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Kennex Boarding Party

Join the Kennex family as we host our first boarding party! Try not to fall off the planks as you cross from one ship to the other! Expect at least one drinking game.

(OOC: Feel free to bring your own PLACE with the name of your ship on it! I will pick them up (in theory lol) at the end of the party and get them back to you. The idea is for people to hang out and wander from ship to ship. It's going to be fun. I think. Or else.)


July 5, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Porter Rorik


Bree Marena Azova Alessia Tatienne Drake Valerian Samira Reve Sorrel Gianna Sabella Niklas Helena Kiera Reigna



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Dockyard - The Damsel's Heart

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Haurchefant, an unassuming assistant arrives, following Tatienne.

Tatienne drops Lachance Shipping, a mercantile cog.

The Damsel's Heart serves as the initial boarding location for party guests to arrive, and from there things kind of spider out. A thick plank of wood is laid out between this ship and Rorik's Ferocious Kitten. And the other side is another Kennex vessel that's been tied up in the harbor. There are other ships of course, and the party spreads out like that from one to the next to the next. With people shouting back and forth and as the night goes on, drinking and conversation encourages guests to move from one to another. In theory, no one drowns.


Someone on the Damsel is shoving robes at people. "And this one is for you and this one is for you and you and you--" yeah, it keeps going like that. TAKE THE ROBES. No robe left behind. Meanwhile, Porter is securing the plank between his ship and his cousins to make sure that it's nice and sturdy for later. "HELLO," he calls to another ship.

Azova gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Reve gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Bree gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Alessia gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Marena gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

"A robe?!" Bree exclaims as she's handed the fluffy cotton, and she's immediately wriggling into it, latching it at the waist over her regular attire, because this is totally how it is done. "Just what I always wanted!" she exclaims, smoothing her hands over the robe as she looks down to inspect herself. "Thanks," she tells the person handing them off, and then she's moving further onto the deck of the Damsel. Her gaze darts to the door leading to the captain's quarters, half-expecting to see it thrown open and the owner of the ship standing there. But no. She shrugs, and then moves to find a drink. The warning for not drowning will be useless if she's not drunk, so she might as well make it worth it.

Drake gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

As Marena takes a robe, she slides a fingertip just underneath the lettered stitching. "I do appreciate the hue. Can I already wear it even if I'm fifty-fifty on not drowning?" It's meant to be a joke. It falls a little flat, coming from the rather serious Inverno, but for that moment she tries. With a light shrug, she throws it over her dark leathers and strides aboard with confident steps.

Azova has one of the violet robes shoved her way, and sort of dangles it from one hand to look at with slightly raised eyebrows. "Do they all have the same thing stitched on them? What's yours say?" she asks of the man whose arm she has her other hand tucked into. "Nice color, though!" she decides, letting hers settle over her arm. "I bet it's in case anyone gets tossed overboard."

Porter drops Damsel Forecastle.

Stepping onto the docks of the ship, Alessia smiles when a robe is practically thrown at her. "Do you plan to have our clothes all damp by the end of the night?" She asks with a raised brow, lifting the robe. She nods to Bree. "Dame." She greets her warmly.

Sailing into port is a cog, the entire crew wearing bells. The crew tries to sail right up to the one of the Kennex ships, ideally the Damsel's Heart, throwing lines to prepare for boarding. Once a plank is placed, Tatienne walks down the plank onto whatever ship she's gotten to, "You have been boarded." She announces with a bow, "M'lords, M'ladies, other assorted people. I heard there be entertaiment to claim."

Gianna drops BARDge.

Drake arrives, also being handed a robe. He puts it on over his silk shirt, pulling it over his shoulders without a second thought. Not a problem. Then he looks around to see who here he knows, and spots Bree right away. She's heading for drinks, so, so will he, half tailing her in her blind spot before getting her attention and giving her a wave.

Porter drops Damsel Quarterdeck.

"Oh, gosh, do we know what material this is?" Valerian's breathy voice is drowned out by the sounds of the surrounding dockyard. Too submissive to refuse it, he only becomes _marginally_ finicky upon accepting the commemorative robe. After trying to ascertain whether or not the fabric will cause him to chafe, the rest of the scene is regarded with a wondrous and worrisome gaze.

Valerian gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Sorrel gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Somehow Samira boards the ship already wearing her very own Kennex party robe, her smile widening into a look of pure amusement as she watches the robes being handed out to the crowd. "We're gonna have a sea of purple-clad party-goers soon," she remarks aloud, sounding as though she approves. She stands off to the side, brow furrowed as she scans the crowd as if looking for someone in particular.

Reve arrives in the company of Lady Azova, eyeing the water somewhat warily as they approach the Damsel's Heart. Whatever commentary he might have is soon enough left to the wayside due to the fact that he has a robe pushed toward him. "Well." That is it. All that he can manage forth. He does not actually look too pleased at the prospect of getting tossed overboard. With a grimace, he offers, "Something about not drowning. Drinking I approve of, however." Now, catching Porter's voice? He hails an easy, "Diego! And Lord Porter!"

Tatienne gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Sorrel prances about the ship in a robe which flaps openly and seems to amuse her more than anything. She struts about, drink in hand, pointedly not drowning, and generally looking like she is having a silly time.

Porter drops a station set up with drinks.

Bree grabs the first (of many) drinks, a calloused hand wrapped possessively around a mug, and so she doesn't notice as Drake slips into her peripheral until he's waving a hand. "Lord Drake! Hey," she smiles brightly at the man, extending the drink she had planned to down all by herself to him. "Ale? I can grab another," she says for herself. Alessia's greeting is met with a wave of her free hand. "Lady Alessia!"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Gianna has convinced some sailor or another to manuver their craft over to the Damsel's Heart, having declared it a bardge. Or maybe he declared it a bardge, Gianna's not really one for puns. In any case, the plank is set out and Gianna, fiddle in hand, makes her way onto the Damsel proper.

Cluck, a really stupid rooster, Brando, a rhythmless percussionist in training arrive, following Rorik.

Once Porter's work is done, he hops back onto the deck and starts moving through the partygoers. He's also wearing a robe, over the top of his otherwise nice outfit. The drinks happen to be the first place that he passes and he grabs for himself a glass of what looks to be whiskey first. "Dame Bree Harthall," he greets the knight when he moves into her orbit. A quick kiss is dropped onto her cheek and he flashes a smile onto Drake. "Hello. Have we me?" He takes a drink, hearing his name called from Reve from across the way. "Lord Reve! Your baby beard is looking very nice today! Hello Azova!" Downing a bit more he turns and waves to Alessia, turning that smile onto her as well. "Hello!"

Azova glances down at the water, then smiles up at Reve and clears her throat so that she doesn't laugh. "We'll steer clear of railings." is promised, waving then to some of the familiar faces. Bree, Alessia, Sorrel. Obviously Porter, and Diego. Can't forget Diego. "Hey!" she returns cheerfully.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Drake takes the ale from Bree. "Don't mind at all," he says to her, with a little smile. And then she greets Alessia, and he turns around, to see the other Lady present. Drake takes a slightly longer look at Alessia, and then steps a bit closer to her. "How have you been? It does seem as if it's been a while since we encountered each other at one of these things." He grins at Porter. "I think in passing, but if we haven't, Drake. Wyvernheart, now--" There's a clear pause, it took him a moment to remember that, but he didn't forget it. "Previously Wyrmguard but it's a recent change."

Better late than never, Rorik appears balancing on the plank between the Damsel's Heart and the Ferocious Kitten. He is wearing the most fabulous of robes, it billows out around him as he walks steadily on the plank. "PORTER!" he bellows from the middle, when he's high above the water, "I THINK THE PLANK IS GOOD!" And then he finishes his crossing, hopping down in front of Samira. "BOO!" he shouts to his protege. "Did you see me up there? Was that amazing, are you amazed?"

"How've you been?" Alessia asks Bree, before naturally gravitating to where there are drinks. A wink is given to the host on the way. She lifts a glass of vodka after pouring, before swivelling a round. "Lord Drake." She approaches him. "Congratulations on the new house."

"...know that's where the water is, but have they maybe thought of not having the docks in the Lowers?" Sabella is commenting to Niklas as they step on board the boat, giving it a quick look around to make sure it's not sinking. Or on fire. Or actually a dragon or something. Then there's bright smiles all around, "Porter! Is this the ship you won? Ship, not boat. Or..." she looks around again, looking for the sign that indicates whether it is a ship or a boat.

Valerian has joined the a station set up with drinks.

"I've been as well as could be." Alessia adds with a smile, leaning in to give him a hug.

Bree hears the rather formal address before she spies the man behind it, and that kiss to her cheek is met with a laugh. "Lord Porter Kennex," she mimics his greeting. "Nice robe," she reaches out a hand to grab the collar, giving it a little yank. "We're twins!" When he greets Drake, she's about to introduce them but he's already got that covered. "He's coming with me north," she tells Porter, as if that might place the man for him. And then she hears Rorik yelling, her blue eyes sliding to the plank between the ships. "You better go," she gives Porter a shove. "Be a host! I'm going to get drunk." She grabs another mug of ale, and then turns to Alessia. "I'm well! Happy to have a party. You?"

Marena waltzes around with a glass of something in hand, fluttering the robe's sleeve as she looks over the edge of the ship. Will she fall over? Hopefully not. As Sorrel seems to be doing much the same thing, she toasts the other woman with a lift of her drink. "I feel the adventure already, don't you?"

2 Redrain Guards, Lucien, a bright-eyed pine marten arrive, following Helena.

"Thank you, Lord Porter," calls Reve in response, his free hand moving up to pat his very well trimmed, short beard. "I am growing it out for my travels northwest!" That being said, he does not continue the great conversation of beards and instead settles his attention on Azova. "I believe, Lady Azova, that the railings might be of assistance. Unless they are particularly low and not well thought out?" Note the lift of his brows there. Geeze he can look at the railings RIGHT there. Yet he just looks at Azova, expectantly. It's a look that ends with a grin and a search for the refreshments.

"Oh, no. I'm afraid not! That one is stuck in a harbor outside of Arx." Porter calls over to Sabella. "This my uh, regular ship? But hello! And hello Niklas!" He waves to both of them before Bree starts shoving him off and he's laughing, "Okay, okay." He doesn't rush off right away, instead stopping to finish exchanging words with Drake. "Well met, Lord Wyvernheart! I'm Lord Porter." He points to Rorik, who is SHOUTING his name. "That's Rorik. People get us mixed up all the time. I'll understand if you do." Walking backwards now, he stops by Alessia to say something to her quietly. Then he's moving off yet again. Trying to make the initial rounds.

"They'd have to raise the ocean, my dear, which I am lead to understand is difficult. Which just means _someone_ isn't trying hard enough." Niklas follows along with Sabella, arm out for her hand. When she goes to compliment the boat he offers a wave first to Porter, then over to Rorik. "Well! If this isn't a who's who of terrible scoundrels. Glad to be home!" He heads over to grab himself a robe and pulls it on.

Niklas takes a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

Samira brightens as she hears that familiar voice bellowing, her gaze shifting until she locates Rorik. She watches him navigate the plank with ease, her grin widening. "Amazing! Two thumbs up, and so dramatic with the robe billowing in the breeze. Clearly you're not drunk enough to be in danger of drowning." Of course the party has only just begun.

Gianna sets her fiddle to her shoulder and plays a cheerful tune on her way over toward Niklas and Sabella. "Good evening. Oh, you're going for one of the robes, I see."

"Are we having an adventure? I mean, I don't see why not," Sorrel says lightly to Marena with a laugh, looking utterly amused as Niklas struts his stuff in his robe. "Looking sexy, Your Highness!" she calls to him.

Porter drops Crow's Nest.

Gianna gets a commemorative Kennex Boarding Party lounge robe.

"Or I'm so drunk that I've gone from being in danger of drowning to being able to walk perfectly straight!" Rorik says to Samira with a bold laugh, dumping his arm around his protege for a quick hug before his hand's shooting up in the air to wave at Niklas and Sabella. "NIKLAS! Sabella! I'd like to think I'm a who's who of terribly /amazing/ scoundrels, actually, thank you," he nudges Samira. "You want to get drunk?"

"That depends entirely on whether the person who wants to throw you over the side is strong enough to get you over the rail or not." Azova points out to Reve, gesturing the way of the drinks - which are not beside the railing she has to hope - as she speaks. "But the farther from the rail, the less likely your chances of going over the side. See? It's -logical-" she insists. "You know, I think I'll try vodka this time. Kennex has some interesting vodka's and I'll bet there's a few different types here somewhere. What do you think?"

"Good to meet you," Drake says to Porter. "Is this your party we're having here today? It got up to full swing pretty fast, so, congraulations to you on that." He raises his glass in a bit of a 'cheers' gesture, then downs some of the ale. He smiles to Bree. "And looking forward to that trip. We're spending the rest of our time redecorating that old Steelhart manor."

"How many ships does a person need?" Sabella asks, sounding amused as she heads for something to drink, giving a bright smile to Sorrel and a wave to Gianna, "I suppose ships to some might be like tiaras to me, but they seem awfully difficult to store and admire all at once."

"Fifteen." Valerian pipes up mousilly from the drink station in response to Sabella's question. Oh, was he not supposed to say that? He blinks innocently one way and then, the other.

Marena shrugs a shoulder to Sorrel, a flicker of amusement in her eyes. "I find all things should be an adventure, they simply differ by degrees." Overhearing Sabella's question, she suggests lightly: "At least five."

A princess is never actually late to a party -- at least that's what the Redrain tells herself as she boards the Damsel's Heart, having poked her head around many of the other ships to find the party. Really, it shouldn't be that hard to find, given the jovial voices of Kennex clan and friends. She smiles as she sees plenty of familiar faces. "Good evening," Helena says, lifting her skirts to keep from tripping and falling into the water. That would make quite the splash. And also quite the impression.

Bree watches as Porter walks off to play host, a smile at her lips, but then she's turning back to Drake in surprise, "Do you... enjoy redecorating? I'm lucky I have paintings at my house, and then only because someone gave them to me!" She lifts her ale in a toast, and then takes a long swing, her free hand coming up to wipe her mouth. Lady Azova is finally noted then, in all the crowds, and she calls to her, "A healer is here! Good! Just in case anything gets too wild."

Porter's quiet words seem to brighten Alessia's mood, her smile turning coy before he heads off to make the rounds. Her cheery visage doesn't fade when she turns back to Bree. "I'm glad to see you here. We need to plan our tree-climbing sessions." She winks. Then back to Drake. "When are you heading there?"

What my young cousin said, "Exactly fifteen. No more, no less. If you lose a ship, you must immediately replace it with another," Porter says very gravely, glancing over to Valerian before he barks out laughter. Passing him along the way, he reaches out to shake his shoulders vigorously with one hand. Which is only pretty annoying. Very annoying. He takes a drink of his whiskey and keeps moving along.

Gianna sets her fiddle aside to collect herself a robe. She holds it up, examining it thoughtfully, then shrugs and slips it over her other clothing. A quick cinch at the waist, a twirl of the remaining tie, and a certain jut of the hip draws the eye to the bard. The fiddle is taken up again, just in time to spy Helena's outfit as well.

An arm loops around Rorik's waist as Samira returns the quick hug, laughing at her patron's remark. She eyes him thoughtfully as she draws back, looking half-convinced that if anyone could hold their liquor so well, it'd be Rorik. "Can you be so drunk that you actually bypass clumsiness and go straight back to perfect control of your body? I doubt it, but I think it's a theory we've gotta test. Yes to getting drunk!" She follows Rorik's gaze toward Niklas and Sabella, offering a faint nod if they should happen to glance in her direction, since it's the polite thing to do.

"Not quite my implication, Lazy Azova," responds Reve, easily enough. That being said, names and introductions bandied about has him look up and around, attempting to place faces to names. "Hmm." Turning back to the Lady Darkwater, he nods his head to her and escorts onward toward the beverages choices. "Vodka is fine," he says. "Interesting choice, but fine enough."

Sabella grins at Valerian and then Marena, "Perhaps we ought to have a lively debate about it! Seems fitting considering where we are. Now, fifteen ships seems like a very lot to me--you'd have to staff them all and clean them all and probably sail them all and are there even fifteen different ports to send them to? Whereas five while that also seems high to me might seem small to someone else for if you're going to have five perhaps you ought to just have fifteen? Or maybe the sweet spot is ten ships."

"We do!" Bree exclaims to Alessia's reminder of the tree, and then she looks around as if there might be one on the deck of this ship. She spies the mast, her eyes widening, "There we go," she points to it. "That pole thing. What's it called?" Clearly she's not naval minded, and she looks around for the host, "Porter! What's that thing called," she points to the mast. "We're going to climb it!" She adds cheerfully. And she's not even drunk yet.

"Always, your highness," calls out Niklas in response to Sorrel. To Gianna he says, "Ah! I should get my archlute! Then Rorik goes and gets some drums, by which I mean he knocks some things over and hits them with sticks, and we can have a proper show!" He turns and offers Samira a deep bow. "Mistress. Lord Rorik told me something about you, but I was deep in the throes of Tala Everfree and was failing to pay attention to much at all. A poor excuse for rudeness, I know." The debate over ship quantities gets him to look back to Sabella, Valerian and Marena. "You should ask your father, my dear. I believe he has at least eight ships, but maybe it's eight thousand? Or twelve? I don't pay attention to these things."

Valerian lets out a pathetic murmur as Porter gives him a few good shakes. "Oh, gosh, we're doing the shaking." If the younger Kennex didn't already have his sea legs, he might be in big trouble! Grabbing hold of the drink table to balance doesn't hurt, either.

"Absolutely, of course, why couldn't you? You shouldn't doubt me! I'm basically a pro at this," Rorik says to Samira with a bold grin, before his eyes sweep across the Heart to spy Helena over there. He's quick to hook his arm with Samira's to bodily /drag/ her over to the Redrain princess, beaming a bright and happy smile at Helena. "You're here! Hello! Come meet my protege, Samira Culler. She's going to be a very famous artist someday," he tells Helena, before he says to Samira: "Princess Helena is a fond friend of mine and a *Scholar*! She has more books than I have bottles of booze, which is saying something." When Niklas comes over, he nudges the Grayson prince with an elbow. "I told you how great of an artist she is."

"Dame Bree! But, what happens if I get too wild? Is there a backup healer?" Azova looks around, standing up on her tip toes to cast a glance around just in case one might be spotted. "I suppose I'll have to be good, won't I. Or at least, not the worst one here." she decides. "Reve, you remember Dame Bree right?" She turns slightly to make a face at him for his 'fine enough' comment about the vodka. But, she will take her glass and clink against his as they move towards the quarterdeck. "And.. oh, /oh/, now I get what you mean by the rail. Let's see how sturdy this one over here is." is suggested, with a laugh.

Azova has joined the Damsel Quarterdeck.

Reve has joined the Damsel Quarterdeck.

Valerian is still not safe from Porter's abu- cousinly rough housing! He keeps that hand clapped solidly on his shoulder, there is no escape. He looks up the mast and over to Bree and Alessia. "You can climb up the crow's nest if you'd like. Don't fall down!" he warns them. "I didn't cover the deck with enough pillows to save people from falling injuries." He knocks back some more of his drink.

"I don't mind... moving furniture," Drake says to Bree. "Good workout after all, and I have to keep in shape one way or another. I'm not sure I know anything about how to fix the gardens, though. That's work for COUNT Richard to do." He laughs as if that's funny to him, and then drinks. Alessia asks about when they're leaving, and he looks over at Bree. "Her choice, but I don't think it will be too long now."

"Nightingale, what lovely aquamarines. You should watch out, because I feel they go well with my gown and I may steal them," Helena says with sparkling eyes as Rorik draws near. "Only, now I've foiled my own plans by announcing them," she says to Gianna, before turning to Rorik and smiling, reaching to touch his arm lightly with her own. Her other, she offers to Samira. "Well met, then, Mistress Culler. I would love to see your art sometime! I am absolutely in awe of anyone who can create things of beauty with their own hands," she says warmly.

Kiera wanders onto the damsel's rests with the exceedingly carefully step of one wholly unusued to being aboard ship but determined not to fall and still wave to the host as she head's in porter's direction "Greetings Lord Porter. my turn for new experiences it seems

Draining the vodka in her glass, Alessia seems to size the mast up after Bree mentions climbing it. It may be brave or foolhardy, though she seems to relish the challenge. "We can go for it." She nods to Porter. "No pillows needed." Her lips curl.

Marena taps a finger to her lips and then nods along with Sabella's train of thought. "Ten sounds a good compromise. A nice, even number. Enough to give someone pause, but not too overwhelming to maintain." Gracefully, she nods over the rim of her glass before drawing another long sip. There's a quick look around the room that follows, with the only flicker of recognition being the few moments she looks Rorik's way. "No one brought a sheep, right?" she asks aloud, her expression one of feigned wide-eyed seriousness.

"Dame Bree," calls forth Reve in an easy way, lifting a hand to go along with the greeting. "I certainly hope next time that I compete you might provide me at least with a token cheer." While Reve wears a grin, the reason of it is a mystery. Displeased Azova? Memory of sparring match? Who knows! Whatever the case, vodka obtained, he moves along to the quarterdeck.

For all anybody knows, Valerian might have hollow bones the way he's carefully leaning to one side to accommodate Porter's grip. Do birds' eyes get that large? "I don't even see _one_ pillow!" He warns breathily, his attention darting around the deck.

"Soon," Bree nods to Drake's comment about their departure time. "We have a few more preparations, but it will be very soon now." The promise made, the warnings about climbing to the crow's nest given, she downs her drink and sets the mug aside. "Just stay sober long enough in case we fall, Lady Azova!" To Reve she laughs, lifting her hands for him, "Go Lord Reve! There's your cheer. And here we go," she tells Alessia before making her way to mount to the crow's nest. The rungs make it fairly simple to mount, and she's only had the one drink.

Bree has joined the Crow's Nest.

Gianna considers Helena's garb thoughtfully and notes, "They would go well. Alas, they are the very last pieces of Joscelin's I ever acquired, and so I'd likely have to fight to the death. That would be sad, wouldn't it? And without even having played nearly enough." She raises the fiddle and raises her voice to call to Niklas, "You SHOULD bring the archlute! I want to play it!"

"Lady Kiera, good to see you again! I drank tea again today. Have you met my cousin Lord Valerian yet?" Porter asks the young woman. "Congratulations on your new house by the way, I was just hearing about it from conversation. Lord Drake is here as well." Something seems to spring to mind and he leaves Valerian to his devices, releasing his shoulder and moving across the deck QUICKLY to Reve and Azova, leaning over to say something to them, his expression filled with amusement.

Alessia has joined the Crow's Nest.

Porter has joined the Damsel Quarterdeck.

Sorrel has joined the Damsel Quarterdeck.

"Doubt you? Nah, never," Samira answers with a wide grin sent toward Rorik. She scans the crowd curiously as her patron tugs her forward to make introductions, eyes curiously alighting on the Redrain princess. "More books than you have bottles of booze?" she repeats Rorik as if this is a stunning fact to envision. "Your library must be enormous, Princess Helena, and a great source of information. Nice to meet you!" She grins self-consciously at the praise she receives from Rorik, ducking her head for a moment before adding to the princess: "I'd be happy to share it with you sometime. There's so much for me to improve on, but I can only keep working at it." Niklas's remark earns a quick wave of her hand. "Oh, that's alright. You were quite preoccupied I'm sure. The performance went well from the sounds of it?"

Drake absolutely has to climb up, now that Bree and Alessia are doing that, and he rubs his hands together first in anticipation. But first he accepts the congtratulations from Porter, nodding to him... and to Kiera. "Ah, didn't see you arrive." Drake looks at Valerian and processes the introduction, but there's something slightly skeptical in his expression.

Sednaya, a female Maelstrom Osprey arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Unnecessarily giving herself a challenge, Alessia holds onto the higher rungs before hoisting herself up onto the nest. She glances toward the sea, before leaning over toward the deck to ask her maid to bring her more alcohol.

Alessia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

"I happen to be very good at compromises! Unless it's about tiaras and quality because I just cannot bring myself to do so," Sabella replies to Marena with a laugh, "I'm Princess Sabella Grayson, by the way, I don't think we've been properly introduced! Do you already know everyone here?" She gestures at the deck with her glass then looks up, "Oh, and up there I guess!"

Rorik turns his head to murmur something quietly to Helena before he leans back with a broad smile. "I'll show you the painting Samira did of me. It's incredible, like I'm actually /there/. But that's impossible, of course, since I am standing /here/. But yes, she's very talented," he shares with Helena. "The robes were even Samira's idea, actually, so I'm quite proud. I have the best protege. Of course, Prince Niklas has the /other/ best protege in all of Arx," he points a thumb to himself, "ME!"

"Tell her to bring me some, too!" Bree calls out from just above Alessia on the rungs, and finally she mounts the Crow's Nest, looming over the ship from her perch. An excited wave is given to those on the deck in a kind of 'look, ma! I made it!' sort of way, and then she's shifting to look out over the water.

"Hello there." Valerian's response to the introduction is timid at best and only grows more-so under Drake's skepticism. His hand replaces Porter's on his own shoulder, rubbing tenderly were his cousin gripped him. "Congratulations." Shifting his eyes, Valerian repeats the sentiments he just heard. Nevermind a total lack of context.

"On fashion you must remain firm with your standards. Anything less leads only to despair," Marena comments in an overly serious tone. There is a slight crinkling at the corners of her eyes that betrays her mirth, but there is not yet an outright smile. Just the slightest twitch of her lips. "Princess Sabella, a pleasure to meet you. Lady Marena Inverno, newly arrived from Setarco. I'm quite lucky this was taking place at the docks, because it's one of the few places I know how to get to," she adds lightly. For the latter question, she takes another look around and slowly shakes her head. "Only one in passing from earlier, I'm afraid. I suppose that makes me the new one."

Gianna's referencing the archlute is enough for Niklas's assistant Sam, who steps forward with a lute case the poor guy now gets to carry with him everywhere. While unlatching the case Niklas nods distractedly when Rorik says he has the other best protege in Arx. "Indeed. Countess Carita. She's great!" Hearing Sabella use the word 'introduced' however get Niklas to look back to Valerian and Marena with panic in his eyes. "Sabella, there are too many people! You aren't used to the sea air! You'll pass out!"

Niklas takes Madrigal, an alaricite and platinum archlute from a simple black velvet drawstring bag.

"That is all we can do with anything, I think," says Helena to Samira with a smile, before tipping her head to Rorik's with a smile. "I will have to see it. But be careful she didn't steal your soul and put it in the painting, making such a perfect likeness of you. I have read books where such things happen, and you know if it's in a book, it's *probably* true," she says teasingly a grin in Samira's direction. "Not that I would think you would so so deliberately of course. Sometimes it just happens, when you're exceedingly talented as an artist. I've heard it said." Helena glances over to Niklas, then back to Rorik with a lift of her brow when he declares himself the best protege. "So modest."

To Gianna, Helena laughs. "Let us not have that. I shall let you keep them, mostly because I'm afraid I'd lose the fight, dearest Nightingale. And I would not part with any of my items from Joscelin either, of course." She looks a little wistful for the lost artisan.

Of course Alessia asks her maid to bring the whole bottle at this point, just assuming there's enough for others on the numerous boats. She waggles her fingers at Drake when he seems to want to join them. "Glad you could join us Wyvernheart. Cool name, by the way."

Kiera hms to Porter How did you find it the second time round. It does not surprise me my brother is he. He's sort of everywhere" She laughs and waves to her brother before turning her attention to Valerian "I have not Lady kiera wyvernheart. A pleasure. It's quite crowded in here isn't it. I'm getting more used to these things myself. quite the variety of entertainment in arx. which do you prefer?

Gianna tips her chin to Helena. Good! Nobody has to die today! Yet. The Nightingale threads her way over to Niklas, Sabella, and company. Company includes the lute, which she sidles over to inspect. A nod for Marena, of course. "Welcome to Arx. That's an interesting tattoo by your eye. Is there a story behind it?" Gianna thrusts her fiddle at Sam, apparently intending to exchange it for the lute.

From the Crow's Nest above, a voice rings down to the deck, "Nice lute, Prince Niklas!" That's Bree up there, totally still watching the advnetures on deck.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Valerian returns Niklas's brief panicky eye-contact by doubling down on the ever-alarmed look emanating from his own eyes, even if it's just for that split second. "Very crowded. Maybe a little too crowded." He tells Kiera. "I hope my cousins checked the guest list against this vessel's maximum capacity and didn't just double-up the number for both boats." Just as he verbalizes this, a sinking feeling visibly overtakes him.

That's exactly what they did. What even is math, Valerian?

"Thank you," Drake says to Valerian. He looks up at the Crow's Nest. Drake still has an ale in his hand. Now here is the tricky part -- does he pass that off to someone, or try to do a show-offy feat and try to climb to the Crow's Nest with one hand?

This is not in question, of course he attempts to do the second thing. Fortunately, he does not fall in this attempt, and gets to the nest with his ale intact. Then he finds himself a spot to sit between Alessia and Bree. "Thank you, my Lady," he says to Alessia with a nod and smile. "Richard and I argued about it for days, I'll have you know, but we did want to play tribute to those gone before us."

Sabella waves a hand at Niklas as he tries to warn her off, "It's fine! I had to do all those stairs earlier I can do this!" She then takes a deep breath, giving Marena a big smile, "Let's see if I can see everyone since we're now at different levels! That's my husband, Prince Niklas Grayson over there with the gorgeous lute--you may have heard of him as The Playwright around Arx! We just got back from a tour of the Mourning Isles which was quite fun! Princess Sorrel Thrax came with us, she has an amazing voice and was often joined on stage by the Nightingale there, Mistress Gianna--and then that's Princess Helena Redrain whom you should become fast friends with for she is so sweet and friendly I think it's impossible to not leave her presence without a sure fondness for her--and Lord Porter Kennex I do hope you've met since this is his boat and his party! And that's Lord Rorik who if you listen on quiet nights you can hear yelling out people's names from across the city! And Lady Alessia Mazetti who is a glaivedancer and one day I think someone will tell me that's not really a thing for I have never seen her do it but I truly believe it will be amazing when she does--and Lady Azova Darkwater is here which is good because someone is going to fall at some point and she's a wonderful mercy--Lord Valerian Kennex, I should have listed him when I talked about the rest since my husband was once a Kennex--Lord Drake," she snaps her fingers, "Wyvernhart? It's a new title, but I think that's mostly how it's pronounced and Lady Kiera from the same household as well--they must have grand stories about how that came about! And Dame Bree up there is from the Knights of Solace and is absolutely delightful! And then--I'm actually not sure I've met this fine gentleman," a gesture at Reve, "But this seems as good a time as any to meet someone what with this being introductions! ANd that's Mistress Samira Culler, who I am told is a wonderful artist and Lord Rorik's protege, so we all expect great things!" She looks around, standing on tiptoe for a moment, then having to steady herself, "I think that's everyone but do let me know if I have missed someone in this crowd!"

"It's easy to get inspired to paint when someone has such exciting exploits to share as he does," Samira remarks, her thumb jutting toward Rorik. Her eyes widen as she listens to Helena, her thoughts stolen by the woman's comments. "Steal someone's soul? Sounds downright diabolical. I hope such things don't happen accidentally, otherwise I might have to purposefully make all my artwork mediocre to keep it from happening." Rorik's remark to Niklas draws a laugh and an approving nod. "This must be the best patron-protege chain in the whole city," she notes decisively, gesturing to Rorik, Niklas, then herself. But then Niklas is naming his other protege as best. Her mouth drops open in an exaggerated fashion as she glances to Rorik for his reaction.

Drake has joined the Crow's Nest.

"Rules are meant to be broken! And guidelines are just /guides/, they aren't exact!" Rorik shouts over to Valerian.

With a grin when she vaguely hears her name from down on the docks, Alessia lifts a hand to Marena. An even fonder smile is given to Sabella, grateful for the introduction.

Samira raises her voice to add her shout to Valerian after Rorik's: "Yeah, break the rules! Live a little!" Like patron, like protege.

"Countess Carita-whosiwhatsitnow? I've never heard of her," Rorik pish poshes over to Niklas with a wave of his hand, flit-flit goes his fingers! To Samira, he just shakes his head. "Niklas confuses me with Carita /all/ the time. Really, I think he must've been knocked over his head a few times as a child. I don't even look anything LIKE her! I'm much more handsome," he would flip his hair back, but he doesn't have long enough hair, so instead he strokes the beard on his chin. "But much less hairier," he wrinkles his nose and then bursts into a laugh that gets louder as Helena talks of paintings stealing souls. "That's terrifying, but impossible. Samira's too good to be stealing souls, even unintentionally."

Reve looks up from his conversation with Lord Porter and Lady Azova, well before being indicated as a fine gentleman - which he is, really! He looks up because someone is doing a fine job of pointing out people and providing names for them. Being one of the newer face in Arx, this makes things horribly convenient. So it is, when he is indicated as said fine gentleman, he lifts his glass of vodka on high. "Lord Reve Halfshav!" is called back in introduction. He's putting his lungs into it too, so it travels. Just in case anyone doesn't know him.

Valerian's pale eyelashes inch farther and farther apart, his eyes growing comedically wide. "That's not how any of this works," he whispers (or whimpers). His attention darts suddenly down to his footing after he hears a suspicious creek from the wood, there. "Oh dear."

One can almost see the gears twisting in Marena's mind as Sabella gets straight to a bevy of introductions. If she seems lost, it doesn't show upon her otherwise serene face. Perhaps she has a good memory. "I both admire your gift of recollection, and appreciate your above-and-beyond effort to acquaint me with the others." A hand is held lightly over her own heart, followed by a grateful bow of her head for the Grayson princess. "Much obliged, your highness. I feel not quite so adrift now." As looks slide her way, like the one Alessia gives her, expressions of greeting are returned politely. She is not one for exuberant smiles, but she does seem more relaxed now given how her shoulders drop what was formal tension. As Gianna directs a question regarding the tattoo she bears below a blue eye, she leans toward the other woman with a coy expression. "There certainly is, and I'd love to share it sometime. It's a bit of a long one, but well worth it I assure you." Reve's shout is echoed with a sudden laugh, and a lift of her glass in his direction.

Porter cups his hands to his mouth from the quarterdeck, "Let the execessive drinking game begin!" he calls to a sailor down at the drink table. They look around, they look UP at the people in the crow's nest. And then they start moving around, handing out extra drinks and encouraging people to drink up. "We're going to see who can hold their alcohol the best! Extra drinks going around. If you win, you can win--" Um. Porter realizes he doesn't the things with him. So he hops down THUNKS Rorik on the back as he passes him. Then he starts hauling out something stupidly big from the captain's quarters. And then something smaller.

Porter drops a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE sized trophy with seasilk ribbon and various gemstones.

Porter drops a large but still reasonably sized trophy with seasilk ribbon and various gemstones.

Catching her name on Sabella's lips, Helena laughs and wags her fingers at Marena. "A pleasure to meet you," she says. "I'm not that sweet but I have conned everyone into thinking it's so, to be honest, but it works in my favor, you see." She returns her blue eyes to Samira and lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "I cannot promise it's always accidental. Such are the mysteries of life. But do strive to do your best anyway -- perhaps your art works in different ways -- perhaps you can paint something into existence instead. Aside from, well, the art." She grins and turns to look up at Rorik, eyes sparkling a little, then over to Porter as he calls out the drinking game. "I feel out matched with a family of sailors, even if I was weaned from milk by whiskey," she teases.

"Dame Bree, with all the respect that is due, I have never known Richard to attend a party without being coerced." Drake msiles at Bree, and then waves down at Sabella, ever the social matchmaker, as he's introduced, though from clear up in the crow's nest at this point. "I'd imagine that Richard might be in the Steelhart gardens pulling out all those terrible weeds," he says. "It was all horribly overgrown when we got to it." He smiles at Alessia. "We want to show respect to those who came before us, even though... I really do want to replace their furniture, and the castle was rebuilt entirely."

Kiera smiles to Valerian "Your cousin seems quite capable I'm certain he would not bring anyone to harn" she says with absolute confidence "I have to work my confidence to go say hello to prince niklas. I missed my chance at the bard's gala. I'm a voice now I've got to get used to such things. Diplomacy is not accomplished exclusively in libraries but then i could start a trend" she laughs

Niklas waves to Reve. "Hi Lord Reve Halfshav! I'm good friends with Lord Arik and Scout Rowenova!" He thinks for a second, then calls out, "Well, maybe not good friends! But friends more or less!" He glances back to Sabella just in case she has any thoughts, but then he sees the gigantic trophy and stares at it avariciously. "Oh, that's very nice. I need that for my trophy case."

"A drink game?" Bree calls from atop the Crow's Nest. And then to her companions with a loud laugh which foretells their doom, "I don't think we should be up here." She claps one hand on Alessia's shoulder, and one on Drake's. "I imagine your maid could bring us enough drink, Lady Alessia, but I don't imagine she could carry us down that pole once we've passed out." To the comments about Richard she says, "Next time I will encourage him to join us. He has to let loose every once in a while!" Her hands lift and come back down in a friendly nudge. "See you both at the bottom!" That was a short adventure, but she's sober enough to realize the danger.

Bree has left the Crow's Nest.

Raising her brow when the game is announced, Alessia's smile turns mischievous. "Oh this can only be good." She laughs. Then to Drake. "That goes without saying, darling." She assures him. "As long as the history remains intact." She places a hand on his arm.

Bree checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 40 higher.

"Just compliment him a lot and ask him to tell you about sharknoids or whatever they're called." Valerian suggests to Kiera, still a bit preoccupied with toeing the creeky board beneath him.

Rorik is SLAPPED on the back! He reaches over to slap Porter in return, before he offers his arm out to Helena. "Come on. Winning my own trophy would be bad form so you have to enter." Then he looks to Samira, and plunks his other hand on her shoulder. "You have to win, too!"

Gianna inclines her head to Marena and notes, "We'll have to set some time aside to do that, then. I always enjoy a good story." She's slightly distracted by the... very large trophies. "Hmm. Impressive," she notes, brows arching. "If only I could possibly keep up in a drinking contest." The name 'Reve' shouted has her turning toward the man in question. "Ah, I was speaking to Lord Arik not long ago and he mentioned you. Well met."

2 Redoubt Buccaneers arrives, following Wulfrum.

Alessia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 24 higher.

Samira checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 4 higher.

Samira nods solemnly at Rorik, attempting to keep a straight face. "Oh, well. Surely that's an honest mistake. I mean, 'Countess Carita' sounds SO much like 'Lord Rorik Kennex'; I'm sure he just got the names confused in his mind. Clearly he means you. You're handsomer and you've got a better beard." She pauses, brow knit as she considers. "I mean, I don't think I've actually met this Countess, but I'd still say that's probably a safe assumption." She flashes a grin at Rorik then turns her gaze to Helena, smiling. "That's a pleasant thought, being able to bring things into existence. I'll hope it's a very pleasant scene, if it's to happen." Hearing Porter's announcement, she straightens up to full height and taps Rorik's arm. "Oooh, yes. Drinking time! I'll try my best."

Sabella checked stamina + propaganda at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Sorrel checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 59 higher. Sorrel rolled a critical!

Helena checked stamina + diplomacy at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Sabella's eyes go a bit wide at the trophies set out, "I do believe you mean my trophy case," she points out to Niklas, raising her glass and nodding towards Porter, "This is just about who is more convincingly holding their liquor, right? And it is lovely to meet you, Lord Reve! As my husband said, I hold Lord Arik and Scout Rowenova in the highest of regards!"

Niklas checked stamina + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 46 higher.

Reve lifts his glass back to Marena, grinning easily. It's a grin that grows in spades as he hears his name called from Niklas. "Excellent!" he calls back. "You and I - drinking soon! We can cause twice the trouble of him with half the notice!" He means well, he does. See, this is Reve being friendly. Gianna as well is greeted with a lift of his glass. Then, given the drinking. Oh the drinking. You see, at this point he's taking large gulps of that vodka. By the time Sabella is greeting him, he's finished that glass and throwing it carelessly overboard. That IS how this is done, right?

Reve checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 18 higher.

Sorrel is drinking. Hard. She lifts her glass to Sabella in a very cheerful sort of way and laughs a musical sort of laugh and just generally seems like she's having a pleasant time.

Drinking game. Drake considers thoughtfully. But... on the othe rhand, he did just climb all the way UP and now they expect him to climb back DOWN? Hm. Alessia putting a hand on his arm seems to cement his resolve to stay put. He tilts his head at her, and smiles. "You know, I've lost plenty a drinking game, so perhaps I'll just get comfortable with you this time around and watch the show." He says, a little more quietly, "I appreciate that. I think honoring them is important too. You should come by the new house sometime."

Alas, Porter can't judge who's handling their alcohol the best if he's also drunk, so he must remain soberish! And Rorik is right, it's bad form to win at your own party. He moves around until he can find Valerian, slapping his hand on his shoulder again. "Are you drinking?" he looks down as he toes a board on his ship. "Is my ship broken?" he asks him and thunks his foot against it hard.

Azova leans back against the rail fully now that the drinking contest is about to begin, and though she is certainly sitting this one out it appears that Lord Reve is not! So, she manages to convince a servant to get her some coffee instead of drinking more liquor. On duty, as it were. At least for the moment. "I don't think you're supposed to toss the glass, Reve! But excellent new tradition."

Bree finds her footing on the deck again, and moves over to claim a glass of whiskey so that she might engage in some competitive drinking!

Niklas grabs a drink, lifts it toward Reve and says, "No time like the present!" Then downs it. It's just one drink in, right? He's perfectly fine. Unless he did some pregaming back at the mansion. To Sabella he says, "My trophy case! It's where I keep my trophy for the time I tilted with the king!"

"I guarantee you I will not win this trophy," says Helena to Rorik with a laugh, though she takes a glass as they come around. To Samira, she nods. "You'd want to be careful what you paint, if that were the case. Only beautiful, inspiring things," she says. She asides, "I rarely ever win contests. But it's all about the adventure in trying, I suppose. Just... be sure if I get too drunk I don't go after Nightingale Gianna's gems, yes?" she grins at Rorik.

With plenty of drinks where they are, Alessia doesn't seem in any hurry to head down. Especially when servers send more drinks their way. She drains her drink with no problem, slipping an arm around him. "I'll do what I can to keep you comfortable, my lord."

Alessia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 18 higher.

Gianna glances between Niklas and Sabella and asks, "...Are your trophy cases large enough to even hold them? You might have to use them as the new cases." Spying Sorrel, Gianna tips her chin toward her patron. She can't seem to get Sam to relinquish the archlute, so she settles her fiddle in place and fiddles a lively tune for getting drunk off your ass to.

Bree checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Niklas checked stamina + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 23 higher.

Sorrel checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Samira checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Helena checked stamina + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 28 higher.

Sabella checked stamina + propaganda at difficulty 30, rolling 25 higher.

Reve checked stamina + diplomacy at difficulty 30, rolling 24 higher.

"I'd like that, Mistress Gianna. I look forward to it," Marena responds, gesturing toward Gianna with her glass before polishing off the rest of her glass. As the activities pick up, it does not seem she will be joining in. With a fleeting smile and a brisk wave of her fingers for the others, she subtly takes her leave.

"I can't promise anything. I would like to watch the fight," Rorik says to Helena with a warm chuckle as he leads her and Samira over to wherever this drinking game is taking place. Also, he's going to go ahead and take a few glasses of whiskey for himself. "Do me proud!" he says to Helena and Samira both. "I get to share the trophy if either of you win." He is also, apparently, going to take drinks with them so hopefully Porter is keeping track of who's winning.

A quiet sound of shock escapes Valerian at the slap and he shudders. "I don't know. Am-am I?" He looks helpless. "I'm sure the ship's fine," he reassures Porter, and himself. Just to be safe, he doesn't place his weight on that spot, anymore.

Niklas knocks back another of whatever the hell someone hands him and then shrugs at Gianna. "I'll put it on top. It's in the hall so the worst case scenario is that it falls and crushes Prince Laric. We'd all be sad, of course!, but you know he's got to be leaving me something good in his will, right?" Very sober!

Valerian checked stamina + empathy at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Sabella downs her second drink and then sets a hand out on the railing of the ship. Then thinks better of being that nearby the edge and instead moves back away from it, swaying a little, "My, these are rough seas tonight!" She says cheerfully, holding out her cup for some new libations, "I'm sure the ship is fine as well," she assures Valerian cheerfully, "After all, it's not on fire! At least, I'm pretty sure. I don't know that much about ships."

"Indeed!" calls Reve back to Niklas, acquiring a bottle now from someone that passes on by. "No, *not* the vodka, that was... no, whiskey. Whiskey is just more traditional for my House, thank you." See Reve? See Reve be diplomatic. With his acquisition in hand, he moves back to Azova and then shows it off. "There. Less waste." That sway is totally his lack of sea-legs.

"Laric is not leaving anyone good in his will," Sorrel informs Niklas with a merry laugh as she heads over and clasps a hand on his shoulder in a companionable sort of way.

Valerian checked stamina + empathy at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

"Well," says Niklas primly. "Then he'll deserve the trophy-crushing."

"Only the most beautiful, lovely of things to put into the world," Samira concurs with Helena before claiming a glass and peering at its contents eagerly. She sends the princess an encouraging glance. "You never know. There's a first thing for everything, they say. Why not for winning a drinking contest? Or at least getting drunk enough to add a little entertainment." She raises her glass in a toast to Rorik and then tips it back, making a small face as it goes down but hastily following it up with a second glass which seems to go down more easily than the first.

The whiskey burns as it slides down her throat, but Bree barely flinches. A satisfied 'Ahhh' escapes her and she strides to inject herself in the buzz of the party. "Hi," she beams at Marena, waving a hand. "I heard you're new to the city? You've picked the perfect welcome activity," she grins, and then she's spinning to grab another glass of whiskey for the next round. This has her feet carrying her over toward Porter, free hand reaching out to tug at the arm of his robe as he pesters Valerian. "Remember what I said, Porter, before I drink this, hmm?" That said, she seems content to leave him with his duties as host, and she tips the second glass to her lips. Mmm.

And Bree totally didn't scare Marena off. She was already leaving.

Porter stomps that spot on the ship a bit more and //does// seem to hear something. He takes another drink off of the drink table and then crouches down, knocking on the wooden plank. "Oh, that's not good at all!" he intones, in an unhappy voice. "I need to get down there later and see why it sounds like that." Hmmhmm. He stands again to his full height and rocks Valerian by the shoulders again. "Thank you, cousin!" And he passes off his drink to him. Then he gets another one. Is he paying attention to the crowds, um. PROBABLY. As he's bringing the glass to his lips, he lifts his eyebrows in Bree's direction and then laughs. "I'll catch up to you, I promise."

Another glass is poured and the contents drained without causing any notable reactions from the glaivedancer on the Crow's Nest.

Azova nudges Reve when he is so emphatic about not the vodka. "It wasn't /bad/." she protests, laughing but also holding up her cup of coffee. "Put a splash of the whiskey in here though, would you? Please." She flashes a smile, trying not to laugh as he claims to be creating less waste. And, sways. "Perfect rail test. You just lean against it so you don't... sway too much, alright?" Who her? Totally not amused.

Bree checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 3 higher.

Alessia checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 17 higher.

Sabella checked stamina + propaganda at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Kiera laughs "Do you enjoy terrifying relatives Lord Porter?" She looks at valerian "It's fine. You don't have to drink if you don't want. I don't. prefer to keep the wits sharp having no other weapon at hand you see" she smiles again... is she helping him at all.

"Sure," says Helena with a laugh when Rorik says he gets to share the trophy she said she isn't going to win. Still, the next round seems to not faze her but for a little more of a rosy glow coloring her cheeks than before. At least, it might be the alcohol. "If you can do so," she tells Samira, regarding painting things into existence, "there are a few things I'd commission from you I think."

Sorrel checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 30 higher.

Helena checked stamina + diplomacy at difficulty 40, rolling 70 higher. Helena rolled a critical!

Reve checked stamina + diplomacy at difficulty 40, rolling 22 higher.

Drake isn't making himself part of the contest this time, but he's up in the nest giving Alessia moral support while he more slowly drinks his wine. He looks rather impressed at her so far. But the competition seems fierce.

Niklas checked stamina + performance at difficulty 40, rolling 21 higher.

Samira checked stamina + survival at difficulty 40, rolling 13 lower.

Valerian crinkles his nose up and winces as he throws back one drink, and then another. The alcohol almost gets him accustomed to Porter's repeated shaking of him! Choking quietly into the crook of his arm, Valerian preservers to give it another go.

Valerian checked stamina + empathy at difficulty 40, rolling 11 lower.

"I'm pretty sure "Terrifying relatives" is Kennex's motto," Sabella replies to Kiera with a laugh, having a seat in her husband's lap and draping an arm around him. A show of affection surely and not at all to do with this being the fourth strong drink she's had in the last five minutes, "Or it's something about tears and wakes. No wait, that's Thrax!" she points at Sorrel as if to show that she knows Thrax! "Kennex is...purple ships not nips. Or something."

"I suppose he would deserve it, then," Gianna tells Niklas with a prim nod of her own. The fiddle's strings are assaulted in a wonderfully quick tune. "The mangoes are imported?" she suggests to Sabella.

"'We bleed vodka,' I think perhaps," Helena quips.

"I am pretty sure that you can get most of the Kennex men to take off their shirts if you really wanted to," Sorrel suggests helpfully to Sabella, looking highly amused at the new motto before leaning in closer to inspect the Grayson's current tiara.

"Ugh, *water*," Reve complains to Azova, eyeing her as though it is entirely her fault that he is currently on a boat. On water. So much water. Despite this, with the request for whiskey in her coffee, Reve straightens and with a bit of flair manages to top off the coffee cup. "And no, the vodka was not. Simply not to my typical tastes." He settles back on the rail, as requested, adopting a lean that is far more casually Lycene that any northerner should be able to pull off. Lounge (without robe, thanks).

The third glass of whiskey does not go down as easily as the first two. There's a moment's pause as Bree has the cup to her lips, as if maybe she can't do it. A mental pep talk is all she needs, and after several seconds, she tips the glass further and finishes the last. Her hand moves to her stomach to just make sure it doesn't get any ideas. Her worry over the whiskey passes, however, at Sorrel's comment regarding the shirts, and she laughs to her, "You act like that's a challenge!"

"The winds of change," says Niklas to his wife, "are ever at our back!" He gives her a helpful slap to his back, then says, "It sounds very dramatic and progressive, but Ford came up with it one night after he and Vanora had eaten a _lot_ of hard boiled eggs!"

"THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE EVER AT OUR BACKS. Except tonight, the air is a bit stale." Porter starts of shouting and then ends on a talking note, wincing as Valerian begins to choke. "Oh, no, I didn't mean to kill you. Here have another drink." Of whiskey.

to her back, not his, that'd be hard

Rorik lets out a WHOOP for Helena as she tosses back another glass of whiskey, putting his arms up in a cheer. "YOU CAN DO IT! Win that trophy!" he shouts encouragingly, reaching to take a drink for himself. As he does so however, someone taps him on the shoulder to deliver a missive. Maybe it's what's written there, or the fact that Helena is tossing back whiskey like it's nobody's business - he chokes and starts coughing madly.

"Why, are you suggesting that Vanora is a fart?" Sorrel inquires with a drunken giggle to Niklas. "Faaaaaaaaaart?"

"There aren't eggs here are there?" Sabella asks, sounding a little horrified and perhaps a shade green. She then turns to look at Reve, squinting a bit at him, "I've always wanted to know. Which half of the Shav are halfshav named after? I think, were it me, I would want to be the right side I think."

To be fair, it really is entirely Azova's fault that Reve is on a ship right now, so she accepts the 'ugh' of water exclamation with a stylized bow. "I accept all blame." she assures him, tilting her head suddenly when she hears Sabella stretching out that word realllllly comically. That, it seems, makes her laugh.

Cheeks a little more aglow, Helena smirks when Rorik cheers her on, but then lifts her brows when he starts coughing on whatever the message is. She pats his back lightly. "Are you well, Lord Rorik?" she asks, but she can't help but look up and snort a little at Niklas' jokes. "Quite a rotten yolk that was," she puns a little. "Oh, a Halfshav, I missed that. Lord Reve is it?" the Redrain says, smiling at Reve. "Surely the best half."

Samira affixes Helena with a curious look. "What sorts of things would you wish to bring to life?" The query is accompanied by a raised glass held aloft before she tilts it back to her lips. "And you really can drink like a pro!" Unlike the first two drinks, this one seems to do Samira in. She has begun to look a little green in the face, a quiet groan escaping her. "Y'know, normally when I drink, it's on solid ground. Drinking on a boat is a whole 'nother challenge." Excuses, excuses. Even while concentrating on keeping from losing her lunch, she glances sidelong to the coughing Rorik. "You alright?"

Red-faced from the neck up, Valerian's features remain contorted. With a deep frown, he shakes his head a few fast times as if to decline more whiskey from Porter but, in true Valerian fashion, his hands accidentally still accept the offered drink and now he has it.

Gianna fiddles. The song gets some lazy sweeps, tottering drunkenly but still managing to be a song.

"It -" cough-cough, "BURNS!" Rorik declares as he continues to cough, pounding on his chest while Helena pats him on the back. But he soon waves his other hand in the air. "I'm good, I'm good!" he has to smack his chest a few more times. "I'm just SURPRISED. You're totally going to win this!" Don't screw up now, Helena.

Someone under Porter's employ (possibly doubting their employment choices at the moment tbh) has been keeping a generally sober eye on the party guests for the Kennex duo. He heads over to Rorik (waits for him to stop choking) and starts gesturing for him to carry the BIG trophy to Helena. Then he wanders back to Porter and (waits for Valerian to stop choking as well and) gestures, indicating Porter should carry the more reasoanbly sized one to Sorrel. Figuring out what's going on, Porter straightens up, patting his younger cousin's back in a FAR gentler fashion than before. "Oh! Our winners are Princess Helena and Princess Sorrel!" Yay!

Reve starts to straighten from that lean, but in the end his body declines for him, and so he just lifts that bottle to Sabella. "The fair side, your highness!" he calls back. He tosses his head back, angles it a little bit to the left there to ensure that his good side is on full display. Perfectly trimmed beard and all. It is also purely in jest, a point meant to be made perfectly clear by his lift of the bottle in toast to Niklas next. Laughing after that drink, he peers onward to Helena when hailed. "The best and the worst," he agrees with a flash of a sharp smile. Another drink too, because really, that's what he needs.

"Wait, you DID win this!" Rorik gets to carry the trophy, and he couldn't be happier. He jumps out of his seat, his fit totally over now, because he hugs his arms around the huge trophy and drags it over to Helena. "You did it! You won! You said you wouldn't but you DID!"

Porter takes a large but still reasonably sized trophy with seasilk ribbon and various gemstones.

Bree cheers loudly for both Helena and Sorrel as they are given the titles of best drinkers, and then she takes the opportunity to lounge back against the railing, letting the slightly cooler temperatures of the dockside combat the flush rising to her cheeks.

Free from Porter's cousinly affection, Valerian hands off his newest beverage to the very same sober employee that saved him. Sorrynotsorry. Still not _quite_ through choking, he clasps the back of his hand over his mouth.

Azova cheers for the winners of the drinking contest, watching those disturbingly large trophies get hauled over to the ladies who have surely earned them. "You might need to hire someone to carry those home for you."

Sorrel holds her trophy aloft and shouts triumphantly, "FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!" She may be drunk.

Drake seemed to be distracted, in the Crow's Nest, but when winners are announced, he lets out a loud, "Here here!" from the top of the mast so that his cheering is heard by the victors. Then he drains a glass of wine.

Rorik gets a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE sized trophy with seasilk ribbon and various gemstones.

Niklas sighs at the loss and waves a hand. "I suppose Laric is safe for another day." Sorrel's declaration gets a nod. "Kids love this song."

Sabella applauds for the winners, sort of, because she has one arm around Niklas and it's definitely not because she would otherwise fall into a heap on the floor, "Hooray!" she calls out, "Farts in our wake but not at the funeral!" She waves her mug happily.

Kiera smirks "Enough alcohol and the playwright of arx acquires my younger brother's sense of humor such interesting duscoveries.Would you like to accompany to docks that don't move perhaps

"I told you there's a first time for everything, including being the BEST DRUNK." That'd be 'best drinker' really, but apparently Samira's not going to distinguish between the two as she celebrates Helena's win, applauding for the winners.. "Congratulations! That's a cool trophy, too." She sways in place for a moment before leaning heavily against the railing in what she thinks looks like nonchalant posture.

Gianna segues into a victorious sort of finale for her fiddling and lowers said fiddle. That's enough of that. She carefully tucks the fiddle's bow under her arm and finds herself a drink.

With the competition over, Alessia slows her drinking pace, though raises her glass to the winners on the deck.

"I don't know. I'll have to think. Beautiful things," Helena replies to Samira, while giving Rorik a doubtful look. She doesn't try to read his note at least. "No, I'm starting to feel a little li-" but hey the game's over, and she did in fact win. Her brows lift and she looks at Porter with wide eyes, then laughs as Rorik pops up to go get the trophy. "I never win anything, really," she says, reaching up as if to brush a tear from her eye. She stands up, a tiny bit wobbly, to take the trophy from Rorik but almost drops it, and plops back down into her seat. "I'd like to thank my family and my marten and Dame Ida for my hairpins..." she says, as if giving a speech.

Where did Porter's drink go? Oh, right. He gave it to Valerian! Who doesn't have it anymore. His expression is clear disappointment. Until he remembers that there's other drinks available and gets one of them. He moves against the rail and claps loudly for Sorrel's triumphant battle cry in the drinking game. "Princess Helena, give us a speech! About this--" whatever is happening here. SHE IS GIVING A SPEECH. He looks frankly, delighted that this is happen. "DAME IDA IS THE BEST NAIL SPITTER!" he calls out loudly. Then he leans over to say something quietly to Bree, raking hair away from his forehead.

This trophy is HEAVY! Rorik drops into a chair the second that he hands it off to Helena, grabbing another shot to lift the glass up in the air. "SPEECH! SPEECH SPEECH SPEECH!" he chants, pounding on the table with his other hand.

"Hurrah!" cheers Reve to the winners, his regret of loss greatly diminished due to the liberal amounts of alcohol consumed. Which he's evidently done with, because he's pitching that bottle overboard with a nice little twirl. It's just like skipping stones. "Well met and a grand goodnight to all of you. Lady Azova? Let us *not* fall into the drink." Clearly he thinks it's over, what with his departing with arms locked with Azova. SWAY. "Sea-legs," he mutters darkly, departing.

Azova has to shove her cup onto a table last minute, or else it will want up spilling everywhere with the swaying that is now occurring. "Great party!" Obviously, her escort needs an escort to make it home safely. So off they go.

Azova has left the Damsel Quarterdeck.

Reve has left the Damsel Quarterdeck.

Reve leaves, following Azova.

"Let's drink tonight! // It'll all be alright! // And we'll fart love songs to you!" Sorrel starts singing unhelpfully. "Let that one rip! // After yet one more sip! // It's how we'll know you're true!" And she's loud. She spins a pirouette holding her drink in one hand and her trophy in the other, narrowly missing clobbering Niklas in the head in the process. "For who can know love // If your lover will shove // You out of the bed // When you fart between rounds? // Love will never be found! // And you'll turn quite red! // So don't hold it in! // Farting isn't a sin!"

Sabella stares at Sorrel and then starts to laugh. And laugh. And laugh so hard that she has to abandoned her glass to Elizabetta, who fumbles with it more than enough to spill some, as the princess throws both arms around Niklas, "I'm so glad I probably won't remember this tomorrow, but my is it funny right now!"

"Oh, that's all I have," Helena says with a laugh, one hand reaching up to tuck an errant curl back from her face before fanning her warm cheeks. "Wait! but a toast. To House Kennex and the boarding party. Thank you for a lovely night, and amazing comemotive-- coremo- commemorative souvenirs to remember them by." Okay, the alcohol's hitting a little bit. She clinks her glass against Rorik's and drinks it off. She gives him a stern look. "I don't think I can say your name when I'm drunk so we need to come up with something else for you today."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Bree's mind is spinning a bit, and so the steadiness of the buildings on the dock are her study, a goofy grin at her lips all to be blamed on the drinking game. She hears Porter calling for Helena's speech and turns slowly to add her voice, "Yes! Speech, speech, speech!" she chants in encouragement to the princess, but then Porter leans in for those murmured comments, and she turns her head to offer some response, her hand lifting to grab the front of his robe again. Maybe she's telling him they're twins once more? Helena's words reach her, and she looks up to cheer, "To House Kennex!" And then to Porter, she hops up to plant a kiss right on his lips. "That's you!"

"To Kennex! To boarding!" Rorik toasts along with Helena. "To me and Porter, to Princess Helena and Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella and Princess Sorrel and Mistress Samira and Dame Bree and -" oh, goodness, somebody stop him. Here, he'll stop himself, draining his whiskey cup before he laughs over to Helena. "You can just shout at me HEY YOU! But what's so hard about Rorik? It's the easiest name /ever/."

Gianna blinks a little at Sorrel, nods, and then drains the rest of her drink quickly.

"Tears in our wake, but not while we bake," calls out Niklas to his wife who is sitting in his lap so probably doesn't need his volume to be quite that high. Then he gives her a hug before shoving her off of his lap when Gianna stops playing and goes to grab his archlute, which is like a lute but with a bit of a sarcastic tone, and begins to play. It doesn't occur to him that maybe two people don't need to be shouting songs at the same time, leading to what is likely a drunken raucous din. "They sent for the navy to come to the battle, our valiant leaders agreed! With one thousand sections in different directions. Oh gods, what a fucked up stampede!" He stomps his feet as he starts into the chorus, "Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all! The long and the short and the tall! Fuck all of the admirals who give us the flack, they don't give a shit if we never come back!

Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician with attitude problems, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle, 1 Healer Guardian arrive, following Reigna.

Samira grins widely as she listens to Helena's triumphant winning speech, her face still flushed as she continues leaning her weight against the ship's railing as if her life depends upon it. When the lyrics of Sorrel's song reach her ears, she subsides into laughter. "I've gotta remember for the next time people are drinkin' in the Murder. They'll appreciate that one." Helena's toast prompts another set of giggles as she pantomimes holding up a glass in toast in a hand that is actually completely empty. No more drinks for her. "Yeah, to House Kennex and th' boarding party! Only way the name could be easier is if you rhyme it. Lord Rord or somethin'."

Porter is speaking to Bree, looking serious until Sorrel starts to break out into song. He can't help but laugh and also start to sing along, but badly. Badly because he can't possibly know the words to the song yet, so there's a lot of him just making up his own words and stumbling through. But he's very much not sober and enjoying it anyway. At the end, he knocks back a good moment of drink. "Thank you, that was a great speech!" he calls over to Helena, smiling broadly. He laughs when Bree hops up and kisses him, hooking an arm around her shoulder after. He holds his glass up, "To boarding! To RORIK HEY YOU KENNEX, for getting the robes!"

Sabella lands in a heap at Niklas' feet, but at least she's laughing about it, clapping along with...well one of the songs. Probably.

Drake gets a messenger passed up to the Crow's Nest. He takes it, looks at it, chuckles, and pockets it, then keeps on drinking wine as the music seems to be in full force.

Niklas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 79 higher.

"Worik." Yeah, that's not it. Helena shakes her head and laughs. "Ror. Ik." She can do it if she breaks it up. "I can't really feel my mouth, since that last drink," she says lightly. She taps her feet in time (well, maybe a little behind the beat; she's drunk) to Niklas' song. "Lord Rord!" she echoes Samira, but it still comes out with a W. Lord Ward. Poor Rorik. She probably had trouble with R's as a kid. She holds her glass up to Porter when he praises her speech. "Thank you, I worked hard on it."

Porter holds up his drink again, "Three cheers to Lord Rord!"

Rorik checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Niklas' song is not exactly one to dance to, but as he starts to sing and Helena starts having problems with his name? He LEAPS out of his chair and tucks an arm about the princess' waist. "Let's dance!" he declares, then sweeps her out onto the deck of the ship. It's terrible music to sway to, but the giant Kennex twirls Helena around with ease and grace.

An entirely too sober looking Reigna finds her way aboard the ship, a missive held in one hand. She has a look of awe on her face at the sheer level of drunkeness on display. She's clearly looking for someone in particular, though she spies Porter first and calls from the gangplank, "Captain Porter Kennex, permission to come aboard?"

As the singing begins, Bree remains mute - at least to the song. She does cheer on those who try to sing along, and she joins in with some swaying against Porter, her rhythm not quite right. "To Lord Rorik!" she agrees with that cheer, casting the cousin a smile, and lifting up the edge of her robe to wiggle at him. "I love it it."

It's not really like Sorrel's song about farts is terribly danceable either, but she yields the floor to Niklas when he starts to sing and play. With a bounce, the princess dances her way over to Gianna. "Do you want to dance?" she inquires curiously, holding out a hand. Sorrel is not terrible perceptive when drunk.

Looking up from where he's cheering for people to really start calling Rorik 'Rord' and speaking to Bree next to him, he turns his attention toward Reigna. "Marquessa Keaton! Of course, please. The Guildmaster of the Physician's Guild is always welcome on my ship. Would you like a drink?" he asks, waving her over to join them.

"I'm afraid I'm not in a dancing mood," Gianna tells Sorrel with a wry little expression. She lowers her voice to add something to her Princess patron.

Reigna grins as she is granted permission and she moves over towards Porter with a bright smile. "I would *love* one, thank you! I am looking for my cousin." She suddenly realizes how unhelpful that is in a city where everyone is someone's cousin. "Sorrel, I mean. She told me to come find her here and informed me she had sung a song my children would love."

"I'll be fine, just give it a moment." Valerian teeters by the drink table, still pressing the back of his palm against his mouth. He steadies himself with the other hand, reaching out and clasping onto whatever nearby piece of the ship itself is in range. "Besides," he tells Kiera, "I'm doubtful there'd be any ground that wasn't moving for me in this moment." Thank the Gods he didn't actually drink that next round from Porter.

Attention turns to the newcomer as Samira hears Reigna's voice from the gangplank. The Culler studies the unfamiliar woman and then calls out helpfully: "I don't think she's drunk enough, Lord Pord - er, Porder- PORTER." Giggling, she turns and watches as Rorik sweeps Helena into a dance, whoooping cheerfully for the pair as she slowly sinks to a seated position right there on the deck.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

2 Grayson House Guards have been dismissed.

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Porter shouts from nearby, "LORD RORD!"

Rorik shouts from nearby, "LORD PORDER"

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

"Oh, spinning," says Helena a little wryly, like this might *not* be the best idea -- and it's really a testament to whether she deserved the RIDICULOUSLY LARGE trophy. Still, she manages to not lose whatever she's downed tonight. She's not as practiced of a dancer as some but has a natural grace despite lack of tutelage. Her merry laugh rings out as Rorik twirls her and grins up at at him -- her cheeks are definitely pinker yet than a moment ago.

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