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Petal Penrose

It is not only about understanding, it is also about mending.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Shav Seamstress
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Penrose
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Tailor
Height: 5'0
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Light Brown
Skintone: Pale

Description: Petal is a delicate woman who reaches to around to only around five foot and has a slender build. Soft sun kissed chestnut locks are often loose, reaching past her slight shoulders. She has pale skin often with a pink warmth to her cheeks. Light brown eyes are framed by golden-brown lashes.

Personality: Petal is often shy and softly spoken. Her personality sometimes blooms with time and she can be downright talkative to those she trusts and knows well. As a prodigal of Northern Shav origins, she isn't always the most trusting of nobles or even of crown sworn commoners. Petal loves the outdoors. She adores plants and animals. Petal also takes great love in sewing. She enjoys making things. Petal is very generous with those she cares about, but not always to the rest of the world. She tends have a soft spot for other prodigals or Shavs and will try to help them when she can. Petal has moments of playfulness that peek through her often somber demeanor.

Background: Petal Penrose is the only daughter of Darius and Allana, shavs of a northern tribe who, after they bent the knee when Petal was a young girl, were granted the family name Penrose. Swearing oath to the House of Redrain, the pair settled in a village on the southern edges of Redrain territory. Petal took after her mother, and learned the crafts of sewing and the ways of shamanism, becoming a skilled mender of clothe and sometimes men. She believes in a strong link between the spiritual and the art of crafting. Growing up in that small village, she befriended the son of another pair of prodigals, Tallius, and the pair were as close as siblings growing up.

Unfortunately, war came to the village, in the form of the advance of the armies of Tolomar Brand. When the village was overrun, Darius and Allana stood with many of the other elders of the village, fighting fiercely to try and buy time. When her friend Tallius attempted to stay and fight, his father commanded him to go, and to see the others to safety. Knowing she would never see her parents again, she embraced them for the last time and joined those fleeing. The journey was arduous and long, and beset constantly by the attacks of the foul creatures of the invading horde, but eventually the refugees stole through and achieved the safety of Arx. Of the thirty who fled the village, only a handful remained, Petal and her childhood friend amongst them. Petal was quite sick on arrival and is still not fully well, but she is better than she was.

The scars of the battle, and of the long flight to the dubious safety of Arx, are etched deep into Petal.

Name Summary
Aella Seems sweet, and from what I have seen a talented seamstress as well. And it would be nice to have more people to speak with in my native tongue. Hopefully we will get to speak more soon.
Agatha Everyone knows about Petal, about how good she is at her job. It's really impressive. She is also VERY feisty. I think Elgana will shout at me if I ever make her mad. We will be unfashionable forever.
Alaric A tailor who has arrived in Arx during my absence from the throne, she seems to be renowned for her good work, and from what I can tell the reputation is entirely justified. She's also really short! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Alban A brave woman, and smart enough to bring two cloaks. I hope that she is safe through this, for I understand she is quite talented and seems most kind.
Aleksei Quiet, but a very talented seamstress!
Amari Seems thoughtful, friendly and comes with mead! All admirable qualities.
Ann Of course I know of her! She's fabulous at what she does (nearly everything it seems) and has secured me as a lifelong customer.
Apollis Aw, she is very pretty and possibly a little troubled, the poor dear. She's a Prodigal and her whole tribe was slaughtered. She's keeping a positive outlook and a determination I admire. She's a sweet girl.
Arik Is pretty craftswoman that has giant brass balls. Is good to see in person.
Artur At last I meet the famous Mistress Petal! I have heard a great deal about her talent as a seamstress and in person she seems a sweet and friendly young woman. She's keeping herself pretty busy it seems, which can't be a bad thing!
Asher Practical, straight to business, not judgemental. Exactly what one hopes for in a tailor.
Astraea What a kindly seamstress with a talent for making beautiful attire! My favorite dress was made by her apprentices at the shop, a simple cotton shift but it was and remains to be a truly exceptional piece.
Barik A woman of certainly odd habits. She's of good manners, however, and denotes a particularly appealing desire for soft conversation, a nice change of pace from the tumultuous exchanges of the past.
Barric I am not certain why she is so shy, she is a well known master tailor and a veteran of Stormwall. I hope I can get her to open up and speak freely sometime.
Cadenza So darn talented! I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!
Caspian A kind seamstress that judging by the clothing she wears is quite talented, if she made the clothing herself!
Catalana I am so familiar with her work and oh my goodness it was nice to meet her. Such a kind woman.
Christine Such a talented kid! I need to buy much more clothes from her!
Cirroch Obviously a Prodigal, but that's not a bad thing. It seems she is well known for her skill with a needle. I will hope I get to see some of that handywork, she may have repeat business from me.
Clara A very polite young woman and she makes dresses. I think I will go see what sort of clothing she has to offer and maybe I'll order something from her once I'm settled into Arx.
Cleo She is so tired! She needs to go on a trip and get away from clingy people who make so many demands on her attention! I should see if I can whip up some dreamers tea for her... do I have the ingredients?
Clover Her shop is amazing! So many pretty items. Clover wonders if she ever sleeps, or if all she does all day is make clothing.
Coraline She is so nice, but she looks so tired. I would dearly love to help her, she looks like she needs a lot of good nights rests.
Cristoph I finally met Mistress Petal. I sure hope she's stocking more kid related items soon. These people all keep having babies!
Cullen A very tired, if talented, crafter from the North. A fellow prodigal, so I have an instant desire to want to help her - I know full well what that's like. I'll always lend a hand to those of us who joined the Compact, we know what it is like to be an outsider all too well.
Daemon A former shav with a lovely face and gifted fingers.
Declan Probably one of the most overworked seamstresses in the city, or will be if they look at high quality of her work. I'll shamelessly add to her load, and she seems too polite to say no.
Delilah A thoughtful young woman. Though her voice may get lost in a crowd, it chooses words carefully, and that's a respectable talent. Besides, she's a friend of Silas' and I can't help but feel extremely at ease with her presence around.
Denica The best seamstress in the city! There is nowhere else I'd rather go
Derovai Wallflowers tend to be overlooked. She really should bloom more confidently.
Dominique It is always the quiet ones who claim they can't grr or rawr that have the loudest and most powerful roar.
Duarte Very helpful and talented. Charming and simple.
Echo I'm looking forward to be wearing some of Petal's work. She's one of the best seamstresses in town through word of mouth, and she is awful sweet. I hope I can try out some of her homemade mead soon!
Eithne A quiet seamstress who also happens to make a lot more stuff than just clothing. I have purchased a couple of stockings from her. Shh, don't tell my sister! I look forward to seeing what kind of work we can do together.
Eleyna One of the most talented crafters in Arx, if not the Compact. I count myself lucky to be her patron and able to help her with whatever her future plans may be. As for controversy, well, it makes me like her even better that she's willful and opinionated along with all that talent.
Elgana A lovely and sweet woman with a great many talents. I truly look forward to spending more time in her shop, learning about all her.
Emilia She grows flowers! I love flowers! When she invited me to her garden, I was so happy.
Estil Quiet but sweet, the skilled seamstress's talents are highly lauded. I do hope to avail myself of her skills in the near future.
Fatima Sweet seamstress with the pride of the shavs. She carries herself with dignity and honor.
Faye She seems like a nice young woman, though perhaps she should avoid wearing antlers indoors.
Ferrando A slight and polite person with a remarkably singular artistic vision. A lot of people I know are fans of her work. I feel like I'm not really her target market, though.
Fianna A lovely, quiet soul. I wouldn't mind meeting her for tea again.
Fortunato Perceptive, lonely, restless. Vivid memory. Good traits in an artist of any sort. Will lead her to see her clients clearly. I hope it will also lead her to see ways to adapt to her environment or, why not, make it adapt to her.
Galen Ah, the one whom I would have laid my life down for. A pleasure to finally meet her, it seems she might be able to help me dress better too!
Gareth A tailor. She seems competent enough. Perhaps. She'll do.
Gaston Some might see a simple seamstress, but it takes resilience to flee your home and start anew amongst a different culture. Even more so to prosper and thrive. On another note, I think I'll have to see about purchasing a pair of those trousers. They're even in the family colours.
Gianna She gave me a lovely lyre solely because I could play music. My first experience with the unexpected generosity of Arx.
Gwenna Mistress Petal is a seamstress. Our paths happened to cross at an Open Court gathering, which lead to me inquiring about her work and shop. Judging by the tunic she was wearing, of her own make, she is quite talented! Hopefully she will be able to take a few commissions once I am more settled and her schedule allows.
Ignacio She is a pleasant seamstress with a fascination in flowers. It seems like we could likely have interesting conversations in the future.
Iseulet Is it safe to say I'm her biggest fan? I'm her biggest fan. The woman is a marvel.
Jaerith Lovely lady. I may need to spend some time up north if I can sneak away from duties. I could learn a bit from her in the land of adult beverages.
Jeffeth A soft spoken baker. She seems like a nice sort. She gave me pie.
Jordan A nice seamstress with a gentle touch and a want to do more for people. It's always good to see someone contribute in such ways. Heartwarming.
Joscelin There are depths to this artist, stubborn in the best ways, brilliant at her work. I'm proud to have her as a peer.
Joslyn She is one of the finest seamstresses I've ever met, pretty and simply charming. I hope we get to know each other!
Kaldur Poor thing, she doesn't look like she's slept in a week. I hope she gets some rest soon.
Killian She's tiny! A good seamstress though, and extremely polite and kind. I look forward to seeing and wearing her work!
Lailah A lovely woman, and a wonderful talent. I would love to know her better, and maybe get a few more dresses from her!
Laric Apparently, THE tailor. Cara will be the judge of that (mostly because Laric has no fashion sense).
Leona I bought things in a hasty shopping trip from this woman's store. I still don't know her well, but she came to the ceremony to honor Mangata, and so I am glad I gave her some of my money - and am glad to meet her. Perhaps one day I'll even unbend enough to talk to her about an actual dress that isn't hastily bought. That might be too far for me for a while though. I wonder if she makes gambesons.
Lorenzo A soft-spoken young woman. Shared a drink at the Murder. I enjoyed talking with her, and I hope to meet up with her again.
Lucita Friendly and very talented seamstress, enjoyable company!
Lydia That seamstress, whose things adorn my closet so frequently... she carries a bow, and clearly knows how to use it! I can't say I wasn't surprised!
Maeve I have seen the work she does in her shop. She has so much talent! I do adore her work. Though, with so many shops that she runs, it is a wonder she hasn't worn herself thin!
Marcas A pleasant little seamstress...but a shav. Harmless, I'm sure, but the memories never do fade, do they? I shall give her a chance, warily.
Margerie I have a great admiration for those whose craft is their passion. She can pick out her design from across the room and be entirely consumed by the sight of another artisan's work that she appreciates. Petal is one of those craftspeople.
Merek %bMerek thinks Petal is a bit sheepish, but she seems to be overall a nice woman. He doesn't know much about her, but he has heard of her reputation within the shop he visits, and very much likes her craft quite a bit.
Michael A fine pie-maker. And clothing maker. And carpenter. I'm beginning to wonder what this woman isn't good at.
Mirari Sweet little thing. Her clothing is excellent, though she seems a little bit shy.
Mirari A sweet and kind little soul, I may have to avoid her, simply because I don't want to be the one to teach her wicked things.
Mydas Came at an unfortunate time, to find Tallius on the floor after convincing himself he just HAD to down the entire bottle of the vodka I kept warning everyone about. We'll see if that colours future contacts, I can't say I know much of her otherwise. Something that may change in the future.
Naomi She sure likes clothes. Followed by a little dog, too. Why is everyone in this city followed by a menagerie? And why does she want to sew in a battle arena?
Norwood She is not one to set herself out there loudly. I only hope she does not work herself into that state of exhaustion too very often.
Otakar A delightful daughter of the North, an example of how we can integrate shav'avarni into society and they will become part of it, contributing their own culture and skills. I am glad I met her, and look forward to speaking to her in the future.
Prisila A young maiden with self-esteem issues perhaps? Or did someone shatter her confidence. It's disappointing to see but that gentleman was so apt in stating how her contributions are indeed appreciated.
Rinel Shav'arani. Quiet. Hasn't mastered common yet. I like her. I think.
Roxana I'd heard that she was talented. That she is talented /and/ has navigated the waters of Arx so well, I was less aware of. She mingles with the highest of society and never appears uncomfortable.
Ryhalt Seems not the usual sort for a tailor, what with falling off of mountains and the bow, but seems to know Jack and appears to be a pleasant sort.
Sabella She's lovely and sweet, but while she might work with silk there's steel there yet.
Saedrus I have met Mistress Petal Penrose on multiple occasions, either in the Grotto baths or during many different events throughout the city. I have seen her art on display, which is fabulous, and only ever seen her working diligently. I should like to know her better in future and really must visit her shop on occasion.
Samael She seems like a kind woman. Perhaps a bit abused by her clients. If I ever need anything tailored I know the type of behavior she doesn't appreciate now.
Saoirse This woman apparently travels around with pies. Saoirse does not understand.
Sasha An amazing seamstress and my favorite one within Arx.
Saya Nice, but she's clearly a spider.
Sebastian A crafter of lovely designs. Curious that she isn't more concerned about damage for her shop.
Sergei Daydreamer, by the look of her, and from the wilds of the North she reckons. The accent rings familiar, sounds like she gets her business in sewing, maybe she can fix up my shirts for me.
Shard Tailor. Prodigal? Victus used the language to talk to her, but I didn't catch a reply. And Fatima kept going on about her skills.
Sorrel This is the seamstress who made me a set of silks with musical notes on them, and I absolutely love them. I just never met her before now. She is polite, pleasant, and lovely, and all I want to do is give her money for more pretty things. She clearly has a creative mind and excellent taste in beautiful things.
Sparte A very talented craftsman, with a new patron from the sound of it. I wonder what happened to her old one?
Talen Mistress Petal makes every garment that Eleyna brings home to surprise him. While a usually dour man, sullen and brooding, he'll make time for Petal if only to ensure an uninterrupted sigh of garters, stockings and other meticulously crafted underwear.
Tarik She was called Mistress Seamstress by a Princess. She had a shav accent, and I thought she was from Halfshav, but she wasn't. She was a refugeee, when she seem to be a bit shy in confessing. It might be my imagination. She told where I could get a trunk, and perhaps I will see her about getting some more clothes and try one of her pies. From her conservation with the Princess, she seems to be very skilled, and very humble.
Tarrant Polite and demure, with a great talent for her craft. An entirely pleasant individual, and a rare one: my sister is incredibly picky in her tailors.
Tesha As shy and sweet as anything. It works for her, others seem thankfully willing to make the little dear safe.
Tessa I really do think she can make anything.
Thena Very sweet. I hope she stays clear of Mags. She seems to know her stuff about tailoring so maybe I can hit her up for a dress when I have some extra cash.
Theodoric A mysterious and troubled weaver with a worrying spirit in need of the courage that can be found at the end of a difficult decision or an the bottom of a large bottle.
Theron A good businesswoman, pleasant, and polite. She needed some writs and I was happy to provide them. Looking forward to more business in the future, and perhaps drinking some of that brandy I promised.
Torian Seamstress. Working on it right there in the Murder. Angered a bunch of silks once, so she's got that going for her.
Valarian A talented little seamstress! Cute, too. Seems rather shy, but I'm sure she's lovely company nonetheless. I'll chat with her and find out since I need clothes anyways. Maybe a glass of whiskey or two would make her more talkative.
Valery Petal seems nice and happy. And sweet. She's sewing almost each time I see her.,
Vanora I do hope Mistress Petal is doing alright...and that she has people able to help care for her.
Venturo A brewer, a maker of one of the finest meads I've had in some time. I'll have to follow up and visit her place of business.
Verity She seems an amiable sort. Kept a level head, considering just how oddly folk were behaving, throwing money around and so forth. She has a shop - and it has a swing!
Veronica She seems like a nice, friendly little seamstress who does good work with dresses. The curious thing about her though is her shav accent; is she a recent prodigal?
Victus A shav with a talent for pretty things. If it makes my cousin happy, I'll be happy too. Just hope she doesn't suggest a pretty dress for me next.
Violet A soft spoken crafstwoman with a passion for flowers. I think we may get along very well. We spoke of hiring her to make me a new dress. I wonder if she will let me go and lay in her wildflower garden when I'm stuck in Arx in the spring and summer?
Warrick Willing to barter. Way too willing to give away free stuff, but. Poor people don't get a whole lot of choice.
Yasmine Named after flowers and as pretty and delicate as one, but I think there is steel beneath the bloom.
Zalika I am curious to see a fellow seastresses work. She is very pleasant and sweet