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To Be Rescheduled: The Refugee Charity Archery Tournament Pt. 1

Following the success of the initial tournament, the Eurusi Consulate is holding another:

The Refugee Charity Archery Tournament!

The call sent out to the city has been answered, no less than seventeen have stepped forward, all from different walks of life. They will compete for rare trade goods, their contest-fee going to benefit those displaced by the recent tragedies.

The first portion of the event has the following roster:

Master Ripley Thornburn
Master Caspian Wild
Lady Rosalind Ravenseye
Lady Thesbe Seryn
Lady Elora Whitehawk
Princess Graziella Pravus
Princess Tikva Grayson
Master Dacian Krosse

Partnered with Prince Kenjay Redrain and Prince Patrizio Pravus and hosted at the illustrious Golden Hart, the Eurusi Consolate invites spectators to donate upon arrival but it's not expected. Please! Join us and celebrate the generosity of your citizens as well as their skills.


March 13, 2022, noon

Hosted By



Caspian Elora Graziella Kenjay Patrizio Ripley Rosalind Thesbe Tikva Valencia Dacian Mabelle Daria Katarina Alis Sunaia Corrigan Desma Ian Caprice Mattheu



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes, Parker, a quietly assertive servant arrive, following Sunaia.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie, Sunaia arrive, following Pasquale.

Pasquale has joined the ringside table.

Sunaia has joined the ringside table.

Mabelle has joined the bar.

Alis has joined the bar.

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey arrives, following Desma.

Bahiya has joined the Champions' table.

Daria has joined the ringside table.

The Arena of the Hart is once again set up in Eurusi flavor, with divans and couches and cushions and low tables brought in for people to lounge around between rounds, food and beverage from the Dune Kingdoms offered by happy, well-paid servants. Bahiya herself is seated at the Champions table, speaking excitedly to her aides as the event is set up.

The targets have been set up in the Arena, the space well managed for all the contenders. Some of these targets are atypical, with obstacles spaced here and there. There's muttering from the on-lookers; what could be the plan there?

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

Mabelle slips into the Arena wide eyed at all the decor and obstacle courses. She is wearing a very sparkly startlight silk peachy dress with a curious belt upon it and makes her way to the bar after greeting the host, "Ambassador", she grins at Bahiya, "A pleasure to see you again, this all looks very exciting", and then beelines to the bar.

Daria enters the Hart's arena looking about curiously, she is dressed in her scouting attire, holding her bow close at hand as she seeks a place to sit. Daria offers a silent curtsey to those sitting at the ringside table and find a seat waiting to see what shall happen

It's a curious thing, to be gone from the city for nearly a year. It's an even more curious thing to make one's public re-debut by sitting quietly at a ringside table, with a teacup and saucer in front of her. Princess Katarina Valardin went away with nearly no word, and she returns with nearly no word. She still looks the same. Still the same knowing smiles, still the same gleam in her golden eyes that implies either mischief, secrets, or both. Her hair is longer. Nearly down to the small of her back. Her ringlet curls are not so much a cloud around her head as a mountain cascading over her shoulders. She's sipping her tea, people-watching. Being as low-key as a Princess in a crocheted aeterna dress can really be.

Arriving with his usual entourage of soldiers, Patrizio Pravus is most notably /bereft/ of a bow, not that this should be a horrible surprise all in all. In his gleaming, polished armour, he makes his way in with no sense of haste - clearly something that's rubbed off on him from his cousin Sebastian - and there's the press of his palm to his breastplate and a bow to Bahiya, even so, before he lifts his voice so his presence is known. "Ambassador," he offers with warmth, before there's the glance around at the others present, and a smile offered up to those he recognizes.

Rosalind is here, rushing in as is her usual way. She smiles, waves, and hurries to find a place to sit. "HI!"she greets with friendly enthusiasim.

Alis finds her way to the hosts before anything else, offering the Ambassador a warm smile. "Ambassador, it's lovely to see you. Thank you for continuing to host such important events." Likewise, she inclines her head towards Patrizio next. "Your Highness, it's always nice to see you as well. And thanks are due you also." But she does not wish to keep them, knowing how busy they are. So she moves the line along and stops long enough to give Katarina a kiss on the cheek in greeting prior to going to the bar. No, not liquor this early in the day. But they /must/ have coffee. Right!?

*** Katarina has called for an opposing check with Alis. ***
Katarina checks strength and brawl at easy. Katarina is successful.
Alis checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Alis is successful.
*** Katarina is the winner. ***

Seated beside Pasquale at a ringside table, Sunaia is busy making greetings to the beautifully accented Katarina and discussing a sloop. "A lab contained on a ship might have a lot of advantages, I agree with him. Does that mean I can lure you in, and force you to go along with me to dive?" He has all of her attention with this idea, and it wavers only to grin maddening at Rosalind whose voice she hears ring out.

Bahiya can't see smiles or waves but she recognizes voices, beaming brightly in the general direction of those that speak to her. The event is still being set up, items moved around the arena to apply difficulty to the targets.

No, Alis does not get to kiss Katarina on the cheek.

Instead, the Highlord of the Oathlands goes in for a kiss to the cheek, and is met by her younger sister springing out of her chair and wrapping her arms around Alis in The Biggest Of Hugs. Armor may dent.

Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne arrives, following Caprice.

He's late, he's late. Ripley - minus Toad - is hoofing it into the arena of the golden hart and immediately stops to scratch at the back of his neck and look for where he needs to head to.

Thud, thud, thud. Once more the heavy leather boots and clinking of buckles heralds the arrival of Corrigan and ever-true to his organization's sobriquet, he's all hooded up despite the weather. It doesn't seem to bother him none, though - he's smirking as he makes a beeline for the bar and leans his back on it. He murmurs behind him at the barkeep for something, but it's clear he's intending to indeed have a drink this early. He ends up watching the proceedings, frosted mug of ale in hand, taking dainty sips every now and again as he watches on.

"Your grace." Patrizio smiles warmly when Alis approaches, shifting so there's path to Bahiya as well, the dip of his head respectfully. "I did mean to give my regards last night at the event at the Palais Proscipi, but I didn't wish interrupt other conversations afoot. Though I know not truly that there are much thanks that are owed me, it's the Ambassador who's done the heavy lifting."

Mabelle's hand goes up upon Alis and Patrizio's entry, wiggling her fingers ever so delicately.

Daria is watching all the people greeting eachother with quiet curiousity, taking out a little black book to write and or draw in as she hums to herself and keeps watching everything get setup

"Okay... okay, we can do this." Alis decides, as if she has a choice in the matter. "I'm not wearing armor, darling Kat. So I can feel the hug without my bones being cracked I promise." She returns the hug though, because of course she does. "Quite alright, Prince Patrizio." she wheezes, once she's been released from the hug of doom. "I know I left early besides, so I understand. Lady Mabelle, hello!"

Desma enters, dressed in her osprey armour, looking around before finding a spot where she can overlook the event, her osprey Splinter perched on her armoured shoulder currently.

"It's not as if I tarried myself," admits Patrizio to Alis with a tone laden with a hint of dread, though the smile blossoms forth easily enough. He, too, smiles to Mabelle, with a brief beckoning as if inviting her to come join where he's helping perhaps play host, and perhaps keeping a keen eye for those who're to take their places upon the sands for a more unusual tournament than the last.

A messenger stops Ian in the door as he comes in. He looks over the note handed to him, and his expression, if that were possible, finds a way to turn more solemn. "When?" He asks. There's a brief discussion between the two that doesn't carry, followed by: "Tell her I'll be there." And then he's left in the doorway, his mood a bit transformed by whatever note he just got, to fold said note and put it into an inner pocket of his coat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ripley before departing.

Rosalind waves to Ripley with a smile. "Hi Ripley,"going to plop herself next to Sunaia. She looks a bit excited for whatever happens today.

Katarina gives Alis a powerful squeeze. "Nonsense," the Princess says, her Dune Kingdoms accent as thick as it's ever been. "You are the one who is always telling me, my sister, that a cracked bone is just a reminder that--" Katarina is cut off by a whispered conversation with her cousin. She seems surprised, and releases the hug. Mostly. It's still a hug, just a looser one. Poor Alis. Though Kat /will/ let Alis go and get her coffee, once the murmuring is done.

Mabelle grins at Alis, "High Princess, you look magnificent. Are you talking about the event last night? I heard it was magnificent, I cannot believe I had to miss it for a meeting about census", she grumps and cradles her honey whiskey with her fingers. She beckons Patrizio in return and already orders him a drink, or maybe its for her.

There's a wave from Ripley to Rosalind as the jeweler wanders around.

Rosalind has joined the ringside table.

Caprice finds her way to the arena and then, as close to where the action will be without -tainting- any special or specially reserved seating. Familiar figures earn a wave or nod of greeting where eyes meet, but the spring-clad clothier is mostly focused on sitting down and settling in.

A jingling of bells sings out from the Ringside table as the young Rivenshari lord keeps trying to wiggle into a comfortable position

Ian is distracted beyond the usual distraction that comes from paying attention to his own footsteps as he goes to find a place to sit; he moves to his usual corner table by instinct.

Ian has joined the corner table.

Alis snorts back a bit of laughter at Katarina's rejoinder, and concedes the point gracefully before whispering something back to her. She waits just a moment to be sure of an answer to her quiet question before she goes to imbibe the all important coffee though. "Thank you, Lady Mabelle. As do you. And yes, the festival was marvelous. The meaning behind it is quite lovely and I'm glad I was able to attend it. I'm sorry you couldn't be there."

Ripley is overheard praising Bahiya.

Mabelle is doing a lot of finger wiggling today, maybe she worries that if she moves her hand from side to side without wiggling, she will be confused for the pope. Well not in this dress they wont. Ripley and Caprice are the victims of it now, added with a smile. "I was there in spirit", she tells Alis, "I submitted a poem!"

Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow, 2 Seryn veteran guards, Mihai, a Rivenshari guard trying to be unobtrusive arrive, following Thesbe.

Mattheu has left the ringside table.

Mattheu has joined the bar.

With a confused look at the ringside table, Mattheu slips away from the conversation, muttering about ships needing storage space and heads for the bar

Patrizio seems to grin all the more at Mabelle's beckoning, and briefly gestures as if to defer if only briefly, while he's leaning in closer to Bahiya, speaking as if to be perhaps pointing out arrivals to her in the absence of other aides. Some things, though, such as Mattheu's bells, do draw his attention and a warm smile.

Alis gives Kat's hands a squeeze it seems, before she heads to the bar and orders something that has coffee in it, but sounds more like a dessert drink. "You did? Now I am doubly sorry we left early. I don't know which poem won!"

Mabelle smiles to Mattheu as he joins the bar, "Hello Lord Rivenshari, a pleasure to see you, it has been a while". But something Alis says makes her laugh and she notes, "Not mine! I do not know though. I am sure I will learn eventually"

Valencia sweeps into the arena with Lizette at her side. She pauses to observe the room with a careful eye seeming to wish to see all is well and right for the event being hosted this day. A smile finds her lips as many fine and familiar faces are seen. With an nod and softly spoken final instructions for her right hand woman, the raven haired woman moves off greeting people as she goes as she navigates to the event's hosts to ensure all is well. "Ambassador, Highness," she offers with a graceful bow of head. "Welcome to my Hart. Thank you again for hosting your even there. I trust all is well and things are seen to as per your request?"

Katarina settles back into her chair at the table, to return to her tea and her people-watching.

Corrigan has joined the bar.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 3 Black Fleet Reavers, Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrive, following Raven.

Thesbe slips into the Golden Hart Arena looking about, her hair is a little disheveled like she just woke up. (Because I totally forgot it was today) The striking cerulean blue gaze that was hers takes a peek around the interior of the room. A quick spot of Mattheu and she's walking towards him, to give him a peck on the cheek, if allowed.

Caspian comes rushing into the Arena, his arms tangled in the bow string, quiver bouncing off his shoulders, looking every bit like someone who has absolutely no idea what he is doing with a bow. "im here! im here!! SO SORRY!!"

Mattheu smiles to Thesbe with a lift of the rum he has, tilting his head for her to reach his cheek easier with soft kiss. Whispering something to her before offering some rum.

The event is still being set up. Servants and volunteers look at Caspian and there's reassurance and laughter for everyone that arrives thinking they're late.

"You are early," Bahiya replies with a warm smile in the direction of noise. "Welcome, please drink and eat. I am hoping we will start soon."

Mabelle smiles warmly to Valencia upon entry, "Good afternoon, my friend, it has been some time, I pray you have been well". She makes some quiet conversation at the bar with Corrigan, Mattheu and Alis.

When someone brings Ian a drink, he takes it with a nod of thanks, and starts to sink into a slouch while he drinks it.

At the sight of rum being offered to Thesbe, she nods and partakes. A sip anyways before she leans in to hear Mattheu's whisper.

Thesbe has joined the bar.

Caspian has joined the ringside table.

"All is wonderful, thank you, your highness," Patrizio says with warmth to Valencia on her and Lizette's approach, before he's casting his gaze about. "The gods've smiled on this day, and hopefully the shooting should be as good. Better, since I'm not going to offend the true archers present with any demonstration of my woefully lacking skill."

"I am thrilled. We have had such competitions before, but today's feels special. I'm thrilled to see their skills demonstrated. Always exciting to know those we share drinks with are so very talented, yes?" Valencia nods warmly to Patrizio, a hand offered in wam greeting. A sigh follows and she shakes her head, "You are very talented in other ways, highness. It would be unfair if you were good at everything. That would be unfair to the rest of us."

Seeing that all is well, Valencia bows her head to the prince and Bahiya and smiles, "I shall leave my lady Lizette with you to see that all you need is available to you. I will leave you to your event, but do not hesitate to call on me should you require it," she offers and smiles again. Dark eyes catch, Mabelle's welcome light up immediately. "Lady Mabelle, how wonderful to see you! Welcome to my Hart. I'm so pleased you are here. It has been far too long," she welcomes her. "And yes, very well as you can see," the little vixen laughs good naturedly at all the chaos about her.

Bahiya drops enchanting dagger of diamondplate with jade inset crossguard.

Bahiya drops exquisite diamondplate dagger boasting a brilliant jade ornament.

Bahiya drops exotic diamondplate dagger ornamented with an oasis jade handle.

Bahiya gets enchanting dagger of diamondplate with jade inset crossguard.

Bahiya gets exotic diamondplate dagger ornamented with an oasis jade handle.

Bahiya gets exquisite diamondplate dagger boasting a brilliant jade ornament.

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