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Games, Wine and Tastings

After not hosting one for quite a while, the Lord Martino Malvici will be holding a tasting session in the Golden Hart on several new liquors that he has acquired from travels across the Lycene. There will also be games of chance, games of skill, also present for an evening of casual merriment.


Feb. 1, 2020, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Valencia Lethe Thea Ian Jules Porter Catalana Kaia Zoey Tarik Ilmia Wash



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - Main Hall

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Comments and Log


There is always a faint regret in hosting the a tasting event that always seems to revolve around the morning after.

Well, next time, perhaps not being two ahead of everyone before they arrive should help.

Then, again, what is a tasting if not the host keeping the crowd entertained.

3 Tyde Houseguard, Fireball, a fluffy cat, 2 Redwood Initiates arrive, following Lethe.

Stood up on the dance floor, the Lord Martino Malvici is present with four newly selected bottles of different wines behind him. An array of tables have been set up in front of him, chairs around for small groups, while Golden Hart servants tend to the tables. Games arranged, groups of lower nobility and commoners about the place filling it with a hushed buzz.

Already sat on one of the tables set up on the dance floor, the Lady Thea Malvici is there with a glass of whiskey. She started early. And is sat /on/ a table. "Psstt... Thea. Sit behind it. Please." Martino's voice is hushed as he slaps his sister's knee with his hand, "At least before the guests arrive."

The litttle vixen arrives dressed for the occasion, scarlet southern silks embraces her slender waist and enticing curves, her dark waves elegantly held up with simple silver pins. Valencia smiles to Martino and Thea, her large dark eyes glimmering with delight as her staff move about with experienced poise seeing to Martino's arriving guests.

"My sweetest friends," Valencia greets the Lord and Lady of Malvici with a bright smile, offering Lord Martino a delicate hand and Lady Thea a light but fond embrace and kiss upon the cheek. "I'm so pleased. It all looks wonderful. Everyone will be so pleased," she nods approvingly. "You have all that you need?"

Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

Lethe arrives to the event and looks around with curiosity. She looks at the different games and the people here with a few nods for those she knows. "Everything does look very nice here."

Nilanza, a fluffy white kitten with odd eyes, Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier, Leola arrive, following Kaia.

Thea ever so subtly slides off the table, her gold-flecked green showing their mischievous glint,"Yes of course." Smoothing the lower half of her dress. Large Gatherings, the youngest of the Malvicis tends to find the closest table and remain, but--not this evening.

Seeing Valencia, Thea smiles briefly,"Princess hello. How are you?" Noticing the other guests arrive, she bows her head in greeting, a slight smile for them as well,"Good evening."

Ian comes into the room and stops when he sees all of the... everything. People. Decorations. Extra staff. It's pretty clear that he had no idea there was something happening in here today.

Martino has joined the dance floor.

Jules enters into the Hart maybe fashionably late or right on time. He's entered with a cheerful smile and moves through with a wave to people here and there. His hands seem to be flowing about here and there, never lingering in one place for more than a few moments. His path is generally flowing towards where the gathering is forming.

"I heard there would be wine!" Porter calls out as he bangs in through the door a moment after Ian. "Hey, little brother. There's something going on." Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Porter.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane arrive, following Catalana.

"Ah welcome good guests. Welcome. Please... do make yourselves comfortable." Martino steps back from Thea a moment and defers with his right hand across to the Golden Hart. And keeps moving his right hand... and keeps moving his right hand. "Down on the dance floor we will be starting with some spiced red, before moving to apple wine... chocolate port and finally Heaven's Embrace, a nut liquor."

The boisterous boom of Porter's voice carries through the happy hum of the place and Valencia turns to nod a welcome to Lethe and the Kennex lords as they arrive. Turning back, Valencia smiles again, her excitement at seeing so many happy faces stoking her own excitement of what is to come. But then Missere Jules also is noted and immediately beckoned over to join them as Martino, this evenings most excellent host, welcomes everyone one. "Shall we? What pleases you both this fine night? It all seems so wonderful."

Nilanza, a fluffy white kitten with odd eyes, Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier leave, following Kaia.

Thea discreetly murmurs to herself,"He means juice." Allowed however, she says,"The Heaven's Embrace is my favorite. I received some for my birthday." Hearing Porter, she blinks a moment but says nothing except nodding. Loud noises! The amusement is in her eyes though. Thea greets Ian as well, asking him,"Lord Ian, youve been well?"

Being a frequent visitor of Lord Martino's soirees and parties, Catalana couldn't miss the opportunity to come drink with her friend. She walks smoothly into the hart, her green gown barely fluttering. Spotting Martino first, she moves to greet the host with the most. "Lord Martino! I am so glad to be at another one of your parties." She leans in and gives the lord little air kisses to both cheeks before resting her hand upon his forearm, "It feels like an age since I last saw you." Spying Porter /and/ Thea next, she leans into Martino to whisper something conspiratorially.

"I see," Ian tells Porter in a solemn tone. "Lady Thea. Yes. Thank you." He seems a little uncertain to have found himself in an unexpected party, and this probably has a lot to do with why he sticks close to Porter, following him like a shadow. Or like a little brother tagging along with his big brother.

Portia, a tittering bashful handmaiden, Renato, an overconfident courier arrive, following Kaia.

Porter moves through the crowd like a very big person who assumes other people are going to move for him, or get bumped into. "Lady Thea! Hello!" he ends up journeying to the dance floor where this wine tasting is to begin, glancing around him a time or two to keep track of Ian in this gathering. He stops when they're part-way there to mutter something to him and then laugh.

A quiet smile blossoms in the little southern princess' dark eyes as she turns to watch the guests assemble. "Lady Catalana, it is lovely to see you returned to the Hart on such a happy occasion. Lord Ian, Lord Porter. Will Lord Wash be joining us as well?" Valencia wonders as she glances to the door and back.

With a hushed laugh to Catalana, the Lord Martino rests his fingertips upon the Thraxian Lady's wrists as he leans cheek-to-cheek with her for a moment, "Mm and a delight to see you once more Lady Catalana. Your child keeps you away too much." With the low murmur, Martino laughs slight and turns his sharp green eyes to Thea before clicking his tongue to her, "Oh dear, is that so? Well... let us speak of that soon. Zoey and I have been discussing tying in things closer and today I best to start this."

Stepping back from Catalana, the Lord Martino makes his way to the first bottle for the night - Southport Spiced Red.

Catalana apologizes to Valencia with a soft little smile, "Unfortunately Wash is tied up, though, he does send on his condolences. You know how he loves a party." She too moves to the group about to taste wine. She greets Thea first and then Ian, but it's to Porter she squints slightly and remarks, "Lord Porter. I almost didn't recognize you. Your beard seems to be thinning."

Catalana has joined the dance floor.

Jules dips a bow towards Valencia and says, "Always a delight to join you here." He in turn drops a bow to the Kennex lords, Ian and Porter. There's a bow given to Thea, Kaia, and Catalana and gives a quick, "My ladies." There's a quick spotting of Lethe and he gives a broad smile and a wave to her, where ever she may happen to be and he gives a gesture over towards himself.

Porter has joined the dance floor.

Valencia has joined the dance floor.

Ian murmurs a reply to Porter, his tone calm and flat where his brother's is cheerful. "Princess Valencia." He nods to her. "There hasn't been any prying Wash out of the nursery lately." He returns greetings and does not follow his brother as far as the dance floor. Nope. He'll find a place to sit nearby.

"Lady Catalana, good evening,"Thea greets the Kennex with a polite smile. Finishing her glass of whiskey, she makes her way over to the dance floor, a distrusting glance toward Martino. Her eyebrow lifts for a fraction of a second.

Thea has joined the dance floor.

"So to start our evening of rich treats, we have a drink made in Southport itself. Spiced Red. This is made from young red wine grapes, this is as we do not need them to age for this drink. Consider this a wine to give you some time off. The wine is brought to a bubble and cloves are added, along with several oranges after being cut. Lemon is squeezed and then sugar is stirred through." Martino speaks of the drink as he steps around the set up glasses, going from the closest tables while an assistant works from the back.

"Jules!~" would be heard the chimmering voice of Kaia, as she moved into the Main Hall, she seemed to have been outside at the courtyard not long ago. "We meet again.~" she would tell the man with an amicable smile and tone. Her gaze finding Valencia next and offering her a little wave and a smile. "Your highness." a polite courtesy issued then, before her eyes continued to move along the room to take in the many familiar faces here and about.

Kaia has joined the dance floor.

Jules has joined the dance floor.

"It is lovely thing to know a man loves his children so. I'm delighted he is finding such pleasure in his family," Valencia nods warmly to Ian before politely turning to welcome Kaia with a bright smile and warm incline of head. But before further words are shared, Martino introduces the first libation. Valencia smiles wiht approval, carefully listening as the glasses are poured.

Porter just smirks at Catalana and doesn't answer any questions about his beard. He wanders out onto the dance floor, casting a look back over at Ian when he decides he can't go any further out there. There's a markedly amused look to him as he listens to Martino explain that current tasting.

Lethe notices Jules and waves to him. She walks toward him and smiles. "Hello, this is a nice party. I'm glad to be able to attend."

Jules smiles as he hears his name called out and he says, "Oh Lady Kaia, it's so nice to be remembered." He seems to have a hint of excitement bubbling out of those words. He moves over a bit towards her and says, "I love the Hart." At Lethe approaches he drops a bow to her and says, "Jules Fabron, your servant!" He's brow lifted up in some look of cheerfulness, "You must be connected to someone here because" He looks around and then says, "I think I'm the only one not connected." And he laughs at that.

Lethe has joined the dance floor.

Martino's eyes crease as he welcomes Kaia to sit down, fingertips touching his chest as he smiled slight to her. Purposefully stepping to her table, with Jules sat around, to pour her drink and take the opportunity to murmur.

"This is stirred until all the sugar has gone and then a flame is lit on top. We allow it to then cool. Now, before you drink it, you should pick up a scent of the oranges and cloves. It is a lingering mix and the taste should be of a spicy mix of blackcurrant and redcurrant in this one." Martino explains further as he pours the last bit from his bottle and makes his way to the front of the tables.

Thea listens to her brother explain their home's wine. She offers an explanation as well,"Said wine got Martino kicked out of a bar or two. Cost a bit to get him back in,"waiting for a glass.

Since wine seems to be what's on offer today, Ian goes along with the spirit of the party at least enough to abandon his customary spirits. Not that he looks like he really understands what he's supposed to be appreciating about it, but he'll drink it and at least try to look serious about it.

Catalana nestles up beside Thea when Porter smirks at her. She leans into the younger lady and likely begins plotting some new demise for Porter. She half listens to Martino, but is soon distracted by Lady Kaia and waves her over to join them. She aside agrees with Valencia, "I am so blessed that Lord Wash is so besotted with our children and them with him." She gives a not so subtle glance to Kaia's belly after and remarks with a casual air, "Babies are such a blessing."

Lethe shakes her head. "I wouldn't say I'm connected to anyone. I have met some of them. Anyway it is nice to meet you. I am Lady Lethe Tyde. You are a servant Jules?"

Porter edges far away from Catalana, especially when people start to talk about babies. Then he scoops one of the wine glasses free so that he can taste it, drifting back to Ian's general area and dropping down next to him. He glances over at him briefly, taking in that serious expression before he takes one measured sip and then another longer one.

Valencia nods to Calatlan's word on babies, her smile sweet and silent as she brings the glass to her lips. A slight sip is enjoyed, the petite dark haired woman seeming to lose herself as she samples. Dark eyes flutter open and she nods. "It is beautiful. But yes strong, too. It is a wonderful choice, but I would expect nothing less of you," she nods warmly to Martion as she drifts down the way to offer room for the others to gather in close to the fun of the fray.

A gentle smile is offered to Lethe. "My lady, this is the Hart. It is the only connect you will need. In these halls you are part of our family. I hope you will always feel very welcome and wanted here,:" Valencia assures with gentle grace.

Catalana mutters, "Don't you ... Lord Porter ... ... beautiful babies? I ... ... would be quite ... ... possibly ... But beautiful babies none ... less."

Ian gives Porter a helpless look. He has no idea what he's supposed to be appreciating here.

Thea checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Kaia checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 13 higher.

Thea sips the wine and leans over to better listen to Catalana. What the woman says makes Thea almost spit out her wine. Instead she chokes," I'm sorry. What?"

"Oh, but how could I not, Messere Jules?!" she would ask with a bright smile. "You make for such pleasant company!" she tells him. Her hand reaching out to take one of the glasses with the Southport's spiced red. "Thank you darling. ~" she would say, leaning in to place a soft kiss upon his lips just before he murmured something to her. Her cheeks going bright red afterwards. "My lord! Always a troublemaker. ~" she would say, giving him a little swat at the arm before he moved along. A shake of the head slightly and a chuckle escaping her, before she took notice of Catalana's attention. "Lady Catalana." She would greet her politely. The hidden meaning behind those words and the glance at her belly perceived to perfection would only prompt the new Malvici to lift her glass to take a heavy pull from it. "Mhm..." she would say, and glance away. Oh look Ian's here! Yes, she would then be moving towards Ian. "Lord Ian.~" she would chime in greeting. "Enjoying the spiced wine?"

Walking back to the front, the Lord Martino creases his eyes once more and sets down the end of the Southport Red and moves with his fingertips to the Saikland Apple Wine. "Why thank you Princess Valencia, yes these are several bottles I have gathered on some travels or brought back from the Lyceum. Apologies for the... strength of wine." A glance aside is made to the gaggle of Kennex.

"This is a young wine, similar to the Spiced Red, but in this case it is planned for the drink. It has only fermented for six to eight months, this one for eight, and has now reached the peak of its flavour." Martino lifts the bottle up, shifting it before his chest as he steps for a moment around to show it off while servants begin to pour, "It is a medium body wine and has just the hints of apple. A refreshing acidity to it, without tartness, thanks to the sugar. Not a drink to keep for too long."

Creasing his sharp green eyes, Martino asks, "And how do people find this one?"

Ian checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 33 higher.

Kaia checked stamina + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 17 higher.

Porter checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Thea checked stamina + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

"Lady Kaia." Ian greets Kaia with a solemn nod that has no place in a cheery gathering like this one. "It's good." Then he looks sideways at Porter as his brother mutters to him and adds: "Uh. It tastes like... notes of cherries." Then he quirks a skeptical eyebrow and says something in a low voice to Porter.

Catalana grins with an impish delight at both Kaia and Thea. Watching Kaia take a giant pull of wine, Catalana remarks, "I did hear recently that red wine helps your baby grow thick and rich hair. I suppose it mirrors the consistency of the wine." She then murmurs loudly to Thea, a little louder, "Sparkly, hairy babies." She waves warmly to Lethe once she notices her. "Lady Lethe. A pleasure to see you again. I keep hoping to run into you and your brother at the tower, but no luck as yet."

Catalana checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 53 higher.

Jules checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Valencia checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 20, rolling 35 higher.

There's a faint flush of red to Porter's cheeks and when Ian mentions notes of cherries, he can't help himself but laugh. He leans back in to say something else to the man.

Valencia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher. Valencia rolled a critical!

Thea finishes off her wine in one large swallow, telling Catalana,"I guess you should make sure his wife isnt as hairy then." Gods! Thea is trying! She looks over at Kaia, curious.

Lethe smiles as she looks to Catalana. "Hello I'm afraid I haven't been spending too much time at the tower lately, but it is nice to see you here." She tilts her head as she looks to Jules. "That is an interesting yet also good way to live, and it seems you have a lotof friends."

The drink is gracefully savored, but if it has an effect it does not find it's way to Valencia's face. She watches quietly, keeping a gracious eye upon her staff as they flit to and fro, not that the need it, but ti would seem the keeper of Arx's Hart is always careful to ensure that all is well.

Ian stares at Porter while his brother talks to him, like he's gone and grown a second head or something. "... Are you alright?"

Catalana notices Porter going redder and louder. She heads to the bar and gets a bottle of vodka and saunters lightfootedly to the boys. A flash of mischief to Ian, "He's just not use to fancy wines." She hands the bottle of vodka to Porter and encourages him to take a shot, "Here. This will help."

Kaia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

"Oh dear, Lady Calatana. Is that true?! Then shall have to bring the Lord Ian to Malvici some time to enjoy our lycene drinks." Martino crosses the wooden floor to the main table, a wry smirk over his shoulder to Kaia after she swatted and told him off while he turns his back from the crowd gathered. With something of a spin, Martino lifts up the chocolate port in his right hand and holds it against his chest. A looser movement than before, like two strong drinks is quite a bit of the Malvici Lord, but he continues anyway.

"Now we move onto something I utterly adore. Chocolate Port. It is a fine friend of mine, made to keep the armies of the Malvici moving, and keeps for an incredible time." As Martino speaks, glasses poured once again with him filling to the brim two near the front of Lethe and Porter. "You will already pick up that rich raspberry scent, that nutty and bitter chocolate taste lingering at the back of the pallet. This is certainly a drink to save for later, with that strength almost felt at the back of your throat."

Porter shakes his head and sighs, "It's wine tasting vocabulary!" he offers to Ian. Though honestly, he's probably not explaining how to use it right at all. Also context likely helps a lot. If anyone is choking to death via over his potentially hairy, glittery babies, Porter is oblivious to it at the moment. Catalana arrives and he laughs, taking the bottle from her and pouring a shot's worth into his wine glass. Then it's passed over to Ian. "Thanks."

Jules checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 30 higher.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Catalana checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 21 higher.

Thea checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 93 higher. Thea rolled a critical!

"It is, isn't it." Would agree Kaia with a nod. "Hmm...cherries?" she would repeat, considering that for a moment. Her eyes setting upon Porter afterwards, with a slightly raised brow. "Lord Porter...are you-" Oh, he was laughing. Yup. He was fine. A low laugh of her own would follow that of his -- with laughter being contagious and all that. Not that it seemed to have any effect on her in law. From the corner of her eye, Kaia could still sense Catalana's gaze. Yes. She was avoiding her on purpose. Playing deaf to those words, and quite successfully actually. That specific red wine though had been immediately abandoned into a tray after the news and exchanged for one of the Saikland apple ones. She would continue to sip on that one for a while, avoiding eye contact with the Kennex lady at all cost. A murmur given to the nearby Kennex lords.

A little look of concern lifts as Catalana sets off to the bar to get Porter a drink. The little vixen looks thoughtful a moment and sets aside her own glass. Turning to Jules she offers a gentle smile, but seems to remain silent as she nods to the dark haired handsome gent behind the bar. Quietly, she leans over to share words. The man smiles and nods and heads towards the stairs to the cellars.

Turning back, Valencia returns her attention politely to Martino as he introduces the next drink. Taking up, she draws the scent in, her long dark lashes closing softly and she nods with approval. "Beautifully made. If it is as good as hit smells, I shall have to beg bottle of you, Lord Martino."

Ian checked stamina + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 34 higher.

Valencia checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Porter checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

2 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Ian looks at Porter and, very solemnly, in a voice that suggests that he feel he is currently being The Voice Of Reason, he says: "Porter. Wine doesn't have dirt in it." Then he shrugs and murmurs something to Kaia.

Catalana collects a couple glasses of the chocolate port and hands them to the Kennex boys. Not really needing to encourage them to drink, yet still doing so.

Kaia checked composure + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 13 higher.

Zoey is late but unhurried when she at last arrives at the Hart. She looks around at the crowded room and beams. So much family!

Jules lifts the next glass and once again swirls it slowly. He watches Martino and listens to his description with rapt attention. He leans over towards Lethe and says, "I find I enjoy it. Whether they all consider themselves friends, I still have the opportunity to do a little good." He considers for a moment and then ask, "Do you have any particular interests my lady?" At Catalana's smile, he returns one and gives a bow of his head and briefly glances over towards the man behind the bar. He sips the wine slowly then asks Valencia, "Did you provide the drinks or are these courtesy of Malvici your highness?"

Maybe Porter pre-gamed before he came here? Maybe he's really susceptible to wine? A mystery for the ages. But he's definitely flush in the cheeks as he continues to drink. Speaking with Ian, he pokes one thick finger against the table and insists, "It //grows// in the dirt, Ian. And it doesn't matter if it does or not, it's a thing people say." Kaia something quietly to him and Ian earns a bright burst of laughter from him. Too loud, Porter. Too loud.

Dipping his chin, Martino's eyes crease as he holds his gaze across to Valencia, "Well if you, or anyone else even, would care for a bottle of any of these we taste today..." Martino speaks as he sips from his own chocolate port and exhales. "Well. We can arrange a shipment here for hundred-writs of any kind. Ah, Lady Zoey please... umm... do join us here." Nodding to a servant, the Lord Martino has one of each poured out before her to allow her to catch up. "So that you have not missed out."

Valencia shakes her head and smiles to Jules. "Not at all. Lord Martino has an excellent tongue and taste when it comes to being a conaseur of good drink as you can see," the little vixen nods with effortless grace. "I think I shall invite him to take one of my ladies or gentlemen along to secure some of the treasures he has found for the Hart. Such gifts should be shared with Arx, yes?"

Thea perks as Martino mentions the nut port. Immediately take a glass, she adds,"This is my favorite." She said this already, but still. Thea goes to ask Kaia something but--Damnit Porter! Loud noises! "Is there a Seliki here and I missed them?" With that, she drinks her port, appearing just fine.

Lethe takes a sip of the new wine. "This one is very good." She considers as she looks to Jules. "I have a few different interests: Death, alchemy, wine of course." She looks at the mostly full glass of wine.

Ian has a glass of wine and is sitting next to his inebriated brother having a, uh, reasoned discussion. He nods to Zoey as she comes to join them. "Zoey." Then he looks back at Porter. "Just because something grows in the dirt doesn't mean it tastes like it. Why would people say they have dirt in their wine?"

Zoey goes to Martino to get her first glass of wine, making a point to greet Ian on the way with a fly-by peck on the cheek. "Does it matter what order I drink them in?" She asks her brother-in-law upon arriving.

Porter sighs with lots of drunken exaggeration. He's getting very emotionally invested in this discussion about wine with Ian. "Right, of course it doesn't have //actual// dirt in it. They just like to say it has an 'earthy' flavor. It's a //thing//." A thing, Ian. A thing. "Like they'll say it has notes of dark chocolate. Have you ever seen a grape full of chocolate? No. Though honestly that would be //amazing//. Damn, I'm so hungry." Probably a reoccuring theme in his life, being very hungry. " When Zoey arrives, he waves at her distractedly.

Arranging for space made upon the dance floor's set-up tables, the Lord Martino Malvici lifts his chin to welcome the newly arrived guests in with a bow of his head. Three glasses put in a new seat, three filled glasses of Southport Red, Saikland Apple and Chocolate Port. Martino dips his head for a moment to Zoey as he says, "Southport, Saikland, Port. The next one is... well. Thea has tried it and Kaia as well." Martino turns on his toes and now makes his way to the main table once more. For that Heavan's Embrace.

Catalana winces and covers her ears as Porter booms with laughter. She nudges him with her elbow. "We're not on a boat Porter. Indoor voice." Still, she hands off more drinks to the man. Possibly to encourage more money to be added to the Porter Emergency fund back home.

Jules is taking a sip from his glass when Lethe mentions death and gives a grimace but maybe there was just something in his glass. He turns to look at Lethe and says, "Indeed? How very interesting. I understand how you became interested in wine but what drew you to alchemy?" He taps his chin and considers. He happens to spot Zoey's arrival and gives a broad wave with his cheerful smile then starts to respond to Valencia's comment but then just laughs instead. He casts a momentary glance to Kaia ... laughs again. He clears his throat and looks to Lethe, "I don't know much about alchemy but perhaps Lady Mikani or Lady Lenne might be interesting to talk to about it as well. But I do wonder did you just stumble upon it.

Zoey takes the first indicated glass and sips it appreciatively. "Am I that far behind already? Perhaps I should just have half portions so I can catch up," she suggests.

"They are fascinating pursuits," Valencia agrees with Jules as she bows her head to Lethe. "Life and death coiled often so closely," she muses as she finishes her drink. A warm smile is offered to Zoey if she catches the woman's eye. "Half portions? My lady, should it not be doubled to have you catch up?" she teases gently. Dark eyes flash to Martino as it would seem Heaven's embrace is next.

"Possibly our final drink for today." Lord Martino was proud at this one, a broader grin and a perk in his Lycene tones as his voice rolls out, "Is called Heaven's Embrace. This is a creamy liqueur that is from the crushed fruit of the sweet milk tree. Supposedly, this sap?" Martino starts with pouring Porter's drink as his lips twist to a smirk for a moment, "Is there to aid virility and fertility. So, please, do make sure you drink your moon teas." Nodding firm, Martino hums for a moment and continues around the table where Porter is sat, "The taste sweet with a slight caramel flavor has hints of rich nuttiness, light. Saved for just before bed and? in the company of another. Unless, that is, you are having a party for one."

The end of the bottle poured out, Martino steps back to the main table and sets it down to inspect the scene.

Aurous, A Golden Eagle arrives, following Ilmia.

Steps into the Hart, and quickly offers a friendly wave and dips to his head to the people he knows. Tarik pauses for a moment at the steps and starts to count on some coin. Tarik heads towards the Queen Crossed table when he hears Lord Martino mention, "Southport, Saikland Port." Tarik licks his lip, "Mmmh, perhaps gambling can wait."

Thea hears Jules and tells him with a slight smile,"Lady Eirene Malvici is well practiced in it as well. It's something I'm studying as well,"those words to Lethe as well. Seeing Zoey, Thea nods her head, greeting her,"Lady Zoey, good evening." She sips her port, quite content. Obviously, Thea pre drank before being here. Or the young Malvici is has high tolerance. She smirks at Martino's words as he names the final drink.

Valencia checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 45, rolling 5 higher.

Jules checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 45, rolling 13 lower.

Ian checked stamina + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 13 higher.

Thea checked stamina + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 72 higher. Thea rolled a critical!

Catalana checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 45, rolling 8 lower.

Ian looks a little bit skeptical about Martino's description of the liquor, then shrugs and takes a sip. He thinks about it for a moment, then looks to Porter. "Okay, think I can see it. This one tastes a little bit like dirt."

Zoey finishes her first glass quickly and starts her second, marveling at how well those around her are handling their fourth.

Martino checked stamina + etiquette at difficulty 45, rolling 14 lower.

Laughing slight, Martino's lips twist up to Ian as he makes his own description on it, "Nutty. If you have dirty nuts, Lord Ian, then... well!" Sniggering at his own joke, Martino leans his rear against the top of the main table as he claps his hands together a bit loud, "So! Okay. Rank them. Please."

Jules gives an 'Ahh' statement as he hears something Lethe says and replies, "That makes a good deal of sense then." And then he looks over to Thea and adds, "I have not met the good Lady Eirene, perhaps I shall have the opportunity in near future. I am certain you are more advanced than you claim though. You have the eyes for it I think." He looks over Lethe and replies, "I've not spent much time in the forest, sounds quite terrifying!" He's smiling as he says it in the Hart rather than outdoors. He hears Martino's description of the effects of the drink and does not sip this one as earlier but drinks it swiftly, "Me? I enjoy a good many things - pretty women, dancing, silver, markets, honey, dogs, fire, people, helping." He squints, "But I'm rambling." He gives a cheeky grin.

Catalana has reached her limit. The usually unfailingly polite Kennex lady suddenly exclaims, "Nut drink? Wait is this the sex drink?" Deciding if must be, she steals a bottle and saunters towards the door. Before she's even out the door she's shouting, "Wash! Loose the pants! I have something for you to try." Oh dear.

Late and without accompaniment, Ilmia slips in, hovering near the door to watch the drinking for a few moments, before approaching the table where the drinks live to snag one, deep auburn curls falling past fair skinned cheeks like autumn leaves to scatter over the mossy green and bright gold of her vine and blossom decorated ensemble. The sidle over toward the throng of people is slow, a shy and skittish approach wherein the statuesque Leary remains quiet for a long time, before Catalana starts to shout about Wash's pants. That... that gets a grin and a laugh.

Ian watches Catalana head for the door, a woman with a mission. He gives a formal salute, very serious, and his flat voice says: "Godspeed, my friend. And good luck." Then he takes another sip of his drink.

"Cat, no! You can't just take the whole bottle, other people want to drink that!" Zoey sets down her half-finished second glass and moves to block Catalana's way out.

"I enjoy my drinks with a kiss of sensuality," Valencia muses as offers the newly arrived Tarik and Ilmia a warm welcoming nod before bringing the brings the glass to her lips once more. Politely, she leaves the party's host to welcome his guests, though the little vixen seems delighted to see more beautiful faces arrive.

"They are all excellent choices, to be true. But tonight, my lord, it is Heaven's Embrace that I think I would seek first, followed by the spiced kiss of the first," Valenica smiles to Martino and enjoys another sip. "Well done in your choices. But I am curious to see what others think."

Thea hears Catalana as she calls over to the Kennex,"I nicknamed it Martino's nut juice!" No shame and the impish Malvici shifts. Everyone knows her brother's reputation. Gold-flecked green eyes apologetically look to Kaia as she smiles at her. Sipping the drink nonetheless, Thea is somehow standing straight, her face not at all pink. "I appreciate that master Jules,"looking at Ian curiously,"Dirt?"

Zoey is too late as Catalana takes off at sprint laughing drunkenly. Bye bye Party!

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A hushed laugh follows from Martino as he turns his chin to watch for Catalana's escape while making his own way to Kaia. Fingertips of his brushing over her shoulders while he drinks the final liquor, "Oh, my thanks as always Princess Valencia and my thanks for allowing us to enjoy your Hart." He leans to murmur hushed to Kaia, before welcoming both Ilmia and Tarik with a both of his head, "A fine day to you both... th... thank you for coming." His words slur, his right hand more gestured than usual, "Lord Martino Malvici. Let me... have you both start with the chocolate port. Very strong." Deep nods and before both as they sit, a wine-sized goblet of port.

Zoey sighs, retrieves her drink, and goes to join Ian while she sips it. "What have I walked into," she says to herself.

Ian shrugs to Thea. "Porter told me that I'm supposed to tell people that wine tastes like cherries, wood, and dirt." Porter is probably having a brief little nap at the table at this point. He nudges his glass of 'nut juice' Zoey-ward, so she can try it too. Look at Ian, generously sharing Martino's nut juice. Best husband ever, right?

Perking, Ilmia's brows climb a touch and she asks, "Chocolate port?" The smile that would have been directed at Valencia widens further and she finishes whatever she grabbed with maybe a wince as if the chugging it were ruinous of whatever the intended taste. But a girl needs free hands for /chocolate wine/ so, priorities. She wipes her mouth and offers a soft spoken but smiling, "Hi," to basically everyone present, once her cheeks start to flush from the alcohol hitting her blood stream. "Goodness."

Valencia is overheard praising Martino: A brilliant host, a wonderful friend, and excellent taste!

Ilmia's smile is returned whole heartedly, the little vixen seeming to softly relax now as she enjoys her drink. Lifting her glass she holds it up to Martino. "To our very excellent host, Lord Martino of Malvinci. We thank you for this chance to enjoy such wonderful drink and company. To you, sir."

"Can I have some of the Saikland Port? Tarik shakes his coin purse and peers over at the gambling table. Tarik dips his head towards Valencia, "How are you, Princess Valencia. It seem that your heart is bursting with joy and happiness." Tarik peers over at some of the drunk patrons then back to Valencia.

Zoey still has her second glass of wine in one hand when she picks up the 'nut juice' in the other. She doesn't know what she's drinking when she raises it to her lips, but if Ian gave it to her, how bad could it be?

Lethe looks comfuswd to what Jules whispers but she nods. "You have to be careful about them." She starts to stand. "It was nice to meet you, but hopefully I will see you later." She grins as she looks to Valencia. "Thank you."

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Jayne, Burly Sailor arrives, following Wash.

"Why certainly Messere Tarik." Martino's sharp green eyes crease as he parts from Kaia to make his way to Tarik and has a glass of Saikland Apple Wine set before him, "This has a sharpness, a crispness, but does not... have you recoil." Bowing his head low to Ilmia on entrance, he curls his lips to her and steps with a glass of heaven's embrace, "Try this one as well, good Lady... it has a nutty taste. Rumour be... it encourages virility and chances of child. Do make sure you have moon tea."

Zoey checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 10 higher.

Watching people start to depart, Ilmia starts sloooowly sipping at the chocolate port and watching people, dimple standing out to one corner of her mouth as she smiles to herself. "Oh, Saikland?" she asks, looking around for what drink lays claim on that name. "Was that pear brandy from a year or two ago from Saikland or am I misremembering?" she asks of... probably no one in particular. She certainly isn't engaged in a specific conversation yet, at least. She looks a little alarmed at Martino's offering, cheeks flaring red as her hair and nods silently, eyes going large.

Jules stands to bow to the departing Lethe. It's steady but more slow and deliberate, "It was a delight to meet you my lady. Let me know if you ever should need my assistance." And he gives a smile to her in farewell.

Thea spies Tarik and nods,"Master Tarik. Pleasure to see you,"a slight smile there. She sips her 'nut juice', questioning herself. Why did she nickname it this again! Amusedly hearing Jules, she tells him,"My cousin Roxana has the same ones. Malvici has some pretty features all around." Thea looks to Ilmia, unfamiliarly in her eyes. Introducing herself, she nods,"I'm Lady Thea Malvici, pleasure to meet you."

Lips twist up to Ilmia as Martino dips his head, "It... it was. Yes, Yes." Laughing slightly, Martino makes his way to the main table, and draws his fingertips along it. Slightly unsteady but with the bottles still partly full. "The good servants here will see to another fill of your favourites while, there is... still the games for those who want to games." Heavy nods, deep nods and with that Martino makes his way to Kaia to murmur his excuse to leave, "Pssst. I'll be HOME soon." Nodding heavy and then back to the exit to leave it in capable hands.

A slight smile finds Valencia's lips. The party has eased into a more casual affair with people breaking off to have their conversations here and there. A gentle nod is offered to Martino and Kaia as they prepare to depart and she trades her drink for a glass of rich Lycene red.

What exactly has Porter been doing this entire time? Well, at some point he walked off abruptly without much word and then spent quite a bit of time at the bar, bothering whoever works back there. They seem relieved when the wayward Kennex finally returns to Ian at the table, only to find Catalana gone, "Did she take the whole damn bottle with her? That woman," he complains, before setting a bottle of whiskey down.

Zoey apparently didn't need as much time as she thought to catch up with the guests who had arrived on time. "What *is* this?" she asks Ian of the 'nut juice he handed her while she goes back to finishing her wine.

Wash enters the room, his hair slightly more askew than normal and his trousers draped over one arm. He's wearing smallclothes, a sop to modesty, but he's not entirely sure what is going on inside the Hart.

Kaia is overheard praising Martino: A fabulous host with the oddest of wines and liquers.

Porter is overheard praising Martino.

Jules starts to giggle at Thea and says, "Wouldn't it be horrible to have to share eyes with someone!" And then his face grows more grim and he replies, "Heavens, you don't mean you really share eyes right?" He scrunches his face, "You both ought to have your own you know." His face then grows rather curious as he takes another drink, "I don't think you mean the same eyes as I think about it though." Oh, it's Zoey, has he waved to her? He doesn't remember and he waves to her (again) and smiles.

Valencia sighs quietly to herself, her dark eyes taking the measure of the room to see if any might be unduly concerned about the state of Wash's dress. Seeing no objections she leaves the man to enjoy the summer breeze.

Ian shrugs to Zoey. He's switched to a more normal wine, having had enough strong alcohol for the time being. Normal wine is really barely alcoholic, right? Surely it doesn't count. "I think Porter's right. It tastes a little bit like dirt."

"So it's just me then?" Wash asks, slightly miffed. He starts putting his trousers back on.

Very loudly from where he's sitting with Ian and Zoey, Porter suddenly launches to his feet and points at Wash. "HE'S NOT DEAD." Absolutely /no one/ was worried about that. No one. Well, except maybe Porter and for reasons that are only clear to him.

Kaia would be quietly tasting her share of wines and liquers, keeping mostly to herself for the time being, and laughing here and there at the conversation going about.

"Earthy. The word is earthy, love," Zoey tells Ian. As she waves to Jules she happens to catch Wash out to the corner of her eye putting his trousers back on. She doesn't delay in finishing both drinks in her hands after that.

Zoey checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 45, rolling 22 lower.

Stepping with the Lady Kaia, Martino's right arm mostly slings over her lower back and takes the opportunity to hug the woman close about his side before tittering low to her ear, "I kept a bottle of it at ours." His right arm, dangerously, lower.

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"That's what I said. Like dirt." The shout from Porter is enough for Ian to notice Wash in the process of putting his pants back on. "Wash. She got your pants off quick," is all he says on the matter.

"I was outside!" Wash says in his own defense. "The horse threw a shoe and Jayne and I were looking at it." In a lower tone of voice he says to Ian. "I have learned that you don't hesitate when Catalana tells you to take off your pants. Ever."

Thea looks at Wash as he fixes his trousers. She turns to finishing her drink, smirking a bit,"I see Lady Catalana found you." Nodding to Martino and Kaia as they leave,"I promise not to drink everything."

Johannes, A tall and red cloaked gentleman, A slightly embarrassed courier called Guido arrive, following Martino.

Wash says, "This one time... they caught fire."

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