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Salon Discussion: How Would You Use Magic?

The question for this discussion will be at once very simple, yet still quite complex.

>>***IF***<< magic were real: how would you use it?

If all that stood between yourself and change was the creativity of your own imagination? Or would you strive to use your boundless potential to keep things precisely as they are? Somewhere in between? The question is asked and now the Salon's participants will contemplate - preferably aloud - their own desires in such a make-believe scenario. What pursuits of greatness or pettiness would your imaginary scenario hold? Don't be shy; share with the group.

Refreshments will be provided and they will be of superb quality. It's even rumored that two bottles of First Wall might be among the treats that the Salon has to offer during the upcoming discussion.

Join Ilira Starling and Duke Hadrian Mazetti for an enjoyable evening of imagination, contemplation, and perhaps even a little reflection on not only our fellow participant's answers, but your own.


Nov. 9, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Hadrian Ilira


Briseis Gaspard Caspian Thea Cambria



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Empirical - The Salon

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Comments and Log

Luigi, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Hadrian.

There's a brief moment that Duke Hadrian Mazetti spends murmuring and muttering aside to the one known as Luigi. The pair seem to be discussing some minor matter in relaxed fashion, but soon enough Luigi offers a bow of his head and drifts away, only to eventually disappear from the Empirical altogether. This leaves Duke Hadrian to turn his attention to the room and its occupants, which seems to draw a bright smile across his sharply angled features.

The Duke's long legs unfold from one another and a heartbeat later he practically springs his to his feet with a press of his hands to the arms of his chair. Upon reaching his full height, Hadrian's smile diminishes only to permit him to begin speaking as he sweeps an arm across the interior in beckoning gesture to Gaspard and Caspian's arrival, "You're right on time!" The announcement is presented with a degree of vigor and warmth, like a warm hug offering a new arrival to make themselves comfortable.

That same sweeping arm gestures once again, another sweep of it that is less animated than the first, but no less all-encompassing, "Help yourselves to the various refreshments. We hope that you'll find them quite to your liking". A liking they certainly offer. From roasted meats and vegetables, hearty stews, freshly baked breads, desserts of many stripes, and the beverages run in many varities from the alcoholic to the boring.

There's even a particular server moving about with a tray of small glasses, inquiring whether guests would like to enjoy the finest of Ostria's drinks: First Wall. Perhaps as some manner of statement, there are even a trio of armed guards who actively follow after that particular server with the glasses and that lone, special bottle.

Meanwhile Duke Hadrian's attention turns to the gathering as a whole as his arms spread wide in welcome and his beaming smile shines with the power of a thousand blinding suns, "Welcome, everyone! Tonight the Salon opens itself to you for a little fun discussion, food and drink to stave off the mounting chill of the world, and perhaps a fair amount of delightful companionship for your evening. Please make yourselves comfortable, fill your bellies, and let's begin!"

This seems enough of a preamble for Hadrian as soon enough he's seen sinking back into his chair as he asks aloud, sparing a glance about as though in search of the first who may answer his question, "If you had limitless power; how would you wield it? Or would you even wield it? If you could change the way the mountains sit outside your window: would you? If you could make the crow of every rooster sound like a horn; would you? What lengths would you allow your imagination to run rampant; or would you exercise the greatest of self-control that many would find admirable beyond belief?"

Hadrian drops Ostrian First Wall, 957 AR.

Hadrian has joined the scattered chairs in various elegant styles.

Thea has joined the low-rising couches flanking a carved table.

Oh dear, oh my, Briseis dashes into the Salon with a whirlwind of energy - she has a handful of books in her arms, that she's working on storing neatly and carefully away into her things (neatly is more of a GUIDELINE, really, though she is rather fastidious). Spying Ilira, she waves energetically, and then greets everyone else she recognizes as she finds her a seat to observe and enjoy the discussion. The Duke and Duchess get a little half-bow, a rushed formal(ish) greeting.

Drifting in further into the establishment, Gaspard moves with a poised, near feline-like bearing, each step carefully measured. Noticing several, he offers a general, broad grin all around. "Ilira. Thea. Briseis. And...others I don't know." He squints at Hadrian and Cambria a moment. "Lord Gaspard Blackram." Introduces the man in a gravelly baritone on his path set for the refreshment table. Of course he's going there first, it's free food. Securing a plate full of roasted meats and vegetables, a freshly baked loaf, and a bowl of hearty stew, he begins to seek out a place to sit, with a hmmm heard. He doesn't quite answer Hadrian just yet, looking curiously with a blink of gold-rimmed eyes around, patiently.

Caspian is quick to nab some refreshments.. the champion was not one to turn away free food! he grinned as he took some, and then sampled some of the offered drink, waving to faces he knew and smiling. As hadrian posed his question he whistled softly through his teeth and chuckled. "oh thats a loaded question to be sure. so.. how does this work? do we just blurt out our thoughts? or is there a conch or something we pass round" he chuckled softly to himself.

Gaspard has joined the plush stools lined before a goldenwood bar.

Hadrian's smile turns to regard Gaspard at the greeting offered and with a gesture to himself an introduction is given, "Duke," he then adds in a quieter voice, "Consort," before his voice promptly returns to its usual rich orator's strength, "Hadrian Mazetti, it is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Gaspard". Briseis of course receives a respectful dip of the Duke's chin, before Hadrian's attention slides promptly to regard Caspian and the question asked.

Thea strides into the Salon. She gives a nod and a slight smile to both Hadrian and Cambria before heading over to have a seat. Thea orders a drink before greeting Gaspard, Ilira, and Caspian as well."

Ilira has taken residence atop the bar itself, one alaricite-clad hand curled around a piping mug of tea to her left while the other rests, talons splayed, against the edge of the counter. Her blushing spidersilk skirts sway about her slim legs where they dangle in the space between two chairs. A grin tugs the corners of her ruby lips, blue eyes dancing at her cohost's enthusiasm. She herself acknowledges each arrival with a moment of full eye contact and a secret little smile just for them. Sometimes a gauntleted hand lifts, fluttering a vivacious wave. "Hello Caspian! My Lord," she dips her head to the Champion and the Blackram alike as they make their entry. "Lady Thea!" she flashes her a huge and radiant beam. For the uncertain, she gestures an ivory claw toward free seats and refreshments. Then, after a long, revitalizing swig from her mug, she turns her attention on Hadrian and his query, her tiara scintillating. As she speaks, her rich, sunny soprano carries effortlessly through the room. "I would!" She smirks. "I would absolutely wield my power, but to wield anything implies self-control, yes? I'd say, instead of reshaping the world, I would want to broaden its horizons and deepen its textures. Not put the mountains outside my window, per se, but move my house to somewhere overlooking the mountains. If I could use my magic to bestow unto others, I would, and I believe that would yield the highest results for a better world." She falls quiet, bright eyes scanning the faces to see who might speak next.

Caspian's question results in genuine laughter rising up from Hadrian as the Duke casually gestures with a wave of his left hand, his long spindly fingers waving along with the flick of his wrist, "This is a rather informal gathering. More a fun little conversation than any true debate or discussion. Interested minds coming together, enjoying a little interaction and company, and then talking about a whole bunch of make-believe things. So there's no expectation of a speaking order, but please do show basic respect to your conversational counterparts?" Hadrian makes this simple request with a bounce of his eyebrows upward, then his attention drifts away.

Hadrian's regard is cast toward Thea, whom Duke Hadrian favors with a smile in return and a polite dip of his chin in both acknowledgment and greeting. Soon though Hadrian's focus turns aside to regard Ilira, whom he remarks, "My own manners have failed me tonight!" He says, even as he's springing back to his feet. Duke Hadrian shifts on his feet, allowing his body to angle itself ever so slightly toward Ilira as both of his hands sweep forward as though presenting Ilira herself as he announces, "My hosting counterpart for the evening: Ilira Starling. I'm sure everyone knows her, here and beyond, but it's imperative that I at least pay her the simplest respects in acknowledging her willingness to carry the burden of hosting beside me!"

Again Hadrian's too-bright grin flashes to life and his eyebrows dance, lending it all a rather devilish appearance. It's soon wiped away however when Hadrian presents Ilira with an appreciative bow of his shoulders, before he again returns to his seat. Then his attention turns back to the room, expectant. Though he seems poised to present his own thoughts, opinions, and imaginings if the need may arise judging by the slight part of his lips. Then it is Ilira who seems to take the torch, which results in a smile from Hadrian and the Duke's settling comfortably back into his seat.

"Oh, I missed the start," Briseis speaks, her own voice exuberant in good cheer, although true in sounding a bit remiss for her own tardiness. "We are already in the throe of it, I see." She's talking to the general room, more than anyone in particular, and though she sets her bag on a chair, she does not settle herself completely - she moves to fetch some refreshments. Some tea, some food, and as she is doing so, she listens and watches. Her gilded brown stare is alight with interest and curiosity, and her focus is steady as it shifts from one speaker to the next, before she does finally sit still in her chair, sipping her tea.

Possum have been dismissed.

6 House Mazetti Guardians have been dismissed.

Setting his plate down, Gaspard begins to scarf up food voraciously without a pause. He listens intently, azure gaze on the small crowd but is silent and content to be so, considering he's stuffing his face full.

Ilira laughs, eyes twinkling, and dips her head with Hadrian's introduction. "Hiii," she stage-whispers, then leans back on the bar with her weight on one palm. She gives Briseis a little shake of her head and mouths, "You're fine!"

Caspian looks to Ilira, a wicked grin tugging at his lips. "hmm.. an interesting idea..." he looks to briseis, then Gaspard, running his tongue against the inside of his lips. "It would start.. with the best intentions. "we would want to help, to empower others, to...deepen its textures at you say." he took a sip, "but then.. then someone else would disagree. whether right or wrong, for some reason that made sense to them, they would disagree. they would be a thorn.. a slight ache that would grow. the contention would grow, the strife growing and growing. Then.. then one would be forced to intervene. to use that power to remove the strife. to correct those that were so obviously wrong. but then some would be angry at us for doing so.. and so then we have to fix that problem. And then sure enough.. we are shaping the world into the flawed utopia we all have in our mind." he shrugged, "i know.. thats very fatalistic. but if the civil war has taught me anything, its that everyone thinks they know the way things should be.. and those pictures almost never align"

Ilira regards Caspian with a growing smile. "That is what I wanted to say next! If our world were one of magic," she begins with an odd glimmer in her eye, "Our problems would just adapt. Idealism would become more attainable, as would dystopia. The world will remain what it is no matter how it runs, in all its beauty, ugliness, agony and wonder." She glances curiously to Hadrian and asks, "Will you share your thoughts, before I pose a question?"

Hadrian's attention shifts to Ilira while she imparts her own vision of a world of magic and fantasy. Then Caspian sweeps in to deftly state his own view of just how that world would unfold. There's a slight purse of Hadrian's lips. It's quite clear that he's attempting to conceal either a smile or stifle a chuckle. By the end of Caspian's answer, Hadrian's eyes flutter aside and toward Cambria. The Duke's bottom lip bulges for a moment, but then his bottom lip is claimed his teeth. There's a brief pinch-and-graze of his flesh before it is released and Hadrian's brilliant green eyes drift away to regard the gathering as a whole once more.

"So," Hadrian begins with a faint dip of his chin toward Caspian, "would you say that if you had limitless power and potential, your first act would be to remove that power from yourself and any others that may possess it?"

The question is presented and Hadrian's head tilts aside, much like some scholar studying a new puzzle. Then it's Gaspard that seems to arrest Hadrian's attention. Hadrian considers Gaspard for a moment and the imparts with a smile, "We do hope that you are enjoying the refreshments and the company, Lord Gaspard". The smile persists a moment longer, but by the time Hadrian's focus returns to the gathering-at-large, the smile has slipped away into a look of more thoughtful neutrality.

"We've only just began, Briseis Morgan," Hadrian remarks with a little smile, likely at the continued use of her full name, "so please feel free to join at your leisure and help yourself to whatever refreshments you may. I also strongly suggest you try the First Wall, there's a tray and some guards wandering around here somewhere," Hadrian remarks with a distracted flutter of his fingers.

Ilira's question directed at himself however results in Hadrian's lips bowing and a small shrug conveyed before he answers with a sudden grin, "Of course! I think that it would be very easy to say 'none of us deserve it', but I think no matter what those with ill intent would find a way to wield it, likely against those who would oppose their view. Therefore the opposition needs to likewise be adequately equipped to defend themselves - and others - from those who would otherwise act as their tyrants. IF magic were a true thing? Then I think its proliferation would ultimately be the safest of bets, because when everyone in the room has a sword? Peace is far more likely to be maintained. It's when Chuck the Craven has a sword and everyone around him doesn't? That things tend to be at their worst."

Gaspard sets his stew spoon down, adopting a serious expression. "I would hone and focus my magic on improvements. Fertilizing the soil, reinforcing city walls. Binding brick and stone in magic, to make it more impenetrable than alaracite. I would use magic, to ensure the safety of every living thing in that regard. Life would prosper and blossom, a verdant overgrowth of green encompassing the surroundings lands, reviving them, if they are dead. I would open a school for magic, where you can choose to follow it as a career path, learning what you can - after being tested. They must be sound in mind and body, and most importantly, they must walk a fine line morally. Magic, should be used not for war, but for defense, and reparations. To invest in the very land you take from to survive. Magic could and should be used to improve the quality of life. I envision a city with floating towers and gardens, lights that never go amiss. Paved roads cut more precise than our tools can produce. Buildings that cannot be burnt down, that stand the test of time. Our mercies, utilizing magick to heal, and improve our ratio of life expectancy. The list goes on, I can name more, but I am get the idea." He tacks on, with a dimpled, charming smile that touches his gold-rimmed, azure eyes, brightening them. "The food is absolutely delicious."

Thea lifts her eyebrow now. "What sort of magic? I would assume that people have different kinds, yes? Not just one kind to do all these things..."

When Cambria finally arrives, it is late. Does she apologize? No! Instead, the Duchess takes a brief look around the room, noting where the Duke - one of the evening's hosts - Cambria appears to seek out another place to sit before utterly changing her mind. It's straight for her Voice she goes, taking a chair beside the one in which he sits, as if to say without saying that there is no escape. She then waves over the nearby server in order to obtain for herself a glass of First Wall. She settles in, she gets nice and comfortable, and then Cambria begins to actively pay attention to the discussion at hand. For the moment, she does not join her voice to the imagining taking place. Cambria does, however, look keenly interested.

Cambria has joined the scattered chairs in various elegant styles.

To Thea, Hadrian remarks with a casual rise and fall of his shoulders in a shallow shrug, "It's make-believe. So, really? I suppose it's whatever you want it to be. Your imagination's the limit". That remark follows Lord Gaspard's own answer, which results in Hadrian gesturing toward the nobleman from House Blackram, "See? Lord Gaspard has a grip on it. Fantastical imaginings. Childish? To be sure. Still a little fun to talk about over drinks and food? Most assuredly". Hadrian's smile returns before he concludes, "So if in your imagined world there are areas of magical expertise? Then yes, there are most definitely different varities!"

Hadrian's hand shifts. It's a subtle thing. The hand lifts from the arm of his chair and hovers only an inch or so above it. His fingers flick toward Cambria and her own arrival. It's like some sort of silent, subtle greeting. Does it impart more? Who knows! After that simple gesture though, Hadrian's hand returns to resting atop the arm of his chair while his focus remains upon those gathered within the Empirical.

Caspian looked to hadrian, and snorted. "If i had that power would i take it from myself?" he thought a moment and laughed then, "Well, i SHOULD say of course! first thing i would do is remove the power and block it from all others." he shook his head then, "but im going to be honest and say of course not. even knowing what would happen i doubt i would have the strength of will to get rid of that kind of power. i would rationalize it with thoughts of 'but think of the good i could do' and likely cause more a mess of things then there was"

Ilira's talons brush Gaspard's fingertips at his mention of alaricite. As he goes on, her face warms with a smile of pleasant surprise. She observes him attentively through the duration of his words, watching and listening, offering a subtle nod here, a quirk of her lips there. "That's wondrously idyllic of you," she grins genuinely, flashing a row of pearly teeth. "I'd probably have the same vision myself. It would doubtless make our world a far stranger and lovelier place, but one still fated by human fallibility." Turning her attention on the gathering at large, she speaks, tipping her head toward Thea in particular. "Lady Thea reminds me of a good question, though. We're pondering /what/ we would do with magic if we had it, but I'm curious, what are your thoughts on /why/ we would want it in the first place? Why do we need it? How much do you think magic could enrich us other than adding an extra layer of imagination and whimsy to our reality." Eyes lingering on Thea momentarily, she answers her question more directly if loosely. "The definition of magic to me would be the direct manifestation of imagination. Right now, that's just the definition of art, but magic would grant us immaculacy."

Hadrian is overheard praising Caspian: Where many would swiftly overlook their own flawed decision making? He promptly acknowledges his own weakness. I appreciate that honesty.

Thea leans back, admitting,"I think that it would require a good deal of responsibilty." She takes a drink as she finally answers. "And strength. I'd imagine it would be rather draining to use. I could see people using it for all the wrong reasons, the selfish reason reasons. Meaning hoping to gain something from it, and I don't think that's what it's for."

Glancing aside to Ilira, he smiles faint but warmly towards her. "One cannot be perfect - there will be discrepancies as a natural part of human nature." He agrees in a gravelly baritone. He hums in thought, considering Iliras words with a grain of salt. "I myself would be much like Caspian. Better in my hands, than the wrong one - even if I may end up being the wrong one, in fact. That is a simple enough answer. Power. Respect. Ambition. Those three would be reasons why one would want it, because once you TASTE that power, you cannot live without it. It presents a void, a gaping hole in life, where you were once content. Hope, is a dangerous element. I think that also would play into magic, being born from hope and the desire or need to attain something." Nodding a few times, he seems to agree with Thea.

Cambria purses her lips, carefully considering the responses of those she has heard thus far. "I'm not yet ready to say what /sort/ of magic I would like to possess, but I am interested in replying to Ilira's latest question. Why would I want magic?" Her lips curve into a playful smile. "/Because/ it's magic. Because right here, right now, it is the realm of fantasy and dreams." However, as Gaspard gives his answer, the Duchess laughs, then lifts her glass towards him. It would seem as though Cambria also agreed with his answer.

The question presented by Ilira results in Hadrian's hand rising up to collect a glass of First Wall; which is first delivered to Cambria, with his to follow. He takes in its aroma, sharp as it may be; then permits himself a sip. After that sip, Hadrian speaks up in answer to Ilira's own question, "I think the answers to that question would be varied, dependent upon the person. The why for one person could be power; another could be desperation; another still may desire it to right a wrong. The list could go on and on," Hadrian remarks. He offers a faint nod of his head toward Gaspard, likely as an agreement and continuation of Gaspard's own points on power or respect or ambition or whatever else.

Hadrian's hand shifts, careful not to slosh or spill the contents of his glass as he gestures toward Cambria who has ensured that his escape is never final, "Like she said as well; because it's magic. If someone told you that you could fly, you would. If for no other reason than because: hey, I can fly!"

Briseis's eye drift from one speaker to the next, listening attentively, with great interest. While she doesn't contribute much to the conversation and discussion, she does seem rather intrigued, nodding along and observing.

Ilira rolls her eyes pertly at Caspian. "Of course you would," she says, laughter in her eyes. Contemplating a moment, she confesses, "I don't know that I'd be as responsible or noble as the rest of you with my power. My lust for perfection in myself and my surroundings would be my downfall!" She flashes that smile just a little wickedly, just a little lopsided, but falls quiet and attentive as the others around her speak. Her eyes settle first on Gaspard, then on Cambria, then on Hadrian, but lastly on Thea, where they rest. "I think the crux of magic would have to be the wielder's reason for using it. I don't think, as mortals, we could reliably police our intentions well enough to avoid fabulously destroying ourselves. But if magic left you as soon as your intent went awry... Well, I think that would be a necessary failsafe indeed. I wonder how many of us it would choose," she muses almost to herself.

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"We don't reliably police our intentions now," Cambria counters, an expression of amusement still dominating her features. "And anyway, since it's magic, why worry about those sorts of things? It's not very fun!" Of course, to show that she is by no means serious, the Duchess makes a very big show of pouting. "To allow for a more reasoned response, if you consider magic as just something we do not yet have a logical explanation for, or understanding of, then it also allows that said magic would follow its own inherent rules and logic." Sipping from her glass, Cambria concludes her thoughts with, "Anyway, I am definitely against Magic Police. They'd be a bunch of spoil-sports and you very well know it."

Caspian breaks into a laugh, "i think its fair to say that no matter WHAT magi cis, or how it was obtained.. people will find ways to use it, and abuse it. But just like the example given.. if one person has a sword.. it behooves everyone else to find one of their own. And if we were to be facing enemies with mastery of the magical arts.." he looked around and smiled, "Which i can promise you we are and i wont bother with the facade we behooves us to find ways to understand and combat magic ourselves. and recognize the inherent danger in doing so"

"Well," Hadrian's own head tilts aside as though the weight of considering Ilira's words to Cambria's own caused his head to physically sag to one side. After a moment of silence he continues, "In Ilira's imaginary world, magic would have something of a, mmm, failsafe? That when your motivations become dark indeed, then your magic would fail you. I think in the context of her imagined scenario? It's an entirely reasonable thing". Hadrian's hands come together, his fingers carefully wrapping around the glass of First Wall within the grip of its counterpart.

He considers the contents of his glass for a moment, but upon looking up from it he begins to speak again with a casual lift of a lone shoulder, "I think no matter how benevolent the wielder, eventually that person is going to have a bad day. We all do. I would like to think that all present are good people; so as good people, have you ever had a bad day? Have you ever said or did something you regret in the heat of the moment? Something big, something major?" Hadrian's shoulders shrug. It's clearly a rhetorical question. "Now imagine a scenario where the wielder of that same thing is accustomed to getting their way, one way or another. Suddenly they're confronted with a big 'No'. I've seen my children's tantrums over the years. They've been monumental at times. Now imagine if at a snap of their fingers, they could turn the world around them to ash".

Hadrian's hand lifts, wavering and wobbling from side to side, "Thus, I look at it from two perspectives. There is the optimistic side of me: people would try their damnedest to do good and right! Then there's the realist in me: people will do whatever they can get away with."

Then Caspian seems to address the elephant in the room, which results in Hadrian's expression turning a touch more solemn. He considers Caspian and the words spoken for a long moment, but eventually the Duke offers only the briefest, barely perceptible dip of his chin before he continues, "So people should find their swords, is your shared point of view. The problem is that if someone comes to you, offering you both a sword and lessons? It's usually best to not insult them and send them away," the Duke remarks with a half-hearted shrug, "which we've done, what? Two or three times now?" That's probably a smirk playing out across his features, but it's swiftly tucked away.

Ilira clasps her alaricite claws and presses her lips primly together at the Duchess of Ostria, their corners tugging upward ever so slightly. "The magic police would be our hearts and souls or the magic itself! If we can't police the magic, the magic will police us." She gives a slow, sage nod, eyes owlishly wide and gleaming, and then breaks into a wide, laughing grin. "I'm playing Tehom's advocate, though, I definitely just want magic because it would be fun and could maybe change the world a little bit--but mostly the former." She winks a jewellike blue eye. "They probably shouldn't give us magic, you or I." Her rosy cheeks dimpled, she turns to Caspian, a mixture of amusement and delight on her features. "Careful," she warns him mirthfully but sincerely. "I do think you're right." She quiets, listening to Hadrian, and nods, the snow-white dragonweep at her forehead burning. She weighs both their words and her own for a moment before responding. "There is a difference in having a bad day--perhaps many bad days--and being an ill-intended person, whether you realize those intentions or not. And in my dream, magic is smart enough to recognize it for you. I never said it leaves you permanently," she smiles with a flash of teeth. To Caspian, she simply replies, "We are."

"Power leads to corruption," Briseis nods in interest, listening quietly. "And one would guess that magic can be summoned from many sources. Even if the magic policed itself, there are always two sides to a coin. I suppose in this fantasy world, one might imagine there is no evil, but realistically, even in a fantasy, there would be. So for all the people who are found to have malicious intent and unable to use magic, I should think they would find an alternative. A corruption. This is the way of the world, unfortunately, and the tenacity of mortality." Shaking her head, she sips her tea. Listening and watching.

Gaspard grows silent once more - he never finished his food! And so he does just that, draining his bowl of stew, using his loaf of bread to soak up the broth. His roasted meat is torn asunder bit by bit, each paired with a bite of roasted vegetables.

Giggling into her cup, Cambria takes a sip before speaking again. "Alright, alright, fair enough," this to both Hadrian and Ilira when it came to the so-called magic police being their hearts and souls. "And I do enjoy playing Tehom's Advocate myself, so I certainly cannot fault you for that." Falling silent a moment, but not too long, Cambria considers something. "As for magic being used for combat, hm...What do you think would be the most useful? The ability to throw fireballs, call down lighting...turn invisible?"

Caspian gives a smile to ilira and nods his head in agreement, though he does look to Hadrian and raise a brow slightly. "I would like to hear the stories of who appeared to offer to teach. Outside of copper.. i havent heard of such a thing. And even copper was.. different. i think." he breaks into a smile, "All said.. thank you for hosting."

There's a few nods of Duke Hadrian's head along with the words spoken by Briseis. At one point Hadrian's hand lifts, his wrist flicks, and his fingers seem to splash a point out there, "Life, ah, finds a way to be an asshole, right?" Hadrian's smile is kept suppressed. For now. After a moment of silence though, Hadrian's hand returns to switch his glass from one to the other. Soon enough his voice rises up again and his smile returns, "I've enjoyed hearing about the imaginings of each of you, whether for some green and beautiful world," Duke Hadrian remarks with a nod toward Gaspard, "or a point of view more grounded in reality and what people tend to do when they find some new source of power," he remarks with a nod toward Caspian.

Then Hadrian's green eyes settle upon Ilira and his smile brightens a touch more, "Then there's the world where magic knows when you're about to be bad and abandons you".

The question asked by Caspian though? That results in Hadrian falling silent for a moment. He considers the question, his lips purse, and after a moment of silence his head tilts to one side, "Well, I can say that Cardia fought alongside the Compact during the conflict in the Saffron Chain, where a number of Cardians fell in battle alongside the Compact's brave defenders; there's even a statue in the Cardian embassy memorializing that fact, as I recall. While there were obviously some heavy conditions to their initial offer? No one made an effort to negotiate. There's always room for a good negotiation," and thus Hadrian seems disappointed in the fact that someone didn't get to negotiate something.

He sniffs, clears his throat, and after a throat quenching sip of the First Wall, Hadrian rises up to standing. His glass is lifted in to all those present and then a nod is conveyed to his co-host in the form of Ilira Starling, "To my partner-in-hosting and all of the Salon's guests this evening? I thank you all for your attendance, offering your thoughts and your imaginations. I pray for your safe travels and hope that Gild will visit prosperity upon each of you. You have been wonderful participants and I truly appreciate the time all of you have given to the Empirical tonight."

Hadrian is overheard praising Gaspard: I feel like giving back is a big part of this lord's persona. Gild probably approves. That's not a decree from the Faith, but just my assumption at such charitable views expressed by Lord Gaspard!

Hadrian is overheard praising Ilira: A most excellent co-host and her ability to seamlessly keep the conversation rolling? An invaluable skill that I am incredibly thankful to have in the Salon's corner!

Hadrian is overheard praising Cambria: Because it would be fun, she says. What could possibly go wrong, I say.

Hadrian is overheard praising Briseis: You know how you always hear about that person who doesn't have a lot to say in a given conversation? But when they do finally speak up, they make an impactful statement that everyone listens to? She's that person.

"Certainly all three at once," Ilira beams at Cambria. Then she lulls into silence again, absorbing the words, the company, and as the proceedings near their end, she straightens from her languorous recline on the bar to overlook the gathering warmly. She bows her head, her signature smile playing across her lips, and says, "Thank you all ever so much for gracing us with your thoughts and your company!"

Ilira is overheard praising Hadrian.

Ilira is overheard praising Cambria.

Ilira is overheard praising Gaspard.

Ilira is overheard praising Caspian.

Ilira is overheard praising Thea.

Ilira has left the plush stools lined before a goldenwood bar.

Cambria is overheard praising Briseis.

Cambria is overheard praising Ilira.

Cambria is overheard praising Gaspard.

Cambria is overheard praising Caspian.

Cambria is overheard praising Thea.

Briseis stands and collects her things, offering a warm smile. "That was a riveting discussion. Thank you for hosting, and everyone who participated. I shall look forward to your next talk!" And, with that, the slight woman is off, out of the Salon, into the day to carry on her bustling activity!

Gaspard finishes up his meal, stifling a belch. "That was a good talk, I enjoyed it." He mentions to the group, starting to rise. Upon finding his feet, he stretches languidly, "I should be off."

Caspian is overheard praising Hadrian.

Caspian is overheard praising Ilira.

Gaspard is overheard praising Hadrian.

Gaspard is overheard praising Ilira.

Caspian is overheard praising Cambria.

Caspian is overheard praising Thea.

Caspian is overheard praising Gaspard.

Caspian is overheard praising Savio.

The post-meal manners of Lord Gaspard Blackram earns a sly smile from Duke Hadrian, along with a parting nod in acknowledgment of the announced departure. For his part, Hadrian remains comfortably lounging within his chair. He's even thrown a lone leg over the arm of his chair. He spares a look toward Cambria, whom he asks with a tilt of his head, "Who's even watching the kids, Cambria?" He knows who. He's probably just being difficult. "Gods!" he rasps out, before silencing himself with a drink from his glass.

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