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Devotions of Duty - Art of Wonder

Duty is not just in what we can do with our weapons. It is not just what we feel is right. It is what we sacrifice. It is what we willingly go forth to do on our paths. In this, artists are called forth to create and show what they take to mean duty to mean. Bring the concept to life with art.


Nov. 18, 2020, 7 p.m.

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Oddmun Sorrel Petal Rowenova Sapphira Lisebet Damiana Rane Merek




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Arvum Botanical Gardens - Community Meeting Room

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Comments and Log

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The community center is has artwork decorating the walls and the surfaces. Each one is something the artist has found 'wonder' in. Some have landscapes, others drawn portraits of people, and others about the Gods and praise to such. The legends. All of them are featured in a way to look at. Around the room are servers that walk around serving various wines and finger foods. They have cards that they are willing to hand out that have a question to answer if one so desires (just page Esme if you want a question). There is also a small constructed dias if one wishes to showcase their art with music, or to show and explain why they picked it.

Esme is in the area with the artwork that one might want to present. Her emerald eyes are lit up on everything said and done as others start to arrive (or when they do). It is, of course, her smile that just illuminates the area. Esme has one of those smiles that just come from the deep well of goodness within her and spill over to whomever she is directing it to. "Welcome, this is really a casual affair. If you have any artwork or any sort of art in song and dance you would like to share the Devotions would be delighted."

With Sapphira on his arm, Oddmun arrives at the community center, clearly out of his element. "Oh. This looks... nice." he manages before he looks to the bardess. He's clearly here for her, as Sapphira is a Devotion. "Maybe we'll have a chance for you to come across a patron? Or something like that. New contacts?" When Esme speaks, he dips his head in a bow to him. "Nothing here... but perhaps Lady Sapphira will be inspired."

Sorrel has come to see art, because really, she's pretty big into Hope and Wonder and Inspiration. And she's humming. She's always humming, really. She smiles at Esme as the Devotion speaks, then meanders about to look at the art.

Petal arrives at the gathering while adorned in a simple linen shift and while carrying a basket that is filled with items. She peeks over the area and then has a warm smile for Rowenova and Esme.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Esme drops a single charred brick with gold writing.

Standing up, Nova ohs softly. "I know something I want to show off, be right back soon!" She pauses and gives Petal a hug before she dashes off at the speeds of messengers to return in a moment, too!

Rowenova has left the Guest Couches.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Sapphira smiles as she follows along with Oddmun, her gittern case slung across her back, and her arm threaded through his. She peers up at him through lashes fluttering in an oh so winsome sort of way, and chuckles softly. "I doubt I'll be so fortunate, but who's to say the Gods will not relent and send such a blessing my way?" Her smile widens as she sees Esme, dipping a deep curtsey. "Lady Esme," she says. "Limerance's blessings to you. I hadn't the foresight to prepare anything, but who is to say inspiration will not strike?"

A curious Lisebet comes by, somewhat late. Without any art work.

Oddmun notices Sorrel. There's a few whispered words and a chuckle with Sapphira before he offers a bow to the Princess. "Your Highness. It has been a while. I hope you are well?" he asks.

Under a swash of aeterna is a huge item of rectangular shape that is being brought back (very carefully) by Nova. Sir Floppington helps by following.

There are people that are circling with parchment questions written out. Esme brightens and as everyone comes in, she will attempt to hug them. This is easily avoided, but she lights up for everyone. "I hope.." A pause to the curve of her lips as a giggle is suppressed. "That you find everything you desire and need. The servers all have questions. If you would like to select one (page me), read it and answer it. We might grow to learn the wonder we all share in the world and life around us." Then she nods to those that enter. "Lord Oddmun Sanna, a man that shares my wonderful love of horses, please be well and find happiness here. Lady Sapphira Whitehawk, your light shines before you even enter and lingers after you have left." Her emerald eyes fall to Sorrel. "Princess Sorrel Thrax, singer of tales, weaver of legendary song and person at the heart of all things, how is it you are fairing?" Petal gets a very, very large smile as she angles towards her. "You know, Dearest Petal..." Says the rose to the weaver? ".. you were one of the first friends I had. You darling, saw the rise and fall of me almost being a Redrain princess. How is it that you are doing? You are well acquainted with the Scout Rowenova yes? She is most brilliant and knows of my lingering love for her boss. Sadly.. a love that shall never be." Her eyes show that there's no real romance with the person she is talking about. Her eyes move back towards Sapphira, "Limerance blessings to you as well. In the corner, I do believe there are paints. For you. For art. For.." Her eyes slide over towards Oddmun. "Duchess Lisebet Ashford, I feel we are going to be the greatest of friends if you keep coming to my events. Do you need a drink?" She says this while puting wine in her hand.

A group of knights and ladies enter, four wearing tabards of blue with a white dragon while lady Astraea is walking alongside Damiana. The two women are talking quietly, Astraea describing what she sees and the people gathered for the Devotion of Duty art display. The lady in waiting also hands something wrapped to Esme. "I'm looking forward to seeing how people express themselves and how the rest interpret the art. It's going to be quite exciting I feel." Says the princess to her assistant. A question is taken by lady Astraea who reads it too Damiana. "What's the one thing you've always wanted to know?" Damiana thinks on this and replies "Why do we forget things we don't want to forget?"

Petal returns Nova's hug, seemingly pleased to see her. She then peeks over to Damania with a smile. "I almost brought my dragon tapestry, but then I just kind of came without." She admits. She speaks in the accent of a Northern Shav.

Lisebet acceptst he drink with a laugh. "I definitely need a drink. And a question, I think that sounds like a lot of fun." She looks for the nearest server to help out with that. "Princess Sorrel, lovely to see you as always. If you wouldn't mind someone singing harmony, do let me know. Lady Esme, it is good to see you again, and I do think your events are wonderful. I have been trying to make such events myself, but alas, my creativity is not quite so strong as yours at this moment. I blame only myself. And the children - they do take up my time so." There are others but Lisebet does pause to breathe before getting to them.

Sapphira smiles at Sorrel, and dips a low curtsey. "Your Highness, it's good to see you. I trust you are well since the last we met?" Turning to Esme, her cheeks are soon graced with a dusting of rose, and she ducks her head. "You speak of my light, but neglect to mention your own. Shame on you for such an oversight." But, her lips curl upwards in a good-natured smile, and there is not a single hint of rancor in her voice. "I had not considered painting, but perhaps..."

Nova nods after Esme asks about whether she is known by Petal and smiles, but then the talk of the boss in question has her smirk. In jest, she says "Oh, so... I did not make you forget about him that time I launched you into the chandelier at the Saik Tower?" She lets out a laugh at her own joke before glancing to Oddmun and Sapphira. "Good to see you both again!" says she with a girlish giggle about recent shenanigans before Nova finally puts the rectangle covered in aeterna against one wall. Very carefully so.

"Duchess Lisebet, you are most welcome to sing with me if you'd like to sing. It's not hard to convince me to sing, but I hardly want to steal anyone's spotlight," Sorrel says brightly, gravitating towards the Ashford with a warm smile. She looks to Esme, nodding once. "And thank you for hosting this. I'm glad to see more displays of art in this city. We shall need artists for the Cathedral, I think, and plenty of inspiration." She nods politely to Sapphira as well, since she's been addressed. "Yes, thank you. Good to see you again."

Esme laughs with a fullness to it, as if she's not one to be hushed by the sound or leave it soft. It is full and rich. "Oh Nova, darling, you almost hit my head and made me forget everything." Which draws her to Damiana. "That is a most glorious question. Why does one think that we forget things we long to remember?" Her eyes include everyone as she continues to move from one person to another. It seems she is always moving. Probably in her sleep too. There is a brush off to her 'light'. "I only show the light that fills me from Limerance's blessing. I am nothing if not a ray through which he might honor a boring Devotion. You are all far more wonderful."

"We just recently had some foaling at Sanna, Esme. The new horses are still getting used to being alive. I plan to get one readied for Princess Zara, a promise I made on the joust that was held." Oddmun says as he gives a nod to Rowenova. "I'm glad I could help with Princess Bridget's horse. I'm sure it will be added to my assistance with Baroness Ysabel's cow in the bovine derby as a great accomplishment."

Lisebet smiles at Sorrel. "I was hoping you might say that," she replies. She turns to say, "Lady Sapphira, Lord Oddmun, it is good to see you both once again. Do you paint, my Lady? I confess that painting is not one of my strong suits, though my children seem to enjoy it very much."

It was almost impossible not to label the baron a born-Oathlander with the way he strode through the gardens to attend the gathered. Dressed in finely tailored clothes, colored in shades of the forest, Rane looked around to the gathered and offered tight smiles and polite nods of his head to those that met his gaze. He found himself looking at the variety of paintings and drawings. It was probably quite clear that he didn't have an eye for this sort of thing, but it did little to diminish his appreciation for it.

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Sapphira smiles at Lisebet, and shakes her head. "It's good to see you, my Lady, and regrettably, I've not painted since I was a small child. My medium has always been story and song, and I've neglected the visual arts. But perhaps that is a lack I should remedy, yes? It's just that my Lord Oddmun and I have been rather occupied preparing to be wed, as our negotiations were finally completed successfully."

Peering over at Oddmun, Sapphira giggles softly, her eyes twinkling. "There could be many worse accomplishments, love," she says, squeezing his hand and leaning over to whisper something to him.

Damiana replies to Esme, "The day you find the answer for that, I'll send you a chest of silver." Hearing Petal's voice near her, she says "Maybe we'll see your artwork then another day if you haven't brought it here." And with that, she and her retinue are going to take a spot to view and contemplate on artwork for duty.

Petal looks over to Damiana, giving her a dimpled smile. "Oh, maybe. I am Petal of the Tantled Skien." She says softly in her direction.

Esme smiles as she sees Rane. "Rane! Is Katherine not with you?" She will come and attempt to slide an arm through his to lead him towards the people, if he will allow. It's not a flirtatious gesture. Then she offers a bright smile. "I am always excited to hear of marriages. Oh, Petal, next time. I am certain you will bring something to show. There are sure to be more showings. Or people could go to your shop and buy things." Not subtle this noble. "Rane, have you met Damiana and Petal? The others? This is my friend, Baron Rane Moore." A pause. "Though I suppose a cousin as well." This is a true, have you met my friend Ted moment.

Nova heartily laughs, too. "I am so glad you are so nimble, Lady Esme, since that was the firt time I accidentally threw someone so far and so high that there was absolutely no chance that I could catch them. And yes, Lord Oddmun, twill be added to the list for sure." Then, Nova moves a chair over to sit beside the painting -- clad in aeterna as it is -- that she has brought here.

He was briskly stolen by the torrent of charm that was Esme and before he fully realized who had captured him or what was going on, the Moore looked with wide eyes before settling into this new reality. "Lady Esme, it's wonderful to see you again. And uh--" He looked to the princess and Petal before shaking his head. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." He began to introduce himself, but Esme'd already taken care of it. "Wonderful to meet you both." The smile offered was handsome enough, if somewhat reserved.

A messenger comes and speaks with Oddmun, and the horseman's eyes narrow in thought and he touches Sapphira's hand to get her attention. "One of the foals is having an issue. I need to go tend to it, you stay here and mingle." he offers and presses a kiss against her temple.

Sapphira nods and smiles softly, kissing Oddmun sweetly right there--and damned who sees! "Be safe, I'll be here, love." With that, she turns back to Esme, considering. "Paints... are you sure? I suppose, given the question..."

Lisebet grins at Sapphira. "Me as well, admittedly, though I did play with painting at a couple of the painting events that were held some time ago." She takes the question given to her by one of the servers and looks thoughtful. "I might need another drink for this," she observes. Her answer doesn't come yet, but she does look over to Damiana, Petal, and Rowenova. "It is very good to see you, Scout Nova - Harlan and I still have our trophies, you know. She smiles at Petal gently. "How are you doing, it's been some time since we last saw each other." And then "Your Highness, nice to see you again."

Damiana looks to Rane's general direction as Esme introduces them. "Oh yes, I know of Baroness Moore's husband, a vassal of Keaton with some of the best croplands in the Compact. No army, no matter how mighty it is, can wage war effectively without the might of farmers who toil year round in their fields. I'm quite proud of the Moore barony and am looking forward to the Keatons and Moores creating even more production and safety."

Esme smiles as she picks up a wine glass and it is pressed to Petal's hand. Then one is given to Sapphira. Then one to Damiana. Then Lisebet's is taken and new one presses to hers. Rowenova gets a glass of water. Rane a glass of wine. Then Esme lifts hers up. "Alright. I do not wish to take the floor, but it is for inspiration. So.." She lifts her drink to her hand. "Sapphira, I wish you all the inspiration in your next steps. To feel the conviction of marriage. The duty of bonds. The glory of honor in it as it lifts up Limerance. Petal, oh my sweetest tailor, you /are/ inspiration. One day, I shall own a whole outfit composed by your fingers and by your brilliance. You are blessed by Jayus for such glorious things. Damiana, a princess. That is not all you are. For you are inspiration of the perfect marrying of beauty and metal. A soft smile and whispered words with a steely spine to do anything. You do your house proud. Lisebet, dearest duchess. You held onto hope with me when the city was literally burning. I cannot think of anything more important in life than that. All that you inspire by simply existing. Nova, my most beloved almost killer.." A smile given to the woman. ".. you inspire tales and mixtures and potions and knowledge. You care for a person that is close to a friend to me." A non-sexual friend, no matter how she teases him. "You are glory to all that you touch." Her eyes fall to Rane. "Cousin, friend, and so many other names that are to be whispered or yelled. You have assisted in freeing the town from corrupt miners. You have raised your sword when called. You have been true." Then she smiles even brighter. "To /all/ of you. When our paths have been at the end. When we reflect backwards on our lives, I pray each of you is remembered. That in fifty years, people stand here and speak your names in softened whispers. In a hundred years, your statue is added to the hall of heroes. I pray that each of you inspires instead of breaking down." Then she rises her drink and downs it... like a boss.

Esme is overheard praising Devotions.

Sapphira is overheard praising Esme.

There was a notable widening of his eyes again--perhaps not to Damaina--at his recognition. He smiled perhaps for a beat too long before looking to Esme for help. "We tend to think that full bellies deter mutiny and is as effective of a tactic for securing loyalty as anything, Damiana." It was the only name he had! If he only knew... "On behalf of House Moore, we do thank you for that and hope that we can provide food to more than just the Oathlands." And then he lapsed into silence with wineglass in hand at Esme's beautiful presentation. Faces were remembered and names put to them. Wait, Damiana was a princess? His cheeks started to burn at his impropriety, but only wore that smile as taught by his wife. And perhaps they colored again at the sweet words from Esme. He lifted his glass as well and took only the barest sip of wine. "Each Rose is as talented as the next, it seems. Thank you for that, Lady Esme."

Merek would come around to view art though tired to see what people are doing and all.

Sapphira is overheard praising Devotions.

Damiana is overheard praising Esme: May we remember the songs of chivalric duty, fidelity and oaths when lady Esme speaks.

After Lisebet's words, a soft smile lights up Nova's wolf-framed/shaded face. "Good!" says she before further noting. "You both earned those trophies being 'all like me'." Nova definitely touts that with obvious pride before then gratefully accepting the water glass with an appreciative smile to Esme. "Aww, you are too kind to me." Speaking of mixtures, she does pop a vial from her alchemist's belt and deftly pours it into the water glass which colors it a translucent blue/green. After sliding the empty away, she turns back to the aeterna-covered rectangle and -- with her free hand -- pulls off the cover! Underneath is her own resemblance in a watercolor painting on niveous canvas painstakingly done with the utmost care (like someone who might not have been a practiced artist made up for all that with methodic patience).

`` . -. .-.`
o:::.`-```...` -..:o.` -/.
`::-.--.` .-+:-.``....`..-/
.-`...-...` `.` `.::` .+-` `-.
`:-`` ``./-``` `.-./:+.+.-://-
-/o-`-:/..-//` `````` `````//o:-`-:./`
`/:-` `````-/-` .-..----```````-o`-:-.--
-+-..-:. .-::. ...:+++os-```````:::-.:/:+
```:/-//+- -::/:.` -` `-/+++/:`.. ```:///--:-
./:--.--/+//- ``-:-/.---.````` ````` .` `-+:/-
`:.-:-+:/+/` .-`...-` ``````---...````` `-://-
`/.`.:////.--/-``` .-` ```.. ://+-.````````````./:+-:
..``.:+/:/::.``.`..` `/.`-:: .-.-:/://+/:--.`` `-+-
``. -.:/:-:----.-.:--..-.--: `---.--../:://o+/+/+::-
``-` .:`/:-`----.../-``/:` .:- ./:-`.:`.:.:--``:.:-+:.`
``::.- `:.`..---/-::.-``/. `:` `s+/`.:``:.:-.``.-. `/`
.-..-:`.--:-:/+/:-..`-.`-/:.- `-:o..--`...+:....-/. /+.`
``- `:--:.:-:-+o+//-.`.-`:.`:../:s.`--``.`.o. ``-:. :y.`
`.- `: `-..-::+/:--:../:-:` :+::/.`-:``````o`.o::+` ..`
` -. :.`.-..--:+------`:.` .os:/``::```````/ ...` ``.
` `-` -.`-/-:-.....-.`./-``+-::`./-``` ` `-- ``-.
`` .--:::-``.---/..-:-.`///-:-`./.````` `./. ``..+`
`.`/. `.-.--`.:-::-`` .+-`/..-`````` `.-: `` -.
.:/-```````o` `-:-:/`/..-` ```` `-+:` `./
`----::-:::.:y.---+-..:-`/...```. ``.:o` ..../`
`-/:-------::/:o-.-o/.-:-.`:./```.``..-: `:- `
`-:/`-.-.-.-:-./-//.-oo.-/-.`/:-` ..`-.:/` ./.``
.- :.:.--:--::.::.o:-+s.-/..`.o`` .--./::/```` .o//`
../-.`:--:-:/os::`/:/:/o::/`.`./`` .+-+/+::: ``..-+++:///o+/:-s`
.-``------:/o++`-`-/`/++o/:`-``+.``.o++-.//: `/s+:o-++++//y`:-
.-/ :`-:.-:.::---::::.+h:s:`-``/```/+:/.`-o: -/-/-:/::/+//-// `
-./--.-:-:--:--.-`-:-.+so---``/.`./:-+.`-// .+----/-++:/-:/+s.
`.-/....``-:---:::././ymo.+.``:.`--:/o..:/:. -/o.`-/.s::o+-`.+s.--`
.--:::.`.`:` -`-.+/:/os-o-/.`:/:::-/yyos/-/+o/.:y-`----:--/. `+
--...::/-.--/:o+--.-.-/+-.o./.:/--/::/.yy/////+o.:++:`.://::/+. /
.:.-:--..`-o/.`./---`.//o:../:++/--./+/`/o. /++o+::/./+..:::/++s` -
./:/--..--/+-`-::`...-/ooo.-.:oo/::` o+:o/` .+:+/h+o.:/o`.:/..++-
+/::-+---:-/..`./-..+++/./...://-+ +oo/ `+:o :ho:-+h...o++.o::`
` .-.---`-. `-``-//-/.:+-..//+-- ``+os/..` ..+. +s:+:s:`.//s::s-:
::-.:``: .:-:+//:`-o-+::::o..`.--sh.`./.` `. `o++:++-..+s--/o//
`+/-.: ./::.`:--o/-.o-+///:/y--.:.:+h-`:o- `/s-::--../+./:-s.
` :`-:`:.`:/:/+.:s:/-+/+:./+..+-+d+.-s` `` +/-/:-/-..:+../+
`-`/`.-../:.:.s+://:+-/oy+--:-+yo+:. ```:/::--/:/-/:.`+
`:---.:+o./.+o+:::/:---y/``.-++..`` `:o+:.//-+/o` -
-`.-+o/o:-:+o-:/:-:::ss:.` .+-.` `` `s/:+o-oo-+// `
`:-://::/--s:-/:::+/o/+o+/+s.`:+``` ```` .o:.-:o.+-o:`
-//::://-o-:++//+/./y+-:+-:-.:::--++/:.` `-.-`.::+-+-``
-/.`.`./--//:/+-o/--//.::```-o/..`./-/o/o:-.```.-. :+/+:
/ .....//o+:/-..:.:```.://s//-``..-o/:::--..--++:::-`
` :.+o`.::-/.-`.:/-+/:.-s+/::.`.:/./+/oo+:`-/:-/:.`
:-/+-`.`-/:-/+:-s-.-.`::::-/``-+//:/:+- `/``.-s.
:/.-+:.. `y//-`:...--../o. . ....-` - ./`
.-.`` . `+..`.`...-y. `` ```

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrives, delivering a message to Damiana before departing.

Lisebet raises her glass to Esme's words, not saying anything at first. As Rowenova shows off the artwork, Lisebet's eyes widen. "That is spectacular, Nova!" she exclaims. "Beautiful. Like its creator." She stops there for a long moment and then she says, "It was easy to be hopeful, with you there, Lady Esme. I think it was all in all a good combined effort."

"Esme," Sapphira begins. "The conviction of marriage is one that brings a song to my heart, and its bonds are not a duty to me but a joy. And you know as well as I that we are but a vessel through which Limerance might be lifted up." Her cheeks are colored rose, but she smiles, settling back to listen and to observe the gifts others bring to this place. Glancing down at the slip of paper with a question, her brows furrow, her fingers twitching ever so slightly. Or perhaps not so slightly, for soon they seek out her gittern case, and the contents within....

Sapphira takes Restless Heart, the autumn-hued maple gittern from a leather covered gittern case tooled with a design of wind-blown leaves.

Sapphira checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 44 higher.

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Damiana listens to Esme's words and she lifts her wine glass in praise. "May those who hear your words remember the songs of chivalric duty, fidelity and oaths, lady Esme. May we be echoes to the ideals of Limerance." She listens though to Astraea describing what is happening, nodding appreciatively. The song though from Sapphire? That captures her attention. Brava!

To Lisebet, Nova grins. "Thank you, but twas NOT I who painted this one. No." Then, she steps aside to reveal that it is, instead, signed by Tarik Morien with a written name in one corner: Tarik Morien's Northern Fervor. "It was my Morien man who created this! It usually hangs in the Great Room at our home."

Esme gives a soft gasp at that. "Oh! That is fabulous." Her hands clap before she will move around the room attempting to hug everyone again. There is a pause when she sees Merek and her head tips. "Have you been here the whole time?"

Sapphira smiles lightly as she tunes each string of her instrument, her head bent forward to capture each tone and bring it into balance with the rest. "You inspire more than you think, with such deceptively simple questions as you have had us consider, Esme. I fear this is far from a polished song, and I will have to jot it down in my whites, but perhaps it will bring a little joy and begin to answer the question I was asked--'What color is inspiration, and why?' "

Strumming a light, airy cord, with something of a thoughtful, pensive tone, she begins to pluck out a gentle, simple rhythm, drawing on the wellspring of inspiration provided so graciously by the hostess of the evening's gathering.

"The color of inspiration
Is as blue as the sky
Endless vistas of wonder
Within the mind's eye

Vast oceans on which we sail
Each night in our dreams
Midnight blue skies like velvet
Where a lover's moon gleams

Bonds of duty and devotion
Are not a burden, you see
Holding fast to one another
Ever so faithfully
Is the greatest joy
And the highest call...."

Lisebet considers, clapping after the song is sung. She half shrugs delicately, and then says, "I asked for a question, and was given - If I could change one thing, without bringing anyone back from the dead and offending the Queen of Endings, what would I change." She pauses there to let the question sink in. "It's a very thought provoking question, as there are so many things that I might like to see changed, especially now. So many things we all think might inspire us or bring hope. I find it difficult to select one thing, and yet, I suppose if I could only change one thing - mind you, I hope to be able to over time chane more than one thing - but if I could only change one thing - " She pauses, dramatically. Never let it be said that the Duchess of Ashford is not dramatic when needs call for it. " - one thing, it would be this - I would undo a great poisoning and set free many who are imprisoned because of it."

As with both visual arts and musical ones, the baron had no eye or ear for truer, deeper appreciation. He looked over Rowenova's painting and settled into silence as the song both began and then ended. "Beautiful work, my ladies." The smile was polite and there was uncertainty in his gaze as though there probably should have been a different descriptor, but this was siply not his arena.

Esme checks composure and etiquette at normal. Esme marginally fails.

Esme checks Composure and Etiquette at normal. Esme marginally fails.

Lisebet checks composure and etiquette at normal. Lisebet fails.

Lisebet checks composure and etiquette at normal. Lisebet is marginally successful.

Esme claps for alll the art and song. Her lips curving up and then.... Lisebet. There is a widening of her eyes. Something that darkens her eyes a few moments of shock. Yes, shock fills Esme's eyes and her eyes look around. It's almost like she's looking for an answer before she blinks and looks down and takes another drink. "That is a worthy thing to undo." Is there a quiver to her voice? It takes a moment or two and then she brightens. "Oh, I would like to thank you all for coming. Seriously, thank you for attending and bringing your art."

Nova quietly thanks Esme then fully focuses upon Sapphira, smiling brighter about holding fast to one another ever so faithfully. After the song's end, then Nova quietly tells her. "That was so lovely, and it spoke to me. So... thank you!" says she to Sapphira. Then, Nova shifts somewhat so Rane can see that the watercolor painting on niveous canvas is truly signed Tarik Morien's Northern Fervor. "Thank you, Baron. It is not my work, though, it is all the ardent work of Tarik Morien, my Love." She smiles softly when saying so then curiously regards Lisebet, "That would be wonderful!" Though, she does note Esme's reaction, but it is too late after her own cheering.

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