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Rhythm of the World Festival II (Act 2 Redeaux)

Whisper House along with Princess Keely Grayson are proud to host the second Rhythm of the World Festival, featuring cultural performances from all over Arvum and the many places the people of the Compact are from. Rumors of some of the performances are of Champion Caspian Wild, Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, Vashtalyn Andalashari, Softest Whisper Aconite and featuring Nightingale of the Bard's College, Gianna Delvecchio.

The event is so extravagant they only throw one every few years. Featuring door prizes designed by Legendary Tailor, Sira Illuso, drinks and food with a focus on Saffron Isles bazaar cuisine all free provided by Whisper House. There will be smaller street acts and buskers stationed throughout the fair and merchants are encouraged to come and show off their wares.

The fair will be held for several days along the Beaches of Arx from mid-morning until later at night to accommodate all ages.

OOC: It will be two Days, with June the 17th being the shorter opening ceremonies followed by a longer event on Saturday the 18th to allow for all performers to have a chance to show off their stuff. If you haven't asked to perform you still can! Performances will be between 1-3 posts (long or short, doesn't matter) to accommodate everyone. Merchants and Fashionistas are absolutely welcome!

I am PST so the events are late, however I will start as early as possible - the event times are the approximate start/end.


June 20, 2022, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Elora Cassiopeia Vashtalyn Gianna Caspian Insaya Vitalis Raven Thea



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Vashtalyn gets A long silk rainbow ribbon attached to a wooden wand from Serpentine Chest.

It's warm and stars glitter and twinkle in the eastern skyline, a deep purple band across the heavens where nightfall slowly begins to take over the beach.

The festival is in full swing. The Finale of the Massive week-long event culminates in an atmosphere that rails against the end of the affair.

It seems like all of the hawkers are out selling everything from jewelry to candy, calling out to passers-by, and some even offering contests for a free prize of some sort. Picking cards, wood, and paint spinner wheels or 'guess my age'..

The Horseback rides have returned in earnest. Featuring breeds from Ostria and Tor and talented riders to help people stay on as they race up and down the beach.

The feast pit is full to the brim with people and food. The smell of fragrant spices and beautiful umami that mingles with the scent of fruits makes the area a mouthwatering draw.

On the main stage, a band plays and people are dancing in the audience area in time to the jaunty beat.

Performers fill the various branches of the festival, singing dancing, and distracting anyone who might seem about to get into a fight.

The kids can be heard first. Shrieking and laughing, twin girls charge ahead towards the festival, while a toddler with the same blonde curls tries to keep up. He fails and stumbles into the sand, mouth full of it as he turns to cry for his mother. "HAYLEEN AND HREFNA WHITEHAWK!" The names crack through the air from a smallish blonde scooping up the toddler while a gangly youth that's all legs sets off after the girls. Who, it must be said, froze in their tracks upon hearing the Mom Voice. Elora Ravenseye and her brood have arrived.

Cassiopeia gets An ocarina pipe made of a spiral shell with painted accents from Serpentine Chest.

Arriving on horseback, Cassiopeia is dressed for the fall weather, but doesn't forsake her colourful and southern fashion, as a result. Adopting thicker fabrics, she wears a velvet kaftan embossed with glittering glass beads and an especially floppy hat. Also a very thick cashmere wrap, so not to find herself too chilled. Still, she looks cold, rosy cheeks a testament of the weather and the brisk air that she encountered on her ride over. Easily dismounting the horse, she rides bareback, she is leading her towards an appropriate resting place, tethering her there with an apple to munch on. Ever relaxed, looking comfortable anywhere, Cassiopeia saunters to the beach proper. What music she hears is reflective in her movements, which are akin to dancing, while still maintain a casual stride. That hat bops around as she moves, obscuring part of her face. What can be seen is the easy and warm smile that she offers those she passes, whether she knows them or not. A hand lifts, and she wiggles her fingers in Aconite's direction, a warm greeting, but one that doesn't impose on their hostess. "How delightful," she murmurs to no one in particular.

Vashtalyn has joined the line.

Comedenti, the Calderan Bearded Vulture have been dismissed.

Sunshine, a golden peach blonde palfrey leaves, following Cassiopeia.

Gianna has joined the line.

Aco is bustling between the 'Helper Tents'. A smile is flashed Cassiopeia's away before she's swallowed in a cloud of questions.

Aco is bustling between the 'Helper Tents'. A smile is flashed Cassiopeia's away before she's swallowed in a cloud of questions.

In some areas, around certain buskers and in the free food makes the press of bodies a little tight. There's a lot of laughing and boisterous chatter. Children have whole areas dedicated to them. Pony rides, little games with prizes and play areas carefully monitored by volunteers when the parents need to get a break in.

Elsewhere the crowd is beginning to gather for the evenings shows. The band playing one last tune before they're helped off the stage. The Jester is on standby in the wings while the stage vacates.

While waiting for her own main performance, Vashtalyn Andalashari is here, among the other entertainers and buskers, entertaining children and adults alike with little songs, dances and juggling. Clad in garments of red on black on red, she cuts a striking figure, her black curls done up in a high ponytail, to then spill down her back to her waist, little braids here and there twined with red ribbon or the odd pewter or silver charm or bells. Glittering spangles adorn her garments, designed to draw the eye as she helps the other performers work the crowd.

Vashtalyn gets an assortment of colorful balls from explorer's backpack with bedroll.

3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Insaya.

Some of those buskers are presumably members of the College, and Gianna makes a point of circulating among these like a queen among her serfs. Except she's not an actual queen, but nevermind that. She's also examining various wares being sold, and is indulging in a piece of candy that is staining her lips a little redder than usual.

Caspian wanders around the fair, sampling the various goods and stalls, watching the various performers and peaking into the stalls. he had at least three different pieces of food samples in one hand and a mug of something in the other. he grinned as he moved through, "This place should just be left here forever! its marvelous!"

Aconite checks charm and performance at normal. Aconite is successful.

The Jester bounds out onto the stage and falls into a roll that has him on his side, sprawled with his chin propped in his hand. "This is it, My Friends, The last night! And there are a few performers I know you've all been waiting to see.." He flails his free arm out. "Let's start with someone near and dear to our hearts. One of the Hostess's..s...z? The Softest Whisper Aconite!" And he springs up and heads back off the stage.

The moon lantern seems to get brighter as stage hands light one or two more of the lamps within it. Aconite moves out on the stage in her strange golden moth motif. A band along the front of the stage begins to play. Eerie waling horns, light beats on kettle drums with a higher pitched stand drum that is harmonized by the sounds of rain-shakers and bells. A small chorus chants in Eurusi, building the song of the Moon and her beloved Moon.

Aconite unfurls, spreading her arms wide so that the moth-outlined cloak shows the full effects of the wings before she begins to dance. Evocative and effortless movements marked with athletic feats jumping and twirling as she seems with all her motion to be either trying to reach the moon or to call it to her.

As the music crescendos her precise and fluid movements grow to something closer to desperation as she spins and turns and leaps the direction of the massive lantern but all for not. The moth cannot reach the sky.

Eventually the music slows, and Aconite's movements become slower..and less lively until finally she falls to the ground with nary a flutter.

Aconite is a fairly adept dancer and so when she finishes the applause is significant and a crowd has come up to the stage.

As Aconite skuttles off the Jester twirls back out. "Wow, wow, wow.. As always the Softest Whisper has a way. yeah?" The crowd cheers in agreement. "All right, all right pipe down my friends. Save your voices an adoration for out next performer, Vashtalyn Andalashari!"

Gianna applauds for Aconite; her gaze is thoughtful as she watches the Softest Whisper dance. There's a flash of gold and poison-green gemstones as her hands move, her jewelry catching the light. She sucks on the last shard of candy in her mouth.

Insaya tries out a swishy ribbon on a stick. Swish. SWISH. "Okay, yes, but what does it DO?" she is asking the vendor. "Well, I mean, yes, I could dance with it, but I could do that without the stick. Why put the ribbon on the stick. It seems pretty... What? Flips? Really?"

Vashtalyn checks charm and performance at normal. Vashtalyn is successful.

Caspian stands, mesmerized by the performance on the stage. As soon as it finished he went to clap madly! of course he was still holding the food and drink and managed to spray cider and send fruit pie3ces flying in every which way. he tossed both aside to continue clapping and raised a loud cheer! "WELL DONE!! BEAUTIFUL!!"

Renard arrives, following Vitalis.

Vashtalyn checks dexterity and ride at hard. Vashtalyn is successful.

As she notices Gianna moving among the crowd, Vashtalyn dips her head toward the Nightingale. She is, of course, proudly wearing her own Bard's College pin. She weaves in and out of different gatherings, a flash of red and black glimpsed between the crowds while she slowly begins working her way toward the ring of sand cordoned off, with its festive decorations.

Eventually she finds her way into a huddle with a trio of musicians hovering there at the edge, making the colorful balls in her hands disappear as she does so. She pauses, watching from afar as Aconite begins her dance, watching in rapt wonder at the woman's grace. She applauds with all the rest, beaming.

When the time comes for her to perform, Vashtalyn finds her place, then gives a nod to the musicians gathered at the edge of the sandy staging area. A rolling drumbeat begins a low stacatto, gaining in volume for dramatic effect. As the drumbeat increases in both speed and volume, Vashtalyn races out into the torch-lit ring on graceful dancer's feet, the tapered train of her costume trailing in her wake in a ripple of red silk. In her hand, she carries a single thin stick with a colorful rainbow streamer at the end, and this swirls around her body as she twirls and pirouettes to the center of the ring. As she reaches the center of the large cordoned-off ring of sand, her features break into a dazzling smile as she lifts her hands, and then bows with a flourish, the rainbow streamer zig-zagging through the air.

She straightens turns then, looking to a chestnut mare, who has been waiting patiently without any cues at the far end of the ring. She lifts a hand, and as the violin begins to sing its first notes, her fingers beckon, and the mare trots out into the ring. Vashtalyn turns her hand as the horse nears, making a gesture, and the mare slows to a stop. As the notes of the violin swirl up into the night sky, Vashtalyn runs to close the distance between herself and the horse, placing an agile foot into a stirrup and vaulting up onto the mare's back, crimson skirts flaring over black velvet riding breeches, to settle over the horse's rump. She takes the reins in her hands and the horse rears, the dancer clinging to the saddle horn with one hand, and then as the mare's hooves touch the sand once again, Vashtalyn lifts the other hand with the slender ribbon-wand, smiling with theatrical enthusiasm.

Vitalis takes A colorful rainstick with a fish motif from Serpentine Chest.

The lilting song of the violin swirls upward into a blend of notes, heroic, accompanied by the stacatto beat of drums, reminiscent of the hoofbeats of horses riding through the wild plains at night. As the notes and the drumbeat twine together in a slow build of music, the mare begins a side-step dance, hooves making mincing, dainty little steps to the south of the ring, where she then stops at a mere touch of the rainbow-ribboned wand and a slight tug of the reins.

The notes of the music continue to build, and the horse is set to a canter, circling the ring in a stream of black mane and tail, the mare's groomed body glistening in the torchlight. As the horse prances around the ring, the dancer rises to her feet upon the saddle, using one of the loops around a foot for balance as she holds the reins with one hand, and raises the other in a theatrical pose of showmanship, crimson skirts flaring behind her as she smiles up into the sky, as if greeting the stars on the wild plains at night. The rainbow streamer trails above her in a swirl of colorful silk.

The speed of the mare picks up as the music does, and as the mare speeds up, the dancer upon her back appears to fall, but at the last heart-racing second, her hand grasps one of the saddle loops, and her foot hooks into the stirrup. No tragic accidents ensue this time! She lets her body sway to the side as the mare's hooves carry her around the ring. Vashtalyn stretches out her arm again, fingers splayed in a graceful pose, triumphant in her daring stunt.

Vitalis makes his way to the beach in time to see the beginning of an impressive display of equerry. He cranes to keep the rider and mount in view as he moves through the throng of those gathered. A passerby grins and puts a rainstick in his hands before twirling off. A grin and an experimental shake see his attention turned back to the ring. Rapt.

A heft of the arm, and a boost of the foot, and Vashtalyn is back in the saddle, only she's sitting in the saddle backwards now. A perplexed look crosses her features, and she glances around with exaggerated confusion. All the while, the horse continues her circuit around the ring, as if it has gotten out of the dancer's control. Vashtalyn rests her chin in her hand that holds the ribbon-wand, drumming her fingers of her other hand on the back of the saddle, as if she is unsure how to get out of this conundrum, her features twisted into an expression of comical befuddlement.

As the horse reaches the far end of the ring, now speeding into a dangerous gallop, the dancer on her back hooks a foot into the stirrup once more to rise, and then a hand is pressed to the saddle. Her body twists up at a dizzying angle, velvet-sheathed legs swinging straight up into the air, crimson skirts spreading in a scarlet fan as she bends one knee in a daring handstand pose. She swings her body back down after a moment, and is once again right in the saddle, her feet in the stirrups. She smooths the mare's mane with one hand, and then lifts the other, once again in a triumphant flourish.

The drumbeat and the violin begin to slow in tempo now, and as the music slows, so too does the mare, until she once again is reduced to a mincing trot, head bobbing up and down as if in time with the music, guided only by the gentle touch of the ribbon-wand. Her hooves flash in tiny dancing steps as the dancer guides her back out into the center of the ring in a slow spiral, leaving a spiral pattern in the sand, and Vashtalyn once again draws the mare back into a measured rear, forehooves curling into the air as the mare's body turns in a tight circle at the center of the ring. When the hooves touch sand once again, Vashtalyn smiles, patting the mare, and then lifts her hand once more in a grand flourish, before she touches a heel to the mare's side, and sends the horse speeding toward the entrance to the ring. When she reaches the edge, as the music dies away, the horse is brought expertly to a stop, and the dancer swings down from the saddle, performance ending with one last flourishing bow, the dancer beaming brightly, and breathing hard.

Aconite is overheard praising Vashtalyn.

The festival spawls along the beach. AS the sun slowly descents into the water to extinguish for the night, more bonfires start to collect along the beach proper and people start coming inland from swimming to sit around campfires between trips back to the fair.

Caspian is offered every sample of food imaginable from vendors and apprentices. He is loud and boisterous and that helps forgetting other people interested.

At the food area they're offering swordfish along with mutton. People busting about to make sure no one who wants food is left unfed. The food and drinks are free in that area though they're also quick to offer a suggestion for deserts from the assembly of food hawkers along the alley where they're selling foods, toys and other treats.

The horse rides are paused for Vashtalyn's performance.

The Audience pack in to watch Vashtalyn's redemption, each new trick and the surefootedness of the mare drawing pleased sounds from the gathered audience. They clap and cheer and demand more. And when she finishes the audience is stunned into silence and a ripple of a murmur passes over them before they burst into a deafening cheer and applause.

People mingle, looking at people's clothing and gossiping about who is the best and worst dress at the festival. It's not hard to hear snipped of conversation.

Insaya is an Oathlander, and the westerners do love their displays of horsemanship. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" she expresses with the crowd as the trick rider defies gravity and the gait of the horse. "That were amazing," she says. "An' the rider weren't half bad either. I bet you have to sew your hair up to keep it from picking up the dirt, if you make a habit of that. Cor."

Gianna inclines her head to Vashtalyn when she's nodded to, of course, and when the rider begins her performance Gianna manages to get closer to the stage. Surely not by applying elbows like a common street urchin. (Some elbows were used. Elegantly.) When Vashtalyn adopts that puzzled look, the self-styled Nightingale holds her breath until it becomes obvious this is, in fact, a planned part of the act. Then she nods, a hint of amusement curling the corner of her mouth. She crunches the last of her candy between her teeth as she applauds the rider. To Insaya, she notes, "I suppose that does take a lot of training for the horse, doesn't it? I imagine Vashtalyn trains it. I ought to ask."

Caspian was munching on some fruit from somewhere and mid giving his appreciation when Vashtalyn begins her display. Caspian immediately runs to the nearest table and jumps onto it, displacing the plates that were there as he stared at the stage. no one seemed to mind in the moment as everyone was enthralled by the display of horse mastery! he didn't even realize eh had forgotten to breath until the dance finished and he gulped in a lung full of air in order to holler out a cheer. his applause was loud and his voice even louder "MASTERFUL!!! ASTOUNDING!! WELL DONE VASHTALYN!!"

Vitalis shows delight, amusement, and amazement in equal measures at the performance. When Vashtalyn finally dismounts, he puts fingers to his lips and whistles sharp and loud that approval. Tucking the rainstick under his arm, he adds enthusiastic applause and a rough cry.

Gianna is overheard praising Vashtalyn: A wondrous display of equestrian skill and beauty.

The tumult of applause brings bright tears to Vashtalyn's eyes, and she bows again, and makes kiss-blowing gestures as she waves at the crowd, beaming. Sniffling a little with emotion, she takes the reins of the mare in shaking hands, and leads the chestnut away to the care of her two retainers, who are trained to handle Andalashair horses. She gives the mare a whole apple for a treat, patting the mare's neck and cooing encouraging praise to the noble creature. Only then does she tear herself away from her beloved partner in dancing crime, and slip back out among the gathered crowd, eager not to miss the next performance. She is still beaming, looking slightly giddy with both relief and excitement.

Insaya waves her little rhythm ribbon wildly, though mostly it is just flailing a stick overhead. The ribbon itself is busy being snatched at by the seabreeze. "I wouldn't trust my neck to a horse I hadn't, and no mistake," she says to Gianna. "There is a man jumping on a table. Is that part of the act? Is he going to juggle goslings or something? -- Oh, no, wait. It's Master Wild!" She waves wildly, but really, she's just another face in the crowd amidst the excitement. Her hands clap, and she does the sort of piercing whistle that a shepherd gives, signaling sheepdogs.

"He does that," Gianna assures Insaya, even as he applause slows and finally stills. "Very boisterous. And another member of the College, like Vashtalyn up there." She says this with apparent pride, her expression serene.

After a small bit of time to allow people to digest the performance in all its glory the Jester steps back out onto the main stage with a jingle of his bells pulling people ack towards the main stage. "We have a few minutes before our feature, the Nightingale, will perform our finale! And then i will be up to you to dance the night away!" He whirls and one of the ribbon sticks unfrls into a spiral around him until he bows and then skips back ff the stage.

Aconite has reappeared and is back at the helpers tents.

In the marketing stalls red fabrics begin to sell out very quickly.

A trio of youths appear around Vitalis, dancing merrily around him for a second and plpping a crown of ivy on his head before they scamper off.

A small titter of laughter escapes the area where Caspian and Insaya are, amused by the conversation between the two.

Aconite gets Tightly woven crown of ivy from Serpentine Chest.

Vashtalyn catches sight of Caspian on the table, and grins at him, and begins to weave through the crowd toward him, so she can get a good view of the Nightingale's performance! She beams and claps as the Jester announces Gianna, and finds a way toward a spot where she has as good a view as she can manage.

"Do excuse me," Gianna tells Insaya, moving to the stage. She holds her skirts carefully as she does so, the honeysilk rustling and displaying a flash of leg.

Gianna, a vision in chartreuse (not everyone can get away with it), takes to the stage and tilts her chin up, waiting for the crowd to hush. Also not something everyone can get away with, but the self-styled Nightingale is ridiculously famous and hopefully she can manage to pull it off. In any case, a pair of bards, one woman and one man, begin to strum their lutes behind her to provide accompaniment. And her voice rings out, pure and true:

Let me make the songs for the people,
Songs for the old and young;
Songs to stir like a battle-cry
Wherever they are sung.

Let me make the songs for the weary,
Amid life's fever and fret,
Till hearts shall relax their tension,
And careworn brows forget.

I would sing for the poor and aged,
When shadows dim their sight;
Of the bright and restful mansions,
Where there shall be no night.

Our world, so worn and weary,
Needs music, pure and strong,
To hush the jangle and discords
Of sorrow, pain, and wrong.

Music to soothe all its sorrow,
Till war and crime shall cease;
And the hearts of men grown tender
Girdle the world with peace.

(OOC) Public domain poem, 'Songs for the People' by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, minus a couple of verses.

Gianna checks charm and performance at normal. Gianna is successful.

Caspian looks over as a whistle pierces the air and spies the small woman waving her ribbon madly. "insaya!" he laughs, waving merrily to her. he hops off the table and moves toward her, waving at Vashtalyn as she approached as well, his face beaming. "This has been SOME festival! And.." his words trailed off as the nightingale herself took to the stage. He begins to HUSH people nearby, shushing any who made noise as he looked to the stage, waiting for the silence to be filled with her voice. The nightingale did not disappoint. When the last of her words drift over the air, caspian exhales slowly, clapping wildly then and raising a cheer "The Nightingale! Well done!"

Beaming at Caspian, and nodding to Insaya with a smile, Vashtalyn finds a place just in time. As Gianna takes the stage in that stunning chartreuse, Vashtalyn gazes toward the leader of the Bard's College with a wistful smile. She clasps her hands before her as the music begins, and she closes her eyes, letting the beautiful voice wash over her with the duclet tones of the song. The words, too, seem to move her, expression taking on a fervent look, as if in prayer. When the song ends, she lets her eyes drift open again, and at first she seems reclutant to break the silence following the words, but soon she starts clapping, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Beautiful!" she says fiercely, "And so true and fitting for these times." She takes up Caspian's cheer and cries, "The Nightingale!" She still has her ribbon wand, which she raises and swirls the ribbon in the air in a wide circling arc above the heads of those nearby.

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Gianna.

Vashtalyn is overheard praising Aconite.

Insaya cheers for Gianna who had been standing just by here, and now is up there singing her little birdy heart out. She hops up at Caspian in a way that threatens to turn him into a piggy-back ride, but is mostly just silly and easy to put off. "Hey, Handsome. Did you do that? Sing up there? Or dance, or something? They're amazing!"

Caspian ducks down as insaya jumps, letting the short woman land on his back before straightening up so she can see over the heads before her. "I did! i performed last night. And gods am i grateful! i would not wish to take the stage after the shows that have been put on today! Gods Vashtalyn.. when you said horsedancing i.. i had an idea in my mind but.. nothing like what it really was!"

Gianna smiles one of her rare, rare smiles at the applause, bowing deeply and flipping her hair once she's straightened again. She lingers for a moment on the stage, soaking it in, before dismounting once more. Cheerful, even, for the moment.

Vitalis grins at the gaggle of youths who put a festive crown on his head. He checks its placement with one hand and, subtly, his pockets with another. When Gianna takes the stage, announced, he quiets and turns his attention there, listening attentively, then whistling and clapping for the performance. He takes a deep breath and exhales. "Horsedancing." Dark brows go up, "If you'd told me that's what it's called, I'd have thought it a joke." He ensures again his crown is snugged true and grins, watching as Gianna dismounts. "Messere Vashtalyn, a marvel, truly."

Aconite is overheard praising Gianna.

Vitalis is overheard praising Vashtalyn.

The Jester isn't there for a few minutes but then he comes back up, looking at the lingering crowd. "What? that was it... The End. The absolute pinnacle of your show. Unless you just miss me, want me to tell you some jokes? Say, did I mention the time I worked in the woods as a lumberjack, but I just couldn't hack it, so they gave me the axe."

He lets this linger but the crowd get the picture and hey break pretty fast. The Juster, job done, walks off stage while another band replaces him. The music is lively and worthy of some moving feet. Couples and a few groups fall into the area to start dancing.

Now that it's dark more fires and lanterns are at play and the crowds grown warm with drink.

More fires dot the beach but the party lingers. No one is quite ready to let it end.

"I am sorry to have missed your own performance, Caspian," Vashtalyn tells him in her clipped and strange accent. "I am certain it was marvelous too!" She beams at him, and is still clapping for Gianna, even a little harder as she sees the rare smile. Her attention turns to Vitalis then as he speaks, and grins back to him in turn. "Thank you, Lord Vitalis. It warms my heart to hear you say so." The excitement of the crowd has her, the marvel of the performances, the artist in her brilliant with joy. Her eyes turn back to the stage then as the Jester reappears, and she gives a short, startled laugh at the joke. She gives applause for him as well, and then she twirls, looking for the food vendors. "I need a drink," she says, and hurries off to the first beverage vendor she spots. She snags herself a drink, before making her way back, ribbon wand now tucked into her belt.

Insaya grins with her whole face froom her new perch. "I wish I'd been here to see!" she exclaims. But work. Always the work. And work is pretty brisk, considering. She pops down off Cas's back to free him up to talk to people. "That was so very grand! Like being in the theater for a acrobat's pperformance. Only musical, and no netting. Did the whole college perform?" she asks of the artists.

Caspian lets insaya drop down and laughs, "next time i'll get you up on my shoulders, then you can REALLY see" he looked to Vashtalyn and shook his head, "Naw.. nothing as grand as you. it was a silly thing. What you and the others did today.. THAT was performing!" he looks to Vitalis and smiled "lord Vitalis! its good to see you! glad you could make it to the displays! i would hate to have missed such amazing feats." At insaya's question he shook his head, "no no. A cgood number of us Did but i dont think the entire college came"

Gianna wends her way back through the crowd toward the Caspian, Vashtalyn, Insaya, and Vitalis in a swirl of chartreuse. Catching Insaya's question, she shakes her head. "No - far too many of us for that," she says. "Particularly since the expansions."

"It would be a performance in itself... I could probably not break my neck or yours jumping off you like a springboard. The expansions, m'lady? You mean there's even more of you than there is space for stages on the beach? But it's so big! You could have more than one, you know." Insaya inadvertantly invents Bonaroo.

Vashtalyn gets A carved bone ocarina depicting a beautiful woman, her luxuriant curls forming the toneholes from Serpentine Chest.

Caspian takes A colorful rainstick with a red breasted robin motif from Serpentine Chest.

Insaya gets Tightly woven crown of ivy from Serpentine Chest.

Vitalis takes An ocarina pipe made of a spiral shell with painted accents from Serpentine Chest.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

The lanterns really do keep the area bright and warm even when the dun drops completely past the water and leaves the beach surrounded in darkness. With the crowd it almost seems like daytime in a market.

People mill about and congratulate not only Gianna and Vashtalyn, but Caspian also for he had performed only a few days ago and peple are still talking about the hilarity.

The whole festival has that tingly quality. Excitement and Anticipation mingled with civilization and the arts. People talking about the beauties of cultural performances and wishing they could get pinapples in market easier. The fruity rum drink and starfruit ale have really made an impression too.

Around the darkening fair there are a ew tempers running high but always before things can esclte there is a Whisper or a Bard there to soothe frayed nerves.

Insaya is overheard praising Aconite.

Insaya is overheard praising Caspian.

Insaya is overheard praising Vashtalyn.

Insaya is overheard praising Gianna.

Insaya's comment brings a slight grin to Vashtalyn's face, and she beams at Caspian. "Thank you." She looks to the Nightingale. "Oh yes, the expansions! I was so happy to hear how successful those were," Vashtalyn says, beaming to Gianna. She takes a drink from her mug of ale that she had grabbed. She looks to Vitalis then, in between the milling congratulators, and asks, "And how fares your garden, both the family and the flora variety, my lord?"

Gianna is overheard praising Aconite: Another wildly successful festival and amazing performance.

Insaya is overheard praising Vitalis.

All over the Fair.. varrels are being opened. Waste not, want not, and there's a lot.. a -lot- of liquor here and it all needs to be drank..

Vashtalyn puts A long silk rainbow ribbon attached to a wooden wand, an assortment of colorful balls, and A carved bone ocarina depicting a beautiful woman, her luxuriant curls forming the toneholes in explorer's backpack with bedroll.

Vitalis watches the dancing folk and swirling ribbons catching the light of bonfires in flares of flashing color, a small smile on bearded features. Music continues after the Jester calls a close to featured performances, "You're like the last firefly of the season, Nightingale." Vitalis smiles, ceding space to folk who dance as the music continues. Until there are only folk lingering in quiet knots, discussing the performances, the beveragaes. "Both are to bed at the moment. But the tulips were stunning. In Spring they'll be even more lovely. You should come see them. Admire your handiwork."

"More than one stage? But then people could get distracted from the performance," Gianna tells Insaya, though she seems to consider the idea. She collects a fruity rum drink from an admirer and has a long sip. There is a LOT of rum punch left. "And yes, we opened a number of new branches across the Compact recently and they're all doing fantastic. I need to organize another concert here, though. Perhaps in winter."

Vitalis is overheard praising Gianna.

Vitalis is overheard praising Aconite.

Insaya says, "Yes, but, my lady, not everyone wants to watch the same thing. Suppose you wanted to have ballads on the beach, and rounds on the grounds, and dancing in the sand, and poetry by the palisade... not everything needs to be happening at the same time, but... you know, specialized areas." She takes up a pair of punch cups, held against her body. "You just have to know your audiences. Like, at tourney, I don't give a fig about the joust. It just makes me tremendously nervous and sorry for the ponies. But I like to watch the melee, and so I pick where I want to sit in the stands so I can see that the best."

Raven must have been lured by the promise of rum, pausing on the edge of the festivities to scan those present.She then ambles through, mingling and finding a bit of punch.

Insaya is overheard praising Raven: Look at her go! Where does she put it all?

Beaming at Vitalis, Vashtalyn inclines her head. "I would love to see them. Please let me know if you need any more bulbs, and I am certain I can arrange more," she says with a bright smile. She looks to Gianna and brightens even further. "Oh, that would be lovely! I will look forward to that," she says. She turns then as one of her retainers approaches and whispers to her, and she nods. She turns to give an apologetic smile to those she had been speaking with. "I must apologize, but I must go and check on Astaari. She always gets a little anxious after a performance. Thank you all, and I hope to see you all again soon." She turns toward Aconite to approach her, and adds, "Such a lovely event as always, Aconite Whisper. Thank you for letting me perform again." Then she hurries through the crowd to tend to her mare. She takes up some rum punch as it is thrust toward her in passing, and she gulps it down as she disappears into the crowd.

Caspian hoisted a mug with a grin, "hmm. Well there is something to that idea Insaya! hah we could even have the same song performed in many different styles, just to show the versatility of music!" he gave a laugh, "hmm.. i like this idea." he looked to Gianna hopefully, "it could be something!"

Harkles, an Andalashari tradesman, Keme, an Andalashari musician, Astaari, an Andalashari chestnut mare leave, following Vashtalyn.

"Mmmmmm," says Gianna, which is noncommittal. "Perhaps for a very big festival. One more like this?" She has another sip of the fruity rum and arches her eyebrows. "This is dangerous. I wonder if I could bring some back to the College."

Aconite smiles at Vashtalyn on her eway out thanking her for the performance. Aco has escaped the late crew of the Help tents an made her way over to where the refreshments were literally being foisted off on people in a push to have less of a load on the way bck to the city. She joins the group of people with several of the peformers in it and smiles warmly to everyone, cipping into a boneless courtsey for the Nobility. "Good evening! Gianna.. thank you for being our magnificent closer."

Vitalis lifts his chin, looking at the stage, the beach, as if he might be imagining other performances, one atop the other. "It could work with the right mix of offerings. Maybe workshops?" He inclines his head to Vashtalyn on her way out and straightens when he sees a familar face raiding the barrels. "Blackheart. Do you have messengers stationed about the city listening for the call of 'free rum' to ferry word back to you?"

Insaya takes turns. Right side drink, left side drink. They're the same aren't they? Only there's a little more in one than the other now, and she has to make them even. Nope, too much.. So it goes. The little ginger says, "I needed to hear a hopeful song today. Less... slaughtery and more peace and forgiveness." She hiccups and looks abashed. What is in the stuff? More sipping ensues. "Its just hard to imagine... how much forgiveness might be needed for such offenses as war brings."

Raven bows her head respectfully, "Lord Vitalis, good day. No, no, I was out for a stroll and saw foot traffic and then very belatedly remembered Aconite had something scheduled. I trust you're enjoying yourself? Make sure to let Aconite know if you did."

"I do like a good closing performance," Gianna tells Aconite, her tone lofty. And she considers the Softest Whisper, adding, "Did I ever try to entice you to join the College? I keep thinking some institution dedicated to dance might be a good idea. The College would certainly support such a thing. I mentioned it to Ilira but I don't think she bit." To Insaya, she inclines her head. "Civility is... important, of late." Spying Raven, she inclines her head to the other woman.

Caspian looks over to Vitalis and raven, giving a laugh. "somehow.. i can almost imagine that! might explain what those messengers she is always receiving are actually telling her. 'Free rum at the beaches. A rum cask fell of a cart on the trader's gate!' " he gave a playfully teasing grin and looked to Gianna, "it was a lovely song. thank you. And thank YOU Softest Whisper, for hosting this! its.. magnificent"

Vitalis inclines his head to Caspian as the Grandmaster nears, grinning at the imagined messages, continuing to Raven, "Something to consider, then. Rum notice. I'll be certain to let Softest Aconite know." His eyes gleam with merriment as he scans the group, spotting the Softest herself. "Softest, a triumph. I heard nothing but good things and I'm glad I was able to make it." He untucks the rainstick from under his arm and gives a grinning shake of it. "Lovely accoutrements as well."

Aconite smiles, "I know everyone tells me I'm ridiclous for only doing one or two events a year but I like to make mine memorable. And who doesn't like a weeklong party?" She jokes with a smile to Caspian. A quick smile is afforded Raven, "I had a lot of help. Including two of our top performers." She gestures to Gianna and Caspian.

"Ah, the College? While I'm flattered I don't think I'm Bard Level. Ask a few more dancers, there are several around I've heard including a few nobles who are exquisite at the form of movement. But if you get no bites in a year, then let me know again."

Raven bows her head respectfully, "Nightingale, Good day. A whole school for dancing?" She purses her lips and glances at others face to see how others receive this notion, "Must be far more to dancing than I reckoned, wouldn't surprise me." She flashes a warm smile to Aconite as she spies the hostess. "I don't get that many messengers but I'll not deny you the amusement of your imagination what the messages I receive say."

"We have people at all levels," Gianna tells Aconite. "I've seen enough to know you have talent enough." She inclines her head to Raven. "Mmm. Less a school than an organization. The College isn't really a school, either. More of a group that shares and helps each other."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Thea.

Insaya inclines herself to the gathering of performers nearby, and takes it into her head to go for a stroll up to the dunes and the scrubby trees there clinging. But the imp of the perverse sings to herself as she and her two mugs of punch sift down to the water's edge to take in the last of the summer nectar:

"At a feast such as this, ’twas an honor to dine,
But I’ll have no more capon nor mutton, nor wine,
And as for dessert, I shall have to decline.

For temperance decries the unbound appetite,
So I’ll push back my plate to Good Breeding’s delight,
And please, my good man, only one fist tonight..."

Caspian grins to Aconite, "oh please.. you can't seriously stand next to ME and claim that you aren't at 'Bard level'" he broke into a laugh, "I will proudly stand as the bottom of the barrel!" he paused to think on a school for dancing. "That seems a marvelous idea! gods knows i could do with some instruction." As insaya's voice drifts over to him, he looks around and beams toward the small woman, "hah! we'll make a bard of insaya yet!"

Gianna's brows arch at the mention of the fist; she opens her mouth, then closes it and looks extremely elegant and serene.

Raven's eyesbrows lift and she offers a fingerwave towards Insaya as she wanders off, "I think I might be the only person I know with no talent for prose, music, or song."

The band songs get steadily livelier as more people make their way to the audience pit to dance and out on the beach's groups have gathered to huddle against the seaside chill to natter back and forth cheerfully.

The fruity rum drinks and tropical pomme ciders are being handed around to anyone old enough to get a cup. The stars in the sky glitter above, the lanterns no competition for their sparkle.

A few of the market stalls close up but many more stay open in hopes of selling to liquor plied individuals.

Thea comes walking down the beach, boots in hand. Sometimes even the strictest(sometimes), of women enjoys the feel of sand between their toes. Hearing the ens of singing, she gives a slight smile. "No Messere Raven. You are not. I can't do either myself,"as she goes to get a drink. There's a nod of her head as she greets others walking by.

Thea takes A colorful rainstick with a red breasted robin motif from Serpentine Chest.

"Only one fist tonight. One’s enough for a king,
For to stuff oneself so’s an indelicate thing.
Only one, gently done, and do take off your ring.

"I believe to demand any more as a guest
Strikes one as crudely ham-handed, at best.
Come, come, only one. Then we’ll give it a rest..."

Aconite shakes her head at Caspian and lifts her glass to take a drink. "I said maybe in a year! I would want to be able to give the College the time and attention it deserves." Thea's arrival is given a deep courtsey, "It's nice to see you. Have something to drink, and some pineapple?" She suggests before finally catching shippets of Insaya's song and blinking.

Caspian grins impishly, stifling a small snort at Insaya's song. he looks defensively to the others, "i promise she didn't learn this one from me..." that said he was pulling out parchment to try and write things down..

Raven's eyebrows lift, "Wow. You know getting defensive before anyone says anything is NOT a good way to reassure people of your innocence, right?"

"IiiiiiiI graciously thank you, but only one fist
Go light on the butter, and stooooOoooooOOp at the wrist!
Just where the fist meets the wrist. I insist..."

Thea smiles a touch at Aconite. "Been a moment since I've seen you,"nodding her thanks regarding the pineapple. "I missed drinking. I may have a couple,"though she listens to more about the fist and singing. Her eyebrow lifts a touch.

Raven oh's and smiles to thea, "Ah, then I'm in excellent company, Hello Countess. Yes, definitely indulge."

Vitalis fades into the gloaming.

Insaya is somewhere in the dunes. She's moving round, because the song is snatched at by the wind, when it faces elsewhere. But it is getting closer again. Dear heavens.

"It’s quite the finale! Enough is enough.
You’re right up my alley, but really, I’m stuffed.
There are people in Eurus who starve in the buff!"

"See! The night has grown long, and I fear I must leave,
Tho’ I know you’ve a smatt’ring of tricks up your sleeve.
Leave the rest for your dog. He looks thin, and bereaved."

Soon enough she is back from the little sojourn, with two empty mugs. "What?"

Renard leaves, following Vitalis.

Caspian looks to Raven and laughs then, "damn it! your right" he chuckles, looking to Thea and bowing his head "Lady Thea! its good to see you! and yes come and indulge! they have some of the.." Insaya's next verses drift in the air and caspian raises his hand to his mouth to keep from busting a gut right then and there.

Aconite takes Rhythm Of the World Festival - OOC note.

Aconite takes Serpentine Chest.

Raven bows to Thea and nods to Aconite, and Waves to Insaya, "I ought to get ready for my shift with the Guard. Fare thee well, all."

Caspian looks to insaya and shakes his head with a laugh, "Gods.. i need to go write all that down before i forget the lyrics!" he grins, "it was marvelous to see you all and perform with you! And softest Whisper.. a fantastic festival. Thank you!" he bows and rushes off, humming Insaya's tune to himself.

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