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Isolde and Alistair's Wedding Reception

Open to friends, family, all of House Velenosa, and anyone willing to bring free drinks. The Lyceum does scandal with style--So be prepared! OOC: Splitting this into two events--The formal actual wedding and then a more lighthearted/free-for all reception. Don't feel bad if you can't make it or can only make it to one. You can feel free to pose having attended both.


Feb. 4, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Isolde Eleyna


Duarte Joscelin Talen Prism Reese Delilah Leona Percephon Calypso Rian Anze(RIP) Cadenza Laric Alarissa Caspian Samael Joslyn Arianna Alistair Donaldo Titania(RIP) Thorley Michael Acacia Derovai Khanne Silvio



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

Alarissa is sans Victus once again, as she tends to be when coming into the ballroom and glancing about the decorations and those who are gathering, already gathered and a glance behind her to see who is about to come. Discreetly, writs are sent off to the one in charge of the raffles and she's soon making her way further in, in serach or libation.

Rian moves inbto the hall, and he did not know anything about the marriage, and he well to be honest was too drunk to be aroused till now, but here he is Prince Rian Velenosa with a smile on his face, and a basket filled with wine, and moving aroudn trying to find the bride and groom, he knows so few of his family is it by choice or misluck one will never know.

Joscelin looks amused, shrugging as she murmurs something to Thorley in reply. She's wearing a beautiful dress made by the Crafter Aaron, who swears to only make clothes for men. She has flowers in her hair over her left ear, gold jewelry that's deceptively simple.

Eleyna enters on Talen's arm, as usual. She laughing low and nuzzling against his neck and shoulder as they enter, murmuring a few words under her breath. Once they cross the threshold from corridor to ballroom, she straightens up, a grin still clinging to her lips as she sweeps into the room with him. Both Archduchess and Archduke are dressed to complement each other in shadowy umbra and ivory aeterna that somehow manages to both flatter her pale looks and his darker at the same time.

Gustaf arrives, following Anze.

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Narses, 6 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Leona.

The ballroom is aflutter with people and servants ad the guests start to filter in. Ticket money is collected, noted, and those curious are directed to peek into the wooden chests and examine the quality of item within. Of course, a guard keeps respectful but close eye on any who linger too long. The bride is a little late, dashing into the room with a crate of books in her arms. They're deposited next to the chests with a long, suffering sigh. It's hard to move things in heels and a wedding dress! Rian gets a dip of her head in acknowledgement as Isolde zooms past, heading towards the doors to greet everyone. "Welcome! I'm so glad to see all of you here."

Michael arrives early, missing the part where the later you arrive the more important you are. He is dressed finely enough, if a bit drab. In a purple tunic with gold piping and a wide open neck with a linen shirt beneath. He spends his errant time examining the raffle rules and hefts a surprising amount of silver to whomever is handling the tickets.

He arrives alone though, accompanied only by Brightroar and Bisland's honor.

Calypso arrives with Anze in to the Ballroom. For once, the General isn't dressed in armor. Well, not completely. An umbra dress elegantly accompanied by rubicund gauntlets and exotic leather boots will do for the upscale evening. She turns to the Duke and asks, "Which dark corner should we post up in for the evening?"

Feeling the squeeze of Joscelin's arm, Thorley murmurs something in response as the knight guides by the raffle baskets and eyes the first gift, and amused smile touching his lips at the presentation of working with Joscelin on a design. "Interesting." he says with a grin towards her before moving to guide her towards one of the tables.

Talen keeps an arm around Eleyna's waist, the ornamental armour of the stygian arm guard wrapping that off-arm. With his other at his back, fist closed, his courtly entrance only lasts until he is being offered a drink for he and his wife. Taking one for Eleyna, the other for himself, he then lifts the cup to his mouth to drink. The quiet murmurs given in return don't stop his gunmetal eyes from wandering, however, as he studies the audience. "It'd be gauche for me to enter the competition, I think, but we should gift some entries to others," he announces to the Archduchess of Lenosia.

Seems Anze has been convinced to dress up for the wedding, not dressed in armor and with a blade like normal, but insted looking properly ducal for the occasion. "Whichever one is closest to the drinks would be my vote."

Rian moves into the back of the room, now and he walks towards a corner to lean against the wall, and then he watches it all for a moment, with a little chuckle with taking it all in for a moment.

Arianna arrives, following Donaldo.

The husband and fresh prince is also present, still wearing his silk outfit from the wedding. The man has no problems allowing Isolde to take the lead with the reception - as hosting parties and galas and balls and the like are far more her forte then his own. If any criminals or demons show up, maybe then he will take over, though Isolde likely has enough energy to take them on as well. He motions his wife over to him as she greets a few guests, seeming to have something to say to her.

Calypso smirks a little. "That shadowy alcove looks close enough to the drinks. Wine or whiskey?" She asks as she starts to head that way.

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Silvio can be heard coming down the hall, clomp clomp clip clip clip, in his fancy shoes, then pauses to take a few slower steps and more elegantly traipse into the room. He is aggressively alone, on the arm of no one, though the sly look in his eyes and how he holds his hand, palm up, as he arrives, declares he probably doesn't intend to leave that way. He bows his head to those his equal, and everyone gets a luring smile as long, dark curls bob with his motions.

"It is a Lycene wedding, so wine I suppose" Anze says as the pair head for the alcove to post up in.

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A woman enters the ballroom alone. She is a contrast of colors; black, sensuous velvet gown, pale skin revealed artfully, and wine-red hair set off by garnet jewels. Some, perhaps, might have to do a double take to see that the woman dressed this way is none other than the usually (as one person might put it) slightly-barbaric looking woman, Khanne. She looks around to see who is where, and what is what.

Calypso waves a hello as she spots Khanne coming in to the ballroom. She stops a passing waiter and takes up to glasses of wine, handing one to Anze. "You drink first." She says with a faint smirk.

Joscelin is led to a scandalous couch, trying not to glare at Thorley as he's done so, but takes a seat with all the dignity she can muster. Hmph.

Anze takes a sip of the offered wine without much question when Calypso hands the glass to him "ah, shame, its just covered in poison."

Until the music starts and others are invited to dance, Thorley doesn't find a table, but there are plenty of couches to choose from, so that is where he leads Joscelin, before giving her an innocent look as he takes a seat with her to look out over the others.

"Damn." Says Calypso at the comment about the wine being poisoned. She tilts back her glass and takes a sip. "Absolutely ruins the subtle notes."

Donaldo arrives to the reception just about as late as he was to the ceremony, but give the more relaxed nature of receptions he feels no need to sneak this time. This is good, because his outfit makes up for the decorations lack of gaudiness. His attire is some sort of silk robe from some culture not well known to the Compact. Fine embroidery covers it in a maze of bright colors all interlocking with each other. A natural tone of linen pants and shirt peek from under the robe at the ankle, wrist, and collar while his silk slippers are a middle ground of merely being bright without the headache inducing pattern. Thankfully the young woman on his arm, Arianna, has the sense to wear black and not compound the visual noise.

Eleyna and Talen each get smiles as Isolde steps to welcome them, still dressed in lace and aeterna. "Buying are you? And who is the lucky person it's being gifted to?" She'll ask, raising an eyebrow. Then her attention flits to wave at Calypso and Anze! Another nod to Khanne, and a tilt of the head to invite her over. A wave for Joscelin and Thorley, who spots belatedly.

Joslyn has her arm looped through Delilah's, leaning into her with a shared cloak wrapped around them both to shield from the cold. Regardless of whether Delilah is tolerant of the cold, Joslyn seems eager to steal all of Joslyn's body heat, eagerly. A gentle sigh escapes her lips as she looks around, entering with Samael in tow as well. "Shall we sit? Dance?" Joslyn wonders.

Rian watches everything from his hidden corner, and he then opens one of the bottles of wine in the basket, to sip it quickly with a little chuckle, hidding himself as well as he can in the shadows.

Talen raises a hand to Isolde but for the moment he's leading Eleyna off towards towards one of the couches, calling out only, "Anyone who catches my eye, I imagine," he proposes to his sister, as he moves to slink into the Immorality couch, looking to Eleyna and quipping a smirk, as if to say 'what?'.

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Titania comes walking into the Ballroom her eyes widen slightly as its her first time to something like this, she breaths deeply as she is wrapped in her cloak but one can see she is not dressed in dress but knee high flat leather boots and leather pants with a nice silk shirt that hangs off her shoulders and a simple silver band that lays on her forehead that goes across it.Her ocean blue eyes look around taking everyone and everything in as she moves in further.

Khanne smiles towards Calypso and Anze, lifting her hand in a bright wave. She sees Thorley leading Joscelin to a couch and a lopsided grin takes over. "Still enjoying your prize, I see," she says to him with a nod, then smiles cheekily to Joscelin, adding a wink. She continues to greet those she knows,, one by one; Alarissa, Leona, Samael, Arianna, Eleyna, Talen, Joslyn, Titania... and others. She seems quiet cheerful as she makes the rounds, saving Isolde and Alistair for a time she can greet them more personally.

Nods to Khanne and Eleyna, recognizing some familiar faces before looking back to Calypso with a smirk "absolute shame isn't it?"

Anze says ^

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, 1 Grayson Guardsmen arrive, following Reese.

Eleyna's somewhat cheerful expression darkens at Talen's little quip. She sighs and mutters as she is led away, "One night without provoking. Just a night."

Leona steps into the ballroom - she's solo tonight, but dressed for a fine evening out. She looking around, her eyes landing on Eleyna and Talen and the hint of a grin flickers across her lips even as she lets her gaze focus on Isolde and Alistair instead. She moves over to them then, giving them a smile and a slight bow - even in a dress she doesn't curtsey. "Congratulations, both of you. I wish you many joyful years together."

Enter one tall and lithe figure in monochrome with a few exceptions. Hands clasped behind his back, dark eyes owlish behind the lenses of his glasses. The edge of Percephon's mouth twinges upward, wry, and he still considers the ballroom with a measure of trepidation before he moves away from the doorway after he has offered a slight now to the room. Next, he is seeking out a glass of something dark - something that can masquerade convincingly as wine. A sip of it confirms that he chose poorly, because it /is/ wine.

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With a quick glance across the room, Delilah wiggles her fingers out to those whom she recognizes and she leans in to share a whisper with Joslyn. "I haven't had enough drinks in me to start dancing." Samael is given a gentle nudge and she asks with a hint of tease in her voice, "So, am I gonna have to fight you for those books?"

Oh good. Bislands! Michael shoots away from the raffle table to stop wondering if it was really best to do what he had done, and instead seek to catch up to Samael, Joslyn and Delilah as they come in. "Uncle, Ladies. Its good to see you all again. Do you mind if I join with you for the festivities?"

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Joscelin smiles at Isolde, waving to the beautiful bride, then wrinkles her nose at Khanne for the wink but she looks to pleased to mean anything but mischief. She watches the comings and goings of the reception, eager to see who's here, and who will win the raffle gifts.

Calypso raises her glass over towards Isolde and Alistair. "Congratulations. I hope you both enjoy a very long happy marriage." She says from her spot near the wine. Glancing over to Anze she smirks. "Such a shame."

As the room begins to fill with guests, Acacia arrives, too. Clad in curve-hugging leathers, the tall, curvy redhead surveys the ballroom with a big, bold and beautiful smile. There's wink to Isolde if she happens to catch her eye and an upnod to Eleyna and Talen and then she is off again, slipping into the crowd with a sultry swagger in her step and a big smile on her lips.

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Alistair only looks amused as the swirl and chaos of the party as it ramps up takes most of the attention. He does not press for Isolde's attention again, turning to regard more who enter and join the festivites. Calypso is given a bow of his head, "Thank you Lady General." The large man intones, the former Crownsworn also giving a bow of his head to Reese as she arrives. One of the few Graysons to grace their presence since Alistair went over to another House!

Talen gives a brief shake of Eleyna, as if to knock her out of any gloomy glumness, telling her something quiet to her ear. Then, he falls back onto the couch, stretching out. The cast of shadow to keep the edges of the room darker proves favourable, so they're given some level of muted existence unless people come to them explicitly.

Khanne gets a kiss to the cheek as she does a run by greeting of Alarissa, the Thrax Princess spying Leona and raising a hand, but it's Reese that Alarissa spots and moves to her cousins side, offering her arm to the pink Princess

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As soon as they pass the threshold Arianna ceases her idle chatter with Donaldo. She guides Donaldo towards Isolde with the silver bearers in tow. "We brought silver to donate for the children. Juuust gonna....drop" A pause and a grin,"Okay thanks. Love you." She professes before pecking the woman on the cheek, giving a nod to Alistair and Khanne. "My lady, good to see you again." Winks are given to the Bisland crowd and soon enough the blonde girl's heading that way.

Reese arrives while adorned in pink and toting lots of weapons. She moves with this extreme athletic grace. A gentle smile of greeting is given to those gathered here, including to Alarissa and Alistair.

Prism walks into the ballroom with head held high and shoulders back. Her gown trails out behind her in flashes of pink and purple and white, dark blue and light blue and black, points of light that gather together and then spin out again in impossible brilliance. Her dark hair has been braided into a crown, and woven through with chains of dusk stone and star iron, with more of those impossible points of light. Still, she is unaccompanied. No servants, no guards. No entourage. Just a woman in a gown of stars.

Samael laughs as Delilah nudges him. "Seems so," he says. When Michael arrives he nods his head. "Of course, son." When Arianna winks at them he offers her a warm smile. "Good evening, Lady Stonewood." When Prism enters he can't help but look.

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Eventually, there is a suddenly a Percephon that approaches Khanne's right side, offering his arm to her in order to quietly provide an escort to anywhere that she might wish to settle. "Wine?" He murmurs, amused. "It tastes like late summer. If I drink any more of it, I'll wind up forgetting that it's fermented."

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Even when talking to Joscelin, Thorley can't help to have a moment of glancing at Prism and her arrival. Though when Joscelin speaks to him, the knight's attention returns to her.

Joslyn wiggles her fingers towards Michael. "Of course, Lord Michael," Joslyn smiles warmly towards him. "I could use a few more drinks as well," Joslyn admits, leading Delilah to settle down on one of the couches, taking some wine with her.

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Dipping her head to Leona, Isolde grins and lightly curtsys. It's hard to do it proper in such an unwieldy dress. "Thank you. I'm certainly hoping we will." She'll wrap an arm around Alistair's waist, leaning close to him. Then as a servant runs up to mutter something into the princess' ear, she'll announce loudly--"Tickets are still for sale! I will announce when they are closing. I'm grateful for all the interest and the money we'll be raising for children in need." Then Arianna passes with such a large load of silver and she stops to thank her, looking grateful if harried. "Thank you so much. And it's wonderful to see you here."

The princess sucks in a breath as if to say something more--when she spots Prism. Isolde's face lights up, her smile growing bigger by the second. She'll give Alistair a kiss on the cheek before drifting over to Prism with a grin. "You made it!" She'll say. "We have plenty of cake."

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Donaldo is demoted from leading Arianna to following along. He's all smiles and politeness as the large charitable gift is dropped off with the wedding party. He follows closely as he is next led over to meet these Bislands he has heard so much about.

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Alistair accepts the kiss, though follows in Isolde's wake to greet Prism. "Rest assured I did not claim all the cake, despite the rumors and propaganda. Isolde, I do not believe you have ever properly introduced the two of us...?" The man remarks with a raised eyebrow to his wife, which then turns to regard Prism.

Rian watches it all, so many unkown faces, and so muc hgoing on then he takes another long swig of the wine bottle, hidding in his corner with a shake of his head, and a lick of his lips, as he slides out a hanky to wipe his mouth.

Leona pauses and turns as Prism enters - who could miss a woman cloaked in stars? She bows - a slightly deeper bow this time, and gives the Seraph of Skald a warm smile before making her way over to where Talen and Eleyna sit. "Do you mind if I join you," she asks politely even as she takes a seat on the couches with them. Maybe her timing's off.

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Titania smiles giving Khanne and finger wave and moves to find a place to sit seeming a bit out of place but she keeps a smile on and places her hands in her lap.

"Wine, yes please," Khanne smiles to Percephon, taking his glass from him. "I will drink the summer for you. Where shall we sit?" She smiles then stops her steps to gaze upon Prism. She doesn't even try to hide her awe.

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Derovai heads in, in the wake of a woman in a gown of stars. Hard to follow up on that, clearly; the black-clad figure stares for a long moment at the woman, before he looks away, scanning the crowd for someone. He spots Silvio and shoots him a quick, easy smile, and a little upward flick of his silk-gloved hand, staying right where he is by the door at first and waiting to be greeted. His gaze goes back to Prism, his mouth gaping just a little bit before he realizes and shuts it firmly.

Duarte slinks in from the main hall. He is immiedately approached by half a dozen servants hoping he will select edible delights from their tray over others. Sadly, he waves each of them off - in a pleasant fashion.

Calypso finishes her glass of wine and leans in to murmur something to Anze. There seems to be a bit of discussion, but eventually the Ducal couple make a stealthy exit back out of the ballroom.

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Prism answers the bow Leona offers her with a bow of her own. Even women cloaked in stars show respect -- when they wish to. Respect gives way to affection as Isolde approaches her, and as she gathers her into the embrace of her arms just the same. "Of course," she says. "I'd travel across worlds for you." She pulls Isolde back at arm's length, just far enough to get a good look at her. "Look at you," she breathes. "The most beautiful thing in this room. Your heart's aglow!"

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Silvio notices Derovai at once and sweeps up with the clips of his fancy shoes to wave at the guards, "He's with me." Once he's at the man's side, he grins broadly, "Ohhh so glad you came. Now..." he gestures to the couches, "How much trouble do you want to get in? Or...would you rather watch from one of those daaark corners?" He truly seems to be in a fine mood. Nothing like a party to lift all his spirits. He notices Prism and clears his throat a little. Hard to compete with that, but he will certainly give it a shot!

Donaldo is looking all around as he follows Arianna to her destination. He takes some of the lead back when he gets to the big seating area with the Bislands. He helps guide the umbra clad lady to one end of the seating, giving her the comfort of the arm while he settles down next to her. The room is that much quieter with half of the very loud design on his robe being pressed into the furniture.

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Duarte does grab a glass of wine and makes his way through the crowd. He spends some little time admiring the decor before deciding to sit. When he does, he chooses to sink into the decadent couch - which seems to swallow him whole.

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"Not compared to you!" Isolde teases, glancing back at Alistair as she's embraced with a grin. Extending a hand, she'll gesture him over. "Prism." A cheeky flourish of her hand towards the glittering woman follows her words. "Alistair, my new husband." This time she'll gesture in the newly made prince's direction. "All introduced. Though, you both should grab seats while I finish up here." She'll bite her lip, looking back at the growing number of ticket sales. "Get some cake and I'll join you in a moment."

Isla, a small silver fox, Caspian arrive, following Cadenza.

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Proper introductions! Simple and straight forward - Prism here is Alistair and Alistair here is Prism. The man gives a nod to his wife, "Go go. If you need any help just wave for me..." he tells her as Isolde's attention is pulled once more in another direction. Soon Alistair's attention returns to Prism, staring at her for a moment in that manner he does. "A pleasure..." he remarks to Prism with a bow of his head.

Derovai scoffs a little at Silvio's reply, not unkindly. "No trouble at all tonight. Get me a drink?" A bright grin at Silvio, and he settles on a couch, at least having the marginal grace not to sprawl upon it. Just barely, though. He settles to wait for the Velenosa prince to return with at least one drink -- and maybe two! -- with his gloved fingers steepling before him and his gaze taking in the crowd.

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Titania smiles as she moves over to the table with Arianna, "May I?" he asks softly looking between everyone a polite smile given to each person.

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Reese wanders over to the chests, looking at the items and her attention seems drawn to that war horse with lots of pink ribbons. "Well I know what tickets I am buying." She says half to herself. She looks all adorned for battle despite it being a wedding reception. Her gaze is drawn to Prism's starlight and she tries not to stare, tries anyways. The more empathic would notice her all impressed look though. Reese then has another smile for the pride for bride and groom, she looks happy for them.

On the arm of Caspian, Cadenza made her way into the reception of her cousin's reception. Leaning over she would smile to Caspian as she gave a whisper then looked back around. Those blue eyes would look around to see who to harass first. She was a bit late due to some work but better late than never!

"Brides are without comparison," Prism reassures Isolde. "They shine on their wedding nights like bright stars." A pause. "I assume, but I've never had a wedding night," she adds. She reaches out to grip Alistair's hand in greeting, a hand shake that that strikes strong and firm, like she's near well invited him to a wrestling match. "Lead the way?" she asks him. "Your choice."

Silvio bows his head, seems bemused, then heads towards the beverage table to fetch a few glasses. One for himself, one for Derovai. Thats when he spots Cadenza...and like a child trying to avoid the gaze of the parent, he practically /darts/ across to the couch again and takes a seat beside Derovai, smooth enough not to spill the wine all over himself, /yet/.

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Rian sips his wine from the bottle, and then he steps out of it liquid courage, and then he walks around slowly, trying to find someone that he knows, or totally by themselves. His eyes are light up with the pleasure of the wine, and then he looks at a few people.

Caspian is escorting Cadenza to the party, arm held out for Cadenza to hold, the man not really looking like he's dressed for a noble's party, with leather armor and the like. His eyes scan the room, watching it curiously, spotting man he knows, many he do not, smiling wide before he whispers back to Cadenza.

Reese looks over to Rian as he sips from the bottle of wine. "A whole bottle. You remind me of my husband." She says in his direction.

The prodigal man, now Prince, gives a little grunt of surprise at the strength of the woman's grip. That is... quite the grip. He nods his head in agreement as Isolde flitters off and the man leads the other guest to one of the empty couches within the ballroom. He hasn't gotten use to whatever 'nicknames' the couches have, so his choice is pretty much based solely on... color? Location? Comfort? Regardless he takes a seat with Prism, though his eyes occasionally drift to watch Isolde closely.

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Cadenza of course caught her brother's shenanigans. Rolling her eyes playfully she would smirk as she tugged Caspian over then. Sashaying up to where her dear brother Silvio was....she'd raise a brow. "Are you working on your acrobatics, brother of mine?" Looking to Derovai she would smirk then as she nodded. "Nice to see you too...."

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Rian walks towards Reese sips his wine quickly, with a little chuckle and then he looks up with a wide smile."I'm Lord Rian Velenosa, and I don't think we have had the pleasure yet." His bottle brought to his lips again with a little sip.

Acacia drifts through the crowd and settles herself against the wall. A little nod offered to Derovai as he passes through and another wink to Delilah and Josyln as they settle on the couches. Reaching out she secures a drink from a passing servant, but holds off taking as sip as her dark eyes scan the crowd quietly, a hand causally resting on the hilt of wicked looking blade tied up all pretty with a peacebond.

Prism follows after Alistair, with a soft swish of silk, with a glimmer here and there -- in her skirts, in her hair -- with a twinkle of the chains at her ear. "Ohhh, interesting," she says, as if the couch she's chosen has some deeper meaning, some palpable significance.

Derovai says something to Silvio, a little distractedly. But as Cadenza and Caspian approach the couch, he offers them a nod, and gives Cadenza an all too friendly little wave and a smile. He does, however, motion her and Caspian to the couch as well, sipping his wine and leaning back, content to watch. Acacia's nod gets one of his own in return.

Thorley checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Reese smiles over to thsoe on the libertine couch, seeming to know many there. She even waves in their direction. She then smiles over to the trio of Eleyna, Talen and Leona. Reese turns her attention to Rian a moment later. "Oh, I don't think so either." She says in his direction, her attention lingering on the man's bottle and then upon his face. "I'm Princess Reese Grayson, General of the Grayson army and married to Velenosa Prince. Luca. I think he might be your cousin?

After the flood of tickets seems to die down--Isolde takes a few seconds to look over the ticket roster. Then she'll call out, "Last fifteen minutes of ticket sales. And while we wait for stragglers, let's play a quick game. Winner gets one of the stuffed foxes!" The princess will hold up one of them, as an example. "First person to guess the number closest to what I'm thinking of, gets it. One through 100."

Prism says, "27."

Talen says, "8"

Rian smiles for a moment, at Reese and then he bows his head."It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Reese Grayson, there are many cousins of mine here it seems, and I bet you are right. I have yet to meet them all." His voice is soft and then he lifts the bottle to his lips, to sip it down with a little chuckle."There is way too many of us here."

Samael says, "4"

Thorley considers, looking at Isolde. "Seventy-four."

Percephon says, "42."

Joslyn says in Sylv'alfar, "45"

Reese hmms softly "88"

Talen calls out, in the midst of a discussion amongst Eleyna and Leona at his couch, before giving a glance toward Prism, brows raised.

Duarte takes a healthy swallow of wine and then shouts out, "13". He grips the glass with both hands.

Caspian says, "29"

Joslyn says, "45"

Titania says, "22"

Cadenza calls out cheerfully, "69!"

Talen checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 12 higher.

Caspian snaps his fingers at Cadenza when she calls out that number, sighing, "I should have thought of that one."

Donaldo says, "46!"

Delilah says, "95"

Khanne says, "uh... 14!"

Derovai remarks dryly, "100."

Isolde shoots a wary look at Prism, before coughing. "Our first guess was correct! 27." Picking up a hound this time, she'll grin. "Round two or should we try a riddle?"

"So many. You family is quite abundant, but that is a good thing." Reese murmurs as she looks over to Rian. She calls out a number. "My husband drinks a lot too. Too much. He is trying to cut back though. Are you a warrior?" She asks while looking at his rubicund sword.

"Riddle!" proposes Duarte.

Prism hugs the stuffed fox right to her bosom, and looks utterly, pointedly triumphant. So pointed. It's difficult to say where that triumph is pointed, exactly, but make no mistake -- it is. Sharp like a knife.

Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection have been dismissed.

Tale - The Snow Fox have been dismissed.

A Mirror Masked Woman have been dismissed.

Calvary -- A Large Fluffy Hound have been dismissed.

2 Velenosa House Guards have been dismissed.

Talen says to nobody in particular, "Whatever, I didn't even care about the stupid fox."

Joscelin looks to Talen at that, and laughs outright. "Liar!" The Guildmaster might be in her cups. A little. But then maybe not.

Reese looks over to Talen and smiles at his words. "If you say so..." She says playfully in his direction.

"Always second place," Caspian says with another snap of his fingers, moving to take a seat at the couch with the others.

Rian nods slowly at the warrior comment, and then he sips the wine quickly for a moment."Sailor, and warrior is me, and so is my way." He then sips his wine quickly, and then he sips it down for a moment, and then it is empty, and he frowns at the bottle.

Reese seems quite interested when Rian says the word sailor. "Oh, your family must be very happy to have you in compact especially now." She says, her mind seeming on war even at a wedding! She frowns at the empty bottle as well. "Maybe some cake next?" She says as if trying to distract him from more booze. Reese then adds. "Am so epic bad at riddles."

a fire salamander arrives, following Laric.

Rian nods for a moment, with a little lick of his lips for a moment, and then he leans forward towards Reese, with a wink."They have enjoyed this, and my arrival was here for that purpose. It seems war is coming and ships are needed."

Leona looks over from where she sits talking to Talen and Eleyna, and though there's a serious look on her face it evaporates at Prism's very pointedly triumphant look, and she chuckles as the woman of stars hugs the stuffed fox before returning her attention to the conversation at hand.

"It seems like riddles are the crowd's choice." Isolde calls out, tapping a slender finger against her lips. "I am a container with no sides and no lid, yet golden treasure lays inside. What am I?" The princess will finally ask. Seems like she may be stalling for a bit of time.

"An egg," Derovai suggests from the couch, shrugging a bit carelessly.

Cadenza almost called out and looked to Derovai, pouting. "...darn it..."

Duarte was taking a sip of wine just then, but would've totally gotten it right faster if he hadn't been.

Keso, a street urchin arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Reese looks over to Rian. "Yeah, the fleets. I am glad you are here, myself." She says and then turns to Isolde. She looks all thoughtful. So thoughtful, it looks like she is in pain. "A container with no sides and no lid and gold inside..." She echoes, before looking over to Derovai. "Thats sounds right, but maybe there is something else to." Reese seems completely baffled.

Laric arrives in questionably reptilian company. Not really the kind of person you take to your friend's wedding, but then the Master of Questions seems unduly patient with the salamander riding shotgun on his shoulder. He takes a survey of the room, putting on a faint smile, and takes a moment to flag down a servant to carry a promissory note (plus letter) to Isolde, rather than interrupt the ongoing game.

Something -- something that Percephon hears causes him to look sharply over his shoulder, and he hurries off for a drink, laughing.

Meanwhile, at that scandalous couch, Joscelin snorts wine out of her nose and Khanne can be seen covering her mouth in loud laughter.

Once again, first guess has it! "An egg is correct. This one goes to the gentleman over there." And the stuffed hound is safely handed over to Derovai.

Reese looks over to Laric as he arrives. "Damn is he is probably going for the books too." She says of her scholarly cousin. "Prince Laric, if you win the books, can I have the pink stuffed war horse?" She says to the Master of Questions. She then smiles over to Deorvai. "Congrats!"

Joscelin is seen flailing at Khanne and lightly smacking Thorley in the shoulder, coughing and laughing and snorting and it's an awful undignified mess.

Derovai pushes himself up from the couch, laughing at something Silvio said. He strolls casually over to Isolde, taking the stuffed dog casually in gloved fingers and retreating back to the couch. If he has any other reaction to winning other than mild good cheer, it's saved for his companions at the couch.

Rian nods slowly for a moment, with a little chuckle, as he looks at Reese, with a little chuckle."Well then glad your here as well, I find all of us need to stand by each other, all of us." His voice is soft and then he looks around as he takes it in."There is so much to be done though it seems."

Acacia looks a little impressed by Durarte's rather quick wit, and even more so now blase he is about it.

Thorley is goig to sit there and be dignified as Joscelin snorts wine all over his shoulder.

Alistair, the new prince and husband of the night, is sitting with Prism on one of the many couches spread throughout the ballroom. As Laric enters the party the man bows his head towards him in greeting. Or is he bowing his head to the Salamander? Who knows, the Inquisition has more then a few oddities to it. Maybe the Salamander is the true Master of Questions.

Isolde has joined the The Misconduct Couch.

"Reese, if I win any sort of stuffed war horse, it's going to Petra." Laric calls towards his cousin wryly, starting over towards the couch Alistair, Prism and Isolde are on. "You're more than welcome to trade with her for it, though. She's fond of her horses." As he nears the couch, he turns his smile, faint as it is, on to the three sat there. "Congratulations on your wedding, Your Highness-- Alistair? Has anyone had the privilege of calling you that yet? And it's pleasure to see you again, Prism," he adds, not last but least. The salamander chirps a low, respectful greeting to the woman in the gown of stars as well-- then promptly hops off Laric's shoulder and on to Alistair, a bubble of excitement.

Laric's donation has Isolde raising a few eyebrows. She'll smile brightly and get that sorted before returning to the center of the room. "Last call for tickets--I see a few of you gathering the silver now. And one more riddle, this time for the last fox!" Tired of walking on heels all night, the princess will head over to the Misconduct Couch to sit. "What flies when it’s born, lies when it’s alive, and runs when it’s dead?"

"A snowflake. It starts in the sky, falls to the ground, then melts into water." Thorley offers from his seat.

Leona suddenly waves over at Laric from where she sits on the couch. Or maybe she's waving at the salamander. Probably both.

Reese leans over to whisper to Rian. It is probably is something war related or the like. She then looks over to Laric, her cheeks pink like ribbons in her golden locks. "Oh, that makes sense. Well, I have lots of toys to trade for. Here is hoping." She says, her words more playful than anything. She then looks over to Isolde at the ridden. "Hmmm..."

Alistair rises up half way off the couch as Laric approaches and greets him. He blinks as the honorific is attached to him, "No. You are the first. Though I am not sure how soon I will get use to it. Alistair reaches out a hand to assist the lizard in his acrobatic feat. He seems amused by the creature, and shares a smile with it. Multiple smiles in a single day! This is quite the occasion for the prodigal born man.

And once again, first try! "I'm afraid I need to find some harder riddles." Isolde says with a soft chuckle. She'll hand the fox off to one of the servants, who in turn delivers it over to Thorley. "In a minute, I'll announce the winner of the Fashion Forwards Bundle!"

Prism doesn't rise (half way or otherwise) at Laric's approach, but lifts her glass of wine in answer. That glass is half-drained already -- and she hasn't had it very long at all.

Duarte nods in agreement about needing harder riddles, and takes another sip of his wine. He does seem rather excited to know who wins the Fashion Bundle though.

Reese looks excited at the talk of winners being announced. She gives Rian another smile and then goes off to gather up a plate of food.

Rian nods slowly, as he moves towards the door quickly, and he is going to slip out, now that everyone is distyracted.

Rian has left the Shadowy Corner.

"Ah, give it a year and you'll either expect it or be aggressively reminding people not to use it," Laric replies to Alistair. The salamander is all over him, climbing up his arms and over his shoulders to nose his neck and jaw affectionately-- with just a brief pause to chirp a definite hello at Leona, lost in the din of the room. It's around the same time Laric lifts a hand to return her greeting, which is yet another hint that the Inquisition may actually be ran by a lizard man. "Anyway," he says as his attention returns to the new prince, smiling wryly. "Sit back down and enjoy yourself. It's not every day you get married. I'll leave Salvadore with you three for a spell and mingle." He draws away.

Isolde has rolled 1 187-sided dice: 104

Thorley checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

The room takes a collective inhale of suspense.....

Well, Duarte does at least.

After a long pause, Isolde gets up from her seat at the couch--tiredly-- and calls out, "And the winner is Lady Joslyn!" Her tone is chipper as the servants grab the wooden chest and prepare it to be carried off. "I hope you enjoy this lovely collection of items."

Joscelin hoots and applauds. "Congratulations, Joslyn!"

Reese cheers when Joslyn is announced as the winner. "Yay, Lady Joslyn, congrats." She says in her direction.

With fingers curled around his wine glass, Duarte soft claps against his palm with his free hand.

s "Congrats!!!" Cadenza cheered out as she then looked around. She had no all.

Arianna claps for Joslyn with a private smile just for her,"Congratulations my lady."

Alistair lets out a grunt in regards to Laric and his prediction of how Alistair will handle the future, though the additional guest is welcomed by the man. The little lizard gets a run of his finger along his back and a little flick of his tail before he settles on his hand and Alistair makes introductions between the salamander and the women at the couch.

Khanne might be seen pouting briefly, but then she smiles and applauds. "Congratulations Joslyn, you very lucky woman you."

Titania smiles and claps her hands together for Joslyn as she is named winner.

When the fox arrives, Thorley studies the little plush animal and considers it. Then as he hands it over to Joscelin as a gift to her, he speaks to her simply in a metered rhyme.

"The fox is not an evil kind.

She's just mostly misunderstood.

She's not a dangerous canine

And at times she can be quite good."

"You've heard that she's conniving\,

But she tells me it's not true\,

She is just a fun-long thing\,

Who has a heart that is true blue."

"But she also likes to snuggle.

That's one subject we both agree.

I'm glad she chose me to nuzzle\,

When you're a hound dog\, such as me."

Michael is overheard praising Thorley for: For Decent-type poems

Joslyn blinks for a moment and rises then to accept the prize. "Wait, what?" Joslyn blinks. "What did I win?" she says, looking then to the prize. She looks then to Michael and smirks a moment. "Okay, 25."

Donaldo pounds his palm on the table before him to join in the congratulations of Lady Joslyn's victory.

Silvio checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Reese goes to make her way toward the Libertine table. She takes a seat there.

Reese has joined the Libertine Table.

Thorley was speaking way too loud, apparently. Joscelin just has that affect on him.

Samael, from the Libertine Table, sits up in his chair and puts his wine glass down as he looks toward Joslyn and then Delilah.

Joscelin accepts the fox with burning cheeks, gold skin more than rosy now. She coughs, fiddles with the fox, looking at it with a small smile, murmuring, "Thank you."

"Congratulations." Delilah gives Joslyn a gentle nudge as the other woman lifts to her feet. "I didn't take part in the raffles," she says with an all so serious tone to Michael, "And instead allowed Joslyn to share in some of my luck."

Leona says something to Eleyna and Talen and then there's Thorley, performing poetry. She looks over and suddenly, inexplicably grin. "Nicely done," she calls to Thorley.

Joscelin pulls the fox up to her face to hide behind it.

"I'll be announcing the next winner shortly! This time for the Out in the woods bundle." Isolde announces!

Isolde has rolled 1 56-sided dice: 46

And Leona's call out is how Thorley realizes that he might be just a little too loud. He and Joscelin might be matching bookends, as the knight has the wit to look more than slightly abashed at being called out on his poetry.

Cadenza would look in the direction of Thorley, brow raised as she then smirked and leaned back to her conversation at the couch.

"And the winner is--Lady Khanne!" Isolde calls out, clapping lightly as the servants rush to arrange everything. "Please write me on whether you wish to have a guard dog or a warhorse."

Joscelin applauds! looking at the Lady Khanne sitting at her couch. "Congratulations!"

Reese smiles as the winner is announced. "Yay, Lady Khanne, congrats." She says in her direction.

Khanne blinks and looks up "Wait, what?"

Percephon inclines his head into his hand, murmuring, "Congratulations, Lady Khanne." A lift of the glass, a sip.

Cadenza applauds then. "Congrats, Lady Khanne!"

Acacia grins and finds a place to leave her untouched drink down and wholeheartedly applauds all the winners thus far. There's a glance to the door and she begins to drift a little closer to the exit.

Alistair suddenly pushes up off the couch, allowing the salamander to rest on his shoulder as he motions for a servant to come forward. The servant carries a medium sized box, which Alistair claims and turns to Isolde. "You have given enough gifts, it is your time to receive one. The stories of when prodigals marry above their station are filled with cliches. The only one that resonated with me was one..." he says as he opens the box and reveals a splendid wolf fur cloak. Those who hunted with the man yesterday will mark the fur of this cloak as coming from the wolf that Alistair returned with after a brief disappearance. "For cold nights such as tonight." He states and holds the cloak in offering.

Titania claps, "Congrats Lady Khanne!" she calls over.

Reese looks over as the cloak is presented and has a gentle smile that touches her blue eyes.

"You have an anonymous donor to thank for that one, Lady Khanne." Isolde adds with a laugh. "They purchased quite a large batch of tickets for you."

Khanne really does seem confused as she is congratulated. She smiles, her cheeks slightly pink. "Uh, thank you... " She smiles a bit more, chuckling softly. She nods to Isolde and says, "okay, I will have to consider this... I will write to you."

Donaldo pipes up, perhaps rudely, from his set, "You are supposed to ensure tonight is a warm night Prince Alistair!"

"Oh!" Khanne says, blushing more. "Uh... " She laughs, seeming rather taken aback. "Thank you... anonymous donor."

Talen seems to sit up as he watches Alistair give that gift of a wolven fur cloak to Isolde, leaning forward, elbows on knees and hands together. "He suffered a gruesome bruise on the hunt, to get you that cloak," Talen calls out to Isolde. "I've seen such a brave hunter..." he insists. "Didn't even cry when he hit that tree on the back of a horse. Great huntsman, lousy fucking rider."

Duarte stands long enough to place his empty glass on the tray of a passing server. He then sinks back into the couch.

"They bought quite a few for all redrains who entered." Isolde will add, gesturing for the servants to bring her the final raffle box.

Arianna has left the Libertine Table.

Standing up, Isolde eyes Alistair with a look of genuine surprise. And a bit of envy--she should have scripted this! "You're too sweet." She'll murmur, taking the cloak carefully. Slender fingers run across the fur as she examines it with delight. Even Talen's teasing can't dim her smile. "I adore it. Thank you." A kiss is given to her lover, before the princess carefully dons the gift. And twirls, for effect.

Isolde picks up a wooden chest decorated with the midday sun over a meadow.

Isolde picks up a wooden chest decorated with the rising sun.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.

Alistair accepts the kiss, a glance given to Donaldo, amusement on the Prince's face. Talen gets a stare, "I downed the wolf before we bolted off like a band of headless chicken." Alistair shoots back to the former hunt leader. He sniffs slightly, "And it was my arrow that allowed all you savages to easily descend upon the poor beast we were hunting."

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, delivering a message to Duarte before departing.

Reese is overheard praising Isolde for: A lovely bride with a creative wedding

Reese is overheard praising Alistair for: Yay Prince Alistair!

Reese is overheard praising Joscelin for: Best medalians ever!

"Maybe, maybe not," Talen replies with a spread of his hands, "but who can say for sure?" With a short laugh, brief as it is, he then eases back into quiet conversation.

Reese is overheard praising Tikva for: Great Grayson Event, yay!

Donaldo has left the Libertine Table.

Duarte snerks at the message received and waves off the messenger.

Khanne is overheard praising Isolde for: Congratulations on your marriage!

Khanne is overheard praising Alistair for: Congratulations on your marriage!

Prism has left the The Misconduct Couch.

Percephon is overheard praising Isolde.

Percephon is overheard praising Alistair.

Delilah is overheard praising Isolde.

Reese is overheard praising Luca for: won the free-for-all is very nimble!

Delilah is overheard praising Alistair.

Percephon is overheard praising Derovai for: For winning a dog!

"No talk about murder at a charity event." Isolde mutters with a little sigh. Alistair gets a quick hug before she's back to grabbing the final box of raffle tickets. "Alright! Now for the Pen vs the Sword Bundle!"

Reese woots as the next prize is announced.

Isolde has rolled 1 35-sided dice: 17

Michael is overheard praising Isolde for: For a fantastic wonderful wedding.

Isolde has rolled 1 140-sided dice: 104

"And the final raffle winner of the night is Princess Reese!" Isolde announces, clapping her hands softly. A smile is thrown Reese's way.

Duarte slinks off to the little Count's room - but will likely return.

Duarte has left the Decadent Couch.

Reese checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.

Reese hears her names being called and she looks excited, really excited! She jumps to her feet and woots. "Yay!" This if far from dignified. "Thank you Princess Isolde." She says, finally recovering herself a little bit. Her cheeks are pink and her blue eyes are bright.

Isolde picks up a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Reese gets a large stuffed warhorse with too many ribbons from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

As Reese's name is called and her excitment bubbles up, even Alistiar has little out an amused little sound. He gives a slight smile and nod to the Grayson Princess as she claims her victory.

Hopping up, Cadenza would whistle then. "Way to go Princess Reese!!"

"No, thank you for donating! And for having always been a good cousin." Isolde will add with a grin. "Now, we have one last hound left over. Riddles seem a bit old, so anyone up for a bit of dancing?"

Eleyna glances at Talen and tugs on his hand, murmuring, "Come dance with me."

Reese gets the ribbon adorned war house from the chest, seeming all pleased with such. She has another smile for Isolde.

Caspian gives a small nod of his head back to Cadenza before rising to his feet, lifting two fingers up. "I'll dance for that hound. I'm feeling lucky," he says back to Bride Isolde with a grin given her way. He looks over to Cadenza, asking the woman, "You gonna dance?"

Caspian checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Michael checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Joscelin checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Thorley checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Isolde offers her hand to Alistair, raising an eyebrow. "Want to give them all a terrible wedding dance and scuff my shoes?"

Joslyn stands from the table, looking at Delilah with a mischevious smile on her lips. "Come on, lets dance!" Joslyn insists. "We've been sitting all night!" She sways a little as she rises, having imbibed plenty of wine in the interim, clearly a little drunk.

Joslyn checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Talen finishes what he's saying at the couch and then, after a moment, he rises full and steps into a tradition Lycene opening to escort his wife to the dance floor. "Very well, your grace," he extends. "Shall we?"

Delilah checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Reese looks over to Titania. "Would you do me the honor of dancing with me, Lady Titania?"

Rising from his seat with Joscelin, Thorley leads the Guildmaster onto the floor. Slipping his arm around the woman's waist, the other settled on her shoulder so that they can speak closely. Then his knight training starts to show in the form of proper etiquette as he starts to lead Josie across the floor.

Alistair takes Isolde's hand, pushing himself off of the couch and already pulling her onto the dance floor. "You look exhausted. Just stand on my shoes and I will pretend we're both dancing." he offers to his wife.

Rises from the couch, for a moment, and he looks over at the others that are leaving their seats to dance. Percephon considers Khanne levelly and straight-faced, before he attempts to dance right where he is standing.

Caspian grabs Cadenza's hand when she doesn't answer him, telling her, "Come on, dance with me!" He says with a little laugh, beckoning her with his other hand. "Gulp your wine down and lets get movin'!"

Delilah might've had a bit too much to drink. As she was helped out of her seat, she swayed and grinned wide at Joslyn. "This is going to be terrible." The Whitehawk woman swept her hair back and took Joslyn's hand in her own - Clearly for balance and with no proper attempt at dancing.

Percephon checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

"I'm so glad I married you." Isolde says with a chuckle, following him onto the floor. Decidedly tired looking--but still smiling.

Isolde checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Cadenza almost dropped that glass but managed to sit it down. There was a squeak as she was dragged onto the dance floor. "Caspian! I don't...I don't dance!! I sail!" Laughing she would let her self be tugged along then.

Derovai stays seated, still carrying on the conversation he's having at the couch. Not dancing. He winces a little at some less than stellar efforts at dancing, hiding whatever other reaction might come with a sip of his wine, which he's still nursing. That hound dog sits on the couch by his side quite peacefully.

Joslyn giggles and nods. "The worst," Joslyn agrees. "But I want to dance with you," she says, getting herself close to her beloved, wiggling her body near and not terribly dancing, but really as far as competition goes, this was likely just an excuse to get close to Delilah for a bit.

Acacia leans back against the wall as suddenly most are up and dancing. She takes a decisive step back from the crowd giving them more room than is likely required.

Percephon stumbles over his own feet and lands back on the couch, nods once. "Moves," he murmurs seriously. "I still have none of them."

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Joscelin has joined the Ballroom Floor.

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Reese watches the dancing with joy, but she seems a bit slow about getting out on the floor herself, maybe she is still really excited about the raffle win.

Thorley has joined the Ballroom Floor.

Khanne presses fingers to her lips. She doesn't laugh, she is too polite for that, but she does smile, broadly, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she watches Percephon dance. "No more wine for you..." She dodges him falling back onto the couch, thankfully her own glass of wine has recently been emptied, so there is nothing to spill.

Alistair checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Cadenza checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Alistair does as he promised, allowing Isolde to rest against him as they 'Dance'. It seems those forced lessons at crossbow point have paid off, as Alistair leads his wife in a rather slow and intimate dance, ignoring the other dancers for the moment but allowing his wife to slip away to announce the winners.

Caspian doesn't seem to care that Cadenza doesn't dance, because he takes her to the dance floor and takes her by the hand and rest another on her hips and begins to dance with her in an energetic, yet graceful motion, leading the less skilled woman through the motions while moving with an elegance that is rare for him outside combat.

Joscelin is red in the cheeks when Thorley takes her to the dance floor and settles his hands on her body, her shoulder and her waist. She tilts her head down, careful of her feet as he leads her masterfully, speaking quietly in her ear.

Isolde checked stamina at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Titania nods her head, "I would love to Princess Reese." she smives to move with reese to dance.

Reese smiles over to Titania and then heads over to the dance floor with her.

Eleyna takes Talen's hand and allows him to guide her toward the dance floor. Once there, she moves easily into the frame of his arms, chin tilted up slightly to look him in the eye as she murmurs something quietly to him. She doesn't seem particularly interested in competing in any contest. She has eyes for nothing but Talen in that moment.

Resting her head against Alistair's shoulder and hands intertwined with his, Isolde looks like the happiest girl in the world. The Princess is not the best dancer but it's doesn't matter, her feet perched on top of her husband. The problem is--when she stares to yawn and maybe, maybe lets her eyes close for a second too long.

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Cadenza has joined the Ballroom Floor.

Leona watches the dancers with a smile on her face, and her eyes following Alistair and Isolde in particular. Then she nods once, apparently satisfied before sliding quietly out of the room.

Cadenza would laugh as he pulled her close. Doing the best she can, she would follow along with him and tried her hardest not to step on his feet. There was a genuine smile on her lips then as she looked up at Caspian, falling in at least the right form. She did listen to some of her studies as a child.

Reese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

Narses, 6 King's Own Guardsmen leave, following Leona.

Careful not to to step on Eleyna's voluminous skirts, his soft soled boots move gradually, the trained steps of a ward born into a royalty and raise as much as a prince as others. Nonetheless, he's as reserved at his wife is, not seeking to compete-- only to enjoy the moment, on a celebratory night, amongst family, friends and guests. A secretive set of words given for the Archduchess, from her Consort.

Titania checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Moving with Joscelin across the floor, Thorley's conversation remains quiet with the Guildmaster as the knight meets her eyes as they spin across the floor and twirl together, that distance closing and then parting again.

Eleyna nods her head to something that Talen says in response and lifts her brows as she presses closer, molding her body to his as they begin to move through the motions of a -very- Lycene slow dance... whether it matches the music or not.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Alistair looks down to Isolde as she is starting to be overwhelmed with the evening. He nods to the companion on his shoulder, murmuring something to the Lizard, likely suggesting he should return to his master before Alistair helps guide Isolde off the dance floor with a few simple dance moves, and then holds her close. "I think you need to announce the winner.." he rumbles to her so she can snap to for one last moment.

Khanne rises up from the couch, pulling Percephon up with her. "I will help you walk home. You've clearly had too much wine." She grins and adds, "I am also going to remind you tomorrow about that little dance you did." She looks towards Isolde and Alistair wherever they are and waves. "Congratulations you two!"

Reese dances along with Titania and she tries to take the lead. She is pretty good, not because she knows knows how to dance, but because she is simply that athletic. She seems to have having a fun time and tries to spin Titania in a circle. "At least there are no caltrops this time." She murmurs, looking over to Talen.

"I will vehemently deny anything having to do with grace and dexterity, Khanne. This, obviously, includes dancing." Percephon nods to her, bows slightly to the room and with his very steady escort, exits.

At some point during the dancing after Alistair sends him off, the Master of Questions and his pet human make a discreet exit.

a fire salamander leaves, following Laric.

Khanne has left the The Scandal Couch.

Percephon has left the The Scandal Couch.

Drysi, a young shaman apprentice, Percephon leave, following Khanne.

Hands roam bodice and flared hips, then pull Eleyna with enough force that they whip at the floor, the quick steps backwards taking them dangerously close to a neighbouring couple, before Talen spins around and reuses the space vacated. There's even a dark laugh, somewhere in the motions, as he stares the Grand Duchess with gunmetal eyes, murmuring an almost antagonist challenge, brows hiking. The comments of Reese are caught, causing him to smile to himself, before he looks her way and inclines his head toward Reese and her partner. "My sister sometimes deserves a little rest," he explains. "I've been giving her enough trouble." Which, of course, reminds him of a matter-- and after a time, he brings Eleyna and himself into closer proximity to the Prodigal and Thirteenth's Chosen.

There is a soft sleepy grumble from Isolde and she nearly murmurs something about "Five more minutes." before she realizes where she is. Picking her up, the new bride rubs at her bleary eyes. "Right. A winner." Glancing around, she'll scan the crowd and pretending to have been paying attention. Totally not asleep. "Princess Reese. You're as nimble on the dance floor as your husband is..." She trails off, yawning. "At something." The servants rush to hand over the final stuffed animal.

Titania chuckles as she dances along with Reese letting her lead, she giggles as she is spun and nods her head enjoying her self as she moves abiut with Reese.

Eleyna practically purrs, issuing her own grin as Talen's hands roam and he jerks her around the dance floor. Once he stops her near Isolde and Alistair, the Archduchess reaches into the pouch at her hip and presses a vial into her cousin's hand, winking as she says, "A gift. For both of you."

Reese smiles at Isolde's words. "He is very nimble." She says and even says it with a straight face. She continues to dance along, giving Titania another smile.

Reese looks over the hound and seem all pleased. She tries to hand it to Titania. "For my lovely dance partner." She says in her direction.

At this point Isolde and Alistair are hardly dancing, really just standing at the edge of the dance floor enjoying the last minutes of the evening as Eleyna and Talen come sweeping over. Alistair raises a brow to the other Velenosian couple, a bit of suspicion for the Archduchess given when she seems to pass off some illicit goods! Alistair inclines his head as Talen whispers, the man returning the greeting. "Thank you..."

Delilah's step is off balance and there's a definite sway to her posture as she clings onto Joslyn. This isn't dancing. Placing her cheek on Joslyn's shoulder, Delilah shares a quiet whisper with the other woman, pressing herself close against her beloved and using her as a means of standing upright. "Mm.. I'm about ready to turn in tonight, I've had far too many drinks.

Titania smiles taking the hound and bows to Reese, "Thank you, your highness." she grins her cheeks pink with a bit of a blush to them.

Caspian smiles to Cadenza, pulling the woman back in after the twirl, looking over to Reese a moment as he shrugs his shoulders. "Damn, second place again. My pride keeps getting smacked around." He grins at that, turning back to Cadenza. "Oh well, at least I have an amazing dance partner."

Nodding to something says, Thorley kisses Joscelin's cheek before ending the dance with her. "Congratulations, Your Highnesses." the knight offers with a bow of his head to Isolde and Alaistair before giving a more general bow and leading Joscelin out the door and into the night beyond.

Wrapping her slender around Alistair's shoulders, Isolde grins at Eleyna. She'll take the vial and give it a curious and pleased look over. "Too kind to us." The words are soft and a little slurred. The princess rests her head on her husband's shoulder, closing her eyes again for a moment. Then with a sigh, she'll call out, "Thank you all for donating and attending! My husband and I will be retiring for the night, but you're welcome to stay! Eat, drink, dance! Enjoy the night of our marriage as much as we will."

Blushing she would clear her throat as she turned to Reese with a smile. "Congrats again, Princess." Winking to her playfully Cadenza would look back to Caspian. "Back to the sofa?"

Derovai and Silvio are still having a quiet conversation on the couch, Derovai keeping his own stuffed hound close by his side, a gloved hand resting lightly on it. He offers Isolde and Alistair a faint smile of acknowledgment from where he sits, casual, still workng on his first glass of wine.

Thorley bites his tongue. See, not gonna say anything on Isolde's remark, even as he leads the Guildmaster out.

Alistair leans down slightly as Isolde whispers to him, the man letting out a soft laugh at what she says. And then as requested... a hand sweeps under her legs to sweep her up off her feet. The wife - exhausted and tired - is to be carried out past the threshold by the husband!

Acacia looks happy as the couple heads off and pushes off of the wall, relaxing a little more as the party begins to wind down.

Caspian dips his head in a nod to Cadenza, releasing from his hold as he grins back to her, guiding the two of them back towards the couch to sit down, flopping upon the sofa as he sighs. "Well, I still had fun, even if I didn't win."

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Talen keeps it quick, simple and easy. As Isolde and Alistair retreat for the night, he pushes Eleyna from the dancefloor, out a different exit. Off into the depths and labyrinth of the remaining estate rooms. No doubt for scandalous acts, as well as passing off illicit goods.

"Congrats, Princess Reese!" Joslyn stumbles with Delilah, both of them basically holding each other up, not really dancing as much as wiggling side by side. Her eyes closing as she rests her head on her shoulder and a beaming smile offered, squeezing her love. "Let us go to bed," Joslyn suggests, before peeking up at the happily newlywed couple. "Congratulations to ou both! May you both give each other many happy years together!"

Cadenza would wave to the happy newlyweds!. "Congratulations you too!"

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