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Halfshav Winter Wedding Extravaganza

At long last, Prince Alecstazi Thrax and Lady Brianna Halfshav have been wed. The vows are spoken and it is time to party. In true northern flair, the couple has combined an elegant gathering with a chance to display participant's skills in a winter war game, aka a massive snow fort fight. There will be games, activities and a chance to dance as well.


May 9, 2020, 3 p.m.

Hosted By

Alecstazi Brianna

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Alaric Arik Jaenelle Mihaly Aine Rosalind Victus Teagan Corban Rorik Cerys Rowenova Darren Sorrel Eirene Volcica Mirk Cillian Gaston Dianna Symonesse Alessia Khanne Eleanor Braith Theron Kieran Niklas Sabella Zoey Rysen Alarissa Dimitri Ezra



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Halfshav Hall - Open Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Brahm, a large iridescent plumed raven, Voss, an icy-eyed Northlands Malsatian arrive, following Morrighan.

Alecstazi puts Snow and Sea Special Reserve in a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

2 Blackram guards, Ramson, a Shaggy Direhorn, Gaston arrive, following Teagan.

Alecstazi takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Adelie, a controlling mother arrives, following Aine.

Morrighan has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Victus has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Darren has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Alecstazi takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Dianna.

Alecstazi drops a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Mihaly has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and blue brocade chaise lounge couches.

Khanne gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Cerys takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Khanne gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

As various members of the Peerage file into the expansive courtyard of Halfshav Hall to attend the wedding of the season, so too does the King and Queen of the Compact with an impressive entourage all their own. The Lord Commander and First Captain are kept in close company, a quiet laugh exchanged between the group. Alaric takes in the decor, mouth upturning in subtle appreciation as he leans in to Symonesse, pointing out a bench for them all to sit.

Dianna takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Cerys takes Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Teagan gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Mihaly gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

The ceremony at the Shrine of Limerance went off without a hitch. No assassins, no earthquakes, no swarms of maddened birds -- just a lovely, traditional ceremony. So, too, was the ceremony at the Stone Grove. So many ceremonies. Now, it is time to party. The courtyard of Halfshav Hall is is appointed beautifully for a winter wedding -- pavilions with warm braziers full of food and drink, and two curious snow forts.

Aine gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private, Akkar arrive, following Cillian.

Rosalind takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Rowenova gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Alaric has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Rosalind takes Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Eleanor has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Rowenova gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Morrighan gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Brianna arrives on Alecstazi's arm, smiling so much it hurts, but she doesn't care. She is clad in a diaphanous spidersilk gown of pale gold, with a tiara made of golden ram's horns and jewels. somehow, she's not freezing. Yet.

Morrighan gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Sorrel gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Sorrel gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

It is still winter and thus Arik is still in his final form he gets to wear a coat. The painfully pale northerner holding up the post at a stone well that is covered in snow along the rim from the drifts the last few days. There's a warm cider in hand and he appears to be motioning with the cup at the fort with the red banner while speaking with Morrighan, the pair bantering... or bickering it's hard to tell.

What better way to end one's vacation in the North...ern ward than to attend the wedding celebrations of her cousin and his new bride. Jaenelle is looking rather northern in the outfit she had specially made for this too! She has clearly embraced her father's side. Though she has entered the courtyard alone, it is clear she is waiting for someone and the short woman is forced to have one of her guards keep watch over the growing number of people to find her date.

It's now officially a 'thing' between Mihaly and Eirene that they cannot arrive at an event together. Something is usually going to happen to prevent that. Whether it's work or something else. Planchet bustles up to him to tell the Riven that she'll be running late. The old knight, from the snort of smoke that comes from his pipe, likely finds a particular kind of humor made in this. But he makes the best of it, moving from the gate to inward. Because dropping by a wedding party full of people you barely know because your date is good friend's with the bride isn't awkward at all. Nope. So, deciding that a low profile is the best option, he goes to pick out a decent spot to smoke from.

Eira, 2 Bone Wardens arrive, following Volcica.

Aine laps, of course, as the bride and groom enter the set reception, smiling to her cousin and the new member of Halfshav. She stands near the trellis, at her mother's side, while she watches the party commence.

Should she out of bed? Nope. Probably not. Should have LIMPED her way out? Again. NOPE! But out comes the tall Ravenseye with bright red hair, looking well--still like a chew toy. Covered in large bite and claw marks. Bright side? She's out of her leathers and did try to dress up for the occassion. She smiles over at Brianna and Alecstazi, waving,"Oh hi! Congratulaions!"not as loud but it does the trick, going to sit down somewhere. But not before getting a drink!

Aine *claps

Aine has joined the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Twelve Thraxian guards escort three guests into the courtyard. Victus at the center, with a young girl and boy being strung along by each of his hands. All three were dressed fine and formally. Even the otter companion that rested on Victus' shoulder, sporting a brand new bow across its neck. Bright red. "I beseech the two of you. Do not go and-" Before he can finish his thought, Astrid was already sprinting from the armored shell and headed straight for the snow fortress. "Well. Fuck." The quiet Danse remains at his father's side, calm as could be at least. Waving off the rest of his retinue, Victus wanders his way toward the water fountain. Keeping himself from the rest of the pack for now.

Symonesse has joined the a lovely set of stained oak wood and blue brocade chaise lounge couches.

One cannot miss the arrival of the Blackrams. To be certain, yes, they are damnably tall. However, Marquessa Teagan Blackram arrives at Halfshav Hall with a bit of a wide berth forming around her because she has with her a Direhorn and while he is not one of the largest of his breed... at what must be at least two-hundred pounds, easily, he is still -quite large indeed- and people are smartly giving way. It's for the best, really, as she's leading him right toward the newlyweds. Her own gown for this event is something made to evoke a midnight garden; chances are she's cold, but then... if she is, she's not showing it. She can make one of her guards fetch a coat later.

Once Teagan is near to Brianna and Alecstazi, she offers the lead for the massive ram out to the former of the two. "I thought, with their popularity of late, that this might be a suitable gift." Or perhaps it just amused her. "His name is Ramson and, lest you-" a glance towards Arik. Or -CERTAIN PEOPLE- "worry, he is actually one of the more tame ones," insofar as any of them ARE tame, "and was not suitable for the military program. Your son," this, to Brianna, "could probably ride him until he's older."

Sir Corban of the Silver Swords is plainly on duty, in his rubicund silver armor as compared to the more informal Lord Commander. He looms close near the King and Queen, all protective and such.

Ramson, a Shaggy Direhorn have been dismissed.

Symonesse has left the a lovely set of stained oak wood and blue brocade chaise lounge couches.

Symonesse has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Corban has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Alecstazi has clearly gone native. He is the very picture of a northern Lord, with his bear-fur coat, all shaggy at the shoulders, and slim at the hips. His beard is thick, oiled and groomed and are those -- yes. He's worked in a series of charms in silver, gemstones and *gasp* bone. There is still Thrax within him, that coronet on his brow merges wave and bear imagery. He's laughing as he stands next to Brianna in the reception line, offering greetings and flashing a wide smile.

Rorik is definitely not part of the King's entourage but he's trailing behind them all the same. It's at a healthy distance though, and no one can claim the giant Kennex blends in or anything. Either way, he breaks from that group and looks about, hopping up onto the tips of his toes as though the person he's looking for requires *even more* height. "Ah ha!" he declares to no one in particular - but he walks straight over to Jaenelle, beaming a grin. "Found you." He leans to murmur something to her before he straightens up. "Where do you want to sit?"

Cerys Velenosa arrives in thr Courtyard with a grin and a bottle! Okay, so the bottle may have been picked up from the favors, but its a bottle! She glances around, but it would appear her husband may be 'parking the carriage' or something. Shrugging lightly, she moves deeper into the crowd, her height giving her an advantage as she looks through the crowds. Spotting a familiar face, she flashes a crokscrew grin and lifts a hand towards Teagan, making her way through the crowds. The bride and groom are resplendent, of course, but there's safety in numbers! So to Teagan first! "Cousin! This crush makes me sincerely glad my won wedding was quiet and non-consequential and immediately followed by a honeymoon." She lets out a laugh and turns towards Brianna and Alecstazi, "My lady, you are truly radiant. My lord, you look smug as the cat that got the canary. Many years of happiness to you both!"

Wearing a silk dress with masculine qualities like long sleeves as well as a high neckline is Scout Rowenova with Sir Floppington sitting down beside her while standing proximal to Lord Arik and Dame Morrighan. With her own mug, Rowenova mimicks her liege's gesturing via his mug. A miror image is she!

Ah yes, applause, a high lord's best friend, Darren offering loud claps and whooping as the newly married couple enter. Darren is in full furry finery, not-quite cat-calling the couple. He has a little more decorum than that.

"But Moooooooom! Astrid is playing in the snow fort," whines a small boy on whom Sorrel has a death grip as soon as the Thrax heir escapes her father. Nonetheless, his mother drags him over to see the happy couple while he pretends that his legs cease to work. "Lord Alecstazi, congratulations on your happy marriage to my dear friend Lady Brianna," Sorrel offers to the groom warmly with an easy smile, her daughter held in her other arm on her hip.

Eirene was late, indeed, but she has good reason. The grin on her face is shit-eating even if she's dressed like a proper woman for a change. A proper Lycene woman, that is. Sunset colored seasilk with cut-outs to show her tanned skin underneath. She even wears a few pieces of jewelry and a fancy tiara. She's a fancy broad today, complete with makeup. But that grin -- that grin is ALL Eirene even if the dress isn't her usual style. But wait, what's that? A flash of rubicund stiletto on her thigh in a holster. So perhaps some of it is more like Eirene underneath the dress.

This is.. a lot of people. A lot, a lot of people. Almost as soon as she steps into the Courtyard, Volcica looks as if she's questioning her choices. The look is faint and fleeting, but those with sharp eyes or more knowledge of the Stahlben will see it easily. Dark eyes skip around the space, looking for a familiar face-- a liferaft in this sea of chaos. She does manage to catch the tale end of clapping, at least!

Caleb, a nine-year-old boy in a steelsilk tunic, sees the Thrax children dashing to the snowfort and breaks away from the boring adults, dashing over to join them. And teach them his patented snowball method.

Mirk turns up in time for the party, dressed for the occasion. There's a nod of his head to each of the familiar faces he spots in the crowd - that is, most of them - as he makes his way through. He joins in the applause, and as it dies down says, "Congratulations, Cousin, on your wedding." A nod to Alecstazi. "It's here at last. And congratulations, my lord, and welcome to the family."

Arik is shaking his head at Morrighan when the lost Stahlben gets spotted. "Lady Volcica, refuge is here." he rumbles across the snow covered courtyard and makes a gesture for one of the servants to intercept her with cider!

Cillian comes walking into the court yard looking about his guards just behind him as he walks in, he is dressed in leathers except for his shirt it is that of silk but with a coat pulled over it. He spots Brianna and moves in that direction, "Lady Brianna, Lord Alecstazi, congratulations on your happy marriage." he says to them both his northern shav accent thick as he speaks to them both a smile on his face as he does so.

Being tall has it's benefits from time to time and in large gatherings like this, the benefits are clear as Gaston is able to see just how many guests are present for today's event. Despite his height though, the Blackram Lord is attempting to keep his presence at a minimum, staying by his sister's side as well as the Direhorn that is accompanying them, making sure it is not chewing on his clothes. His own formal attire is just a step up from what he usually wears, in that the pants are a touch more fancier along with the wolf cloak and pin he has on.

When Teagan chooses to lead the Direhorn towards the newlyweds, Gaston can't help but arch a brow at his sister but remains silent as he follows. When he nears the couple, the brother to the Marquessa waits for her to finish her formal greetings before offering them a respectful bow of his head, "Congratulations to the two of you."

Spying the Malvcic, Mihaly gets up, moving over to join her. "Wasn't sure how long you were going to be." There's a look over her, like he's looking for something in particular. "Were you able to get it?" he asks her. Though that 'what' he's referring to left unsaid.

It /is/ cold! Dianna, accompanied by her assistant, Trini, make their way into the courtyard with her usual elegance, wrapped in two furs and nestled close on Trini's arm, a broad, beaming smile shining to Brianna and Alecstazi. "Cousin..." Dianna purrs to Alec fondly, then turns to shine her smile upon Brianna, "And now, you are my cousin, too! I'm so very happy for you both. I shall have something special sent over for you."

She looks around and smiles, pleased, at the enormous gathering. "Oh, but you've so very many friends to attend. I'm so pleased for the splendid number of attendees!" She lifts her fingers to her lips and bows kisses to the newlyweds, then meanders onward, curtsying deeply to the King and Queen with slowed and measured elegance.

As the newly wedded couple arrives onto the scene, the crownsguard are summoned to provide a thunderous stomping of feet to herald in Alecstazi and Brianna. Alaric presses his fingers into his mouth to emit a piercing whistle before joining in the raucous applause. "Congratulations, Lady Brianna and Lord Alecstazi," he calls, content to keep his distance with Symonesse for the time being while other guests crowd in to give their own well wishes to the newly weds.

Symonesse is so taken with how charming the courtyard looks that she nearly sits in the wrong spot. She blinks, offers the guest whose lap she almost made a seat out of, and then happily makes her way to the correct benches. On her way, she spots Alecstazi and Brianna and gives them a short bout of applause and a brilliant smile. The two small children at her side, a little girl with golden hair and her brother with hair as lily white as his mother's, tug at her skirts and ask in plaintive little voices to go join the other in playing. The Queen nods her assent before taking a seat, her eyes trailing after the two as a smile curves her lips.

Mirk has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Entering the crowded courtyard, Alessia surveys her surroundings to find the happy couple. She tilts her head on spotting her cousin garbed in fully northern gear. "Alec!" She greets him with a hug. "Congratulations." She turns to Brianna. "You look lovely as ever, my lady." She appraises her gown with a beaming smile.

Then she notes her sister. "Dianna." She looks around. "I see your companion isn't with you."

Khanne sits with a happy and proud smile upon a wrought iron bench, decked out in her finest outfit representing the House of Halfshav. She stands to greet anyone who comes by, thanking them for coming and for supporting the newlyweds. When the King and Queen decide to join her she smiles and bows a bit towards them. "Your Majesties. A pleasure and honor to have you hear today." She greets Eleanor and Corban both with a wide smile then to Darren she says, "I knew you would sit with me. It pays to be a favorite."

Her attention returns to Brianna and Alecstazi then. "A fine pairing. Very fine. I hope they are forever happy in their union." She then looks through the crowd and tries to catch Victus' eye, nodding towards him in respect and with joy.

Eirene's five-year olds, brought in with their nanny following their mother, see the other children recking havoc on the snow-forts and instantly peel away. She waves them off to go have fun with a call of, "Don't break anyone's nose," and a fond smile. Idris and Iris aren't afraid of the bigger kids and will likely get into a fight if their size or youth is questioned. Eirene turns to Mihaly and sniggers madly. "Oh yes, worth every penny." Her blue eyes sweep over the beautiful bride and she grins again.

One would be forgiven for potentially missing Eleanor's arrival, surrounded as she is by fellow members of the King's Own. Plus of course... the King and Queen, who might possibly draw attention before the Lord Commander does. She's still dressed in silver, but not heavy plate armor and with a jeweled headband and a flowy top. She looks far too cheerful and relaxed to be on any sort of guard duty, and she gives Brianna a sunny smile and a wave before she takes her seat.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Theron.

A gaunt young man with oily black hair and ice blue eyes, 3 House Mazetti Guardians, Theron arrive, following Braith.

Upon Rorik's arrival, Jaenelle grins at whatever the man says beneath the noise of the gathered, replying with her own more softer spoken words. "Over there, of course," Jaenelle then says louder, slipping her hand into the crook of her escort's arm to direct him towards the rabbits. "Eleanor has promised me breakfast, but perhaps a wedding ceremony cake will do? Though I have no problem eating cake for breakfast either." She moves with Rorik over towards the royal family, offering a curtsey to both Alaric and Symonesse. "May I present Lord Rorik Kennex, my date for the evening." She doesnt ask to sit, because she doesnt need to ask, and wiggles onto the bench. "Darren" she states to the man, as if he knows what he did.

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Brianna looks in awe at the giant ram. "Teagan, you shouldn't have," she beams, leaning in to kiss her cheek. She greets and thanks all of the well-wishers in turn, with hugs and kisses and general good merriment. She spies the herd of children playing and draws Alecstazi's attention to it with a grin. "They certainly have the right idea."

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"My companion?" Dianna asks Alessia, turning to her twin, slightly-confused but pleased, apparently, by Alessia's presence. "Oh, do you mean Ravna? No... not today. I'm not entirely sure of where ...he's off to. But, it's likely best. I'm not quite sure this... is the proper setting in which to see his qualities, best." The priestess leans in and kisses her sister's cheeks. "How are you, lately?"

Alecstazi blinks at the massive goat and tilts his head to the side, "I think it's staring at me, Bri." He moves his torso, leaning one side to the other before he spies the King and Queen, "Your majesties! Thank you so much for joining us!"

Rorik has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

Corban nods and some knights peel off to supervise the Playing of the Royal Children while Corban remains with the King and Queen. Brianna, however, receives a bright smile and waggle of fingers.

Sorrel gives up and lets go of Kyrios, who is also five and eager to play with Astrid, Caleb, and any of the other children who might be engaging in snow shenanigans. The Thrax boy goes whooping through the wedding in glee, and his mother moves to join other friends and relatives.

Sorrel has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

"I imagine Lord Arik will wish I hadn't," Teagan says simply, glancing to the Direhorn and patting it fondly on its broad face. "Be careful," she adds, after a moment. "He seems to like silks quite a bit. I was afraid I was going to have to change before we even arrived." She does nod to something said by the Halfshav woman, returning an embrace. There's a glance to Alecstazi and a wink for him. "He probably is. And now that we are cousins-" as her own recently-wed cousin is a Thrax, "I have to invite you both to the Cloudspine sometime." She leaves Ramson in the more-than-capable hands of the newlyweds and steps away, freed to get herself a drink and mingle.

"Oh good! That's where I was going to suggest. I cheered the Queen on during the arm wrestling contest here, you know. She almost won," Rorik says to Jaenelle, his voice just naturally loud it seems, before he holds out her arm for her to take. "I like cake for breakfast. Or muffins. Muffins are basically cake without the icing," he says as he strolls on over to the Royals, flourishing into a bow for Alaric, Symonesse, and Darren too! His grin is broad as Jaenelle introduces him. "It's a real pleasure to meet you, your Majesty," this is said to Alaric, before he beams a grin at Symonesse and Darren. "And it's nice to see you both again." He squeezes himself onto the bench beside Jaenelle afterward.

Victus gives a far less subtle greeting to Khanne. From across the courtyard he gives a firm wave, a clenched fist, and then a pound on his chest. STRONG satisfaction.

Braith knows the way! Be certain of that and as she steps into the Halfshav courtyard already arrayed with quite a few faces, she looks up at Theron and leans in to speak in his confidence. A grin spreads quickly across her lips before she says something more. Her dress of sea touched wool ranges a rich indigo down to the cool blues at her hem. Swirls of beadwork twinkle across its expanse as she settles in to take her husbands arm. The grin once there moments before showing off a white glint of teeth subdues itself to a warm smile presently as a few of those she recognizes are given a wave towards as the two continue to approach the happy couple.

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Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

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Brianna is now in possession of a goat. Of all of the things she had anticipated for her wedding day, this was not one of them. Ramson bleats plaintively.

"Understandable." Alessia says with a nod. "I've never been better." And she seems to mean it, though her eyes longingly drift toward the braziers. "Yourself?" She notes Theron and Braith enter, and waves them over. "Gods, I'm so glad you could make it!" She calls to them. "Breron." She adds, belatedly.

A Halfshav attendant comes to relieve the couple of the goat. Brianna gives them a grateful pat on the arm. The goat is led to the stables. It does not want to go to the stables.

Aine murmurs an excuse to her mother, extricating herself from Adelie's side for a moment to approach Brianna and Alecstazi. She smiles to them both, offering a simple: "Congratulations." Then she nods to the note, adding: "I will make sure the servants see to it and have it settled somewhere away from the noise and the crowd, with food and water." She holds her hand out for the goat's lead.

The attendant hands the lead of the incalcitrant goat to Aine.

"Are you trying to get out of breakfast, Your Highness?" Eleanor asks as she overhears Jaenelle's approaching comment. But it's accompanied with a scrunch of her nose and a sparkling smile. Her attention follows the royal twins toward the other children, lingering a moment, and then jumps back to Khanne with another pleased smile. "Duchess," she says. "I haven't had a chance to offer my condolences and respects in person." Beat. "You have my condolences for your loss, and my respect for your new title."

Cillian looks around Spotting Arik and co, he heads in that direction his eyes spotting Rowenova and he heads for her. Once he gets there he leans in, "Nova, may I speak with you a moment?" he asks of the scout looking to those at the table nodding his head to them all.

Volcica has joined the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

A more sensible servant takes over the care of the goat. The goat is no longer anyone's problem/

"What have you done now," Alaric murmurs in inquisitive aside to Darren, the corner of his mouth uplifted faintly after Jaenelle's peculiar greeting to him. His pale gaze is then upon the Archduchess and her date, the latter regarded with mild appraisal before he breaks into a regal grin. "Ah, it's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Rorik. Sit where you can fit in. Apparently this is the popular bench tonight." He's already taken to standing behind Symonesse. No need to be squished. "Prince Victus," he calls across the courtyard toward the Thraxian highlord, chin uplifted in subtle gesture to get him over.

When Cerys joins them, Gaston gives his cousin a smile before looking at the bottle in her hand, "Already, cousin?" He asks though more in teasing than concern before saying, "It is good to see you again, I hope your husband will be joining us. I look forward to... discussing a few things with him." It sounds like Teagan's brother is already planning some sort of escape from this formal event which apparently doesn't suit him. This is pretty much the opposite of spending some peaceful time out in the wild.

When Rosalind approaches and offers greetings, Gaston turns to the young woman and bows his head politely, "Good day, I am doing well... and you?"

Usually a Sword arrives precisely when he means to, today a Sword arrives precisely when The Wife decides. Theron nods sharply towards his wifes soft words and snorts, nodding again. He lifts his head to look about the crowd nodding towards faces he recognizes. He is dressed to match Braith but is giving her enough space to be able to twirl about to show off if she wishes. Another sharp nod, this time towards Alessia and motions towards the freshly wed first, and then towards Alessia. He blinks and falters in step a moment. "What's going to happen to the goat?" Theron looks truly confused that there WAS a goat.

Darren dips a nod to Rorik and Jaenelle as they join the bench. "Lord Rorik. *Jaenelle*," I know what you did last wedding. "A pleasure to see you both." There's a bit of a shift, moving off the bench and allowing the others to sit, yes even Jaenelle. He just hangs around the bench with the others, lounging against the ironwork, sipping at a whiskey that seems to have just turned up in his hand. How did that happen? Alaric gets a bit of a grin. "Who knows. I've done many things."

Theron mutters, "Northerners are ... strange."

For Rosalind, Rowenova pointed out every individual and named off each one, apparently recognizing everyone here. She gently pets Sir Floppington before turning toward Cillian with a curious look to her wolf-shaded visage. "Aye."

Rowenova has left the by the stone water fountain.

Eirene slips her arm through Mihaly's and neatly drags him over to the receiving line to greet the bride and groom. On the way over, she gives a polte nod to King and Queen and gives a polite murmuring of 'Majesties'. She does add, "I hope our kids have fun playing together," before moving on and grinning at Alec and Brianna. "I got you a present," she states bluntly. "It's more for Bri than you, Alec, because I don't know your taste in jewelry at all."

Laughing, Cerys lifts a brow at Gaston, "You're going to be sorely disappointed, I'm afraid, cousin. Dimitri is the social one. He will thrive here. If you want to -discuss- things, you want to grab me." She turns towards the others at the bench and offers a quick bow, "Good afternoon! I have met some of you, for everyone else, I am Princess Cerys Velenosa. Its a pleasure. Does everyone have a drink? We need drinks for the reception!" She she offers to pour from the very bottle she grabbed off the favors table, winking at Gaston, "Its never too soon to celebrate!"

Rosalind distantly sees Darren and she waves to him a little from her spot. Not moving. As promised!

A particular head of red hair is spied in the crowd, and Volcica finds herself gravitating towards Khanne without a thought for her presentn company. That's a later-Vola problem, surely.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Brianna embraces Eirene. "I hope your little hellions teach the prince and princess some bad habits today," she says softly, with a warm grin.

Noting the presence of yet another cousin, Dianna smiles warmly to Theron and Braith, remaining close to Alessia as Trini retreats to find whiskey. "It's been some time; you both look well," Dianna greets the pair with somewhat-distant gentility.

Cillian breaths deeply, "If I may snag Scout Rowenova for a moment." he looks to her, "If we can step to the side please." he says to her in a soft voice, a hand moving to pat the dog smiling missing his canine friend then looks to Nova.

Alecstazi grins to Eirene and says, "I think that is entirely fair. I still appreciate your generousity. Thank you so much for coming!" Alec grins and spying Victus, he lifts a hand to wave, "Prince Victus! Good to see you!"

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"Well either it will be a pet or it will be eaten. Why what do the Lycene /do/ with goats?" Braith gives Theron a furrowed look, "Should I be concerned?" A brow arches but not before she catches Alessia's wave and her own hand lifts to give an enthused wave back. Sparkle and swirl she shall but for now its time to be well wishers. There is a slight tug of his arm to direct him towards Brianna giving a slow yet purposeful set to their stride so that she can by no means second guess they are coming for her. WATCH OUT! In spite of the beautiful dress her dark curls remain free and unadorned, her dark eyes glancing up at her husband before she nods to Brianna as she speaks to others while they wait their turn. SHe continues to softly converse with the Mazetti at her side. She smiles in return to Dianna when the other twin notes them.

Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Kieran.

As if just now taking true note of the goat, Alessia studies it for a moment. "I imagine this isn't an absurdly fresh meal?" She muses to her sister, before walking closer to Theron and Braith. "Lovely gown. Is it new?"

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As is the Riven way, Mihaly gives respect where it's due, bow to the King and Queen. "Your Majesties." the old knight says before he's drug away by Eirene, coming up to Brianna and Alec. "Well, this is what you were talking about. You know, that one whole time we've met before. Congratulations. To you both." he offers to the new couple, a small smile hidden behind his pipe. "All clear skies and bright stars from here for you two, I hope."

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Brianna spots Alaric and Symonesse. She takes a moment from greeting her guests to curtsey gracefully to Their Majesties.

Eirene hands Brianna a small box with a ring inside. "It'll go well with your horns, at least, in an ongoing animal theme. And match your dress," she concludes to the bride with a dry snigger. "I thought it was appropriate."

Kieran has been here the entire time. His player, however, doesn't get up until 1500. He's been occupying a space somewhere near his brother.

Victus gives a wave in kind to the King. With a hushed word to those at the fountain, he cuts a path across the courtyard toward the gathering.

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"I would never" Jaenelle tells Eleanos between speaking more softly to Symonesse at the bench. "I have been craving the pastries in the Tower, it has been years since ive had the pleasure. It is almost Leona's birthday, perhaps we can find a way to send her some, I know she would appreciate the thought." Its always nice to speak of your twin's birthday as if it isnt yours too. That way only one of you ages. "Your Majesty," Jaenelle then begins, sighing heavily, "did you know that Prince Darren purposely killed all of the flowers in my garden? One by one I watched him watch me while he plucked the petals off reciting loudly 'Princess Jaenelle likes me. Princess Jaenelle does not like me and would rather I get out of her garden and leave her flowers alone. Princess Jaenelle likes me.' As it turns out, I just wished for him to leave my garden alone after all." Khanne is offer a warm smile in greeting after the woman offers her one, "Duchess, your home is beautiful."

Aine glances over the crowd at the bench, tipping what might be a nod towards Khanne softly and staring, for a moment, at the gathered high lords and ladies, and the King and Queen. But not long enough to be impolite, as she murmurs a quiet answer to her mother.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Rowenova looks to the benches as Sir Floppington moves to follow Cillian, and then she nods once. "Alright, but only for a bit!" She gathers some of her lengthy skirts and then moves along to the marin benches and sits carefully, doing so with slight awkwardness because it is a bigger dress than other ones. Though, she finally seatuates. Sir Floppington sets his chin on her lap, too, which she does not seem to mind even if it is silk clad.

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Eirene gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Eirene gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

"Dianna." Theron nods in return to her greeting. "Yes, motherhood suits Braith very well, doesn't it?" Theron idly comments while trying to not so obviously drift out of thwapping distance. He does pause and turn to look confused at his wife. "Not bring them to a wedding... at least so lively. But I swear I've seen a few northern types have them as pets." Such a thing is clearly lost upon Theron, but his trajectory is firmly changed by Braith for Brianna.

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Someone said free food and despite being very wealthy and famous and fabulous and all of that, Prince Niklas Grayson shows up with an appetite. Also his wife. The even more fabulous and probably more wealthy given property laws Princess Sabella enters on his arm. He tilts his head to her and says, "Do we greet dear friends first, the happy couple first or should we go in order from the king on down?" He glances around the room, then adds a fourth option, "Or eat." One doesn't maintain Niklas's doughy physique by neglecting to eat his daily hams.

With the departure of Victus , Arik and Morrighan abandon the stone fountain as if it were some overrun stronghold meandering through the snow to a pair of Halfshav women. There's a shake of Morrighan by the shoulders then gives her a push towards Aine... and Aine's Mother (dundundun). "Aine... Lady Halfshav." loud enough to be heard the first is bright the second is less enthused. "This is..." and whatever he says is lost to the crowd, such a crowd.

Rorik is chatting away at the very full bench, but he spies Niklas there when he arrives with Sabella. An arm shoots up in the air to gain the man's attention, but he also happily yells out: "NIKLAS! Sabella!" He flashes them a bright grin, too.

"Okay good, I was worried you might say something else," Braith remarks about the goat conversation. Theron still gets a look. As Alessia joins them, Braith reaches out to take her other arm and link her with them if allowed. As they approach Brianna she confides in her Mazetti family member. "It is..a bit of a rush but here it is and I find it quite lovely even if I prefer breeches for most things. The color speficially," she says and smiles up at her. "We need to make well wishes known." As they gear near to Brianna and Alecstazi finally the Mazetti nee Sanna dips into a courtsey. "My heart felt congratulations to you both. I wish you all the coming happiness and prosperity in your union."

Sabella grins at Niklas, looking around at the impressive crowd, "As much as I know there's a creampuff you're dying to meet, let's go greet relatives first and oh, it seems that the King is a cousin of mine so there we go!"

"Why, thank you, Princess," Khanne says to Jaenelle with a smile. She has been enjoying conversation with those near to her and seems to have missed some of the other conversations and actions, like something about a goat goes completely unnoticed by her for the most part, until she catches someone saying something. She looks up and around. "Did Champ get out?" Her gaze around the courtyard brings Aine into view, to whom she gives a bright smile and a cheerful wave.

Darren spots Rosalind's wave, giving a wave back, eventually. He got there in the end!

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, following Rysen.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Over at the snow forts, Caleb is teaching the younger children how to sneak up on people and shove snow down the back of their shirts. There is no way this will end poorly.

Zoey arrives to the party a bit late and takes a look around. She takes a moment to get her bearings before mingling.

Eirene nudges Mihaly in the ribs playfully as she looks over the snow-fort rules. "Oh come on, we have to participate. We can boss my little monsters around. It'll be like playing Alarice and Elves in the snow; they're getting good at that game," she says brightly, actually smiling for once. "Alcohol first, then snow-fort game."

"That works, since he's sitting with Rorik, who happens to be my cousin." Niklas gives Rorik an enthusiastic wave. Finally, a cousin who doesn't get all embarrassed by carefully calibrated displays of public gesticulation. "That's a hell of a table, though. His majesty, her highness, Princes Victus and Darren and the Archduchess of the Lyceum." Niklas gives an exaggerated look around the room before asking mildly, "Goodness, where is Archduchess Belladonna? Ah, off saving the world, no doubt." He wanders over toward the cozy metal bench made for two at which roughly eighty people have squeezed themselves, then gives a bow to first Rorik, then Sorrel. "My beautiful stars!"

With the reception line finally dying down, Brianna kisses Alecstazi's cheek, says something softly in his ear, and goes over to greet the royal entourage. "Your Majesties! You brought the whole family, and two of my favorite of Your Own!" Victus, Jaenelle, Darren and Khanne are given greetings and hugs in turn. She apparently is quite huggy today.

Rosalind is over by the fountain, chatting away in her usual demeanor. It's what she does afterall,"What sort of drinking game? I've been drinking nothing but some of tea that Rukhnis left. Since last night. And water.." She looks over at everyone, a smile still there,"Everyone looks really pretty..Well..women anyway.."

Meanwhile, in the snow-forts, Idris and Iris Malvici have found that if you throw a snowball at someone, and they deflect it with a wooden sword, it can explode. They find this hilarious and are taking to the sport and showing the other children how to do so.

Has you ever seen an old knight crumble? Well, when Eirene actually smiles at Mihaly, whatever stony, neutral countenance that the old Riven wears deteriorates like paper thrown in water. His pipe puffs out spiced smoke before nodding. "Yeah. We can do that. Sounds like fun." Probably he wasn't going to any such thing. At least not until the Malvici says otherwise. "Oh, drinks? Way ahead of you." And like any other good solider, he always has a hip flask full of rye, which is handed over to Eirene if she wants a pull from it.

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Khanne returns Brianna's hug with a large smile, murmuring, "congratulations, Bri Bri. I am so happy for you."

Darren hugs Brianna a hello as she comes over. "Brianna! Congratulations, you look absolutely radiant. I'm so glad that we could all be here for you!" He lets her have her moments with the others, grinning widely at her.

Rysen drifts into the party with Lygeia. "Afternoon, Lady Zoey," he says to the Lady of Stormward. "I hope Ian is recovering." His expression had been grave for that moment, but when eyes pass to the snow fort and Caleb, he smiles. When a servant passes by, he manages to acquire a glass of whiskey.

Alecstazi nods to Brianna and steps away to head through the party and mingle. He makes his way towards his Mazetti cousins, a big smile on his face. "Cousin Alessia! Cousin Dianna! Thank you both for coming! Are you enjoying yourselves? Will you play the game?"

Eirene raise a hand when she sees Zoey and lifts her chin in hello as well. She's drinking from the offered flask from Mihaly before she grabs passing waiter's whiskey drink from a tray. Lycene sip out of habit, and then down it goes.

"Are you going to be participating in the snow games?" Alaric asks Victus curiously, a flask drawn out from his pouch and offered casually to the Thraxian warlord. "I'm still debating over it, but I don't know that I can get away with calling Eleanor and Corban to defend me this time. We all know Brianna just has it out for me, I think. She doesn't like it when I manage to creatively leverage a way to win. Sore loser, that one." A teasing grin is cast toward Brianna as he sees her coming, chiming to Symonesse, "I think we should. With your arm, and Corban there to serve as a moving shield, we'll do well."

"Lady Brianna, Lord Alecstazi. Her Highness and I would like to present our gift to you before the games begin."

Zoey dips her head to Rysen when he approaches. "He is indeed, thank the gods. We had healers in our house all through the day and night, and thankfully he pulled through." She smiles and waves to Eirene, one of those healers.

There is so much going on around the rabbit bench, and in the midst Jaenelle is totally and completely assaulted by Victus. Thankfully the woman is distracted by other topics and then Brianna is approaching. Jaenelle stands to hug the woman, "you are stunning in spidersilk, though I am almost certain with the glow you possess, you could have worn anything and still had all eyes upon you. But, I am secretly pleased you used spidersilk anyway" she offers a wink.

"No no. I am certain that is your lot." Theron murmurs to Cambria. He is then bowing deeply to the couple. "Of course House Mazetti wishes to extend congratulations, and we wish for you to have a fruitful union." As he straightens he shivers a little. "Especially in the face of how chilled northern folks seem to enjoy life." He stamps his feet again, before quieting and giving a small bow of apology with a slightly unrepentant grin for the couple.

Rorik would get up to greet Niklas, but he's currently crammed in on this bench. So instead, he reaches to *lightly* bump a fist into Niklas' arm. "Hopefully we don't shine too bright. You know what they say about stars that shine too bright, they burn out fast," he chuckles, looking between Sabella and Niklas both, before he waves a hand over to Jaenelle. "I'm sure you two know the Archduchess. She's my date! Are you going to join in on the snow fort war?" He raises his brows at the two Graysons. "You should insist on being on my team, we'll win for sure."

Cillian nods to Nova as they speak watching her hop up he remains sitting, the young man seems a bit lost in such a crowed of so many, so he remains watching everything thats going on looking over t hose he does not know and those he does.

Victus hardly reacts when Brianna swoops in for a hug. The High Lord going stiff, eyes darting left to right, so utterly caught off guard. "I don't do this." He says, remaining awkward through the duration of the embrace. "Congratulations on your wedding, my apologies in advance for all the casualities to be suffered during snowball time."

"I am very glad to hear it, My Lady," replies Rysen. He offers a brief, respectful bow to Eirene. "Rukhnis tells me she was present for a time as well." Rysen sighs, and runs a hand through his dark hair. "Was hoping he'd have a few months of peace at least. Gods and spirits know he's earned it."

"Idris, I saw that!" Mihaly calls over at the twins. "Throw the white snow! And *just* the white snow!"

Rosalind looks across to the way and ever so distantly, she sees Zoey and Rysen. There is a slight smile and she gives them both a wave. But at the moment, she is defintely still sitting.

Alaric reaches over to offer Victus a sympathetic pat of the back to make his moment with Brianna all the more awkward.

Eleanor rises to her feet as Brianna approaches the King and Queen. "Congratulations, Lady Brianna," she says with a bright smile. She otherwise holds back behind the royal family and various High Lords and Ladies assembled, instead of elbowing them all aside for her own hug and greeting. That's DIPLOMACY. ...or etiquette? Perhaps further lessons are in order.

Nova hops up and pets Sir Flop along his ears then nods briefly to Cillian before sauntering off with the Good Dog to the rose-laden arbor.

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Eirene half-bows from her seat in reply to Rysen. She turns when Mihaly yells at her son and wags a finger. "Be nice, Iddy," she tells him. "And wipe your hands on your tunic first."

"My dear Archduchess, do you think I would have missed an opportunity to be the first bride in the Compact to wed in a spidersilk gown? Maybe this will increase interest in the research," Brianna suggests to Jaenelle proudly. She twirls, showing off. She laughs at Victus's reaction. "Too bad. You just did, and you didn't die." She rolls her eyes at Alaric. "I'm not a sore loser when I lose fairly. I will be a spectator for these games, though, so you are entirely safe." She wraps Eleanor in a warm embrace. Caleb spots his favorite knight and comes running over, offering her a snow-damp hug as well.

"I am beginning to suspect that for Lord Ian peace means boredom," Zoey says with a smile. "And yes, she was there. We had many skilled healers visiting and doing what they would to piece him back together. He is resting at home as we speak."

Volcica has found a place to wallflower, and wallflower she does. Another sip from the flask, this one perhaps a little long, and then she's offering it out to Brianna with a quiet 'congratulations'. The Stahlben doesn't want to call away from the royalty!

Brianna gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Mihaly keeps an eye on the twins a moment longer, perhaps to make sure there isn't any other shenanigans going down before turning to Zoey and Rysen. "My Lord. Lady. Good to see you both. Helluva crowd you'd say, yeah?" He holds his pipe after a puff and in solidarity, offers his flask to Rysen.

Rorik does finally get up off the bench when the bride comes over, dipping into a bow for Brianna. "Lady Brianna, many congratulations!"

Eirene calls out to Jaenelle, "Archduchess, my brother is already jealous he doesn't have anything made of ass-silk. So he's on the list of people -very- interested in seeing more of it made."

Rorik gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Rorik gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Zoey gets Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Teagan gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Zoey gets Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

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"But what a light while you do!" Sabella enthuses to Rorik, hugging Niklas' arm a moment, "Congratulations, Lady Brianna! You look amazingly happy! And also just amazing!" The highlords and the royals all get nods and bright smiles.

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Cillian takes Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

"No bears in ballrooms" Jaenelle suddenly states loudly, looking from Victus, to Darren, to Alaric, a finger pointing at each man as she glares. "No" she says again firmly. And then her smile returns to smoothly speak with Brianna again, "I am certain that the next we work on the spidersilk things will go much smoother and without the need for all of that antidote." Eirene is turned to and she laughs, "I have heard! We've yet to extract anything further, but he is certainly on the list!"

"Seems the only time he rests," replies Rysen to Zoey with a slight smile. He waves to Rosalind, and his eyes then shift to Brianna when she twirls in her gown. "By Lagoma's light..." he says softly.

When Mihaly offer his flask, Rysen smiles broadly at the Riven Lord. "Good to see you as well, Lord Mihaly. It is absolutely a hell of a crowd." He takes a swig of the flask and passes it back to Mihaly.

Glancing up as Alecstazi comes to greet Alessia and Dianna, she smiles at them both and then looks to the group. "Congratulations," she says, giving him a deep nod. Her shift of form is set to leaning into her husband after their congratulations are given. She rests her head upon his shoulder before her chin comes about to perch just so as she glances up at him for a good while. "So I hear there is a game afoot...shall we." A glint of mischief enters her dark gaze to play across her features in a wicked grin complete with dimples. She tugs upon his arm in an effort to bring him about and watch the others, her gaze ticking over each face until she spies Kieran. "RED!" She declares loudly.

Cillian takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

Eleanor returns Brianna's hug quite warmly, repeating her congratulations in the bride's ear. "I'm very happy for you," she says as she steps away. When Caleb approaches she drops immediately to a knee so she can wrap him in a full, squeezing hug. "Hello." She whispers something to him with a nose-scrunch and a smile before she stands up again. "The dress is beautiful," she says to both Brianna and Jaenelle, jumping back to adult conversation.

Corban turns when Brianna comes to join Eleanor, waiting for his hug from the bride of the day if she will allow and offering a respectful fistbump to Caleb once he has a moment. "Congratulations, my friend. I am so delighted that I could be here, even if working. I am so happy."

"I said no!" Darren tells Jaenelle loudly in response, holding his hands up defensively. "Now chickens maybe.." he considers. "They cause far more subtle chaos."

With a gesture of a hand, Alaric summons forth two knights to present his and Symonesse's gift to Brianna and Alectaszi when he sees the opportunity. "On behalf of some wonderfully inspired and highly skilled spiders and our family, we'd like to present this tapestry to you to commemorate this special day."

Kieran is standing near his brother, listening to the conversation surrounding them. When he hears Braith scream at him, he turns to look at her and offers a wave from across the crowd. "LARK!" he returns.

With her cousin on her arm and a drink in her other hand, Teagan steps away from the fountain -- abandoning her brother, gasp! -- and starts navigating the crowd towards the bench that has the most dense gathering of people. She's at least good at weaving through people. "Your Majesties," she calls out, trying to come up at the nearest angle to Alaric and Symonesse. "I wanted to be able to make my greetings," Teagan says, offering a curtsey (or as much of one she may with drink and cousin occupying hands) to them both. "And present my cousin, Princess Cerys Velenosa, who has recently come to the city."

Big smile turns to cheesy grin as Kieran yells back and she chuckles. She dips into a curtsy, pulling on the arm of her husband to do so since they are still attached. Braith aka Lark flourishes her hand to make her greeting even more regal before she rises to straighten up at Theron's side.

Cillian gets up from his bench and spots Rysen moving over to him, "Lord Rysen." she greets the man standing there and the person he is talking with. "I hope I am not interupting."

"Never been one for it. The most thing I'm used to with a lot of people tend to be battlefields. But," Mihaly say to Rysen, then glances at Eirene next to him. "I'm a sucker for raven-haired women with scalpels. I have heard that there's going to be a little, ah, adventure soon. Was looking forward to getting out again soon. Can't let an old sword get too dull if they sit around too long."

Alecstazi looks to Alaric and Symonesse and is clearly touched by the gesture, "I -- we -- thank you, King Alaric, Queen Symonesse. I know how precious that silk is, and that you would offer such a thing to us -- that is meaningful. Thank you."

Rosalind looks up at the shouting at sees Kieran and snorts. Then coughs. Then takes a drink. But she waves over to Kieran looking a bit amused.

Brianna looks at the tapestry and is brought to tears. "Alaric..." she says softly, trying to blink the HIGHLY INCONVENIENT EYE-DROPLETS away. Brianna Halfshav does /not/ cry. Except this time. The traitorous tears roll down her cheeks and she embraces the king, then Symonesse.

Another nod from Theron to Alecstazi and Brianna before he turns to his wife. He looks postitively confused as she yells out a color. "BLUE! GOLD!" The fact that those colors are Mazetti is irrelevant. Theron is just simply at a loss of words for a moment. Theron has his latern above head moment as Kieran yells back. Then Theron murmurs "Larkmare....

Moving along with her cousin, Cerys follows Teagan towards the conglomeration of High Lords, King and Queen, and movers & shakers! She offers a quick bow towards ALaric and Symonesse, smiling politely, though the scar that tucks into her cheek gives it a lopsided appearance. "Your Majesties. A pleasure to meet you." She glances to Jaenelle and offers a brief grin, "Archduchess. I am glad to see you found your escort. My own seems to have abandoned me, at least temporarily."

Symonesse glances upward when Teagan and Cerys approach. She smiles brightly at the pair and says with warmth, "I am so glad to see you, Marquessa and a delight to meet your cousin as well!" Her golden gaze shifts to Alaric as he presents their present and she gives Alecstazi a nod to his thanks.

"I'll certainly be tossing snowballs, your majesty." Victus replied to Alaric, not late at all of course. "My daughter is watching. Wouldn't want to disappoint her. You don't give much of a care one way or another, do you Danse?" The blonde-haired boy shakes his head. His Grayson features clearly overriding the Thraxian blood. The Prince takes the offered flask with a nod of thanks. "Not sure which team I'll be on, yet. Though I hope I end up on the serpent fortress. Home pride and all that."

Brianna turns to Corban, embracing her friend. "I'm glad you could be here," she says sincerely.

Eirene claps for the royal gift, because damn that's fancy.

"You'll be most welcome, My Lord," replies Rysen to Mihaly. His brow darkens, and he says softly, "It will be against foes of the most dire kind, but we would be grateful for your help." When Cillian approaches, Rysen smiles, and clasps the Blackwood lord on the forearm and shoulder in Northlands fashion. "You are most certainly not interrupting, Lord Cillian. Congratulations. It is very well deserved."

Maxene, the steadfast ladies maid, 3 Thrax Guards, 2 Thrax Elite Guards arrive, following Alarissa.

As Brianna hugs her, Symonesse returns the hug with warmth and affection as she whispers something in the Halfshav's ear and pulls away with a rare shimmer of what might be tears in her golden eyes.

Eirene nods grimly to Rysen as the conversation takes a momentarily darker turn. "Me and mine will be there," she pledges solemnly. "Keep people on the Wheel a little longer. But! That's a topic for another day. Happy shit only today, right?" She glances at the Queen hugging the Bride and smiles a little to herself.

Alaric inclines his head toward Alecstazi, an arm drawn around Brianna's shoulders in gentle exchange with a hushed word offered toward her ear. And then, he turns to receive Teagan and Cerys with an amiable smile. "Ah, Marquessa Blackram. It's good to see you here, and a pleasure to make the acquaintance of your cousin. I trust your return to the capital has been a pleasant one thus far?" he asks of Cerys, only to lose a short laugh toward Victus. "I'd expect nothing less. So, what's this I hear about live squid?"

Cillian returns the shoulder and forearm claps in greetings. "Thank you, Lord Rysen it is very odd to hear someone call me such." he smiles, "I almost want to tell them not to." he chuckles. "Will you be joining in the games Lord Rysen?" he asks of his friend.

Khanne admires the tapestry when Brianna and Alecstazi receive it. Smiling wide to Alaric and Symonesse she says, "that is completely gorgeous. Please let the spiders know their work was well admired. What a lovely gift for them!"

"Sounds like it'll be a worthwhile venture. And good cause before my own eventual wedding. A few last hurrahs before being tied down." The look on Mihaly's face is like he's trying to get a partciular reaction out of someone, but the grin isn't *quite* shit-eating. "Eirene's right, only good today. But really, I think she's just hoping we get put on different teams as an excuse to pelt me with me snow. Gods know I probably deserved it at one point or another."

Niklas has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Sabella has joined the by the stone water fountain.

Late, utterly late. But none the less looking every bit put together and nothing out of place, the copper and turquoise strands of her dramatic jewelry tinkling as the Princess Consort of Thrax finally makes her way in, slightly muffled by the jacket worn and looking for familiar faces or at least, for where the High lord of Thrax might be. "Of course this is outside."

Alecstazi has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 2

Alecstazi has rolled 1 10-sided dice: 9

"I'm glad to see you as well," Teagan notes to Symonesse. "Always wonderful when you can make a gathering." She does take the opportunity to get a good look at the tapestry, being in that gathering, but steps slightly over so Cerys can make her introduction proper. That does give her a glimpse of Alarissa's arrival and the Blackram uses her height to gesture towards the Princess Consort. See, husband, over here. Point point.

Rysen smiles, and nods to Eirene. "You are right: happy shit only today." Rysen shakes his head at Cillian. "If I had arrived earlier, I surely would have. My rival Scout Rowenova will no doubt be performing all manner of athletic feats, and I am afraid I must watch with envy from the sidelines. It is not a total loss: I've got Lady Brianna's fine whiskey," he says raising his glass and grinning.

Mihaly's words cause Rysen to laugh, and he nods. "Congratulations on your betrothal, and I hope you will forgive me for voicing my wish that the upcoming venture be far from your last."

Alecstazi nods in return to Alaric and bows his head to Symonesse, clearly touched by the gift. He clears his throat and steps forward, motioning for a servant to come forward with a jar with bits of parchment within. "We are going to get this started by drawing the names of the two team captains!" He reaches into the jar and draws the first name, "Our first captain, is Lady Braith Mazetti!" He looks around for said lady, offering her a smile, gesturing for her to come forward. He reaches into the jar and draws out the next piece and laughs as he reads it, "High Lord Victus Thrax!"

"Thank you, Your Majesties. And yes, the capital has been quite exciting so far! Though admittedly, its not my first time here, so I knew what I was getting into," Cerys responds to them both before directing an answer to Alaric. Symonesse gets a brief grin, "You are truly stunning Your Majesty, I am pleased to have had the chance to meet you." She glances towards the games, then murmurs to Teagan, "I suppose I should have joined but... I always made snowboulders rather than snowballs... throwing them was a 50/50 shot of helping or hurting my team." Chortling, she steps back to watch as the team picking begins.

"I'd still suggest going with the alliteration. What about badgers in the ballroom?" Rorik suggests to Darren, making sure to punctuate that with an innocent smile over to Jaenelle, as though he didn't say a thing. He looks over when Victus' name is called out of the jar, standing up a little straighter. "I've got a great arm, your Grace," he says to Victus.

"Go Lark!" Kieran shouts from his spot as her name gets called. But then he looks to Victus and suddenly has doubts about which team he hopes to be on.

Darren might be about to join in with all the frivolity, but a messenger arrives and the high lord looks rather annoyed. "Your majesty, your highness. I'm afraid that duty calls. No rest for me. Enjoy the rest of the wedding, and *congratulations* to the happy couple!" he shouts. "Victus, Jaenelle." Rorik gets a wink as he leaves. "Sssh don't spoil the surprise."

The name. That's her! Braith pauses, turning her head as her name is called for team Captain. "Well! HA!" She covers her mouth as she gives Theron a look as if 'its on' has just been declared. She lifts her hand and waves at the gathered. "We pledged to lead my team to victory and soundly trounce the other side!" She hip bumps Theron a moment and removes her arm from him. "On this day and only today, we are divided." She bows to him and winks before she glances to the High Lord. "Well. We will attempt our thorough trouncing!"

Arik is overheard praising Braith: Who better to win a snowball fight than a northern Lark, over here pick me!

Brianna wipes away some lingering tears of joy from earlier, laughing and applauding for the team captains. She takes a seat, finally, watching with great interest as they choose their teams.

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"Uh-h," Eleanor singsongs under her breath as Victus is called as the second captain. She's lingering near Alaric's elbow and she tips her chin to glance up at him. "Are you planning to play, Your Majesty?"

There's a grateful look to Teagan when she gestures to the taller man near her and finds her way to where he is, even as his name is called out and her brow raises.

Eirene waves at Victus. "If you don't pick me, you asshole, I will be angry for weeks," she calls out, laughing. She caught what Mihaly said and gives him a surprised look. "Yeah, it's not official yet," she adds, looking a little pinkish. Almost blushing. Zoey also inquires something softly and she nods, making a murmur of reply.

After what Rysen says, Rowenova smirks his way and lifts her drink to him, too. Then, she looks back to Aine and Arik and Morrighan to whom she speaks.

Despite everything, Jaenelle does look sad to see Darren leave. "Maybe I should offer him a vacation in the Lyceum ward next. As long as he leaves the animals at home." As the game begins, Jae does not seem to be willing to particpate, she is still getting over Victus' back thumping. "You go without me" she tells Rorik overly dramatic, "I shall cheer you on from here."

"Live squid, exactly as it sounds." Victus muses toward Alaric. "You have to best the squid if you hope to eat it. It's quite fun. Except for the possibility of strangulation -- but details, details." Then his eyes are moving toward Alarissa. His expression already brighter as his wife comes to join them. He meets her halfway, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead just as his name was pulled for the snowball massacre. He's quick to handoff control of Danse. "Here, I think he's had enough of me for one day. Seems I've got a fortress to smash."

Victus is drawing his /sword/ as he's moving to stand beside Braith. His voice booms out with an authoritative roar. "FORM RANKS!"

Victus wields Barathrum, the imperial oathlands alaricite greatsword.

The children protest as they are herded out of the snow forts to make way for the adults, but their protests are forgotten when they see what's in store for them: hot chocolate and UNLIMITED MARSHMALLOWS.

As Victus roars Braith wiggles a finger into her ear. "Them lungs though," she says. "Were we required to wield weapons?" Sadly the dress hides none.

Cillian nods his head some, "Well this shall be interesting to see how this goes." he moves to pull his sword and such off, "Can I leave these with you then?" he looks over as Victus calls out and tolls his shoulders some.

As the games begin, Alaric accepts a missive from Zelda. Reviewing its contents over, his mouth firms subtly before he leans down to offer a few quiet words to Symonesse. "Not this time. Business to attend to, I'm afraid," he tells Eleanor upon his rise. A hand stretches out to place a fond squeeze upon Alarissa's shoulder, a quiet greeting offered to the Princess Consort before he raises his arm in belated greeting toward cousins Sabella and Niklas. And then, regrettably, the king is off after doting on his children.

"Oh my gods, Victus, put that fucking sword away!" Brianna calls out, rubbing her forehead.

Victus shouts from nearby, "NO."

Niklas calls out after Alaric, "GOOD EVENING, YOUR MAJESTY!"

Alaric shouts from nearby, "Victus, put the sword away before you hurt someone with it! It's a snowball fight, not a sword fight!"

Alarissa shouts from nearby, "It's an Axe, not a sword!"

Alaric shouts from nearby, "Small details, Your Highness!"

As Alarissa joins near the bench, Teagan steps over towards her and leans in, asking quietly: "Is this what all Thrax men are like? Because I am beginning to think I made the right choice sending Rien to acclimate to the Cloudspine."

Eleanor nods once at Alaric. She sweeps a look around the crowd. "I'll accompany you," she decides, and moves to stand at his side (and slightly behind - DIPLOMACY. Or etiquette?) to prepare to follow him out.

"I like him," Rorik says to Jaenelle decidedly about Darren as the high lord leaves, before he tips into a bow for the departing Alaric as well. "Him too." But it's time for a snowball fight, and Rorik cracks his knuckles expectantly, snapping to attention as Victus starts bellowing. "I'll make sure to hit someone in the face just for you," he winks at Jaenelle before he trots to take his place, "TO VICTORY!" he bellows back to Victus in solidarity.

The Malvici children are more interested in Victus waving around a cool sword, but their nanny nudges them over to the hot cocoa instead.

Eleanor is overheard praising Brianna.

Blinking, Theron is de-Braithed. "Oh ho! Is that how it will be? All right, Lady Mazetti. Remember this... because I remember your lessons in learning how to get out of the way." Theron does have to blink due to a roaring Thraxian in close proximity. "My Lord! It seems my wife is bound and determined to be my enemy this day! We Mazetti have fought well for the glory of Thrax before, and would be pleased to do so again today!"

"Certainly," Rysen accepts Cillian's gear, and hands it to Lygeia. "Good luck, my friend." With Alaric seeming to makes his way from Brianna, Rysen takes a drink of whiskey and makes his way over to the newlywed bride. He stands at her side, grinning as Victus draws his weapon and makes his voice heard. His grey eyes slide to Brianna, and he smiles warmly. "Congratulations, My Lady."

Alaric is overheard praising Brianna: She was the most lovely bride of the winter season.

Alaric is overheard praising Symonesse: My wife is amazing. What can I say?

Over by the fountain, Rosalind is talking, eyeing Niklas' food with--WTF reaction while grinning at the antics of the others. "Gods and Spirts! I don't even know who I want to win right now!"

Alaric is overheard praising Alecstazi: Best of wishes to the groom. Hopefully Brianna doesn't threaten him too much with bodily harm during the honeymoon phase!

Brianna grins at Rysen, a cup of hot mulled wine having been put in her hand by a watchful attendant. "Thank you, my friend."

Despite others divesting themselves of weapons and the like Arik only takes off his coat (which is great) and hands it over to Rowenova near the arbor. Alas no longer in his final form he is at least able to move his arms freely.

Aine has left the a stately wooden arbor with a gently curved arch adorned in climbing roses.

Rowenova hangs that coat up on the arbor.

Mihaly leans back in his seat, hands idly refilling the snuff in his pipe. "I do believe the Generals are supposed to be choosing their teams. But like most Generals, they're lazing about in giving proper orders."

Mirk has left the by the stone water fountain.

"As first Captain and decidedly UNARMED, I shall choose Lord Arik Halfshav!" Braith declares, her head turning to zero in on the Sword of Whitehall. She beams at him with a toothy smile. She has her own weapon, charm. Even as she tries to bellow to outstrip the High Lord as she gives a motion for him to come over and after Victus calls the next she then looks to the last halfshav. "Duchess Khanne, please do me the honor of joining us." Braith leans in to listen to the other names and is going on pure conjecture for the rest. "Sir Cillian!" Again they take turns and the next name she calls. "RE...Prince Kieran!" She finally rolls her shoulders back. "Lady Mihaly please join me!"

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6 King's Own Guardsmen, Narses leave, following Eleanor.

Symonesse nods to Alaric when he moves to take his leave, but seems inclined to remain where she is for the moment, especially since Victus is wielding weapons and this looks really interesting. The Queen almost looks disappointed that she didn't join up when given a chance.

Arik begins walking over to Braith as he's called with a reckless grin on his painfully pale face. Then Khanne is picked and instead of joining Braith the Sword of Whitehold moves to intercept his Duchess and Sister with a loop of an arm around her shoulders and a none to quite, "Khanne do you think the Spirits will pick sides... Maybe... a teeny... Tiny... Over their heads snowstorm?" it sounds like he's kidding.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes have been dismissed.

Sirra, a very quiet maid have been dismissed.

an indeterminate number of cats have been dismissed.

3 House Mazetti Guardians have been dismissed.

With a gentle nod to Trini as she returns to Dianna's side and leans in, the priestess smiles faintly to Alessia, Theron and, distantly, to Braith and Alecstazi. "I have to be going, Alessia. It was good to see you, Theron; good luck to your wife... in the snow-throwing contest...." Dianna shudders and smiles anyway, dipping into a curtsy for Symonesse, Alarissia and the bride-and-groom, then discreetly makes her way out.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Dianna.

"Your gown is stunning, as is the party," says Rysen to Brianna. "This... should be interesting," he says as Braith begins to call out her team.

Kieran waits to see who grabs him. Back and forth it goes. Finally his name gets called, and he quickly wipes his forehead. "Phwew! I was getting worried that I was going to be the last to get chosen." He saunters over to Braith's snow fort and waits for instructions on what they're doing.

Eirene kisses Mihaly on his cheek before she goes to join Victus' team. "Guess we're fighting one another," she says with a wicked grin to him. She salutes Victus with her hand over her heart and a sharp nod. "My general," she say with a smirk. "Let's cream them."

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Victus hoists his sword over his shoulder, overseeing the field with a determined gaze. After Braith lays down the first pick, the Warlord heaves his sword toward the benches, tip pointed at Sorrel. "Princess Sorrel. To the ramparts." Then a dramatic look to his rival captain. Once she's picked, the Barathrum is lifted high and brought back around. "Lord Rorik Kennex. Attend." The Prince /spins/ in place, pointing back to Braith for the third pick. The greatsword swings in an arc, jabbing toward the crowd. "Marquessa Tegan! Lend your giant's strength!" This is getting dangerous. Another cleave for the next member! "Lady Eirene! Look grumpy at attention!" Skidoosh. "Lord Theron! Hurl at your companion! FOR TEAM WHITE SERPENT!"

Cillian names is called out and he moves in the direction of Braith nodding his head to his team seeming pleased to see who is on it with him, he stands with everyone else a small smirk on his lips.

Khanne smiles when Braith picks her for her team, going up to join that side. She looks to Arik as he puts his arm around her, then up to the sky, then back to him. "Why would they want to give our enemies more ammunition?"

Theron shouts from nearby, "FOR THE GLORY OF WHITE SERPENT!!"

When his sister is chosen by Victus, Gaston claps in amusement before shouting out, "Sister! Remember, you are a siege weapon in a ballgown!"

Rosalind takes Snow and Sea Special Reserve from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

"Ah! I got on the right team," Rorik declares to no one in particular, leaning over to murmur something to Jaenelle before it's off to the races. Err. Forts. Whichever!

Rosalind takes Winter's on the Wing from a wooden oak chest with a howling wolf.

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"You may be dear to me," Mihaly says to Eirene, getting up to take to the field. "But I will not hesitate to strike you down with prejudice. Good luck." Ah, now there's love right there. The Sword of the Twainfort goes to his assisgned sudden army.

Niklas calls out to Rorik, "The entire family's good name is riding on you, Rorik! Good luck!"

"You like everyone" Jaenelle accuses Rorik as he is called to the battle field leaving her unattended for the time being, though she scoots closer to Zoey, "you are a better escort, lets run away together, Lady Zoey."

Nova dashses over to Niklas and points to the teams before moving to split and take up sides with Braith.

Zoey grins and offers Jaenelle her arm. "Say the word and we can set off in whatever direction you desire, your Grace."

"Don't steal my date, Zoey! She owes me a dance!" Rorik yells over to Zoey, pointing accusingly in that direction.

Victus is about to huddle up with his team, when something strikes. "Wait. We're one short." He DANGEROUSLY heaves his sword over his head and shoves it back toward the crowd. "Prince Niklas! Join your fellow Kennex! TEAM. WHITE. SNAKE-SERPENT."

Sorrel looks pretty pleased with herself to be Victus's first pick for snow fighting, and she moves to join her snow general on TEAM WHITE SNAKE/SERPENT.

As she's called for Victus' team (which seems to surprise her!), Teagan bends and removes her slippers and turns towards the bench. She offers them towards Alarissa. "If you don't mind, please? I don't want them to get soaked." Yes. The Blackram Marquessa intends to take part in a snowball fight -barefoot.- If nothing else were to prove that those raised in the Cloudspine are practically Northern, that right there might be it. She even knots up her gown -- oh, the poor silk, Chessa will be in a fuss -- by her hip to keep it out of the way before heading off to the serpent-y fort. It does make the mess of a scar on her right calf more noticeable, but scars aren't remotely uncommon around here.

Symonesse is overheard praising Brianna.

Symonesse is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Zoey calls back to Rorik, "She goes where she likes! I am no thief!"

Sabella glances from Victus to Niklas then back again, "Are you sure?" It's not entirely clear if she's asking Victus or Niklas, but she seems doubtful.

"Gods and spirits, is Rowenova wearing a dress with her wolf headdress?" Rysen asks Brianna, squinting. He smiles and takes a sip of his whiskey. "She looks beautiful and dangerous. Suits her well." As the teams form up, Rysen says, "I am tempted to put silver on Lady Braith's team."

"Don't do it, My Lord," says Lygeia from must behind Rysen and Brianna. "Why not?" asks Rysen. "Because you are the man least loved by Fortune, and it will make it less likely they will earn victory." Rysen laughs, and shrugs. "You are not wrong."

Volcica is overheard praising Brianna.

Volcica is overheard praising Alecstazi.

Niklas runs up to join his fellow Islanders (sorta) on Victus's White Serpent. "Nevermind, Rorik. We're both going to embarrass an entire duchy." He gives his cousin a thumbs up. "Teamwork!" Keeping a good sword and a half's distance from the Prince of Maelstrom, Niklas says, "I will be very bad at any job that involves making, carrying or throwing snowballs."

Kieran checked charm + seduction at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Arik checked wits + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Alarissa checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Dashing in her dress to her team, Rowenova grins back to Rysen. "Yes!" says she before looking to Arik and hearing what he hsa to say!

Rorik swings an arm around Niklas' shoulders when he comes up, barking out a laugh. "At least we'll look good while doing it," he says to his cousin with a broad grin. "Teamwork!" he agrees. "I can do all the things that Niklas can't do."

Braith checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 36 higher.

Arik checked wits + leadership at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Niklas eyes Rorik, then amends his cousin's words, "He means he will do everything I can't do. You shouldn't expect that he /can/ do any of them."

Whatever conversation Alarissa was having at the benches is ground to a halt when Teagan is holding her slippers out for Alarissa to take. Abject horror. "Pardon?" She looks at the slippers like they're aliens before looking for someone else, some servant to take the slippers instead of her. If no servant, a gesture for them to be set on a bench. But nary a hand nor finger, takes Teagan's slippers.

Kieran checked charm + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Eirene motions to her children and they both run over to join her. Mommy and war games are more fun than cocoa. She whispers something to them conspiratoriously. "You two are our archery primers. When someone motions for a snowball, you hand it to them." Is this cheating? Probably. A smart soldier uses everything at their disposal, even five year olds.

"This was not the day to wear a dress but yes, it was." She looks to her gathered team as they begin to discuss who shall be what. She's really hunkering down and getting into it when something across the way makes her tongue stick out. She looks up and over and makes motions at someone as well, grinning from ear to ear before she clears her throat. "WHITE SERPENT SHALL BE MAULED BY TEAM BEAR!" Roar and all that. She moves to take up her position, looking like she's given over command to another as she reaches for snowballs and readies.

Theron checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Eirene checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 15 higher.

Victus checked wits + war at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Rorik checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Mihaly checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 38 higher.

Khanne checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Teagan checked wits + seduction at difficulty 30, rolling 44 higher.

Cillian checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Rowenova checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 26 higher.

Brianna leans over to say to Rysen, "Even our darling scout can wear a dress if she likes."

Niklas checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

As the snowball fight commences, Symonesse beckons her own set of twins over and exchanges a few whisper with them before she glances to Alarissa and says quietly, "I think they're getting cold. Let me know who wins!" With that, the Queen gathers her children and her guards and is off.

Symonesse has left the cozy metal bench made for two accented with lovely rabbits.

5 King's Own Guardsmen leaves, following Symonesse.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Sasha, a Velenosian Assistant arrive, following Dimitri.

At some point during the pow-wow to decide on team position Arik says very loudly, "Prince Victus wouldn't have a chance of winning if Princess Donella hadn't taught him all the secrets of snow." then proceeds to clamber on up to the snow fort itself with an imperious gaze down at his troops. Who would think the War Minister of Whitehold would actually be picked to lead... "Everyone remember... Aim for their tummies! Nothing wins a snowball fight quicker than a cold tummy, they'll give in for the mulled wine and cider before nightfall. The cowards."

Kieran discusses the arrangements of roles and nods when he is selected as scoutmaster. He ponders how he is going to approach this and slowly comes up with a plan. He saunters over to the other side before the game has even begun, puts on his most chamring, sparkling smile and greets, "Ladies..." Because how else are you supposed to scout seductively? Maybe he'll distract a few of the other team's members as they laugh at this really terrible idea.

Niklas squats down to grab a handful of snow, carefully packs and rolls it into the perfect sphere of snowy destruction, then stands back up and points at Rowenova with a look of grim determination. He swings his arm back, form absolutely perfect, readies for the throw, then slips on some snow, gives an ungainly spin and hits Victus in the back of the head. "Aw beans!" With a real grimace he calls out, "Sorry! That's on me!" He looks around and assures everyone, "That one's my fault, guys. Is anyone else's fingers cold?"

Rysen laughs, and nods to Brianna. "I have seen it once before, but only once. Hmm," murmurs Rysen. "If I had known there might be an opportunity to pelt Prince Niklas with snowballs, I would have been the first in line to join the game. It must be nice to get some variety from tomatoes," he says loud enough that he hopes Niklas will hear him.

As the banter continues about her dress, Rowenova cannot help but grin of it, as she scoops up a snow ball and chunks it -- heartened by Arik's words -- and lets the snowball sail at Victus's stomach! Did she and Nik plan this?!

Victus ascends to the ramparts of the snowy white snakey serpenty fortress. "Those snowy bears won't know what hit 'em! We'll be leaving chills in their britches for ANY NUMBER OF HOURS! We will show them inconvenience the likes of which they've never experienced! Worse than any paper clip or hang nail!" He then thrusts Barathrum forward, point tilted up at the bear's fortress. "YOUR SNOW IS YELLOWER THAN OURS!" It seems he's already gone full tribalism in the few short minutes they've been up there. As he's struck by the first blow, he's surprised to find it coming from /behind/ himself. He whirls around and leers at Niklas. "Damn it, Prince! Friendly fire is not tolerated in this snowbank! STRAIGHTEN UP! WARM THOSE DIGITS!"

With uncanny grace and no fear of the snow, Sorrel makes every effort to release a rapid-fire series of snowballs at the other team. She even manages to dodge her own teammates' efforts in the process. Looking at you, Niklas.

Arriving a touch late. Or rather, quite a bit late, Dimitri is tugging at the thigh-length frockcoat that he wears, getting it to settle better upon his form as his gaze plays about the room. Regardless of the fact that he's late, though, he doesn't seek to slip off into the shadows. Instead, with a smile on his lips, he's beginning to move into the crowd, gaze coming to play about the area as he searches for those that he might happen to know.

"Come on RED! Distract them!" Braith cheers for Kieran so when Arik shares his years of wisdom in one go she half snorts starts laughing. "And that, is why he is leader." She rolls her snowball tighter together and eyes Theron from afar. "Mazetti, prepare to fall to the North!" She cries out at the Lycene husband across the way. He got his wish and now she is beaming from ear to ear, moving the snowball from hand to hand to keep from freezing her fingers off. She releases her snowball aimed squarely at her counerpart and laughs, watching it impact with much glee. It was rather accurate and that alone makes her preen a bit. The call of friendly fire across the way makes her laugh.

Perhaps Nova in a dress with her headress distracted him a bit when he goes to chuck his snow ball and it seems like its a god through at first but then it falls short of his target, he grumbles some and rolls his hsoulders reading himself for the onslaught.

Rorik is a big target. This is why he winds up jumping behind Niklas while he rolls up his own snowballs, surely this will protect him and nothing terrible will happen! When Niklas winds up beaning Victus in the back of the head though, he jumps out of the way and points accusingly at Niklas. "That was him!" he declares, and starts swinging snowballs at the other team.

You don't grow up in a remote mountain stronghold without learning a trick... or six for snowball fights. That's probably why Teagan ends up WHITE SNAKE'S scoutmaster. She could've been the general, perhaps, but no one deny's Victus the chance to command troops, oh no. Never. Not with such a glorious sword and booming voice. Plus, she's good at distractions. Maybe too good as Niklas' slip, fall, and pelting of their glorious leader shows. The woman isn't afraid of leaving the confines of their fort, either. What better way to win than to sow discord amongst your enemy by lobbing snowballs that they might think came from one another! ...she might've gotten the idea from Niklas.

Sabella doesn't wince. She doesn't. She just picks up a cookie and has a dainty bite and pretends she didn't just see her husband hit his teammate who happens to be her patron and highlord of Thrax with a snowball, "Great teamwork! Get people used to being hit with snow so they don't shiver with cold at the first hit! Wonderful work, my love!"

Arik checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Perhaps having the Malvici twins provide snowballs -IS- cheating, but the pair serve admirably as their mother has instructed. Whenever a WHITE SNAKE needs a snowball, there they go to hand one over, little legs dashing through the snow. Eirene herself is a good shot and lobs while doing her best to avoid getting his, because she's in a damn dress and not her usual leathers so she's not moving as well.

Khanne takes her place at the snow fort and starts packing a nice snow ball. She gets a bit distracted, studying the texture of the snow, how it feels as her slender fingers pat pat it into shape. Spotting a beautiful snowflake, she gets further lost in the beauty before she realizes she's supposed to have started! "Oh!" She turns and looks for a good target, pulls her arm back ready to throw and lets the snowball fly... just as Arik decides to clamber up the snow fort directly in her line of fire. Mist-grey eyes go wide with delighted innocence as her snowball hits Arik instead of their opponents.

This is totally getting unsafe and Rosalind didn't even sign up to play! But she bends down, which by the way, is an effort. She hurries up and makes some snowballs. Well-not swiftly. But then Rosa looks up and sees Rorik. "Where the hells did you come from?" So not safe! Dumping some balls near Niklas and Rorik, she tells them both,"I got you both some balls. I think you need them."

Kieran is doing his best to distract the other team his sexiness, but then Teagan outdoes him in the realm of seduction and he can't help but stare at her for a few moments. "Hummina..." Then he snaps back to reality and looks about, grabbing some snow and trying to throw it in the general direction of the other team.

To say that Mihaly isn't targeting Eirene would be an outright lie. And he's about to start throwing when a barrage of snowballs pelt his area, causing him to duck down under a snow wall. "Using kids as back artillery is *cheating*!" she shouts over at Eirene. "You're bribing them with Stubbs!" He'll throw when he came, but against those particular three, he's at a disadvantage.

Niklas gasps at Rysen's words. "How DARE!" He grabs another handful of snow, then turns and flings it toward the Crovane lord.

"I've been here the whole time!" Rorik shouts back to Rosalind, before he picks up one of the balls that Rosa left behind. "These aren't nearly big enough. Here, Niklas! You need BIG balls!" he bellows to his cousin, smashes three snowballs together, and heaves them onto Niklas.

Victus checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 50, rolling 30 lower.

After what Khanne does there, Rowenova lets out a hearty laugh and scoops up another ball of snow which she hurls toward the other side before another and another after that, just throwing them out there and smashing yonder fort!

Eirene checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Alecstazi checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Braith checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Rowenova checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Rorik checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Kieran checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Theron checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Arik checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 14 lower.

Sorrel checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Cillian checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Khanne checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Mihaly checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Gaston checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Niklas checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Because Arik is tormenting her teammate, and also because Niklas cannot throw for anything, Sorrel helpfully throws a snowball at the Halfshav lord's face as soon as the Grayson prince's throw falls short. And she grins impishly as she does it.

Teagan checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Sabella checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Jaenelle checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Zoey checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Totally unprepared for Niklas to actually counter attack, Niklas's snow splats all over Rysen's face, with some falling into this whiskey. A bit of frosty dust reaches Brianna. Rysen stands there with is mouth agape for a moment, while Lygeia stifles a laugh. "Just needed the proper motivation to hit your target, I see," says Rysen bending forward and ruffling the snow from his hair.

Rysen checked luck at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

60 inflicted and Arik is harmed for serious damage.

"Using every advantage on the battlfield is just being a good tactitian," Eirene calls back to Mihaly. She takes a moment to aim for him, laughing all the while. It appears even she can have fun now and again. Her twins throw snowballs, but since they're only five, they don't go very far at all and don't make it past the White Snake fortifications.

"Haha, yes! Pelt them with all you've got! LEAVE NO SURVIVORS!" Full of adrenaline and camraderie for the great lands of TEAM WHITE SNAKE SERPENT SERPENT SNAKE SNAKE SERPENT, the Prince of Maelstrom grabs himself a great armful of snow and tosses it. Most of Victus' snow is just a barrage of inconvenience, not at all much of a threat. Up until he starts rapidly swinging his arms left and right, tossing heapfuls of snow off the ramparts. A great spear of snow, with a shining silvery sheen. Sailing through the sky in a slow arc.

Wait. That's not snow at all. "Oh shit." Victus suddenly loses all of his confidence as Barathrum soars.

Aveeee Marriiiiieeeee...

Somehow Rosalind has turned into a snowball maker. Which is all well and good, so this makes her a participant. Kinda. "Whose got get balls....I do. In my LAP!" Obviously she's pretty happy with this change of events, even if she IS covered in bandages and things. HA. She can make ammo, dropping them nearby,"Not sure how I missed that,"Rosaland tells Rorik from behind her. "You're as loud as northerner." And she knows. She's a northerner.

Mihaly chucks a couple more balls in Eirene's direction, big soft underhanded kind to try and drop on her instead of at her. That'll get over the walls defenses, use that arc. He's about to throw the next when he pauses, suddenly noticing a very large sword flying through the air. It's like everything has slowed down to a crawl. "Oooooh noooooooooooo....."

Like a good scoutmaster, Teagan makes sure to case the bear stronghold. Arik is here. Khanne is there. Rowenova is there. Kieran is zipping around over there. She's running back, dodging (sometimes successfully) snowballs when she sees some rather shiny snow saili- "Duck!" Except once a sword is in flight it's probably too late to actually duck. Good thing the kids got called away to hot cocoa, right?

"Or Northerners are as loud as me!" Rorik says to Rosalind, picking up another handful of balls to haul them at the other side. But he's distracted by the shimmery silver snowball that's flying through the air and - oh no, that's not a snowball at all! "Oh SHIIIIIT!" He scrambles backward, catches a boot on a spot of ice and promptly goes sailing himself, landing in a heap somewhere near Jaenelle's foot. All his snowballs promptly dump onto him. "Ow," he declares.

Watching all the grown ups having fun at the giant snow fight is quite amusing, until something with a metallic glint is seen flying through the air. Gaston's eyes catches sight of it with an arched brow, thinking that that isn't what snow is supposed to look like. "That isn't snow..." He says in a low whisper to no one in particular, eyes widening as he watches the solid and sharp projectile start it's descent.

Niklas is about to give saucy retorts to both Rorik and Rysen (people with R names are AWFUL) when his team leader mistakes a sword for a snowball and shouts and incredibly helpful, "UM!" But then the sword is flying and his um didn't save the day. Instead he shouts at Arik, "HEY!" But also that doesn't help. He's not good at this today.

Alecstazi blinks rapidly at the sudden turn of events, a hand pointed at Victus, and then he looks, fishmouthed at Arik, and then down to his bride, back to Victus, back to Arik, back to Brianna, "Uh."

Kieran looks up as light glints off of something very shiny. His eyes widen in surprise. "Oh my..."

From the bench, Alarissa blanches.

"I never have had to yell so much! Normally its all quiet..and.." Braith is tossing snowballs as fast as she can, getting a few back that cause her to shiver when unfortunate snow falls down the front of it. "THIS! This is why I wear blouses...this.." she shudders and feels the slow melt of doom. Her facew screws up in discomfort as she glances up and nots the slight sheen of a sword sailing through the air. It is moments like these when the world slows."

"Children, DOWN," Eirene barks as the sword goes sailing. Both of them duck and cover their heads, pressing themselves down into the snow. "The fuck?" She watches the sharp shiny weapon sail over the snowy battlefield in a stunned surprise.

As the hostilities commence Arik would appear to do very little from the top of the fort except throw the odd snowball trying to peg people in the head... What he really does... Is ruin music, you all hate it forever, he sounds like a dying cat that also learned tempo from a toddler on a sugar high. At the end of the fight he clearly thinks he is winning

"Suns still up, got some time!
To pack some snow, to make them whine!
Lookit that, it's a Thrax!
Huck enough snow, put em on his back!"

Arik is just very bad at singing as he points out Victus and clearly does not know a snowball song off the top of his head. He continues all the same getting clocked in the head by Sorrel he hucks one back at her.

"Islanders Islanders in the frost
Don't you know you've already l-"

Did somebody say duck?

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Everything is fair in love and war. Today Theron gets to have everything be fair as The Wife has decided to betray him! While Theron does keep an eye out for hostile infanty and scouts, every chance he gets there's a snowball Braith. Ever. Other. Snowball. These are not gentle loving soft snowballs either. No no. These are SLUSHBALLS. Wet. Icky. Cold Slushballs. He does pause as something goes overhead, and it is obvious he's pretty sure Niklas has pegged him with a snowball too from the wary looks he sends that way.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Seton, A Velenosian Assistant leave, following Cerys.

When blades instead of snowballs go flying, Sabella upends the plate in her lap in her haste to get up, turning to the nearest little kids to pull them in and down beside her with a small shriek.

Looking up, Rosalind's eyes widen at the not snowballs flying in the and she hurries back. As fast as she can anyway,"What the--"

Kieran watches the sword sail through the air as suddenly his two guards run up beside him and place their hands on their hilts. They look a bit excited! They finally get to do something other than watch their charge constantly make a fool of himself.

Seeing sharp alaricite hurtling through the air toward her singing liege, Rowenova speedily dashes in his general direction, hoping to do something, but there will be nothing she can do to prevent the sword from hitting him. What she can do, though, is be the trusty scout who can prevent him from taking any further damage if he is to be deforted!

Hands were clapsed just in front of his face. His expression was many things. Concerned. Serene. Accepting. Grimly hopeful. "Don't do it." Victus shook his head slowly as the blade hurdled toward the songbird. Not Sorrel this time, it's Arik. Oh Arik and his beautiful voice. "Don't do it..." Seconds passing may as well have been years. Snow was flying in all directions. The battle was hard fought, but Team White So-and-so was on the cusp of triumph. The steel comes down, Arik lifts his voice for the great crescendo. "Don't do it."


"Fuck." The world resumed motion. The fortress stood still. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK." Victus began a hurried pace down the ramparts, stumbling over snowbanks and moving passed screaming faces. "ARIIIIIKKKKKKKK."

Arik isn't speared all the way through. It's okay it hit him in the stomach, stomach wounds are fine. Glances off to the side and tumbles down the snow fort. The Halfshav looks down at his stomach with a slow blink and mutters something (probably in shav the uncouth lout) and drops to his knees and then tumbles down the edge of the snow fort to Rowenova who is surely waiting.

Rysen looks up from dusting the snow out of his hair when he hears Sabella shriek, and Vicus yelling. "Thank the gods someone finally put a stop to Lord Arik's si -" He sees the blood. "Oh shit."

"GodsDAMN it," Brianna roars, dashing out into the field of battle to her wounded cousin. "That's why I said no swords!" she calls out. "Eirene! We need a healer!" She's in full battlefield commander mode.

Cillian blinks as his eyes catch the glint of the sword he turns to see who it is flying at and his eyes wide, "Lord Arik!" he scrambles slipping and sliding a bit on the snow and ice, hearing Cillian yell his own guards come running as well and he moves around to where Arik and Nova are.

So, that was a sobering moment. Every time. Every. Single Time that Mihaly thinks he can start to lighten up, actually *enjoy* himself, something always pulls him out of it. And this well, this is just as good a reason as anything else. "Eirene!" he calls for, because well, she's the best doctor in the damn city and happens to be in the vicinity. "Everyone don't crowd, let the doctor do her work!"

And this is why Teagan's slippers are sitting on the bench near Alarissa. OK, maybe not -specifically this- but the fact that the Marquessa is able to make an about face when she sees Arik stumble and not slip and fall shows that she knows that bare feet are better than slippers in the snow. There's just a spray of snow and she's running in that direction just as many others are. "This," she calls out to Victus. "Is why the KING told you to put that thing down!" They're cousins now, she can yell at Victus, right? Regardless, she's yelling at Victus.

You know the old cliche about someone yelling 'Is there a doctor in the house?' Luckily there -is- one, even if she's in a fluttery dress with jewelry on. Eirene instantly gathers her skirts in hand and rushes through the snow to Arik's side. "Someone get me a first aide kit, stat. Needle and sutures." She doesn't have it on her. "And someone toss me their scarf or coat or something so we can stop the blood."

Although Rowenova is the one in the dress, she is the one who catches Arik, doing so as if he were some kind of bride, even if that is Bri's role today. Even though Arik is bigger than Rowenova is, there does not seem to be any trouble at all with maneuvering his freight as she lowers him to the ground whereupon she lays him in an untangled way, swiftly yet carefully so before shouting out, "Lady Eirene?!"

Khanne is mostly behind Arik and doesn't see what is coming until it is too late. When the sword strikes she drops the snowball held in her hand, jaw dropping in shock. "What....happened?" She seems confused. How does this happen in a snow ball fight at a wedding? Before she can react, she hears sound of Victus' booming voice calling her brother's name. She is no healer, so does not crows in, especially after Eirene is called for. Worry settles into her eyes, the creases in the corners deepening, but surely, surely he will be okay, so she tries to lighten the mood at the joyous event with an awkward chuckle. "Hey Victus, is this how you welcome family all the time?"

Kessen, a white-tailed eagle arrives, following Ezra.

Alecstazi stands so very still, torn between Thrax and Halfshav, looking for all the world like his poor brain is shorting out. "Victus! Arik! Shit, Brianna!" He looks around in a sudden panic, "CALEB? Where are you boy? Don't look at your uncle... er. Uh. Shit."

Mihaly tosses his sur coat at Eirene when she asks for cloth, before running off to find some medical tools. Of course, the one time when they needed it.

What is the damage? Well his tunic is ruined... Stomach cut towards the ribs. Luckily he's already scarred and mangled like old raw hide so... Sitching him closed is probably not easy either. Blessedly the Halfshav Lord is unconscious and just floppy in Rowenova (or anyone's arms)

Head slowly rising back up. "Damm." Theron's succinct summary of Arik falling, and then Victus running and all the call for Medics. So Theron drops his snowball but does not rush the scene. He DOES however, keep an eye out in case someone wants to get Stabbity with his wife or the Thraxian.

Jaenelle is watching the entire thing with wide eyes, frozen in place. She notes Rorik diving at her feet, her own army of guards rushing towards the small Archduchess to grab her as the weapon sails, shielding her from possible harm. Then there is screaming and Jaenelle is ordering them to release her when the weapon is lodged into Arik's stomach. There is a look of panic towards Rowenova, but when Eirene approaches, the woman slumps down to the bench again, covering her eyes.

As Arik goes down hard with the tumble of the alacrite sword from the air, Braith hiccups a breath and stands frozen a moment in place. As the shock starts to wear through she is moving, forgetting her personal war with her husband on Team White Serpent she is is clearing her way towards the fallen Halfshav lord with her dress caught up heavily in her hands. She curses the heavy wool that makes up the contents of the full skirts. "By the spirits, Arik?" She does not only ask it of the fallen figure she can somewhat see but of those around her as she tries to check in on him. A shiver runs up her spine and despite the rosy color in her olive cheeks she looks a bit pale.

She edges around to try to get a better view but as a hand releases part of her dress and she lifts her hand to place over her mouth. She clears her throat. "Is anything else needed?"

Ezra walks into the hall and looks about as unaware of what he's doing there as could be possible. He looks around the hall for a moment to evaluate the setting but even as he's doing this, he's making his way over towards the drinks and takes a glass of whiskey. He's squinting and looking around the room slowly, taking in the scene Arik going to the ground but as it seems to be outside of his scope of ... well, any scope, he just drinks his whiskey and watches further for a moment.

Niklas moves quickly over to Sabella, takes her arm and says, "We should perhaps make our exit." He offers a harried wave to Rorik and then another for anyone who cares to look up in time, then heads for the exit.

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After detangling herself from Arik, Rowenova looks back to her fellow servants who move swiftly, bringing forth the requested items which she passes along, "Here you go!" says she, ultimately providing a prepared kit. "So glad we did those drills the other day. Tarik just had them restock the med kits!"

Servants run into the house to get whatever Eirene asks for, and Brianna moves back to let the healer do her job. Brianna finds her way to Alecstazi's side, and Caleb buries his face in the new-minted Halfshav lord's coat. "It wasn't spurting," she assures Alec weakly. "That means it didn't hit anything /too/ vital..."

Rosalind just blinks, climbing away from her spot from the fountain. She worriedly looks over at Arik, going to slowly make her way over. The taller of the Ravenseye stands by Rowenva, as to not be in the way.

Mihaly returns with a medical satchel he probably tore out of someone's hands when people started calling for them. "Move aside." he barks, getting up to Eirene and setting it down, starting to hand her whatever implements she asks for. He had been paying attention she had been telling him what tool does what after all.

"Are you okay?!" This is to Jaenelle, from Rorik's spot on the ground, before he's hauling himself to his feet and brushing off snow. "Is everybody okay? What in the world -" then his attention swings over to Arik and his eyes go wide. "Shit," he breathes out. But there are healers coming to the rescue and so he takes a spot next to Jaenelle, putting an arm around her as she slumps down on the bench. "He's going to be okay," he murmurs reassuringly. "It looks like there are a lot of healers."

Victus was climbing onto the Bear's fortress. "Is he alive?" After making such a flailing sprint through the snowy fields, he's mangled with snow and debris. There's even a trench about Victus-wide that's been left in his wake. "Alive? Alive? Arik, alive?" Blood. Lots of red snow. Oh no no no. "Ahhh... Shit." He's scratching at either side of his head as he looks over the scene. As Teagan comes by, he fixes her with a pained gaze. "Well..." A beat. "I think we won."

Princess Astrid comes running up at his side at just the right moment. She hoists a wooden axe above her head and calls. "My turn!"

"NO CHILD." The Princess of Maelstrom is quickly yanked back by Victus and huddled under his coat.

Eirene takes Mihaly's coat and presses it into Arik's side to stop the blood. First step. "Hot water, hot as you can muster," she tells Braith. Blood is getting on her seasilk dress and it looks like she doesn't give a damn. "At least it's a clean slice," she says of the alaricite damage. She pulls away the blood soaked garment and is handed a kit as she requests by several people, which she nods to thankfully. She picks and choses from them to start to suture the damage done.

Rysen slowly makes his way over toward Eriene and Arik, not getting close enough to be part of the problem. When Brianna speaks, and then Eirene gives her diagnosis, the Crovane lord seems to relax. "Lord Arik is most certainly a survivor."

Braith focuses on Eirene instead of the bloody display. The nod she gives is decisive and quick. "I will be back." She says and turns on foot. The bulky sea silk dress is held tightly in her hands once more and she hurries off towards the main part of the Halfshav home, snaking a hand out for a servant who quickly joins her. The Mazetti nee Sanna is gone with a quick bounce of dark curls and will take a moment to return with the needed hot water.

Zoey has remained rooted to the spot, even as she was separated from Jaenelle by the guards, looking on in horror.

Kieran watches as Arik goes down and sighs. "Looks like I'm going to be sitting next to another bedside, holding a hand for another night."

"You'd better hope we won -before- you decided to introduce a sword to a snowball fight," Teagan informs Victus. "Or else we'll have to concede to them." She pauses and crosses her arms, considering Arik there. "Though, if it were a wooden sword, it'd probably be just fine." Not that it likely helps the argument being had with Astrid. She glances down at the child, briefly. There's a small shake of her head. "I'm sure Lord Arik is fine. Or will be fine. I've seen him fall face-first down a mountainside." Well, mountainside is an exaggeration. It was a hill. "Same one your wife fell down."

See! Teagan's trying to distract Victus. She's a good cousin.

Ezra shakes his head as he watches the drama continue to unfold, finishes his drink and seems as though he's reconsidered his attendance at this particular wedding type gathering. He then turns to make his way towards the exit.

Cillian looks over Arik as he is being looked after spotting that their are chuldren present his mind goes into over drive, "YOur highness." he says to Victus, "Come little one, I have something you may like to see," he sends one of his guards to go get Akkar and bring him in, he leads a caribou into the court yard. "Come would you like a ride?" yes distract the children from the adults.

Caleb is easily distracted by the caribou! He heads over, offering a hand for the creature's soft muzzle.

Alarissa rises from the bench, paler than snow and moves to find Danse in the mess of children, locating that horrified looking tiny version of herself before bustling toward Victus, with one of their children in tow.

Rysen is also a little distracted by the caribou. "It is tame?" he asks Cillian. Meanwhile, Lygeia comes to kneel beside Eriene. "If there is anything you need, My Lady, please say the word. I have assisted Physician Rukhnis many times," she says with a thick Northlands accent.

Not one to crowd the area where Arik is getting tended to, Gaston watches on from the side with the aid of his height, his attention split between those who are healing the unlucky Halfshav who was fated with a flying sword this day and his sister who isn't too far from the others.

Jaenelle nods numbly towards Rorik as he asks what she can only assume was the question she believes it to be. "He better be" Jaenelle tells Rorik, sighing with a shake of her head, watching people quickly move around Arik's body and Victus rushing to make sure. "I dont think I feel much like dancing anymore, I am sorry Rorik" she gives his a weak smile and reaches up to lightly squeeze the hand of the draped arm across her shoulders.

Staying out of Eirene's way while she works, Mihaly instead talks to Arik. "Hey, don't pass out now, that'd be cheating, lad. Now, I may not be the best thing to look at, but I need you to keep your eyes open, yeah. Be willing to share this rye I got here if that sounds good to you, eh?" A glance at the greatsword. "Not every day you get to tell a story about being hit with a flying sword and have it not be a lie. This will be a good one to tell." Best thing to do the old Riven has found, is keep talking to someone while they're being stitched up. Hurts less. Sometimes, anyways.

Seeing that Arik still breathes, Rowenova speaks up, "I do believe it is but a flesh wound and that he will recover. My liege lord has endured worse." Then, moving away she side hugs Morrighan.

Zoey says something quietly to Rorik, nods to him and Jaenelle, then departs.

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Luckily, as she said, Alaricite leaves a very clean cut. Eirene pours the hot water onto the wound to clean it and then starts to suture it. She has very very neat stitches. She seems focused but also aware of her surroundings. "He'll be fine," she promises everyone despite the blood that stains the snow. "It won't leave much of a scar."

The bustle of Braith and a servant back towards the gathered comes with a steaming pail followed by another in the servants hands. She has to edge her way in to set one down beside Eirene. "Fresh cloths in both and a bundle here..." she heaves out a breath as the snow around the pail melts instantly and she is able to free her dress from beneath it before pulling the folded stack of cloth from under her arm. She sets them down beside Eirene and then backs up but not before a wary look down at Arik. She clears her throat and since she is not skilled at handling wounds finds a spot not far away. Her attention lifts to Theron as her arms cross before her and she hums softly.

"He will be," Rorik says without any doubt, looking over to those gathered around Arik with a small frown. There is a tip of his chin though when Rowenova and Eirene speak. "See? Just a flesh wound. It probably just looks worse than it is." As for the dancing, there's a shake of his head at her apology, giving Jaenelle a light squeeze. "There will be many other chances to dance. Do you want me to walk you home?"

Cillian moves over to the caribou and any child who would like to pet him or get a ride so they are distracted. "Yes Lord Rysen, he is part of a herd who now carry House Blackwood scouts." Akkar leans down to nuzzle at Calebs hand. "His name is Akkar."

"What? No, no. They wouldn't make us forfeit for /that/. Look, the rules." Victus points with one hand while the other holds onto the struggling helion that is Astrid. "Nowhere stated in any of them does it state, 'do not throw swords at competitors'. If we think about it, /technically/..." Better sense suddenly jogs him in the moment. Looking back between Teagan and Arik, he grimaces. "... Eh. Yeah. We probably would get disqualified if I killed someone." But then Eirene gives the word of confirmation. "Alive? ALIVE!" He raises his arms up high. "ALIVE! LORD ARIK LIVES! TeamWhiteSerpentSnakeStillWins. LORD ARIK LIVES!" He reaches out to clasp his wife on the shoulder. His enthusiasm back in full swing.

"I should--get home. Before anyone realizes I left." Rosa grins a little to herself but is super relieved that Arik will be fine. That said, she limps her way through out the door. Thankful home isn't far.

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The shoulder under his hand is a stiff one and Alarissa is glaring daggers at her husband and whispering very sharply to him.

Well, it looks like the feast isn't happening. Servants are already on it, packing up portions of the food to send home with the guests, and the rest will go to various charities in the Lowers.

Keeping her eyes on Arik as she slowly backs her way back to the rabbit bench, Khanne lets the professionals take care of her brother, waiting to hear the word that he is okay. When that word is given, she lets out a breath and sits down, almost on Alarissa's lap before she realizes the Princess is there. "Oh! So sorry! Alarissa, it is so good to see you. Sorry, I have been distracted." When Victus makes his proclamation she smirks. "I think throwing your sword into my brother instead of tossing snowballs gives us an automatic win, High Lord."

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Shifting to stand behind his wife and put a supporting left hand on her shoulder. Theron shakes his head. He's simply been observig everyone for signs of potential violence. Swords tend to do this, that is why his right hand is free. The proclamation from Eirene does help him relax somewhat. Victus swinging from boisterous, to contrite, and back to boisterous again earns the High Lord and Stare, and then a deep laugh. "I mean... War IS hell."

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Nothing could distract Rowenova from watching over Arik until the food boxing. Then, she somewhat splits her ongoing attention between glances back his way along with packing up a couple boxes (which might be fairly familiar to some) for her own needs.

"It's up to the bride and groom I imagine," Teagan says to Victus, gesturing towards Alecstazi and Brianna. "I agree," she tells him. "No one died, so we should win." Because of course she wants to win. And of course they had the superior team. She glances to Alarissa and offers her a brief smile, but doesn't distract from the chiding. Ahem.

"As the bride of this debacle, I am making an executive decision. Eirene is the winner of the top prize for stepping in and saving my cousin's life." Brianna slides her gaze over to Team White Serpent. "Second prize goes to Prince Victus, for making our wedding memorable."

The twins are escorted home by their nanny while their mother works, performing surgery in the field as only a battlefield medic can. Eirene seems to ignore most of the company watching her work although she does shoot Mihaly a glance. She's announced as winner and it makes her pause momentarily, looking up. "Oh. Huh. Thanks." Not that she's ungrateful, she's just pre-occupied.

"Akkar," echos Rysen. "A fine animal, Lord Cillian." His eyes pass back to Arik, and then to Brianna, as she begins to hand out prizes. "It will certainly be memorable," he says softly, taking a drink of whiskey.

"And the bottle of wine I'd been holding onto as a secondary prize goes to Arik, because he'll need it when he wakes up," Brianna continues.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private, Akkar leave, following Cillian.

The Riven knight will stay with Arik and Eirene, mostly give Arik a distraction while Eirene works. "And if you look very closely at that constellation, you'll notice that two of the stars make a belt. Some say it's a dagger, but I personally say it's a belt for the warrior. Many scholars are actually consider this a hotly debated topic because of the implications it gives on the story behind the constellation..." he goes on. At length.

Arik isn't asleep forever it was only mild shock from an alaricite greatsword. Under Eirene's care he probably gets some blood pressure back or maybe the wound wasn't -that- bad it just looked back because his eye opens up with a few blinks and he mumbles, "Who put a fucking rock in a snowball?"

Victus straightens up when Khanne addresses him. He offers a very neutral expression in kind. The weight of the situation not entirely lost on him. "I will be happy to discuss how we can make up for all of this. While it could've been much worse, I do deeply apologize for almost killing your family." Speaking of, Brianna announces prizes. Victus looks with wide-eyed glee as he's handed a silvery pendant. He holds it up to the light, a small grin forming on his face. "Lord Arik, look!" He addresses the newly awakened Halfshav. "Your family gave me a prize for almost murdering you! I have learned nothing from this experience!"

A familiar laugh booms out from Rowenova. "You mean barely killing him." Then, she straps together her togo boxes with the feast foods within!

Not able to help currently Braith actually smiles a bit as Arik's prognosis is a positive one. She turns in towards Theron and speaks softly with him which ends her humming. Arm sliding around his waist she gives a light squeeze and then glances at Victus. Watching the Thraxian lord she adds in an attempt at good humor, "I told you to milk the moment and swing the blade around, not actually use it." The Mazetti gives him a rueful look before she moves to Khanne, drawing Theron with. "I will check in on Arik but we can do nothing to help. We are going to take our leave, tell him I will be by once he's made comfortable?" She glances to Alecstazi and Brianna, giving them a nod as she hesitates when Arik wakes to watch the interaction with a raised brow.

Alarissa looks unamused. Not by whatever is said privately between them, but by her husband after he hefts the pendant up. "I'm taking the children -home-" She presses lips together.

Arik looks up at Victus and then to Eirene with a slow and blank expression. "Your Grace... Come here." he lifts up he less bloody of his two hands with a vague beckoning gesture for the standing man to come a little closer.

"Gods Victus, I am naming you third favorite Cousin High Lord. Edain is now my second favorite cousin High Lord because of this" Jaenelle tells him dryly, rolling her eyes.

Khanne is overheard praising Victus: Arik was only almost murdered, so... thank you for... not accidentally killing him at the wedding?

There is an actual palm to face when Victus leans in and celebrates his victory over the damaged Arik. Teagan lets out a lengthy sigh and drops her hand, looking out over those assembled. "Perhaps," she says, partly to herself and partly to any who might be listening, "we should hand out wooden weapons at the next snowball fight." It would at least occupy hands that need to be wielding something or another.

Rorik snorts a small laugh at Jaenelle's comment, his lips curling in wry amusement.

Brianna immediately regrets handing out the little seahorses, but she wanted to get that out of the way and get those creepy little metal-dipped fish off of her person. She shakes her head vehemently at Teagan. "Gods no, woman. That would only encourage them."

Khanne nods softly to Braith. "I will tell him, of course. Thank you, and thank you for coming. Give my best to the Mazetti family."

Mihaly raises an eyebrows, even if his distraction of talking about stars goes over literally everyone's heads. "I'm shocked. Shocked." he says in a tone that directly implies the opposite, sarcasm dry as kindling. "Well, not that shocked, that not even throwing swords would teach a valuable lesson. At least it wasn't an axe. Or maybe next time it'll be two swords."

Victus nods slowly to Alarissa. "Yes that's perhaps for the best." He releases Astrid to her care. "I'll have blankets brought downstairs for the couch." Still enamored with his murder-prize, his slight grin faces Arik again. "Oh yes, did you want to take a closer look?" He's 100% trusting as he leans right into Arik's personal space.

Eirene finishes a neat row of stitches on Arik's abdomen and then starts to dress the wound carefully, applying a goopy herby palp onto the wound first. "You're not to do anything too strenuous for a few days. Change the bandaging every twelve hours," she admonishes. "And put this on it." She holds out the jar for one of the servants to take. Her bloody hands get washed in the hot water and she holds one of the newly cleaned ones to Mihaly to help her to her feet.

Brianna makes her way to Khanne's side, murmurming something softly to her cousin as she threads her arm through hers.

After what Eirene instructs, Rowenova beckons Lana over and explains it, too, so all the servants can gang up on Arik later and be sure he is properly tended.

THere is a deep incline of his head as Khanne approaches. "Duchess Halfshav, I feel for you. Having to see your brother wounded." Theron pauses. "Honestly I think the battle was ours long before the sword became airborne in what appears to be a tragic accident. While I later will likely consider Lord Thrax's enthusiasm a little misplaced? Right now? It is rather infectous. Warriors often fall in victory and defeat and such..." Theron looks to his wife, already knowing to ask "What?" in his most innocent possible way.

Rowenova gracefully/gratefully accepts the offered jar from Eirene. "Thank you so much, My Lady."

Khanne whispers to Brianna and winks.

Getting up, Mihaly pulls Eirene up to her feet. "You did well, as usual." A glance at her dress. "You ah. You got some red on you."

With Arik tended to, Rysen says to Eirene, "Thank you, My Lady. It was very fortunate you were here." He bows to Eirene and Mihaly, and then makes his way to Brianna and Alecstazi. "My Lord, My Lady, congratulations. I think the events here are a sign that your Houses are more unified than ever. May the gods and spirits bless you." He smiles, and bows his head, before turning to make his way from Halfshav Hall.

Arik lays his hand atop his chest as Victus gets in close with his murder prize and murmurs, "You don't have to feel bad your Grace. Having seen two Thrax Princes sucker punch a Halfshav in my lifetime... Alec was much better at it than you... and now he's a Halfshav too... Look out." and then he lays his head back down and closes his eyes with a mumble, "Row help me up in a minute..."

Khanne looks to Theron after whispering to Brianna. "Oh! Well, I am kind of used to seeing him wounded. Not usually from a snowball fight, granted.... Thank you." Smirking she 'mmms'. "Accident, yes. Let's hope. It is fine. Victus can Victus."

"Lady Brianna," Teagan tells the woman, turning toward her. "This is Prince Victus we're talking about. He doesn't -need- encouragement. This is containment we're talking about. It's like giving a bored child a simple toy so they don't run off and climb the curtains."

Alarissa's gathering Astrid, despite protestations from the little Thrax Princess and with the help of Nanny's, and guards, the Princess Consort of Thrax is making her way out of the courtyard and away from the bloody snow and crowing husband with a tight line to her mouth.

Eirene looks down at her dress. Indeed there is blood. She sighs and shakes her head. "This is why I hate dressing up. My leathers are treated so they can be cleaned right off. This is gonna take forever to get the blood out of. I should tell Leola. Ha." Okay, that thought amuses her.

Rowenova puts the jar in fellow servant Lana's care. They momentarily share a knowing nod before Rowenova moves over to half kneel beside Arik, making sure that her dress skirts do not tangle up in the process there. "Whenever you are ready to go, My Lord. No rush." She lets out a little laugh.

"It's not like you dressed expecting to have to go to work." Mihaly remarks, putting his pipe away and handing his flask back to Eirene after all that hard work. "But, this is a thing now. YOu're aware of that right? That's how many times we've tried to go out where something has gotten in the way? Three? Four? Maybe five, at this point, I've lost track."

"And this is how we know you haven't spent much time with children. That's a perfectly good way of having a child up the curtains with a toy in their hand," Brianna retorts to Teagan. She surveys the scene: blood on the snow, Alec huddled with the House's young ward, a crowing Thrax high lord in the middle of the battlefield. "This tracks," she murmurs to herself.

"There was no guarantee you were winning anything," Braith says sharply to Theron with a thwack at his side. Despite the serious moment there her competitive side peaks out. She gives the newlyweds another nod and draws Theron lightly away. A glance back is given towards Arik and the others. Watching the Halfshav lord interact with Victus shakes off more of her tension before glancing up at Theron and speaking softly with him as they start for the exit.

What Mihaly says earns him a side glance from Rowenova, "Adventure, though!"

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