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Scholarly Guidance IV

Do you have a question you would like to ask of the Scholars? Is there something you've been wanting to learn? Come by the Vellichorian Academy, and we'll see what we can do to help! Snacks and tea will be provided in the Hall of Tutelage.


Jan. 13, 2020, 9:30 p.m.

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Cambria Octavia Zoey Ras Niklas Verity Miranda Cadern Appolonia Mikani Orvyn Korka Mirk Rukhnis Rowenova Lenne Fairen



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Vellichorian Academy - Hall of Tutelage

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Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

The Hall of Tutelage has been set up with a number of places where Scholars may consult with visitors to the Academy in private, as well as locations where groups may gather to discuss various topics of specific interest. Tables have been set up along one side of the room where a variety of teas are being served, along with finger foods. Fresh wildflowers have been arranged in pots to form lovely centerpieces.

The Archscholar has just been speaking quietly with Rosalie about something at the Aion table, but now she rises to her feet as the time approaches for the event to begin. She makes her way toward the front of the room, and waits for a time, glancing about to see who shows up. Her silvery eyes are filled with thought at first, but then become more focused as people filter into the room.

Zoey puts an infant with light brown skin, swaddled in Kennex colors and Lord Uriel Kennex in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

Cambria enters into the hall of tutelage, surveying its interior before making her way towards a wooden bench upon which to seat herself for the evening's lecture. Though she sees Sina, and even offers her a warm smile, the Duchess does not approach the archlector just then, preferring to remain inobtrusive.

Octavia smiles and whispers a greeting to the Archscholar as she passes, then makes her way up to a comfortable chair towards the front of the room - one off to the side, but still on hand unless any questions of law come up.

Zoey arrives at the hall with a satchel full of books and an excited gleam in her eye. She looks around for indications of what may be discussed where so that she can decide where to place herself.

Ras skulks into the Hall of Tutelage, shifting to the side of the large room. His hands are pocketed and he moves with the quietude of a sneak, but his hood is back and he wears an expression of calm resolve. A strange ease keeps his posture relaxed rather than hunched and tense. He walks with soft bootsteps to the tables at the side of the room, and silently reads the signs on each. Like Cambria, he does not approach anyone, though he gives Sina a solemn four-second appraisal.

Brenlin, an overworked aide, Jewel, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Juana, a harried Lady's Maid, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Miranda.

"...believe we have the design for the blood geyers finished, at least. We just have to make sure the spray works well and that people in the front few rows are warned." Niklas walks in, chatting away with his assistant, who doesn't really chat as much as write down everything he has to say. "We need to check on the status of the wheel. That's going to be the centerpiece of the entire thing. Adora Bell once said she'd make it, but she's since disappeared, so get a list of woodworkers for me. Crownlanders preferred, if possible. Oh, and with-" Niklas slows to a stop when he sees all those present, notes all the quietness going on, and quiets up just a bit before heading over to sit down next to Octavia. Just in case any questions of being amazing come up.

Verity Locke does not skulk into the Hall of Tutelage, but all the same her exact entrance is difficult to mark. A woman in such a common, unobtrusive outfit (in this case a lightweight woolen court dress) has advantages when it comes to mingling with the comings and goings of other people.

She shamelessly makes a beeline for the tea, because she is a proper Oathlander. Usually.

Once she has tea in hand, she surveys the gathering personages. Inevitably, her gaze settles on Ras. She raises her cup in acknowledgment.

Just about when Cambria arrives, a messenger enters the room, and offers Sina a message. The Archscholar reads it for a moment, and her expression becomes concerned. But then she tucks it away, her expression smoothing over. When it seems enough have gathered, she smiles warmly, giving Cambria a nod, Zoey, then Ras, and others as they arrive.

"Welcome," she says. "Today, we Scholars are here to answer questions if you have them, on a variety of subjects. I have had tables arranged in different spaces, each one dedicated to a different subject. Please read the little placard on each table, which tells what topic will be discussed there. If you are interested in that topic, please feel free to join that space and discussion. There is also a space for more general discussion there," she says, gesturing toward the student desks. "In the future, I hope to hold more of these events, so if there is a topic you would like to learn about in the future, please let me know, and I will have my assistant make a record of it for next time." She glances around to those who have gathered. "It does seem some of our Scholars will be unable to join us. We will carry on, however. Please feel free to find a space that interests you. In the meantime, if anyone has any general questions they have come here to ask, I will do my best to answer," she finishes.

As Octavia arrives, Sina smiles in response to the whisper, and then glances about. "Lady Octavia will also be willing to answer questions on matters of the Law, which is a pleasant surprise. So... if anyone has a question, please feel free to ask me for now. Then we can disperse into our little groups to discuss the subjects on the tables."

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Miranda enters the Hall somewhere behind the Grayson Prince, just in time to hear BLessed Sina give her instructions. She considers the grouping and then, begins to move about the room to look at the placards on the table. Her guards float behind her and her lady's maid finds a seat at the back, while Brenlin gets his parchment, portable little desk, and quill and ink. Someone's job is to take notes. Ahem. Ah, there. She makes her way over to the wooden bench, smiling warmly to Duchess Cambria as she does, speaking softly to her as she joins the Ostrian Duchess.

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The look in Ras's eyes when Sina nods at him is complicated, but he isn't unbalanced. He glances away - spotting Verity, and pads over to the woman's side. No tea is raised back, because he has no tea. However, hands still pocketed, he leans towards her slightly to mutter something under his breath.

Cadern is lurking his way into the Hall of Tutelage. He surveys the groupings and smiles as he looks for a table to set up shop at. He looks around curiously to gauge who might be missing.

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Verity sips her tea while observing Ras coming over. When he nears her side and leans in to mutter, she leans over slightly to be attentive. His words cause her to purse her lips and furrow her brow. Clearly, she has been given much to think about -- as appropriate for this sagely place.

She whispers something back.

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Miranda joined the couches, really she did. =P

Zoey takes a moment to read the sign before choosing where to sit. She wiggles her fingers toward Nik and Tavi on her way.

Appolonia arrives, sadly low on retinue but wealthy in tunic and knowledge, perhaps, maybe, sort of. She was likely overlooked in the approach due to being late, although she does not actually look hung over or otherwise addled -- for now! She wends her way forwards, pausing to examine the sight, frowning at one of the entries, and taps her teeth with one fingernail while contemplating matters.

"Lady Kennex!" Appolonia exclaims at Zoey. A moment later, she says, "Congratulations, I hope all went well." After this she continues to ponder, a pain lightly relieved by a piece of bruschetta.

Cambria suddenly decides the bench is far too uncomfortable for her noble bottom. She leaves it to take up residence at the much more plush couch!

Ras nods somberly at Verity, his brow furrowed as well. He takes a deep breath and lets it out in a burdened sigh, but nevertheless remains determined, and turns to study the array of snacks and teas.

Heimlin, the Scholar, 5 Harthall house guards, Kestrel, the Scholar arrive, following Orvyn.

The Archscholar does keep an eye on Ras as he goes to speak to Verity, but she does not address him directly. She waits, to see if anyone has any specific general questions for her. Meanwhile, acolytes move about to serve tea and snacks, and Sina's three Templars are present as well. Otherwise, it appears to be a fairly laid-back affair, without any formal proceedings. The Archscholar, wearing her robes, smiles as people begin choosing places to sit and topics to discuss.

Mikani enters with Nakoa in his wrap and moves to sit by Zoey. She waves and grins at Miranda.

Verity glances shiftily between Ras and the table. Eventually, she inclines her head toward one of the carafes and afterward gives a curt, conspiratorial nod.

"Here to learn anything in particular?" she says, now that the secret greeting is over with. She swirls her tea around like wine for no good reason. "Call it a wild guess, but you seem like you have something on your mind."

Like children at the sweet-treat stall, or knights gathered round a diamondplate blade, Orvyn enters the Hall of Tutelage with the same gleam in his eyes. Flanked by two, more elderly scholars, also in Harthall attire, the middle-aged man runs an inkstained hand through his hair and smiles, "My people!" he says rather loudly for a scholarly function, but is then distracted by the table with teas and so he does an immediate turn and takes to a cup, pouring himself one and busying himself with that until he has had his first sip.

Miranda waves to Mikani as she spies the Crovane Lady. A smile offered her way. Her attention shifts back to those with her, however to speak and listen.

Ras nods at Verity as he pours from the carafe into one of the available cups. "Yeah," he mutters. "Reckon it ain't covered by any of those, uh. Placards. So I'll go sit over there and wait my turn." He bounces both eyebrows in resignation, flattening his mouth into a line, and jerks his head towards the semicircle of desks.

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Octavia waves to her brother and to Zoey as she sits down and relaxes. At least this should be a less stressful forum to discuss the topics of the day... unless someone decides to bring up something divisive like house ascensions or whether or not her brother's latest play is worth watching.

"I'll go with you," says Verity, her eyes narrowing slightly in amusement. "I'm /really/ excited to hear what you have to ask. Plus, everyone enjoys a little moral support, right?"

Zoey looks up when she hears 'Lady Kennex' in case they meant her instead of Octavia, and waves to Appolonia. "We all made it through," she tells the other lady with a grin. She nods to Mikani as she joins her at the desks.

Appolonia, presently, gives the incoming Orvyn a raise of the eyebrows and then appears to come to a decision, moving towards the student desks with her bruschetta in hand. This may mean she remains proximate to Zoey, whether she likes it or not. She also waggles her fingers at Verity when she hears her - and seems to falter, somehow, to see her near Ras. Why did that seem to startle her? A mystery for the ages.

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1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound, Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrive, following Mirk.

Korka slips into the hall where everyone is gathered, hanging back at first like most people as she reads the sign explaining the placement of the groups. Green eyes drift over those that are already assembled, taking note of where everyone is.

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Mirk quietly walks into the Hall of Tutelage, and finds a place to sit down somewhere quiet, slowly looking around at the crowd with interest.

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Rukhnis slips into the room with the attempt at discretion of someone who knows she's late, and the faintly guilty air of someone who knows she probably has responsibilities elsewhere. But nevertheless, here she is, pausing to one side of the entrance to look around at each one of the tables as well as the faces of all the people who have arrived here before her. She shifts her weight a little, a frown furrowing her brow as she reads the helpfully informative sign.

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Tea properly sipped and enjoyed, Orvyn waves off his scholarly entourage, "Yes, yes, go find your topics and enjoy yourselves, you don't need to crowd me," he tells them, shaking his head with an exasperated sigh. That done, the two older gentlemen do run about the throng, well more like shuffle swiftly, picking at conversations and topics and rather fitting in like they've been part of this throng for far too long. Orvyn however does look at the sign and then at the various patrons sitting in their places and he raises his free hand to scratch at an itch near the base of his skull. "Well now... where do I want to go this evening?" he asks of himself.

Niklas stands up when his name is called, "I don't suppose you know something of the grand deeds and wild adventures of Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis? Beyond marrying our great Queen Alarice and brokering a peace between the Compact and the, uh, shav tribe called the nox'alfar?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Ras sees Korka enter on his way over to the desks, and gives her a slight nod - he recognizes Appolonia as well, and tilts his head slightly at her falter, but doesn't pursue it. Glancing back at Verity, he takes a sip of his tea and purposefully pulls a face at the Oathlander woman, then begins to sit. Halfway to being seated, he hesitates, gaze locking across the room onto Rukhnis. He starts to lift a hand - the one not holding a teacup - to wave. However, arresting the motion, he just sits the rest of the way down and shuffles his weight into a slouch on his chair.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Verity returns the finger-wiggle of greeting to Appolonia. If she catches the apprehension in the other woman's demeanor, she makes no appearance of doing so.

The Chevallier woman follows Ras over despite the face he pulls. She manages the incredible feat of drinking hot tea while walking, which is surely among her most amazing talents. Once they are safely seated, she lets out a contented sigh. Her gaze follows Ras' hand, and then his eyeline, over to Rukhnis. She studies the other woman from afar.

"Is it complicated?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Verity before departing.

Miranda sits back in the couch, hands in her lap as she looks to Prince Niklas as he asks his question, then looks to those who might answer. Her gaze flits over the crowd, slowly, curiously, lingering over folks here and there before returning to those at her table.

Orvyn gives a smile at Apollonia when he catches her gaze and notes the lifting of her brows. He tilts his head ever so slightly, but it sets to dancing that dark stone that dangles from his ear and then he offers her a true smile before stepping further into the room, moving slowly so as not to displace any of the frailer varieties of scholarly folk, not that he himself looks anything but. "Neff..Nefer... Kahaat? Cat... Neferkat... hmm, well that'll likely cause me to look like an idiot... Runes, Religious, General... hmmm, I wonder which war's Generals they plan to discuss there?" he muses aloud to himself.

"No," Ras answers immediately, casting a vague glower Verity's way. It's mostly affected, he's still slouched in the chair with a relatively easy air. "She's probably just busy, and here for a reason..." His voice lowers to a mumble that might be difficult to overhear past the desks.

Rukhnis tilts her head slightly, the look on her face suggesting that she feels faintly dubious about each one of the choices listed on the sign. While she's subjecting her choice of table to what seems to be an extremely deep and painstaking deliberation, her gaze drifts from one grouping to the next, catching Ras's gaze as it lights on her. She tilts her head towards him and makes a bow in his direction, only to frown when she straightens up and realizes he's not looking her way anymore. With a small shake of her head and a quiet sigh, she edges her way across the room to what might be a randomly selected table or one that might have some purpose; it's hard to say.

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The Archscholar remains standing for the time being, waiting for everyone to find a place to sit and to obtain their tea and snacks. As Niklas stands and is the first to ask his question, Sina offers him a smile. His question about Tyrval brings an amused sparkle to her eyes. "Prince Tyrval," she says, nodding her head slightly. "He is an interesting person, from what I understand, though I do not know him personally. We are beginning to understand quite a bit about the Nox'alfar, though I am probably not the best person to answer those questions. I have been entertaining the notion of inviting the Prince to the Academy to answer questions, though from what I understand, asking favors of the Nox'alfar can be somewhat of a risky endeavor." She gives a little wry smile at this. "I have also asked Bliss Whisper if she would be willing to give a presentation on her experiences of the Nox'alfar Court. You have reminded me that I need to follow up on that, Prince Niklas. Unfortunately, I think the subject of His Highness and the Nox'alfar will take an entire session or two, or maybe more, as with any of the, er... shav tribes of a similar nature. We know, of course, that the Nox'alfar revere the Queen of Endings. They have unusually long memories, and a certain disregard for life that we so cherish, for they are longer lived than we are. Our lives are so short, after all," she goes on. "I do not know much of Prince Tyrval's exploits, but... I know that someone is researching the topic for a book. That book may end up in the Great Archive eventually. At least, I hope it will," she says wistfully.

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Cadern glances around and he considers reading placards. He heads towards the Pine benches nodding to Mirk, "What no one wants your knowledge for once?" HE asks teasing lightly as he considers, "Did anyone take up Nefer'khat for topics? I'm happy to speak on that..." He mentions as someone says it and looks to Mirk, "Should I hawk our knowledge-wares? Should have dressed up a bit for this." He glances to Miranda and then glances to Mirk, "We should have gotten table babes to draw people."

Verity tilts her head to indicate that she's listening to Ras, but otherwise keeps her attention on Rukhnis. His reasoning draws a 'hmm' from her, which only continues ('mmmm') as Rukhnis bows and finds no return recognition.

"I see what you mean," she says.

As the Archscholar begins to take questions, Verity shifts her positioning in her seat so that she can watch more clearly.

Niklas nods to the archscholar. "Thank you very much, Blessed Sina." Then he flops back down into his seat.

Turn in line: Ras

Miranda glances over to Cadern and smirks at him, "My Lord, did you just say you have knowledge on Nefer'khat?" She nods to Mirk, "My Lord." Then back to Cadern, inviting him with a finger gesturing him to come hither. "Come, teach us. We'd like to pick your brain."

Mirk shakes his head. "For now, I'm observing and waiting to see if there's another topic that interests me," he says with a low chuckle. "Though Nefer'khat is..." He indicates the couches. "Over there, I think. You know more of that than I do, so perhaps you'd be best positioned to share your knowledge." There's a dip of his head to Cadern. "Though considering how isolated it is over here, I might visit one of the other groups."

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Cadern considers that for a moment and shrugs at Miranda, "I suppose I shall." He considers the tamble and meanders his way over, "But only so I might get closer to the duchess of course." He says brightly. Apparently Cadern confused the scholarly meeting for a Bardic meeting. He glances to Mirk, "Go ahead but I forbid you to learn anything too interesting."

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Sina nods to Niklas with a smile, and glances briefly toward Cadern as he speaks about Nefer'khat. She gives him a subtle nod of the head, and then her lips twitch as she hears the 'table babes' comment. She gives a nod of her head in greeting toward Mirk, and another to Miranda as she takes notice of them. Her eyes follow Orvyn briefly as he moves about the room and the various tables, a soft smile given toward him, then her attention turns back to answering questions. "Who's next?" she asks, glancing briefly at Ras.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

When it's his turn, Ras shifts slightly more upright in his chair. Without preamble, he asks, "Are there any old families, from like back durin the time of the Reckoning, with ties to the Iron Guard - when it belonged to Iron?"

When it's his turn, Ras shifts slightly more upright in his chair. Without preamble, he asks, "Are there any old families, from like back durin the time of the Reckoning, with ties to the Iron Guard - when it belonged to Iron?"

Miranda smiles towards Sina, but follows Cadern's progress over.

Ras doesn't repeat his question quickly twice. He only asked it once.

At the Student Desks, Zoey passes her notebook to Korka to read as she accepts Mikani's to read herself. There is much quiet but excited chatter from the lady linguists and their companions.

Orvyn finishes with that itch behind his head and settles his inkstained hand next to his side once more. "Discuss Generals, or enjoy the bench, or perhaps just partake in tea and biscuits?" he mumbles unto himself. "An interesting series of topics, and none that I find myself overtly involved with... though Heimlin..." he turns to a place where the man no longer is and he rolls his eyes. Catching Sina's glance he gives the Archscholar a nod, but does not interrupt her as she is currently speaking. "Ships... taxes... economies... matters of the crown... properly grained paper... quill sharpening techniques..." thoughts dance upon his lips, quiet except to those who choose to hear.

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Fashionably late as they have been all week, Nova and Flop show up, doing so with quiet steps as they carefully slink to a general info semicircle desk.

As Ras asks his question about the Iron Guard and families connected to them, the Archscholar's expression becomes thoughtful. "There are none that I know of," she says after a moment of thinking. "They were originally sworn to the Metallic known as Iron," she says with a nod to the young man. "Archscholar Py wrote that the Iron Guard swore themselves to Arx until their 'lord' would be reborn, this making their final oath to guard Arx now and forever. Of course, many Scholars have questioned where that meant that he would be literally reborn, or if it was a way to pledge themselves to guard Arx for all time. I would recommend maybe inquiring among some of the Iron Guard if you can," she suggests to Ras. "Sir Merek perhaps, or Sparte? It seems like the sort of lore they would know more about." She tilts her head and asks, "Does that... sort of answer your question?"

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Grandt, scarred and stoically-exasperated Captain of the Leary House Guard, 4 Leary House Guards arrive, following Fairen.

Lenne hobbles in, on crutches, each step following a click of wood on stone. Recently from the attack at the spring planting, she has a bandaged hand, in addition to whatever injury has her on those crutches. It has been a very injury-filled week for Lenne, to be sure. She really shouldn't be walking so much, but how could she miss a chance to possibly overhear any juicy information? Why, she would not be Lenne, if that was so. What is the surprise is so many familiar faces, when she enters the room. She moves out of the way of the doorway, to get her bearings, before she decides on a destination.

Miranda is overheard praising Cadern: 3=Table Babes. Love it.

Miranda is overheard praising Sina: Scholarly Learning at its finest.

"See?" says Verity, gesturing with her teacup. "I knew it would be an interesting question. Imagining why you asked it will keep me up at night."

She leans over again to say something at a more discreet volume.

Ras nods at Sina, leaning back in his chair. "Not really," he admits, and ducks his head to fidget with the edge of his desk. "But I'll try askin Sparte, I guess." He glances sidelong at Verity.

Ras checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Upon listening to Verity, there's a stiff moment where Ras seems about to turn his head towards something else - but he doesn't. He holds very still, knitting his brow at her, then nods.

Sina nods to Ras, and smiles. "I hope that he will have the answers for you." She glances between Ras and Verity briefly, before turning her gaze to glance around the lecture hall. "Does anyone else have a question for me?" she asks.

Turn in line: Rowenova


Sliding sideways into the chosen seat, Nova gently pets Sir Floppington who settles down directly adjacent with her. She looks up toward Archscholar Sina with an enthusiastic smile under the muzzle shade of her wolfy headdress. Speaking up with Northern volume and clearly enunciating every word, the Halfshav scout curiously inquires: "I would love to know anything you can possibly teach about means or methods which can help prepare and protect plus any journals, scraps, or tidbits of antiquated information about alchemy and creating those means and methods which can help prepare and protect, too, whether it is the tiniest detail which might seem incredibly mundane, or... Otherwise." She certainly infers something there with that last word!

Finally, making up his mind after the conversations have drawn on, Orvyn turns to the Semicircle of desks and moves that way, giving a nod to the current occupants and lifting his tea cup as a salutation and he settles in, "Well now-" his voice quiets for those just at the desks.

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Verity, apparently keen enough to notice the glance from Sina, offers a bright smile in return. Her attention is stolen by Orvyn's quiet words, which causes her to look off to the side and quirk her lips in thought. "All of them, in general," she answers.

She rises from her seat. "Let's go top off our tea," she says to Ras. She crosses the room back to the refreshment table. "I love this stuff. Have you had it before? A friend introduced it to me. It's not as bitter as a black tea but not as mellow as a white. Normally I'm not one for middle paths, but I think of it more like having both at once."

"It's gross," Ras replies contrarily to Verity, but doesn't seem particularly bothered, and moves after her to the table. Once there, he shifts close to grab the carafe before she does.

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When Rowenoa speaks up with her question, Sina turns her attention toward the Northern woman, and listens quietly as the carefully-worded question is asked. She considers it for a time, studying the woman with thoughtful eyes. "I do not know much about alchemy," she says after a moment, "but I can refer you to some who do have that knowledge. As for means and methods to prepare and protect... well, that would take a very long time," she says with a little smile, "and even I do not have all the answers. There are any number of methods we might prepare and protect, for any number of situations. Each situation is unique," she says, seeming to speak words with more meanings than are actually spoken. "One of the Godsworn might have different methods than, say, one of the Spirit Walkers, or say, someone like one of the Metallic Order. Even they each had their little niches, if you know what I mean. Each situation requires careful thought and study, and may require specific methods. So it's very hard to generalize in a discussion like this."

Turning up late, Fairen is rubbing at his eyes with a tired yawn. He dips his head apologetically and replaces his spectacles, folio tucked under one arm. Spotting Sina, he heads over to the Archscholar with a smile. After murmuring something into her ear, he stands straight and surveys the room, but remains quiet for the moment.

Verity snorts. She crowds up with Ras at the table and holds out her cup for her turn at being refilled, since he beat her to taking the carafe. "Tea is always a little gross. It's leaf water."

Lenne seems to decide on one of the table groups, and heads off in that direction. Though she does take a rather circuitous route there, so she can pass near Ras. "Oh. If only you knew some kind of lore-hunting scholar girl, willing to look into things for friends." She gives him a fleeting grin, and then slowly makes her way over to the collection of student desks. Both because it is a topic she'd run into lately, and because, well, it has several people she knows, there.

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Sina gives a little smile to Fairen at his whisper, and whispers something back briefly.

Nova raptly listens then up nods her wolf-framed visage. "I do understand. Thank you. Mayhaps, we can start with 'those who know'?"

Ras was so focused on his question and Sina's answer that he hadn't noticed Lenne's entry, and he gives a startled half-spin at hearing her voice so near. A vaguely uncertain grin gets pulled back to her, and then he shakes his head in subtle bewilderment, returning focus to the gross leaf-water situation. There's some mumbling over the table as he'd accidentally spilled some from the edge of his cup when he was surprised by the young Crovane lady, and he uses the edge of his sleeve to clean it up.

The Archscholar nods to Rowenova, and says, "I will need to consult my list of contacts for you, but I can have a list of names for you by tomorrow, with regards to those who study alchemy, if you wish. Of course, if anyone here is knowledgeable in that area, you are welcome to speak up," she adds with a smile around the room.

After Sina's reply, Nova nods. "Much appreciated; thank you very much."

Miranda is overheard praising Niklas: Sharing his information on the Nefer'khat at the Scholar's Guidance Night!

Miranda is overheard praising Cadern: Sharing his information on the Nefer'khat at the Scholar's Guidance Night!

Sina nods to Rowenova, and glances around, her gaze passing over the various discussion tables. After a moment she offers, "Can I answer questions for anyone else? I"m sorry if some of my answers are a little vague, but some of the questions are more generalized than what we can discuss here in the time we have. But..." she adds, lifting a finger, "I am having my assistant write down notes on subjects of interest, so that we can maybe do more in-depth discussions later on."

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Turn in line: Orvyn

Verity glances over her shoulder after Ras reacts to the Lenne pass-by. She assesses the ambusher, looks back to Ras to gauge his reaction more, and ultimately puts on a little half-smile.

"You know a lot of interesting people."

With a full cup, the Oathlander puts her hand on Ras' shoulder -- gently, so as to minimize surprise -- and begins to guide him toward the starlight table. As she nears, she approaches where Rukhnis sits in particular. Her tone abruptly has more perk.

"Hello! My apologies for interrupting you while you are undoubtedly considering weighty topics, but do you mind if we join you? I saw you know my friend here and I begged him to introduce us because you seem so interesting!"

Orvyn hears the quiet grow for a little longer than is comfortable in the general area of the room and so he turns his head and rises slowly, checking the others to ensure he is not speaking over anyone, but then he asks his question, "Hypothetically speaking, were one to be presented with an opportunity to save a thousand at the cost of a single one, would such a choice be seen as that made by a saviour, or one whom wanders the lines of the Abyss? Please, for the sake of this question, let us rule out that there are any alternative paths. One by your hand for a thousand, or none and a thousand are to perish, but not by your hand." He does appear to give the question much weight in his own thoughts.

Nova looks up, "Does someone get to volunteer or is it random draw or is it ultimately chosen by the forces who wish to do harm?" She curiously asks Orvyn.

Ras checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Cadern glances up and over at the question he raises a brow and guffaws, "Well that's a logical fallacy, plenty of saviours have wandered the line of the abyss... historically speaking. That's half the fun. Give a hero enough time and they'll turn to a villian, and most villians can find redemption... Those are the stories Aion seems to enjoy best." He seems to enjoy the thought though thoroughly before focusing back at his table.

Ras rolls his eyes dramatically. "Ugh, you're always draggin me everywhere," he complains in a low tone to Verity - though it's loud enough to be overheard by anyone observing them approach the starlight table.

Rukhnis jerks in startlement at the sudden and very chipper sound of Verity's voice, right beside her shoulder, and her mouth snaps shut from evidently being just about to ask a question to the people at her table. She frowns at the woman rather bemusedly for a long moment, shifts her gaze obliquely towards Ras to look at him, and then resumes her observation of Verity. Whatever she might be thinking, she gives this odd latest arrival a courteous tilt of her head and tells her quietly, "I am sure you are quite welcome to have a seat here," and waves a hand towards one of the empty chairs.

Orvyn nods to Rowenova, "Volunteers cannot be taken, the life forefeited must not be aware of their impending death," Orvyn replies, eyes flashing as his lips quirk slightly upwards at the corners, and he turns to Cadern to agree with a nod, "Indeed, though what would the faith say now? Stories and legends are wonderful, but these seem to be new times and the faith has hardened in some lines and softened in others..." he muses.

Verity inclines her head in deference. "I appreciate your indulgence, and Ras' patience for my whimsy." She shoots a glance at Ras, but sits down in one of the empty chairs.

"My name is Verity Locke, by the way. I serve House Blanchard doing this and that. More that than this, but it varies."

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Octavia got up to get herself a cup of the hot leaf water during the various questions, and is on her way back as Orvyn asks possibly one of the most divisive questions not about a lycene house that is possible. With a broad smirk towards Sina, she settles back into her chair and takes a sip before she muses, "I suppose that depends on who is telling the story, doesn't it? I can't opine on the righteousness of the act. Is it a just act? No. Is an injustice done for the greater good noble? Ask the Sentinel when you die."

Nova hmms softly, "I see. Thank you." Now, she quietly ponders all this, the moral question brought up. Though, she still hears the Nefer'Khat tails, too.

Oryvn's lips draw to a wide smile at Octavia's comments and he bows his head, "There is always that philosophy, simply play the cards that come and let the gods sort out everything on the other side... always an option," he notes, giving his head a small shiver-like shake, but then he waits for a moment longer, finding his teacup from his desk so that he can sip and wait to see if there were any further replies to come.

When Orvyn speaks up with his question, Sina turns her attention to him, her mercurial gaze studying him with interest. Her expression turns thoughtful, a slight knit creasing her brow as she contemplates the weighty hypothetical situation. It takes her some time to forumulate a reply. "Hypothetically speaking," she says after some thought, "I suppose it depends on your point of view. History often writes the stories of the victors and the heroes, but we often do not hear about the terrible choices involved in those actions," she goes on to say thoughtfully. She nods in agreement then with Cadern. "Everyone believes that they are on the side of right, even those who may be aligned with the Abyss for whatever reason. Those kinds of choices have been at the heart of many a conflict within the Compact in the past. I personally do not think that the Faith would condone the killing of an innocent, without their foreknowledge or consent, to save a thousand. A willing sacrifice would be more more impactful, I should think. Besides, we only have someone's word that killing this one person would save a thousand lives." She tilts her head, studying the Marquis curiously. "Are you asking me if I, specifically, would do such a thing in said hypothetical situation? From a Faith standpoint, I would say no. A sacfifice of that nature must be a willing one, and even then it is not something that the Faith would easily condone."

Lenne does speak up, from her discussion in the rune section, when Cadern talks about said villains. "Less fun when you realize those same people destroyed half the good and noble organizations of Arvum, and nearly doomed us all. Probably more than once. Dancing at the edge of the abyss is a very poor game, I assure you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

Cadern inclines his head to Orvyn at the comment, "True interpretation can be quite the thing." THen he glances to Lenne and snorts wryly, "If you think we have a habit of good and noble organizations in Arvum you study very different histories than myself."

Korka leans back in her chair and regards Lenne very evenly. She doesn't say anything, but she sure seems interested in her choice of phrasing.

Oryvn is quiet as Sina speaks, resting his cup in the palm of his once free hand. "Indeed, such is the way of things, is it not? Willingness changes the weight of such actions," he frowns slightly, but nods, "Thank you, all," he turns to nod to those whom have spoken in regards to the comment, even offering Lenne a wry little smirk, "you have satisfied my curiosity, though I fear more questions arrise and the darkness of such a decision does seem to find itself more inclined." He bows his head, his shoulder taking a momentary droop as though he were accepting a heavier yoke upon them, and then he turns and settles back into his seat at his desk.

Lenne quirks a brow, at that, and shakes her head, at Cadern. "Perhaps we do. But then, we do get it right, sometimes. No thanks to people, I expect, who find evil intriguing. Thankfully we now sit in an institution of learning, supported by one of the organizations that has been a positive force for the last thousand years. Protected by countless that have likewise been righteous and good, on the whole. Cynicism can go too far."

Fairen peers at Orvyn over his glasses at his odd question while getting a cupful of hot leaf water himself. He listens to the various responses offered, then whispers something to Sina - when she responds, he looks a little surprised and embarrassed.

The Archscholar gazes at Orvyn for a time, her expression concerned, but then she glances about once more. "Any other questions?" she asks quietly.

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Zoey steps away from the student desks for a moment to get tea for herself. She looks around to see who is still present, since she has paid zero attention to the rest of the participants since she and Mikani put their heads together.

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Mr. Hops arrives, following Jules.

When it seems there are no more general questions, Sina gives a little nod to herself. "It seems that's all the questions for today," she says with a smile. "But, it is my hope to hold more of these sessions in the future. I've been told that I do not answer questions enough," she says, "and there are some reasons for that. But, I hope this has given everyone the opportunity to learn a little about different subjects. I'm always willing to speak more privately on matters as well. If anyone has any suggestions for other topics in the future, please feel free to send them to me." She glances toward the tea and snacks tables. "Feel free to stay, partake of the refreshments, and continue your discussions if you like," she finishes, glancing around.

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Ras makes his way from the starlight table to get some more tea, and then skulks back without sitting down again in the chair he vacated. After that, he nods to Verity and starts heading out of the hall.

Appolonia drifts past the arrayed refreshments and seems to be moving deliberately yet discreetly in the direction of the table with Rukhnis without looking too desperate for language practice. However, this seems to be what is going to happen. She pauses to say to Ras, on his way out, "Thank you again."

Rukhnis, for her part, is just getting to her feet as Appolonia looms in her direction, despite the fact that the Eurusi woman now has a fresh and full cup of tea in hand. She appears too preoccupied with her own thoughts, or perhaps with the tea itself, to be paying much mind to whether Appolonia has any sinister ulterior motives towards her or not.

Ras stops temporarily mid-step to blink at Appolonia, but then understanding flickers through his eyes. "Um, yeah," he mutters. "Sure." A hitch of a shrug, and he looks slightly at a loss, but doesn't elaborate. Pocketing both hands, he continues towards the hall's exit.

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Verity wiggles her fingers at Ras in farewell. She stands, too, and prepares to leave the table -- but Rosalie's words catch her attention and prolong her apologetic look. "My fault for being too slow, my lady. I appreciated hearing your words all the same."

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After a time, Sina pauses to murmur something to Fairen, then goes and helps herself to the tea and snacks, then she quietly makes her exit from the room, carrying her cup and plate with her. The three Templars who always shadow her follow after, but novitiate scholars remain on hand to assist with serving refreshments, answering general questions, and generally being helpful.

Appolonia beams at Rukhnis and touches her collarbone like she so often does, saying as she does, "Good evening, my dear woman! I am Appolonia of Seraceni and I am *terribly* glad to meet you. If I could ask you for a little indulgence -" She pauses, as if formulating something, and then speaks:

Octavia hmms and sits back, continuing to sip at her tea as the meeting adjourns. She's not really in any hurry to go back to the pile of paperwork in the Court, after all.

Appolonia says in Eurusi, "May I ask you to give me your opinion on how fluently I speak the language? I do hate to be a pain in the backside, but you see, I hope to travel to Eurus one of these days, before I grow too old, and time and tide move on for everyone, and oh my sweet lords and ladies, I am rambling far too much! I'll stop, I'll stop. But please, please, do tell me if I'm saying anything wrong."

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Mikani sips her tea and relaxes into her seat.

Rukhnis finally takes a long sip of her tea, staring at Ras's departing back from over the rim of her cup as she does so. As she lowers the drink again she purses her lips briefly, then looks around at the rest of the room and the people still remaining, and at this point Appolonia has become impossible either to overlook or ignore. She observes the other woman with a look of faint misgiving during that pause of formulation, and then as she's spoken to in Eurusi a certain flatness overtakes her expression. Nevertheless she gives the other woman a deeply courteous bow and says something back in the same language.

Orvyn finishes his tea and looks about the room and watches as people leave and conversations run down, "I'd leave," he tells Octavia, being the unfortunate one still near him, "but I fear my two scholars would lose themselves here and never return, and then I would be stuck with three persons' worth of work for the coming month, so I fear that I must wrangle them... eventually," the last word given as he looks down at his empty cup.

Rukhnis says in Eurusi, "Your words are well enough, though your consonants will require work. However, most important of all is the matter of learning to speak the proper courtesies to the proper people, which may in fact take years of practice, and will ideally not end up in your being clapped in chains and made a slave before you have mastered it."

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