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Lisebet in the Shrine of Mangata

Lisebet is going to the Shrine of Mangata to spend some time there, reflecting on Mangata and offering thanks and sacrifice to this particular god. Anyone is welocme to stop by and chat with her or visit while she is there.


Jan. 11, 2020, 8 p.m.

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Delilah Harlan Lucita Raya Orvyn Olivia Ciaran Kalani Ryhalt Vicente Peri Zoey Rowenova Merek Niklas Sunaia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Mangata

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It's the Shrine of Mangata, the same as it usually is. But today, Lisebet is here seated on one of the simple wooden benches by the altar. She took her time getting here, pausing beneath the trees, and even now she's looking back at those trees, very thoughtfully. She turns her attention to the altar, since she's currently by herself, pausing to pray, thoughts on Mangata and what she means.

1 Farshaw novice guards arrives, following Ciaran.

Palamon, a supercilious eagle owl arrives, delivering a message to Ciaran before departing.

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Lucita does as she often does, seek the peace and comfort of the shrines when something is preying on her mind. She hums a little, one of the songs of the sea, a gentle one. She strolls slowly along the path toward the altar and takes a seat near the little pool of water.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, an aid in Kennex livery, 2 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

Raya slips into the shrine, her step light but with purposeful. She approaches the rack of bottles, eyeing the offerings, reaching up to do a bit of organizing and straightening of them. Lisebet is noted and offered a bright smile. "My lady. I hope the evening finds you well. Is there anything I can aid you with? Or would you prefer to be left to your contemplations of the goddess?"

Just before entering the Shrine proper, Orvyn Harthall steps away from his small entourage of scholars and guardsmen. Dressed in dark silks of his house colours, the man does look as though he had wandered a ways to get here, the sweat upon his forehead a sign of the heat outside, not that it is much better within. His piercing blue eyes survey the room, seeking its current occupants and giving opportunity to meet the gazes of those whom he knows and even those whom he does not yet recognize.

Olivia slips in and takes a seat quietly.

Ciaran seems to have been appraised of the scheduled ceremony, for he doesn't seem surprised to find Lisebet in attendance--or so many people in general. As usual, the thump of his cane makes counterpoint to his steps, muted by the softness of the earth here in the outdoor shrine. Rather than go up and greet his sister directly, he simple offers a lift of one hand towards Lisebet--standing apart to take in the fish.

It's another uncomfortably warm day, humid but with just enough of a breeze to keep the weather from being unbearable. Mostly. Dressed in summer weight fabrics and sleeveless attire, Kalani is walking with Peri in the shade of the grove of the tall trees. Accompanied by her messenger Wit, the clever raccoon, Kalani is speaking quietly with Peri about a mutual friend while the raccoon scampers up through the nearby trees.

Ryhalt enters the shrine at a leisurely pace, perhaps from the heat, perhaps because the slight squint in his eyes betrays a headache. Still he smiles in support of his sister, Lisebet, when he sees her, but noting that she is in prayer, does not bug her but joins her in prayer.

Lisebet smiles as she recognizes Lucita and Olivia, here. Then her gaze goes to Raya, who is bustling about. "Sister, I don't believe we have met, as yet. I'm Lisebet Ashford." Well, Raya already got the lady bit, no need to belabour it. "I am hoping to learn more of Mangata and to spend some time contemplating her influence on our lives. It's something I feel I should do perhaps a bit more often than I currently do."

Lisebet nods to Ryhalt and Ciaran as well.

Vicente enters into the shrine with some level of discomfort on his face. His normally blank expression seems less blank. His eyes shift about the place and he makes his way through and towards a bench randomly selected but not appearing as though he actually intends to do anything but be present.

Peri whispers to Kalani and then points to the birds. "I think the goddess won't mind. They eat their fill. Let's sit at the edge." She pulls off her shoes.

Zoey walks into the shrine with her babe in her arms and her entourage behind her. In truth she had been taking the tiny newborn to another holy place, but upon hearing about the goings on her curiosity got the better of her. She stays near the back, out of the way in case Naamah kicks up a fuss and she needs to step away to calm her.

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Lucita smiles warmly toward those she knows and says "Blessed Maddy would be tickled to see you all here. She spends most of her time here or at the beach when she is in Arx. I can see why she does."

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

"You say this now.." and Kalani sounds skeptical as Wit scampers down out of a tree and toward the very pond in question. "at least he won't bring part of it home, like a trophy. I draw the line. Insects, rodents.. but fish and birds, no."

Fashionably late, Nova and Flop sneak sideways into the Shrine of Mangata, eventually finding some spot in close proximity of the only Baroness here.

"Sister Raya Godsworn, at your service." She makes an "Ah" sound to Lisebet as to learning more of Mangata and all of that. "We should all of us contemplate the virtues more than we do, I suspect. Even those who make it our vocation. Her influence is a large one. Life springs from her! The air we breathe, the water we's easy to take for granted but rather all-encompassing if one stops to think about it. I wish you luck, my lady, and good thoughts."

Lisebet smiles, her attention on Raya, as she inclines her head. "Indeed, and I wanted to give thanks for being alive. It's a blessing I sometimes forget to be grateful for, and yet, there are many who are not alive any more, sadly." She glances around, and then chuckles softly. "It looks like there are a lot of people here today. Is there something going on?" Lisebet notes Lucita's words, and she nods enthusiastically. "This is a beautiful spot, isn't it? So easy to feel nature here."

Ciaran is a bit dryly amused as he looks over towards Lisebet. "Perhaps it is you that is what is going on," he says to her. "I believe you mentioned something about holding a ceremony. Perhaps there are several others here who feel as you do about how important it is." His gaze drifts to Raya. "I have been meaning to speak with a representative of the Faith, as it happens."

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

Lucita quietly nods and slips back out letting others have her seat near the altar once her prayers are over.

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Rowenova leaves, following Lucita.

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Peri contemplate the shimmer of light in the pond made by the ripples from the rustling of Wit and the splashing of a kingfisher.

Raya shrugs to Lisebet in a 'no idea, I just work here' sort of way, as to the crowd. She makes another little correction to the positioning of the bottles on the rack, turning to Ciaran when he addresses her. "My lord? What do you need to speak about? Perhaps I can aid you, or at least point you to the person who can."

Lisebet blinks at her brother, and then she laughs softly. "Oh come, Ciaran, surely there are better reasons to be in Mangata's shrine!" In so doing, she catches sight of Zoey and gets to her feet. "M'lady Zoey, I am glad to see you in good health and this must be the new lady Namaah," she says. "I am very glad to meet you, little one." An opportunity to coo over a baby is one Lisebet is not going to let slip by.

Ryhalt listens while he continues to pray, seeming to have many cares saved up for today.

Kalani scoops Wit up before he can reach the pond, and it took a bit of legging it to make that possible. "I don't think we should let him fish here," she murmurs, "lets head away from temptation." She links one arm with Peri, lets Wit perch on her shoulder, and the two Seliki wander away back toward the entrance.

Peri leaves, following Kalani.

Zoey smiles at the Duchess and comes forward, presenting her new daughter proudly. "This is my first day being able to leave Kennex Kay since I had her," she says to the Duchess and those close enough to hear. "I was actually on my way to see Blessed Hamish, but I couldn't help myself when I I saw all the people heading this way."

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Ciaran inclines his chin upward a bit as he peers towards Raya. "A matter of visions," he tells her. "Or perhaps omens of misfortune. I may have been unlucky enough to be visited by the latter. But my knowledge of matters theological is...less than fully developed. Conferring with an experienced cleric seemed appropriate. I reached out to Biana and Ailith but I suspect their duties keep them quite busy."

Only after does he looks back to Lisebet. "Well, I am here to show my support. Perhaps I may yet make a few prayers of my own."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Orvyn's hands linger upon his belt till he withdraws a small vial, likely his offering for Mangata which becomes more abundantly obvious as he moves his way to the shrine and makes his offering, settling into a quiet stance for prayer before stepping back and allowing the others to continue their conversations without interuption.

"Has this to do with crows?" Raya asks, some of the sunniness fading from her expression. "If so that unnervingly common bit of strangeness. Which afflicted myself, I'll confess. If it's something else, I could hear your tale of it privately. I fear I'm not an expert on visions or dark portents, but I can perhaps share what I understand, and pass it along to my superiors."

A matter of bold, certain strides brings Delilah into that lovely shrine, a place that recalls what nature in the Gray Forest once painted this place as. A city sits atop it, of course, but one can remember. Sure of her purpose here, the copper-haired duchess of Graypeak is easy to spot; Lilah has a few literal bells in her hair to go along with the sea-thrift flowers dancing on her braids. She carries a selection of pebbles with her, seaglass strung among them. It won't take her long to identify familiar faces, though she is a tad more circumspect than simply going straight for any of them, navigating a meandering path with a smile fit to warm the sky.

Lisebet smiles to Zoey and says, "It is indeed busy here this evening though I can't say I am certain why." She nods to Ciaran over there showing his support and then smiles at the baby, giving her a very good look. "She's adorable," she says, before returning her carefully to her mother. "A new babe is definitely worth praying for, indeed." She is at the front near the shrine, talking to Zoey, while Ciaran talks to Raya within earshot. "I feel I'm missing out on these crows somehow," she murmurs softly. "Or at least they are not currently top of mind for me." There are others about, praying, making offerings, and so forth, as one does in a shrine.

Vicente looks rather stressed at the crowds and makes his way quietly out of the shrine.

Ciaran furrows his brow as he hears the question about crows from Raya, looking faintly concerned. Perhaps a bit unnerved. "Yes, something exactly like that," he tells her quietly. "But, I wouldn't want to distract from the business here at the shrine, so mayhap it is something better conducted in private." The sound of Delilah's bells draws his attention. He sort of gawks at her for a moment as if unaware this was ever a possible fashion choice. Lisebet draws his attention right back again. "Count yourself lucky. They are some sort of dark portent. I am confident of it."

"I probably should get going," Zoey stats to say to Lisebet. "This much activity is bound to upset her eventually, and I'd rather not have her showing off her lung capacity to this many people at once." She smiles and drops into a quick curtsey before turning to leave.

"You really aren't. Their poetry is terrible," Raya replies wry to Lisebet. She makes an "Ah!" sound when Ciaran seems to recognize the whole crow thing. "I don't suppose you've been in contact with Sir Jeffeth? I understand //he// has some better knowledge of what that whole thing was about. I've been meaning to message him myself but...duties get in the way, you know." Also, she looks a touch unnerved about the subject, so some procrastination might have been a factor. "But it's a dream many in the city seem to share. So you are not alone, my lord." She tries to make that sound comforting.

Lisebet smiles to Zoey, laughing softly. "I am certain she has a lovely lung capacity and will make a fine admiral one day. I hope to see you again soon."

A quick wiggle of her fingers indicates a wave from Delilah to Zoey, the new mother and babe in kind given a swift greeting. She meanders around the gathered nobility and commonfolk to approach slowly, giving a few words in a soft tone.

"Of course! Write me and I'll make the time for you," she promises Lisebet. She catches Delilah on her way out and has a quiet exchange with her.

Ciaran is a little bit deadpan as he answers Raya. "I suppose it is reassuring to hear that I have not been picked out for some individual misfortune, though the notion of collective misfortune is scarcely better. I shall write to Sir Jeffeth as you recommend. I am not sure he and I have been introduced and it pays to be well informed."

Ryhalt stirs from his prayers at last with a sigh. He walks over to stand near Lisebet to smile at Zoey and her new child, though it sounds as if she is leaving. After, he says quietly to Lisebet, giving her a hug, "It is good to see you, sister."

Another glance around the room, Orvyn nods to the various people that he knows, but then he quietly makes his way back to the front of the room so that he can exit.

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Delilah's prayers will no doubt follow, albeit that basket of stones and seaglass remains to be distributed at the altar or cast with the other offerings into the waters that flow here in abundance. Her braided hair lends that subtle murmur for even the slightest motion, blending into the hum of the wind, daring the air currents to tweak one of them. She doesn't overlook Ciaran or Lisebet, raising a hand in greeting to them too with her free hand. Her eventual destination is unlikely to be any great secret, all in all.

Lisebet catches sight of Orvyn, and smiles his way as he leaves. Perhaps his being here was accidental, after all. She returns Ryhalt's hug, and then says, "I hear you and Ciaran met Lady Sunaia the other day." An impish smile follows that, as her brothers and cousin-by-marriage apparently hit it off well enough. A hand is raised to Delilah as well, in passin.


Zoey slips back out of the shrine and moves on to her next destination.

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"I should send a missive to him myself," Raya says, with a little sigh. Because she can't put this off forever. "I'll mention you, if that's all right, and perhaps we can both get some assurance concerning this. But the white reflections are full of it, for better or worse. Collective misfortune apt description." Such dark thoughts inspire her to finally kneel by the shrine, her hands clasping in front of her. "Its Jayus who's the god of dreams, and I've prayed to Him on this frequently, but perhaps I'll send some thoughts regarding it to Mangata as well. I could use more air and light and less...that."

"We did." His smile is not as enthusiastic as Lisebet's. Ryhalt says, "We should talk about it later." Somehow he conveys Business by the way he says talk. "She says she views you as a sister and wants the same for us."

Ciaran stands a bit apart from ongoing prayers as he speaks with Raya, to avoid disrupting the sanctity of the place. "I am not in the habit of reading white journals. Or writing in them, for that matter. I haven't penned a single entry since I came to town. Some likely would think that negligent. I will trust you to tell him, then." As she goes to kneel, he takes a step back, simply nodding as she speaks her desire to pray. He looks upon the shrine, contemplative.

Olivia finishes up her prayers and stands with a smile. She wiggles her fingers at Lisebet, but doesn't look inclined to interrupt her.

"Blessings to you, Duchess Lisebet. Mangata must be pleased by the number of visitors," Lilah observes with a merry undertone to her lilting Crownlands accent, giving it an ebullience usually reserved for other events. She slips in closer, the basket balanced against her hip with a certain ease. "Duke Ryhalt, and Lord Ciaran, hello again." The hint of a smile brightens all the future. It's hard not to be pulled in towards the conversation with Raya and Ciaran, if it's not overloud, but her gaze moves away to lend them an element of privacy as it goes.

Lisebet smiles at Raya. "Do give Sir Jeffeth my regards," she says softly. Ryhalt garners a nod. "Certainly, as we have time, I am always willing to speak with you." A fond smile for her eldest brother. Olivia's wave draws a return one from Lisebet. Ciaran gets a gentle nudge as he gets contemplative. "Perhaps consider a little prayer while you are here, brother?" she suggests. And then there's Delilah, who gets a warm smile as well. "Duchess Delilah, as always a pleasure to see you. You look wonderfully lovely and happy today, I trust all is well? And what have you in that basket? Or should I not ask?"

Raya's eyes grow distant for a beat, her thoughts elsewhere. She murmurs something heard only between herself and the altar, then stands again with a sweep of her skirts. A smile to Lisebet. "I hope you find something joyous and lively in your prayers, my lady. And I certainly will! I'm new to the city and not in the acquaintance of all the godsworn yet, but Sir Jeffeth is a man of excellent reputation, and I'm not surprised he has so many friends among the Peerage." A smile to Ciaran. "My lord. I'll write swiftly. It was very good to meet you, and I wish you better dreams than you've plainly had recently."

Ciaran exhales lengthily at the nudge from Lisebet. "Oh, very well," he murmurs, nearly inaudibly to anyone else. Ciaran is not, it would seem, a man of the utmost piety, even if he is of late seeking audience on issues of the divine. He gives Delilah an unguarded smile before moving to attend to prayer. His prayers are not uttered out loud. And though he was reluctant to partake of them, his expression is deadly earnest until he is again on his feet, looking back to Raya. "Thank you, Sister Raya. You do your order credit."

Ryhalt smiles to Delilah as she greets them. "Good day to you, Duchess Delilah." To Lisebet, he nods. "It isn't urgent, but would like to soon as we may."

Merek makes a way into the place to offer his prayers, looking about a bit, then settling about to make his way back towards the entry in thought also.

Though he normally comes into the room having some loud conversation with one of his associates, when it comes to shrines Prince Niklas Grayson has learned his lesson. It only takes having ones ear nearly twisted off by a certain cranky old archlector of Petrichor to remind one to be quiet when entering a holy place. So the only noise preceding the Playwright's arrival is the crunch of his boots on the pebbled path. He glances over those present, then makes his way over to the altar, where he lays down a length of whalebone on which a scene of a ship coming into port at sundown has been engraved.

Merek makes a way on from the place!

Raya departs once her prayers are finished, saying a few goodbyes as she sweeps out of the shrine.

The slender arc of a smile brightens to the point of wildfire, illuminating Lilah's features. "If you should not ask, then you don't count as a scholar," she chides Lisebet with the gentlest of elbowing, hardly at all. "I promise you, it's nothing too contraband. This belongs to the Lady of Light, something to brighten the shrine with. I collected them in my journeys last year, and she always got me home." That sort of measured regard comes with ease, and she flicks one of the glass shards into the spring where it rests as a piece of pale white frost, a snowflake forever unmelting. At least not wearing away in a human lifetime, so the metaphor stands. "It isn't often we all gather so often. A pleasure, to be sure. I hope I do not keep you from something more important?" Those cornflower eyes shift to Ryhalt and she steps back in case a hasty departure is called for. Once more she smiles to Raya, and then pivots to put herself out of anyone's path, be it Niklas coming in with scrimshaw or anyone else outward.

Ryhalt nods to Delilah. "It is certainly a pleasure. No, I am not in haste to be anywhere. It's the season for taking things easy, it's sweaty enough just sitting still and breathing! I expect you have been well?"

Ciaran seems to have completed his prayers and hs conversations, and after a while in contemplative silence, he departs.

Lisebet nods to Ryhalt, and then to Niklas as he comes in. She smiles at Ciaran's reaction, with some amusement, but lets him have a few moments to pray. Raya gets a nod. "If you are new to Arx, I am even more happy to meet you," she says. "And I look forward to speaking with you again later." She takes a breath, watching as Delilah tosses that first bit, and she smiles. "I think you have a lovely idea, might I throw one?" She nods to Ryhalt, quietly.

Niklas speaks a few quiet words at the altar, then steps away and looks to everyone else gathered. "Is there a reading scheduled?" He glances back at the waterfall. "Or an ill-advised pool party?"

"I would welcome you all to. It's quite invigorating after a way, and nothing like sharing." Lilah holds out the basket for anyone to take a rounded pebble or a bit of seaglass. Not much of the latter washes up on beaches in abundance compared to driftwood, but it's more common than bone. Quite content to make those offerings a communal affair, she murmurs a soft note under her breath. "I fear I hardly know whether a pool party is intended, though for a surety, we could all use something like a dip."

To Delilah's invitation, he picks out a piece of seaglass. "Thank you." Curious, he looks to Niklas. "I've heard of several pool parties scheduled or planned, but not sure I've heard any *ill-advised* ones. What would make it so?"

Lisebet arches a brow, and says aloud, "I think we are short someone to do a reading, though perhaps we could do one together?" She glances at the prayerbooks and picks one up, as well as selecting a small green stone from Delilah's basket."

"That this is a shrine would probably make it ill-advised, though I suppose it doesn't matter as long as it's done in the spirit of fellowship and ... holiness?" Niklas shakes his head. "I doubt whatever Templars ended up being sent to roust us would agree with my take on theology and translation of catechism, though. So maybe we'd all best stay on dry land and just think about how nice it might be to dive into a holy waterfall."

"Oh, I didn't mean to go for a swim, only to share a reading and some prayers to Mangata," Lisebet says. "The only thing to take a swim I think should be our small pebbles."

Ryhalt chuckles lightly at Niklas. "I see. No, we should lean towards a reading instead." With a smile, he nods to Lisebet. "I'll join you."

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

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Lilah doesn't question on whether swimming might be a good idea, though stepping into the pure waters of the spring might not be entirely out of reason given the intense heat of summer coming. She nonetheless leaves the matter for others to discuss, briefly drawn into the vagaries of prayer such as a scholar might offer to the Lady of Sky and Water.

Niklas looks toward Lisebet at the prospect of a reading, but certainly isn't stepping up to do any reading himself. Reading things OTHER people write is NOT his bag.

Harlan steps in from outside, pausing to look about and not attempting to interrupt although he's obviously here for his wife's support -- and carrying a small package.

Lisebet glances over at Delilah and then to Niklas. She does not move up to the altar, but she turns to face the pool. "Let me see," she murmurs, and then she pitches her voice to carry, thinking a bit. The small group is here, left over from a huge crowd which has mostly dissipated. Lisebet squares her shoulders, takes a breath and does project her voice to carry warmly, perhaps showing that she's had some training in performaing, even if not in one of Niklas' many plays.

"Beloved Mangata," Lisebet says, slowly. "We thank you for your grace and inspiration, for the wind through our hair, the water that swirls through and over falls, with the sound soothing us to serenity. We thank you for the blessing of summer, and the drink that we have, the lives that we live." A pause, as she considers what to say next. "We offer you these tokens of our thanks and admiration, small though they may be. The sparkle and gleam of the water and light as it hits them brings joy and lightness to all, much as your grace does."

Lisebet checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Leaving her large entourage outside, Sunaia steps into the Shrine to Mangata and smiles faintly as she notes who's here. A quick curtsy at the door before the tall, pale-eyed Ashford lady steps inward towards her cousins the others who are here. She does, however, remain silent when the prayer begins, stilling even her step out of respect.

Ryhalt joins Lisebet in her prayer. When she has finished, he casts his small seaglass piece as offering. Perhaps, he looks a little more at ease for having come. "Thank you," he says to Lisebet.

Lisebet tosses her stone in, and observes a few moments of silence. "You're most welcome," she says softly to Ryhalt. "Thank you for coming. You know i'm going to all the shrines - this is the second one." And then there's Harlan and Sunaia and Lisebet's smile warms, as she regards their approaches.

"I'm sorry I didn't make it earlier, Lisebet," Sunaia says as she resumes her course to the altar. "That was a lovely prayer. I didn't think to bring a token, though." She pauses and peeks into each of the many pouches on her belts and murmurs to herself, "I wonder if I have something in my pouches...."

Her pale lips twitch and she finds nothing but a few silvers which she tosses into the stream, followed by a deep *plunk-plunk* before she kneels and bows her head, offering a silent prayer.

When Lisebet mentions tokens Niklas pulls a smooth round stone with a hole in the middle out of a pocket and tosses it into the water. When he looks back he offers a nod to the new arrival. "Lady Sunaia, Duke Harlan. I hope things are going well for you." Niklas offers the duke of Ashford Keep a bright smile, despite the less than friendly tone of their last encounter.

Ryhalt lifts his eyebrows slightly. "No, I had not. Some sort of pilgrimage?" Seeing Lisebet smile, he glances towards the entrance and also smiles at Harlan and Sunaia.

"I guess that it is, yes," Lisebet says, with a nod to her brother. "A miniature one, since I am not leaving the city. I spent time in the shrine of the Thirteenth already, as part of learning about the Scholars, and was asked if I intend to join the Discipleship. I am not certain, however, so I thought I would visit all the other Shrines and spend time in each, to see if perhaps I feel a calling to one or another more than the rest." That explanation is out there for all who are in attendance. "Lady Sunaia, thank you. There is no need to rush. I intend to stay here for some time in prayer and contemplation."

"Things are busy. Thank you; how are you?" Sunaia replies to Niklas, rising from the altar, her tone shifting from tense and heavy to an evident attempt at something lighter. All the same, the pale Ashford's moonlight-colored eyes narrow with the strain of something that is apparently on her mind. She pushes her lips into a small smile for Ryhalt, "Duke Ryhalt. It's good to see you again; and how is your brother? He seemed to be moving a little easier, when I saw him last." Sunaia flicks her gaze to Lisebet briefly, her tone remaining somewhat burdened, but kindly, "Duchess, I've grown quite fond of your brothers. ...I suppose that's a good idea: spending as much time as you can where you can decide if you fit." Her pale eyes clear suddenly and Sunaia speaks again - to no one in particular, or everyone at once, "I think I must go. ...I've got a lot of work to do." But, with Harlan nearby, Sunaia's eyes find his and set there for a moment, "When you've time, if I'm not home, send a messenger after me and we can talk. I have a few people I should invite..." she takes a breath and exhales with a sigh, " meet you." Then flicks her pale gaze to Lisebet, "Both. I'll be at home, for now."

Ryhalt nods to Lisebet, looking thoughtful as she explains the reason. "Interesting, it seems a worthy pursuit, if you're interested. Have you been thinking of joining before you were asked if you were interested?" He inclines his head to Sunaia. "It is good to see you again. I think he's well. Have a good day, Lady Sunaia." He says as she expresses her desire to depart.

Harlan smiles towards his wife, and moves to stand near her, and slips a stone out of his own pouch to place it near his wife's. He then sets a package down near her, "For later, love." He smiles and nods towards Sunaia, and then nods towards Ryhalt, "Good to see you again, Duke." He then regards Sunaia and smiles, "Of course, cousin. We need to talk about a few things, I think."

Nodding lightly first to Harlan, Sunaia curtsies properly before turning around to leave. Her strides are shorter than normal, but she still traverses the shrine in little time, snapping her fingers twice as she steps out the door.

Lisebet nods to Sunaia. "Of course, thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the support," she says with a smile. "I am certain to be home soon." As Harlan brings her a present, her eyes sparkle with curiosity, but she refrains from opening the gift and from giving her husband a kiss in this religious place.

3 Armed Confessors, Atanas Pandev, a wry, stalwart escort, Colm Teague, the stolid adjunct of ice-blue eyes, Ylva, a curious, silvery pup with bright gold eyes, Conall, a scampering, friendly sable puppy with bright platinum eyes leave, following Sunaia.

Harlan also offers Niklas a polite nod and a faint smile, "Good evening, your Highness." He isn't going to cause any trouble right now, of course -- not here, and doesn't have a reason right now anyway.

Tipping his head back a little to look up towards the sky, Ryhalt says, "Well, I should take my leave, too. All of you have a good night and I'm sure we'll see each other soon." He heads towards the shrine's entrance, too, to meet up with his guard and head on his way.

Niklas glances back to the scrimshaw he left on the altar, then offers followup half-bows to those present before he makes for the exit. "Thank you for the lovely reading, Duchess. Have a good evening, all."

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise leaves, following Niklas.

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