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Shrine Cleanse for Lagoma

The Mercy's of Lagoma invite everyone to help them sweep away what is left of the Goddess' shrine. A bonfire will burn, and any trappings left from the old shrine will be burned to cleanse and purify the area of ill intent with Her flame. Give strength back to she who encourages us to embrace change by sacrificing an item to the flame that heralds a change in your life - be it an old change or new one. And, enjoy all manner of foods that can be roasted over the fire to fortify ourselves for removing the old stone foundation.


June 5, 2022, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Azova Ailys


Evander Lucita Richard Drake Cassima Poppy Reve Thea Lisebet Renata Vitalis



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Lagoma

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Comments and Log

Reve takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Vitalis takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Richard takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Thea takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Poppy takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Cassima takes Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser from a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Some of the broken bits of furniture already present have been fed to the fire pit to keep it blazing, with various of Lagoma's disciples and priests of the Faith working on breaking down more of the larger benches and parts of the altar to provide more fuel for people to pick up for their own use once things have started. Which, at the appointed hour, is when Azova heads to the front of the (former) location of the rows of benches to address everyone. "We have a unique opportunity this evening; thanks to the cleansing flame of Lagoma, her shrine is free of the vines that constricted and damaged it. But now, she requires that we show our devotion to her ideals by purifying what remains of the shrine, and using this attempt at destruction to make a positive change for the community. Some of our plans include a portion of the shrine that will include a greenhouse to plant medicinal herbs -including rare ones - in a seasonal rotation, in order to help us and all of the other healers in the city, treat as many as possible who need it.

But first, we must make room for the new by ridding ourselves of the old. So we invite everyone to bring out rubble from what is left of the shrine and toss it into the bonfire. With it, make a promise between you and Lagoma to let go of something negative from your past. Or, something you will do to create a positive change for yourself or others."

Calluna, A Young Highhill Mastiff arrives, following Drake.

Evander arrives quietly, joining the crowd at the back to watch from afar.

Vitalis takes an engraved brass lantern from scholar's leather satchel.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Lucita steps into the shrine and glances over both the firepit, food tables and the people gathered. She gives a gentle smile and a discrete wave of the hand to those persons she recognizes.

Max, an emperor tamarin arrives, following Ailys.

Richard is here well in advance of the official start time, not so much to claim a good seat as he's just that sort of person: he's been helping clean up and build up the fire. He's wearing his full set of Rubicund armor, which doesn't make it the easiest to bend and break things, but there's no complaints from the Oathlander. When it's time for the ceremony to start, he stands quietly to one side, eyes on Azova, nodding quietly to himself. At her bidding, he bends carefully to pick up a shattered piece of wood, regarding it quietly.

Ailys checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 15 higher.

Being among those who helped with the initial cleansing of the vines, the Wyvernhearts are in attendance. Drake is escorting Thea - now she did most of the work in their efforts here and he'd never deny that, but it seemed like this was important to see through. He's a little later to arrive than Richard was, and also less armored, but still solemn as is appropriate.

Having arrived rather early, Cassima Thrax is a quiet, shadowy figure bedecked in slinking black velvet. At her feet is a wooden memory chest with the initials 'GG' engraved upon the top, "If we brought personal items, may those be offered along with pieces of the old shrine?" Voice was rising smoke towards Azova, verdant gaze resting respectfully upon the woman.

Ailys checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 20 higher.

Ailys checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 22 higher.

Ailys checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 38 higher.

Ailys checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 34 higher.

Poppy has been wiggling a bit of wood from a pew back and forth for sometime. She grunts quietly with the effort. "Blasted thing. Get.Off.Right.Now!" She tugs harder and the wood breaks free and she stumbles back a little. Still a little proud of her efforts she grins as she goes to toss the wood in the fire.

Ailys puts Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser in a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Ailys puts Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser in a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Ailys puts Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser in a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Ailys puts Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser in a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Ailys puts Autumn's Hearth, a cozy spiced cyser in a fine wooden chest emblazoned with a flame of Lagoma.

Since the disciples of Lagoma are working on breaking down furniture, that is precisely what Reve is doing. Not that he is a disciple, of course, but he's typically known to be in the general vicinity of Azova when she assists with events and one might suspect that he enjoys tearing apart the pieces a bit too much. There's a flair and relish when he gets to take apart something massive. Still, when Azova speaks, he stands tall and focuses on her, scowling at someone near him that dares _not_ listen. When his task is placed before him he hauls a piece of his work at hand toward the flame, pausing there to consider his offering. That is when he frowns. His expression smooths. Then he scowls. Evidently he's having a hard time figuring out what to give up.

2 Black Vanguard arrives, following Scylla.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Azova looks to one side to nod gratefully at Richard for his stalwart presence. And of course, her gaze seeks out Reve nearly - whom she hands pointedly a piece of broken bench to sacrifice to the flame with accompanying raised eyebrow. "Of course, Your Highness. You may sacrifice personal items to the flame as well." she agrees, though she sorts through some of the rubble to find a middling piece of wood or stone to use for herself. "Count and Countess Wyvernheart. I'm glad you could make it. I am certain I'm only still standing these days because of the Countess' teachings on how to properly dodge, too."

Ailys comes hustling down the path to the Shrine of Lagoma, dressed in Mercy robes, dark hair more or less confined to a braid down her back. She looks like someone who was pretty put-together until quite recently, and she skids to a stop near Azova, slightly out of breath. "I am so sorry. A patient had a little fit in the House of Solace that I had to deal with, but it's set right now."

Helpfully (or not), Richard nods towards Poppy as she succeeds in her fight against the pew. "Good work, Lady Poppy," he says. He catches sight of his brother and sister-in-law, still carrying the wood as he steps towards them with a nod. "Do you need a chair, Thea? I think I saw an unbroken one further at the back."

Thea steps with Drake, her large belly basically front and center. When Azova speaks, Thea smiles to her. "I only helped. You definitely practiced and got better on your own." She looks around and takes a large breath. "I'm happy to be here again. It feels good,"nudging Drake toward the flame. Food will definitely will be next. Looking to Richard, she shakes her head. "Not just yet. I have something to for the flame, but thank you for the offer,"a sincere smile on her lips.

Lisebet is a bit late, but the petite duchess arrives, pausing to look around and see what is going on. She moves in to see what is at those tables, noting the savoury sausages and the fixings for fire roasted dessert. That gets a brief smile, and then she looks to see who is leading things around here.

Lucita watches some of the others following the instructions of burning some of the old broken furniture and scrap wood. She finds a bench arm dangling crookedly and manages to twist it free, then carries it to feed to the flames. A curtsy is given Ailys or any royals as she passes near them and then murmurs a soft greeting to Azova.

Azova smiles both brightly and delightedly when Ailys arrives, eyes widening a bit at the reason for her delay. "Oh dear, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Break some wood, it will help you feel better. It works for Reve!" she encourages, gesturing towards her spouse without even looking sorry for outing his frustration resolving process. "I did save the surprise announcement so you could be here for it, though! So you didn't miss all the fun! Ah! Lady Poppy, there you are. I was so focused on things, sorry I missed you there. Duchess Ashford, hello there!" She's like an energetic fire sprite, honestly. "Baroness Saik. Welcome."

Nodding dark head in thanks, the slither of skirts across the floor brings the Thrax Princess peering over the pile of rubble. Lower lip is worried between teeth for a moment in ponderous silence before kneeling down to collect a warped piece of table or perhaps it was once a piece of bench? Regardless, her offering is chosen to be burned in tandem with the chest that she returns to stand alongside.

Reve sighs a bit too dramatically when Azova hands him the piece of bench and gives him that look. His counter expression is one of exacerbation. Still, he bids his time debating internal matters before setting the wood aflame, and in fact when Azova points him out to Ailys he waves that piece of bench in hand back and forth. Hello.

Poppy beams at Richard and greets him too. "Lord Richard. I was just speaking about you yesterday. I'm glad you came." She considers him as she cocks her head to the side a little, "Not that I imagine you wouldn't. I know you take your duties quite seriously." His family get polite dips too and she asks Thea with hope as she goes to find her a chair too, "Countess. I hope my cousin was able to give you a reply? If not, I'd be happy to come without but I think she is the better of the two of us to speak." After finding a chair and giving Azova a wave too, she returns to breaking up more furniture.

Ailys tugs at her robes and checks the state of her hair, which is less than stellar, but there's no help for it. She inclines her head respectfully to those who offer a greeting, the nods to Azova. "Yes. I will break some things." She waves back to Reve and then wades in to the frizzled wreckage of the shrine, vigorously yanking some crisped plant matter from the walls.

"You were?" Richard seems surprised at Poppy's answer. "I am a very dull subject to come up in conversation, so for that I apologize." He might actually be making a joke, though his somber expression changes little, there's just a slight lightening in his gaze. With a nod for Thea: "Let me know if that changes," Richard answers Thea's smile with a somber nod. As he watches people move towards the flame, he steps forward as well, carrying that broken wood. In front of the flame, he considers it, and commits it to the flame, but after a few moments he pulls a piece of paper from the bag he carries, and adds it to the fire with a long exhale, before he steps adroitly out of the way. Then he goes to collect more pieces of wood, offering it out to those who want to cast it into the flames, working alongside Poppy on some of the heavier pieces.

Drake looks at Richard, and smiles just slightly at this thoughtful offer for Thea. But Thea is nudging Drake at the flame. Drake picks up a bit of the broken shrine, to walk toward it, though he also seems to pull a few old messenger notes out of his pocket in his approach. He half wraps them around the bit of wood. Much like Richard, he consigns all to the flame at once, watching the bits of paper flare.

Azova takes up a broom, and in fact picks up /two/ so she can hand one of them to Ailys before murmuring something to her and gesturing at the ah 'dead plant matter' on the walls, shaking her head with a cringe in her expression. "I don't want to ask what you promised to the flames, do I." is spoken to Reve, with an impossibly guileless expression of course, as she begins sweeping the smaller pieces of debris. "Take as many breaks as you might need, everyone! Assuming you're here for the long haul of the cleaning, that is. And we will take a break soon for another announcement."

Evander did not seem to partake and instead he leans against the wall, his arms crossed. He seems to watch the others when his eyes don't wander around the temple.

"She didn't,"Thea unfortunately answers Poppy. But she tells her easily,"I'm sure you can speak just fine however, whenver the day. We'll plan, yes?" Seeing Ailys, Thea bows her head in greeting and small smile as she goes to add a piece of fabric to the fire. She closes her eyes for the briefest of moments before taking a step back. Then she finds herself pulling some wood that's high enough for her to reach, tossing it in. Thea murmurs to Drake, telling him,"I'm going to grab something to eat. I promise I got it though,"a smile to both him and Richard before she does just that. PASTRIES! "I hope they have the lemons!"

Lisebet is quiet, watching and listening. She will take something provided and help with adding it to the fire, thoughtfully. Quietly.

Poppy assures Richard, "You are hardly dull My Lord. A knight and healer? It's an impressive mix." She adds after, "It was actually in regards to some troubles at one of our baronies. I thought you may be able to help. If you'd like?" Using her weight, she levers another bit of wood from the pew and makes her way to put it in the fire. Noticing the others putting personal bits and pieces in the fire, she remembers and digs out some old frayed bits of cloth and offers those to the fire too.

Azova espies Evander there at the back of the room as she's bringing a dustpan full of broken metal and wooden bits to consign to the flame, and her eyes go wide. "Ev.. .Count Evander, really. All this smoke? Let me get you some cloth so you don't inhale too much of it." she chides, which he's no doubt used to by now. "Thank you for coming though. I appreciate the support of the family." Also, she pulls clean cloth from her pocket to hand to him in case he needs to inhale though it to avoid the smoke.

Whatever Azova passes along to her, it makes Ailys make a face, but she accepts the broom given to her and attacks the charred mystery substance on the walls with determination. A little drift of char accompanies the effort.

Lucita drifts over toward Thea and represses a little laugh on hearing her exclaim about pastries. "If not they surely have something just as good.

Reve's patting the dirt away from his hands when he's finished getting rid of the broken piece of bench in the fire. Turning back toward Azova with that commentary, he shakes his head and flashes a sharp grin her way. "Likely not," he says, and you know what? He absolutely means it. He does not stand idle after that commentary though, instead moving to find more furniture to break down and clean up. He glances Evander's way when he is pointed out and nods to the man from afar.

With an inhale of breath, the chest is collected within a clutch of ink stained digits and hefted up. Cassima brings herself before the flames, stoic features awash in the gilded glow and lush lips move in a silent prayer before the chest with all it contains is tossed within the flames in a shower of sparks. For a moment it looks as if the Curator might reach back in to snatch it back but eyes close, fingers curling and nails biting into the piece of debris she'd claimed to also throw into the mix. It's soon tossed into the arising fire, moving with a wraith-like stillness to go collect another piece of something to burn - anything to keep busy!

Evander nods, reaching into his pocket for a handkerchief to cover his mouth. He shakes his head to dissuade Azova from worrying and says, "No concern, I will just stay back here. Do not let me interrupt, I am conducting research."

Drake shakes his head with a small laugh at Thea's enthusiasm. "It's always been the lemons, lately," he says, aside. He gives a look toward Poppy, overhearing a bit of what she had to say.

Thea smiles a bit at Lucita. "Baroness. It's been a long time. How are you,"she greets before looking out for something to eat. "And you're right. I have no doubt. I haven't been too picky lately."

As he works, Richard keeps an eye on those working around him. He'll step in, when there's any heavier pieces to try and break free or move, but otherwise he continues to work solidly, not breaking for food or drink as yet. The crease of his brow might suggest he disagrees with Poppy's assessment of himself, though he doesn't put that into words. Instead, he pauses to look at her. "Of course, Lady Poppy. I'd be honored to assist where I can. I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with troubles. I think I told you I so rarely get to travel to the north, and I'd welcome the change of scenery."

"He's quite modest, isn't he?" Azova wonders of Poppy, while nodding towards Richard; with Evander set, she allows him the quiet he needs for his research while she continues working. There's little doubt she heard Reve's response, either, since she looks look at him with a wry expression too. "Most of what I know of the North can be summarized as: It's really cold, and it's where Reve is from. North." she comments idly, her gaze darting towards all corners of the shrine to keep an eye on people and make sure nobody is overexerting themselves.

6 First Legion Centurions, Sparrow, an enthusiastic and bubbly assistant arrive, following Renata.

Poppy beams at Richard but still agrees with her initial assessment of him. She nods to Azova and teases Richard in turn. "I think after his next mission, we should throw a party in celebration for him. Make him the star of the night." Hearing Azova about Reve, she looks over to him and gives him a wave while arguing, "it's not -that- cold. The south of the north is quite pleasant."

"The north is beyond freezing,"Thea tells Azova with amusment. "I bundled so much, I could barely move." Her eyes drift to Poppy, telling her however,"If you need help, I'd be happy to lend a hand if I can." Though she chuckles at making Richard the center of attention. "He can wear a hat,"teasing her brother in law a bit. "Lemons are delicious,"Thea tells Drake. "Though I feel like our cooks are over it right now."

Lisebet smiles to Azova, as she sees her. There's no overexertion here, Lisebet in fine shape. "Hello," she greets Azova. "I hope I am able to assist." There's a gentle smile on her face, as she spies folks she recognizes and a similar one for those she doesn't recognize.

Reve looks up from his work dismantling another bench when he is pointed out, standing up straighter and nodding in the group's direction. "I concur!" he adds to the conversation. "It is not very cold at all - and is indeed quite pleasant." He punctuates that with a pointed look Azova's way before grinning toward Poppy and Richard. Soon enough though he's back to breaking down pieces with extra relish.

"Hi! Of course you can assist. There's already broken pieces of the old shrine to put in the fire. Or you can break stuff if you want. Or sweep things up to put in the bonfire. Whatever suits you." Azova assures, giving the Duchess a welcoming and grateful smile. "We're glad for anything you can do!"

Richard glances at Azova, with a look that might seem chiding but is just the knight's typical stoic reserve. "I think that completely unnecessary," the Oathlander rumbles to Poppy in apparent protest. "I need be the star of nothing." He grunts as he uses the leverage of his boot against a piece of wood to help pull it free. He looks particularly puzzled at Thea's suggestion. "A hat?" he asks. "To what purpose?" his gaze follows to Drake, as if his brother might provide clarity on the hat situation.

Ailys tiptoes to poke at a corner with some violence, earning herself a faceful of soot in the process. After a series of obnoxiously tiny high-pitched sneezes she turns to offer a greeting to Lisebet. "There are some pieces of...maybe a bench back here."

Lucita listens to the others for a few moments then listens as Micana, her assistant speaks with her. She nods then says. "Seems I have another appointment that must be kept. Thank you for letting us participate in this." And she heads out.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant leave, following Lucita.

Renata arrives rather late to the proverbial party, venturing into the shrine from the crisp autumn darkness outside with some light color lingering in her fair cheeks. It doesn't take her long to find the main group, even if she does look about some to find some guidance on what still might need to be done among the largely unfamiliar faces.

Lisebet looks over at Ailys and offers a slight grin. "Would you like some help?" she suggests, as she heads over that way. "We could probably together bring it to the fire?" It's a thought, right?

Drake looks back and forth as he's being looked at but partially missed some of the context. He tries to piece it together anyway. "I assume we're talking about what we'd need to keep out the cold." A squint. "Unless you mean a party hat. That would suit."

There's a bright smile from Lisebet to Azova. "Thank you," the duchess says. "You are most kind." And then she's off to help Ailys.

Azova giggles a bit to herself at how Richard responds to all of the teasing. But, also takes the opportunity to rescue him from any limelight by picking up a couple more pieces of debris and clacking them together loudly for attention. "Okay, We also have an exciting announcement to make (now that my co-hostess is here and settled in) about the capability of Arx's Mercy's going forward. Thanks to Lord Reve Darkwater, and his efforts at raising the resources necessary, we have our own caravel currently under construction. It has been fully funded by his largesse and commitment to our cause, and will be used as a hospital ship so that we, and our cousins of the Physician's Guild, can reach more of those in need. We'd like to use this opportunity to open up a contest for those who wish to contribute to the funding of the new shrine. Anyone who makes a donation of 3000 silver can submit a name for consideration for the ship; one name per donation, and you can make as many donations as you like. The vote on a name will be made by the members of the Arx Chapter of Mercies, and a proclamation made once it has been chosen - with special thanks to the person who submits the winning name.

((OOC Note: We'll allow two weeks to gather all the names, and donations can be sent to Ailys or Azova. Yes you can send it in bulk ie - 12000 silver with 4 names attached.))

Ailys fetches a handkerchief from her pocket and dabs at her nose delicately, then nods to Lisebet and props her broom against the wall. "Yes please. It is a little bit stuck, but I think we could pull it free and take it over to the fire if we each take an end." She stays where she is while Azova makes her announcement, looking very pleased about it, and then takes hold of one end of the destroyed bench she was referring to and tugs.

Reve looks up from his work at the mention of his name and takes a step toward his spouse. He catches himself, sighs deliberately - just at her, you know - before moving to twirl that piece of wood in hand about. It's done with a special flair and flourish, as a sort of hello-to-you-all for those in the vicinity. "I think Lady Azova should name it! But... for charity." These words? Punctuated with a flash of a grin toward his fellow Darkwater.

Poppy is pulling harder on the wood now that Reve has joined in too, "Exactly. While I'm not thrilled with a winter blizzard, it is nicer than the humidty that the city offers." She pushes and pulls harder, offering a soft grunt as she yanks. She looks to Richard as she's doing it. "Why not? It could be fun. I've never been to an oathland style party." She's however nodding in agreement to Richard, "Your help would be gratefully appreciated. A new library was destroyed and I want to go find out more, but I doubt I should go alone." As if to prove her point, she gives the wood another yank and it goes flying and Poppy stumbles backwards and lands on her backside with a loud "ooof!"

Thea winks distantly at Drake. "Just so. A party hat." There's a pause at Azova then. Her eyebrow slowly lifts and she slowly grins. "The kind of names you're going to receive, I'm going to praypray for you." She dips her chin as well, saying,"Congratulations on that feet."

"Huzzah!" Lisebet calls out. "That is most excellent news; I am very glad to hear it." She thinks for a moment, and then she chuckles. "Hopefully you get a lot of names to select from." And then over to Ailys, and there's a nod from Lisebet. "Together then. We can do it." She moves to one side, looking to see what it might be stuck on, and totally not worried about getting a bit dirty.

"Oh dear, are you alright?" Renata has found an area of scrap and debris to attempt starting to clean, having just walked over in time to see Poppy go flying back onto her rear. Dark brows furrow with gentle concern as she pauses near the fallen noblewoman

Richard kind of looks like it's possible he's never been to an Oathlands style party, either. "A library?" he murmurs to Poppy. "That's troubling." The distraction is clearly welcome; Richard turns his gaze attentively to Azova. When she announces the provision of a caravel for the Mercies, he claps, with a nod of his head towards Reve in approval. "I suppose calling it the Mercies Afloat is too literal a name for a ship?" he asides to Poppy, glancing to her just as she falls over. Brow creased, he takes a step towards her and offers her a hand upwards. "Careful, my lady," he says, giving a nod towards Renata as she nears.

2 Black Vanguard leaves, following Scylla.

"Wonderful!" Is spoken aloud at the announcement, Cassima brushing hands off on her skirts after throwing in several more pieces of old shrine. Glancing over her shoulder does she catch her dreamy eyed archivist beckoning her over with a finger, "Thank you for allowing me to help in what small way I can." This to Azova with a nod of head in reverence before taking her leave.

3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Archie, a dreamy eyed archivist leave, following Cassima.

Poppy sheepishly grabs Richard's hand and hauls herself to her feet. "I'm fine. Thank you." She laughs at herself, "But see. Can't be trusted with my own feet, so I definitely shouldn't head into the wilderness alone." Azova's announcement gets a grin. "What an excellent plan. Though I truly hope nothing punny is submitted."

"Boaty McBoatface is not likely to be a name we'll choose, but if that's what people want to suggest, well..." It's their silver, and Azova will duly laugh, write down the name, and let people vote on it. She does smile wryly at Thea though, and look pre-aggrieved by the joke suggestions. "Perhaps we should have put straw down on the floor for some cushioning." is added seconds later, when Poppy's backside meets the harsh ground. "Oops." As it seems the fellow Mercy has the help she needs though, her attention turns towards Reve so that she can link an arm with his and smile brilliantly up at him though.

Drake picks up on the party hat thing, and nods. "Ah. A crown then, even. Or something with ribbons." This is distracting him a little more than boat talk, but then he chuckles at Azova's turning down a suggestion. "You can't let Thea pick."

Thea eyes Drake. "Excuse me. Have you met our dogs? They are amazingly named. Or my ship?" She glances to Azova. "Don't mind him, he's just really upset he has no imagination." Thea goes to pull some wood, to be more help now that she's had her fill. "Seas the Day is the best,"tossing the wood in the flame.

Renata nods in obvious relief, the woman taking a step back to allow Richard full reign to offer his help to Poppy. With the situation seemingly handled, she dips her head politely to the small group along with a soft murmur, "Pardon the interruption. Be careful. my Lady." With that bidden, she's turning back to inspecting some scrap and leaning over to find a smaller piece to fetch for the fire.

Poppy groans at Thea, "That is dreadful Countess." She asks Richard jokingly, "Is your whole house full of puns?"

Reve ceases his work when Azova is moving to link her arm through his. His greeting? To bend down lower and bump his forehead there against hers. That smile of hers is countered with a flash of an easy grin, lazy in nature. He is evidently going to take a moment to just grin at her. It's at least kept to just a short while.

Overhearing at least one boat name suggestion, Ailys chimes, "Brainstorming is encouraged! But the Mercies have veto rights." Then she yanks hard on an end of a broken bench and an embarrassing amount of nothing comes of it.

"For the record, in case anyone attempts to vie for my vote, I am inclined to the most boring of names." Richard has to be joking, surely, and yet there's barely a change of the knight's stoic expression as he says this. Once he's sure Poppy is steady he turns his gaze to Renata. "Lord Richard Wyvernheart," he introduces himself to her. "And this is Lady Poppy Stalben. Your help is gratefully appreciated. As for punny, Lady Poppy," he glances towards Thea with the faintest trace of a smile. "I would hope not, since the Countess and Count will soon need to name their next child."

Drake glances at Poppy and Richard both, leaning over as Thea whispers something to him. He nods back at her. To Richard: "I promise it will be something lovely and appropriate. Since I get my say."

Azova smiles back up at her spouse there, and laughs. Then laughs more, at Seas the Day. "That is an amazing name" is offered, because surely her opinion counts here right? Or maybe not. "I, on the other hand, have little name creativity. So I'll just have to rely on the other denizens of Arx to come up with good ones. Come on, let's break some more benches. Is there a sledgehammer? I'm sure I saw one around here..."

Poppy glances to Thea after Richard's words. "Perhaps your brother will be the voice of reason in naming matters?" Her eyes crease with amusement as she too waves to Renata at her introduction. "Yes thank you for helping me recover from my own feet." Finding another piece of wood that looks a little safer, she queries, "What would bt the most boring name?"

Lisebet chuckles, but she's there, on the other side, pulling as well. The two together seem to not be getting very far though. Lisebet tries to pull harder. "Your highness, let's pull harder, at the same time. On three. One, two, ... "

Thea assures Poppy with amusement,"I was clearly transplanted into the Oathland house,"after murmuring a response back to Drake. Resting her hand on her rounded belly, she exhales. "I promised Drake he can name this baby, but our son has a good stong name." Thea grins at Azova, nodding her approval. "I'm telling you, some people just don't understand a good pun."

"Boat," Richard supplies, far too rapidly, at Poppy's question. "Which would doubly serve as an annoyance to sailors, no doubt."

Renata manages to wrest a particularly tiny piece of burnt wood from a pile, promptly smearing congealed ash and dirt all over herself in the process. It's only after that that she registers the greetings and introduction from both Poppy and Richard and offers , "It's a pleasure to meet you both. Princess Renata Pravus, please pardon the... mess." Aquamarine eyes drift down to her hands at that before she flashes the pair a small, if amused, smile.

Poppy looks to Richard again, especially with his speed. She supplies, "Not ship?" Renata gets another smile after. "A pleasure your highness. And dirty hands means you are working hard, yes?"

"How about Boatship, then? A good combination of both." Azova turns to nudge Ailys for her opinion on their creativity then too. "Reve? Boatship."

Reve stretches slowly and slips away from Azova. This might just happen to be due to the fact that there is more furniture to break. The young man certainly has his priorities. The next piece of wood that gets tossed in the fire is done with entirely too much relish. When Azova asks about that particular name he grimaces and swiftly shakes his head.

Ailys nods at Lisebet. "Yes. We should coordinate our efforts." And one the One, Two, Three, the Grayson princess does manage to get her end of the bench free, for all it spatters her with a wet slop of ash and who knows what else. But there are Reasons that Mercies favor aeterna. "Oh look, we got it!" Glancing over her shoulder at Azova and her boat name contribution, she merely shakes her head slowly, looking amused.

"Bottoms up,"Thea mentions for a boat name. "Medicine goes down better that way,"an amused smirk on her face. There's a subtle nod to Drake as well, as she watches Poppy and Richard distantly. Her eyes drift to Renata, nodding her head. "Countess Thea Wyvernheart. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Richard's own armor looks a little more scuffed than he usually keeps it in any given moment; he glances down at himself after Renata's apology. "You hardly need apologize for the mess, Your Highness. That is, as Lady Poppy says, part of the intent. A cleansing fire, and then a cleansing bath." He spends a moment kicking at a piece of wood to break it away from the pew, grunting in satisfaction when it gives. His brows go upwards at Azova's suggestion. "Boatship. As in, 'let's take the Boatship to the site of the battle'. That won't be confusing," he concludes, too-seriously.

"Lagoma's Mercy? Maybe that's a bit too on the nose..." Renata eventually ventures on the topic of boat named, even if she doesn't seem especially impressed with her own suggestion. A dip of her head is soon given in agreement with Poppy and Richard's assessment before she's wiggling her blackened fingers lightly, "Oh, yes, I just didn't plan very well for this. I should have brought some of the spare gardening gear, instead." At the third introduction, she is inclining her head next to Thea, "A pleasure as well, Countess."

And the bench comes flying up and now Lisebet gets soot and grunge flying at her. She doesn't seem to mind. The conversation in general brings a laugh. "Call it Mercy of the Seas," Lisebet laughs. "Or some such. There's a smudge of soot on her face, some in her dark ringlet curls, but she doesn't even blink. "Let's bring this over then, shall we?" she asks Ailys.

"No, not a good name? I'm guessing you won't like Shipboat either then." Azova offers cheerfully, bringing a hammer down on what's left of another bench with a very satisfying swing anbd crack. "Mercy of the Seas. That's a nice one. My original idea was The Queen's Mercy." is admitted then, which puts her squarely in the boring names camp again. "We could call it Reve's Mercy." She slides a glance over at her spouse there, as if she knows what his expression will be for the suggestion too.

Poppy banters with Richard, "Better than ready the buggy for battle. Imagine the confusion." She however agrees with Renata's comment. "It is slightly on the nose for my taste. But that is just me." She collects a few bits and pieces of wood and asks Azova her opinion. "Have you thought of any names?"

"To the fire," Ailys pronounces in agreement with Lisebet, and starts sidling in that direction, fingers clutching at the broken boards they have so heroically prised from what was probably one of the gardens. "Do you enjoy gardening then?" she asks Renata on her awkward way past. "It is one of my favorite pastimes."

Evander takes a deep breath after a moment of thought, breaking his own silence to provide his own boat name, "Morniel."

Poppy hears Evander and thinks he is sneezing, "Bless you."

"Is it unlucky?" Drake asks Thea. He's getting himself some cider. "If a boat goes bottoms up that's it for the boat." He nods to Renata as well, since there's introductions happening. "And I'm Count Drake, also, a pleasure."

"In all honesty, boats and I have a complicated history, so I shouldn't name one." Renata admits with a gentle lilt to her tone, soon agreeing with Ailys, "I do, yes. I am the agricultural minister for House Pravus, so I spend lots of time thinking about plants besides. Even if it doesn't always translate into actually getting my hands dirty." A soft smile finds Drake and Thea, "Quite a family event then, this clean-up is."

Vitalis arrives to the Shrine of Lagoma with a lantern in hand, late to the events, but he learns what folk are doing and finds a chunk of pew or stand to walk up to the bonfire and bow his head, taking a moment. "I release bitterness towards my cousin, Alessia. Gods see her to peace." He tosses the chunk onto the fire and straightens, snaring a bit of wick by which to light the flame of his lantern. The lantern thus lit, he moves off to a quiet place.

That earlier expression Reve provided is duplicated, but this time he has the addition of narrowing his eyes in response. He wiggles his shoulders after, shakes his head briskly, and breaks apart the furniture with a bit more vigor.

Lisebet nods, also sidling over, along with Ailys. "The next fun bit will be to drop this on without endangering anyone. Including ourselves," she says wryly. "Maybe we didn't quite think this through." She doesn't stop though, the piece the two are carrying bigger than either could have managed solo. "Ready?" she asks, eyes meeting Ailys' when they get there. "Gently down."

"I guess it's a cunundrum,"Thea tells Drake with a chuckle. "Double edged sword maybe?" She bows her head to Renata, agreeing,"It is, yes. Lord Richard and I however are the physicans in the family. I can't speak for him, but I know I've missed it here." Thea sees Vitalis and greets hims just as quietly as he entered.

Evander turns to Poppy and adds, "Mother Mercy Morniel of Lenosia, wrote the book on cleansing."

"But that is the best part," Ailys replies to Renata with a little quirk of a smile as she scoots past with Lisebet, and the pair finally reaches their destination. "Perhaps we can...gently roll it into the fire?" But on the Duchess' ready, she does set her end of the bench down carefully. "Maybe we could break it into bits."

Azova may be having a bit too much fun, so rather than offer even more names she clears her throat. "All joking aside! To have these brilliant names given their due consideration, it has to come with a 3000 silver donation each." she reminds, gesturing first to herself and then to Ailys as the gatherers of coin. "Remember now not to work too hard; the point isn't to injure yourselves here! And please have some of the food and drink provided!"

"Indeed. I would certainly veto the name Buggy for a caravel," Richard decides, while simultaneously taking Poppy's joke name apparently seriously. "The name for Shipboat," he adds, with a glance to Azova. "For much the name reason." Renata's talk of plants gets a curious look from the Knight as he pauses in his breaking-things efforts, passing a hand across his forehead. "I have a passion, though little talent, for gardening. There is something oddly soothing about it." He overhears Evander's clarification to Poppy, looking thoughtful.

"Much of the time, it is sending off missives to have people in the Saffron Chain get their hands dirty instead. I have my own personal projects too though. I have an interesting one with wine grapes at the moment as it happens," Renata explains towards Ailys and Richard, soon pausing to walk over and deposit her piece of debris into the fire before she returns to their small group with a smile lingering towards Thea, "I am often at Mangata's shrine nearby, so it is nice to see this one being cleansed. I may have to make a donation to the funds, even if I don't have any names to offer. I imagine that shouldn't be too much of an issue though."

"We put in some of the work with the vines, or, at least Thea did, but I supervised," Drake says with all the pride being supervisor would allow him. "We could make a family donation too."

Poppy looks sheepishly at Evander and tries to sound a touch smarter, "She did. It's a good name suggestion." She's then murmuring something to Richard while glancing briefly at Thea. The word "prank" graces her lips for a moment before hearing Drake and she checks with a cheeky grin, "You will not let Lord Richard or Countess Thea submit names, will you?"

"I understand. I also often send messages to people to get their hands dirty instead. But they do building. At least I hope they do building," Ailys says to Renata earnestly. As one more attendee makes the mistake of mentioning gardening in her earshot, the Grayson turns and looks right at Lord Richard. She doesn't point, because that's rude, but the effect of her stare is similar. "Do you? I have a project for you."

Evander smiles to Poppy, hoping to come off as friendly. He bows his head politely at the compliment, agreeing that if anyone should have a boat named after her, its Morniel.

"So do I, if you're really into gardening. Perhaps when you venture North on your adventure you could be on the lookout for the Suncatcher flower; we could maybe plant some in the shrine's greenhouse if we wind up building one." Azova suggests in all seriousness, to anyone within earshot. "There's a healing salve that can be made from it."

Thea hikes her eyebrows at Poppy. "I will donate my own funds and supply names." This is said as a promise, not even a threat. Her gold-flecked green eyes are bright. Trying hard not to bend over, Thea grunts, telling Renata about Drake,"He was a good supervisor."

Richard looks kind of puzzled at whatever Poppy says, keeping his voice low for a moment. "It would be inappropriate for me to submit a name on which I must then vote. So Shipboat is safe for now." He stills, as Ailys gives him a look. "You do, Your Highness? Of course, I'd be delighted to help if I can." He says it with a perfectly serious expression.

"If they offer the money, I can't see why they wouldn't submit a name," Drake says. He looks at Richard, and smiles. "Ah, then I'll submit a name on your behalf, since I don't get to vote. That seems very fair. But we'll take it seriously." He can't entirely keep a straight face.

"Naming it after a storied member of the Mercies seems a fine idea to me," Renata volunteers, even if she has absolutely no skin in this game, the princess stooping to tug at another small piece of the fallen and charred shrine, soon offering a soft laugh at Drake's words, "I have a charitable heart but a not especially good mind when it comes to boat names, so I can only offer silver. Maybe some inspiration will come to me in my dreams though."

"I will send you a missive about it," Ailys replies to Richard with a faint half-smile, before very augustly smearing some ash-mud off of her hands and onto her robes. Then, to Azova, "Oh, we /will/ build a greenhouse."

Poppy doubts Drake's words but she says nothing at this time. Instead she agrees with Richard and Renata. "I enjoy gardening too, we have a little one at home but I've sort of filled it with animals. There's so many strays in the city."

"If it's in my name, I can withdraw the suggestion," Richard answers Drake with a look that is not at all joking. "Unless it is a good suggestion, in which case I shall recuse myself from voting," he says, with a nod, as if this is only fair. He nods his head to Ailys, apparently accepting of whatever missive, and mission, she might have in mind. "I look forward to it, Your Highness." He brushes the back of his hand over his forehead, before he begins dismantling a particularly large chunk of broken wood into smaller elements, with the help of an axe.

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