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The Webbed Wheel Dance

Captain Evaristo Arterius invites Arxians to his cog, the Webbed Wheel, to drink, dance, eat and be merry in a refined but still casual enough event. Bring a cheerful mood and a desire to have fun, and you're good to go!

Some games and entertainment promised. Maybe a prize or two!

The ship will stay at the docks during the party.


June 12, 2021, 3 p.m.

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Cahal Cesare Aconite Demura Deva Zakhar Valerian



Arx - Dockyards - The Webbed Wheel

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Comments and Log

The music is already drifting down the docks from the Webbed Wheel, cheerful and upbeat music to dance to. This party will not be a quiet affair, the alcohol is free and plentiful, there's tasty treats to keep one drinking a bit longer, there's cozy corners to mingle, and of course a dance floor to let loose.

Hired staff mingle about to offer drinks to the arriving guests, but there's also a full on bar to go get harder liquor at if one prefers. Evaristo is standing on the daise with the bards, shouting out to everyone that arrives. "Welcome to a night of joy! Drink, dance, be merry!"

Cahal comes up the access path backwards with Demura just a step or so behind him. "We're going to dance right Demura? Please tell me we're not going to sit in a dark corner and daitily drink tea." Except for his torc's he's rather plainly dressed in a mixture of snug kid-skin and silk.

Among said bards is one slightly-sunburnt Cesare Whisper, the remnants of a trip to the Saffron lingering across the bridge of his nose in the form of a glaze of pink that's still vivid enough to be seen in the dim light. "I hope everyone is ready to dance," he calls out with a demonstrative strum of his lute, voice rising above the din of voices as people begin to talk and mingle in small crowds, mostly among the groups they've come in. "I have yet to see anyone who can keep up with Setarcan footwork at its fastest!"

Aco had arrived a little early. Which means she's already in the wine and mingling. The tall Whisper is currently sipping a bold red and swaying to the music with a little smile on her face. Spotting Cesare Aconite lifts a gloved hand and wiggles her fingers.

"You are going to trip if you keep walking at an incline backwards and if I have to go in after you because you've pinned yourself between the dock and the boat I might take a moment to laugh at you before I save your life" Demura warns, though there is no hiding the amusement in the not so serious threat. "If you wish to dance, who am I to deny you such small pleasures?" she does add a bit more affectionately to the mountain man before her. "Tea though?" her face scrunches at the thought, "only if there is more whiskey in the cup than actual tea it should be fine."

There's a bright grin at Cesare and Evaristo steps off the daise to give full room to the 'bard of honor'. "May I present - Cesare Whisper, here to entertain us and get us all warm and laughing!" he calls out, and applauds Cesare. "Anytime you are ready, Cesare!" He looks around and spots Aconite, perking up - he heads her way and pauses to bow to Cahal and Demura. "My lord, my lady - you gotten drinks yet? Join in on the dance floor, time to get the blood pumping!" Then he holds a hand out to Aconite with a charming grin. "Dance?"

Evaristo has joined the a dance floor on the deck.

"When have you -ever- known me to fall off something?" Cahal retorts to Demura with a grin. He turns around though, his eyes quickly skipping over the gathering, and offers a warm smile to everyone. "Thank you Evaristo." He grins back at Demura before offering her his hands. "Did you hear that? We've been challenged."

The brief suggestion of a smirk crosses Cesare's face at Evaristo's introduction. "Warm and laughing," he intones in agreement, still plenty loud for the entire crowd to hear. "As for hot and begging, that will require further negotiation on an individual basis." A pause as he glances around to his fellow musicians, tapping a foot to set a pace that is, indeed, fast, though not the truly blistering speed that some southern songs are known for. That kind of dance requires a bit of foreplay first! And with a quick count-off, he launches into a rousing shanty about a saucy maid and her jugs. Of milk. What else would they be?

As she was turned to watch Cesare while Evaristo introduces the Bard, Aconite cheers and claps with the rest of the gathered. After she's drifting forward to meet the Captain when he starts her way. Aco gives Cahal and Demura a bright smile though Evaristo's question gains her full attention. "Absolutely. It's why we're here." SHe downs her tine, wipes the rim of the glass with her fingers and sets it aside and joins the violet-eyed Captain in the space cut out for dance.

Jasper, an unflappable scoundrel, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Deva.

The party is in full swing, but people are not THAT drunk yet - milling about, dancing, laughing, drinking, eating some snacks, maybe stealing off into a nook for some kissing with a sweetheart. It's cheerful, the music is up-beat and fast, drifting over the docks this warm summer evening.

Clowder of nine 1-year old cats, Shekies, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell arrive, following Zakhar.

There is a wicked grin from Demura and whatever her answer is seems to be of the more private sort for Cahal. Slipping her hand within the offered one, she dips her head to the greeting from Evaristo, "a generous host. We have not had the pleasure of finding a drink, but my betrothed seems intent on dancing so that shall have to wait. I'd hate to spill it when I trip over my feet!"

"I will try the fast dancing later!" Evaristo promises, squeezing Aconite's hand as they make it out on the dance floor. "There will also be a contest in a little while, but first we dance!" He sweeps an arm around aconite's waist and then the two sweep around the dance floor in the fast, almost hopping, steps. This dance is definitely one that makes you laugh and grin, even become out of breath.

Dressed in summery greens reminiscent of vines and leaves, Deva eases her way aboard and seems to be particularly careful -not- to be too close to an edge or railing. She stops by the bar first, finding something stiff to drink while skimming the party to see who she does (and doesn't!) recognize.

The heady smell of the old man speaks volumes of his state of mind long before he even sets foot upon the ship. With leaf tucked into his lip, small cloud of haze following him as he puffs on the smoke, the tall old man with snow-white locks and a long deep scar running his face steps carefully onto the ships deck then looks around, spotting a few that are familiar. Giving them a grin, before seeking out the drinks.

Creamy, white, and delicious, but heavy to carry, prone to make a lady sweat - jugs. Of milk. That's what Cesare is singing about. A particularly saucy maid whose jugs she hauled back and forth all day, a sloshing-and-splashing! Looking for a lord or lady to help her out. With her jugs. Of milk. You know, standard party music fare. Despite the fact that he seems to be pretty engaged in the act of playing music, he finds time to stare accusingly at a few people who are /not/ dancing, and as the song winds down, he calls out, "Are you sweating yet? I hope not, we're just getting started. That was one of the slow ones!" Retrieving a glass of whiskey from one of the other musicians who stepped to the bar at the end, he knocks it back in one fell swoop, and then prepares to start up the next song, having promised to make sure everyone's warm and laughing by the end of the evening.

Cahal laughs at whatever Demura says to him. "Alright. Alright. So I might have fallen over once or twice." He tugs the Marquessa into the dance floor, laughing yet again when he catches the lyrics of Cesare's chosen tune. "More like this." His arm goes about Demura's waist and then he sweeps her into the same hopping, sweeping, dance that Evaristo has already begun. Speaking loud enough that nobody can possibly miss it he asks Demura "Want to bet we can outlast everyone here?"

Aco is all too happy to be led off into a buoyant dance. Even already being a few cups in, Aconite mananges to mix joyous capering sure-footed grace. The tall Whisper revels in one of her three favorite things in all the world moving to music. Occasionally she laughs and calls out to others to come and dance as well, voice laced with laughter at the choice of song.

"You know you shouldn't ask me such things, my sense of competition couldn't handle such a bet" Demira chastises as she is looped and dragged to the floor and the steps are started in time with the music. She is not the greatest dancer, but there is a grace to her movements that indicate a lifetime of military service that only a Knight could have as she moves with ease from one step to the other. "I don't believe I've ever heard this song before!"

"ZAK!" Evaristo shouts out, seeing the old veteran, letting go of Aconite with one arm briefly so he can wave to him. "I think I heard a challenge..." he tells Aconite, grinning and nodding at Cahal and Demura as they sweep past them. "Cesare?! Speed us up a bit, let's see who gives up first!"

Evaristo checks dexterity and performance at easy. Evaristo is successful.

Aconite checks dexterity and performance at easy. Aconite is successful.

Although Cahal has clearly based the dance on what Evaristo is doing its also clearly not the same thing. He's probably making it up as he goes along. "Yes speed us up!" he calls to Cesare before calling over to Zakhar and Deva. "Grab a partner and Join us!"

Cahal checks stamina and athletics at easy. Cahal is successful.

Cesare catches the shout from Evaristo and nods. The song he starts is a traditional Setarcan folk song, accompanied by the stomp of the musicians' feet to add a beat. It speeds up gradually as it continues, starting at a pace which is deceptively reasonable. In fact, the tempo change is so subtle that it's a bit misleading. One could easily end up, say, falling off a boat, without realizing how fast they're going!

"Princess DEVA!" Evaristo shouts, as he totally missed her in the mix earlier. "You too, come on!" he says and waves insistantly for her to join in. This dance does not need a partner either.

Zakhar stares at the table of offered drinks for a moment before completely forgetting why he's there, then spins to Evaristo as his name is shouted at him. A wave of either the worlds worst salute or he's flipping Evaristo off, as two fingers find their way from his forehead to face the man, while Zakhar grins, "Hallo Admiral-Captinesy!" He then looks to Aconite, "A lovely collection you have dere." Finally turning back to Cesare with a wink, "Milkie juggers..." Which he's pulled away from finishing as Cahal yells something about grabbing someone, to which Zakhar looks around the deck with an awkward stare.

Deva checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Deva marginally fails.

"Come on," Deva hears her name and is about to loop Zakhar along with her, but there's some slipping and sliding involved. Maybe she doesn't have her sea legs. Maybe her shoes are untied. Maybe she's just really not that great. Probably that. She veers into the bar instead, bumping her side into it and smacking the surface with her palm. "I'll uh, sit this one out," she waves everyone off so she can tend to her wounded pride.

Evaristo checks dexterity and performance at normal. Evaristo is successful.

Boni smiles as Cahal and Demura as they twirl past. She grins at Evaristo and a sly competitive smile colors her face. "It's beena awhile since I've been pushed." She sounds excited as she laughs and calls to Zakhar, "I know. I have an -amazing- outfitter." She teases before turning back to Evaristo. As she dances the layers of skirts ripple and wave like the sea they're designed after. Hair bouncing at her shoulders.

Aconite checks dexterity and performance at normal. Aconite is successful.

ACONITE smiles as Cahal and Demura as they twirl past. She grins at Evaristo and a sly competitive smile colors her face. "It's beena awhile since I've been pushed." She sounds excited as she laughs and calls to Zakhar, "I know. I have an -amazing- outfitter." She teases before turning back to Evaristo. As she dances the layers of skirts ripple and wave like the sea they're designed after. Hair bouncing at her shoulders.

"Princess - you look STUNNING!!" EVaristo calls out. "Try the pear cider, it is amazing." He winks at Deva as he sweeps past, his feet moving faster and faster as the dance is now reaching levels of near dangerous speed. If nothing else, risk is someone will dance right off the ship.

Zakhar checks dexterity and performance at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Zakhar turns to Deva as she slides into the drinks table, a little smirk under the snow-white beard. "We canna help you find yer ships legs if you'd like to dance."

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Cahal checks stamina and athletics at normal. Cahal fails.

Aconite checks dexterity and performance at hard. Aconite marginally fails.

Deva smiles awkwardly at Evaristo. "Thanks. I'd like to, but I'm afraid I'll wobble even more if I do." And then there is a low laugh for Zakhar, and she nods him out toward the dance floor. She's gonna stay riiiight where she is.

The music builds, faster and faster. Cesare's given up on staring at the audience in favor of concentrating on finger work and keeping the beat steady, as it builds to a frenzy of stomping feet and singing strings. Even the musicians themselves aren't immune to the infectiousness of the tune, a few of them spinning in circles as they play in the traditional manner of dancing to this particular type of song.

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Spin. Twirl. Quickstep. Cahal laughs as he keeps up with the music. Laughs and laughs and suddenly looks kind of green. He says something to Demura and then lets her go to wobble his way over to sprawl into the nearest seat. Ugh.

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Faster and faster they go. Evaristo's footwork is masterful but the music reaches it's peak and Aconite tries to keep up she stumbles a bit and into Evaristo. It's a good thing th Captain is adjusted to the slight sway of a ship. It makes up in abundance for the mist-step and trip of Aconite's seasilk slippers. She laughs breathlessly and scoots out of the way to cheer on Evaristo and Demura. Aconite grins towards Deva and nods in greeting. "The Captain's right." She takes another moment to catch her breath, "I love the colors.."

Evaristo checks dexterity and performance at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Zakhar shrugs to Deva, leaning back upon the table and swiping a drink. The smoke is tucked between fingers as he drinks deeply, then lets out a loud and long burp. Looking back to Deva for a moment, offering the smoke to the not-a-dance partner. "Care to have a puff?"

There is surprise when Cahal leaves her unattended, Demura's grin returning as she allows him to find somewhere to flop down into even as she continues the intricate steps of the faster dance

Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter, 2 Kennex corsairs, Ava, An exasperated Guardswoman in Kennex Livery arrive, following Valerian.

The captain and host of the ship, catches Aconite around the waist and lifts her up a little as she slips, helping her get out of the way. He laughs with her. "Thank you, my most excellent dance partner," he tells her and then begins dancing on his own, feet moving incredibly fast across the dance floor. Now he takes the chance to show off some more, his arms moving with the rhytm - and he is now turning to Demura who remains in step with him so far. "Like two fancy birds!" he calls breathlessly to Demura. "Excellent dancing, my lady!"

Valerian makes his way aboard the ship trailed by two corsairs and a guardswoman who carries with her of all things an easel. The guardswoman herself looking to be half confused and half amused beneath the veil of exasperation worn across her features. The young Kennex Lord quickly glances around before aha'ing to himself, The man's movements guiding him along to one of those benches in a prime people watching spot. Valerian's left hand lifting and motioning to a spot for the easel as his right holds a blank canvas that is kept close.

Evaristo is overheard praising Cesare: A wonderful musician!

Cahal takes a few moments to recover from that dizzy patch before sitting up and starting to cheer the dancers on "You can do it! Beat him Demura!"

Valerian drops Art Easel.

As the music reaches its crescendo both in terms of speed and volume, Cesare manages to keep half an eye on the dance floor. It's good that he's doing so, because certainly none of the other musicians are. He's probably plenty ready for a break himself by this point, and another drink or two, but he gamely keeps playing as Evaristo and Demura manage to match each other step-for-step at the most intensely athletic of dances. "Faster!" He shouts eventually. "I want to see the soles of your shoes throw sparks!"

Aco continues to laugh at her inability to keep up all the while cheering Evaristo and Demura, clapping along with the music. Even after a glass of wine is offered, leather sheathed fingers snag a glass and Aconite downs half of it. Aconite calls in an echo of Cesare. "Faster!"

There might not exactly be sparks, but Evaristo's new boots are getting worn out quickly here. There's a crescendo and he finally finishes the dance, and almost falls over - laughing. "That was INTENSE!" he shouts, grabbing the first best drink from a tray and drinking thirstily. "Cesare - your fingers must be bleeding. Thank you so much! Time to go back to more regular rhytms, I think - before someone dies. Besides - I have another contest actually PLANNED! The one that can come up with the BEST insult, of a martime theme, wins a piece of IVORY!" he calls out. "Totally arbitralily judged by me!"

Valerian's brow lifts hearing the exuberant calls for dancing to be done faster, The Kennex Lord's dark eyes lifting to flit over those dancing and of course upon Cesare conducting with his masterful musical talents. The Kennex Lord's focus soon though returns to business, Valerian moving to set up the easel and place the canvas before his satchel is pulled into his lap and he begins to pull free a palette, from his belt small jars are tugged free and set aside after being opened, the man preping his paints and canvas only to then finally pull free three brushes setting them on the lip of the easel. Finally that dark gaze once more turns to those who are in attendance.

Unfortunately the thought of being a fancy bird causes Demura to pause in her dance moves to laugh, the sound throaty, "I can't be a fancy bird! But you, you are most definitely one." She offers a bow towards the competition, grin remaining, "a lioness can not be anything but such, fancy or otherwise. Thank you!" she then says to Evaristo, offering him applause for his very capable and impressive dancing. She offers Cahal a wink when she doesn't fall at least!

Cesare's fingers are not bleeding, but he's happy to take a moment's pause to leave the stage and slip over to the bar for refreshments. He gives Aconite a wave hello and a flashes her a smile, leaning against the bar. "You look lovely, Aconite. As always. I hope you're enjoying yourself, it's nice to see you back in the city." And a nod to Deva as well. "Princess Deva! Did you ever manage to learn to swim?"

Cahal applauds the remaining two dancers. "Good show!" before calling out to Cesare "Great playing!" He shifts in his chair but doesn't move to get back up, instead sending an unsuspecting Lyonesse guard off to get whiskey for him and Demura. Now that the most important thing has been dealt with he makes a huh at the contest. "What makes an insult a maritime one?"

Evaristo has left the a dance floor on the deck.

"Oh, have it containt some thematic element of the sea, a ship, a captain, a sailor, a sea animal..." Evaristo explains readily, still catching his breath on the side and joining the calmer area to chat with people. He smiles widely at Valarian, watching the easel and the actions there with a baffled but intrigued expression. "My lord!" he calls out. "If you paint this party, I would LOVE to have the painting later, or a copy."

Hearing the challenge laid by Evaristo there is a pause from Valerian, The man just lightly tapping the base of the brush against his lower lip. His gaze settled intently upon the man even as his left hand moves to tug free a small flask. The top opened and a quick sip and then another taken from the contents for some liquid courage. Moments after lowering the flask Valerian slowly raises up and taps his brush against the side of the easel. His voice sounding out in a softer tone, "Oh I may have an insult fitting for maritime purposes. Though I do not know you sir, So understand no proper and true offense will be meant. Yes?" A small reserved smile offered with the words before he takes another deeper drink from the flask. "And of course..On the painting."

Zakhar shrugs and leaves the spliff available at the table if anyone cares for it. Then takes the drink with him as he ambles across the deck in the lull of the music and dancers.

"Thank you, Cesare. It's amazing, Zakhar really has a talented hand." Aconite's fingers move out over her skirts and fluff the layers a bit. Summertime really is the best time to return to Arx, there's always something like this to come to. You really are amazing no matter where you're performing." Inky eyes dance over the artist and Cahal and Evaristo as he greets Valerian.

Valerian gets A fine handrolled cigar smelling of cherry and clove from A pristine white protective satchel holding the initials VK embroidered on the front.

Demura moves from the dance floor towards Cahal and takes a seat on the man instead of next to him where it might be more proper before accepting the glass from the guard. She clearly needs a moment and takes a sip of the whiskey. "I think teasing any man about the size of his boat is most definitely an insult."

"Ah, you're sweet," Cesare demurs. "Thank you, really. I do my best." A brief flash of a grin for his fellow Whisper, as he takes a swallow from the drink that's been handed to him. "I shouldn't leave my post unattended for too long, though." He gestures toward the dance floor. "Look how it's already started to clear out.." The statement concludes with a wink in her direction.

"Oh, no offense - I am literally ASKING for them," Evaristo says and laughs, waving a hand. "I am Captain Evaristo Arterius," he introduces himself now, as there's several here he's never met before. "Very honored you all came to this shindig. I do hope you all got some guards to help you back home later," he teases. He pauses, staring at Demura, then throws his head back and laughs loudly. "Amazing! I love it."

Cahal already anticipated that he would be tonights chair. Its why he moved the way he did earlier. An arm is wrapped about Demura when she settles and he says something quiet to her before declaring "Evaristo? Is your mast supposed to be that floppy?"

"It is a heavy responsibility. Once you're back on the stage I'm out on the dance floor though." She promises as she tilts her head to listen to the various insults being slung about. Aconite's lips curl a bit and she finishes her glass of wine and starts searching for the next. "Know any good songs about Sailors?"

Valerian hearing the introduction and the acceptance of being insulted without taking it to heart nods, The Kennex Lord listening to the insults of the others as he sips away at his flask to ready himself. When the flask finally lowers it is motioned to Evaristo, "The good captain, Such an astounding buttshark that even bilge rats take lessons." A pause is given before he continues, "For those who aren't from the isles and don't know their sharks. A buttshark is one who is usually firmly planted between the cheeks of another.." The man offering the nautical equivelant of being a kiss ass before he finally settles back into his seat and tucks away the flask. The haze in the air bringing his nose to twitch as he sniffs at the air only to glance around for the source.

Evaristo raises his glass in a toast to Cahal, laughing loudly at his insult too - but almost swallows his wine wrong at Valerian's addition to the contest. "Dear gods," he breathes, cathcing his breath. "Ahahaaha, such good entries. Do we have any more of them?" he asks hopefully, looking around.

Zakhar calls out from the corner of the deck to Evaristo, "Such a wonderful sailor that he mistook an old basterd with a cat to be one himself, then slid the hull upon wharf as if cutting butter with a branch from a felled tree." The old man mimics a little shake of his legs, "Would have thought something was trying to pry itself out of the lower decks!"

"Oh, do I," Cesare replies with a smirk, nudging Aconite gently. Clearing his throat, he starts to make his way back to the stage, glass in hand, his voice carrying through the crowd effortlessly as he announces, "Lords, Ladies, gentlefolk of all stripes: I'm happy to announce that the stunning Aconite Whisper has made a request. A song about sailors. To honor our host here tonight: Captain Evaristo Arterius. A sailor so infamous, I have it on good authority that the wood...of his boat... never even gets wet." A pause for emphasis, and then he calls, "Can we get a round of applause for Evaristo?"

Evaristo snorts wine out his nose, and almost stains his new shirt, but he saves it in the last second. He just points at Cesare with a grin so wide it threatens to reach his ears.

Aconite drops into a tiny curtsey and smiles, her teeth white aainst the warm rosy pink of her lips. She downs the second glass of wine and flounces off out to the dance floor with a laugh an d joins the applause.

Valerian stiffles a laugh even as his cheeks darken having given the insult and hearing the ones that follow from the likes of Cesare and Zakhar. The Kennex Lord nibbling moments later on his lower lip as he surveys the space before he begins to mix the paints upon his palette to begin to get the colors properly situated for his work. The Kennex Lord's gaze drawing briefly to Aconite as she quickly departs the dance floor.

Aconite has joined the a dance floor on the deck.

Evaristo squints at Zakhar and he seems genuinely puzzled and then he just grins and gives the Blade a thumbs up. "Alright, I think I shall have to give this win to our Cesare Whisper. Why don't you all give HIM an applaud! Well deserved in all ways." He claps enthusiastically, then produces a pouch with the promised prize and hands it over to the Whisper bard.

With a nod as though he's just truly given Evaristo the most gracious compliment anyone has ever received, Cesare launches into a song. About sailors, as promised! Sailors, sliding about on slippery decks. DECKS, I said. Decks so slippery because the captain wanted them freshly polished before shipping out! Oiled wood, slippery decks, shirtless sailors. Just to provide a counterpoint to the milky jugs of earlier. It's an equal-opportunity bawdy song party.

Zakhar is overheard praising Evaristo.

Aconite is overheard praising Evaristo.

Demura is overheard praising Evaristo.

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