely restrained eagerness to see where the game goes from here.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Emily turns her head at the mention of freckles and stares for a moment across the room. Hesitating, she looks to Grady and his hand before rising slowly. She glances to Mailys before starting to cross the room towards the bar and away from the tossing about of chips. That bemused expression draws across her lips. "It seems that the nickname has come to be known by a great many others," the Deepwood lady observes as she dips her head to him. "I think we very nearly met the other day," this said to Romulius. "Lady Emily Deepwood, or I suppose freckles in the more bold circles," she admits and looks from one to the other as she holds up one finger. "One drink, only one lest things take a turn for the worst. Rum has and never will be my friend."

Desiree looks to Venturo's hand with disappointment. Still she shows him a smile. "Good job." She shrugs as she looks to Lianne. "The game has only just started."

Waldemai checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Grady checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Grady looks at his cards on the next hand and starts to play, bidding and going back and forth until he reveals his hand and gives a nod to Venturo. "Beginner's luck, is it? Are you sure you haven't been sandbagging, sir?" He grins at the question though, not taking anything too seriously. "We might have a ringer here, folks."

As Mailys slides against the bar, she seems content to let Romulius order for the pair of him. Slender dark brows lifts as he signals not just for one glass but two, a smile flickers at the edges of her lips in amiable amusement though she says nothing to the matter. The sudden rumble over her head that is cast across the room cause her deep green eyes to shift towards Emily. She nudges the man at her side lightly, "Freckles? Is that your general way of greetings?" A smile is cast towards the woman before her head tilts to the quiet words spoken to her, ones that are returned in kind as the lilt of her voice draws beneath the din of the room and the first round as it all begins. A jeweled hand lifts to take the glass offered, the dark liquor swirled. "Greetings Lady Deepwood, glad that you could join Lord Blackstone and myself. Mailys Corsetina," she offers in turn and lifts her glass to the woman in toast before staking a sip.

There is a brilliant smile that Venturo casts to Desiree, and her words have a firm nod given to the woman. "If there is one thing I've learned is that luck is fickle. I've had the highs of fortune to pauper all in the span of days. But it's the trip that is ever so enjoyable." His thumb plucks at his cards to look at them once more, and up his shoulders lift into a hapless shrug before they are flipped over to reveal his next hand. It's to Grady that there is flashed a warm bit of laughter, a rumbling 'mmm' of consideration. "I believe I'll still favor luck as the culprit to my success, given how well it's gone thus far."

Waldemai picks up his cards a second time and thumbs through them a second time. This time, however, he does not mutter. "Fold," he says, throwing the cards down. "Good thing it's for a good cause."

Desiree shows her hand and looks to Venturo. "If anyone is a natural it's him." She grins. "I suppose we'll have to see what happens during the next hand."

Maybe Lianne will blame the distraction rather than lend any credit to luck this time around as she plays part of the hand with her curiosity turned toward the gathered audience, particularly when Emily offers her name. There's more considered study of the woman, a thoughtful smile in her eyes as she focuses, for a moment, on those interactions instead. When she looks down to see Venturo's ridiculous hand again, she doesn't even bother showing her cards, a glance toward the offending collection before they're turned face down and slid toward Caspian in silent concession. "I'm not reconsidering my stance just yet, Master Thayne." But she is looking a touch more serious going into the third hand. Against a clear natural.

Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Caspian lets out a little chuckle as he slides the pot over to Venturo, again, telling the man, "Try not to win three in a row, you might discourage people!" He chuckles at that, collecting the cards again and shufffles. Then he holds the cards between two fingers and fans them out in a circle, holding them up for the crowd to see before straightening them again with a flick of his wrist and tosses the cards out to the players. "Okay, next round, place your bets and mulligun your cards!"

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Grady checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Waldemai checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

"I'll do my best," There is a moment of consideration for his hand, a change of cards, and then there comes from Venturo a shrug of his shoulders, the dip of one eyebrow up. "The thing with luck is too many abandon her after a moment of doubt. Let's see how the next time around goes." With a gentle push, he folds, not even bothering to turn that hand over this time.

Reese goes to sit by Emily, now that is fully out of the game. She watches closely, seemingly quite interested. "They are very good at this." She murmurs toward the Deepwood Lady.

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"M'apologies Lady Deepwood." Romulius rumbles towards Emily, "No knowin' yer name I had t'go wit' the mos' likely t'get yer attention." He offers a slight bow of his head at the apology, "I'm Lord Romulius Blackshore." He introduces himself, "An' this be Mistress Mailys Corsetina." He introduces the woman at his side, "We ken start with one, aye, but we'll see if it only be one by th' end o' th' night. Drinkin' is the bes' part o' watchin' other people lose money aye?" He chuckles and then looks at Mailys, "General? No. She got a fine amoun' o' pretty freckles. I been tol' if I lead wit' oi, beautiful, it jus' pisses people off aye?" He shrugs those massive shoulders in a shrug, apparently not realizing that Mailys had already introduced them.

When Mailys takes her glass to sip though, Romulius just takes a drink straight from the bottle before murmuring something to Mailys.

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Waldemai picks up his cards and puts them down with a sigh. "Today is just not my day," he says. "Good think my luck still has time to turn."

"Luck favors the rich I think," Grady comments wryly. "And I am anything but. But we give what we can for the future and current refugees. The evacuation of the Darkwater holdings was particularly worrisome. But then I'm still new enough to Arx that I'm getting quite the education on what is possible and what is not. We turn our attentions and our prayers to the East as one." He folds his cards, giving a nod of acknowledgement to Lianne as she wins the hand.

Desiree looks to Lianne with a shake of her head. "Just when I think I have something good. Great job."

Lianne breathes a quiet laugh as she watches Caspian work the cards, delighted by dexterity she simply does not possess despite the lie inherent in slender digits like hers. "We'll know who's buying the drinks, at least," she answers the dealer's warning to the man quite impressively in the lead. She doesn't let herself get distracted this time around, making all those careful mental calculations until... yes. Really, this ought to be a nearly unbeatable hand. And, when the cards go down, when that's proven to be the case, she simply nods to herself, satisfied. And, for that second, seemingly disconnected from the rest of the crowd. When she looks up, it's to cast an accusatory look at Waldemai. "Another for Team Luck, mm? We'll see how it goes." She turns a curious look to Grady, but doesn't comment, looking down at Desiree's cards with sympathy. "Thank you."

"Oh hey, looks like Lady Lianne has some luck as well," Caspian says as he pushes the pot her way and collects the cards. "Good job. But you still gotta win another round of betting if you want to walk away with a good amount of silver!" And with that he deals out the cards, "Round 4, the bet will be two thousand silver now. Good luck!"

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Waldemai checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

"I am very much in favor of my brother-in-law 'winning' money instead, though it will not be my fault if he does," Emily remarks with a brilliant smile. She dips her head to each of them in turn, "Mistress, my lord, it is my pleasure. It seems that my freckles are something of a way to get my attention. Lady Freckles is what the Princess Agatha calls me," she muses over this and watching the two drink, she notices the second glass that is not taken. Thusly she steps foward to lift it up and with a rise of it upwards, salutes them in quiet thanks as she sets the glass to her lips and drinks. Freckles gather as her nose wrinkles but she manages to down a bit more before its lowered and she is coughing a little. As Reese joins them, she turns her head to regard the Grayson Princess, "Your Highness, it is good to see you. No luck?" She glances back to the table where the others are still going several rounds.

Desiree has rolled a critical success!
Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

And that is it. With the antes up, Waldemai is down to a single chip and out of the game. "Who wants it?" he calls.

Cyrus arrives, following Orathy.

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

Orathy, Duarte arrive, following Belladonna.

"Aye, sorry 'bout tha'." Romulius rumbles to Emily again, "Heard her call ye that at the Training Center I think. Didn' think to see iff'n anyone had yer name." He smiles over at Reese when she comes over as welll, "Would you like some rum too highness?" He gestures for another glass, and another bottle... but only after he considered pouring the glass out of the bottle he'd been drinking from. Fortunately he has at least a /little/ social graces. He looks over towards the gambling, "Any o' it goin' to the winner? I thought it be all fer charity."

Reese is sitting at the bar now. She looks over to Emily, giving her a smile. "That is a cute name." She murmurs. "I'm doing well, preparing to head up. I am sure that you are as well." She says, before looking over to Romulius. "I would be happy to have some rum." She says in his direction.

Reese puts Destiny, a high quality mace in a backpack adorned with delicate roses.

"Fair enough," muses Mailys in return as she tilts her head. Long raven tress slide over the bare of one shoulder even as the slide of her hip rests against a stool nearby. After the toast and sharing a drink, two women from their glasses while Romulius takes the usual route of swigging straight from the body she smiles. "Ever still, well met. And if you keep drinking with us we might be able to improve your fortitude." A soft wink is cast towards Emily before her lashes lift towards Reese. "For one chip the odds are rarely in one's favor but I am sure the charity will place it to good use," she offers in turn.

Once more cards are shuffled, Venturo barely looks, and when they all come down and are revealed, his mouth quirks with amusement to Lianne, "Neither skill nor luck that time... I'd say she found both! Congratulations," He dips his head towards this rounds winner.

"She's a fickle mistress," Lianne says of Lady Luck to Waldemai as he finds she's not come around in his favor this hand. She's not especially confident in her own, middling as it is, but there's no small measure of pride when she sees that it beats Venturo's. That must count for something. Not much, mind, not when Desiree lays down that impressive flush to claim the win this round. "Remarkable," she breathes. Looking to the man beside her, she nods to the current winner and taunts, "There's my real competition," with an impish edge creeping into her smile. To Waldemai's question, she poses, "It should go to the house. Kept for charity."

Grady checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

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Duchess Belladonna Pravus sweeps into the Golden Hart in the company of two men. Count Duarte Amadeo escorts her in, her hand resting lightly on his arm before they reach the main room. Withdrawing her hand, she smiles towards her vassal and murmurs, "Thank you for the safe escort, Count Amadeo." Turning her head to the other side, she likewise graces Orathy Culler with a brief smile and a murmured, "And to you as well, Master Culler. We may be too late to join the gambling, but I would buy you both a drink for your efforts in seeing me safely across the city."

Head held high, she swans into the room, offering a warm smile towards Lianne before looking for other acquaintances or friends that might be present. Moving forward, she looks about for whoever seems to be running the gambling, looking to see if its too late to join a game.

Romulius pours Reese a glass of black spiced rum from the new bottle that has just arrived, offering it to her with a smile as he looks over towards the table again briefly. He hmmms to himself and then looks to Reese and Mailys, "I kinda thought there be more people comin' fer charity. I guess wit' what's comin'... people be takin' the time fer their loved ones."

Desiree shows her cards with a pleased smile. "I was beginning to think I wouldn't win any hands." She looks to Venturo and Lianne. "Thank you." She turns to Waldemai and Grady. "I enjoyed playing with you."

"...and I had looked all over the city for that cow!" Duarte says as he walks in with Orathy and the Duchess of Pravus, concluding whatever story was being told. Afterward a bow of his head to Belladonna who moves off, and a slap on Orathy's shoulder. As for himself, he heads to the bar.

"Yes, unforunately, North," Emily intones as Reese states the upcoming march. The Deepwood lady shakes her head at Romulius, "She discerned it as a good choice upon our very first meeting." Blue eyes shift to Mailys and she lets out a tight, faint laugh, "Perhaps though I am merely recovering from a run in with Foolsbane. I think perhaps my fortitude shall return in slow measuresments. Maybe in time I will be able to match you," she says to the Mistress. White teeth briefly flash before she takes another sip of her rum. Her gaze moves to the table however to see if any others will rise and leave the game.

Reese looks over to Mailys, giving her a gentle smile at her words. "I am sure it will be put to good use." She murmurs softly. She takes the offered glass of rum, giving such a testing sip. "Oh, good." She murmurs and then adds. "Yeah, lots of are hunkering down." She murmurs. She smiles over to Belladonna when she arrives.

Grady leans back as the rest of them continue, and then he stands. "That's it for me." He bows to Desiree, and the table at large. "And I enjoyed the game as well, dear lady - brief as it was. Thank you for taking my money - for charity of course." He chuckles low and then excuses himself from the table, moving over to where Emily chats with Romulius.

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"Three down, three left," Caspian says as he pushes the chips over to Desiree, grinning at her hand. "That is one hell of a hand." He collects the cards and shuffles again, then tosses them out to the three remaining. "Alright, next round! Hand over the bets!"

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Lianne regards the familiar arrivals curiously, her head bowed in gracious greeting to the duchess, but she doesn't let her attention stray too far from the table, now with half as many players as when the tournament had begun. Of the three remaining players, her stack of chips is the most modest, standing at about two thirds the size of either Venturo's or Desiree's but she hardly seems daunted as she offers up her ante and studies her opponents.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 2 lower.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

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Belladonna returns the smile to Reese, passing by the gaming tables for the moment so she can make arrangements at the bar for Duarte and Orathy to drink (within reason) on her coin. Once that is taken care of, she turns back towards the tables, approaching them and moving towards Lianne. She offers her friend and relative an encouraging but brief squeeze of her hand at Lianne's shoulder in passing. Continuing around, she pauses to murmur a more proper greeting to the Grayson princess before stepping back to watch the games on the whole, bright eyes taking in each of the remaining players.

More cards, and still just as warm and charming a look cast to the pair that are still in the game with him. "Whatever the source of your hands, the rounds you both have won were phenomenal. Such rarity to see those combinations once in a night... but twice." Venturo tips over his cards, his green gaze drifting down to look at them. "Ahh, it would seem she returns to me once more. But I'll not make the mistake of thining she'll stay for long." His attention momentarily drifts, looking over those other newcomers into the Hart.

"Foolsbane?" Romulius asks, "Don' think I've ever had the pleasure o' tryin' 'at one." He rumbles and then takes another pull of his rum from his bottle, making to refill drinks as needed for Mailys, Reese, and Emily when she isn't looking. Or at least thinks she isn't looking. "Sounds like someone be a fool to try it t'begin with, judgin' by the name." He says, "I must try it." He decided, fool that he is.

Lianne's so calculating as she plays her hand, those cards briefly tipped so that Belladonna might be able to see them--and how she's making a passable situation out of a bad deal--on her way past. Not that she lets any of her doubt find its way to her face. As she folds again, she grins to Venturo. "Such sweet words from the man with the comfortable lead." Looking to Desiree, she insists, "One of us has to take the next hand or he'll be unstoppable," with feigned concern.

Desiree shows her hand with a shrug. She looks to see which of Lianne and Venturo have the better hand and congratulates Venturo. She nods to Lianne. "He is very impressive."

"Mmmm, if you walk out now, Venturo, you could break even," Caspian says back to Venturo with a grin given his way, then turns back to the table at large. "Remember, you can walk out any time, and will take half your winnings, if you rather not lose any more silver. No one would blame you! Venturo seems to be one lucky man!" He takes the cards, and tells them, "If no one is bowing out, we begin the next round!"

Mailys dips her head towards Emily, "It comes more from constantly sampling the wines I brew in truth, a number of which sadly aren't quite ready for the shop but shall be soon I hope. I admit I do not envy those on the march but can only thank them for all that you and everyone who looks to protect the lands from the coming darkness.." She draws off at those words and the sobering thought of it all. A slow inhale is taken before being released only to be soon followed by draining half of her glass. She nods then to Reese, her smile returning a bit, "I hope so for all the refugees flooding into the city, as many from the lands where I hail." And of course, Romulius to the rescue as her glass is topped off as soon as she sets it back on the bar.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Reese smiles happily toward Belladonna, seemingly glad to see her. She listens to he whispered words and murmurs something softly back. She takes another drink of her rum, before looking back to Mailys. "I didn't much about the refugees, but I should have. I am glad you have brought such thoughts to my mind." She says.

"Walk out? And leave us all hanging on how this will play out? Hardly," A twinkle of mischief is held in the man's eyes, his lips curling into a warm smile as the cards come again. As Venturo's cards are flipped over, his head tips one way and then another, before up his shoulders come as Lianne gets just the edge needed for the round. "Well done, Marquessa. One more to you."

"Aye highness." Romulius rumbles towards Reese, "I wish I could d'more m'self but funds bein' what they are... near every silver I have be diverted t'rebuildin' New Hope." He takes a drink from his rum again before he looks at Mailys, "Next time I be at the shop, I wish t'try some o' yer wines Mistress Mailys." He smiles, "No' much o' a wine drinker m'self, but I should be learnin' iff'n I be stayin' here in Arx."

"Oh you brew wines," Emily says with growing interest as she addresses Mailys. "Where exactly are these wines?" The Deepwood Lady remarks. Duarte's greeting gets an inclination of her head, "Count, good to see you." She lifts the small glass of rum that she is nursing before her attention shifts to Romulius, "It is a fools drink, made by some Redrain nobleman I am given to understand. Though I never caught his name." She pauses, "Do not try it." A warning perhaps but as Grady moves to join the rest at the bar, Emily looks to her brother-in-law. "This is Lord Grady Deepwood, my brother, this is Lord Romlius Blackshore, Mistress Mailys Corestina, Princess Reese Grayson and the Count Duarte I am certain you already know."

Grady chuckles as the play continues, his attention half on conversation from where he sits at the bar, and half on the hands being played. "Admittedly I'm glad I came tonight. It's a good reason to meet other charitable folk." He looks to Mailys. "My apologies. From where do you hail, Mistress... Mailys is it? I didn't quite catch it, as I was busy losing a lot of money very quickly." He flashes a smile at the woman.

Genuine surprise registers in Lianne's eyes when the hand Venturo reveals doesn't quite beat hers. It's fleeting, gone quickly, replaced with the confidence that should've been there from the go, but it was a very narrow margin this round, her winnings not quite making up the difference he's got on the lady's, though it does bring her almost even with Desiree. "Just a few more," she tells Venturo, as if it were a sure thing.

Desiree shows her hand. "I think one good hand is all I'm going to get, but you two are making it very interesting."

"Oh, Venturo might be lucky, but the two ladies are a bit lucky as well!" Caspian claps as Lady Lianne wins the next hand, giving an approving smile. "We will be upping the bet again, three thousand silver each round." He pushes the chips to Lianne and collects the cards, shuffling quickly and dealing them out. "Round seven. Lets see who's gonna win."

Lianne smiles brightly at Desiree, nodding the lady's direction. "And I'm grateful to not be in here alone against this one." But the chips are going in again, and she's got that intent look in her eyes once more.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Venturo watches the cards come to fall, and this time when his thumb plucks up the edges to see, he doesn't draw back. A bluff? A toss it all to luck? Whatever the cause, it was clearly the right choice as they are flipped over. The hapless shrug comes, giving an apologetic smile to Desiree, and a rather sly look towards Lianne, his soothing words a clear tease. "I'm certain there is a perfectly reasonably rational that can explain it all that isn't to do with luck."

Mailys nods to Reese, "I'm afraid it's never far from my mind." A jewel hand lifts to rake through the muss of her dark tresses, letting her fingers glide over her shoulder where half fall. She nods to Emily, "I do, I've been focusing on fruit wines for the springtime. I've only a few bottle on tap at the moment at the Corsetina Merchantile. Which reminds me I should check on some things before the night is out." Her gaze shifts along with her smile, "A please Lord Deepwood," she murmurs softly in greetings. Duarte is given a flash of a grin, "Count Amadeo, good to see you again and I do hope you are well. Though before I go," she lifts her glass again in toast to all before this time draining it. "No use in wasting good rum however I should slip out. Apologies for such a brief run this evening but there is always much to be done."

"Well, Venturo," Caspian says as he looks to the man's hand, then looks to his chips. "You could walk away right now and earn a small profit. Or you could keep playing and hope you win big." He gives a little grin to the man, collecting the cards and shuffles as he slides the pot to Venturo. "Anyone walking out before Venturo takes all your money? Or will you remain and try to win some of it back?"

Having watched the game for a few moments, Belladonna turns her attention to those that are no longer in the game. "Well! While the game is riveting, I enjoying playing more than just spectating. What say we start up a game of our own? Just a friendly one, mind, something to help pass the time as we drink and chat?" The Pravus Duchess moves back towards the bar to address those gathered there. Lifting both brows, she looks at everyone, known and unknown alike.

Desiree looks to Venturo after showing her disappointing hand. "You really are tough to beat."

Another rough hand. Lianne's certain she made the best of it when the cards come down, but, oh! She winces the moment she sees Venturo's cards, looking with good-humored desperation to Desiree in the hopes that she might deprive him of this win, but no. No, the pot goes back to Luck's favorite friend with a sad little near-chuckle from the marquessa. "I've a lot left to learn," she offers by way of explanation. As if it were her lack of skill and not his excess of luck that were causing this awful imbalance. To Caspian, she notes, "He can't walk away now. I need a chance to win some of that back."

Caspian lets out a little laugh back to Lianne, dealing out the cards as he tells them, "Well, place your bets then. Lets see if someone can stop Venturo from cleaning house!"

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Romulius listens to the conversation, "Check, drink Foolsbane." He rumbles at Emily with a smile but then he is looking after Mailys and he stands up as well, taking his bottle with him. "I shoul' escort 'er home." He bows lightly, "No money fer the game." He says apologetically to Belladonna before he moves to follow Mailys out.

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Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

"I promise I'm not always so rough. Just... now and then." Venturo's words come warmly in mention to Desiree, a quirk of his mouth up in a smile. Once more the cards come, and this time it is such a razor's edge the man can't help but offer up a rumbling roll of laughter. "Well done!"

Desiree shows her hand and looks surprised to see she's won. "Thank you!"

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Orathy had been distracted by the bar tender - a very pretty bar tender nevertheless - and finally starts to pay attention to the rest of the room after a piece of paper exchanges hands. He looks aside to those at the bar, brow lifted. "What'd I miss?" He asks alongside Duarte, looking down the stretch of seats to note who was all sitting around it.

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1 Grayson Guardsmen, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting leave, following Reese.

Reese, Romulius leave, following Mailys.

"I will have to make a note to visit sometime soon," Emily remarks to Mailys with a lifting of the rum that is not quite finished. She then regards Romulius, "That is entirely up to you but I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the drink, my lord." The Deepwood lady then turns to Reese and Grady as the otehr two leave. She looks towards the table and to her brother-in-law. "Lost already, is it my turn to try?" she asks of him curiously. Eyes slip to Belladonna and she gives a deep bow of her head to the woman unknown to her. "Good evening."

Lianne may have lost, but that doesn't keep her from cheering, short as that excited cry is, when Desiree takes the hand. She claps her hands together and, despite the short stack of chips she's got left in front of her, she assures Venturo, "This isn't over yet," even if it truly is. As she antes up for the next hand, half of what she has left, she asks the man at her side, "What will you call your brewery, Master Thayne?"

"Good job Lady Desiree," Caspian says, giving the woman a little laugh, collecting the cards, shuffling, and then dealing once again. "Lets get this show on the road! Place your bets!"

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

1 Grayson Guardsmen, Deliverance, an albino falcon, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting arrive, following Reese.

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"A name must come from a moment of sheer inspiration. One could go with some twist of a phrase, such as Soul and Spirit. Perhaps Lucky Hand? Well. When I have a brewery, I'll have to figure it out then." He speaks all the while the cards are dealt, only offering bare glimpses to his hand, and it's questionable if he even realizes what they are when it's flipped over. So close is it, he has to look to Caspian to confirm the result, before a brilliant smile curls to his mouth. "Regardless of the outcome, that? Was a fantastic hand, Marquessa."

"Hmmmm..." Caspian shuffles the cards in his hand as he watches as the hands are dealt, watching as Venturo and Lianne have hands are are quite similar, but Venturo's is just a little bit stronger! "With this Marqueesa Lianne is out, she can not afford the next round of four thousand silver." He looks between Desiree and Venturo, telling them, "At this rate we'll be playing all night, so we're gonna do this as the last round, for four thousand silver. Unless ether one of you want to fold?"

Reese is still at the bar. She has been rather silent as if struggling to keep up with the large room, but it seems to be a cheerful kind of silent.

Grady bows to Belladonna. "A great pleasure to be invited, but I believe we have determined I have no luck with this game - and so I will leave you to play with my sister-in-law instead. Em, I wish you good luck to match my bad." He chuckles, but then something said close to the table has him shaking his head and returning quieter.

Waldemai holds up that one stinking chip he still has. "If someone wants to stay in..."

Lianne is sure she has this one. Statistically speaking, it's highly unlikely Venturo's going to beat--Her eyes go wide when she catches sight of the brewer's cards, her shoulders sinking a little. His kings to her queens. So close! "I imagine Luck might be offended if you don't tip a nod her way after all she's done to help you out tonight." There's a gracious nod to accept his praise, but her attention turns to Caspian after a glance toward Waldemai's offer. "Just to see me through one more hand?" she asks, perhaps a bit high on the excitement of it all. "Then I'm done, win or lose."

"No, no. I say we let the cards play out! I'll not fold." The words roll with a loud enthusasm from Venturo, before the man glances over towards Desiree to make certain she's still in for one more round. It's a sidelong glance towards Lianne that he offers up, a sly and amused look on his features, "I don't know that it counts. But still, it is all for charit, after all."

"Alright then, Waldemai's last chip goes to Lianne to keep her in the game, I'll allow it," Caspian says with a little grin, dealing out the cards. "Place your bets, everyone. Last round, and I hope one of your ladies can make up for some of the loss!"

Venturo checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Lianne checked intellect at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Desiree checked wits at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

One more hand, and this one simply doesn't play away into Venturo's favor. It doesn't dour his mood in the least, and there is a gracious dip of his head towards Lianne as her hand turns up the winner. "Well done. I believe the gentleman whom has challenged you to cards will be getting more than he bargained for, Marquessa." Out his attention goes as the earnings are distributed, openly looking at all of the watchers.

Exhaling at the possible challenge of winning, she downs what is left of the small glass of rum and sets it more than willingly on the bar. Emily glances aside to Grady and hmms thoughtfully. "Maybe a round or two, I worry that I will not do much better." There is a glance to the others at the bar as they converse and the lady Deepwood crosses her arms before her as she waits for the current game to be determined.

Belladonna lifts a small shrug when nobody takes her up on the offer of starting a friendly, free game to pass the time. Instead she turns back towards the game just in time to watch Lianne pull off an amazing comeback. Her smile is knowing, a firm nod of appreciation sent towards the Marquessa of Nilanza.

Waldemai laughs. "Well, it obviously wasn't the chips I was given causing my bad luck."

Reese rises to her slippered feet "I should get going." She says softly. "It was nice to see you everyone." She adds.

Lianne may not have won the tournament, but there is no mistaking the gratification of taking that last hand, of seeing both the ladies overtake Mr. Lucky in that one last gasp. "Well done," she tells Desiree, though Venturo still has more chips than either of them. She flashes a grin toward Venturo at his praise, "The stakes, blessedly, won't be quite so high." With a bright smile, she looks to her benefactor and offers a sincere, "Thank you, Master Waldemai. It /does/ feel good to go out on a win." When it comes time for her to collect her chips, however, she declines. "For the house," she tells Caspian. "Thank you for the fantastic night."

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Desiree looks to Lianne as she wins the last hand. "Congratulations. I enjoyed playing with you even if you were both better players. It was fun."

Lianne is overheard praising Caspian for: A fantastic game for a meaningful cause, all of it well-run. Thank you.

Romina, a silent Mirrorguard agent arrives, following Niccolo.

Once it's all settled, Venturo looks to his earnings, and a large portion -- 10,000 marks, to be exact -- are pushed over towards the Marquessa Pravus. "Yours, I believe. And these," Still a commoner, and without deep pockets, Master Thayne plucks out about two hundred of the coins to keep to himself, before the rest is pushed back to Caspian. "Luck favors those who spread it about. Consider this payment for everyone's drinks tonight, and whatever is left? To go to charity."

"And that's it everyone!" Calls Caspian as the hands are laid out! "Venturo comes in first, Lady Lianne second, Lady Desiree third!" He stands and waves his hand to the crowd, telling them, "Please give it up for all our players, still seated and amongst the crowd!"

Caspian turns to Venturo and Lianne specificually, dipping his head their way, "Thank you for the charity. I will make sure to put it to good use."

Waldemai is ready to push off. "I'll have an ale for the path," he calls, and while he is waiting for it to arrive, he says, "Good luck with the fundraising. This was a nice change." He raises his voice to call, "And I hope to see everyone at the Sip 'n' Spar tomorrow. I'll have some silver to wager on the fights there, too."

Niccolo is hardly noticed as he enters given the large crowd for the poker game, but the former archduke has visited many times and receives a warm smile from the barkeep as he approaches the bar and claims a seat. "Good evening. A whiskey please."

Duarte nurses his whiskey glass and looks down the bar. Finally some recognition crosses his mind and he lifts his glass, with his pointing finger lifted off, toward Grady. "Lord Grady? Forgive me. I have not seen you since the dinner, when we met." He takes a sip. "Happy to see you again."

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As the game comes to a close, Emily uncrosses her arms and sets her hands to clapping for the winners. Eyes shift to each and then to Grady as she steps away from the bar with a soft whisper of blue skirts across the floorboards. "I think it may be all over and in that case I have saved myself and the house some pain," she remarks to her brother-in-law when his conversation with Orathy has a moment of pause. She steps forward however and touches his arm as she heads for Lianne who is rising from the table. Her eyes stray to Belladonna whom she offers a smile and finally to Venturo. They return to the Marquessa in short order and the Deepwood affords the woman a curtsy. "I glad to be able to thank you for your letter in person."

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