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Lady Marena Inverno

Perfection? Easy to define: the stillness of winter and beauty of falling snow. An ivory canvas, before we paint it red.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Haunted and Brilliant Mind
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Inverno
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 2/13
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Warlord
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tan

Titles: General of the Dread Army of Caina

Description: Marena is a product of her mixed heritage of Caina and Setarco, a beauty of chiseled features that gives airs of sharp deviousness. Poised like a keen raptor at her perch the woman has a noble bearing that exudes discipline, her frosty eyes depicting cutting strength.

Standing at five foot five, the sylphlike Lycene is deadly grace and feminine curves, her tanned body sporting muscle tone and scars that agree with her background as a warrior trained among the best in the Summer Seas. The wavy hair is kept long, lustrous and dark, and it is an obvious point of pride and vanity, even if it is almost always tightly bound in a severe ponytail.

Her eyes are dark blue, and a mouth unused to smiling sits in a rounded face with a sharp profile delineated by a straight-lined, round-tipped nose. Marena looks elegant and keen in almost everything she does, and on her right cheek she bears the mark of her father, a sharp curved talon tattoo.

Personality: On the surface, Marena is everything rumors make her to be: effortlessly stylish without any flourish to her clothes or movements, discipline incarnate. She is severe without losing grace and lethal despite her soft-spoken politeness. There is an edge to the Lycene woman that is the perfect blend of her mother's Setarcan fire and her father's deadly Cainite mien.

At her core things are somewhat different for the warmongering girl. Behind her frosty eyes roils the passion of a moon-touched woman, kept under control until unleashed. Marena's inner fire is felt in the power of her orders in the battlefield, and in every kiss shared with a lover. Marena is, in few words, quiet intensity, and has only grown more focused since spending a few years in Setarco City.

Background: The story of Marena and Moros begins with the wild romance of their parents, the tale that inspire the Ballad of Hearts and Swords. Bitter enemies for years, Adela Pravus and Auster Inverno would meet again when the Sin sailed to Caina demanding a match to end their rivalry once and for all. The Black Tooth aquiesced to a duel, if the challenger could defeat his disciples. The Setarcan dispatched the Shark's apprentices with swift violence. Auster, however, would prove himself to be far more skilled and would come out victorious. As Adela, bloodied but not beaten, glared at the breathless Inverno, their fires changed and mingled, and a month later they would be wed. From this union Marena and Moros were born, and the legend of the Twin Fins of Caina would begin.

From the onset Marena and Moros were designed for war, the combined Inverno and Pravus heritage and upbringing under the Black Tooth having sealed their fates. Each twin did pursue their own hobbies, with Marena leaning towards strategy, dancing and swimming, drawn to the finer things she could pursue in solitude, ever the introspective one. Each sunrise started the same, however, with the two training under Auster.

A harsh father, and demanding tutor, Auster believed one of them would inherit his Gift of Endings, while the other would disappoint him. Only one would bear the title of Black Tooth of Caina, and for that he would make Marena and Moros not just rivals: they would be enemies, and would bear their scars to prove it. Caina knew of the dispute well, and many felt for the young children of Auster Inverno. The city would grow used to the heated arguments between the Black Tooth and his Setarcan wife over the subject.

A year to go before their final test and the writing was on the wall: Lady Marena was all but sure to be the heiress to her father's title. She had mastered the Inverno posture of fencing while Lord Moros had fallen behind. To the experienced warriors of the Inverno it was the the studious Marena who swam alone in the deepest waters.

As Lord Auster fomented further strife, it was during their birthday celebration that the two fought at the Throatcut Docks. The argument was heated and soon devolved into a fistfight, a quagmire of bottled emotions bursting free, old wounds bared for the city to see. By the end the commonfolk watched in pity as the ever-serene Marena gave an indignant screech of defeat, Moros standing over his sister bloodied and looking anything but victorious.

Adela would divorce from Auster and take the broken Marena to Setarco to heal while Moros stayed behind as the new Black Tooth. Rumor has it that Marena has stayed in Setarco City ever since, not to be seen again until very recently, lecturing in the war academy of Setarco, the School of Silk and Steel. Seemingly rejuvenated, she sets herself to Arx to serve her family as its Minister of War in the conquests to come, a year after her father has left Caina and vanished in the world, leaving the Twin Fins to deal with his complex, and sinister, legacy.

Name Summary
Cassiopeia A woman that can hold her own during an adventure.
Cerys Marena is a pleasant conversationalist, well-spoken and well-mannered. Not to mention, she is a relative of my departed husband. What a fortuitous occasion to meet with her again.
Ilira She has eyes like daggers of glass, her smile a velvet-wrapped pommel. I wonder if she's all that dangerous or just good at looking like it. Either way, I enjoy her company, though struggle to discern whether it is mutual.
Nazmir At first impressions, she seems like your typical Lady with propriety and nobility at the forefront. But when it came down to it, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and chase after thieves. The Compact needs more like her.
Pasquale Proud of her part in the Academy of War.
Raymesin Bright-eyed and keen, this one. And yet, the light in her eyes isn't streaming in from her ears.
Savio A rapier of a person: quick, sharp, directly to the point, and stylish while doing it.