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Poetry Night at Bold Espressions

Come to the Bold Espressions Solarium for an evening of entertainment and humor as we invite everyone to share their love for coffee!

Submit to Ryhalt
Deadline: 2/7/2020 12:00
Theme: Coffee

-Most hilarious
-Most creative
-Wow you wrote that well

Enter your own short story, limerick, poetry, songs, whatever! You do not have to be at the reading to win. You also do not have to enter the contest to read a poem at the reading.


Feb. 7, 2020, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Ryhalt Mabelle


Strozza Mirella Merek Nina Orelia Nicholaus Vicente Porter Rowenova Esme Tyche Dianna Monique Sebastian Adalyn Sabella



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Bold Espressions - Solarium

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Comments and Log

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrive, following Tyche.

Tyche arrives, following Nicholaus.

Storm and steel, Strozza appears a dark cloud billowing behind the form of he and Orelia on his arm. The normally dour Mazetti with a grin across his features with the Champion in training at his side, his guards behind and his aide among them. Leading her to one of the couches, and offering a gentlemanly hand to sit before joining her, eyes flicking about the room to take in the faces.

Over there on one of the grouped chairs is Mirella, quietly sitting with typically excellent posture, pale hands folded upon the dark silks of her skirts. She offers a small nod and a smaller uptick of a greeting smile to Rowenova, but otherwise remains still and impassive as she watches people filter into the solarium. Not a talker, this Lycene.

A lovely summer evening is perfect for a poetry reading. Mabelle is standing alongside Ryhalt, clad in dramatic gold and black ensemble and uncharacteristically lets him do the hosting, while she smiles and greets people as they enter, "Good evening, good evening, please find a seat, taste some coffee, have a cookie", which she will indulge herself in a moment.

Merek makes a way into the bold expressions solarium to look about, finding a nice place to settle in to watch and listen as well.

Nina is also on a chair, but she has the friendly cat Mr. Scruffy not far from her, because she is distributing pets. She looks like she's bursting with nervous energy.

Orelia takes the indicated seat and crosses one leather-clad leg over the other. She smiles back up at Strozza as he joins her, then turns her attention to the stage.

With Tyche on his arm, and a faintly curving smile at the corner of his lips, Nicholaus arrives and scans the room quickly before stepping out of the way of the door. Blue-green eyes flick from face to face, and then back again to take in the seating and decorations. He pauses there just off to the side of the door, and then without pausing his slow sweep, leans down and to the side to murmur something into the Countess' ear.

Vicente nods to Esme with a slow bob and a weak smile forms on his face, "Of course. I'm certainly only here to listen. I think from the sound of your poetry, I may be amused by hearing it." He gestures towards a seat and says, "If you have no company you're welcome to join but if you do, please do not let me disturb you."

This isn't normally Porter's choice of places to frequent, some might say it's because it's not a bar or tavern. And they might be right! But he's also not one to miss out on some performances, even if he's planning on participating. He strolls up into the Solarium, scanning the other attendents curiously before he tries to score a place to sit.

Nova stretches out and takes up space next to Mirella but does not take up her actual space, just the adjacent space. She smiles back to her a brief moment before glancing out to the other folk here. Then, Mabelle offers coffee AND cookies along with that. Nova suddenly kips up to her feet in a flash before striding over to the refreshment table, doing so with determination in those cobalt-blue eyes.

Happiness, a bluebird have been dismissed.

Carmela, a gleaming dusken-feathered crow have been dismissed.

Porter has joined the Small Table and Chairs.

Ryhalt grins at Mabelle as she entices everyone to have some coffee and cookies. "Don't eat them all before they do," he teases her with a pat on her shoulder before he heads up to the stage and climbs up onto it. Looking about the room, he smiles broadly. "Warm welcome to all of you and welcome to Poetry Night! We're informal tonight, so get your cookies and coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy a night about Coffee!!"

Esme laughs and will hug her uncle grump (aka Vicente). "I'm not here with anyone. I just thought I'd listen. I mean I could get up and try to compose something with roses. OH! Is there voting? Can we cast our votes? I would like to vote for anything with roses." She waits to see where Vicente is sitting, but she does give a smile towards Porter. "Thank you for hosting." Those words are towards Ryhalt and Mabelle.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman arrives, following Dianna.

On the arm of the Grayson Prince, Tyche joins the rest of those buzzing about anxious to hear poetry being read, or at least anxious for coffee. Or perhaps anxious for other, more mysterious things. Her hand rests lightly in the crook of Nicholaus' arm, dark gaze scanning the crowds for any faces that spark some sort of familiarity. There's a small distraction when she spies the trays of cookies, and she quickly remarks, "The last time I saw Lady Mabelle, she won me over with cookies. I'm not surprised to see them here," a bit of humorous information, and then she tilts her head to listen to some whispered words from the man. His question inspires a quiet reply, a spark of mischief to her gaze, but then she indicates to Mirella.

Briar, a quiet young woman arrives, delivering a message to Esme before departing.

Vicente hestiantly returns Esme's hug with an awkward little pat on the back briefly. He starts to sit down but he sees Flops over there, that way. He heads over towards the dog and sits motions to the seating near Nova and asks Esme, "I like the this dog." His tone somewhat even and he then adds, "I don't know if there's any voting. Feel free to compose freestyle." His mouth brieflyu twitches another smile.

Mabelle grins amusedly at Ryhalt and addresses the room, "This is not a performance per say. Coffee is a drink beloved by many and some care to show it some appreciation. You do not have to use the stage, -I- certainly did not write a poem about coffee. I love coffee, but I have no poetic bone in my body, which works well for you, because even if your poem is horrible, I wont get it", she chuckles and adds, "Short stories, limericks, stupid one liners, go for it. It is not a contest per say, but we have a few small prizes to show the appreciation and that you made us laugh, were creative or well writ."

Strozza has joined the Elegant Couch Seating.

Vicente has joined the Small Grouping of Chairs.

William, a taciturn quartermaster arrives, delivering a message to Porter before departing.

Porter has left the Small Table and Chairs.

Tyche has joined the Elegant Couch Seating.

Nicholaus has joined the Elegant Couch Seating.

Kuhlai soon comes to where Mazetti and Stonewood have settled, a platter of items from the desert carts is brought over, chocolate, flake pastry, and other little delights, placed in Strozza's hands before the sailor turns to Orelia, speaking quietly at their seat.

Esme gives a full laugh to that. "I am not too worried about such things. I mean every story is a wonderful story." If people happen to look at her, she will give them a radiant smile. Though a curious light fills her eyes at the messenger she gets. "Though, I might be off soon as it is." HEr eyes move over to watch the people arriving that she knows and doesn't know. Everything about her seems to be so excited to see everything.

Esme has joined the Small Grouping of Chairs.

Lifting one hand from her lap, Mirella offers a neat with wave to Tyche. Another of those faint upquirked smiles, the dark-haired Lycene stands from the chair and heads over to the countess -- thought not before passing by the dessert tray, where she deftly plucks up a piece of honeycomb. Once she stands between red-haired noble and her princely escort, the Inverno minister dips into a handless curtsy (honeycomb occupying her digits. Silk skirts rustle and shush like the hushed waves of the sea and she rises back into that immaculate straight-backed posture. "Countess Inverno," comes the low murmur of her voice before she looks to Nicholaus with a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

As Nova is distracted with the food and drink, Sir Floppington moves over to happily chin Vicente once he has finally gotten himself seatuated. There is a merry twinkle in the elderly dog's soulful eyes, and he certainly wags, too. Glancing over to Esme, will she pet him, too?

Mirella has left the Small Grouping of Chairs.

Mirella has joined the Elegant Couch Seating.

2 Pravosi Honor Guard, Intruder, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Sebastian.

Stepping in with her colorful and lovely Lycene assistant is Sister Dianna Godsworn - smoldering, almost literally, in a transparent gown of coral silk, painted with a dance of flames licking up the skirt. Beneath (and keeping her mostly discreet) she wears a rose-gold corset and floor-length loincloth, while behind, and under the gown, drags a gilded, bejeweled orb attached, apparently, to her waist with a slender, gold chain. She notes Kuhlai and Strozza immediately, the priestess' lips flickering upward in a warm smile at her cousin - with an unfamiliar woman. Gently and ever-elegantly, Dianna curtsies to the room, then steps with unhurried grace - along with her Lycene companion, to the small table and chairs, as yet unoccupied.

Along her way, she'll smile aside at Vicente and Esme, giving an especially-warm smile to Mabelle before she takes her seat, slipping her hips downward with exceptional precision in that sultry movement.

Dianna has joined the Small Table and Chairs.

Pet a dog? Sir Floppington? Esme doesn't need any nudging as she comes out of her chair before the dog. "Awww, you are so adorable." Vicente might take to lightly scratching the dog's ears, but Esme is just all about loving the dog. She pets his ears and croons to him. Although, her emerald eyes lift from time to time to make sure she's not missing someone upon the stage. When she feels eyes upon her, she smiles brightly at Dianna. "Sister Dianna, I feel as if the room has warmed merely because you entered it. The poetry might be jealous for the moving art you represent." Her voice does drop a bit to those at the seat as she only slightly starts to pull back from the dog. "At least this one wasn't /stolen/ from me." She speaks to the dog. "Do you know at a party, I had a dog for a prize and it was /stolen/ and my heart was /crushed/?" This is probably not the truth and that shows in her emerald eyes.

Mabelle makes a small gesture and a tray is offered to Tyche filled with sweets, "I have a reputation to uphold apparently". She winks to Dianna as she enters but Esme's words get her attention, "A stolen dog? Who steals a pet?"

Vicente gives a nod of his head as Dianna makes her way past but he's not in a position to really get to his feet. He does say softly, "Dianna."

Nicholaus' smile momentarily broadens at Tyche's murmured response, whispering something back in reply before he straightens and follows her gesture towards Mirella. The Lycene beats him to the punch however, when she rises from her seat and approaches, so the Grayson Prince simply remains where he is until she reaches them. When she flicks her gaze towards him in curiosity he meets it with a faint amusement. There's no greeting forthcoming from Nicholaus however -- at least not yet.

Ryhalt nods to what Mabelle said. "As such, we invite those that have come to share to share what they've brought." He looks around. "Would Nina like to start us off with a song? We aren't going to go in any particular order."

Late arrivals, Lady Monique Greenmarch arrives on the dapper arm of Lord Sebastian Pravus, the Minx of the Marches' titian head tilted to whisper something low to her escort this summer evening, even as her emerald eyes sweep the gathering to spy out familiar faces and nod in greeting.

Although the plates provided are too small for a proper portion, Nova makes do and manages a four stack of the delightful cookies which she keeps secure via gripping thumb over top. Maybe she could have done a bit better, like 6 or so, but she actually considers sharing with the others until the grand finale when there will be cookie nabbing at the very end. For now, though, she only takes those four and meanders back toward Vicente and Esme. On her way back there, the Wolf-framed Scout takes note of Dianna with wolf whistle. "Nice dress, and not only has the room warmed, as she said, but it even looks as though you are able to travel faster than you might actually be moving." She wolfishly grins.

Meanwhile, Sir Floppington is so happy to be pet by both Vicente and Esme, the latter who almost completely distracts him from the former except the old dog certainly takes a few moments when Esme is looking away to lightly nose at Vicente's scarred hands. Otherwise, he is all about wrassle/hugging Esme whenever the Fidante Lady is actually looking his way. He wags so much, and even wiggles some, a bit whelmed by the loving attention that he can't stop moving, probably faster than Dianna looks to be.

"Mirella," the smile on Tyche's expression is genuine and warm, and she separates herself from Nicholaus' side juuuust enough to lean in and press a kiss to the other woman's cheek. Her fingers still cling to the umbra at the prince's arm, her own limb extended. The reason for her lean becomes obvious as she lingers to whisper some secret to the woman from Caina, and then she's pulling back to make the introductions more formally. "Mirella Fiorelli, this is Prince Nicholaus Grayson, a new... friend." She settles on the word as she looks sidelong at the much taller man in curious delight. "Come, let's sit, and you two can become fast friends, as well," and with that she moves to the couch, to join the other two already seated there.

Nina unfortunately has to put down Mr. Scruffy, because the cookies are proving to be too much temptation. She goes over at last to get one herself. Ah, Tyche is here, that's good! But Nina, taking a small bit of chocolate cookie on a plate, walks up to speak to the organizer as she knows she wants to get on stage.

"Lady Esme, you're entirely too sweet," Dianna purrs to Esme, a warm smile gracing her lips in response to the Fidente lady. "I'm sure I shall sit very quietly over here and shan't disturb the poetry reading - unless I break into tears or laughter on account of the beauty or amusing play with words." Dianna rises at Monique's and Sebastian's entrance, setting her amber gaze with open warmth upon the older man; she lowers into an elegant curtsy before returning with a smooth slink to her seat again.

With a smile for Nina as she comes to the stage, Ryhalt nods to her whisper and steps down off the edge of the stage to give her all the attention.

Guilt fills Esme's face as Mabelle asks her that. "Oh! It wasn't.. I should watch my jests. He didn't /steal/ him in that way. He got first pick of the prize even though I said over and over I wanted the dog. It's just a joke now. He.. I'm sorry. I really think I'm funny when I'm not." Her lips curve up though. "It's just a long standing joke." The guilt intensifies when she sees Sebastian though.

Guilt?! Sir Floppington wet noses Esme right there on her lovely cheek. Non!

A red haired woman in a blue dress walks up to the stage, and clears her throat. Her voice rings clear over the crowd as she gets their attention.

"Hello, everyone! My name is Nina Autumndale. I am a courtier who is new to Arx but trained in Setarco for House Pravus. I am pleased to be reciting and hope only to entertain you!"

"Now I'm afraid that while I know a lot of songs, I don't know too many about coffee! So... I have prepared a song that is about love instead. And I do hope that you will enjoy it, my lords and ladies."

And after saying so, the ginger girl gives a small curstey, and then reaches into her carrying case and produces a fiddle. She pulls the fiddle out and places it in the right spot under her chin.

There is a slight moment of preparation.

Nina gets Dark Wood Fiddle from Instrument carrying case.

Apparently Sebastian's late habits are rubbing off on the Minx of the Marches. That, or his indolent pace is responsible for their tardiness. Monique's murmured words make the Pravus Lord smile, amused, as he answers in a low voice. His gaze flickers around the room, settling first on Tyche's greeting of Mirella, a subtle nod given to both of the women should they glance his way. He looks to secure them a glass of something -- without really looking at what it is. His gaze passes towards where Esme, Dianna and that group is seated, with a tip of head.

The priestess's lips charmingly lift at Roenova's whistle, apparently able to gracefully accept even the most rough of compliments. "I'm quite sure that I rarely hurry in my gowns, my dear - but it's rather different with my glaive in hand. All the same, I thank you, dear." She settles in to listen to the woman on the stage.

Mabelle slips off the stage to make room for Nina with an encouraging smile. She greets the late arrivals Monique and Sebastian, "Good evening, please find your seat", as she directs the staff to accomodate them with refreshments. She assures Esme, "Oh yes, I remember that. Worry not". Then she glances at Nina and a "Woo she has a fiddle" escapes her lips as she sits somewhere

Poetry is not one of Adalyn's talents, but curiosity and the offer of sweets draw her into the solarium. She moves quietly so as not to disturb the event, her gaze skimming the crowd for any familiar faces that might be present.

Tyche catches sight of Sebastian, her lashes dipping to take in the drink in his hand, and then lifting again to meet his glance. She smiles, but a glance to the door and a lifting of her brows suggests some secret joke between the two. And then she returns to the small gathering at the couch, drawn by the proximity of Nicholaus and Mirella into the deeper conversations that one can have at these immense events. The only distraction is Nina's introduction, a look of recognition and a nod to the woman.

When Dianna speaks of wielding a glave... such a violent thing... Nova has a momentary spark of cobalt fire in her intense eyes plus a greater grin, too, quite the approving expression there. Although she might normally comment on such matters, she does not say anything just yet because her attention soon diverts to the stage as she sits down.

Nina, on stage, plays a few notes on her fiddle, as if in punctuation. But then when she recites each little bit of verse, she stops to remove it from the spot so that her voice is clear. Each verse is sung, quick and lively!

Said knight unto a maiden fair, we've had a lovely run
So shall we have a coffee break before the night is done?

Said maid to knight, my dearest sir, there's no need to be coy,
An offer to have "coffee" is a mere flirtation ploy!

The young man said: dear maiden now I'm sure you'll plainly see,
My offer stands to have one cup, and no more shall it be!

The maiden did consider, and she did not protest,
My sir we'll have a coffee then but please behave your best!

My father is a drinker, but his chosen drink's the rum,
And he is in his cups tonight... but will be back by dawn.

(A small music break, a few more notes, chords, and tapping of the foot.)

So... just one cup of coffee, the maid did surely think,
So then the both went to her home to have that single drink.

Buuuut, one cup then did two become, and boundless energy!
And soon as not the two of them had more than hot coffee!

They had the coffee plain, and, they had it hot with steam,
And then upon the evening's end they had a bit of cream!

(Here Nina's face starts to flush just a bit red, as she has made a dirty joke in mixed company but she must continue now, the song is speeding up and must blaze until its end!)

Now knight and maid forgot themselves and did get some whiplash,
For after too much coffee, there comes the COFFEE CRASH,

So knight and maid fell fast asleep and when the both did wake,
They knew her father came home late, and what a huge mistake!

The knight walked out with hat in hand and anxious were his eyes
Her father said, make coffee, son, and don't apologize -

I take cream in MY coffee, said the much hung-over father...
So long as it's not like the cream you just fed to my daughter!

Once this recitation is over, Nina slaps a hard chord on the fiddle, to indicate the end, and the final punchline. Then, her face beet red from the excercise and slight embarassment, she takes another small bow... and steps off the stage.

Monique leaves it up to Sebastian to select them a drink, while her watchful eyes turn instead to finding them a place to lounge. Her gaze falls upon the small table and chairs occupied by Dianna, and it is in that direction that the titian beauty leads the darker Pravus, all the while carrying on a low conversation with him to avoid interrupting the poetry.

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"Thank you, my lady," Sebastian's attention shifts to Lady Mabelle with a nod of gratitude. However, finding a seat has to be detained for a moment, because Nina's words -- her mention of Setarco -- naturally earns the entirety of his attention for a moment. Monique's movement stirs him into long strides to keep up with her, settling at the table with the Dianna, nodding towards the woman, gaze darting back towards the stage for a moment as he speaks in a low voice.

As the song progresses, the priestess' lips lift, a soft, merry laugh lifting to add to the song. The sides of her eyes crease rather helplessly. Dianna thusly catches Sebastian and Monique with a great, mirthful grin and a twinkle in her eyes as the pair join her at the small table and chairs, warmth glinting in her eyes.

Mabelle taps her foot with joy at Nina's poem but her eyes widen as it goes on and on and some rosy hue climbs upon her cheeks. The final conclusion of Nina's poem has Mabelle's jaw drop in a moment before she releases a hearty laughter, places her fingers to her lips. When she calms, she grins at Nina, clapping her hands, "Well done, well done!"

Ryhalt listens with a broad grin to Nina's song and laughs here and there at the "coffee" being discussed there. "See, now, coffee is such a very useful and exhilarating drink for all purposes! Thank you for sharing with us Nina!" He claps for her.

Mabelle is overheard praising Nina: Very amusing poem!

Strozza is overheard praising Nina: Delightful poem

Nina gives Ryhalt a little bow, giggles a bit out of nerves, and then, she looks around for a good spot to sit. As the couches do seem full, she moves over to the small table and sets down there. She puts her fiddle away after sitting, waiting for the next performance.

Nina has joined the Small Table and Chairs.

Nina puts Dark Wood Fiddle in Instrument carrying case.

Strozza hands lifted to clap softly at the bawdy sort of tail, mouth turned into a southerner's smirk and a wicked little gleam sets in his eye.

Orelia laughs and applauds Nina's performance.

Dianna is overheard praising Nina: Splendid and delicious!

As most Northerners are wont to do, Nova blurts out a loud laugh which is immediately cut before it can last more than a millisecond more, but it was after the first lyrics about the hot coffee knight that the maid enjoyed. Though, Nova does not restrain anything and lets out a hearty laugh once the final punchline is ultimately delivered. She nearly drops her cookie plate, but that cannot happen, so she suddenly clutches it to her own heaving chest (due to the laughs, of course), as her wolf-framed visage soon turns a lovely shade of violet during her outburst of glee.

Esme claps for the tale that is given. "Very good. You are a wonderful storyteller." She then moves to get a drink before she moves back to her table.

After reactions to Nina's song have settled, Ryhalt looks around the room once more. "Now, let's see what other ways we have to appreciate coffee out there tonight. Lord Strozza, mind sharing yours next?" He grins as he smiles at the man he'd met the other night.

Moving swiftly so as not to block anyone's view of the performer, Adalyn settles into a seat at the closest table. Belatedly noting a familiar face there, she murmurs a greeting in low tones to her fellow attendees. Attention focuses then on the poetry, her lips curving into an amused grin as she applauds the poet.

Adalyn has joined the Small Table and Chairs.

From her place at the couch - or rather, from her place seated /on/ Nicholaus, as if there was a battle of wills for who would get the best spot on the couch, Tyche offers her laughter and cheers for Nina's surprisingly dirty song.

Called upon, Strozza bows his head to Ryhalt as he rises in a singular fluid motion, the movement actually causes a blue-gray furred Ostrian cat to leap up after and curl about his shoulders, eyes narrowed at the crowd, the fuzzball pleased with his lofty perch.

The Mazetti makes no pre-amble, though he does murmur something into his fist once stood.

"Something simple, no where near the grandiose display of talent that has already graced us" turning his head when Night 'maos' letting the cat bunt his head to Strozzas cheek, and then he recites in rolling low tenor.

"My kitten applauds
The butterfly she
Chases in the glen
She claps her paws
Ovation for Flutter
And delights of
The Game Therin"

hands folding behind his back once finished.

Now recovered from Nina's song, Nova looks up to Strozza with a softer smile, "Aww... that was lovely, Lord Mazetti."

Mirella pops the last of her honeycomb, chewing lightly as she applauds in the lightest of feathery fashions. Sticky fingers, you see, rather than any lack of enjoyment regarding Strozza's verse.

Fondly, Dianna smiles upon her cousin and his kitten. She holds her gaze there for but a beat before returning her attention to the group at her table.

Esme gives a clap for Lord Strozza. Her eyes trail after him a few moments longer than needed before her attention refocuses to her table.

Ryhalt chuckles at the imagery that Strozza's poem provokes. "Very cute, I can just see the kitten doing that. Thank you for sharing with us, Lord Strozza!"

Mabelle claps her hands for Strozza with a gentle smile after her recites his poem. She notes to those in attendance, "Short stories are also welcome to those who do not rhyme well! Or rhyme horribly cheesy like me"

Orelia smiles and claps for Strozza as well, and she nibbles the pastry they were supposed to be sharing as he makes his way back.

Smiling, Ryhalt looks around. "Is there anyone that has a story about coffee? It doesn't matter if you were too late to submit to me earlier, we'd still like to hear it."

Bowing slightly after the completion of his reading, Strozza offers a small smile, drifting past Dianna to murmur something with a jesting crinkle to his eyes and a laugh following on his way back to his seat.

With a light, tinkling laugh as Strozza walks by and whispers something to her, Dianna's expression becomes one of pure delight. She turns her gaze upon him with utter adoration and simply beams, then returns again to the conversation at the table.

"Ah, the infamous daughter of Baron Norwood! A pleasure to meet you, Lady Adalyn," Monique choruses to the lovely blond. "I have delighted in tormenting your father a time or two. I think it must be an honored Oathlands tradition." Dianna's explanation lights the Minx's face and she nods her crimson head. "That must be it. I'm fond of your sister's spirit. She's fun to make wicked plans with." She glances to Sebastian, lifting her glass to him. "Not a bad drink choice, 'Bas. Not /quite/ as good as whisky, but nowhere near as bad as wine."

Nova quietly speaks to Esme then stands up. She does not take the stage but momentarily projects...

Did you know that in the Academy,
there is a book which cites coffee?
About those interesting Marin'alfar,
who are out at sea quite far.
Mayhaps, if you like to read,
You might go check that one out, indeed!"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Nova plunks back down and soon consumes a cookie off her stack of 4, leaving 3.

Esme watches as Nova stand and then she claps for her as well. "Very good." Her eyes then move to the cookie stack.

Mabelle chuckles as Nova shamelessly advertizes the archives, "Well done, well done", she winks to the girl.

Nova somewhat smiles without showing off any chewed cookie bits beyond, and then she offers out the 3 cookies, nudging the top one toward Esme.

More gentle applause from Mirella. Rowenova's effort is met by a shimmer of pleasant amusement behind Mirella's features, but otherwise her visage is a mask of calm impassivity. The dark-haired Lycene remains silent. She won't be talking for a while.

Ryhalt grins widely at Rowenova as she stands up and recites from where she is. "A coffee book?" He narrows his eyes and glances towards the door like he's thinking of going to check it out right now! "Now, I will most certainly have to make some time to visit the competit--er archives to read this. Thank you for sharing with us Rowenova!"

Sabella comes in a little more quietly to the coffee shop than she normally would, whispering to Elizabetta because they are late! She beams a smile at Rowenova and heads over to sit near her saying, "Oh, did I just miss it? You'll have to give a recitation for me later!"

Sabella has joined the Small Grouping of Chairs.

Nova quickly chases her cookie bite with a coffee swig, then she smiles back with actual teeth showing, now that it is not rude to do so. "Thank you." says she to Mabelle, Mirella, and Ryhalt. "It is mostly about the Marin'alfar and might be somewhat out of date, but it was a good read when I saw it there." Then, there is a quick one-armed hug for Sabella and a light nod to her, too!

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Sabella as she walks in and asks Rowenova, "So it pre-dates. That is curious". Her eyes then turn upon Ryhalt as she accuses him, "So that's how you got the idea for a coffee place?"

Strozza raises his hands to clap as before for Nova, "Brava!" called a broad smile there for the woman.

Ryhalt laughs at Mabelle. "I don't know if they had coffee places, but what better way to share and spread coffee than at a nice, comfortable place like this?" He grins. To the room, he looks about, "Anyone else have something they would like to share?"

Nina, sitting in the tables, applauds for the recitation! She gives Rowenova an encouraging look as well. It does take some bravery to go up and recite.... so she deserves the cookie.

Lifting his eyebrows, Ryhalt nods. He reaches into his waistcoat to unfold a sheet of paper. "Well, I do have one more from Lord Rysen Crovane, whom I don't believe has been able to join us tonight?" He looks about the room once more to ensure the man has not slipped in late. "He has titled it 'Coffee's Lament'."

Ryhalt glances at the sheet as he recites:

"Bitter will I be, if ever again
I must hear another peer dully sing
Of some stupefying Northlands whiskey
Or some Lycene wine that made them tipsy!

Let some holy bard instead sing of me!
Who on the coldest nights brings welcome heat:
Dark as the Baroness of Saikland's hair,
Or with cream swirls to golden color fair.

Stay, Wine, on your languid couch reclining.
It's for stimulating charms they're pining!
You had your moment, Whiskey; now you're old.
It's time for some espressions new and bold!

So let your bearded lip or delicate
Flirt with something soothing, warm and rich.
No jealousy, nor will you least offend
Should you share me with new or oldest friend!"

Ryhalt grins as he finishes and folds away the paper once more. "And so the Coffee, Whiskey, Wine war continues!"

Monique gasps in mock outrage at this newest poem and turns to Sebastian, green eyes dancing with their mischief as she breaks from the talk at the table to exclaim, "Both our drinks are maligned, Lord Pravus! Let us unite against this enemy in common!"

Mirella offers yet more delicate applause! After the tap of her fingers has stilled, however, she stands from the couch and dips into a precise curtsy to her nearest onlookers. She murmurs something soft and polite to them.

After that Crovane written poem and the Saik reference within, Nova claps aloud with great enthusiasm, "That was an amazing one, too!" She soon quiets, then leans sideways to speak quietly at her own table.

The new poem seems rather well-timed and Dianna turns her gaze to listen to Ryhalt, smirking at Monique and chuckling as she speaks words that the priestess may very well have been just thinking.

Strozza claps gently for Ryhalt, grinning at the wording as it comes from Ryhalt, turning his head then to Mirella at his seat.

Mabelle curves her lips in entertainment at the recent reciting, "Well that was well writ. But what about rum? I demand a re-write for rum!", she grins as she collects a pastry from a passing tray, before moving to sit next to Nova.

Sebastian's head lifts as the first handful of lines pull his attention from the conversation at the table. "Oh, that crafty Lord Rysen," the Pravus murmurs, glancing to Monique. "Yes, my lady -- in /this/ we are united. What an outrage!" though the amusement of his gaze seems to suggest the artist is having quite the time, despite supposed outrage.

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Esme seesm overly happy when Sabella arrives. She even attempts a hug. At the current telling there is a laugh and a clap from her. The woman seemingly to enjoy everything. Her eyes scan the room to watch various reactions, but for now seems content at her table.

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Nicholaus is overheard praising Mabelle.

Nicholaus is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Tyche is unseated by the gracious Prince, and she finds her footing, only to take his arm once more.

Tyche is overheard praising Mabelle.

Tyche is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Adalyn applauds for each poem in turn, the most recent one earning an approving nod which turns to amusement at her tablemates' mock outrage. "Reminds me never to share my Oathlanders' Ode to Milk with you then," she quips to Monique with a look of feigned concern.

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Mabelle peers at Adalyn, "But we want to hear it, we are still in.. Valardin part of the city", she teases her distant cousin

Ryhalt glances to Mabelle. "I think it's time for prizes, Lady Mabelle. Want to do the honors?"

Hands held up quickly in protest, Adalyn flashes a grin toward Mabelle. "Perhaps next time. It's not yet complete." A finger lifts to tap her temple as if indicating brainstorming when, in reality, those who know the swordswoman know there's little chance of this; she's no poet at all.

Esme slides easily to her feet in a graceful manner. It seems she's departing. "A wonderful event truly." Then the Fidante trademark saunter carries her out the door.

Esme is overheard praising Ryhalt.

Esme is overheard praising Mabelle.

Nina is overheard praising Ryhalt: Thank you for bringing us all together for the poetry!

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Nina is overheard praising Mabelle: Thank you for bringing us all together for the poetry!

Mabelle rises slowly, "Prizes, well yes, as we said this was light hearted and the prizes are more token of appreciation so... To Nina, definately most hilarious one". She then defers the rest to Ryhalt as she moves to gather a velvet throw pillow embroidered with a coffee cup and hand it to the bard.

Nina gets up from the table, with little bows, and she goes up to get her prize. She seems flustered but grateful to be returning to her feet, giving a look to her tablemates. "Ah, this is so exicting! Let's all drink later and it will be wonderful!"

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Ryhalt grins. "I will be chuckling into my coffee for some days to come, for sure." Next he looks for where Rowenova has gone. "Then, for our creativity prize. Rowenova for some clever advertising and coffee." He gives her one of the pillows also.

Sabella applauds loudly for the announcement of the prizes, "I'm so sad to have missed all but the last!" She laments to her table, although she's still smiling so she's probably not all that torn up about it, "We'll have to tell Lady Mabelle that she needs to have another and I promise to be on time for that one!"

Mabelle chuckles helplessly at Sabella, "I think I will stick to events that involve food", she winks to her and then adds to Ryhalt and Nina, "I am never having cream in my coffee ever again", and her cheeks turn red as she says it

With a bright smile, Nova stands up then strides up to Ryhalt to whom the wolf-framed scout briefly bows before gratefully accepting the throw pillow. "Thank you, Duke Farshaw." Her Northern tone is a bit quieted, a bit touched, and she happily hugs the new pillow against herself as she meanders back to where she previously sat a moment ago.

"I will write to you, Messere Nina," Dianna assures the poetess as she rises to gather her prize.

Strozza bows his head to Nova as her prize is granted, and then to Nina, his expression remaining pleasant as the winners receive their prizes.

Nina giggles. "Just think of me when you do!" she says to Mabelle. Then, she walks over and gets herself just one more cookie, carrying the pillow under her arm as she does.

"That leaves our prize for well written. That will go to Lord Rysen's poem." Ryhalt grins and chuckles a bit. "One day coffee will take over the world and it will no longer be a lament." Probably won't happen, but coffee lovers unite! With that said, he looks around with a broad grin, "Once more thank all of you for coming to share your adoration for coffee and spending a comfortable night with us telling stories about it!"

Nova briefly dips her head toward Strozza before she looks back to Ryhalt, and -- with her pillow held by her forearms against her -- she frees her hands, clapping for the announcment recently spake. "Thanks to you and Lady Mabelle! This was a lovely time!"

There's soft clapping from Sebastian, like he's only half-paying attention to the prize announcements, at least until Nina's win. He smiles brightly at her, admiring her prize. There's a small exchange at the table he's at, before he downs the contents of the glass and rises, offering Monique an arm.

Mabelle smiles easily as the general event concludes and she offers, "You are welcome to linger, the coffee and cookies here are free, in the other room, they charge you even for air", she makes a playful jab at Ryhalt and smiles to the room, "Thank you for coming and thank you for sharing"

Strozza chuckles at something said at his seat, rising slowly as the last prize is given, clapping again before he turns to offer his hand to Orelia once he is firmly on his feet, "Went much better than I expected, for certain." said before he waves to Dianna, trying to lure her over

Orelia takes Strozza's offered hand while holding Night with her opposite arm.

"Ahh, I regret that I cannot; I'm afraid I have a previous engagement, this eve, or I should have invited you both to my home," Dianna regretfully cedes to Sebastian and Monique, rising as they both rise. "But... It was /delightful/ meeting you both, and I look forward to seeing you both again - and soon, I hope. My lady Adalyn." The priestess leans over to kiss the lady's cheeks with sweet fondness. "Do be well, and I shall see to it that we have some time to catch up, in addition to our evening, no? And be sure to let me know when I might make the acquaintance of your father?" She smiles impishly at Adalyn and strokes the woman's blonde locks before dipping into a graceful curtsy, then steps to her cousin and Orelia.

"Cousin. How are you?" Dianna's demeanor softens sincerely as she speaks to Strozza.

Ryhalt grins at Rowenova. "You're most welcome. Am looking forward to having more nights like these in the future." At Mabelle's jab he laughs and nods. "Don't worry, you won't have to hold your breath going out... we won't charge for night. Not even Lady Mabelle here."

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