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Written By Aureth

April 3, 2017, 4:06 p.m.(3/16/1006 AR)

So like I said before, I'm a city boy. But I've ridden a boat before. I'm not a sailor and I never will have Magpie's hand at it, for example, but I can stand on the deck of a ship without falling over. The river and the sea are both a part of our lives in this city, and a part of our trade. The rotted sea life stink of the tide pools, the sweeter tang of salt, the fresh smell of rain, the sweetness of cold water on the tongue -- it matters.

There's something about wind on your skin, in your face, that feels and tastes like freedom. Not the freedom that Skald offers, the freedom to choose and the freedom to be, but a different kind: a freedom to go, a freedom to _escape_. It's that same wildness that, I think, we try to harness when we drink the wine. I asked around, why Mangata gets all the booze, and sure ... sure, it's all liquid, like the water, like the waves, but I don't think it's only that.

Water and sun. That's life.

And lately, when I look into the sky, I think about what it would be like without it. Without the heat and life of the sun. A thousand years without sunlight. What would that be like?

Mangata, Lady of the Sea and Sky, this is my prayer to you: may I never take your gifts for granted. Let me live on under the sky, and taste the freedom in your air, and never let it go.

Written By Driskell

April 3, 2017, 12:56 p.m.(3/16/1006 AR)

If only more understood that the great wheel requires each cog to be in its place lest the machinations slip and we stop moving forward towards progress. If only everyone understood that this isn't the first time the wheel has spun around.

At any rate, I'm thankful for the increased presence of the Inquisition. They have a thankless job.

Written By Eirene

April 3, 2017, 11:23 a.m.(3/16/1006 AR)

Always nice to go kill things. People know me for my skill as a surgeon and rightly so, but even I can lop the head off a Shav in the midst of a battle.

I really needed that. Blood on my hands that wasn't a comrades.

Written By Percephon

April 3, 2017, 9:23 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

For a couple of reasons, my time here in Arx has left me soured on the thought of marriage. Despite this jaded bias, there was one that I have been looking forward to: the union of Fiachra and Alis, two who are as much like family to me as Ansel is. A small part of me is quite thankful that there will be two services, even if the one in Sanctum will be overly long on ceremony. Yet, the words of the shaman ritual I witnessed last week left me much to dwell on. Things that should be important to us all, and a reminder of why we will overcome these obstacles before us: a solid foundation of trust, a bright future, the blessings of friends and family. For these two? It is simply right, and I wish them many happy years to come.

Written By Ainsley

April 3, 2017, 8:40 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Luca

Rumor has it my favorite cousin proposed to you.

Written By Ainsley

April 3, 2017, 8:39 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

- Cabbage, chopped and cooked but still crunch.
- Alejandra, chasing leaves or butterflies like she's a puppy.
- That feeling when I finally win a fight against an opponent I've never beaten before.
- That feeling when I still lose and know I have to continue honing myself.
- The gleam of a sword, freshly cleaned.
- That warm feeling that comes with giving someone a gift.
- Removing my armor for the first time after wearing it for an entire day.
- The warm waters of The Grotto on cold days.

Written By Merek

April 3, 2017, 2:38 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

It was quite the crowd, which had gathered around in the Upper Boroughs. From people that came from the Lowers, to people called the place home, it seemed many were worried about the Bringers. Umay did an excellent job with quelling panic, as did others. A riot did manage to come from it all though, and together us folks were able to keep that from getting worse. I am hopeful that the donations I'll be providing will help them all. I am just satisfied that no one was hurt by more than potatoes. It seems with them quelled, it will be easier to guide people to safety, and allow folk from the Lowers back into the city, away from where the Seawatch Gate has caused so much worry.

Written By Ann

April 3, 2017, 2:07 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Document the sixth:

1 handsome man
2 star-crossed lovers
3 glasses of whisky (finally!)
4 thoughts crossed my mind

... I wonder, if such a thing were possible to be done in secret, do I dare to do it?

... well, of course I do! I'm Ann Effing Redrain!

Written By Harmon

April 3, 2017, 12:50 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

These sigils make me scream. I know they have secrets, meanings that are right there for the taking yet for all my knowledge I am still unequipped to understand. What is it about immortality that warps/enhances/changes/SOMETHING your eyes so? I find myself unable to talk of anything else. I was never good at smalltalk anyways. Words too tiny for my clumsy lips to speak. I am more comfortable with the skull of a monster than having to make conversation with others. People terrify me. Monsters just... are.

Written By Valencia

April 3, 2017, 12:19 a.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Gods, what am I doing?

Written By Serafine

April 2, 2017, 11:49 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

I think I've discovered I'm far more Lycene than I thought I was in the beginning.

It's not a complaint. What's wrong with self-discovery?

Written By Roran

April 2, 2017, 11:49 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

I recently advised a godsworn new to his vows to not see every action, every moment, as a reflection of the Gods. It is not that I do not think They exist in those actions and moments, but that the will we have been given is too easily found forfeit to circumstance we cannot always understand. There are times for reflection and introspection into the meaning of what happens around us, and there are times we must simply hold to our faith and forge ahead.

The Lost Gods are returned to us. This strengthens our understanding, fortifies our faith and begins the cycle of a Pantheon whole and prepared for the enemies we face. I will hold to my faith, welcome my new brothers and sisters to the Pantheon, and do what small part I may to keep Arx and her children safe.

Written By Serafine

April 2, 2017, 11:48 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Armor mended. Home shored up. Precious items stashed away.

Too many people to meet with. Too many things to get done. Like wedging slats into cracks, careful mallets and well planned tension, it's all meticulous. More than a soldier is used to.

I hope all of it is enough.

Written By Ferrando

April 2, 2017, 11:47 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

In other news, I am now the second-cutest and second-best-at-hopping Rando in the capital.

I hope I'm still the best bouncer Rando, because if not that would be kind of embarassing.

Written By Dafne

April 2, 2017, 11:47 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

It is so quiet. So far off from the battles and so empty. Every time a servant drops a glass, it rings through the halls like a bell, almost comforting in the stillness.

We have very good servants. They do not drop glasses often.

It will not always be like this, I know. After the siege--perhaps even before, with the harbour unblocked--family will come. There will be chatter and laughter again. The house will live.

In meantime I sit here, in the parlour, with my cat in my lap and Pietro's dog at my feet, in the silence and the stillness and pray for some friendly ghosts.

Written By Ansel

April 2, 2017, 11:46 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Alis

Could not be happier to see two friends happy together, and with a bright future ahead. A beautiful, intimate ceremony.

In the absence of a gift at the ceremony, I shall commission Percephon to deliver a painting of the occasion for you both to enjoy for years to come.

Written By Ansel

April 2, 2017, 11:44 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Relationship Note on Dulcinea

I solemnly swear that I shall never forget to send you word when I've returned from a mission safely.

Written By Mae

April 2, 2017, 11:41 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Rumor is a threw a Bringer off a wall! It's only partially true. I hooked it like a fish, tied my line off on a dying shav, and threw him off the wall. Dragged the Bringer down with it. It hit the ground and popped like a bag full of dust.

It was strange.

Written By Joscelin

April 2, 2017, 11:41 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

It shouldn't surprise me that my skill as a jeweler is still needed despite the war that hovers over us. I am pleased this is so, it's nice to take a break from the constant planning and counting that seems to fill my days. I'm not complaining, the shift in responsibility and the added weight of more of it has taken some getting used to but it's falling in to place.

It's work. It's busy work, too, and it's -useful-. I'm enjoying it far more than I ought to, I think. There is a deep satisfaction in it.

Written By Magpie

April 2, 2017, 11:40 p.m.(3/15/1006 AR)

Bob probably would have benefited from some kind of lessons to help him curb his violent tendencies.

I also need to make a shout-out to Acacia, who asked me not to steal anything from her room that day she needed help for her man, and then I went and stole something from her room anyway. Well, that flask I took? It *saved my life*. Literally. It's now my Lucky Blue Flask. It can't hold any rum anymore, but it holds my endless gratitude.

So does that knight that could pick out a bunch of disguised Bringers just by looking at them. He was my knight in shining armor. He was my unsung hero (I wasn't in the mood to sing at the time). He was a beacon of rescue (I think he was the one with the sword that *actually* glowed). I never got your name, but hats off to you, mystery knight.

Lastly, some poetry that EVERYONE SHOULD READ!!!

If it bleeds ruddy it's a buddy.
If it bleeds black, attack!
(Or run as fast as you can in the opposite direction screaming "Bringer!")

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