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Marquessa Lianne Malespero

I just want to know how it works.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Lady Scientist
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Jet black
Eye Color: Vivid green
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Countess of the March of Nilanza, Physicians' Guild Speaker for the Dead

Description: Lianne holds the potential to be a beauty of the ages, but her intellectual pursuits keep her loveliness understated. Thick ebony hair is often only precariously pinned into place, occasionally with writing quills, leaving loose curls to fall against her cheek now and then. Her forest green eyes regard the world critically, intensely as if trying to unlock their secrets. Her movements are minimal and deliberate, maintaining a balance between strange and graceful with her willowy frame lending weight to the latter.

(The marquessa looks just plain tired, as if she's perhaps not getting quite enough sleep. Her undereyes are dark, her shoulders slightly slack, her demeanor low-key, expressions muted.)

Personality: Lianne is insatiably curious about the world and everything in it. She has all the ambition and cunning that her house is famous for, but is often distracted by any number of other academic pursuits at the same time, and is completely unsatisfied with anything less than a full answer. When not absorbed by one question or another, shes known for a razor wit that leaves many entirely unsure if theyre being complimented or insulted. In the times when she does turn her attention to politics and governance, its with a degree of competence that can be chilling.

Background: Although she was born three years later than her elder sister Viviana, in many ways the siblings were cut from the same cloth. They looked similar and both had a restless nature about them that made them ill-suited to the life of a typical lady. Yet where this led Viviana to seek physical challenges, it led Lianne in the opposite direction - to seek mental ones. Even from a young age, it was rare to be able to walk into Liannes chambers without having to step around scattered diagrams and models, or to not find her hard at work dissecting some sort of animal or another upon her fine, mahogany armoire. She was never able to settle on just one discipline, bouncing from one to the next almost every month, but her keen mind devoured them all. When she blossomed into a beautiful young lady, her mother was initially keen to marry her off for political advantage. Yet whenever a marriage offer seemed close, Lianne would instantly turn her mind to aiding in issues of politics, government or economics and prove so valuable that the marriage would be put off. Of course, this would last only until the risk was gone, to the great exasperation of her mother, before shed return to her books and personal studies. She was largely uninvolved in the crisis that occurred during and immediately after the reign of Piero as Duke, happily working on her research. But in the aftermath, she was called upon by Belladonna to do her duty and use that keen mind to help rebuild the House to glory.

Relationship Summary

  • Derovai - Deliberate Limit-Pusher
  • Vayne - To See Oneself Outside Oneself

  • Family:
  • Belladonna - Beauty, Capability, Strength
  • Cassius - Trusted Advice
  • Niccolo - Faith and Fondness
  • Viviana - Best Bad Influence, Favorite Scapegoat
  • Sebastian - Creative Curiosity
  • Juliana - Warmth and Wonder
  • Nicia - Potentially Cleverest
  • Micaela - Ephemeral Elegance
  • Carissa - Unsteady Alliance
  • Pasquale - Determined Dedication

  • Ally:
  • Felix - Unrelenting Optimism
  • Duarte - Delight or Dismay
  • Alrec - Possibly Not a Fool

  • Friend:
  • Percephon - Resolute and Necessary
  • Mydas - Steadying Reflection
  • Mae - More Morbid than Me
  • Aleksei - Whether He Likes It or Not
  • Valerius - Deep Enough to Drown
  • Fortunato - Balance and Challenge
  • Khanne - Ever-Intersecting Paths

  • Protege:
  • Venturo - Luck's Favorite Taleteller
  • Name Summary