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Lady Olivia Ashford

I'm turning over a new leaf - and naming it after myself.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Lady Apothecary
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Ashford
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Flaxen blonde
Eye Color: Cornflower Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: Hers is a gentle visage, with cornflower blue eyes and a set of dimpled cheeks that flush prettily with every display of emotion. She's soft and feminine, with sweet curves and dainty hands. For all her sugary charm however, there is an occasional hint of mischief in those big blue eyes, a touch of spice to her 'everything nice'.

Personality: Olivia spends as much time under the open sky as any in House Ashford, her love of trees and flowers and the smell of wet earth an almost visceral thing. It's too bad then, that she has such a strong aversion to animals of all sorts, be they tiny insects or vicious predators. People are another story however, Olivia loves to meet and catalog people almost as much as her precious herbs and flowers. She's nosy but generally well-meaning, and a bit of a gossip, though she's fiercely loyal to those she considers true friends.

Background:     As the youngest of Duke Barton's legitimate children, Olivia enjoys something of a privileged status, not expected to lead she's been coddled more than Ashford's usually are. One would expect such treatment to have turned her into a maniacal brat, but somehow it has not. Certainly she is mischievous, and she sneaks around more than one might expect of a young woman with such an innocent face, blending into the shadows of furniture as a child, and moving through the shifting shadows of trees as an adult.

    She's no warrior, stalking the trail of tribal shavs, but rather she's avoiding the animals that plague the forests of her home. She's not scared of them, they are a necessary evil if she's to find the perfect blossom for a bouquet, or that one specific plant she's promised to find for the apothecarist. But she will walk miles out of her way to avoid a family of geese, or avoid an entire part of the forest during mating season. Her love of nature stops at the greenery, for certain. Prickly thorns and poisonous saps are all part of the adventure, but cuddly rabbits are simply loathsome and more than once she's released her cousins' pets into the wild where they'll be free - and no longer underfoot.

    The plight of Alaric IV has drawn Olivia to Arx, his condition sounding quite unlike anything she's ever seen before - and she's seen plenty, from poisonous roots contaminating a march's water supply to stinging beetles blinding infants in a tribe of Ravashari. Surely there is a cause and a cure to be found, and Olivia means to have her name mentioned upon this discovery, and many more.

Relationship Summary

  • Jordan - Brave knight-protector

  • Acquaintance:
  • Dafne - Spooky Duchess with a cat

  • Ally:
  • Leola - Humble Mentor
  • Aldwin - Wise Mentor
  • Brigida - Wise and a little scary!

  • Family:
  • Harlan - Beloved big-brother Duke!
  • Aislin - Knowledgeable big sister
  • Killian - Very heroic cousin
  • Rainier - Another cousin
  • Cara - Married-out Princess
  • Name Summary
    Ainsley Lady Olivia Ashford is an amazing apothecary and healer. I wish I knew her better but she always seems to be busy with a project or ten.
    Aislin Olivia and Aislin found each other in Skald's temple, where Livy was eagerly engaged in investigating the black roses. Olivia and Prism had a brief chat, and then Olivia and Aislin spoke with each other on the matter of roses and plants in general. She seemed friendly, cheerful, and eager to dig into Livy's potential; definitely looking forward to more RP.
    Alarissa Ashfords, lovely people. She does so miss mingling with Graysons and those who owe fealthy. Olivia is no exception and Alarissa looks forward to the teaching, lessons and tea. So much so the tea.
    Alexis Lady Olivia Ashford. Nice and kind, and hopefully not offended by my being star-struck with her cousin.
    Astraea When I first laid eyes on her I was a little shocked. She's beyond beautiful and there is this delicateness about her that makes me want to sequester her away from the world to keep her from harm. Her spirit shouldn't be bound though and it would be a tragedy to the Compact to lose such a light. It shines so bright it's almost blinding and I feel blessed to even know her. I will make genuine effort to strengthen the bonds between House Ashford and House Redrain and perhaps between us if she is willing! One can never have too many friends.
    Calarian A warm, friendly young noblewoman who seems a true credit to her family.
    Cristoph An Ashford that I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting previously! Though she heard of me by reputation. I enjoyed the brief exchanges we had at Lady Tikva's party and overall she left a rather positive first impression.
    Delilah I am impressed by her apparent skill at botany and gardening. If something will grow, she seems very confident it can be managed. A collection of understandably surprising interests left our conversation quite delightful.
    Echo A very curious woman! She's definitely studying all sorts of weird things, and it seems like the statue of Mangata was one of those things. Hopefully she takes care of herself, this kind of stuff seems to be awful tricky.
    Gareth The flower of Ashford. A keen mind with her investigations and her plants. A valued vassal of Grayson to be sure.
    Jael While not as reknowned as her siblings, she seems like a bright, competent young woman with a great deal of interest in learning about, and perhaps standing against, some of the darkness we now face.
    Jordan Lady Olivia Ashford. Beautiful, gentle, charming in her understated way. I should endeavor to be her protector when she has need of one.
    Laric Some people call themselves things like 'a dog person', 'a cat person', or 'a people person' to describe their natural affinity. I wonder how often she introduces herself as 'a plant person'. With all the discoveries in the last decade, someone is eventually going to take that far too literally.
    Leola Lady Olivia Ashford was recommended to me by Lady Khanne Ashford, as someone who might have a talent comparable to my own. I was pleased to find she has; she seems kind, thoughtful, and has the humility of knowing the world outside her is far greater than we might see ourselves.
    Lou Not everyone is cut out to be an explorer, but I consider Olivia to be one anyway - just, she explores plants and fauna rather than ruins, and that's just as important because who knows what sorts of hidden mysteries they have.
    Niklas Ashford physician with strong ties to Petrichor.
    Sabella She is so sweet and so dedicated to growing things! I fear anything I'd touch would wither through carelessness, but she seems to be so good with plants and flowers! And so intelligent and well spoken! I think we should be good friends if we ever start running into each other more!
    Sasha Very reserved and seems to like sweets as much as I do
    Sorrel Lady Olivia Ashford studies plants, and she's asked some good questions. She strikes me as intelligent and curious, and I will keep her in mind should I have any questions about botany.
    Tomwell A warmhearted woman. She makes me proud to be a vassal of Ashford. I'll have to catch up with her about the garden. And perhaps a good friend for Ianna.
    Torian Kind enough. Out of place maybe, but it looks like whatever Magpie's got going it's bringing in plenty of well-heeled customers.