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Baron Rane Moore

If life--or love--gives you a second chance, take it.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Devoted Guardian
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Moore
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 32
Birthday: 10/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'0
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tan

Titles: Baron-Consort of Acorn Hill

Description: The look of a soldier is an unmistakable thing. Rane cuts a fine figure in armor and finery alike. His arms are strong, honed from years of practice and daily exercise with his army. A stern expression commonly clouds his features, but not for any cause beyond depth of concentration and thought. He'd long been blessed with a handsome face that fit the look of authority and martial prowess. Dark eyes and darker hair adds another layer of what seems to be stoicism in most regards, but it's not unusual to see a polite, often warm smile as he meets with people across the Compact.

Along the inside of his forearm is something very new and very different. There's a marking. It resembles a tattoo of black mixed with dark green in the shape of a thick, thorny vine that curls around a scar running down and diagonal the entire length of his forearm. Closer inspection reveals it's clearly not a tattoo, but something else altogether.

Personality: The presence of a soldier is an even more unmistakable thing. Rane does not have all of the social graces of many of the peerage, though he's polite and responsive should a conversation arise. He's methodical and prone to routine. The same places for food and drink, the same route to his suite at the Keaton Hall. Even off of the battlefield, he finds solace in order and repetition. A member of the Academy of War, his mind is usually on one thing: the defense of the Oathlands. What little time is granted to less important matters are usually spent exploring Arx and the surrounding forests. All in all, he's a fine example of an Oathlander.

Background: A second cousin to Kael Keaton, Rane has ever been focused on his family and fealty. As a young boy, he fought with wooden weapons among friends for fun and instructors for practice. There was only ever a singular focus driven into him by family and instructors: duty. Duty to the Oathlands, his family, and those unable to defend themselves. Idealistic were the teachings to the point that there was room for little else but perfection in training and pure obedience to the tenets of Gloria. Rane married a lovely young woman at the age of eighteen, Lilliana. She carried their first born when a band of shavs captured them in the night and assassinated her in front of him. It was only by luck that the knife found in his own chest did not kill him. Some would call that good luck. For many years, it was the darkest thought in the Keaton's mind. He courted death for some time afterwards, longing for an end to his torment. But it's only recently that someone else had come into his life to lift that grim veil from his eyes.

Name Summary
Adalyn A Keaton through and through. Honorable and well-intentioned, he has his eyes turned toward the future. His goal to become a knight speaks highly of his commitment to honor and duty. No doubt someone who would be a solid ally for House Clement.
Alecstazi An emotional sort, surely, but I think some people are meant to be. I hope whatever is upsetting him is worth it.
Amari Fetching in pigtails, and even if he didn't become the lady his mother wanted him to be, I think she should be proud all the same. He's kind, humble and brave, and steadfastly protects the people who are important to him without complaint or quibble. I'm glad he's my cousin.
Amund Seems to be a jovial sort of person. No doubt a good commander to his soldiers, if he treats them as well as he does strangers.
Arcadia Quiet. But there's a certain humor and intelligence behind his words. I hope he let's his guard down more.
Brigida Quite brave in leading others into dangerous situations. Unless he is truly unaware of the level of danger. Then he is a fool. So far? I lean towards brave.
Calista There is something about those from the Oathlands that calls to me. I would be remiss if I did not say he is a striking and handsome man, but, it is more than that. He came into a bar, asked for a kettle of boiling water for his tea. It didn't bother him that he strode around with it rather than swagger about with a chalice of wine. For a brief moment, I had a flash of fantasy that if we were under attack at that moment, he would have knocked the assailant out with the kettle in one hand while brandishing his sword in the other. Yeah, I'll definitely say there's something about Oatherlanders that make me consider playing the damsel. If only briefly.
Calypso Charming in a way that only an Oathlander can be.
Cecilia Not what I would expect if you told me I was meeting a Keaton commander but I mean that entirely positively. I admire his values and his thoughts on duty and passion.
Cornelius An interesting, well-dressed, and well-spoken young lord. He cuts the figure of a fighter as well, with a commander's eyes. A pity for my dear niece that he is already taken.
Dante A brave Oathlander commander and a friend of my wife's, we got to fight side by side in the blighted Acorn Hill. We shall undoubtedly help clear the lands of the Moores and return it to the prime state it used to be in once. Seems quite the honorable man.
Esme He seems to be lost and yet found, that's an interesting combination. I am sure we shall be fast friends.
Eugene He had every right to take his sword to my neck, even my gut. He's a quick one, though. I will give him that.
Evangeline Nervous would not be the correct term to use, but perhaps he feels like a fish out of water when in reality he is precisely in the correct pond. A man with a heart of gold.
Isidora A Very interesting man. A warrior and one who looks forward to what the future could bring. I hope Lagoma lights his path.
Jules This noble seems the sort who is agreeable and willing to help ease people. He seems to know a bit about you or perhaps he only picked it up from the conversation but he seems aware of you at least to a degree.
Katherine A more stoic man I've never met, to be sure; every bit the Oathlander. I find him to be an attentive listener, and look forward to chatting his ear off all the way to Arx. If he isn't sick of me by journey's end, perhaps he will make a fine companion to me during my stay with House Keaton.
Kedehern Another of my wife's cousins--She has quite a number of them, it seems, almost like my own, really. I haven't really come to know the man, but judging from our... Encounter in the trees, it seems there's some sadness lingering in the man's past.
Mabelle Sweet words pour from his lips, hopefully not soon to expire. He did ask for poetry. I never claimed to be good at it.
Martino Fine Lord of a similar vintage to myself. He has gone through a testing time before but, now with a fine bride-to-be, he is going places quickly. I would recommend to watch him, but that the Compact should be pleased to have another fine Keaton in it.
Norwood I've always been impressed by Lord Rane Keaton. Excellent stock, always, but he has a solid military head upon his shoulders, is earnest, and intent on doing what is right. I rather like him.
Orelia Very proper, very controlled.
Reigna He is a valiant man, with a good Keaton heart. Brave and willing to bleed, literally, for his family.
Svana An old friend of Apollo's, charming, and likely much too kind. He seems to share my sweet tooth!
Zoey Clearly not a fan of alcohol.