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Gilroy Grayhope

Nobody ever got rich by being honest.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Definitely not a con man
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Huckster
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Olive

Description: Gilroy is a good looking enough guy, with the brown hair and the blue eyes and the cheekbones and the shrewd expression, though something about him just looks sketchy as hell. Smiles come easily, though they don't often last long. Of average height, he's got the languid grace of someone exceptionally at home in their own selves, but the twitchy demeanor of a guy who doesn't like standing still for long.

Personality: Gilroy Grayhope is engaging, friendly and convivial. Always smiling, always with a joke, so damn friendly one might miss that he has no friends. He doesn't let people getting close, cutting them off entirely if they do. But for everyone else? Gilroy's a man with an answer for everything, a story for every situation and a lie for every question.

Background: What's there to know? Drifters come into the city of Arx all the time. Especially handsome, charming, troublesome drifters. Claims to be a distant Grayhope cousin from somewhere out west, or maybe south? Certainly looks Lycene, but his accent is as neutral as it gets. Says he's come to the city to strike it rich, but hasn't really explained how that's going to work. Guy doesn't have the hands of a crafter, doesn't have the bearing of a courtier or the anything for hard work. Other than that? If there's a story to tell, he's not telling it. But you know how the Lowers are. People show up every day and not all of them are interesting enough to even have a story. Sometimes they've come here to start one.

Name Summary
Adora Stupid, overly chatty, and annoying. Like everything I hate rolled into one guy that won't shut up. I violently dislike him.
Aella I liked how he insulted other people. He better not insult me when I'm not with him, though.
Alessandro My second favorite Grayhope -- though first, I believe, in terms of having to keep an eye on my silver when he is around.
Andry Is he doomed? Probably
Arthen Sometimes you meet a man you can just tell is goin' places. This guy you can tell is goin' to dinner. Ain't that just the fanciest fork and knife set some eyes have ever seen? Remember that name, Gildroy. He's goin' places.
Auda Another Greyhope, and yet another that seems to like a good afternoon of drinking too much. My kind of guy!
Caith Oh! What a wonderful heart he has! So charitable and giving! Just knowing that he is in the world, doing good, well! It makes my soul burst with happiness!
Calandra Seems like a nice fellow, with a sharp wit and a devotion to family.
Delilah This one is bold as brass, sharp as a tack, and possibly one of the more disreputable gentlemen I've met who still manages somehow to be absolutely amusing. Though no one I would trust further than I can throw him. About a foot.
Evaristo I truly enjoy that dry humor. It goes so well off my own sense of humor. A Grayhope too - I look forward to seeing him in action. Perhaps we'll work together on something sometime.
Faye Lenosian Grayhopes? Is that a thing? Still, he seems like a pleasant man, with some creative ideas about attending to historic figures. I wouldn't mind speaking with him again.
Gianna Ambition will take you far in Arx.
Harlex Good at darts. Tried to act like he wasn't. Thought it mighty funny myself.
Jeffeth He said a mean thing to Adora. I can't tell if she's going to try to kill him or kiss him. Mean people are so weird.
Joscelin A ... Grayhope? Truly? And so very polite, and why haven't I met him before?
Juniper He seems a perfectly clever and thoughtful fellow! Anyone related to Legate Aureth must be good people... right?
Kaia What a mean yet amusing man!
Kaldur I have the distinct impression that he could kick a chair back and balance on two legs.
Kenna I'm pretty sure he was trying to scam a potential patron... which kinda makes me want to be his patron. I know, it doesn't make sense.
Leif Smart mouthed, but I think in a good way.
Lore Perceptive and well-informed.
Melody Friendly and playful; the best combination for something fun. Definitely not a bear.
Meriah Ah, a Grayhope through and through.
Miranda This one's a character! Charming, certainly, and likely to prove quite entertaining. I wonder, does he have a serious side? Perish the thought!
Nuala I've never seen a man able to make a smile look like something he's about to slit your purse and cut your throat with. All rather exciting really. As long as he stays over there.
Oswyn It's always wise to bring snacks to large meetings, and it's kind to share them.
Ouida Irreverent and sharp of tongue. Of course, this means an excellent tablemate at a long gathering. Seems to have his wits about him, when it comes to curiousity and desire to get up close to supernatural things.
Petal Seems like an okay man. Gave his hat to Adora! Seems friendly. I am sure there is more to him than meets the eye.
Reese Magpie is famous for being related to him! He seems to be a bit on the impish side. Clearly talked to Issy. He seems to be an okay man.
Rinel I wonder why he didn't wait for his lover to get out of prison...
Sabella Gregarious and clever, he seems like he's ready to take on the city! Though I'm still not exactly sure what he's selling, I know it'll be great!
Sabine I think there must be some gods who properly appreciate an opportunist.
Sophie What a peculiar gentleman. I will certainly make it a point to meet with him again at a later date. After all, he seems knowledgable in the area of herbs and apothecary. The Mercies can always use input into new uses for herbs we already know.
Sparte Saw him at the Spirits when someone had invited me there on my break to talk riddles. He didn't really have much to say in all of that, but he got on well with Miss Petal. That tends to be a sign of good character, hopefully I get to meet him properly next time.