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Sylvie Takes Sonnet For A Walk

Duchess Sylvie Zaffria has many duties as ambassador. Taking Sonnet for a walk is definitely not officially one of them but she's a good sport about it.


April 30, 2022, 12:02 p.m.

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Sonnet Sylvie Erik Orland Eleanor Mikani Grady



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Lasting Hope Observatory

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Sylvie Takes Sonnet For A Walk has started at Arx - Ward of the Compact - Lasting Hope Observatory.

Sonnet is inside the main room of the observatory, looking up at the night sky that peaks through the ceiling tiles. She's quiet.

"This place is terribly unsafe," the pointy-eared woman mutters.

Quinten, the Quintessential Coadjutant arrives, following Erik.

Quinten, the Quintessential Coadjutant leaves, following Erik.

It's a surprising discovery, this building near the Shrine of the Queen of Endings. That is where Sylvie had intended to take Sonnet, but when she noticed the odd-shape of the observatory, the Duchess had cocked her head slightly and turned her path. She steps in before Sonnet, finding a few scholars making diligent drawings. She breathes out a laugh, when Sonnet breaks the silence and she explains??: "This wasn't here a decade ago. I do not know how-- they built this."

Quinten, the Quintessential Coadjutant arrives, following Erik.

The elf gestures up at the roof. "The ceiling just ...peels back. Anyone could get in here," she mutters. "Do you know how little room I need to slip in? I could come here every night and they couldn't stop me. Not that I would." She sniffs. But she's not breaking anything so there's there, Sonnet looking about. "It blocks out the light?" She peers. "Why is this meant to be dark? It's dark every night."

Sonnet is peeking up through ceiling tiles up at the night sky, even as Sylvie hangs back and contemplates the room as a whole. Sonnet seems a bit disgruntled, Sylvie seems a bit confused. "I-- don't know," the latter admits, at a loss. "I assume it's dark so that they can better see through that?" She gestures to the sextant, unsure.

Sonnet checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Sonnet is successful.

Sonnet is suddenly on the sextant, balanced on the edge of brass, the contraption doing nothing to hinder her grace and agility. Or her rudeness. She peers at the tip, the lines etched along the metal edges. "What does it do? Does it stab the stars?" She titters. "That's impossible. Is it a bow? Does it shoot things?"

Erik enters the Obseratory, carrying his notebook under his arm, his assistant bringing a little foldable table with him. He has not heard the beginning of the question, but he did hear Sylvie's answer, "If I may..." he offers, "It can be closed off to reduce stray illumination from the city, to make it easier for the observer to concentrate on the things he would like to watch." Only then he comes closer to see just who is talking, and it requires much of his concentration not to... stare, reminding himself to offer a simple... "Ladies.." cant go really wrong with that.

Erik also winces at seeing the acrobatics, but looks over to Sylvie for guidance.

Sylvie's nose wrinkles very softly at Sonnet's suggestions, but then Erik is there with answers! Her earns the warmest of smiles from the Duchess, even as her smoke grey eyes slide over him. It does not take her long to say, "Lord Grimhall, thank you. And do you know what this instrument does?" A beat, two, and then she suggests easily to Sonnet, "Perhaps you shouldn't stand on it. Lady Sonnet, this is a lord of House Grimhall, one of the Mourning Isle Houses. This is Lady Sonnet, of the Nox'alfar."

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Sonnet wrinkles her nose right back at Sylvie and gives a delicate snort, shifting her footing until she's balanced just on the toes at the highest point of the sextant. She's not a small elf by any means, but her presence on the contraption suggests a lightness; whatever she's doing, clamber over it, the most damage done would be smudges to the shiny metal. "It's sturdy," she insists to Sylvie. "It would make a fun thing to poke a gargantuan with. Oh! Is it really a balista?"

She dangles from the brass housing before stretching across it in a lazy sprawl that's all about inspecting whatever she can reach. "Huh. Maybe it isn't," says the elf.

Of all things to walk around the city with, is a cat. Though it seems people at the front doors don't immediately pester Orland about a cat riding in his satchel and if they did, Philippe would quietly take the cat back home. Perhaps on a day of wandering and having heard some stories about this place, he's managed to cross into it's threshold. Or maybe it was having heard about something going on here? Going for a walk? Perhaps he thought Sonnet was someone's pet cat and brought Square with him?! Who even knows, the young lord is lacking intimidation while sporting a cute cat - that's the jist of it. Soon as he walks in, his eyes are looking upward and he seems amazed he's never been here before. Oh but he does catch something about gargantuans and balistas. Curiosity is perked and he eases into the open spaces a little more - totally not dropping no eaves.

Erik once more nods to Sylvie, "Lady Zaffira. Lady Sonnet. If I may explain the function of this instrument? Its primary use is to measure the angle between an object on the firmament and the horizon. you will notice how it goes on below floorlevel, where you find a long scale that runs along the whole width of the building. For astronomical purposes, these walls were oriented so they lie precisely on the meridian." He breaks off at this time as not to get into a too technical description of the instrument.

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Sylvie is still standing nearer to the door, trying not to look too confused. She even nods, smartly, as Erik explains as if she knew the information all along. She doesn't ask what a meridian is. (Look, she's not /dumb/ but she's also not astronomically savvy.) "Are you much of an astronomer, Lord--?" she trails off, allowing him to introduce himself beyond what she's identified. She even offers him another smile as she introduces herself with a nod, "Duchess Sylvie Zaffria." She nods in greeting to Orland, apologizing in advance, "Lady Sonnet is new to the Compact. We are trying to explore the city and came across this building."

Orland is caught up in suddenly staring at Sonnet. It's totally not that he's trying to be rude or anything but, it's clear he hasn't had too many interactions with Nox'alfar and the ones he has, he always acts like this. Like, starry eyed for some reason! Because to him, it's likely a rare thing and hard to turn his head from. But Sylvie's voice does have his chin slowly lurching toward her, but her mention that Lady Sonnet was new has him bow his head, "I'm not new, and I didn't know this place was here. Otherwise I would've been star gazing every night I could here." His eyes flicker back to Erik though, for the knowledge that the man seems to possess about the stars, "Yeah, do you study them? I've always liked them but, I don't have the time to do much more than that."

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The Nox'alfar is back on her feet, balanced along the edge of the sextant. "I'm not -new-," she hisses at the lovely Sylvie. "I've been ... away." She was listening to Erik though, seems to nod at his explanation. "I know some of those words but I don't care around the rest. It's very shiny, though, and it looks like a weapon. I approve."

And then she twists to stare at Orland. "I feel your eyes on me. If you'd like to know the name of my armorer, I'm afraid she's dead and made the last twelve of this ensemble for -ME-." Her eyes narrow and then she's back to looking up at the ceiling. "Terrible. Horrible way to keep out the weather," she mutters to no one.

Orland flushes almost immediately! It's not just anyone that can get him to blush! In fact humans are almost unable to! But Nox'alfar! Well. WELL. He clears his throat, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I was admiring the work. I've had some of that made myself," he sort of makes a hitch upward of his shoulders to indicate his coat, "But not as well made as what you have..." he looks back up to the ceiling then to this sextant thing, to Erik, and to Sylvie, trying to wait until his cheeks cooled off a bit.

"Erik Grimhall", the so named supplies into the pause. "in this, I am a Captain of the List and as such it is rather important to be able to determine ones location when on sea and away from visible land. It is just the sun at noon we use for such navigational purposes, but the principle and calculation behind it is the same whether you are determine your own position, or in this case the position of the stars on the firmament. But I did come here for academic research." Another look is given Sonnet and he might just have found a different topic of academic research right there. "It is definitely.. shiny" but then her attention flitters already away and he shrugs. And definitely NOT staring at her back now. nope. "You could use a defined angle to calculate the distance to your target, say for a siege weapon, so.. there is a military use ... in a way."

"As have I," Sylvie agrees to Sonnet warmly, tipping her chin in apology. "We both most relearn the city." The assurances delivered smoothly, with her honeyed Lycene accent returned almost in full force since she became Duchess again. There is a spark of humor in her grey eyes as she catches Erik staring at Sonnet's back, but she says nothing. She instead, folds her hands in her skirts and seems to do much like any court servant would, and waits to be needed, which is only slightly odd for a Duchess.

Eleanor's head pokes in the door. After a moment the rest of her follows, and she finds herself standing beside Sylvie. Her brow is furrowed with deep concentration, tinged with a hint of confusion, as she takes in the little scene. It takes a moment to comprehend it all, given -- well, Sonnet. And whatever a sextant is. "What is --" The question dies on her lips as she truly looks at Sonnet. "Oh!" She looks suddenly cheerful, beaming brightly at the Nox before saying something in (let's be honest) mediocre but understandable Nox'alfar.

Eleanor says in Nox'alfar, "Hello! I'm Dame Eleanor, it's so nice to meet you!"

Sonnet peers at the sextant, and then back to Erik. "Any distance?" she wonders. She looks to Sylvie. "Sometimes Tyrval takes a walk at night. I know exactly where. If I used this and a really large ... something, could I calculate the distance and necessary measurements to drop a pie on his face?" She hops off the contraption with light movements, dropping to the floor without a sound and moving to Sylvie, the Nox clasping her hands in delight. "He's -allergic- to strawberries, he says. It could be a -strawberry- pie!"

Sonnet peers at Eleanor and sniffs at her. "Hmm. You smell like honorable intentions." She considers, then shrugs. "Not my thing, but you can stay." And then all of her focus is on Sylvie, begging her with those very large Nox'alfar eyeballs.

Sylvie says in Nox'alfar, "Dame Eleanor, Lord Commander of the King's Own. A pleasure to meet you. This is Lady Sonnet. I am Duchess Sylvie Zaffria"

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Sylvie's Nox'alfar is likely not flawless, with its own soft accent from someone not born to the tongue, but she pronounces every word with a careful prettiness to it. It seems much like an introduction that she offered before, nodding to Sonnet and gesturing only briefly to herself. She pauses as Sonnet sniffs the Lord Commander, but instead of addressing whether dropping pies on Tyrval is appropriate, she reminds Sonnet once again softly, "When someone is not in the Embassy, they have not agreed to be sniffed, Lady Sonnet."

Orland considers Sonnet again, it's hard not too, when she mentions that Eleanor smells like honorable intentions. By sheer design of being him, he casually turns his head and gives a little sniff to himself. Of course as folks are talking in a language he doesn't understand, but presumes, he adds on, "I'm Lord Orland Amadeo."

From the way Eleanor brightens still further and glows with delight, one might think this the highest compliment she has ever received. "Thank you, Lady Sonnet." She's back to Arvani now. "Duchess," she adds in polite greeting for Sylvie, before adding: "Oh, I don't mind."

Orland slips over toward where Lord Erik is, looking back at the big instrument on the wall and then back to Erik, "Do you know any stories about any of the stars up above?" He might be asking Lord Erik, but his voice is loud enough to carry back to the others.

Erik just frowns a little, smoothing over his features not to show too much of a displeasure at the unknown language that is suddenly spoken, but it is not the first time had experienced such on his travels, making it a really tiny frown. To Sonnet's question he answer "You would have to be able to make out your target, otherwise you can not determine the angle, and the smaller your target, the more precise the instrument would need to be. It is at this point only a theoretical possibility, I am sorry to say." Sniffed? there is a whole book of questions as he looks silently at Sylvie, only diplomatic training (thanks for that!) keeps him from blurting them out.
Erik offers to Orland, "I am sorry, I am an academic, I am not good at story telling, but I could point you out to the relevant section in the archives, Lord Orland."

Sonnet peers at Eleanor again but it's a side-glance, the epitome of Nox'alfar good manners; don't stare directly at someone you're not likely to want to murder. But she -siIiighs- at Sylvie. "She didn't mind. See? She's doing that happy thing you humans do, she's exuding joy or something." She pats Sylvie's arm. "Silly human." At Erik's explanation, Sonnet sighs again.

"We have things, you know. -Things-. Makes you hear over far distances, makes you see far away too." She taps her lip, thoughtful. "I wonder if I could find something like that," she mutters to herself, pacing around the room, looking at the celestial bodies suspended. "Can't see the future, no no; that's impossible. Could see what's happening -now-, like those Seers-of-whatsits. Hmm."

There's a soft sigh but Sylvie tips her chin. "Yes, she didn't mind, this time," she agrees. But then the Duchess murmurs something softly to Eric, an answer to the unspoken question.

Orland nods to Erik, "I'm always interested in knowledge or information about the stars. I wish I would've known about this place earlier, but like, there's a thing about not walking into buildings you're not sure are public or private right? Do you know if this place is open all year around?" His attention swings to listen to Sonnet for a moment, brow lifting at her babbling. "There's things that do that? Seeing far away would be helpful..."

Sonnet turns abruptly to look Orland in the eye for about four heartbeats. She smiles, very, very slowly. "They cut into your eyeball like metal spiders and afterwards they eat the eyeball. Very impractical so you must check twice!" She wags a finger. Then she's back to looking at the bits along the ceiling.

Now that introductions are out of the way, Eleanor turns her attention to questions. "Are the guards outside with you?" she asks, directing the question to Sylvie, deemed more likely to provide an answer. "Or is there something else happening in here?" She turns to look at Orland and Erik, in case they are Up To Something, but Sonnet's vivid description pulls her attention away and her own eyes widen.

Sonnet chirps at Eleanor, "They're for her," she points to Sylvie. "Because she's precious to me and I might murder anyone that upsets her."

Erik takes the new information in stride adapting to it, answering Sonnet "If I had such a ..thing.. available,, then it is possible to have it properly integrated into an observatory. It is of course work, but how a distance could be determined from it might take time and study." He inclines his head to confirm he understood Sylvies soft spoken words without looking at her, then adding to Orland "Just make sure you do not bring light while an observation takes place, walk softly so that your steps do not vibrate on the ground. But it is an open place, just remember that for an important observation, entrance could be closed to the public."

Orland catches the very slow smile from Sonnet, from the corner of his eye before he meets her gaze steadily. If that's a bad thing he doesn't know it! But the description that proceeds to follow the smile has him gulp a little, "Oh.. and.. what if your eye is already gone?" Trying hard to think that metal spiders eating eyeballs were totally perfect and normal. Totally fine. "Sounds.. yeah, impractical for.. but we have two, so one's usually a spare right?" He says in an awkward way to try to jest about it, considering Eleanor's look at him and his hands go up! He's disarming, he's wearing a cat on his shoulder, totally not up to anything! Then he gives Erik a peculiar look, squinting a bit at the instructions, "No light, walk soft, mm, I think I can do that."

Sylvie nods, as she answers, "Lady Sonnet certainly does not need guards, but I am very mortal." She pauses, before she adds: "I am sure there will be no murder in the city, Lord Commander. I am not easily upset." She smiles to Eleanor, sliding a look to Sonnet with a soft tip of her chin.

Sonnet mutters, "Only if they're faster than ... am which ... doubtful. I am very ... ... sure you've noticed. Very, ... ... Hmph."

Orland adds against Sonnet's muttering, "I bet you'd be a champ at the kids game called hide and seek that we used to play." He folds his arms across his chest, "Kids in the Lowers played it to get good at hiding from the guards."

"Technically, that would be the Iron Guard's responsibility, not mine," Eleanor replies to Sylvie. "But that's still good to hear." Murder is bad even when it isn't your problem. She casts a curious look to Orland, but has more questions for Sonnet/Sylvie. "What brings you back to Arx?" She caught the previous debate around newness, and hastily adds 'back' to the question. "I assume you've recently come from the Twilight Court?"

At Eleanor's assumption of Sonnet's origin, the Nox'alfar just starts laughing. She laughs so hard she doubles over, gripping the edge of the wall as she wheezes. " COURT..." she gasps.

"Lady Sonnet has been, unfortunately, been banished from the Twilight Court," Sylvie explains delicately as Sonnet laughs, her gaze sliding from Sonnet to Eleanor. She allows, "I have been in the Twilight Court for some time now, though I have recently returned to resume my duties with my House."

When those that know, or at least assume to know more about the Nox'alfar take over, Erik uses that moment to gesture to his assistant to move away with the table again, it is not that he will get to do any observation this evening anyway. As it is, he moves to Sylvie's side, straightening his shoulders and putting his hands into one another, loosely behind his back in a kind of at ease. Though with a man that tall it sometimes does not put them at ease after all. Right now he is happy to observe.

Philippe wanders over toward Orland and taps him on the shoulder, leaning in to whisper something politely - a reminder of an appointment to be kept apparently. "I'm glad curiosity didn't kill the cat-" he states with some dry humor as his poor cat was still satchel riding with it's head booped out of the back of it, looking around before popping back inside, "but I'm afraid the curiosity has appointments elsewhere. It was-" Philippe gives him an encouraging nod, "spendid to meet you all. Lord Erik, perhaps another time we could talk about the academics behind star navigation." Then to Lady Sonnet, Eleanor, and Sylvie, "It was nice to meet you all. I hope you have fun getting reacquainted with the city, Duchess Sylvie, Lady Sonnet." He doesn't know Eleanor personally, as introductions were made in a language he doesn't understand, so he gives her a nod before he scurries his suspcious self out.

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Sonnet salutes Orland as she continues to wheeze and laugh. She actually brushes tears from her eyes, or pretends to, and then ... points at Eleanor. "It wasn't my fault. Honest mistake." She considers. "Well. Two of them. But that's it! They love me still, I know they do. Especially Symonesse." Her gets all glowy. "Mmm. Yes. She's so lovely, she understands."

Eleanor's brown eyes widen and she blinks at Sonnet in surprised uncertainty. When Sylvie... 'translates', she nods once. "Oh. I'm sorry for mentioning it." The revelation has Eleanor giving Sylvie an interested look. "I have some friends there, but I can -- ask you about them later, maybe." The look she gives Sonnet is vaguely puzzled, and definitely thoughtful. But HERE is somewhere the knight and the Nox can find common ground: "Oh, yes, Her Majesty is WONDERFUL." Her hands clap together under her chin as she smiles beatifically.

"If anyone didn't like her, which is impossible, I believe, would they admit as such in front of the Lord Commander of the King's Own?" Sylvie ponders with a wry humor, her smile offered to Eleanor before she quirks a brow in a silent question to Erik, to include him, as if he were who she was posing the question to all along. But she then nods, suggesting to Eleanor: "Of course, if you wish, Dame Eleanor. The Palazzo Gemecitta will always welcome you there, if you wish to discuss the Court."

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"Oh it happens," chirps Sonnet. "But never for long, mm-mm, no," she sing-songs. "Daggers go in, daggers go out! No more disliking Symonesse!" She blinks, peers at Sylvie. "Oh. That is a human joke, by the way. JOKE. For HUMANS. And obviously ... I mean." She clears her throat. "HA HA HA HA HA."

Mikani enters in and seeing the crowd she looks curious. Her dark eyes take in the group as she wonders what is going on.

"... as hot as all that," Grady is saying to his assistant Mortimer as the two of them come into the observatory, followed by Grady's two bored-looking guards. "Really, you would be so much more comfortable, yes, if you didn't insist on wearing all of those starched collars and things. We'll have a nice stroll, won't we, and then go for some lemonade." Dressed for summer in clothes of light cotton, it's no wonder that he's not complaining overmuch about the heat, although it's possible that sweat might be making his hair a little messier than usual. His hair's usually pretty messy, so it's hard to be sure.

Erik inclines his head to Sylvie as if he is indeed be spoken to in a more formal setting, "That is my thinking, Lady Slyvie, so we can only speak of a hypothetical question here. philosophical at best." But with Sonnet's reply here, he snorts a good bellow of a laugh, even before she declares it to be a joke, "Oh, that is definitely a solution, but think of the mess. One should definitely take care of the location. Imagine you ruin a hosts good carpet like that. That would not look too good then after all."

Sonnet waves a hand flippantly at Erik as Grady arrives, Sonnet closer to Eleanor by proximity and closer to Sylvie emotionally. "This is why I would only kill humans outside in the woods." A long pause. "Not that I would. Because there's a treaty." And then she's back to looking at the walls. "These are very smooth."

Eleanor squints carefully at Sonnet. "In case it ever isn't a joke, if someone's bothering Her Majesty you can tell me and I'll take care of them. It." Sonnet's mention of the treaty seems to somewhat reassure her. "That way you won't have to get them all the way to the woods."

"We shall certainly inform you, though I am sure her Majesty would also do so, Dame Eleanor," Sylvie agrees, tipping her chin in agreement. "I have all of the confidence in the King's Own to take care of their charges, as I am sure anyone does." As Sonnet hums of leeches, she instead offers in question to both Erik and Eleanor: "I am now considering the next place to take Lady Sonnet. I admit, I am still re-learning the city. Is there any other places we should see?"

The gathering of voices catch Grady's attention, and the sight of the people to whom they're attached brings a smile to his face. Grady's smiles always start slow, and broaden by degrees, but even from the beginning, the warmth in that small stir of an expression makes the broad, full-face smile that it will become inevitable. His smile lights his eyes, picking out flecks of green and gray in the hazel. Even his gait seems to become lighter, as though his good humor is just about to pick him clear up off the floor. "Ah! Lady Sylvie! Lord Erik! The architect and the fashion icon, yes?"

Erik nods to Sonnet, "Good point." as she goes on about the treaty, "Good points. both." He does not comment on the status of the walls, as she wanders off. Look to Sylvie and a more serious contemplation, "I do not know if there are other complications with the Faith, but if there are not, then I would suggest the bell tower of the cathedral, there is no place in all of Arx that has a higher vantage point. I am looking forward to share the view with a special friend of mine and I would like to keep it a hidden gem, but... I can truly recommend the view from up there." He considers to say more when "Lord Grady." greets him, so that he can return a nod to him. "Not an icon, it was a one day flare, but it is nice to be remembered for ones creativity."

"Now you've presented an intriguing mystery, Lord Erik. Special friends, hidden gems," Sylvie murmurs, her brow curving upwards with a hint of wry humor as she slides a look over the man. But then Grady steps in and greets them, and her attention shifts. She nods, offering: "Lord Grady, a pleasure to see you again. Have you met Lady Sonnet? And this is, of course, the renowned Lord Commander Eleanor Allenatore."

Sonnet pffts. "I started there. The bell tower. It smelled like metal. Copper." She taps her nose and goes to Sylvie, drapes herself on the duchess. "Sylvie. I'm bored. You said I had to tell you instead of pulling out my knives. So I am." She looks at Eleanor again and sniffs at her, then shrugs again, then looks at Grady. "Maybe I've met you. Maybe not. It's hard to tell."

Mikani nods her head to Grady and Erik. "Lord Grady. Lord Erik. Good to see you both again." she says happily as she over hears the conversation of sights around the city. "Ooooh there is the Botanical Gardens and the Managerie. Both are amazing places to visit." She chimes in as she bows her head to Sonnet and Sylvie. "Lady Mikani Crovane." She introduces herself to the pair.

"But one day, one moment even, is necessary for one to become an icon, yes?" Grady is refusing to be disabused of this indulgence. "Provided, of course, that the moment itself is iconic." He takes a step back and bows to Sonnet and Eleanor. "We have met, Lady Sonnet, although so much in passing, yes, that I shouldn't expect to be remembered. It's an honor to meet you, Lord Commander. Are we looking for interesting places to take a turn? Because..." He turns on his heel and looks back at Mikani when she speaks, such that she becomes the target of the full force of his smile, a directed, high pressure burst of good humor. "Ah! Lady Mikani. You have rather turned thief, yes? Stolen the words from my mouth. The Menagerie can be endlessly diverting. So many interesting animals!"

"We can say our proper goodbyes and leave," Sylvie whispers softly to Sonnet, managing to hold herself gracefully despite the fact that the dangerous Nox'alfar has draped herself there. She slides a look to Sonnet, and considers the woman as others suggest the Menagerie. She nods, softly, but it's an uncommitted gesture. "Lady Mikani, I am quite sorry. We were just about to make our goodbyes. Lady Sonnet, this is Lady Mikani Crovane," she offers. "Perhaps we might speak more, soon. If you will excuse us--."

Eleanor accepts being sniffed as easily as if it were something happened every day. "The view from the Queensrest Inn is very impressive," she offers. "Make sure you get one of the seats right next to the window." She pauses to offer greetings and bright smiles for Grady and Mikani. "I'll leave you to enjoy your tour. I really only stopped in to see what the guards were for, so I should get back to things." Turning to Sonnet, she once more says something in Nox'alfar.

Eleanor says in Nox'alfar, "It was very nice to meet you, Lady Sonnet. I promise I'll look out for Her Majesty. Enjoy your tour.""

Sonnet steps into Eleanor of a sudden and offers the woman her hand. "Hmm. I see what she sees. You're ... what they call a reliable human." If Eleanor accepts, she'd shake her hand. Slowly, with a look of 'am I doing it right'? "I will remember you," she says softly; it doesn't sound like a threat, though. It sounds like a promise.

Mikani looks over at Grady. "Me a thief?" She pretends to be injured from the comment. "Surly you jest." She teases the man before nodding to Sonnet and Sylvie. She speaks to them in Nox'alfar before she moves closer to her friends.

Mikani says in Nox'alfar, "Pleasure to meet you both. May we meet again."

Eleanor's nose scrunches up with a sunny - no, wait, not sun - a brightly pleased smile as she returns Sonnet's handshake. "Thank you, that's very kind of you. I hope I'll see you soon. Duchess, my Lords and my Lady," the rest are given polite nods before she steps back outside.

Sonnet says in Nox'alfar, "Always look out for her. If you are not fast enough I will kill any who mean her harm. I am told they need to stay alive long enough to stand before the city to be judged. I will just kill them."

Sonnet wriggles her fingers cheerfully at Eleanor as she leaves, smiling toothily.

"well, if you started there, then it is just showing how well my example was.", Erik replies to the observation of the bell tower, "The ramparts would be another sight. More.. Militaristic. You can put weapons on there." Maybe she could find that interesting.

"It would be folly, wouldn't it, to take anything I were to say at all seriously," Grady laughs to Mikani. The exchange in Nox'alfar, specifically Sonnet's part of it, does steal some of that good humor away however, replacing it with a crease of concern to his brow.

Sylvie listens, quietly, at the exchange of languages. She smiles, surprised but pleased, at Mikani as the lady offers the words in the language. She nods, answering in Arvani, "May we meet soon. I am sure we have much to share and discuss." Erik is given a thoughtful tip of her head, and she smiles. She says, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Erik. I am sure the ramparts will be interesting to see." She curtsies, before she gestures to Sonnet with a soft wave. Yes, they can leave now.

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