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Birthday - Clara Crovane

Clara Crovane and her Twin sister Kalila Crovane are celebrating their 23rd birthday. There will be free food, booze, bonefires, wrestling, and dancing. Come and have a good time. There is no need to bring presents unless you'd like to.


March 22, 2020, 6 p.m.

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Arik Llyr Kalila Mirk Cassian Svana Jules Kritr Riagnon Asher Mikani Cadern Eilonwy



Arx - Ward of The Compact - Stormwall's Haven - Backyard

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Frosty, a friendly English sheepdog arrives, following Svana.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

Tonight the moon is bright in the night sky and there are only a few white clouds that dance across the horizen. The wind gently pushes various shapes of fluffy clouds in the way that the night mysteriously does, every once in a while obscuring the diamond stars in the sky.

Tonight Clara is dressed in a beautiful dusky seasilk dress. Her hair has been braided along the crown and the rest is held back with a moon and star hair piece. Around her neck is a high quality leather choker and on the front is a little iridescite dolphin with a little indigo duskstone eye. She is standing by one of the fires waiting for people to start trickling in.

Standing by Clara's side, though not nearly as well dressed, is Llyr. He has a hand at the small of her back and is speaking with her quietly as she awaits the arrival of her guests. He is smiling softly as he scans the yard and those already here.

Mirk arrives right on time, still tugging on his gloves. "Lady Clara," he says in a low, rumbling voice. He stops a little ways away, eyeing the crowd with interest. "I'm not sure how long I'll stay, but I wanted to be here to wish you a happy birthday. What are you now, twenty?"

Cassian enters, wearing his party finery as obtained by Clara, fitted dark pants and a deep blue sea-silk shirt. He's smiling broadly, looking for Clara and glancing around the room.

Clara smiles at Mirk and Cassian when they arrive and she turns from her quiet conversation with Llyr to address them both. "Good evenin'." She offers simply along with a warm smile and a nod of her head. "Thank ya both fer comin'. It's nice ta have ya both here. Please, help yerselves ta some food an' drink."

Cassian smiles broadly. "Happy birthday, cousin. I hope your evening is progressing well. Is this your sailor courtier?"

Clara quickly adds to Mirk, "Twenty-three."

Svana enters on her husband's arm, looking much better than when anyone last saw her. She smiles over to several people before she reaches the birthday girl and reaches out to hug Clara. "Happy birthday, Lady Clara! I hope you have a wonderful night," she says before she looks at Lord Llyr. "You'd better show her a good time tonight!"

A grin is offered to Clara at what she says quietly and then Llyr turns his attention to the guests, nodding to Mirk and then looking to Cassian, offering his hand, "Lord Llyr Nightgold, at your service." He pause, blinks and laughs at Svana's comment, shaking his head and saying something a little more quietly.

Jules is here, when did he get here, who is he with? Who knows! He's happy though and he's moving about and mingling and seems to be generally looking about. He has a glass of wine in his hand and he sips periodically.

Llyr mutters, "I would never think of her ... anything but the ... ... nights, but ... ... assuming that ... haven't ..."

"And I'm Mirk Halfshav," Mirk supplies to Cassian with a nod of his head. "A pleasure. Any of Lady Clara's blood is a friend of mine." He helps himself to a drink, if not the food, a cup of whiskey in one hand after a moment. "And a pleasure to see you again as well, Jules, Svana."

Cassian takes Llyr's hand firmly but without aggression and shakes. "Lord Cassian Crovane. I've heard much about you, Lord Nightgold, not the least of which that you're a sailor. Any man of the sea is good to meet, in my opinion." He smiles at Mirk, nodding his acknowledgement. "Good to meet you too, Mr. Halfshav."

Clara snickers and takes a sip of some mead after it is handed to her by a serving girl. She shakes her head at whatever Llyr said softly but she's smiling all the same. "Aye, this is me cousin." She nods her head and then looks to Svana. "Lord Llyr, I promise ya, always makes sure I have the best time." She doesn't seem to mind the innuendo possibilities there and just turns to look between Cassian and Llyr, waving Jules over when she notices him.

Svana bows to Cassian, and then to Mirk. She smiles at Mirk easily and gravitates toward a glass of water. She takes a drink of it and sputters a bit at Clara's comment, then laughs and smiles widely at the other woman. "I am quite sure he does, and cheers to that, my Lady." She holds up her glass and then leans in to whisper something separately to Clara before she turns to Mirk. "A pleasure to see you again too, Lord Mirk. I hope we can keep meeting under happier circumstances."

Jules bows to Mirk and gives the man a smile, "My lord, delighted to see you again as well. Has all been well for you? I hope you've found yourself somewhat busy." He looks Clara, bows as well and says, "Happy birthday my lady, delighted you were able to gather together with such a short time in the city." Cassian gets a bow but he does not interrupt his conversation with the other nobility. He reaches to take Svana's hand and gives her a smile and a quick whisper.

When Cassian mentions that much has been heard, Llyr glances to Clara and grins and then closes his eyes in mirth at her response to Svana. He releases Cassian's hand, 'A pleasure to meet you. Still getting to know Clara's family."

Clara smiles brightly at Svana's reaction and lifts her tankard to Svana. "Cheers." She laughs a little and whispers something to Svana before looking to Jules. "Thank ya, Master Jules. I appreciate the well wishing. I admit that I almost cancelled tonight in light of our missin' Lord Rysen but Lady Mikani assured me she wouldn't take offense if I had the party and said Lord Rysen would even want me ta still have it."

2 Acheron Red Guards arrives, following Riagnon.

Riagnon arrives, following Kritr.

Jules nods to Clara and says, "Quite right, we'll get Lord Rysen home soon enough and you can throw a second party." He states with a soft laugh and then adds, "And did I hear you have a twin in the city as well, or did I hear that incorrectly my lady?" He rubs at his chin and then asks, "Who do you anticipate will be the first one to fall down drunk tonight?" He gives a more cheerful laugh.

"We need reasons to celebrate right now Lady Clara - so I am glad you are giving us one," Svana says, smiling genuinely at the woman before she kisses her husband's cheek and slinks off to help herself to food - a very unSvanalike move. She loads up a plate with bread and butter, steak, corn on the cob, and potatoes - but ends up handing it to Jules. Though she does go back and get herself a plate, albeit smaller.

Along the way to the party, Kritr stopped by a flower seller to collect some white snow lilies, not too rare, but imported from the North regardless. He knows enough not to show up empty handed, even if his other manners are a little uncouth. For example the way that he walks into the room shouting: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

"Busy enough, but not well," Mirk says to Jules's question. "More pleasant circumstances are always welcome, Svana." He lets the conversation flow around him, largely, sipping at his whiskey, not the most social tonight, it seems.

Tagging along beside Kritr, Riagnon enters the Crovane grounds with a goofy, lackadaisical gait. Each one of his feet lands with a clumsy 'clip-clop.' He's no doubt chatted the older man's ear off for their entire walk over by the looks of things, his over-share monologue only interrupted to echo Kritr's sentiments halfway through the exclamation, "-Birthday!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Svana before departing.

"Aye, somethin' pleasant is good." Clara agrees with Svana before nodding to Jules. "Aye, Lady Kalila Crovane. She is my twin and is about somewhere. She was really tired though so she may be sleepin' through the party."

Clara looks to Krit when he arrives with Riagnon and nods her head to them both, laughing a little at the screaming of happy birthday. "Good evenin' an' welcome." She looks back to Jules. "A second party? Aye, ta celebrate ya an' Svana's union. That's what we should do. Good plan." She smiles wickedly at him for that one and adds. "Hopefully, after a few shots of whiskey we can get someone either dancin' or wrestlin'..." She looks over at Llyr at that last one.

Jules takes the plate that Svana hands to him, waits for her to get back then says, "Dear me, what am I suppose to do with all this food?" He laughs and shakes his head seeming utterly amused. He gives her a return kiss as she returns with her own plate. He laughs at the enthusiastic tone from Kritr but is soon enough redirected to Mirk and nods, "I am sorry to hear not well my lord, quite sorry. I hope things shall turn positive soon enough for you though." Taking a bite of the bread he asks Clara, "Will you introduce her to me sometime? Some nobles are less excited for the interaction of commoners but I do imagine she's quite pleasant unless you are opposites."

Svana gives a slight start at Kritr's entrance, but nods to the man eventually and moves to find a place to sit. "You're supposed to polish it off, you normally don't have a problem doing that," she tells Jules with a smile. She goes to work on her own plate, doing a little more eating than merely picking at the food than unusual. She nods in agreement with Clara about the wedding reception. "Aye, yes, Jules and I need to discuss guests and all of that soon. We haven't done much planning, but I need to get my gown made and this and that."

"ARE WE HAVING A PARTY?" Kritr asks. He heads over to the feasting table, grabs a mug in his free hand, empties it, arranges the lilies in it and puts it back in the center of the table. "Bread and MEAT!" He enthusiastically narrates, taking some of both now that his hands are free. "To Clara Crovane! Not YET FORTY!"

"This is way better than burning beaver effigies," Riagnon announces, immediately narcing Kritr out, as he claims a tankard for himself and splashes the liquid contents toward his mouth.

When Riagnon arrives, Llyr offers a smile and a wave. He pauses when Clara mentions dancing and wrestling, thinking for a moment, "Dancing? Don't know I'm dressed for wrestling, Lady Clara...though maybe later...", he offers a smile and a wink. He looks to some of the others, seeing who he knows and who he does not.

Clara frowns when she realizes that Mirk isn't doing so well and steps towards him. "If there is anythin' I can do let me know. I am happy ta help in any way I can." She smiles over at Svana. "Oh good. I am glad ya still plan on havin' it." She looks then to Jules and nods her head. "Aye, I'll introduce ya to me sister when she is up an' about. Hopefully, she will be here tonight at some point but who knows what she's up ta. She's always been a bit of a slacker if ya ask me. But then... she's me sister, I'm biased." She chuckles and looks over at Kritr and Riagnon and takes a swig of her mead. "Good, loud and noisy reminds me of home." She looks to Llyr. "Ya can always just take yer shirt off ta wrestle." She suggests shamelessly.

Jules laughs at Clara's connects on her sister being a slacker and then asks, "What might her occupation be then?" He rubs at his chin and adds, "I suppose it can be hard enough to determine sometime if you don't receive pay for it though." He glances over towards Svana and looks aghast, "Are you saying I'm a devourer of plates?" He shakes his head then snickers, "It's perhaps so but I ought to be careful, it seems most married men put on more than a little weight." His tone more teasing than serious.

Mirk shakes his head at Clara. "It's circumstance, not something for a healer," he assures her, before being interrupted by his assistant passing a missive. He checks the missive for a moment, nods his head once, and then says, "I'm afraid I must depart for the evening. A pleasure, Lady Clara, and I wish you all the best for your birthday, without the presence of a killjoy like myself." A dip of his head towards her, and then he turns on his heel.

"That's because most mens' wives know how to cook. I do not. You know damned well that this is the only food you get," Svana says teasingly to Jules, waving at Mirk on his way out. She sips her water and perks up at the mention of wrestling and shirts coming off. "I love wrestling. Participating, even. It's not a good spectator sport for me. I always lose, but it's so fun. Sadly, I would have to take off my shirt because I sewed this one and I'm proud of it." She pauses then and looks at Jules, smiling at him. "Anyway, getting tossed on my head not be as fun as usual considering that whiskey I drank."

"On more reason not to get MARRIED!" Kritr calls over to Jules. "Run! Run while you still CAN!" He crosses the way to Clara and says. "I put a blackwood training stump in the training center." Even when not shouting, his voice is louder than necessary. "This is Lord Acheron. Of ... Acheron's Peak! I dragged him along with me." He gestures in the direction of Riagnon.

"I'm Llyr's cousin," Riagnon adds to the introduction, thumbing in Llyr's direction before downing a large gulp of ale. "And I've been married for quite some time, and I don't think I've gained any extra weight at all, sorry."

Jules checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

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"You're not a killjoy." Clara promises Mirk. "An' a friend ta talk to can sometimes be a necessity as much as stitches." She nods her head to him. "Call on me if you need. Be well in the meantime."

Clara smiles at Svana. "Well, maybe you an' I will have ta wrestle ta show them how it's done." She laughs a little and looks down at her dress. "Aye, I'd be sad if I had ta have this one replaced. I like this one." She considers. "But that would leave me in hardly any clothin'. I might have some clothes that would fit ya though if we want ta change and not put on a show of that sort."

Clara turns her eyes to Riagnon and nods her head. "A pleasure ta meet ya. I'm Lady Clara Crovane. I am a close friend of Llyr's."

Svana checked composure at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Jules bow to Mirk and wishes him well and he waits till he's had a moment to allow it to not be a reflection on Mirk's departure. He's about to comment when he hears Kritr's comment of running and Jules takes his plate and starts to run away from Svana. He continues to munch on his bread but he's not really trying to run away too hard but ... then he seems to stop and then and hurries back. He holds out his hand and says, "I'd be happy to hold your clothing if you don't want to mess it up, no one should be offended if you didn't want to get other clothes messy." His tone half teasing as he looks to the women but seems to flinch through it all.

There's a long pause from Svana as Clara mentions wrestling her. She glances to Jules, then back to Clara. In fact, she is so distracted by Clara she seems not to notice Jules' playfully running, but she smiles at Kritr. "We already got married, thanks." Svana smacks her fist down on the table. "Isn't it rude to wrestle the birthday girl? I mean, but if you have clothes that fit me..." She munches on her bread rather nonchalantly. Then she looks over to Riagnon and nods her head. "Well met, Lord Riagnon."

Kritr doubletakes, looking at Riagnon. "Well, it probably hasn't took yet. Soon you'll be HEAVY AS ME!" He sticks a turkey leg in his mouth and slaps his stomach boisterously.

"Yes, well met," Riagnon repeats, nodding and smiling boyishly in various directions, and to Clara and Svana certainly. "I think in some places, it's probably rude NOT to wrestle the person of honor at their own birthday."

To Kritr, Riagnon rises up on the balls of his feet and puffs out his chest as if to appear bigger. There's only very limited success. "Yeah, it'll probably happen any day now."

Clara laughs. "I'm not afraid ta get me butt whipped if that is what yer worried about. Losin' is how ya learn after all." She offer Svana a smile. "But we don' have ta either. I'd be happy ta see ya wrestle anyone. Just as long as there is some sort of sparrin' tanight I'll feel that it was a good party." She offers another smile and then looks to Krit and Riagnon. "Ya two are great. How much did ya drink before ya got here though? Perhaps you two should wrestle. Keep those big bellies off."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, 1 Redreef Warden, Vagari The Cinder Cat, 1 Order of the Firebird, 2 House Crovane Guards, Biorna - The Protective Mastiff arrive, following Mikani.

Kritr finishes the turkey leg and looks at Riagnon. "Him? I'll wrestle him with one arm behind my back." He promises, then he scans the room. "I'll wrestle any two of you!" He says loudly. "Let's give the BIRTHDAY GIRL A SHOW!"

"I don't think I could beat you! I think I'll end up with an acute head injury," Svana says with a wink at Clara. "And what a terrific way to get one!" She eyeballs Jules for a long moment before curling her lips into a slight smile, then raising a brow once Kritr says he'd wrestle any two of them. Her eyes widen and she shrinks back a bit. She takes a sip from her water and then looks to Clara. "Well, shall we? I think you should have the first wrestling match as it is your birthday."

"Oh, I would never wrestle a one-armed man," Riagnon declines gracefully, gesturing around with his beverage and probably sloshing a splash or two onto the ground by his feet.

Jules chuckles as the groups seem to be determining who's wrestling who but he's quite content to still hold his plate and eat food off of it. His eyes shift about here and there. Little enough seems to be catching his attention otherwise.

Clara laughs a little at Kritr. "Against two, huh?" She looks over at Riagnon. "No worries, My Lord. I will wrestle or spar with him for ya." Then she looks at Svana. "After I wrestle with Svana, of course." She considers. "Shall we change or do ya just want ta strip?" She doesn't seem to care either way.

He watches Mirk's departure with some concern and then back to Clara with a bit of a frown. As the party gets rolling in the way it does, Llyr looks to Clara as she offers to put on a show of wrestling, herself, laughing softly. He gets a funny look at how Clara describes the pair of she and himself, pauses, opens his mouth and then closes it, looking truly ponderous. He looks to Clara again at her offer to wrestle.

Asher is perhaps a bit late to the party; he's looking like he's barely ready for being awake, let alone ready for a party. Hair mussed, but at least he's wearing clothing that's nice enough for such a party. Hey, Aeterna is expensive! He also does seem to have his right hand wrapped up in bandages. He thusly waves with his left hand, and calls out for Clara: "Happy Birthday, Lady Clara!" Then, he goes to see about finding some food.

Svana ponders for a long moment Clara's particular question, then she finally casts her eyes at Jules with a smirk. "We'd better change. I don't wear undergarments and I'm afraid that letting Master Fabron see me wrestling another woman in public, in the nude, would call for some intense private negotations." She stands up and moves over to Clara. "Show me where to go, and I shall follow!" She smiles and waves at Asher when walks in.

Kritr leans toward Riagnon. "I'll arm wrestle you. That takes one arm each." He promises.

Clara nods her head at Svana and takes the woman up to her room to get dressed!

Jules waves a dismissive hand to Svana and quickly says, "No private negotiations, no need to slow the party." He laughs loudly and takes a drink from his wine. He glances between the two women and goes back to munching again. Otherwise the man seems rather silent but, obviously, attentive.

Riagnon frowns skeptically, side-eyeing Krtir, "Alright, but you have to finish that whole mug first to make it MORE even." With his free hand, the knightling jabs his index finger in the direction of Kritr's drink.

Clara drops Large Gray Dome Tent With The Crovane Sigil.

Clara has joined the Large Gray Dome Tent With The Crovane Sigil.

Kritr actually didn't get a drink, just bread and meat, but he agrees readily to quaff a tankard of mead beforehand. "I usually just drink beer." He explains before taking a deep breath and chugging the entire tankard. Sure some spills, but that is what beards are for!

Svana has joined the Large Gray Dome Tent With The Crovane Sigil.

Riagnon pointed at someone else's drink arbitrarily. (OOC retroactive edit.)

Clara gets Large Gray Dome Tent With The Crovane Sigil.

After a few minutes, short miutes for a woman!, Clara makes her way back down in pants and a shirt with Svana. She looks happy and ready to get her rear handed to her! She heads over to the ring that is surrounded by cushions and furs and stretches out her arms. She offers her diamondplate axe over to Llyr. "Hold her fer me?" She looks to Asher. "Hey, Asher. Yer just in time."

Svana follows after Clara, comes back in, wearing something that's not going to be missed if it gets torn in the middle of the birthday girl's wrestling match. She looks over at Jules and winks at him. "Oh yeah, if you know what you want on our wedding bands, talk to Asher!" She says. Just in time for that too, apparently. She moves over to the wrestling ring and lets out a brief laugh. "Oh, this is going to be so bad for me. Alright. Someone tell us when we can go at each other, then!"

Mikani enters the yard quietly. She has a larger baby at her hip. One that looks like he is getting closer to being a toddler. The boy has her coloring but does look like Rysen over all. There is a smile on her face as she sees everyone. Her dress is different than her normal wear, a white mens shirt is her top and it's stuffed into a winter coat lined with fur.

Watching for Clara to return. Llyr blinks as she hands over the axe, 'So planning on fighting fair, then?" It's a teasing tone and he smiles to her softly, resting the axe over his shoulder in a relaxed stance.

2 Acheron Red Guards have been dismissed.

Asher is busy grabbing food and drink when Clara calls for him. He looks over with bread in his mouth, and looks confused. Clara and Svana in not-dresses? He's not too upset by it, obviously, but he's just very confused by it all. And then Clara hands her axe to Llyr? There's a few seconds of waiting before he heads over to find a seat, likely near Jules, to nudge him and silently ask what the heck is going on.

Out of camaraderie, Riagnon takes another large gulp from his own drink. For lack of a beard, what spillage there is splashes out over his hairless pink chin. Setting it aside, he rubs his mouth dry on his sleeve before making a show of doing a lot of arm stretches - most of which aren't regulation. Kritr is going down!

Jules laughs and cheers for the two women as they come out. He looks to Asher and says, "I guess northerners wrestle for birthdays, I'll not turn this one away." There's a grin and a soft laugh. He holds up a finger to pause one moment as Mikani comes in, he does make his way over towards her and says, "Would you like me to take ..." He gestures towards the thing on her hip and gives a reassuring smile, "I'll not drop him and you can get something to eat watch the wrestling."

Kritr downs a second drink before clearing the table so that he and Riagnon can armwrestle.

Clara checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

Mikani smiles oddly at Jules. "Sure ... you can take Nakoa." The little boy reaches out for Jules as she hands her son over. The boy seems fascinated by Jules' hair and shakes his Rivenshari bells at the man. "I really could eat." She says.

Svana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Jules checked charm at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Riagnon takes his place, smoothing a palm flatly over the surface of the table as if to test its quality. That's sportsmanly, right? Tossing the flap of his capelet away from his shoulder, Ria rolls one of his sleeves halfway toward his elbow only to have it sink back down to his wrist moments later. He does all of his with a lot of drama.

"I'll fight with me axe anytime but right now... Just me hands." Clara squares off with Svana in a way that suggests to the more trained eye that she's not at all well versed in this sort of combative art. Nonetheless, She waits and when whoever is going to say 'go' says 'go' she moves forward to circle around Svana. It's likely more by luck than anything else that she engages Svana and immediately gets an upper hand on the woman, arms looping around her opponant and gripping her lightly.

Mikani takes a seat with her bowl to watch the match. "Go birthday girl." Mika cheers on Clara before munching on some bread.

The merchant gets distracted seeing Jules with a baby because /awww/ and damned if Clara doesn't catch her. She can't do much once she's caught but grapple the other woman around the waist in return and position her legs a bit more firmly on the ground. "Ooh, you're strong!" She comments, attempting to gain some sort of leverage with Clara - and failing for the moment.

Clara checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Svana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

While Asher isn't super knowledgable of northerner traditions, he's completely okay with this one. At least, when the ladies do so. There's a glance over to Kritr and Riagnon, but only for a moment; Asher's lean, and dextrous. Not exactly super strong. He'll stick - for now - to being able to have a damn good aim. "So this is why you don't want kids. Means you can watch other peoples' children."

Riagnon checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Riagnon checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Riagnon checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

As he watches the match begin to take shape and sees Clara take the advantage, Llyr whistles and cheers a little for Clara, though he also seems to be studying something about the match as he moves around the ring with that axe over his shoulder. The arm-wrestling match certainly doesn't keep his eye in light of this.

Being not quite experienced at this form of combat Clara struggles to keep ahold of Svana for a moment ultimately manages to get a nice firm grip on the other woman. She is gentle with the other woman perhaps because she's not very strong or perhaps it's intentional. Either way she keeps hold of the woman and attempts to hold the position and get the woman to submit.

Kritr waits on the armwrestling match until Clara and Svana are done. He's more interested in watching them wrestle anyway. "YEAH! A dress would never have survived that grip!"

Did Svana say she knew anything about wrestling? No, not necessarily - just that she'd wrestle Clara. She does her best not to smile, instead putting on a look of fierce determination as she presses one of her legs against Clara's in a rather feeble attempt to knock her off balance - though it's clear that Clara has a fairly decent grip on her. She lets out a slight grunt, "Ahh, you're too good at this, Clara!"

Clara checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Svana checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Mara, a harried steward, Jackie arrive, following Cadern.

Mikani continues to just watch and eat.

Clara slowly leads Svana down to the ground where she pins the woman face down. "Aye, but ta be fair... I'm a soldier." She points out to the other woman, though is still severely out of breath, Svana having at least given her a run for her money and put up quite a struggle until the end. "Submit an' I'll go get us some hot cider ta cool down with." She takes a few deep breaths as she holds the woman down. "I'll even go get the cake out. Vanilla with strawberry fillin' and white chocolate an' chocolate drizzle." That's it, she will get the woman to submit through cake-temptation!

It's not long before Svana is out of breath, sweating, but not looking like she's hating being pinned down by Clara, however. She tries to hold back a laugh as Clara pins her, letting out a quiet squeal. She wriggles underneath the birthday girl and nods finally. "I give, I give! I submit! I want cake!" Svana cries out, giving a kick of her legs. "Vanilla with strawberry filling?"

Cadern meanders his way out into the backyard. He heads towards getting drinks and he is lifting one to his mouth, "Huh... I've been missing the fun." He looks thoughtfully raising a brow watching wriggling women. His brows raised.

"Almost as fun to watch as to participate!" Kritr cheers.

Llyr looks amused at the end of the match, waiting until the word is given of Svana's forfeit and then steps over to the ring to offer his hand to Clara. He laughs softly, waiting for Clara to get close before saying something softly to her.

Mikani looks at Cadern. "Hello." She says simply after another bite of her bread. Yes Mika. The woman of many words.

Clara slowly releases Svana and then stands up straight taking Llyr's hand to get there. She then offers a hand out to Svana in order to help her back to her feet. "Cake it is." She promises with a laugh before listening to Llyr for a moment. Then she politely asks a servant to get the cake from inside so she can pass it out to anyone that wants some. Whatever Llyr says to her makes her smile though and she turns to whisper something back.

1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant arrives, following Eilonwy.

Svana gets up with Lady Clara's help, laughing softly. "Thank you for an exhilirating wrestling match," she says to the noble before she moves over to Mikani, bowing to her. She picks up her glass of water which must have been refilled at some other point, taking a long pull. She sits down by the woman and Jules, reaching out to give Mikani's hand a squeeze. "It's good to see you out, Lady Mikani. And with little Lord Uriel."

Cadern nods to Mikani, "Hello Mikani. How are you? what have I missed so far?" He asks of Mikani considering her for a moment. But he seems to be watching the main event curiously.

Slipping in, Eilonwy looks about. The Marquessa smoothing her skirt slightly and looking about the gathering curiously. Spotting Clara, she turns her feet that way.

Kritr slaps the table now that the wrestling match is over. "Alright Lord of the Peak. Let's you and I go." He levels his arm down to Riagnon's and looks ready to armwrestle.

Mikani nods to Cadern. "I don't know what all has been missed. I really just got here." She says with a smile on her face that doesn't quite reach her eyes. Mikani looks like she hasn't had a good night sleep in awhile, "I'm as well as I can be ..." Mika says trying to not think of it before she squeezes Svana's hand. "I thought that Rysen would want Nakoa and me here ... so I came."

Riagnon crinkles up his nose, "Don't call me that," he whines, sidling his head from side to side on his neck like a bobblehead. Shimming around to get comfortable -OKAY HE'S COMFORTABLE - he gets his spindly arm into position as well.

Clara takes a breath and nods her head to Cadern and Eilonwy when they arrive. "Hello, Marquessa." Clara offers the woman a smile as she approaches, eyes drifting towards the armwrestle as it begins. Then she hears Mikani and frowns. "I am glad yer both here. I think Rysen would want ya happy no matter what."

Kritr understands the importance of names, "For sure Riagnon." He agrees, then he launches out the gate with all his might. He doesn't want to give Riagnon much of a chance to beat him at arm wrestling.

Cadern nods at Mikani, "Well I'm glad to see you out." He says quietly. He glances up and over to Eilonwy and smiles waving out at her and gesturing her over with a smile.

Svana reaches out to gently stroke Nakoa's hair, giving him a smile as she nods then to Cadern. She looks to Mikani and nods. "Aye, I think he would. He would have wanted us all to celebrate - we talked about that, a bit earlier... even though it is a bit hard right now." To say the least. She glances over to the arm wrestling that's beginning to start, giving a wry smile. "I hope Lord Kritr doesn't break Lord Riagnon's arm."

Lip curling upward, Riagnon grits his teeth. Before they begin, his expression brown eyes settle defiantly on Kritr's. They flash a feral, predatory gleam before- Boop! Done. Riagnon's arm goes down like, well, it's hard to find a comparison that fits this exact imagery. It's fast.

"Aww, I was so close winning!" Riagnon exclaims in a screech.

Mikani nods to Cadern with a bit of a smile on her face and then looks at Svana. "Aye I hope Kritr doesn't break his arm either ... that is a quick way to turn a party into chaos."

"You tried Rigs. You tried." Kritr says, shortening the younger lord's name to something else he might not approve of, "Drink something! It's a Party!" He himself reaches for another tankard to fill with mead. "THIS IS ALMOST AS GOOD AS BEER!" He says, not quite shouting, but clearly projecting to everyone and anyone in the room.

Inclining her head, Eilonwy looks at Clara with a warm smile. "A very happy birthday, it's been some time." Looking to Cadern, Eily winks and holds up a finger before focusing on Clara again.

Nakoa looks from where he's trying to pull at Jules' hair to watching Kritr with wide eyes. He babbles something loudly at the man and shakes his bells at Kritr.

Clara offers Eilonwy a smile. "Aye, been a while. Thank ya fer the happy wishes." She smiles between the two, Eilonwy and Cadern, with a knowing look on her face. "How have ya been these past couple years?"

"That was almost too close to call," Riagnon says, eyes nearly bulging out of his head. He shakes out his arm, wringing his hand over his forearm and bicep before releasing it. It doesn't take much convincing to get him cheerfully drinking, again.

Svana leans over to give Mikani a kiss on the cheek, whispering something to her before she stands to grab a piece of cake. "Thank you, Clara. I'm going to go try to raise Rowenova; I need to talk to her about a few things."

Frosty, a friendly English sheepdog leaves, following Svana.

Mikani is overheard praising Cillian.

Mikani is overheard praising Rysen.

Mikani is overheard praising Zoey.

Clara is overheard praising Mikani.

Mikani is overheard praising Svana.

Mikani is overheard praising Clara.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Mikani is overheard praising Ian.

Mikani is overheard praising Brianna.

Mikani is overheard praising Rukhnis.

Shrugging, Eilonwy crinkles her eyes. "More of the same. Someone was foolish enough to agree to marry me." She nods towards Cadern and looks Clara over. "You sure are a sight for sore eyes however, Lady Clara. I hope to see you around the city more."

Cassian is overheard praising Clara.

Cassian is overheard praising Mikani.

Cassian is overheard praising Rosalind.

Cassian is overheard praising Llyr.

Cassian is overheard praising Svana.

Kritr ignores the child. He was never blessed with any paternal instincts to speak of. He picks up a roll with honeyed butter and tears into it savagely. "We should have birthday parties every DAY!"

Following cake and such, still holding onto Clara's axe, Llyr makes his way to her as she is speaking with some of her guests. He sets the axe down a moment and nods to Eilonwy and Cadern a moment, "My deepest apologies. I have a bit of a promise to keep." He leans and picks Clara up to put her over his shoulder, "Would you like to wish your guests a good evening, Lady Clara?" With his free hand, he does retrieve her axe.

Clara nods her head at Eilonwy. "I'll be here. Feel free ta come around whenever you'd like. The pub and Stormwall's Haven in general are always open ta ya." She yawsn. "Oh goodness. I think I should be headed up fer some sleep." She smiles at Kritr and then before she can speak is lifted off her feet and over Llyr's shoulder. "Ack!" She laughs a little and waves to everyone else. "Good night. Enjoy the cake an' drinks. Stay as long as you'd like!"

Cadern grins at Eilonwy and sticks his tongue out at her. He smiles at that before he glances to Mikani and he looks to the group and he smiles. He raises a hand as Clara goes over someone's shoulder and he looks amused. "Well that's something." He says in bemusement.

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