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Inspirational Concert

In preparation for mobilizing the troops, Archlector Wylla has determined that an inspirational concert is warranted! If you wish to play in this concert, or know of others who might, please send her a message. Everyone is welcome! Wine (with hopefully no bottles breaking to disrupt the music!) and light refreshments will be served, along with a very, very brief speech from the Archlector addressing the need for divine inspiration even in the face of danger and doubt. Listeners are asked to please be respectful for the Jayus-given talents of all musicians.


Feb. 18, 2018, 2 p.m.

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Petal Jeffeth Itzal Mailys Valery Leta Felicia Brianna Jacque(RIP) Lucita Roran Tikva Waldemai



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Waldemai comes in to listen quietly. He sits down on a bench, taking off his cloth cap.

Mailys arrives, following Jeffeth.

The Shrine of Jayus is edging closer to being a third constructed. The bricks and mortar that construct the walls have been smoothed over. The wine and refreshments setup is less haphazard than it was the previous time at the painting festival. As if taking after the shrine, Archlector Wylla of Jayus is a little more in tune with her environment at the concert today, even if she does seem to be summoning a good deal of intestinal fortitude to do so. Her hands are free of paint, and she waits a few moments for the crowd to enter and seat themselves, as musicians tune up nearby the altar, on something of a repurposed stage.

Tikva is wearing flowing white, layered silks do very little to hide the impressive bulge that is her pregnancy, and has her balalaika strung across her shoulders and back in a bouncing, slightly awkward green case. At least white and green don't clash, although the stylized ladybugs on her slippers make of this a slightly off-kilter ensemble indeed. Humming thoughtfully to herself, she surveys the progress of the shrine with a slight crinkle to the corners of her bright eyes, and then looks about for a place to place unwieldily round self for optimum musical observation.

Itzal arrives with his lute strapped to his back, actually on time for once! Brown eyes wander over the shrine, noticing those present, and those not so. "Note to self, set fire to Mae's paintings." the Culler remarks, though there's no bite to his words, the comment idle and swiftly lost in the crowd. Clad in his usual dark leather coat, he makes his way through, for the finest place he can manage to find to listen, and see.

Arriving arm in arm with Mailys, the massive mountain of metal makes his way slowly towards the Shrine of Jayus. Making his way in front of one of the benches, Sir Jeffeth allows her to take her seat first before going to settle down on the bench next to her. The knight gives Itzal a bright smile, as he settles on the bench. His guanlteted hands go to rest in his lap as he looks around at everyone gathered.

Chip, a small mouse, Boots arrive, following Valery.

Lucita has come into the shrine, smiling and glancing around at the progress being made on it. She approaches the area Tikva stands, getting out her Vielle from the padded pouch hung over her shoulder that serves to carry it. After checking its readiness, a nod is given those she knows.

Wylla is visibly pleased that the crowd has started to gather, sending a little shy smile here and there to both those she knows and those she doesn't. Splat, her calico kitten, clambers amidst the food and drink stand, meowing piteously for attention. She sighs at the cat, but doesn't seem to be bothered to pick it up. "Don't set fire to Mae's paintings!" she tells Itzal, vaguely horrified at the concept.

Mailys moves easily at the knight's side, the whisper of fur and silk brushing against his calves as he escorts her into the Shrine. Her gaze lights up at the sight of the shrine and the array of instruments and others within. Her chin lifts with a gentle smile towards Jeffeth as he directs them to a seat along the benches. She furls and settles in with a soft adjustment make to her cloak while he takes the space next to her. Her gaze lifts, spying a few familiar faces and a bright smile is offered to Lucita and Itzal along with those others who fill in and move about.

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Soot, a gray foxhound puppy, Violet, a shopkeeper arrive, following Petal.

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Itzal waves in Jeffeth's direction when he catches sight of the giant, and then to his companion, friendly faces! But then his comment seems to have been caught by Wylla, and he has to put out that particular fire. "Blessed, I would never set to flames the paintings done by such a supportive and present sister!" he answers, his grin only increasing. "I've better ways to find the right colour for your hair, after all." he says lightly.

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Leta arrives in blues and reds and greens and gleaming shinies. She looks around, scanning the people present, then the Archlector, and listens quietly while sidling up to the table with wine and light refreshments. She doesn't grab anything right away, but maintains a respectful awareness of the beverages on hand.

Tikva gets Amanita, a secunda balalaika from instrument case slung across the back on linen straps.

Valery arrives with quiet steps and she looks around as she arrives. She waves to Itzal as she sees him and moves to a side. Splat, however, catches her attention, making the woman hug her basket tighter in a more protective way. She however reaches to caress its head before heading to a bench to sit.

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Valery has joined the worship benches.

Petal arrives while adorned in her common cloth clothing. She peeks over those gathered here having a gentle smile of greeting. Petal then heads over to the Worship benches.

Jacque arrives clad in appropriate clothing for such an event, heading on over to the benches. He's here to listen to music, of course. It just so happens he settles down beside Jeffeth, nodding a greeting to the Knight of Solace.

Itzal waves back to Valery, grinning. Yay, more familiar faces! Maybe it's enough for him to stop considering vengeance over his sister? One can only hope for the poor innocent paintings! And then his focus turns to his fellow musicians and singers on the platform.

Tikva braces her slippered feet on her chair and hums to herself, checking the tuning on her balalaika as she turns her ear to the strings.

The Archlector makes her appearance at the front of the stage, after a little grimace at Itzal's comment, and what (barely) counts as a stern look from her shot his way. She smiles uncertainly at the gathered crowd, looking more than a little nervous. "Thank you for coming!" Wylla chirps once everyone has gathered. "We will start the music promptly. Please be seated wherever you'd like, and we'll begin. Before we do, though, a, um, a speech."

Wylla draws a breath. "I thought this concert would be a good idea to lift the spirits of the Compact before marching to war. That's why I asked only for inspirational songs, for songs which would be make us cheerful rather than upset. I find that when I am happy, I do my work better, and I think that's the same even when it comes to, um, war. Even though we are going to do something of which we might have doubts, having some confidence that we are doing the right thing, that we /can/ do the right thing, is good, I think. And by feeling the inspiration of Jayus in our work, we can dream of a better world." She lets the words hang there, watching the crowd uncertainly.

Waldemai nods his head, listening to the sermon.

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Tikva is overheard praising Wylla for: She's putting on a lovely concert and inspiring us all to put our dreams towards reality!

Roran slips in, creeping along until he arrives at the worship benches and sits down. The layers of his robe gathered so that he doesn't disrupt others.

Petal is overheard praising Wylla for: She is awesome!

Lifting one gauntleted hand in greeting to Itzal, Jeffeth gives a bright smile before settling back down. The big knight straightens up as he looks over those gathering. Hands in his lap, he half turns to look over at Jacque, a bright smile turning up on his lips as he gives a brief nod to the man. Glancing back to the musicians gathered, the knight tilts his head a little bit, falling silence as he listens.

Lucita listens quietly to the words spoken, bow held in one hand, neck of the vielle in the other. When there is a break in the flow of the words, she discretely exchanges greetings with the other musicians and singers.

Itzal nods after Wylla's speech, and doesn't look like he has any quips. No, he seems to agree with the sentiment entirely. Probably why he's here, too. For free.

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Speech done, Wylla clears her throat for attention once more, clapping her hands twice. "The first song we'll start with is that of Baroness Lucita Saik. It's called 'Celebrate Jayus,' and she wrote it specifically for the event today. I met her at the painting event several weeks ago, and can vouch for her musical acumen and her devotion to Jayus!" A nod to the musicians, and she steps out of the way to let them play, giving Lucita the floor (OOC: 'l honoring'; Lucita's turn to emit!).

Lucita checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Lucita says, "It is good to see each of you here today. When I was seeking inspiration for music, especially this song, I found that it was not just in the shrine but staring me in the face every where I looked, in some of your shops, in what was worn, in journals. So I hope this song will help you find Jayus and his inspiration, here, in the music today and all arround you." And with that she begins to play and sing.

Come, let us give thanks to Jayus today

He is part of our lives in every way

From the fine beautiful clothing we wear

To an artistic braid adorning the hair.

Look at armor and blades from talented smiths

In hilts and engravings you see his gifts.

They remind soldiers just why they fight

Stories forged in metal, part of a Jayus rite.

Paintings and sculptures and creative meals

Form elements of life that each person feels.

Stories and poems that can be found in a tome

Give reasons to fight, reasons to come home.

Celebrate Jayus, lift your voices on high

Clap, stamp, play or sing, just don't be shy.

Morale is lifted whether you stay or you go

It's a simple truth, but this we know.


Jacque is overheard praising Wylla.

Leta watches the musicians gather on the stage while Wylla speaks, and after a little more pacing she decides to settle into a seat with. She fidgets, offers a polite nod and an amiable smile to other seated nearby, then fixes her attention on the stage, head cocked intently as she prepares to listen to the music.

Waldemai heeds the call by clapping long with the song Lady Lucita is singing.

Tikva listens quietly to Lucita's music, her hands stilled -- one on her instrument and the other over her heart. Her smile is quiet and warm as the Baroness Saik finishes, and her clapping isn't the loudest, but her eyes are bright.

Itzal listens respectfully, for once, his attention entirely upon Lucita. By the end, he's grinning, apparently approving greatly of this song so inspired by the more common aspects of life. He says a few words, but they do not reach past the musicians' platform.

Lucita gives a delighted smile as others join in and lets the song end, nodding she is done to Wylla and lowering her instrument to exchange a few words with the others on the platform.

Petal listens to the music seemingly all enchanted. She claps and cheers when the song comes to an end, carrying not with a lack of dignity. "Yay! So good. Her voice is lovely." She says in her heavy accent.

Wylla smiles gently at Lucita, offering a little nod of thanks. She leans in to murmur to Lucita from where she stands near the musicians' platform: "That was so lovely! Thank you so much. I share your hope, Baroness Lucita, and I hope others do too."

Jacque nods as he listens to Lucita as she performs, a smile across his lips before he mentions to Jeffeth, "You know any of the musicians here? I know Lady Lucita. And that's a beautiful performance." He applauds the Saik at the end of it.

Tikva appears to be biting her knuckle as she suppresses a laugh, her eyes bright as she looks towards Lucita.

Now Wylla hesitates a little more, uncertain now. Her gaze turns to a certain black-clad fellow in the crowd, and her cheeks crimson just a little. "Our next offering is from Master Itzal Culler, who was very eager to provide a song, called 'The Song of Alar.' He wrote this in a fever of inspiration, from the sound of it. Master Itzal?" She seems a little hastier to let Itzal's song speak for itself, for some reason (OOC: 'l alar'; Itzal's up).

Itzal checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 62 higher.

Itzal steps forward when he is named, the grin on his face akin to a cat with a mouse in its claws. He steps up and faces the crowd, strumming the strings of his lute once. He glances at Wylla, his eyes alight with the potential for mischief. Yet he seems to decide otherwise, for the amusement dies, replaced with solemn dignity as he begins to sing, without further introduction. While dedicated to King Alar, the song is as much about the world of his time, and Arx itself, when the Compact stood tall against the Reckoning. The song goes on to describe this glorious age, and at its peak... fades. The music turns tragic, as so much is lost, and the song returns to the present. It is then that it rises again, the final verses ones of hope, of past glories made present. And only then does Itzal fall silent, his song over.

Valery claps her hands, seeming all delighted by the music.

Waldemai ooh...A saga!

As Mailys remains in a quiet repose, the song draws a soft beat of one foot in the air with her legs crossed over one another amongst the bench. Jeweled hands raise to clap at the end along with others that join in for a long moment before it dies down. Her gaze shifts towards the bit of fluff that plays hide and seek alongside everything. Amusement curls the corners of her lips as she leans forward when it darts over and under. Nothing but tail given to the brush of her hand before it's gone with a flick of whisker to romp along. Her lashes raises as Itzal steps forward.

Petal listens to the song with all this dreamy interest. When his song ends she starts to cheer and once again, makes a bit of a racket. She even stops her small slippered feet on the floor. "Yay! So much hope still." She says, speaking Arvani with some difficulty as such is not her first language.

Lucita gives generous applause for the song once she has put her instrument away. "Well done!"

Wylla is decidedly /not/ looking at Itzal when he looks at her. But she does listen with interest to the song, her eyes shutting for a moment, a small smile drifting across her face. When the bard finishes, she blinks, lost in thought. "Oh. I -- yes." That smile shifts to vague embarrassment.

Tikva seems absolutely enraptured by the rhythm of Itzal's saga. It could even be said that she hangs on each verse, her toes curling tight inside her slippers as her fingers tense upon the neck of the balalaika. "What a lovely telling," she says, forgetting the hush of the stage with her voice pitched to carry. "I'm honored to have heard you play it, Master Itzal."

Eyes shooting open the large knight glances around with slightly widened eyes. They flick over to Jacque as it appears the Knight has only partially heard his question. The big knight's jaw stiffens some as he partially looks over to the man. Looking over to Mailys then back to Jacque. Jeffeth clears his throat quietly. "Sorry, what?"

Itzal bows under the applause, and steps back from the center of the stage to return by the side of his fellow musicians. "And I am honoured to have played it before such fine company." he answers to Tikva's words, though he waves to the assembled crowd, including them in the statement. "We've done it once before. We can do it again. We must never forget that."

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As Itzal's song has concluded and they're onto next song, Wylla seems to breathe a little sigh of relief. The redheaded woman looks through the crowd, her eyes settling on a woman of similar appearance to herself. "The third and last song is from Princess Tikva Grayson. It is, I think, a reworking of her Grayson anthem 'The Bannerman's Call,' which she has expanded to include the whole of the Compact in light of the threat to our shores. It's called 'Duty's Call.' I have not met the Princess, but I do like her song and I encourage her pursuit!" And then she nods to the musicians to play Tikva's work (OOC: 'l call'; Tikva's turn!).

Tikva checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 23 higher.

Tikva stands in a shifting ripple of silken fabric. She waves to all and sundry, and fills her lungs to carry throughout the shrine in an easy, bright, speaking voice. She says, "Hello, listeners! It would help me out a lot if, while I play, you stamp the rhythm! I would do it myself but I'm a little unbalanced right now!" She grins, and demonstrates by stamping twice, three times, four times, a clear beat, and her pregnant belly bumps and wobbles against the angle of the triangle-headed stringed instrument she holds. "See?" she calls, "and now, here we go--"

Tikva begins to pick out the threads of the melody, fingers flying over the strings of the balalaika, and then pitches her voice to carry to all corners of the room as she belts out the short, upbeat adaptation of her call to arms. It is a martial tune, and there is exuberance and enthusiasm in it.

Waldemai bobs his head along with the march. "That's the stuff," he says.

Lucita's foot taps out the rhythm Tikva sets. She smiles and gives her friend an approving nod.

Did someone ask to stamp the rhythm? Why, Itzal is only too happy to do so. No military man himself, but the bard takes up the stamping like a professional!

Tikva calls out, "Stand tall, Compact, stand with pride,

With shield and spear our troops will stride,

For King and Lords, our will abide

By arrow and sail and strength beside,

we'll break dark forces come to deride.

Our will is fierce for our goals are true;

the light of Faith in our hearts shines through,

for Gloria, Mangata, Limerance too,

Duty's call we'll all outdo!

Banner high, I'll sing and march with you!"

Wylla giggles at the fellow redhead's joke about being unbalanced. She isn't much for stamping, but her eyes gleam with unbridled enthusiasm at the song, and she taps one hand on her robes to keep the time -- sort of. She's not much of a musician herself, and her social awkwardness seems to be briefly winning out amidst all the enthusiasm.

With the song over, Itzal applauds, clearly approving of Tikva's song and its theme.

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Felicia is late, horribly late, and at least conscious enough of that fact that she slips in as carefully as she can and... well, for her at least, tiptoes as quietly as she can over to the observers seating. Which, granted, she's not exactly known for her stealth, but at least she makes an effort to try and not disrupt too much.

Felicia has joined the worship benches.

Songs concluded, Wylla stands again, brushing down her robes, giving Felicia's late entrance a comforting look, the very picture of 'Don't worry about it.' Splat, who has clambered all through the refreshments table and made his way past Mailys to rub and purr against her at one point, meows quite demandingly, bounding towards the Archlector with all the kitten energy he can muster. She takes a step back from the kitten's energetic rush at first before she remembers herself. "Yes. Yes, of course. The musicians I've hired will play now. No songs, just... just some good feeling. Please feel free to stay and congregate and meet the composer-musicians whom Jayus has blessed with inspiration today. Ask them whatever questions you'd like! If you'd like some sort of refreshment or wine, they're over on the table. Please take a prayer book as well!" The small redhead seems almost grateful to float back towards the musicians' stand, taking a place as far as possible from the center of the room.

Petal cheers for Tikva. "Yay. She is amazing." She says. She seems all enchanted while she was singing. Maybe even adoring.

As the concert comes to it's conclusion and the last echoes of song sound throughout the shrine Mailys' smiles. Her hands rise once more in applause for all. A smile touches her lips as it slides over the artists upon the stage or moving about before sliding askance towards the kitten again with another soft chuckle. Her attention shifts a moment within the benches even as her hands drop back into her lap.

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Tikva gives Wylla a crooked grin and a thumbs up even as she reclaims her seat, tucking her balalaika in beside her


Waldemai gets up and addresses the artists as a group. "Thank you very much. Those are really good." He puts on his cap and heads outside past the basket of hymnals he can't read.

Felicia still offers Wylla an apologetic grimace, smiling wryly at herself for her timing as she settles her hands between her knee's and seemingly tries to catch her breath.

Leta sits quietly at the benches throughout the concert, sometimes swaying with the music, for the most part simply listening closely with her eyes on the stage, often on the musicians' hands at work. She claps for each song, then claps again as the concert comes to an end and Wylla speaks. Then she rises to her feet, tugs down on her doublet, and glances towards the refreshments once more.

As Mailys brings her hands up to clap, Jeffeth blinks, bringing his hands up as well clapping and adding to the applause. His hands drop back down to the lap as he looks over the shrine with a line smile.

Stumphrey, a toast-colored corgi with big ears and a floofy butt arrives, delivering a message to Jeffeth before departing.

Wylla draws towards Felicia, murmuring, "It's all right." She scoops up Splat -- or tries to, at least. He's found a new friend in Mailys, and he makes a GIANT KITTEN LEAP towards her, a blur of colorful fur that somehow lands right behind her on the pew, claws digging in. "Mroooow." And she giggles, turning towards Leta. "I have a cat now!" She returns Tikva's thumbs-up, if a bit uncertainly.

Straightening up from the bench, the big man smiles down at Mailys, before turning to smile at Jacque as well. The large knight then carefully steps around Mailys to head out of the shrine. The Knight of Solace makes his way out.

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Tikva beams with easy cheer and leans back in her chair, watching for a moment as people begin to gather and chat with each other. It looks like she is maybe having some reluctance contemplating the prospect of standing up, so she just sits there for an extended moment observing the scene. Whoof, standing up is hard.

Felicia grins at Wylla,"Mostly I regret having been late. I intended to come but training got away from me and, yes. A pity. Especially after I missed the painting opportunity earlier in the week." her attention follows after the Archlectors for all that she doesn't interrupt, spying the bundle of fur and giving a broad and tired grin.

Valery has been listening to the music, her hands on her basket, and she would just whisper to Petal or Roran from time to time, and while there is not music going on.

Rising to his feet, Jacque inclines his head to Jeffeth, flashing him a friendly smile before moving over to approach Wylla. "Archlector. Beautiful event. And as you can see, I didn't bring any buckets of paint today, so hopefully it's, well, more easily managed." There's a wink to the devout follower of Jayus as he looks around for a moment. I confess I don't know many of the people that have gathered here. I should endeavor to change that sometime."

Leta blinks in Wylla's direction, then cocks her head to follow the cat with bright eyes. Looking back at the Archlector, the colorful commoner clearly doesn't know how to react, puzzlement warring with reverent respect for the office across her features. "I - my Meowlarice had kittens a couple weeks ago, Archlector. We'll be giving them away when they're weaned, you know," she says. The conversation is apparently about cats now.

While there were a few quiet words exchanged that Mailys was listening to after the end of the concert as Jeffeth stands she nearly does as well. A high pitch of short laughter rings out at the cannonball of fur that shoots towards her and over. A slight duck given lest she end up with Splat in the muss of her tresses or the droop of her cowl behind. She turns to watch as he lands upon the bench behind. A hand is patted over her cloak, "No treats, I ought to carry treats for all of the creatures about."

Wylla waves a hand at Felicia. "Don't -- don't worry about it. I'm glad you came anyway! You're always welcome! There's wine and cookies and I don't even know what, if you'd like some." She looks towards Jacque, giggling shyly. "You... um... I can't think of a joke about musical instruments." She's trying to be social, really! But at least she smiles after the not-a-joke. "You can ask people their names, Prince Jacque. And then you can tell me." That /is/ a joke, at least.

Itzal checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Itzal picks up The Song of Alar, by Itzal Culler.

It seems only two performers remain on the platform! Now where could Itzal have gone? A mystery.

And Splat is off again, moving from Mailys after a half-attempt at a nuzzle, in a scamper towards Petal and Valery's bench, kitteny and inquisitive. "Meeeow?" He leans in a bit intimidatingly towards Valery's basket, the ruff on his neck standing on end. "Mrrrrr."

Itzal has left the Musicians Platform.

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"Sadly, I'm going to be on duty all too soon for wine, but I'll snag a couple of cookies at least." Felicia grins for Wylla as she turns away towards the refreshments table. She's not in her usual platemail, so when she offers Jacque a casual kind of salute it's accompanied by,"Felicia Harrow, of the King's Own." by way of introduction before she elects to break off and munch meditatively on a cookie.

Mailys rises shortly thereafter, a smile offered to those still in the pews and a ringed hand lifted to those on the platform and others milling about in conversation. She moves towards the front, her words offered to Wylla, Lucita Tikva and her head turns as Iztal has vanished. "I just wanted to say it was a lovely concert before slipping off. May Jayus smile upon you all."

Having informed the Archlector of her cat's reproductive situation, Leta politely sidles away, pausing by the edge of the stage to offer a smile and a slight bow in Tikva and Lucita's direction, "Your Highness, m'Lady. And-" she glances around, finds no Itzal, and continues, "And that was lovely, that was. Just thought I'd say so."

Valery looks at the cat. She keeps a hand on her basket, protectively, but she reaches the other one to the cat. She doesn't get to touch it, although there is an invitation there. "Hello..."

Lucita gives Leta a warm smile. "Dame Leta, how kind of you to say so, thank you. It was fun to share with you all. I hope one day you will share some of your songs with us."

Tikva wobbles to her feet, finally, slinging her instrument case over her shoulder, and then moves towards Wylla. "Thanks," she says with a tip of her head towards Mailys as she ambles down from the platform. "Whoof, my balance is shit these days. We're all just lucky I haven't fallen flat on my face out here. Archlector! Thank you so much for putting this on!" she calls with a vehement wave.

"Jacque Valardin, a pleasure to meet you, Dame Harrow," the Oathlands prince introduces himself, looking over to Wylla and grinning a bit when she giggles shyly. "There you go, got a name for you, Archlector." He winks to the redhead, then, before leaning in and murmuring a few words. To the King's Own knight, though, he asks, "Haven't I seen you at the painting event?"

Wylla only now realizes what Leta had said. "Oh! More kittens! You'll want to speak with Archlector Roran about that. He was just here... he loves kittens! Splat was one of his." And the kitten is now nuzzling Valery's hand, even as he casts an eye towards the basket. "Princess Grayson, a pleasure to make your acquaintance and thank you /so much/ for the song! It was terrific." And Jacque draws closer, saying something to her. She blushes again, looking through the crowd -- but whomever she's looking for has also departed, quite stealthily.

Petal rises to her slippered feet. She has a las smile for all gathered here. "I will see you there?" Petal says to Valery and then slips out.

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