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Butterfly Lounge Indoor Fountain Party

Come to the Pravus Ward's Butterfly Lounge for a Lycene-style evening of indoor bathing and drinking. Fountains are heated to beat that winter chill. Cozy, friendly atmosphere, commoners and nobles alike are welcome. But leave your armor and heavy clothing at the door, because you're going to get wet. Towels will be free and bathing outfits will be on sale for those who don't have a good bathing outfit of their own!

(Note: Can't find it? Head to the Lowers, then enter Pravus Ward from the Low Bridge - it's s, s, w from there.)


Feb. 19, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Emberly Lucrezia Zakhar Zyxthylum Amanita Lasha Lore Domonico Liara Cerelia Grimgar Nazmir



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Butterfly Lounge - Seashell Fountains

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Clowder of ten rowdy kittens arrives, following Zakhar.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard arrives, following Zyxthylum.

A beautiful songbird arrives, following Emberly.

Nina is officially opening her fountain room to public events with this gathering.

Knowing the Butterfly Lounge is a bit out of the way for some, but still frequented by those who want her advice or shopping for silks, she figured a public event was a good way to showcase the space and allow people to know that she has future plans for it.

That being said... this is a very casual gathering, as it's sort of a grand opening. A small group that Nina has hired from the Bard's College is playing a string quartet, the sounds melodious and serene over the falling of water in the fountain room. Everyone is barefoot or in sandals, and encouraged to remove anything too complex before entering the fountain area. Towels are freely available. Nina's large bodyguard (and flute player) is checking attendees, while another girl dressed in a small butterfly robe is serving drinks from a tray.

Nina, dressed in silver and gold honeysilk, is currently standing room center... as she wants to be sure people are properly greeted before she gets into the fountain herself.

Emberly looks around, but not wanting to really bathe herself she simply hands an envolope to a guard and shares a whisper with him

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This is a very casual gathering, as it's sort of a grand opening. A small group that Nina has hired from the Bard's College is playing a string quartet, the sounds melodious and serene over the falling of water in the fountain room. Everyone is barefoot or in sandals, and encouraged to remove anything too complex before entering the fountain area. Towels are freely available. Nina's large bodyguard (and flute player) is checking attendees, while another girl dressed in a small butterfly robe is serving drinks from a tray.

Lucrezia stalks in and languidly takes a towel which she takes no time removing every inch of clothes before, surprisingly for a Pravus, wrapping it from armpits to midthigh. On her way to the bath, she lifts her eyebrows at the guard which hands her a letter. She thanks the man with a cutting smile and sinks into one of the nearest fountains so she can see who else enters the room. Like it's not unusual at all, she reads her letter.

The tall old man with snow-white hair enters the fountains and notes that the towels are available. He had come dressed in his new designs of brilliantly colorful clothing, and really should have figured that the baths would be towels or optional. A small nod to the large flutist with a wave to Nina and he's off to the side removing the clothing that he has, putting it all into a neatly folded pile. Any one watching or giving a small glance in his direction might be amused with the layers of weapons that sit just beneath the cloak on a series of leather belts, then there's the shoulder system that holds more weapons, and again a couple small knives come out from his boots, and even more are removed before he takes his shirt and trousers off. Left only with his marks he grabs a towel, throwing it over his shoulder and steps into the waters.

Zyxthylum arrives, deformed emaciated body on full display besides the shorts. Shuffling in at a slow limp, he waves enthusiastically to Nina. "I heard the music! You are having some kind of celebration?" A bottle of wine from Tor is tucked under his arm with a strange macabre art project and a bottle of Bonibel's soap.

Emberly smiles a little and she moves back out of the party not wanting to stay too long it would seem

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

Amanita gets A soft towel with a teal embroidered butterfly from Complimentary towels.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrives, following Lore.

Amanita strides into the fountain area, having changed from her clothing into a one-piece white and gold bathing costume before she finds one of the complimentary towels to wrap around herself. She hovers toward the centerpiece seashell, crossing her legs as she looks at everyone present -- searching for familiar faces, perhaps. But the Whisper circles toward that fountain and puts her towel aside, slipping down into the warm water and sighing softly.

It's not SO unusual to take a letter. People are busy, Nina among them. "Welcome everyone! Please just make yourself comfortable and get to know one another. Sometimes I have a very strict agenda for my events..." It's true, she often does. But then she's handed a glass of rum. "But tonight, my only agenda is to show off the space. My final fountain is finally done," she says, gesturing to the central seashell in the back. She blows a kiss to Emberly coming and going... not too worried about it - she did mention this was casual. Then she walks over toward the right side of the room, to flop right into the pool. She smiles as Amanita walks in a bathing outfit. "Ah, I hope everyone is dressed comfortably." This bath is heated for the winter, but outside... it's almost time for ice.

Nina has joined the Right-Side Bathing Fountain.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt arrive, following Alessia.

It's a few moments before the massive Ebon fleshed male that is Lasha steps into the area, blinking as he was a little unprepared to see just what kind of party this is. His gaze sweeps over the room, and he looks like he might back peddle, that is until he sees the ridiculous pile of weapons, and clothes that is left from Zakhar and he makes his way in that direction, boots padding across the floor as he looks over the decor.

Lucrezia narrows her eyes with speculation at the contents of the letter, but shrugs and sets it down beneath the sword which she's put behind her back at the edge of the fountain. Enjoying the soak, she nods to Nina's welcome.

Lore takes A soft towel with a gold embroidered butterfly from Complimentary towels.

Cerelia gets A soft towel with a teal embroidered butterfly from Complimentary towels.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura leaves, following Lore.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrives, following Lore.

Nina looks cheerful to see Lasha here, and then also looks at Lucrezia... "Please do enjoy yourself, Admiral. You must be so tired from all the war effort and the rest of the situation, so I'm creating a safe no-work or war discussion space for all." Nina sits back, with her glass. "Though of course, I am more than willing to talk to everyone about my lastest mad musical project." She gestures airily. "So few people know about the Suspires as well, but of course they're known here in this Ward."

Zyxthylum sits himself in a bathing pool and begins to hum a tuneless song as he lathers up with the soap. Once he is settled to soak in the steaming water, his guard lights his cigar and leaves. Probably headed back next door to get drunk himself. The man pours himself a glass of Maiden's Blush and sits back to relax quietly.

Dergus, an intimidating bodyguard have been dismissed.

Lore enters the fountain room with a broad smile, looking around the room with a nod, "Nina, this looks AMAZING!" She scans the rules right quick, but has no weapons that she can discard, so instead moves to change from her normal clothing to.. nothing. No body shame exists in this woman. Plucking up one of the complimentary towels, she tosses it over her shoulder and offers a bright smile and wave towards Zakhar and Lasha, heading in that direction.

12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

Grimgar arrives, following Domonico.

Zakhar turns just in time to see Lasha padding over towards him and throws his arms open "Lasha! ye mades it!" The towel on his shoulder is used to wave at the man. He stops from heading further into the waters.

"Thank you, Nina. What is your latest mad musical project?" Lucrezia asks of Nina, drawing her hands lazily through the water in front of herself.

"This is very beautiful, Miss Nina," Amanita says to Nina, smiling briefly at her. She's happily settled into her seashell fount now, eyes on the entrance as more people come through. The Whisper sits silently but looks over at Lucrezia and tilts her head.

Amanita has joined the Centerpiece Seashell Bath.

3 House Mazetti Guardians, Sirra, a very quiet maid, an indeterminate number of cats, Lance, a rebellious swan that likes to headbutt leave, following Alessia.

"Well, I hear there's a party but if ya want me to gt in that water with ya ya gonna unlace the back of this vest, and then ya gonna have to help me wth these pants, cause theh tight and is humid in here," Lasha teases, even as he's already stooping to take off his boots with a flex of muscle. His one green eye swivels to take in the newcomers but he's mostly smiling at Zakhar, pausing to lift a hand to Nina, as he does seem to know her as well.

"I assume that this is the place Prince Grimgar... I've never had reason to come into the Pravus Ward before." The voice of Count Domonico precedes the appearance of both himself and the huge Redrain Prince. Domonico sweeps his gaze around the area and hmms softly, resting his hands on his hips as he surveys it all. "Well... here we are."

The promise of hot water is a good one to draw Liara Grayson to just about any party, and here she is. Shedding her footwear and a heavier coat just before entering, she progresses into the fountain room proper clad in a velvet bathrobe, honeysilk bathing suit and... that's it, really. There's some jewelry, including a large, unusual sort of diamond on a bangle.

Cerelia takes a towel and looks around. She enters the fountain and remains quiet as she observes.

Zyxthylum gets A soft towel with a gold embroidered butterfly from Complimentary towels.

Grimgar strides in beside Domonico his expression calm but rather hard to read. "I have been here a couple times. I enjoy exploring the different parts of the city. Its a guilty pleasure of mine." He smiles faintly but sincerely to the Count. Eyeing the water he tilts his honey blonde haired head the giant bear prince considering. "What do you say? Want to get wet? Or do you need a drink first for bravery?" He teases Domonico a bit with a grin.

"I'm really excited about this project," Nina says... but sits back a bit, as she clearly intends to get comfortable and a bit tipsy at her party this time. She points up at the wall in front of her, where the fountain water is dripping into the pool. "See these pipes here? Don't you think that they make a certain kind of music? I thought it would be nice to have a big room full of such pipes, but it would take lot of water."

Zakhar smiles to Lasha and helps his betroved out of the clothing, commenting lightly to the man mostly through a hushed tone, though parts come out louder, "...there's buttons...makes it easier..." He folds the clothing and puts it along with his already made pile, neatly sorted next to each other, then returns to take Lasha's hand and leads him into the waters. "Come, lets sit."

Nina looks toward the entrance as Domonico walks in, and waves to him. "This is the place! Please take a towel and relax! We're not here to stand on ceremony and all are welcome... at least, if you made it this far!" She's dressed, in a small silk skirt and top, though clearly she doesn't mind these things getting wet in the fountain.

Domonico gives Grimgar 'a look' at that comment before hmmphing. "I am an Admiral and sailor. I never shy from getting wet. You forget I try to have a swim in the sea every morn, regardless of the weather." He smiles eventually though before noting Nina's welcome and tipping his head, "Thank you very much for the welcome."

Domonico takes A soft towel with a gold embroidered butterfly from Complimentary towels.

Intense, Lucrezia gazes at the pipes which Nina references. "That would be very nice. The sound of moving water is relaxing, but the most beautiful sound. You'd make another room for that...? It'd seem like it'd need it's own place."

Lasha chuckles then he's commenting as he sets his boots aside and takes a towel to wrap about his hips, mostly doing nothing as he's a massive man. Still modesty is given its due, which to the large shav isn't much. "I know love, I just wanted you to help me with it cause I like ya bein..." he trails off as if suddenly realizing he's in mixed company and he coughs. Still, he's into the water, and he finds a place to drop his muscular rump, towel tossed behind him when he's half submerged. His arm snakes around Zakhar and he points in the way of Domonico and Grimgar, commenting, "the ship count seemed to show up. so ya betta guard me, I might attract the attention of othas." He's clearly joking, ending it with a kiss upon Zakhar's cheek, drawing the man against him.

Amanita is seated in the center shell fountain and when she spies her cousin come in, she looks at him with a raised brow and murmurs dryly, "I didn't you know attended parties." An appraising look is given to Grimgar. Amanita makes a motion to the fountain she's at, in her white and gold bathing costume. "You two are welcome to join little old me if you would like. It's very relaxing. Lovely set up."

Walking past Domonico and Grimgar, Lore lifts a hand, twiddling fingers at them both with a bright smile, "Let me know if either of you wants to get wet! I haven't thrown anyone into a pool since Duchess Calista's party!" Then she's strolling on past and heading towards Zakhar and Lasha. "Hello! You both look fantastic! How are you doing??" She steps into the pool with them and finds herself somewhere to sit.

"Yes. It WILL need its own place. Not here. I'm thinking about building it close to the theater by the water, so the sound can carry properly," Nina says, and nods happily as it's clear Lu agreed with her sentiment about the pipes. "If you want to help with the construction... of course I'm recruiting, but there is no pressure at all. Political matters must keep you very busy."

Grimgar rumbles warmly at Domonico smiling fondly. "I never could forget your morning habits Count. They are quite a sight to behold. I have my morning workouts, you have your swimming." He turns away from Domonico with a sly smile and begins to remove his clothes. The coat and shirt he wears come off baring a barrel chested torso that is all strength and muscle, even for a man of such giant stature he manages to be impressive. Removing his boots he gives Domonico an unreadable look before removing the pants as well, leaving his broad form in nothing but a pair of form fitting black swim shorts. He moves towards where Amanita is lounging in the water with predatory grace. "Hello. Have we met? You look familiar. I am Prince Grimgar Redrain. I suspect you know my companion already?" He eyes Domonico curiously as he sinks into the water.

Now fully washed and having a break to relax, Zyxthylum leaves the pool to dry. He makes a discreet wave to Nina but slinks out to get back to work.

Lucrezia nods to Nina, smiling a slash of approval. "Sounds an excellent place. I don't know anything about construction, but if you have have something you need to procedure for it, I can do that."

Zakhar tilts his head a little allowing for more of a kiss from Lasha, placing his arm lightly across the man's back as they settle into the warm waters. As Lore comes over he has a small grin and a nod, "Ay'd say we're doing wells." He looks to Lasha for a moment, then back, "Trying to keep this one calm and clear headed so he can make proper decisions about clothing."

Happening along near to the fountain, Liara mentions to Nina, with a quick and easy smile to her and Lucrezia both, "This is an ingenious set-up. I don't know that I have seen fountains used in such a way before, but I can certainly see the idea catching on. Thank you for hosting."

"Thank you, Princess Liara!" Nina stands up for this, and gives a bow, though she's still partially in the water. "It's such an honor to have you here at my Lounge. In addition to the comfortable baths and fountains... I also provide lots of lessons and services for those who want to take advantage... so I was hoping that having a public event would remind people that I'm here! In the future... I'm also considering a larger ballroom, so we can have public meetings. But I enjoy the parties where I can relax." Drinks are still being handed out, so she adds, "Please make yourself comfortable. The big fountain is particularly practical I think."

"I mean I don't know how I'm lookin' fantastic, cause is just me and my skin and some water," Lasha quips to Lore, his eye drifting about as he shrugs a little. "But yeh, we've got plans, trynna find some real nice material, somethin' unique. But is cold and we're not gettin' married in the snow. I'd ratha go home to the islands than do that."

Domonico sets about removing his leathers and fireweave, putting them and his weapons into a neaty bound bundle before finishing stripping and collecting a towel. Amanita's comment gets a smile from the Count and he says, "I occasionally attend them. I am fond of relaxing events such as these rather than fancy balls." He slides into the water before looking to Grimgar, "Prince Grimgar, this is my cousin Amanita Whisper." His well muscled body sinks into the water before he adds, "You forget my calisthenics as well Prince Grimgar." He does note Lasha and Zakhar off to the side and gives the two men a polite nod. Lore's comment about throwing people in is suitably ignored."

Amanita motions toward Domonico. "Your companion is my cousin. I am Amanita Whisper, formerly Lady Amanita Malvici. A pleasure to meet you, Prince Grimgar." She looks at Grimgar as he sinks into the water, a slight incline of her head. She looks at Domonico and smiles briefly. "There's a woman threatening to get you wet. There's twenty thousand things I could say and yet it hardly seems polite in mixed company." She reaches up to run her fingers through her thick hair. "Fancy balls have their appeal, no doubt, but yes -- on some level, I must agree. This is a bit more... well. Relaxing. I hate to be repetitive, but there you are."

Liara offers Nina another easy smile. "I shall certainly keep that in mind. I am always glad to see parties held, no matter what their form, even if I cannot make all of them." Someone happens along with a drink and Liara helps herself to a glass, before adding to Nina, "I might do just that." And away she goes towards the big central fountain.

Domonico has joined the Centerpiece Seashell Bath.

Tsking lightly at Lasha, she smiles, "You look great. Clothes should never wear you, you have to own them. Also, an island wedding is -never- a bad thing. Warm, lovely beaches, amazing backdrop..." She looks to Zakhar, "What fabrics have you discussed so far?" Leaning in a little closer, she smiles, then offers a murmured comment.

Jenkins, an armed champion arrives, following Nazmir.

Zakhar looks to Lasha, "We could go to the isles, nothing says we have to stay here. Unless there's reason to completely escape any cold." He then turns to Lore as she asks about fabrics.

Nina gets up from the right side fountain, in order to move to the large one in the center. As she does, she gets herself another glass of rum. "Amanita, if you don't mind me asking, I have only recently become attached to the Whispers, and I'd love to discuss... all things courtier? with you some time. Anisha and I have had a great deal of conversation about how the Suspires and Whispers compliment each other."

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There's just something about being on time that Nazmir just can't seem to get a handle on .. or at least that's the excuse he uses if he happens to be asked about. Meandering into the Seashell Fountains in a casual outfit, the Prince is conversing quietly with his assistant, who happens to be carrying a towel, which is quickly plucked so that the aide can be dismissed. That done, he's then scanning those that are already lounging in the fountains, a lifted hand giving a wave in the general direction of the groups.

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"I guess ya right, and maybe an island weddin' would be a good thing to have," Lasha says with a chuckle to Zakhar and lore. Then he takes a few moment to relax.

The newcomers joining the seashell make Amanita smile a bit bigger suddenly, but puts her hand over her mouth a bit. "Ah, Mistress Nina Autumndale, of course! Nothing would please me more than to have that conversation with you." She leans back. "I do not know much of the Suspires myself but I would love to know more. And being a courtier is, of course, something I will always gladly speak of." She smiles once more. "Anisha is lovely, isn't she? The Softest lives up to her name."f

Lucrezia rises from the fountain she's in, collects her things, and heads for the door, dripping and dressed only in a towel. "Thank you for opening this place, Nina," she says in passing on the way out.

"Thank you, Princess!" Nina says to Lucrezia. "Stop by any time!"

Domonico settles into the water and seems to be happy with relaxing, one of his hands idly tracing patterns through the water as he considers it.

"Belladonna suggested I take on the role of a member of the Suspires council due to my training in Setarco. The most popular and successful Setarcan courtiers of course are all members of the Suspires so... this is a bit like the Arx city branch," Nina says, settling in with her drink, and speaking to Amanita as well as those around her. "Our focus as courtiers is the development of the mind and skills of others. I take my duties as a teacher very seriously."

Shedding her bathrobe - getting the suit beneath wet seems enough for her - Liara steps into the central bath, easing in to settle on the inset seat. She sloshes a hand back and forth for a moment as she gets used to the water, then remarks on something to those nearby.

Zakhar tosses his hand in a slight wave at Lore and starts laughing, mumbling about what fabrics might be good or bad for the arrangements for him and Lasha. Then Lasha starts in about it being too cold in the city and that they should go to the isles and be warm. Which causes Zakhar to turn and give a silly grin to the man before looking back to Lore with another aside.

Amanita gives a nod to Nina. "That is quite interesting, I admit. And that I can admire. I would love to help other people reach their fullest potential while I focus on mine too." She looks at Liara, smiling at the Princess and dipping her head to the other woman as she settles in. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, I am Amanita Whisper."

"You might take consideration into joining us, if you want to broaden your horizons that way," Nina says to Amanita. "We are looking to add other Lycene-style courtiers to our ranks, and as you've already reached a high rank as a Whisper..." She laughs slightly. "I do love working with Anisha. I could never call myself The Softest. I make way too much noise."

Amanita is overheard praising Nina: The hostest with the mostest!

"Oh, splendid! I will ask Anisha for more information too, though I can predict that she'll say it's a tremendous idea." Amanita grins briefly at Nina and then chuckles. "I would love to be called The Softest someday, but I do not think that I could ever rightfully be called The Softest. Too skinny."

"Oh. I suppose that's also a factor," Nina says, considering that other aspect of softness. She giggles. "I'm going to make some more coats in tweed for winter. They sold out rather fast last time! So I know people are preparing. Do either of you--" Looking at Liara, and at Amanita, "have a favorite color if you were to get a coat?" She looks at Liara. "I recall you dressed in blue, but I know that coats should be able to match with anything too."

Liara gives a quick nod to Amanita then replies musingly to Nina, "I cannot quite say that I have a favourite colour. My coats, however, trend towards green or grey, being both neutral enough as a coat goes and so going with many things, and being Grayson colours. One fancies that many people would be happy to wear their House colours over an outfit even if it did not quite match."

Zakhar is pulled out of the conversation with Lasha and Lore for a moment as he overhears Nina speaking of making another set of the tweed coats. "Ooh. Ay'd be interested in learnings of working with de tweeds."

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Amanita has to think on it for a long moment. "I love /color/. Something in a light green, perhaps?" She asks. "I'm not sure. I love to incorporate all sorts of colors into my wardrobe." She smiles at Liara, then a messenger approaches. She furrows her brow softly. "Please excuse me. I have something to attend to at the Whisper House. I will be in contact with you, Nina. You did a good job here tonight. Very lovely. And once again, a pleasure, Princess Liara."

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"Delighted to meet you, Whisper Amanita. Until the next time," replies Liara, with an easy smile and a lift of her hand up out of the water to offer a brisk little wave.

Lasha gives himself a little bit of a shake out of his thought . "what did I miss?" he sighs a little, then shakes his head leans against Zakhar.

Zakhar turns back to Lasha, "Did you take a nap in the waters?"

Lasha laughs at Zakhar and nods a little bit. "Just a little nap. Water's good, nice and warm. All that."

Nina gets back up from her seat again, giving Liara a bow. "I'm going to do the rounds again, but, if you like, I might make a coat to your specifications next time I'm in the mood to sew coats. It should be soon. The winter does come after all and I have so many plans."

Nazmir clearly gets distracted on the way to the pools, no doubt in search of a drink which he's meandered over far longer then he had intended. After having selected one, he finally made his way over towards the larger of the fountains, only to slips off his robe to reveal a pair of swim shorts before he's moving to step into the fountain, dipping a nod of his head towards Nina, "Mistress, although I'm late to the party, I'm certain it was wonderful." Then, to Liara, there's an incline of his head, "Your Grace."

"Just about anything figure-flattering tends to meet my approval, Mistress Autumndale. My wardrobe is sufficiently diverse that there will be something to wear most things with," Liara answers Nina. She offers up a light smile to Nazmir. "Hello! Lovely spot, is it not? And a very pleasant party."

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Nina gets herself another drink, although she's also a delicate woman, and perhaps already in rum enough that she is no longer working within formal hosting duties. Eventually she falls herself back into the right side bath in her previous seat, for those who might be coming and going.

"It is indeed quite a lovely spot, I must admit," offers Nazmir, to follow it up with, "And I'm certain it was quite pleasant. I only wish I had managed to make it in time for the main portion of it."

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