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A Lark by the Storm's Edge

As the winter storm looms over the grand capital of Arx, a lookout cries an alarm that the small wooden sailing ship, The Silver Lark, battles against fierce winds and crashing waves in a desperate attempt to outrun the tempest to make it to the harbour in the Lowers. With the Gray River's turbulent waters pushing them perilously close to the treacherous shores, the ship's cargo and crew face imminent peril. Heroes of now must quickly devise a plan to save either the precious cargo, the ship or the lives of the crew before disaster strikes and all plunge to the hungry dark depths below.

This is a one off adventure open to anyone, some danger and physical challenge. How folks come up with the plan will be RP'd out and then implemented.

Hooks: Sailing, pirates, danger, hunger and heroes rising up.


July 15, 2023, 8:30 p.m.

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Ian Jan Denica Pasquale Acantha Lucrezia Patrizio Acacia Mikani



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Mikani takes Onism Rapture Sharkskin Fingerless Gloves from Onism Armor Pack.

Mikani takes Onism Rapture Sharkskin Armored Bottoms from Onism Armor Pack.

Benny The Beaver arrives, following Acantha.

From the vantage point of the beach and docks, the sight of The Silver Lark battling against the elements in the Bay of Thrax is both awe-inspiring and heart-wrenching. The wind whips fiercely across the shore, carrying with it a biting chill that pierces through layers of clothing. The relentless drizzle mingles with the salty sea air, dampening the sand beneath your feet as you strain to catch a glimpse of the beleaguered ship.

The storm, like a menacing specter, looms on the horizon of the Bay of Thrax, a terrible dark wintery one that looks alive with anger and doom. The once clear sky has transformed into a vast canvas of dark clouds, stretching as far as the eye can see. It feels as if the very heavens are holding their breath, waiting for the impending clash between ship and tempest. The fading daylight struggles to penetrate the oppressive gloom, casting an eerie twilight upon the land.

A sense of foreboding settles upon you as the distant rumble of thunder reverberates through the air. The low growl resonates deep within your chest, a primal reminder of the power that nature wields. The bay itself seems to mirror the storm's ferocity, with crashing waves rising and falling like the breaths of a slumbering giant. Each surge brings The Silver Lark closer to the shore, perilously close to the hidden dangers lurking beneath the surface.

From the docks in the Lowers, urgent calls have gone out, warning of the imminent peril faced by the crew and cargo aboard The Silver Lark. It is a race against time, a desperate attempt to outrun the tempest before it consumes everything in its path. The crew members on the ship, their figures barely discernible amidst the swirling mist and rain, cling to their posts, their determination etched upon their faces.

Heroes on the beach and docks can feel the weight of responsibility pressing upon their shoulders. They must act swiftly, for each passing moment brings the storm closer to its devastating climax. The fate of the crew and the valuable cargo hangs in the balance, as do the hopes of those who watch, their collective breath held in anticipation.

As you gaze out across the bay, the lightning illuminates the tumultuous clouds above, revealing glimpses of the ship's struggle and a tremendous cracking reverberates across the swelling surf. The Silver Lark, like a fragile bird caught in a tempest, fights against the ferocious winds and crashing waves. It is a scene of defiance, a battle against the elements that speaks to the indomitable spirit of those aboard.

The heroes on the beach or ships, whether they possess physical prowess, persuasive words, or keen intellect, must rally their courage and skills. They are the beacon of hope in this desperate hour. As the storm draws nearer, it becomes evident that their actions will determine the outcome of this perilous endeavor. With a mixture of trepidation and determination, they brace themselves for the challenges that lie ahead, ready to confront the wrath of the storm and rescue The Silver Lark from its relentless grasp.

One ship already has answered the call immediately with lord Ian as captain of the Windward Voyager, as the cry out for an emergency crew is sent out.

OOC: Players, form your crew and your initial poses getting to the Windward Voyager, introducing your character to the scene and get ready to start planning a cunning plan.

The fierce storm blowing over Arx finds Ian aboard the Kennex packet ship, the Windward Voyager, a cog more suited to speed than battling weather like this. Ian found himself aboard, hanging onto the sheets to keep from getting knocked off his feet by the deck's heaving, even at dock, supervising preparations being made to sail for Stormward again, when the cry starts to go up among people on the docks. Ian's a seasoned enough sailor to determine the situation at a glance, and the Kennex sailors currently on board are experienced enough to expect the orders he starts giving to make ready for a swift departure; they're going to try to save the lives of the people on board the ship.

Jan is perched on the back of the ship opposite side of Ian "I don't have to say this is a very bad idea, do I?" she calls over the slapping of waves against the hull and roar of the wind.

There's distress and the need for people to come together, to help others. And so they do. Having opted for her traditional partners-in-crime, Denica sails aboard the Kennex boat. The short princess trusts the sailors to do just that, but she is here for moral support and the occasional encouraging word. That and she's armed and ready to fight pirates, because that's exactly what she wants to do. Enjoying every moment out at sea, she's probably lingering somewhere in the vicinity of Ian and Jan. To the later she says, "I couldn't think of a better one. This is great!," she's enthusiastic about the saving, to say the least.

Leaning on his cane, Pasquale Malespero steps onto the beach and looks out towards the scene in the waters. A slight frown mars his brow and then he makes his way slowly over to where Acantha is on the beach. "This looks unfortunate."

Countess Acantha is much like a ghost, as no one tends to see her outside of Clearlake Lodge doing business and keeping things running. The woman is dressed for the weather and in one of her fur lined heavy cloaks to take a walk down to the beaches with Benny. The overly large beaver has been collecting driftwood and has brought it back to where he can sit and eat at the same time. When Pasquale approaches there is a dip of her head to him, "Lord Malespero." she greets him. "Yes, the weather is dreadful, but Spring is just around the corner." she tells him with a smile.

"I like our odds," Ian shouts to Jan over the fury of the storm. "The Voyager's a nimble ship. I think if we can scoop up the crew, we can heave to far enough from the lee shore and wait out the worst of it."

Lucrezia had been doing her usual daily drunken debauchery when for no explicable reason she shoved away the man she'd been kissing and just nearly fucking. Tilting her head, she listened to a sound no one nearby could see. When the man protested her behavior, she punched him in the face with a growl and stalked off towards the beach. So much for that romance! Unlike most of her family she didn't seem to give spit in the Abyss about the frigid weather. Wherever she'd been--and it's best not to know!--the beach was closer and without so much as a please, she got into whatever longboat was on the beach. She probably intended to row it to her dread ship, the Wanton, but there seemed to be quite the crowd on the beach headed for that longboat. With a feral grin, she started to get out the oars, intending to leave while they were sharing pleasantries or whatever.

Some who've responded to the call are not, by nature, sailors. Peril to life, however, knows no bounds and, with some throwing of caution to the wind, Patrizio Pravus has joined in as best as he's able, rushing at the alarm to the shore, where he's spying the others. "Could you use another hand?"

Jan eeghhs "I suppose so, not like we're going in deep sea in bad weather. Suppose the odds are low we need rescue ourselves...though there's a distinct chance I will freeze my damn tits off in this warbling lunancy." She pushes away from the rail and goes to retrieve think lengths of rope, two spools one hooked over each shoulder and heavy enough she wobbles and slides on the slick deck.

OOC Check Request:
Ian and Acacia, as the captains of your two ships, please do a @check command + sailing at normal.

Everyone else, please @check luck at hard.

Pasquale checks luck at hard. Pasquale is successful.

Storms. They happen. But the goods must flow, is that not what some say? Acacia, stationed just down the way quietly watches with a skeleton crew upon a well-made but certainly not fancy longship that has seen some leagues. The woman is quite as she observes the ship as it moves perilously close to the rocks. The woman works her jaw thoughtfully and then sighs. "Fecked idiots," she mutters under her breath and presses her lips as she glances to the crowd. "You're going to suggest that we go out in that aren't you?" she asks the Pravus Prince with a glance to the others.

Ian checks command and sailing at normal. Critical Success! Ian is spectacularly successful.

Patrizio checks luck at hard. Patrizio marginally fails.

Denica checks luck at hard. Denica fails.

Pasquale pulls his cloak tighter about his shoulders as he speaks to Acantha on the shoreline. "I was talking about that" he inclines his head towards the Silver Lark. "If she keeps on going as she is going. She is going to wreck."

Jan checks luck at hard. Jan is successful.

Lucrezia checks luck at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Mikani checks luck at hard. Mikani fails.

"Storms at the deep sea are only really dangerous to sailors caught with their pants down," Ian calls to Jan. "It's close to the shore when a storm like this will kill." A lift of his chin towards Denica acknowledges his appreciation of her presence directly following this encouraging bit of information, and then he's carefully managing the trimming of the sails. They'll take advantage of the river's current for as long as they can, but then it'll be a difficult series of tacks allowing them to make progress beating to windward. Fortunately, there aren't a lot of people better prepared to sail fierce winter storms than the sailors of House Kennex.

Acacia checks command and sailing at normal. Botch! Acacia fails badly.

Mikani shakes her head as she watches the clouds. "Of course he's gonna recommend that. Right?" Mikani was in the forest with the new people when she heard of the storm and came running. "Not to speak for you." She says to Patrizio.

Windward Voyager: You are able to crew up and get out first which gives you a critical opportunity that I'll pose.

The Inscrutable: It takes a bit more time for you to get out, so you won't be able to take advantage right now of the opportunity the Windward Voyager has. You'll be crewing and using those oars against the storm.

Acantha was obviously not looking too much at what the boat was doing and there's a little 'oh!' that comes from her, "Ah, yes. That's why I should pay better attention." she muses. "Lets hope it doesn't wreck, I'm not a sailor or anything." she admits. "Benny might be able to help if anyone goes overboard though." she states as she looks down to the beaver who is chomping drift wood. The look he gives her is far from a approving one.

Jan grunts and drops the spools of rope on the deck and reaches out with one hand to grab the railing with one hand while she reaches down to grab one end of the rope to loop it around the railing "I am just glad it's you sailing, Ian!" her blond hair is plastered over her hair and along sides of her face from sea spray.

The swearing. SO much swearing. Apparently, not realizing the crowd is commandeering the longboat, Acacia is a crap-and-a-half-caught-flat-footed captain today. For her trouble she's nearly taken under by a rather rude wave.

Acacia rises breathless with cold, sputtering and cursing like a right proper villain. "MANGATA'S ICE COLD TITS. Is THAT how it is?" she bellows. Followed by a muttered, "Fecking heroes." Sourly as she curses as she spits out more sea water and glowers. "FINE! Have it your way. We're probably all going to die... Might as well be today." But mind back to business and she tries to get herself sorted, calling to Lu. "Oi! Princess. You got the salt about you. Care to throw in, lassie?"

"Actually, captain, I was going to bow to the wisdom of others," allows the prince of Pravus, even with a nod to his cousin, the admiral, in greeting. "I'm more accustomed to land command than the seas, and would never deign to insist on my way on the water." That said, he's also not hesitating to take up an oar and putting his back into helping to get the longboat launched in it's way too the foundering vessel. And perhaps coming too close for anyone's good to soaking others of the crew with his 'enthusiasm'.

The beach stretches out, a desolate expanse of sand dampened by the relentless drizzle falling from the ominous gray sky above. The air is tinged with a biting cold that cuts through clothing, a harbinger of the storm gathering on the horizon. Dark clouds swirl and churn, blotting out the fading sunlight, as if painting an ominous mural of the tempest's approach. The distant rumble of thunder rumbles through the air, a low growl that echoes with the might of the tumultuous waters yet to come. Pasquale and Acantha stand at the edge of danger, their senses alert to the impending storm's encroaching presence.

Amidst this gathering chaos, the Windward Voyager, a small cog ship, emerges like a nimble bird soaring through the mist with Ian at the helm. Through the combined efforts of its crew and the skillful guidance of the captain, they have closed the distance swiftly, drawing near to The Silver Lark with determined speed. The Windward Voyager cuts through the swelling waves, its sails billowing against the mounting gales, navigating the treacherous sea with practiced expertise.

As the heroes approach The Silver Lark, they catch sight of the ship's crew and captain, their faces etched with a mixture of weariness and concern. Fatigue hangs heavy upon their weary bodies, evidence of the arduous journey they have endured thus far. The crew on The Silver Lark looks slightly overwhelmed, their eyes darting about as they scramble to secure the ship against the growing turbulence.

In the distance, the waves rise and fall with a mounting ferocity, testing the mettle of both crews. Each swell crashes against the ships, unleashing a symphony of roaring torrents and violent sprays. The relentless assault of the sea feels like a contest of wills, an elemental struggle between the maritime vessels and the tempestuous forces of nature.

Amongst this tumultuous backdrop, another ship, The Indomitable, a longship, rests upon the shore. Its presence stands in stark contrast to the Windward Voyager, for it struggles against the merciless currents and relentless waves that push it back towards the unforgiving shore. The crew upon The Indomitable toil with dogged determination, their efforts intensified by the storm's imminent arrival. They will not give up.

The heroes whether on shore or ship, feel the mounting tension in the air. The low rumble of thunder serves as a haunting reminder of the approaching tempest, the rising crescendo of a symphony of chaos. The waves, once gentle caresses, have transformed into formidable adversaries, their towering forms challenging the resilience and skills of the crews on both ships.

In this moment of impending danger, the heroes witness the clash between the forces of nature and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to sail upon the seas. They stand as beacons of hope amidst the encroaching darkness, their presence a testament to the courage and strength required to defy the storm's wrath. As the waves continue to rise, testing the mettle of the crews on all ships, the heroes become an integral part of this fierce battle against the elements, striving to rescue The Silver Lark and safeguard the lives of its crew, while also offering a helping hand to The Indomitable in their struggle to brave the tempestuous sea.

What will the two ships do? Save crew? Save ship? Save cargo?

OOC Check Request:
Ian: Your ship is close to The Silver Lark. What do you want to do?
Acacia: Your ship will be close to The Silver Lark next turn. What do you want to do?

Denica As the boat takes off, princess Denica is bracing herself, but certainly notices how well the vessel moves through the storm. It certainly makes things better, and she's trying to stand taller soon enough to get a better look of things.

Pasquale looks to the beaver for several long moments before telling Acantha "I think I remember him from the battle of Skal'daja. Assuming that memory is right I expect he could be very useful indeed. It makes me wonder if we should start praying for dolphins."

Acantha gives a nod to Pasquale, "Yes, that was him. He's very good in a pinch." she tells him. "And I don't think he'd want a boat as repayment either." she muses to that. "How are things going with you my Lord?" she asks him. She does try to keep her gaze between Pasquale and the boats to see how things are.

Still hanging onto a taught line to keep from losing his balance on the slick and heaving deck, Ian looks down at the dark, choppy water that lashes the cog's hull, reading in the shifting of the wind, the creaking of the masts and the direction of the waves the complex dance of storm and current that he's trying to use to his advantage. "Execute the tack at my mark!" He shouts to his first officer. And then, a moment later: "MARK!" The crew spring to life, and Wash's training shows in the speed at which the tack is executed, the sails swinging hard, their canvas flapping an then filling. Then he gives Jan and Denica a distracted look. "It's going to be all I can do to keep our ships from hitting each other with these swells. We need to get the crew off as fast as we can. I don't like how dark the horizon is looking. Suggestions?"

Pasquale tugs his cloak closer as the storm gets more severe. "I am tempted to go back inside." he confesses to Acantha. "But there is a chance I might be useful when it finally runs aground." he looks about. "We should probably start organising the bystanders. We'll need an area for triage, Some shelter to avoid getting miserably wet." he looks at Benny's woodpile. "And A bonfire."

Mikani takes a bottle of whiskey from her hip pouch. Well it's a tiny thing not a full bottle. Pouring the frost drink of the bottle into the waves she begins to call out to the spirits to calm themselves. "Ocean Spirits. I sacrifice and offer you the first drink." She takes a swig before pouring the rest of it so the wind takes it. "Spirits of Air i sacrifice and give to you my last drink. Please I beseech you to calm. To aid us in getting those people to safety." Her voice is loud and she hopes the spirits listen and accept her offering. It's then she helps man the paddles to get the longship under control.

OOC Check Request
Mikani, @check mana + occult or theology (or nothing) at daunting.

Jan ties one rope around the railing on the side most likely to pass the floundering ship they've targeted and then she moves further along and toes another, doing nothing more than that for now but clutching to the railing "Well I'm guessing if they had life boats they'd be launching them. Which leaves us with launching ours and shuttling passengers back and forth."

It takes Lucrezia a moment to register that it's her that's being called Princess. Quick and perilous as the weather, she shifted her eyes to Acacia. Her lips are a slash of wicked anger for a moment, but that's probably just the nasty weather. Hearing Patrizio's voice sanity returns and she throws her head back, laughing madly. "Coming to my ship, Zio? That's where I'm going." A look about everyone in the foundering longboat. "Where we're all going." The way she's holding her oar, she's considering bludgeoning anyone that disagrees. But, then she turns her head towards the storm, the sea, the foundering ship. "We won't go together this time." This was a different we, a personal we that included only Lucrezia and one other. Tossing her head, she addresses the others, "No time. Get organized, let's just go like this. It'll be faster if we go across in this. Calm and row steady. We can make it." Was she insane? Just pure arrogance in this weather, but she was Pravus' Admiral, so she probably knows what she's talking about?

Denica is looking across the choppy sea at the other boat, "do you think the life boats can make it in this weather? If so, then I think that's our best bet. Or we try to board it, but that's going to be...," she looks at Ian, because he's a sailor and she is not. "Not helpful, if we can't save the ship," she chews on her lip.

"We don't have the hands to bring both our ships back to port," Ian confirms to Denica. "Laroux, raise a signal flag." This, a command given to one of the sailors. "Let's make sure the captain understands we're here to try and keep anyone from drowning today. Prepare the launch. If they won't launch life boats to come to us, we'll have to go to them."

Acantha might be a little too calm for this situation, but she generally keeps a cool head. She says something to Benny in a different language and the beaver gives a shake of a log and then goes to gather up more wood. "You'll probably not catch your death if you are inside, but I'm guessing you're good to have on hand to keep people organized and on their duties." she tells him. She then nods, "I'll see about getting an area cleared and out of the weather as much as possible." she states with a little nod of her head.

Maybe it's because she's distracted. Or because Mikani is pouring what seems to be good booze into the sea, though there is a look a of approval for the moment. Or the strong quiet way Patrizio falls into getting folks sorted and rowing under Lu's easy command. Regardless of what it its, Acacia's a good sailor and this is serious, so she falls in with her crew and puts a shoulder into rowing.

OOC Check Request
Ian: @check charm + sailing at normal.
Lucrezia: @check command + sailing at normal.
- Windward is attempting to signal other ship for lifeboats.
- Indomitable is attempting to close the distance.

Mikani: @check mana + occult or theology (or none) at daunting.
- Mikani is attempting to gain help from spirits.

All Others: @check strength + survival at normal.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

She (Acacia) might even be defiantly singing. Cuz why the hell not.

Denica checks strength and survival at normal. Botch! Denica fails completely.

Acacia checks strength and survival at normal. Acacia is successful.

Jan checks strength and survival at normal. Jan is successful.

Patrizio checks strength and survival at normal. Patrizio is successful.

Ian checks wits and sailing at normal. Ian is successful.

Mikani checks mana and occult at daunting. Mikani fails.

Patrizio does spare a smirk for Lucrezia in they moment at her words, but he's far more interested in surviving and getting them to the ship in distress, preferably without going for a swim themselves. Though Acacia's singing gets the hint of a smile, before he calls over the wind, "Any shanty we should all know? Might help with the rowing as a team."

As the storm rages on, Ian, aboard the Windward Voyager, strains his voice against the howling winds, attempting to signal urgently to The Silver Lark. His gestures are clear, a desperate plea for them to launch their lifeboats. To his relief, he sees the crew on The Silver Lark responding with understanding. Shouts of affirmation carry through the tumultuous air, a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. Two small lifeboats are swiftly lowered into the tempestuous waters, brave crews clinging onto the oars as they prepare to navigate the treacherous currents.

Meanwhile, Mikani, seeking favor from the spirits, reaches out with an offering and a whispered prayer. Her intentions are met with a crack of thunder that reverberates through the air, causing a primal shudder to course through her chest. It is not a direct answer from the spirits, but a powerful reminder of their presence in the storm. As if in response, a spray of salty water drenches Mikani, as if to allude to a withheld response, an uncertainty in the spirits' intentions.

In the midst of this unfolding drama, The Inscrutable, fortunate in its positioning, manages to maintain a good distance from the other vessels. It is now in a position to offer aid and support. The crew, with skilled hands on the helm and deft maneuvers, navigates the tumultuous sea with an air of determination and purpose. Their expertise becomes a beacon of hope in the dire situation, a glimmer of salvation amidst the roiling waves.

Time slips away quickly, and just as hope seems within grasp, a massive wave rears up from the depths. It crashes against the Windward Voyager with an unforgiving force, striking the ship's hull with a resounding blow. In the chaos, Denica, one of the crew members, is swept overboard, her body disappearing momentarily beneath the foaming waters before resurfacing amidst the relentless current, carried away from the safety of the Windward Voyager.

Now, the situation has become dire and complex. The Silver Lark, bereft of most of its crew, is left with only its captain. Denica, fighting against the treacherous current, is in desperate need of rescue. The two small lifeboats, ill-equipped to combat the fury of the storm, require assistance to ensure the survival of their occupants. Yet, amidst this turmoil, The Inscrutable stands as a potential lifeline, their presence and distance affording them the opportunity to render aid now. The heroes must act swiftly, for time is slipping away like sand through an hourglass. The fate of the Silver Lark's captain, Denica's life, and the crews in the vulnerable lifeboats hangs in a delicate balance.

OOC Check Request
- Ian: what will your ship do?
- Lucrezia: your ship can help now and is in area of the two lifeboats?

The Silver Lark will not be able to pilot effectively and will need assistance.
The lifeboats will need rescuing each.
Denica needs help ASAP.

Mikani knew it didn't work. The spirits didn't want to listen. Working with the earth really was helping her to feel the spirits better, just not talk to them. Pulling out another bottle of whiskey she pours it all into the wind and water. "Mangata. Goddess of the wave. Mother of the storm and spirits. I offer this whole bottle to you. We beseech and pray that you will quiet your storm and protect those who sail your salty veins. Please. Please Mangata hear my plea."

"Catching my death is pretty much inevitable." Pasquale tells Acantha somewhat darkly. "But I suppose its worth it. I would definitely appreciate a roof and fire though." That said, and left in the capable hands of Acantha for now, he starts walking towards the nearest group of gathered people so that he can explain what exactly can be done to help - and arrange for it to happen. Coughing every so often on the way.

Acantha checks command at normal. Acantha is successful.

Pasquale checks command at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Lucrezia glances over to Patrizio asking for a sea shanty. To answer, she starts rocking back and forth--this can't be safe!--and singing along to Acacia's song. She changes some of the words to be coarser, but they're singing to the same tune. Probably! By the sound of things, she's sailing them in hopes of treasure. She means the lives of those poor, doomed sailors, doesn't she? By the gleam in her eye as they cut through the choppy sea, those sailors are probably best served if Ian's ship reaches them first!! "Lovely, they're signaling that they'll receive their lifeboats." Strange, her back is to those ships. Just as eerily she laughs, singing even more rancorously as the wave washes some crew off of Ian's ship. "Not the day for heroes. Salvage it is!!" Nevertheless she directs them towards the frantic lifeboats.

Acantha gives a bit of a knowing look to Pasquale after his dark comment, but she doesn't chide him on it. She knew all about catching death and when it might come along. Benny meanwhile is gathering ALL THE WOOD that his beavery mitts can get ahold of and he's being a very good beaver and not eating any of it. The smokey eyed woman then turns to people and starts rounding them up, "Yes I know it's the middle of a storm but there are people going to die if you don't assist." she states plainly. That'll get people moving. Then she turns to see about getting a fire going, because she's done this before!

Jan blinks and shoutsw "Fuck! Denica!" She peers over the railing and then looks around quickly before growling and throwing both the ropes she tied to the railing of the ship overboat "Fuck princess I hope you can swim." She bellows "Lower the boats!" And with that she hops into one of the boats being lowered.

The storm and sea get wilder, the Red Culler gets louder. Her joy at the challenge and a grim look of determination battling upon her face as she sings out,

"Ooooooooooooooooh, the storm is a-blowing. %Oh, the seas risin' high
But t'ain't no bother, %Cuz we're ain't gonna die.
We must freeze off our arses,%And the going's getting tough, ut this ship is a-moving %And we're made of sterner stuff.

Heave ho, strong strokes for your mothers.
Heave ho! Strong strokes for your pops.
Heave ho! We'll all do this together. HEAVE HO! We ain't never gonna give up.

Mikani checks mana and occult at normal. Botch! Mikani fails badly.

In the moments after the wave sweeps over the deck of the Windward Voyager, it takes Ian a moment to take in the situation. His grip on something to keep his balance has kept him from going over the side, but it doesn't take him more than that moment to work out that Denica has. "Send out the launch!" He shouts over the wind, the volume there entirely to make himself understood. Long practice keeps him showing anything but confidence, even in this dire situation, and his commands are just that, snapped out with the expectation that they'll be obeyed. After this, he immediately has to adjust the trim of the sails to keep the waves from smashing his ship into the Silver Lark.

So singeth Acacia....

Acacia checks charm and performance at easy. Acacia marginally fails.

Pasquale ignores the people who are more interested in watching than helping and gathers up a group of them to start explaining what they need. He nods appreciatively when Acantha gathers them up for them. "Lets start with a good fire to keep us and anyone who washes up warm. Be mindful what lumber you use. We are going to need a sheltered area to put anyone who's been pulled out of the water. For Triage and recovery." he explains. "And it will be a lot easier if you have the wood for it." He offers some coin to a young fit looking sort. "Go see if you can get some sailcloth. Tell them Lord Malespero will cover any losses."

Everything is fine until it isn't. One minute, Denica Thrax is on her feet and the next, she's not. The small woman tumbles, rolling with the incline of the ship before she plummets into the icy waters below. There's a scream or maybe it's just silence at a point. The sea is wicked, dark and unforgiving. Denica is a slip of a thing, but she's no doubt scrambling and doing everything she can just to stay afloat and not get lost in it. There's panic but there's almost a keen desire for survival, and so the princess tries to manage the waves long enough to be saved. Making herself visible, but not expending too much energy either, she's just trying to hold on as she can.

OOC Check Request
- Ian and Lu: @check command + sailing at hard.
- Jan: @check command + sailing at normal.
- Everyone else, hang on! @check strength + survival at normal.

Mikani is getting a little boost from Acacia's song. No need to reroll.

I'll pose after!

Jan checks command and sailing at normal. Jan marginally fails.

Patrizio checks strength and survival at normal. Patrizio marginally fails.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Denica checks stamina and survival at hard. Denica is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia fails.

Cold, drenched, probably pissed off at herself and yet annoyingly in good spirits, Acacia, the Reddest of the Cullers, continues to boisterously belt out her sea shanty into the wind. Cuz she's a Culler, whatever that means.

Acacia don't sing pretty like her sister. But what she lacks in talent, she more than makes up for in spirit, and so she continues, louder than before.

"Ooooooooooooooooh, the storm is a-blowing. %And I'm freezing of my tits.
If I stay out any longer, I'll freeze of all my bits.
But the people need a-savin',
And if the silkies have their way.
We'll all be drinking cocoa
And will live another day.

Heave ho Strong strokes for your mothers.
Heave ho! Strong strokes for your pops.
Heave ho! We'll all do this together.
HEAVE HO! We ain't never gonna give up.

There's something to be said for Patrizio's words earlier about the fact that he's much more content to be commanding forces on land - he's proving, rapidly, that he is no sailor, even if he can put his back into things quite fully when he has a mind. There's as much splashing from his oar as there is pushing at the water to guide them forward while the waves are crashing, but there's an appreciative attempt to be calling out, in rhythm with Acacia's song, to help guide everyone to row as one. Though he's keeping an eye on Lucrezia, as if he has... concerns.

Patrizio mutters, "I'm going to ... ... recreate ... perform anew this song ... next time ... drinking ... ... Murder, you realize."

Jan tries to steer the ship, taking up oars and trying to cross towards the other ship while having the other sailor with her take his coat off tie the sleeves of his coat together trying to give Denica something to grab onto while Jan tries to avoid whacking Denica with an oar.

Acacia checks strength and survival at normal. Acacia is successful.

The sight of Jan on a rescue boat is the greatest thing that the princess's eyes have eye laid on. The relief gives her enough stamina to hold on, the her will for survival is strong. As Jan is approaching, not hitting her with an oar is appreciated. Denica tries to move into the best spot so that she can grab whatever is sent her way, scrambling quickly to try to get out of the water. The pale princess is probably a little blue and her teeth chatter, but she doesn't really feel it anymore the adrenaline kicking in and she goes into survival mode. Hands reach for the jacket, and she tries to pull herself with it, trying to get into the boat.

Even while keeping his ship from striking the other crafts in the water, Ian's able to keep an eye on events as they develop -- the trajectory Lucrezia has chosen to cut across the water, and what that suggests about her intentions, Denica struggling to stay afloat, Jan struggling to drag her out of the water, the lifeboats, foundering on the rough seas, the captain of the Silver Lark, still on her deck. He snaps out a couple more commands. The yards swing, another reef taken into the sails. He's preparing to do something, but in the chaos, it's hard to be sure what. He might not even have decided for certain, himself.

Mikani sees Denica fall. "I got the princess." She calls out to her ship as she pulls out some rope and ties it about her waist. "Don't get my line caught and I can get those in the water into the boat." She says before diving into the freezing waters.

Acacia throws Patrizio a look and whispers through gritted teeth. "Fuck that. If we live..." she grunts with effort as she draws the oar back hard, taking a breather as the others take up the song. "I'll be too fucking drunk to remember this sordid business. Bloody heroes," she scowls, though by the way she's all business and giving it her all, she may not realllly mean what she is saying. Maybe.

But then Mikani calls out her intentions and the Culler changes course, her brown eyes narrow and her teeth grit as she stays the course. "A bottle of the Salon's best for the lad or lass who fishes the princess out!" she calls buoyantly out and then stops as Mikani dives into the frigid waters. "Fecking man women. I LOVE IT! Go get her, Lady Crovane! AwrooooOOOoooooo! Feck your storm, ye ugly, rancid pricks!"

The storm looms closer, casting a pall of darkness that shrouds the beach and sea in an eerie gloom. What was once a distant threat now engulfs the horizon, the once-fading daylight obliterated by the advancing storm clouds. The air is a chilling mix of frigid rain and biting sleet, each icy droplet pelting the heroes' faces like a relentless barrage of needles. The wind grows stronger, a furious howl that echoes through the surrounding cliffs, as if urging the storm forward with an insatiable hunger.

Waves crash against the shore with a newfound fury, their force intensifying with each passing moment. The rhythmic booms of their impact reverberate through the air, creating a deafening cacophony that drowns out all other sounds. The heroes can almost taste the briny saltiness in the air, a potent reminder of the unforgiving sea and the imminent danger it holds. Urgency permeates their very being as time slips away like sand through their fingers, each passing moment diminishing their chances of averting the looming disaster.

Denica, caught in the unforgiving clutches of the storm, remains perilously close to drowning. Her struggle against the merciless waves is a race against time, every gasp for air a desperate plea for survival. Ian, displaying remarkable skill and determination, steers the Windward Voyager into a position where it can aid in Denica's rescue. However, Jan's attempt to launch the lifeboat encounters an unforeseen setback. A knot, stubborn and entangled, becomes stuck and frayed, causing precious seconds to slip away as they work feverishly to resolve the issue and lower the lifeboat into the tumultuous waters.

Amidst the chaos, The Indomitable, defying the storm's relentless assault, slowly maneuvers close to one of the lifeboats. A glimmer of hope flickers as the crew on board prepares to extend a lifeline, ready to haul the stranded individuals to safety. The heroes witness a brief moment in this tempest, an opportunity to snatch survival from the clutches of the storm.

However, The Silver Lark, battered and at the mercy of the elements, crashes against unseen dark shapes lurking beneath the churning waves. The ship shudders and groans as its wooden hull tears open against the jagged rocks, rending it vulnerable to the full fury of the storm. It is a moment of reckoning as The Silver Lark runs aground, its fate entwined with the treacherous shoreline.

Meanwhile, Mikani's fervent prayer to the goddess Mangata seems unanswered, the storm growing even more ominous and oppressive. Darkness descends like a shroud, obscuring the heroes' path forward. However, just as hope wavers, a twist of fate occurs. Inspired by Acacia's jolly jig being sung amidst the chaos, Mikani takes a leap of faith, plunging into the roiling sea. In a moment that defies explanation, she finds herself propelled alongside The Indomitable. Something mysterious and dark gray with a conical shape seems to guide her, a force beneath the crashing waves that aids her in closing the perilous distance to Denica. A bit of flotsam from The Silver Lark bobs nearby, offering a temporary respite, allowing Denica and Mikani to catch precious breaths of air amidst the relentless storm. Precious moments so that Jan can close the distance.

The situation has reached a critical juncture. Denica teeters on the precipice of life and death, her every moment hanging by a thread. The lifeboats, assailed by the merciless storm, are ill-equipped to withstand its ferocity. The heroes must navigate this treacherous landscape with unwavering resolve. The Indomitable, an emblem of hope in the midst of chaos, stands as a potential sanctuary. The Windward Voyager can offer reprieve to Denica and Mikani. Together, the heroes must rally their strength, their wits, and the whispers of fortune to orchestrate a daring rescue amidst the storm's relentless assault.

Pasquale and Acantha, two quick-thinking individuals on the beach, recognize the urgent need for a guiding light amidst the chaos of the storm. With an unwavering determination, they spring into action, rallying a crowd of sailors and dockworkers who have gathered on the shore. Their charismatic presence and persuasive words draw the attention of these capable hands, and they quickly organize them into a well-coordinated effort.

Together, they set to work, gathering driftwood, crates, and any other flammable materials they can find. The crackling energy in the air matches the growing pile of debris as it is stacked meticulously, forming the foundation of a towering bonfire. Pasquale and Acantha oversee the construction, ensuring that the structure is stable and positioned in a way that the flames will be visible from the tumultuous sea.

As the bonfire takes shape, its warm glow dances against the darkened sky, a beacon of hope amidst the raging storm. The sailors and dockworkers, inspired by Pasquale and Acantha's leadership, lend their strength to ensure the fire's success. They stand united, ready to assist in any way possible.

Not only do Pasquale and Acantha plan for a beacon of light, but they also anticipate the needs of those who may find refuge on the sandy landing away from the treacherous rocks. With foresight, they gather essential medical supplies, creating a makeshift triage area nearby. Bandages, salves, and poultices are assembled, prepared to provide much-needed aid and comfort to those who will emerge from the tempest, battered and wounded.

OOC Check
- Ian and Lu: @command + sailing at hard. You're rescuing.
- Jan: @command + sailing at normal. Success means you get two out of the drink!
- Mikani and Denica: You do not need to check anything. You aren't going to drown.
- All others: @check strength + sailing at easy. You're all helping pull people in your ship.
- Pasquale and Acantha: Check what you desire you've already set up your light and triage at the shore.

You will be able to rescue Mikani and Denica + one life boat this round, depending on your results.

The Silver Lark is lost on the rocks now.

Acacia checks strength and sailing at easy. Acacia is successful.

Patrizio checks strength and sailing at easy. Patrizio is successful.

Mikani holds the princess close to keep them both warm. She rubs Denica's arms as they stay afloat. "Come on Princess stay with me." She says as they stay afloat. She says another mental prayer to Magnata.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at hard. Lucrezia fails.

Pasquale relocates himself into a spot where he can take advantage of the shelter provided by the triage station once it has been pieced together. He folds his arms beneath his cloak, pulls up the hood, and seems to consider the scene before them before telling Acantha. "Some teams to go out and look for survivors, goods, and other things that might have washed up along the shore out of easy sight perhaps?"

Acantha checks command and diplomacy at normal. Acantha is successful.

Pasquale checks wits at normal. Pasquale is successful.

With a thunk, the oar goes away and... "Alright, heave away!" Howls out Patrizio so he can be heard, before he's bracing himself, reaching out to the water to be pulling the nearest wayward sailor into the dry-by-comparison of the longboat...

Acantha knows that there is a take and give in situations like this. She didn't want to be the one bossy noble telling folks that they /had/ to do things. She worked with people. Once things are set she is a bit worried that they have missed something, but they haven't. Benny wanders back to her and slaps a log down at her feet then proceeds to go back to snacking. She gives a look to Pasquale, "Could get that together, yes." she agrees with him.

Jan growls "Fucking son of a fish-humper.." She draws a knife and saws at the rope that's knotted, "Hold on!" desperately working to get the ship into the water where it belongs even while her fingers and her lips turn blue.

It turns out Patrizio is right to be concerned about Lucrezia's intentions, for if anything her grin becomes more feral and savage as the weather worsens. Saving people just went down several rungs on Lucrezia's scale of moral things to do and it'd already been quite, quite low. Just when those lifelines are about to get close to them, she starts ordering their longboat to sail towards The Silver Lark, leaving those sailors to their sorry fate. Treasure over lives! She sings a gleeful counter-tune to Acacia's song, all about treasure and drowning sailors. She doesn't even break stride as Mikani jumps overboard. That would *not* be her problem! "Oh Cousin! We need to save room on board for the treasure." Laughing madly, she seems to purposefully shift the boat they're on, though it's probably just the treacherous waters, away from whoever he's trying to rescue.

"Would you ask for volunteers?" Pasquale asks Acantha. "And make sure they have at least one person in each team who knows how to keep them safe in such conditions. I need to ensure the bystanders stay under control."

Acacia goes back to singing, taking a break only when she needs to pull in a sailor, silkie or someone else who needs saving. The waves and the storm are relentless, but so is our Lowers Lass. She continues, "Ooooooooooooooooh, the storm is a-blowing.
But work is getting done,
I won't say it's over,
But there's drinking to be done.
Just a little longer,
The crew is steeled and brave.
So let's all lend a hand now,
There's a few more folk to save.

Heave ho Strong strokes for your sisters.
Heave ho! Strong strokes for your bros.
Heave ho! We'll all do this together.
HEAVE HO! We all know how this one goes."

At the end of the day, it might be that Mangata is with Ian as the storm batters his ship. Even with the spray of waves rising high as they cast over the black, jagged forms of rocks, he's confident enough in his ship's position to pull a couple more crew off of sailing to help bringing people onto the ships, almost as if he can hear her voice in the rush of the wind. A line is cast out for Mikani and Denica to grab onto so they can be pulled aboard, while others are thrown towards the lifeboats in an effort to draw them close enough to save some of their crews. He's keeping an eye on the captain, but the preponderance of his efforts are turned towards the greatest number of lives in need of saving. This is what he might have intuited from watching Lucrezia's ship: Any lives that are going to be saved this day will have to be saved by his crew.

A sigh - /is/ Patrizio sighing in the midst of all this? - as Patrizio's noticing how Lucrezia's bellowing about her intentions, before his own sharper voice cuts above the wind. "/People/, Lu. Damn the treasure and the like, but let us worry first about the /people/ who are in the water, and if there's time without bloody well endangering us all..." Not that it's stopping him from doing what he's doing, with hauling another person into the boat...

Jan checks command and sailing at normal. Jan is successful.

Mikani helps Denica grab the rope thrown out to them. She unties the rope from her waist to pull herself to towards Ian's ship.

Lucrezia shifts her eyes towards Patrizio's reminder what they *should* be here for. Rolling her eyes up towards the heaven and down below to the Abyss, the watery depths of the ocean, she exhales a rattling sigh. "Yes. The...lives. Of the people. That's the treasure I meant. This water, it's hard to navigate in. Your hair has fucking icicles in it. I'll never forget this moment."

The storm has unleashed its full fury upon the beleaguered beach, a tempest of unparalleled wrath. The sky is an ominous maelstrom of swirling dark clouds, intermittently pierced by jagged bursts of lightning that fracture the heavens. Torrential rain falls in sheets, driven sideways by relentless gusts of wind that whip across the shoreline, lashing against the heroes' faces like icy whips. The bone-chilling cold seeps into their very bones, penetrating through layers of clothing and chilling their very souls.

The sea, now transformed into a monstrous entity, churns and roils with unrestrained rage. Frothy waves surge and crash upon the shore, their thunderous assault a symphony of raw power. The relentless pounding threatens to swallow The Silver Lark, which teeters on the precipice of oblivion. The ship, once a vessel of hope, is now a plaything of the storm, subjected to the sea's merciless hunger.

Visibility is severely limited, as a wall of mist and rain shrouds the world in a disorienting haze. The heroes find themselves trapped within this tumultuous crucible, battling against the elements with desperation etched upon their faces. Each step forward is a struggle, their senses sharpened by the urgent need to rescue the crews from the clutches of the tempest.

Amidst this chaos, the crew of The Indomitable showcases their skill and determination. They manage to rescue one of the lifeboats from The Silver Lark, pulling it to safety with a display of teamwork and resilience. Another lifeboat remains adrift, a fragile vessel clinging to survival in the midst of the raging storm.

Jan, their quick thinking and bravery shining through, manages to navigate her lifeboat through the treacherous waves, reaching Denica and Mikani who were overboard. With unwavering determination, she pulls them into the relative safety of the lifeboat, defying the storm's relentless assault.

Ian, at the helm of the Windward Voyager, maneuvers the ship with unwavering precision. He guides the vessel towards Jan's lifeboat, their path illuminated by lightning flashes that briefly reveal the remnants of The Silver Lark. The wreckage lies strewn upon the rocks, a tragic testament to the unyielding might of the storm. The main mast snaps in half, flung into the churning waters below, a symbol of the ship's ultimate demise.

With Jan's lifeboat and its precious cargo safely aboard the Windward Voyager, the heroes face a critical task that lies ahead. One lifeboat of The Silver Lark remains, adrift and alone in the tempest. Its crew clings to its fragile form, their lives hanging in the balance. Against the backdrop of roaring waves and lightning-lit darkness, the heroes must summon every ounce of their strength and skill to rescue these desperate souls.

As the storm rages on, a piece of wood, battered and broken, is hurled onto the shoreline amidst the crashing waves. Pasquale and Acantha, at the forefront of the team gathered on the beach, spot the figure clinging desperately to the debris. With a surge of adrenaline, they rush towards the stranded individual, their hearts pounding with a mix of relief and trepidation. It is the captain, and they don't look like they're able to hang on to life much longer unless Pasquale and Acantha can get them to the triage center and with the healers.

In this final stage of the battle against the storm, the heroes stand as beacons of hope amidst the chaos. Their every action is a testament to their unwavering spirit and their relentless determination to save those who remain imperiled. The sea rages on, its insatiable hunger threatening to consume all in its path. But against this merciless tempest, the heroes forge on, their resolve unyielding, as they strive to snatch victory from the clutches of the storm and ensure the survival of those still trapped within its clutches.

OOC Checks
- Ian: @check command + sailing at hard. You need to navigate to the docks!
- Lu: @check command + sailing at normal. You need to navigate to the beach on your longboat but Pasquale's bonfire is a good beacon to the soft sand.
- Everyone else: Whew! @check strength + sailing at normal. You need to pull in that final lifeboat's crew!
- Pasquale: Up to you, but the captain will need medical care!

Denica Chattering teeth and determination, has Denica grabbing onto the rope, letting Jan pull both her and Acantha up. Helping the later, once she gets to safety, the princess looks a little like she's in shock. There's no doubt a grateful look in her eyes as she catches sight of Jan, but she's shivering too much to talk now. Really, it's survival mode here.

Patrizio checks strength and sailing at normal. Patrizio is successful.

Acacia checks strength and sailing at normal. Critical Success! Acacia is spectacularly successful.

Jan checks strength and sailing at normal. Jan is successful.

Ian checks command and sailing at hard. Ian is successful.

Lucrezia checks command and sailing at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

Mikani checks strength and sailing at normal. Mikani is successful.

Pasquale checks wits and leadership at normal. Pasquale marginally fails.

That the prince of Pravus feels need to give Lucrezia another of Those Looks speaks volumes, even when he's finished hauling one more into their increasingly filled longboat and... a hiss of breath as he's unencumbering his oar to get it back into the water. The beating of the oar on the water - this time far better with dipping it into the froth - speaks to just how eagerly Patrizio wants to be back on the sand and, preferably, in a tavern and dry...

Jan grunts, pale, soggy, and shivering as she hauls people out of the water and unceremoniously flings them aboard her lifeboat. She's not careful about stray limbs or rogue elbows, she grabs and yoinks with a grunt of effort to flop the next body aboard and lets those aboard tend to those she fishes out-immediately reaching back in to grab the next.

For once Pasquale's many many years of sickness come to his aid, as Alberico, his long time aide and nurse, takes over management of the Captain. The Malespero Lord speaks briefly to one of the teams and sends them to assist in getting the injured captain back to the shelter. The Lord is obviously flagging though and when a physician turns up he gratefully hands off control of the shoreline into their capable hands. Eager to get out of the weather.

Once settled upon the soft sands, no crashing waves will keep her. Acacia drops over the side and calls out to Lucrezia, "Nice one, highness," she bobs her head and throws a wink at Patrizio. "Didn't know you were a saltborn one. Well, done to you too." To Mikani, the redhead beams. "You fecked crazy silk. Well, done. Here's a little something to take away the nip," she winks and hands her a small silver flask from somewhere on her person.

Others seeing those saved now, she turns to look out to where the ship was last scene. Glance about, her expression falls to something more serious. She stops upon a group of youngsters from the street and whistles sharply, drawing a tall lanky boy over. A hand on his shoulder, she whispers softly and presses a coin in the lad's palm. "Go spritely," she nods once, hard and firm, before turning back again to assess the aftermath.

Despite her words the contrary, Lucrezia juggles oars and helps settle the crew from the lifeboat they're helping onto their ship. She isn't easy on them, though, with words and rough movements she makes sure their ship isn't the one that gets capsized in the risky rescue. Once she was reasonably sure there wouldn't be mutiny, she yelled commands into the rising wind and lashing rain to get them to shore. The light Pasquale and Acantha had set does help guide them back to the beach. That look on her face, though, she doesn't bother to hide one bit her extreme annoyance that they hadn't gone for the ship's treasure rather than lives.

Jan is overheard praising Ian: Proud to call him kin, showing him exactly why there's not a storm that's ever waged that can shake Kennex

Mikani is overheard praising Lucrezia: way to keep an eye on the prize!

Mikani is overheard praising Acacia: I may be a crazy silk, but you are a fecking badass bard!

The storm has arrived in all its unrelenting fury, unleashing its wrath upon the beleaguered beach. The once-vibrant sky is now a swirling maelstrom of dark clouds, illuminated by intermittent bursts of lightning that fracture the heavens, casting an eerie glow upon the desolate landscape. Rain falls in torrents, driven horizontally by relentless gusts of wind that whip across the shoreline, each drop a piercing reminder of nature's fury. The air itself is filled with a bone-chilling cold that seeps through layers of clothing, searing into the heroes' very bones. The sea, transformed into a churning mass of frothy waves, relentlessly pounds the shore with an insatiable hunger, threatening to consume everything in its path.

Visibility is severely limited, as a thick wall of mist and rain obliterates the world beyond. Desperation permeates the air as the heroes struggle against the elements, their every move hindered by the relentless assault of wind and water. With each passing moment, the storm tightens its grip, testing the limits of their strength and resolve. The Silver Lark, once a proud vessel, now lies wrecked upon the rocks, its wooden frame splintered and torn by the savage force of the sea. Lightning flashes reveal the grim reality of the ship's demise as the main mast snaps in half, casting a mournful shadow upon the tumultuous waters below.

In the face of this devastation, the heroes rally together, driven by an unwavering determination to save lives and restore hope amidst the chaos. The crew of The Indomitable, led by the indomitable Princess Lucrezia, perform a miraculous feat. They navigate the treacherous waters with unmatched skill, saving both lifeboats and all crew members of The Silver Lark from the clutches of a watery grave. Their bravery and unwavering resolve become the stuff of legends, their names whispered in reverence among the grateful sailors and dockworkers.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Windward Voyager, under the steadfast command of Lord Ian, rise to the occasion with unparalleled heroism. In the midst of the raging storm, they execute daring maneuvers to save Princess Denica, who had been swept overboard in a cruel twist of fate. Mikani's extraordinary swimming prowess becomes the subject of awe and admiration, a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

As the storm subsides and a new day dawns, the beach bears witness to the aftermath of the tempest's wrath. Miles of coastline are littered with flotsam and jetsam, remnants of The Silver Lark now scattered and forgotten. The wreckage has sunk to the depths of the Bay of Thrax, forever entwined with the mysteries that lie beneath its unforgiving waters.

In the days that follow, the heroes are hailed as champions among the dockhands and sailors of the Lowers. Songs of their bravery and selflessness echo through the taverns and alleyways. Tankards are raised in their honor, praises sung for their remarkable feats. Among their names, Lucrezia, Mikani, Acacia, Patrizio, Ian, Denica, Jan, Pasquale, and Acantha become synonymous with resilience and unwavering spirit.

And so, a new song emerges down at the Lowers Docks with the dockhands and sailors, a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of unity in the face of adversity. The lyrics echo through the hearts of those who dare to dream, a reminder that together, they can overcome even the fiercest storms that life may bring. As the heroes' deeds reverberate throughout the city, they become a source of inspiration, a beacon of hope, and a reminder that, with unwavering determination and united hearts, anything is possible.

"Heave ho Strong strokes for your sisters.
Heave ho! Strong strokes for your bros.
Heave ho! We'll all do this together.

Mikani is overheard praising Denica: Thank you for the lovely swim.

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