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Lycene Alibi for Plausible Deniability: A Meeting

The Lyceum meets to discuss recent events, current projects, and future plotting. Ghosts are welcome if they wish. No century old mages allowed.


June 11, 2022, 2 p.m.

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Yuri Raven Thea Berenice Martino Antonio Quenia Ariella Giada Caspian



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Audience Hall

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Jaenelle is settled upon the slightly raised dias upon the throne as she waits for people to arrived and settle. While a meeting of the fealty, it is rather casual, servants moving through the audience hall to provide refreshments should they be desired. Someone approaches Jaenelle and hands her tea before she begins, "I just wished to check in and see how everyone has fared the recent events. Hear what has been doing on in domains, as well as the allies who have joined us to see if any need assistance, and to discuss future projects should anyone know of a need which needs to be fulfilled. Would anyone wish to start?" Her eyes dont stop on Martino, no, never.

Yuri glanced up from his lean as he spied a servant moving quickly across the floor. His gauntlet raised up lightly, beckoning one over to see if he could sneak a refreshment from off the platter. A friendly nod was offered before the lord-knight leaned over to his own attendant to hold a private word or two before returning back to his idling; eyes glancing around to see who would have words to share.

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Raven is loitering in the background, sans guards, quiet and unobtrusive as if to be one with the decore-even if she lacks the fashion sense for such a thing.

Thea makes her way here, slowly and sidels her way next to Martino. She sits uncomfortably and listens now, accepting tea as she does so.

Berenice has arrived dressed in Velenosa-dyed hues of elegant spidersilk, taking her seat at a table nearest the throne in her position as Voice. She remains silent for the time being, her gaze turning from Jaenelle to those gathered as she waits to see who might step forward to speak.

Having made his way into the audience hall earlier, not first that would be eager, the Duke Martino Malvici is sat in the general seating for the rest of the Lyceum. The floral scent of his perfume escaping out from the frockcoat worn, around his neck, while gloved hands rest on his knees as he is pushing himself up to his feet at that hold of sky-blue eyes from the Archduchess Jaenelle on him. Prompt that he should probably speak, "House Malvici's update is that we have seen the complete surrender of House Nonpurdo of who killed the Duchess Calypso. In several battles we crushed their navy and have captured their city without heavy losses. As for the people of the city, which I imagine is a thought on people's minds..." Martino's left hand is rolling forth from his presence as he speaks across the room, "We await news on if they will renounce their false ways and their false Gods. That they accept the Lycene way of life and the full Faith of the Pantheon. Additionally, without the Duchess' body found. We will continue on our efforts to find it so that she may be properly buried within the family crypt as she does deserve."

Antonio is, surprisingly, here. The sailor doesn't take a seat though- he mostly just sorta leans against one of the side walls, so he can watch the procedings with a sort of bored interest.

Quenia is settled among the Lycene having arrived a bit early to get a good seat. Once the meeting starts, she is brought to full attention. Her eyes alight briefly on Jaenelle and then move over to Martino as the Malvici Duke begins to speak. She furrows her brow at some things he's mentioned, then carefully pulls out a small notebook and some writing utensils and starts scribing something on it; likely notes.

Wandering in late, Ariella tries not to clack her metallic heels quite so loudly against the floor, to little avail. She dips an awkward, passing curtsy in Jaenelle's direction on her way across the Archduchess' line of sight before ducking into the general seating and scooting along one of the benches and then settling in to listen.

Raven remains a seen and not heard, her gaze resting on Martino as he gives his report.

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"I know when we spoke last, seeking where Duchess Calypso was was of utmost importance to you and I am glad to hear that you are steps closer than you were at our previous meeting. I am certain with the weight of your family and allies behind you, it is only a matter of time before she is laid to rest where she should be. If there is anything you need, whether that be aide in rebuilding your forces after the battles to see that justice was served or in assistance with diplomatic negotiations with House Nonpurdo, you need but say the word." There is a small pouch given to one of the guards, who brings it to Martino afterwards, "recently I had made a pledge to give back a portion of taxes in which House Velenosa's direct vassals had paid and I wished to make sure those went directly to you. Thank you for sharing your recent news with us." Ah look, Quenia. Hi Quenia. Jaenelle's eyes shift to the Marquessa.

Dipping his torso, Martino's replying across to Jaenelle for a moment before taking his seat, "My thanks Archduchess, may we find the Duchess in time. Your offer of assistance, and portion of taxes back, are much appreciated by House Malvici." His hands are moving to sweep behind his frockcoat before lowering himself to sit once more, a turn of his head to Ariella as he shifts to make space for the Lady Igniseri before leaning a moment to her.

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Raven offers a lopsided grin, wink, and fingerwave to Ariella.

Quenia's attention shifts back to Jaenelle as she's speaking. She pays careful attention to what the Archduchess is speaking to Martino. Brows raise ever so slightly when a pouch is handed over to him. And then, oh look. There's a look in her direction. Quenia clears her throat and stands to give a report. "My cousins have been traveling back and forth to Granato to help lead some investigations into a criminal element roaming about the streets of Granato. Recently, several of us took a trip to the north to look into one of the concerns plaguing the Compact. While we did not find anything involving that concern, we did run into a group of shav'arvani who... were trying to gain the attention of something called the Maw of the Blizzard. Were it not for the quick thinking of Caprice Artigilio, Lady Xanthe Igniseri, and Baroness Lucita Saik, I think we might all have been sacrificed to this Maw so these shav'arvani might have gained the favor they were seeking." There's a brief pause as she notes. "I think this Maw thing is going to become a bigger problem sooner than later, what with the songs the Bard's college brought back from their own voyages."

Obviously not as discreet as she wanted to be upon arrival, Ariella is grinning around the room at various greetings both subtle and not, giving Raven an eyebrow waggle and a wink in return before looking aside to Martino and leaning in to listen to him whisper. Her grin slices wider across her Lycene features, and she murmurs something back before turning to pay attention to what Quenia has to say.

Sitting at the outside edge of the Lycene seating is Archlector Giada of the Thirteenth. Olive green eyes travel over entrants, to the nobles as they give their reports. What her part here is isn't clear, but here she is!

Raven's gaze sharpens at mention of the Maw but she's doesn't speak. Not yet as she attentively notes the briefings as they're shared.

Martino's left hand moves for a moment to rest while the Malvici Duke's sharp green eyes are angling up to Quenia as the Marquessa is on her feet. A barely-there smile touching his lips as he listens to the report, slight nod as he is mulling over a particular part he murmurs hush, "Maw of the Blizzard."

Caspian slips in, very late and flashes an apologetic smile to the people there. he quickly finds a spot in the back where he wont interrupt and slips over to stand and listen

"It always makes me happy to hear the names of those who may have turned the tide on difficult situations where the outcome could have been devestating. If those names happen to by Lycene, it makes it all that much better," Jaenelle tells Quenia after listening. "Please keep us informed if you hear anything further about these concerns that seem to only be growing worse, and if the opportunity to assist whatever domain these threats come from arrise, you know that you have the full support of the Mirrorguard forces to offer to assist. And some information for you, as you had dutues pull you before departure. We had met with someone who was under Malrico's persuasion, and being paid large sums of money to the domain to cause havok. With his death, the money stopped as to be expected. Small lead, in the end, but we are to travel towards lands around Caith as that is where the evidence leads. The reports are available to you to review of what was spoken of during the trip so you are prepared to come with for the next." While he may not be the head of a house, Jaenelle's attention falls to Yuri and she smiles brightly at the man. Surprise. "Lord Yuri, House Tessere is well?"

Quenia inclines her head gravely in Jaenelle's direction at the Archduchesses's words. "I will be certain to review those reports, so I am prepared for the Caith voyage."

Yuri blinked rather rapidly, pulling up from the rather leisurely recline he had taken against the wall before approaching closer so his voice did not carry too loudly, "A good afternoon to you, Archduchess. When last I had been home, trade was moving well. Iriscal remains a thriving center of art and wonder, as I have seen more unfamiliar passerby in my sojourn there than I had ever when I was permanently a fixture there. However, I cannot speak for most of the intricacies of the finances. I shall ever leave those to the Marquis-Regent. Rather, I would like to take my time to speak not of my house, but more so my recent efforts."

He took a brief pause before continuing, "I have served in the Order of East Light for a small measure of time, and though I do not speak with authority of the Order, most of my brothers of the Order hail from the Mourning Isles. It goes without saying the nature of news pouring forth that have proliferated through Arx's streets of the impending conflict rising. The attacks and raids that have already caused strife amongst our fellow members of the Compact. I simply, humbly, look to highlight that the Lyceum has opportunity to support our fellow citizens of Arvum in overcoming bouts of displacement, families who have lost homes, loved ones. I am sure more will be revealed at the upcoming Assembly, but I just wished to take the moment to address our ability outreach our a hand with a sure-grip."

Raven's eyebrows lift and her head tilts as her verdant gaze focuses attentively on Yuri, quietly sizing him up ashe speaks.

Caspian cant help but break into a hopeful smile as talk turns to aiding those displaced from the fighting.. and he hoped.. the thralls freed from it as well. his dark eyes flickered around to look at the nobles gathered and their reaction

"The Lyceum and Mourning Isles have been allies for generations, and House Velenosa holds to protect those ties carefully," Jaenelle begins with a small nod towards Yuri's words. "I was made an orphan during the Tyde rebellion, and know first hand how this will affect the lives of not only those people who call have taken an oath to the Mourning Isles, but the Compact as a whole. Nothing done within one fealty every simply stops at their borders, and it is important we remember that. I have reached out to High Lord Victus to offer whatever assistance we could in whatever way he sees fit. He has expressed a concern about trading routes being blocked and supplies and goods not being able to get to where they are needed the most. He does not wish to see people suffer, and as suggested that the Lyceum might be able to see that things, food especially, reach there destination. I am of full support in this, and would welcome any who wish to help with this come forward to work out the logistics and planning. Fighting is not always the only impact we can make in times of war and hardship."

Giada says, "Your Grace, may I address this discussion?"

Yuri bowed his head toward Jaenelle, "Tis all I would cede for my time this afternoon, Archduchess. I am, already, planning to pledge my sword to whatever end to my patron, Prince Jasher Thrax, wherever our paths may go within the breadth of this conflict. However, yes, not all aid need be offered at the point of a blade and focus should be made to all within the Isles; all mind you, for there are those that call home to the Isles that all do not share common bonds, but may still be effected. Clothing, food, even a wagon, could make the difference for a family that is looking to find refuge from what will assuredly be a chapter upon our lives in the days to come." He nodded his head lightly, gripping off his hilt to reposition his blades to settle back down into his seat with a small crunch of armor.

Raven opens her mouth to speak but when Giada does something civilized like ask for permission she closes it and watches.

Jaenelle motions towards Giada with a nod of her head, "of course. No need to ask, all are allowed to speak freely."

Giada nods, standing to address the room. Her voice carries easily, pitched and toned with the polish of Godsworn. "Thank you, Your Grace." Taking a beat, she shifts to face the gathered. "The Physicians Guild is always looking for allies, and Velenosa has always been a fast one. As the Guild's Quartermaster, I oversee the auxiliary branch. Logistics and supplies need the ability to be safely gathered to our distribution hubs," Giada says.

"Any help that the Houses of the Hundred Cities can give us in the form of secured and passage through their lands as we restock our assets to prepare for the next inevitable influx of refugees."

Jaenelle motions towards Antonio after Giada speaks, "Prince Antonio Velenosa, Blessed Giada. Prince Antonio is the General of our Navy and I am sure would be pleased to discuss what the guild may have need for and to arrange such." Then she looks towards Berenice after, "perhaps this is also something Evaristo would be interested in helping with as well, though I would not wish to put too much pressure on him this soon after his oaths. You know your protege well, perhaps you can speak with him to discuss this as well as the Mourning Isle runs when you see him next?"

Raven tilts her head and murmurs lowly to Caspian before steping forward lifting her voice, "The threat of he Maw and matters related to the Maw have been noted and the Spirit Walkers amoung others are actively gathering information and looking into it. If the Bard's college or any other wantons for punishment are keen to know more, I invite them to messenger me so I can insure interested parties are given access to to information and invited to relevant meetings-if or when such things are scheduled."

"While I willnot speak for Pravus, resources which are my own to offer in support to the isles, including the Blackwater itself. I expect blockades so helping civilians survive winter is a matter requiring a charitable heart and friends who're used to getting things where the resident navy doesn't want them to be. Which I imagine is unlikely to be an issue given the Archlector's considerable savvy."

A hint of amusement draws at the corners of Berenice's mouth. "In my experience, Evaristo is most happy when he is kept busy, particularly with activities of a suitable level of danger as to keep him feeling quite lively. I would not worry about giving him tasks too swiftly."

Taking a moment to lean to Ariella and comment a hush word with her, Duke Martino Malvici's sharp green eyes are turning from both Giada and Raven who had both spoken once more in the direction to the Archduchess Jaenelle and Princess Berenice. His attention drifting across the Assembly Hall before taking a moment to speak with the Archlector.

Quenia turns her attention to Raven as she steps forward to speak. When the other woman finishes, Quenia notes to the visiting Pravus woman, "Given that Lord Mirk has requested my aid, and I have been taking time to think about it, do please let him know that I shall do my best to help where I can." There's a pause that lingers perhaps a touch too long before Quenia adds, "If I can." She bites just the inside of her lower lip and then looks down at her hands.

"Oh good," Jaenelle tells Berenice with a grin in response to her words. "I do like people who dive head first." Then she turns towards Giada again, "Blessed Giada, if you have not had the pleasure of meeting Evaristo Arterius, he is a General beneath Velenosa's banners as well. Feel free to reach out to him as well, he is one of House Velenosa's most trusted." Her attention shifts towards Raven after the woman speaks and she dips her head in thanks, "I appreciation the further information and should anyone reach out to me regarding the topic I will provide them with your name as someone who could further expand their knowledge and lead them in the correct directions. I have found that there is always a lot of willing hands without the ability to know where those hands should be directed so thank you for coming forward to share. And likewise, should I hear that anyone is looking for further ships and you are not already occupied with House dutues, I would be most glad to reach out to see if you are available."

Antonio maintains his spot on the sidewall.. but he certainly seems distracted by.. something.

Raven heaves an irritated sigh and gives Caspian a look at something he says, though she dismisses him from her gaze with a toss of her hair and bows her head respectuflly to Quenia, "Ah, well then I reckon other folks who're concerned about this can reach out to you. That's good to know."

Giada nods to Raven when blockades come up. "The Guild auxiliary flotilla now includes three Arvani Sloops exactly for that reason, Blackheart. Though bigger ships make excellent distractions." Jaenelle gets a respectful inclination of her head. "Thank you, your Grace. I'll do so."

Raven seems to have said all has to say and allows her gaze to travel about the room.

"If there is nothing else to discuss?" Jaenelle asks, looking around the room to see if anyone has anything further to bring up. "Anything which might need to be spoken of at the assembly?" she wonders after, allowing everyone the chance to offer something. "If not, then I would like to end the meeting with further talk of the improvement project. All houses who have expressed interest have been given a status report to indicate what they might still need to provide to move forward. Most of the houses have already provided everything needed to reinforce their walls, castles, and harbors. There are a few houses who still need small little things but nothing too grand that it can not move forward soon. You have all done your people proud and their safety will be seen to soon. I have not come up with another fealty project as of yet, though if you have one in mind, reach out and we can set it in motion. That is all I have to say for today, thank you all for attending." She does wait to make sure nothing further has to be added.

"At this time, House Igniseri has no requests to bring forward to the Assembly." Quenia replies easily to the Archduchess's question.

Raven bows to those gathered and turns to slip out.

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Giada seems done.

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