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Vassal of Grayson

Words: "Ever rising."
Sigil: A tree bereft of leaves on a pale green background.
Nickname: Pathfinders. Seekers.

House Ashford has long stood the test of time, one of the earliest houses to pledge their fealty to House Grayson. Situated in the dense forests south of Arx, the adventurous Ashfords maintain an ancient network of manned watch stations high in the trees to warn of maurauding shavs or other unwelcome visitors long before they can make themselves a threat.


Name Rank Title Description
Harlan 1 Duke ---
Olivia 2 Voice ---
Pharamond 3 Noble Family ---
Archeron 3 Noble Family ---
Lethe 3 Noble Family ---
Rhiannon 3 Noble Family ---
Cedric 4 House Servants ---
Fairen 5 Noble Vassals ---
Iliana 5 Noble Vassals ---
Rey 5 Noble Vassals ---
Arcadia 5 Noble Vassals ---
Elias 5 Noble Vassals ---

Ruler: Harlan

Minister Category Title
Jordan(RIP) Warfare General of the Armies
Olivia Farming None

Land Holdings

Ashford Keep

Description: Long ago rendered from trees older than any living memory, it was back then called Riverford, named for the shallow junction of the two narrow rivers it sat between. Pridefully resisting as the Prince of Grayhold set out to unite the Crownlands at the time of the Reckoning, the original residence was burned nearly to the ground in the dispute. Upon surrender, the keep was rebuilt of sturdy stone with the aid of its conquerors, earning a nigh-unbreakable vow of fealty. The keep itself was renamed to Ashford, a none-too-subtle reminder of that oath.

Landmarks: Petrichor's Tree is the name for the recently built tree-temple to Petrichor, completed upon the orders of Lady Aislin Ashford in July 1007 AR. The temple complex starts on the ground level and extends up into the trees in a sprawling massive tree-fort structure, that contains the Library of the Land. Copies of every bit of Petrichorian literature, lore, and ritual that the Ashfords obtained are stockpiled there, as well as putting copies of Ashford ranger guides and similar materials. All information are duplicated and sent to the Great Archive as well, under the care of Scholars of Vellichor.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.