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Silver Consortium Recruitment and Crisis Meeting (Again)

The Silver Consortium opens its doors to new (and old) members, offering a fine social affair before getting down to business to discuss how they may help the Compact - particularly the Lyceum, just now - through economic hardship. (OOC: Anyone who attended the event on 8/15 is not expected to show up again but is welcome to do so. This second event is an attempt to reach players with different availability due to work/life/timezones.)


Aug. 20, 2022, 11 a.m.

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Martino Vittorio Thea



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Silver Consortium - Central Hall

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Comments and Log

The Silver Consortium hall has been arranged for a meeting, with the tables and chairs situated so that all can sit and see the center of the room. The couches have been arranged similarly, at the outside edge. While certainly a meeting, this IS the Silver Consortium, and Sira has made sure to hire on a capable staff of servers to unobtrusively move through the room bringing assorted finger foods and drinks to everyone. At the center of the room, a speaker's area has been arranged with the statue of Cicero prominently on display next to a map of the Lyceum and a table of information. Sira is welcoming attendees as they arrive.

With the breeze of sweet caramel and nutty almonds wrapping around him with a finish of woody vanilla - the Duke Martino Malvici is stepping with effortless ease into the Silver Consortium hall. It has been quite some time since last here, his head dipping in respect to the statue of Lord Cicero Malvici, before making his way to the table. His torso dipping, after, to Sira before pulling back his chair to slot himself down. Fingertip moving to the chain worn, adjusting it beneath the now open cloak to reveal the fitted, jaunty, shirt.

Striding into the Silver Consortium with a practiced air of observation and interest, Vittorio looks over the hall itself with a critical eye. As if he were judging the decor and the facilities, rubbing at his chin thoughtfully. He considers the snacks and drinks for a moment, but all such things will come in good time. He instead makes his way over towards the apparent host of the function, and inclines his head to her in salute. "Good afternoon, milady," he says by way of introduction. "I am Lord Vittorio Gilden, and I had heard that you had interest in expanding the ranks of your fine organization and I thought perhaps I would visit and determine if I could be of use to you."

Thea strides inside, looking very much ready for anything these days. She looks at the statue of Cicero and smiles a bit before nodding her head to the others. "Martino,Messere Sir. Hello,"she greets.

"Duke Malvici, welcome." Sira returns his greeting with a curtsy. There is, as usual, no smile upon her face, but this day some effort has been put into taming her wild curls and getting them to fall in sleek waves (surely some bit of hired alchemical trickery). To Vittorio, she bows her head ansd shoulders. "My lord, well met. Master Sira Illuso, Voice of the Consortium and Minister of Coin for House DiFidante. Your family name suggests you have come to the right place." A slightly less formal greeting is given to Thea. "Countess. There's whiskey." The woman makes it a point to know her audience. Once greetings are complete, she moves toward the center of the room and issues a louder welcome. "For those of you who are already members, your presence is appreciated. For those of you who are not? May we change that today. I have called this meeting so that we might discuss correspondence I have had with Archduchess Jaenelle. With so many of us being from the Lyceum, or at least part Lycene," She means herself there, "I think it is vital for us to do what we can with the current situation."

Shifting back into his seat, Martino's head is turning towards his assistant while lifting his left hand to accept the folio. Gathering the meeting's papers onto the table, the Malvici Duke's sharp greens are crinkling for a moment to Sira, "My dear thanks, I was formerly a member when I was Minister of Coin for the House. Now I leave the membership over to my Minister of Coin instead." Flickering an easy smile in Thea's direction, "Good to see you sister." His chin turning to the arriving Lord Vittorio after, "And welcome, Lord Gilden."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Master Sira," replies Vittorio, inclining his head once more. He throws back his flowing blonde locks over his shoulder with a bit of a twist as he straightens. "I would daresay my name suggests that I am in _nearly_ the right place, but as there does not appear to be a Golden Consortium here in this city, I suppose the next best thing shall have to do." He flashes a smile towards Sira, and then slips away to find a seat so that he may settle back and learn of the business at stake. Despite his chatter and appearances to the contrary, he actually does fix his gaze on the proceedings with interest.

Thea gives a nod to Vittorio. "It's good to see you again, Lord Gildin." Her eyes flick back to Sira, listening.

Sira's demeanor seems to be all business today. Broadly, but with perhaps a touch of point in Martino's direction, she notes, "You may have heard the recent change the Consortium has made regarding membership: One no longer needs to be the minister for their house, nor is membership restricted to one person per house or organization. With the changes in the markets, and all regions of the Compact beset with problems, now seems an appropriate time to ensure the best and brightest of economic minds in the Compact may work together." Does what Vittorio said even affect her? She's not one for overt signs of amusement, but the quirk of her lips suggests she isn't humorless. "Our founders should be ashamed of their lack of foredight in naming us." The words are delivered utterly deadpan. Her hand gestures to the table and map. "Are any of you unfamiliar with Malrico and the circumstances of the Lyceum's financial situation?"

"Mmm no, quite familiar, thank you." Settling the open folio over his lap, Martino's fingertips begin to tug the leather gloves worn to remove them. Tucking them into a cloak's inner pocket for safety, one too many gloves lost in time, while his sharp green eyes are remaining across to the host Sira, "A circumstance that, well, I fear is yet to truly bite."

Thea lifts an eyebrow at the requirements. She grows thoughtful about other things before shaking her head. "I know a bit here and there,"Thea confesses. "I'm afraid I've been busy with the issues within the Oathlands."

Offering a warm smile towards Thea, Vittorio inclines his head in her direction, as well as that of Martino. "Greetings to you both," he murmurs, before turning his attention back towards Sira. "I had always felt that I should not deign to join any club that would have me as a member, but I did work so hard to rise to meet the requirements here only to see them released that I feel as if I have been betrayed by my own failed attempts at indolence." A silver coin has appeared in his hand somewhere along the way, and it rolls back and forth between his fingers as he listens to Sira. "I, of course, am abundantly familiar with all of these things, Master Sira, but perhaps for those of us who may not share in my level of aptitude for current affairs, perhaps a refresher would be helpful."

Sira clears her throat and gives a summary. It is obvious that there are details she is omitting. "Malrico Pravus, now dead, had spent years embezzling funds from houses across the Lyceum. It is suspected that he stashed the silver away. This has put a serious negative impact on Velenosa and most of the other Lycene houses." She looks around, hoping that explanation is sufficient. "I have offered the Archduchess our assistance in reviewing ledgers, comparing entries across different businesses and organizations, and seeing if we can't uncover the path of embezzlement to discover the caches."

With his folio kept open across his knees, the Malvici Duke's chin is dipping at Sira's assessment of the situation around the Lyceum. Not needing to add more, instead turning his chin to Vittorio and Thea to ensure the two are feeling more abreast of the topic at hand for the meeting.

Nodding along with the explanation, Vittorio continues to roll the coin around in his fingers as he listens. He says nothing, although there is a clear expression on his face of dissatisfaction to learn that the business here was no soirees and social calls but only engagements with paper and ink. And oceans of it, by the sound.

Thea listens, taking notes. She smirks a bit, nodding,"Of course it was a Pravus..."

There's a glance from SIra to Martino. Her eyes linger on his folio. "I suspect if anyone wishes for a more thorough description of happenings, Duke Malvici may fill in the details. I don't believe this is the place for..." Her nose wrinkles. It may be a put upon expression of distaste, but no one can really be sure when she says, "Magical nonsense."

"Mm, I can be." A faint dip of Martino's chin, a brief nod, before turning his gaze towards the map of the Lyceum, "As I am more interested here on the offers to resolve said crisis before it truly does start to affect the good people of the Lyceum. We Malvici came out of the recent war with the Abandoned clan without too much being spent, however that is not all over still."

For his part, Vittorio simply listens and observes. Despite his bluster upon his arrival, he seems to know when to keep his mouth shut so as not to interrupt actual business with his trademark impertinence.

Thea glances to Martino, as if expecting him to get to explaining. The mention of the war however causes her twitch.

Hears his assistant at his side murmur low to his ear, turning his sharp greens in Johannes' direction before closing his folio to gather up to his feet. A quiet word of parting before stepping back to see himself to the door and the city once more while folio is handed back.

Martino has left the A large rectangular table for meetings.

"I will be sending out a copy of the plan to everyone who wishes to be included, from within our membership," Sira says, giving Martino a chance to exit gracefully. "If there are any further questions...? Or if anyone would like to join, who is not already a member?"

Waving his hands out to either side, Vittorio ventures forth to speak. "Master Sira, I have been told by my host that she simply cannot abide my presence lazing about the house without such occupation as to call me forth from there to pursue." He leans forward, secreting away the coin as he regards her. "So it is with the utter freedom that accompanies a command from the Archduchess that I hereby request membership in your most reversed assemblage."

Thea leans back, taking notes. "How does one become a member? What's involved as a member?"

A faint snort can be heard from Sira as she listens to Vittorio. "The Consortium is pleased to assist the Archduchess in her commands." Turning to Thea, she pauses before giving a more thorough answer. "Members are expected to be honest in dealings with other members, and to come to the Consortium leadership if trade disagreements are unresolvable without a third party's counsel. Help others, where and when you can. And in turn, the same provided to you."

Thea nods her head. "I'll certainly help for now, but I will think on the joining,"She says with brief nod. A smile following.

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