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Statue Building with Lou

Princess Lou Grayson has started working on a memorial for those fallen in Bastion. This project is a labor of love for the Tenacious Griffon and she'd like to share that labor with any who would like to keep her company as she works on chiseling away at the rather large block of stone on Grayson grounds. Refreshments will be provided for those that come entertain her while she works.


Oct. 16, 2022, 3 p.m.

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Aconite Thesarin Patrizio Lisebet



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Grounds

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Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean arrives, following Aconite.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: There's a large boulder of stone that has had some work completed already, outlining the edges of bodies. A table is settled near the stone, but not so near that chips of the rock can fly into it, that is laden with beverages and snacks.

A ladder is settled against the block of stone and dangling precariously on it, as she reaches over to try and chisel a section that she's working on is Princess Lou Grayson. The tap tap tap and ping ping ping of her tools being used are the first thing that greets anyone coming into this section of the Grayson grounds. "Just a little farther," she comments out loud to herself, as she's unaware of anyone who's arrived just yet.

The Whisper follows the sounds of metal on stone. Upon spotting the refreshments Aco gets herself a glass of wine before finding a spot she can easily watch the process of carving the sculpture. When Lou murmurs to herself an amused smile brightens her face, "You might need a taller ladder.. Or a smaller statue, Your Highness."

'Just Lou is fine!" The princess calls out from atop her ladder before looking to see who it is that she's speaking to. She finishes the section she'd been working on, which seems to be starting to resemble something akin to a face. Only then does Lou lean around to see who might be speaking to her. A warm smile spreads across her features when she sees Aconite. "Softest Whisper," she greets with a measure of warmth that matches her smile. She tucks her tools under her arm and then carefully climbs down the ladder. "Probably a taller ladder," she admits. "But I'm still trying to figure out where to acquire one. I bet I could get some explorers to rig something up though. We're used to doing that sort of thing in tricky situations."

Aconite says, "I appreciate your permission but I have promised myself that I will always give people the respect they are due. I ask you excuse my selfishness, Your Highness." Aco bows and then rights herself returning Lou's smile with a beaming one of her own. The yellow clad Whisper takes a few steps in a semi-circle to take stock of the progress thus far. "I have never actually considered the logistics of ladder sizes. But now I'm curious, how often do Explorers need ladders. It may be relevant in my future.""

"It depends really," Lou tilts her head curiously in Aconite's direction. "The first time we went to Whitepeak, we didn't know what we would find. So we brought rope. Lots of rope. Ladders can be fashioned out of rope. They're not easy to climb, but the get the job done and make it /easier/ to climb. When we discovered the state of Whitepeak's library, mostly burned down, with the second story seemingly in tact, Sir Jeffeth managed the rather dangerous climb to the second story and dropped a rope ladder for us so we could all go up to get a look because the stairs were destroyed. So, if you intend to go exploring ruins, it's best to have something to fashion some kind of ladder with."

"Does it take a lot of rope? It seems like it might." The Whisper drums her fingers lightly against the wine glass. "The Chain has a lot of ruins and I think that we'll be going fairly deep into the forests and mountains. Some time I would love to pick your brain about the proper equipment for exploring safely."

"The Whitepeak library was burned? Was it more recent, perhaps the followers of the Centipede? Or something more older?"

That curiosity remains piqued when Aconate mentions going into the chain, but Lou answers the questions posed. "It was burned some 800 years ago, when Lorwroth Kinsbane destroyed it. Somehow, several books still managed to survive both the fire and the elements. The second time I went there, we managed to find a journal of Gold's among them. It was home to the Metallic Order and mages from all over the world. It's where they practiced and honed innovative magics. The city once had bridges that would allow you to travel to all of the different countries of the world in a matter of minutes. On that journey, I got to briefly experience using one of those bridges before the magic ran out for it. I suspect there might be a way to recharge it, but not one I'm quite so eager to look into now that the Traitor has taken the place over."

Lou asks, "Where are you going in the chain?"

Aconite exhales a quiet oof of air when Lou explains what happened to the library. "Hopefully they were at least insightful if not educational." Aco takes a deep drink of her wine though her brows lit and she exclaims with a muffled 'mm!' of excitement before she swallows. "Really!? That's amazing. I'd heard about the doorways to far away places.. wich worried me considering what I'd heard about those who hold Whitepeak." Her musing is isnterrupted by the question though and her smile brightens again, "Hissah. I've already been once but it was only a few days tour of the city."

"I once traveled to Tremorus with Marquessa Cassiopeia," Lou admits after Aconite mentions Hissah. "We managed to explore an underground holding. It was just after the final battle at Bastion and so I wasn't in the best frame of mind at the time," she flushes a bit. "So when we were encountered by Abyssal-touched shifters who turned into giant snakes, I almost ran rather than fought them. I'd just..." Lou swallows in that a moment, still rather vulnerable about her experiences in Bastion, and turns to look at the monument she's working on. "I'd just lost several family members who'd been turned by the Abyss and made into one of /his/ amalgamations."

Aconite smiles, "I've never been. I hear that they've been able to rebuild the city and it is a beautiful place. I worry if I go I might think it was more lovely than Tor and that I cannot abide." She shakes her head but she's laughing as she does. "I heard some had been that way to explore. I probably should have asked more questions like 'who'." The flush gain a miniscule cant of the Whisper's head and her inky eyes soften. "Emerald's pet snakes would be daunting for anyone... And I think most fear or fight insticts would be warrented in that case. I'd turn tail as fast I could."

Lou takes a moment to compose herself before turning back to Aconite. "We managed to fight the minions of the snake shifters that resided there before they arrived and then left as the shifters themselves were arriving. I saw what Sen'azala, as a lone Venandi, could do at Bastion. Never ask her how gargantuan brains taste, I think she's still trying to forget she ate her way through one of them," Lou advises, though with a bit of amusement gleaming in her eyes.

Oura, a white-tailed eagle, Valor, a juvenile male Oakhaven Bloodhound, 2 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrive, following Thesarin.

Aco is patient, nodding with understanding of the Grayson Princess's words, "I have not had the pleasure of a personal meeting with Prima Sen'azala but if I do I will endeavor not to bring up the subject." She nods seriously but she can't help her lips from curling up at the edges, "I agree the Shard serpents are likely to be just as dangerous." She chuckles softly at Lou's amusement, "All the more reason to be careful. Did anyone happen to draw a map? I'd like to avoid any known Shard territories." The subject seems to make her thirsty because she downs the last of her wine and casts about for a refill. She's not far off from Princess Lou, only straying long enough to refill her glass.

Thesarin makes his way slowly into the Grounds, flanked by a pair of bored-looking guards in the Riven house colors of blue and white. All three are dressed in the styles and fashions of the Grayson nobility and men-at-arms, comfortably functional and loose for the warm summer, and for all three it only enhances the look that three scarred and inked Grey Forest shavs have wandered into Arx but, at least, had the courtesy to stop at a tailor's. Thesarin walks with long, slow strides, arms out and knuckles forward. He gives a single wordless nod toward Lou as he moves toward the refreshments, looking over Anconite and the statue in progress in silence.

Lou is standing at the bottom of the monument she's started building to Grayson's fallen, speaking to Aconite. There's an obvious outline of bodies on the gigantic chunk of stone, one of which seems to have a face starting to take form; although it is unrecognizable at the moment as Lou has paused her work while she speaks to the Softest Whisper. For a moment her expression looks amused, though it falls away when their topic of conversation continues a bit. "Prima Sen'azala is a dear, dear friend of mine," she tells Aconite. "I'm hoping the Compact leaders will see some sense and come to some agreement with regards to her proposal, but so far no meetings of the Crown have been set toward that matter." This causes her to frown. "At least, none that I've seen."

There is another pause as the princess listens to Aconite's latter question, "As for a map of Tremorus? I started one, but... er... it didn't get finished because of the serpent shifters we encountered." Lou notices Thesarin arriving and flashes him a warm smile. "Marquis Thesarin," she greets him, following his gaze toward the statue a moment. "It's still very much a work in progress," she informs him.

Aconite nods in reply to Lou, "I'm certain that there are some among the Peers that support her, and even if it has to be individual fealties she will not lack for allies, though it is regretable some of those will likely be private backing. I am waiting for the Radiant's approval to offer our support to the Prima." Once her wine is refilled the brightly clad whisper returns to conversational distance with the Royal. "A useful map none the less. It shows someone exploring where not to go." The Softest Whisper's dark eyes turn towards the Marquis when Lou draws attention that way. She bows in greeting, "Marquis." She echoes Lou's greeting.

Thesarin gives a slow nod to Aconite to respond to the bow, and gives a low "how now." His broad shoulders rise and fall in a big, slow shrug. "Any journey starts with a step." He moves to the table, starting to pour himself a tall drink, and eying the finger foods with some apparent suspicion before reaching in to grab a bite. He chews slowly and deliberately, the same as he walks and as he speaks. " I said at the Assembly holds. If there's aught I can do to move the King, I'll stand by the Prima."

"Technically, it'd be illegal for anyone to support her if it's without the Crown's backing, as she is not a member of the Compact. I'd rather she have all the support she can get and the Crown start considering additional alliances. We just lost an opportunity that would have allowed a serious advantage in countering the Traitor's forces if alliances had been legal," Lou says in quieter words, her voice pitched enough to carry to Thesarin. She looks to him when he speaks, giving him a nod of appreciation. "Alaric released her from the Compact to do just as she is doing, so I cannot imagine he'd not support her in this. We just need to make some sort of formal declaration of that support, though. In any case, I plan on supporting her, legal or not. Hell, I have been ever since I found out she was still alive." A bold admission that, but not one she seems to care about the repercussions of making.

Aconite nods to Lou in understanding. "The crown certainly hasn't said not to in all this time." Her sotto contralto just audible to those within a conversational distance, "It is a precarious position, yes. But if you want to know more than the Crown's tepid response. You could always seek an audience or if you'd prefer a more covert inquery speak to the King's Own." Her wine is lifted and her eyes bounce between the Princess and the Marquis.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

It's hard perhaps to move about the city of Arx without notice when you're trailed by six soldiers, but that's how things roll sometimes, and it's certainly how Patrizio Pravus rolls in most circumstances. And with all that production, the well-coiffed prince of Pravus arrives to pause for a moment, the turning of his eyes to the block of stone, before he lets out a whistle. "Your highness, my lord, Softest Whisper," intones he with a warm chuckle, and another consideration of the object that's present. "How goes the carving? Or did I decide to come gawk at an inopportune time?"

Thesarin is quiet a moment, looking down to one hand, closing it into a fist briefly and opening it with a deep breath. "...if you reckon it might help. I ain't know how my words hold much weight." He pauses a moment, and then his stone face cracks into an entirely humorless smile. "...twice if it's to paying heed to a foreigner. Truth told, more'n a few of the Peerage might be less like to listen on account I spoke for it." He's quiet a moment, and watches Lou for a moment, drawing in a deep breath and letting it out slow. "...the world moves. We move or we fall behind. The Compact's dream that it's all the world weren't never wise, but holding to it might doom us all." And then the Marquis notices Patrizio's approach, and the man's demeanor shifts, closing his mouth tight and giving the man a low nod of acknowledgement.

Lou is talking with Thesarin and Aconite at the base of the large chunk of stone. There is a ladder leaning against the the stone chunk, with at least part of an unrecognizable face so far carved int the outline of bodies she's managed to make so far. The tools of the stone carving trade are presently tucked under her arm, or at least the ones she's been using for the moment. Others are strewn nearby at the base of the stone. "Alaric has been rather busy, but maybe I'll see if I can schedule a visit with Dame Eleanor. She's his Voice and should have a pulse on matters." She gives Thesarin a grim look. "People fear change." That's all the explanation she has for him. "Unfortunately, change is coming for us whether we want it or not." She glances over to Patrizio and nods in his direction at his whistle and acknowledgement. "Prince Patrizio," she greets warmly. "I took a bit of a break when the Softest Whisper arrived. I felt it was probably prudent I didn't fall off the ladder while forming an eye or a nose that's too far out of my reach. She advised a bigger ladder. You've seen Sebastian working. What size ladder do you think I should get?" she queries his knowledge of such things.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Aco bows to Patrizio as he approaches, "Your Highness, how nice to see you!" She greets the Pravus Prince with an amiable smile. "I believe we're waiting for a ladder." She glances at the tall statue that's being carved out. "Or perhaps scafolding." Curious eyes move back to Thesarin and her brows lift before she turns to Lou nods her agreement. "I think Busy is part of the Crowns title." She takes another long, slow drink of her wine. Speaking into it between sips, "Too few appreciate change for what it really is. Some actively work against it and wage wars that span lifetimes."

"Sell yourself not short, my lord. Gods know that there /are/ some who listen to a well-reasoned argument, and might be swayed, regardless of the messenger." Patrizio favours Thesarin with a smile and the dip of his head, even as he's pausing to consider, and draw forth a flask from beneath his cloak, for him to take a sip from it, casually, while he's contemplating. "But I would concur with her highness, in that there are a great many who fear change. Much as we see in those amongst the Thrax, I fear. But.." A chuckle slips from him and then a shake of his head before he offers up a thought to Lou. "I fear that I'm not oft around Bas when he's working statuary. Save that he's threatened me a great deal should I choose to die before he figures out how to handle my hair. Though knowing my cousin - he'd simply recommend 'a sturdy one'."

Aconite's comment, while they are gathered around, comes with the dip of his head to her. "Perhaps. I fear though that I'd be more of a mind to suggest things to destroy, than to render something beautiful from the stone. Be it a ladder or scaffolding." Those jade eyes dance briefly, before he murmurs, "Perhaps the Crown needs more things to entertain it, and not leave it wrapped up so."

"Speaking ain't my strength, sad to say. I know folk who can make change to the world with words. Or songs, or arts, but ain't can count myself among them." The Prodigal Marquis gives another slow shrug of his broad shoulders, and takes a long pull of the Princess' graciously provided wine. Not quite a quaff, in that it stays in his mouth and out of his beard.

Late. Perhaps unsurprisingly. But - Lisebet arrives. The petite duchess looks around to see who is here and what is going on. She offers a smile and a wave to those around as she moves closer to look at what all is ongoing.

'A sturdy one', Lou mouths to herself on the heels of Patrizio's comment, then offers some sort of snort laughter in response. "Right. Right. Well, hopefully you won't make Sebastian come find you in the afterlife to figure out your hair," she chuckles softly. She glances back to Aconite's suggestion. "Scaffolding...." She teases the words upon her tongue. "Perhaps I shouldn't have started this venture without asking advice of Sebastian, since he's technically helping me with this project." The Grayson princess flushes a bit at that admission. "Working the stone just provides a way to get out my frustrations as well as do something to commemorate the people we lost."

Lou is standing at the base of the large block of stone lingering in the grounds, which already has an outline of bodies and part of an unrecognizable face has started to be worked on. There are some stonemason's tools lingering on the ground close to the stone and there is a ladder leaning against it, somewhat close to the face that had been carved out. Lou has some tools also tucked under one of her arms as she stands on the ground and speaks to those gathered. Their conversation has been flitting back and forth from the stone structure she's working on and politics surrounding alliances with outside forces.

Aco has gone quiet again, now that there are more people to keep the conversation going the Whisper settles in to listen, invested but quiet for a time. When the Duchess arrives and makes her way over to the conversation, Aconite bows to her in greeting. Though her attention snaps towards Patrizio's quiff and she also snorts a quiet laugh. "I agree with Prince Patrizio, destruction is satisfying even small bits of stone to create a magnificent sculpture. I've no doubt you and Prince Pravus will do justice to the monument."

"Few of us prefer to change the world through speaking, but.. gods know that it's oft better than through force of arms." Patrizio smiles easily when he's making a sound about Thesarin's assertion. "Though if one can do so through other, more artistic means, they should be blessed." Lou, though, gets a playful bob of his brows at her words, before he shakes his head. "Bas /would/ be the expert, but taking your turn with it, in your own way - that's what's pleasurable and effective, yes?" And then he gestures to Aconite, as if she's agreeing with him entirely, before there's a warm smile. "Remember that what matters most is that it is a commemoration, a place to centre remembrance on the horrible events." Which is not to say he's wholly ignorant of what's happening about, as he dips his head to Lisebet when she's arriving, the press of his palm to his chest as an elegant bow.

"It seems I've come across a party of beautiful people," Lisebet says with a bright smile. "And a statue that looks like it's trying hard to come out of that stone." She offers a polite curtsey of greeting to all, graceful and elegant. As she catches the words of Aconite and Patrizio, she tilts her head slightly. "I tend myself to try words, but that's also because I haven't yet learned to use a weapon." She pauses and then adds, "Of course if one is incredibly more confident with one method of convincing others, sometimes that is the only one that is seen to be available."

"Change without bloodshed is ever the hope. If it were oft seen through, the world would be a happier place, but one with less use for me in it." Thesarin gives another faint, humorless smile as he starts to pick at the snacks Lou has provided while she works. He turns toward Lisebet at her arrival, and dips his head low at her approach.

"If learning a weapon is a thing you want to do, I've a fairly hand with medium weapons. If Luca were still around, he'd probably tell you I'm not a great shot with the bow though," Lou quips in Lisebet's direction, smiling at her latest protege. "I'm trying to lean more towards using words and diplomacy. I'm not diplomat, yet I keep finding myself, between the island of Brightshore and with House Blacktree, in diplomatic situations." She blows out a soft breath that might be construed as a hopeless sigh. "Hopefully, I've a way to work around some of the challenges posed with Blacktree and still yet keep their support and what they can bring to the table." Lou walks over to the table them to get a drink, noting to Thesarin. "I'm sure we'd still find a use for those like you, one way or another. But, again, change sometimes necessitates thunking a few heads, even if we don't want to." This causes her to frown a bit. She pours herself a glass of whiskey and starts sipping at it.

"Growth is often a messy and violent process on or off the battlefield." Aconite agrees in general. "Thankfully we have combatant, diplomats, artists and doctors. Unfourunately so does everyone else." Aconite finishes her wine, runs gloved fingertips over the rim and sets the glass aside. "I very much hope that people can bring themselves to alliance despite condition. Speaking of which I just noticed the time." She bows again, deeply, to the Royalty and Nobles. "Until we meet again."

"Diplomacy is a far more... surgical tool, I'm learning quickly. And... indeed, growth is always messy." The prince of Pravus chuckles about this, though Lou's words about weapons and the like come with a brief inclination of his head. "And the truth is that like an army, there is no precise way to use it. It's all a matter of where you can be applying yourself and your forces in the moment, and how preferably to get to the point of victory before your opponent." This comes with a warm smile from Patrizio, and for a moment, he falls quiet to listen more than to speak.

Alejandro, a gravely sober middle-aged Torean leaves, following Aconite.

"I'd say there's better things to learn in your time than killing, but the sad fact is you ain't always have a choice at whether it's a thing you need to know." Thesarin gives another slow shrug, and takes another bite of the provided snacks. Another dip of his head toward Aconite as she departs, as he stands silently a moment and gives a low grunt. "It takes both sides to make a peace, but just the one to make otherwise."

"Diplomacy, done well, can indeed be a surgical tool," Lisebet agrees easily. "Though like anything, sometimes things just don't work out as expected. Lou, if you need diplomatic assistance, please don't hesitate to call on me. I would be most willing to assist." That said, she turns to incline her head politely to the departing Aconite, and then she offers a smile to Thesarin. "You are correct on all counts, I think. In my case, if I am going to be on battle fields to provide support and leadership, I feel I ought to do my best to at least become more difficult to kill."

"We had been talking of Prima Sen'zala's words to the Assembly, and the hope of swaying the King to agreement." Thesarin looks toward Lisebet with a nod, and sets down his empty cup on the table. "Talk of war came of me saying I'd work at that how I can, but I ain't so much use at talking around the Peerage."

Lou inclines her head after Aconite, thanking her for the company before she leaves. She then turns her attention back to the conversation that's going on. "There are better things to learn than killing," Lou follows up on Thesarin's comment. "I almost gave up exploration for all of the killing that had come with it for a time," she admits. "There are better ways to do things, we're just not always afforded the time or luxury to do them. Ever since Mason came into my life, I've tried to find those other better ways. It's not always easy. I guess that just makes it worth more." Lou shrugs her shoulders a bit as she says this. She looks back to Lisebet as she's addressed by her protege once more. She starts to say something as Thesarin chimes in again. "Yes. All that. But," she looks back to Lisebet again. "I may have need. It will depend. And, it may involve Sen'azala and House Blacktree. Maybe. It will depend on Sen, if she'll take to the idea I presented to her. I'll keep you informed."

"For my own part, I'd been hoping that we'd have arranged for a discussion with the Voices and the Prima by now," speaks Patrizio, even as he's tucking his flask back into his cloak, and there's that shake of his head when he's pronounced it so. "Because my cousins and I have many questions, and there's been a scarcity of answers to date. But..." A shake of his head, as he's considering the moment and then speaks up anew. "Being difficult to kill is definitely an admirable thing. But better to not /need/ to be difficult to kill."

Lou notes to Petrizio. "I inquired with Dame Eleanor about the meeting. She's Alaric's voice for the crown, and when I inquired she simple informed me one wasn't scheduled. I'm not sure how to move forward with that when the Voice for the Crown isn't scheduling it," she admits.

Lisebet inclines her head to Lou. "Certainly," she says simply. A brow arches only briefly, and then she nods to Thesarin. "Indeed. And sometimes those of us who use words need protection in order to get those words heard." She looks to Lou, thoughtfully, and over to Patrizio. "I cannot deny it," she says, a hint of laughter showing. "And yet, considering where we are at and all that is ongoing, I still feel I would benefit from some training in keeping myself alive."

A soft sound slips from Patrizio at Lou's mentioning of it, and then the prince's head dips. "I'm to chair the next Assembly, so perhaps an address from the chair might be of aid there," he says softly, seriously, with a smile to Lisebet at her agreement about the efficacy of it. Though he too bows his head, before he murmurs, "Clearly it's necessary to have /some/ skill in that area, even so. Even if to evade a thrown goblet when diplomacy gets... interesting."

"There's folk in the Compact who'll be against it. His Majesty might feel wary of bringing it forward." Thesarin crosses his big arms, looking over toward the statue, and giving out another low snort. "...there's folk who feel the world moved too fast how it is, and might take arms to slow it further. Whether from greed, foolishness, or worse pushing them on."

"Crown meetings aren't usually public ventures, so they'd have to know that meeting is taking place and when," Lou points out to Thesarin. "What announcements come after though, may definitely have repercussions. But, that shouldn't stop us from discussing things one way or another, and getting answers. Especially not when vital alliances are slipping through our fingers because people are too damn proud to consider help." Or change. But Lou's already said enough on that topic for now. She looks back to the block of stone, stating quietly. "We'll chip away at them bit by bit until they come to an understanding. Or, something else." A pause, then she asks seriously. "Do you think Niklas should be on one of the ends, or somewhere in the middle?"

Lisebet looks from one to the other as they speak, and she nods her head. And then as Lou changes the subject, she asks, "Who else are you planning to put on this?" It seems a reasonable question and perhaps might impact the positioning of Prince Niklas. "I think it might depend on who all is there, where they should all be positioned. Maybe." She considers, then adds, "One could arrange the tall ones in the middle, shorter at the sides maybe?"

"Minka, Aibek, Augustus, Donovan, John, and Calain," Lou rattles off several names of members of House Grayson the instant Lisebet asks who, a haunted look coming to her face. "They were all ones turned into the magicked undead plant people that we found when searching Bastion. "Also, Aindre's parents. Rodric and Daniela. Both were seen in a gargantuan. I think. Rodric was for certain. His mother I'm spotty on. It was a long night, that last battle." She lets out another long sigh. But, she's at least not looking /completely/ traumatized every time she talks about that incident.

"There's the matter of not wanting the world to move faster in the directions it goes, and then not choosing to recognize the reality. Some of us prefer to have things remain the same, but recognize it happening and adapt how we can." Patrizio blows out a breath, nodding to Thesarin at his words. " And for those of us in positions of trust, the matter is to ensure that we can help others accustom themselves to it." Though his gaze shifts to the stone, and then a draw of breath, but being not an artist, he offers little help.

Lisebet inclines her head, thoughtfully. "I am not sure how best to put all of them on there, truthfully," she admits. "Are you going to have like some standing behing others? Is this the sort of thing that one might draw out first?" She half shrugs delicately, and then says, "It might be obvious that artistry is also not my strong suit." The last a bit wry. To Patrizio, she nods, "Indeed. To help those who are having difficulty to accustom themselves to the change - I like that phrasing."

Lou gives the stone a good long stare, letting out another breath. "Something to think on still, perhaps, while I bide time and consult with Sebastian. At least there's a start, though," she finally concedes. She looks to those gathered there with her. "Thank you all for keeping me company. I'll likely do this as a group effort again and you're all welcome to join when that happens. Lots of good speculative conversation came out of it." She smiles at all of those present. "And that is indeed good phrasing," Lou is agreeing with Lisebet about Patrizio's philosophy. "And I know I would definitely appreciate a nudge toward meeting with Sen at the next assembly."

Patrizio once more dips his head to Lou. "Then I'll remember to include it in my remarks, when I speak, though to hold it separate to some extent from the commentary and report from Pravus." Though to Lisebet, he makes a soft sound. "Though as we all agree," and with this, he glances for the moment to Thesarin, "It's always easier said than done. Look at the current problems with the elimination of thralldom, beyond simply eliminating slavery."

Lisebet inclines her head soberly, acknowledging the words. "Sounds great, Lou. I'll come join you for sure," she promises. "Just let me know when. Maybe I can bring something artistic of my own to work on." Aha, now that might make for quite a day, though do note that Lisebet didn't say she was good at it. Just working on it. Whatever it is. "Since I am quite certain that statue making is currently beyond my skill."

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