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Sunday Night Sip'n Spar XXII

Join us for another glorious night of sparring, spirits and superb company at the Golden Hart.

All levels of fighters (and disciplines, including melee, bare knuckle and archery) are welcome. Bring your weapons and armor or use the Hart's equipment to truly test your skills, or simply come and enjoy the scene and make a wager or two on your favoured fighters.

This is a casual social fundraising event. All drinks are on the house.

Everyone is welcome!

Proceeds from this event will go to support the Golden Hart's charity fund. Thank you for your support!

(OOC: This is a casual event created just to cut loose and have some fun. The Hart is open to everyone. If you are new to the game or looking for RP, please join us. We would be very happy to have you.)

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July 22, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

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Mirari Waldemai Melody Ariella Gianna Jeffeth Ezekiel Theo Victus Sebastian Caspian Theodoric Zoey Gaston Helia Ian Tynan



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

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Comments and Log

Dressed impeccably in the blues of his house, Sebastian's already carrying a glass of something amber in hand as he enters the arena. The fluid, relaxed movements of the Pravus Lord might suggest it's not his first, either: so he's either here just to spectate, or he enjoys a particular personal challenge. He makes his way over, slouching bonelessly into a chair.

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The allotted time arrives, as is indicated by a very stern little man dressed in the customary finery of the Hart poking Theodoric in the side. He stands, though it doesn't lend him much visibility. Grabbing the back of the chair he was sitting in he stands on it, stepping on to the great ringside table, a metal tankard in his hand. Theodoric knocks the tankard against a near by post sending a loud thunking sound echoing through the arena. "Hey!" he shouts. "Our gracious host, the beautiful and talented Princess Valencia Velenosa will be delayed this fine evening and as such it's been requested that I lend a hand to tonight's proceedings." he clears his throat and with his free hand hikes up his pants. "So... drink up, if that's what you're here for. If you want to fight, I'd like to see it. Get to it." he says, his speech needing obvious work.

"Did someone say fight?" Calls out Caspian as he steps through the door, giving a grin over to Theodoric, heading over to the ring as he leans against the entrance to it, calling out, "As always, I will fight any and all challengers! Anyone wana test their mettle against me?" He asks, making a beckoning motion to the crowd.

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Waldemai climbs into his usual spot in the rafters, carrying a bucket of ale very carefully. No, he'snot worried about splashing anyone below. He just doesn't like to spill good ale.

The thumping of boots on the flooring near an entryway signals the approach of Marquis Gaston Blackram before the large man makes his entry. The slightly wild-looking Marquis pauses at the entrance, long enough to sweep his gaze around the room and locate the bar. Upon locating it, the man begins to make his way in that direction and then leans down upon the bar top to place his order.

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Mirari makes her way up to the rafters behind Waldemai, finding a seat on one of the wooden beams. She crosses her legs and gazes down to watch the first fight.

Theodoric claps, he is still standing on the table, and still holding the tankard. The contents of which slosh out and splash on to the surface of the great table. "That's what I want to hear" he shouts in response to Caspian's call for challengers. He remembers at this point that standing on tables isn't the customary platform of authority on this end of the hill, and hops off to retake his seat.

When the stand in MC makes his announcement, Sebastian looks vaguely piqued, watching Theodoric hitch up his pants with a lift of brows. "I suppose you'll do," he allows, with a brief smile. Caspian's entrance -- and subsequent announcement -- draw his gaze, and he chuckles under his breath, leaning back and sipping from his glass -- apparently content to contribute to the 'drinking' part of that offering.

Gianna makes her way to the bar, gittern in hand. Maybe there'll be some music tonight. She puts in an order for some whiskey and glances over at Gaston. Her gaze flickers over him, resting for a moment on his ring. "Pretty ring," she tells him, one eyebrow arched.

Serrano, doughty Quartermaster of the Red Bargain arrives, following Ariella.

After a moment of consideration of his drink, Sebastian empties the glass, and makes his way towards the bar, instead.

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Gaston glances around toward Gianna as she comments toward him, then town toward his own calloused hands. He flexes his fingers into fists, looking over the pearl ring he assumes she is complimenting before dipping his head into a nod of gratitude her way. "Thank you, m'lady. I'm Marquis Gaston Blackram. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure," he says.

A mug of something that stinks of strong spirits is in Helia's hand as she takes slow, steady drinks from the vessel. Her features, usually lit up with a beaming grin, instead have something of the thundercloud about them: brows drawn down, mouth tight. Nonetheless, the purple-clothed young woman quirks a stiff but genuine smile at Theodoric, then raises the mug in a salute to the substitute host. Then it's absent-mindedly handed off to someone -- patron, server, who knows -- before she stretches her arms above her head in a warming-up motion. SThat done, she raises her voice, loud enough to be heard among the crowd, but not so loud as to boom out in an obnoxious fashion, "I'll fight. I don't care who." Her accent is a pleasant mingle of inflections that's hard to place. Seems like she might have traveled quite a bit throughout her life.

12 Thrax Elite Guards, Lilybelle - Maimed Maine Coon, Matilda - Shaggy Wolfhound arrive, following Victus.

"You didn't hear me! I said I'll fight anyone! Get your butt down here and lets brawl," Caspian calls out, pointing a finger to Helia with a wide grin given her way. And with that, he vaults over the railing into the ring. "This is gonna be fun!"

Ariella walks in with her big, ugly quartermaster at her side, wearing her full outfit of crazy fireball leathers. She looks ready to shout something but when she overhears Helia she points at the other woman and says, "Deal!"

At the young ladies announcement of her willingness to battle Theodoric pipes up again, slamming the tankard down. "First match!" he shouts. "The Eternal Champion Caspian against... " he looks at the woman. "Again I've no idea. Get in there! and fight!"

Gianna looks up at Gaston, her lips quirking up at the corners. "Probably," she agrees. "Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College. You look like you've been in a fight." She gestures toward her own nose, perhaps referring to his scar. Sebastian, she nods to. "Another pretty ring. Joscelin's work?"

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The doors to the Hart swing open just enough to allow Victus and co to come waltzing through. The High Lord dressed in a mix of casual dress and heavy enough threads to protect from the cold. Joining him are his guardsmen, along with his feline companion that sits atop his shoulder. The Claw of Arx that would be. Taking a brief look around at tonight's competition, he eventually opts to make for the bar as his guards disperse to enjoy the evening themselves. "Evenin' folks." The Prince muses to those already drinking.

"Helia!" she shouts back at Theodoric, and then she's following Caspian in her own vault over the railing. Now she's grinning despite herself, giving Caspian a flourishing bow. "You're only saying that because you know you can kick my arse."

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Caspian checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 17 higher.

Caspian wields Relentless, a keen-edged black steel dagger.

Helia wields a slender steel short sword with a cerulean sheen.

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Sebastian leans against the bar, tapping fingers against his empty glass, waiting for the bartender to locate the appropriate bottle. "Blackram -- Cloudspine?" the Pravus Lord less-guesses, more confirms. "Excuse me," he adds, with a sudden smile. "I didn't mean to overhear. Lord Sebastian Pravus," he introduces himself, nodding to both Gaston and Gianna. He half turns, positioning himself to be able to watch the fight. His attention is swayed only by the arrival of the Thraxian Highlord, attention riveted for longer than is perhaps polite.

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Caspian draws his dagger and gives it a little flip, catching it in hand as he grins to Helia. "Consider it a teaching moment!" He says back to her, sliding his feet into a ready position, twirling the dagger in hand. "Are you ready? Because I'm ready."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

"Gianna Whisper, Nightingale," Gianna tells Sebastian. She glances over her shoulder, hearing familiar voices. She raises an eyebrow as Helia joins Caspian in the ring, and inclines her head to Ariella.

Helia checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 28 higher.

Giving Ariella a wave and a wink, Helia shouts, "Maybe later, if I can still stand!" Then she turns to Caspian and and nods, drawing her blade and whirling it in a flamboyant fashion. Pointing the blade at him afterwards, she raises her voice, "Let the lession begin, then!"

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

Ariella watches as Helia jumps into the ring of valor and shrugs. "Or you could fight the grandmaster of the Champions." Ariella shrugs and glances around for other people here for a fight as she wanders over to the bar. "Gianna Whisper, good to see you again. I understand you're going to be singing at some big event." That's vague enough that it's probably right. "Marquis Blackram. Lord Sebastian."

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"Yes, Cloudspine," Gaston confirms toward Sebastian, tipping his fingers up to touch his forehead in a lazy sort of salute toward the other man. He glances toward Gianna and dips his head in acknowledgement of her introduction. Just that time his drink is delivered, cutting off whatever else was forthcoming. Taking a drink, is about to say more, and then a messenger walks up and places a piece of parchment into his hand. Reading it over, Gaston pulls a face and shakes his head. He looks up in time to catch Ariella's introduction and offers her a dip of his head before saying to the three, "I'm afraid duty calls. Perhaps I will be able to return shortly." And then the big man is chugging his ale and placing the tankard back onto the bar before heading out toward the entrance.

Theodoric hears the name of the woman in the ring and he makes a note to point it out to the Hart attendant. "I don't know, two l's maybe?" he shrugs. "I'm trying to watch the fight. Isn't keeping track of this your job!"

If Victus had noticed Sebastian's stare, he didn't seem too off-put. His hand snakes around to haul the cat off his shoulder and set her down on the bar proper in front of him. After some flagging down, he's eventually got his hands on a glass of rum. He turns to watch the fight again, head tilted to the side ever so slightly. "Fancy folk in that ring." He comments to those who occupy the bar with him.

Gianna's lips twitch up just a little at the corners. "I am," she tells Ariella. "The Gala. I hear you're sailing somewhere?" Look, two can play at that game. She nods to Gasto as he heads out again. Easy come, easy go. Victus is considered for a moment. Gianna's whiskey arrives, and she picks up her glass and raises it in a brief sort of salute to the High Lord. "Evening."

After a beat -- maybe with some effort -- Sebastian pulls his gaze back toward the bar. His attentiveness is helped by the arrival of his refill, earning a thankful nod for the bartender. "It takes some balls to challenge Sir Caspian. She seems to be doing well. Does anyone know the girl's name?" he asks, gaze flickering to Helia. A nod acknowledges the Marquis' sudden departure, and a smile is offered for Ariella. "And a good evening to you," is offered, cheerfully, along with a lift of his glass. "Your Grace," is added to Victus, as he reaches the bar, nodding his head.

For all their talk of Caspian kicking Helia's ass, she starts off pretty well. Blows are echanged in their very first exchange, and while Caspian barely hits her, Helia gets a glancing but serious hit right in the face with her blunted sword. Ouch! But Caspian quickly makes up for that, doing a much better dodge at dodging as he hits Helia repeatedly with his blunted knife in quick strikes. "You're pretty good! I knew it wasn't just a fluke!"

Brushing past Gaston, Melody slants a smile his way. "Aww, leaving so soon, Marquis?" Bopping his shoulder with the back of her hand, she went on to add, "Don't go off having too much fun now." Then, she's stepping further inside in a brush of umbra and a chime of jewelery, pausing as she spots both Caspian and Helia in the arena. "Now, where to sit..." she mumbles quietly to herself.

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Titus, a young wolfhound, Joan leave, following Gaston.

Victus flicked a glance in Gianna's direction, unfamiliarity briefly shown on that usually stony expression of his. One could almost see the gears in his noggin turning ever so slowly behind his black eyes. "Evenin' stranger." He eventually replies, setting his sights back upon the ring while the two duke it out. Impressively at that. "Can't say I know her, no. Clearly she's got something to her though if she's comin' that close to bashing the Grandmaster in. Heh." He nudges Sebastian with an elbow as he spins right round in his seat. "Bet with a few more drinks between 'em that fight could get real interesting."

Lucky first blow? Maybe! Whatever the case, Helia's not playing around as she whips back with quick lunges and swipes of her wooden training sword. This time, of course, Caspian is more prepared, and the click of her longer sword striking against his daggers soon fills the air. She stumbles a couple of times as the grarndmaster clips her with his own lightning-fast strikes, and then she hops back with a bit of a wince crossing her features. Grinning, though, she uses her free hand to make a flourishing salute to her opponent, "Good teachers, of course!" And then she darts forwards again! Fun!

Helia has rolled a critical success!
Helia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 7, rolling 78 higher.

Helia remains capable of fighting.

Helia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 23, rolling 22 higher.

Helia remains capable of fighting.

Caspian checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 8, rolling 63 higher.

Caspian remains capable of fighting.

Helia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 50, rolling 17 lower.

Helia checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Helia remains alive, but close to death.

Helia is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

"Helia," Gianna supplies Sebastian just before having a sip of whiskey. "Lord Fredrik's... daughter? Ward. Something, but unofficial. "Gianna Whisper," she tells Victus. "Head of the Bard's College." She says this like this ought to mean something to him, which, well... confident of her. She puts her whiskey down on the bar and takes up her gittern, adjusting the pegbox to tune it. Already in tune. Perfect.

Ariella grins at Gianna's comment. "I'm sailing to a couple of places, actually. Just waiting on my letter of marque and then it's back to Lycene waters to hunt pirates, orphan their children and legally obtain their shit, for Mangata, Gloria and Velenosa. None may be assholes in our waters unpunished!" When Victus approaches she offers the High Lord a brief nod of her head. "Your highness." As the fight in the ring goes on she snorts, "Closer than I thought it'd be, really. Maybe I should count myself glad she didn't want to fight me." She looks to the others at the bar. "Everyone else here just to watch?"

This fight was way closer then Caspian expected, you can tell by how he grins and laughs as blows strike each other's body, each of them getting in good hits against each other, including one stab into Helia's gut with his blunted knife. That would have been a bad hit if this was a real fight! After a few more hits, both of them are now struggling to stay up, but as good as Helia might be, Caspian still has a little more experience on her, and with a few quick slashes at her he finally fishes out the fight, wincing with a laugh. "Good job, Helia!"

Tynan slides on in because, while he might not spar great, he is a top notch sipper. Making his way on over towards the bar, he places an order and waits for it to come while he takes in the room and the fight going on. All the way until that whiskey is delivered and then it instead gets his attention with a good mouthful and he drifts on over towards the ring to watch the fighting better. Oh, it's over. That's a shame. "Good fight!" He instead exclaims to the two.

Theodoric jumps from his chair, again, sending ale from his tankard in directions other than where it belongs. He claps loudly. "Alright. Once again, it's the champion. Will no one beat this man? No one? Let's go, he said he'll fight anyone. Maybe he'll fight several anyones." Theodoric seems to be getting into this a bit much. "Let's get a bear in here, I'm sure he'll fight a bear."

Ariella glances down at Theodoric. "Well, I mean, Sir Jeffeth has defeated him a few times. So you don't need a bear. Just a big boy from the lowers with a hammer as big as his... shoulders."

His fur-lined umbra coat hanging open at the waist, Theo comes striding into the room, and makes his way rather directly for the bar. He helps himself to a seat, offering Tynan a loose nod as he settles in nearby. "Messere Grayhope," he offers cheerfully, smiling as his drink is delivered; Lenosian red, tonight.

Theodoric smiles widely at the comment from Ariella. "Well, I wasn't thinking of giving the bear a hammer. But that's a fantastic idea." he pushes his tankard into the Hart attendant who is turning increased shades of red with frustration. "You! Go get a bear!"

"I'm pretty sure the bear would be happy for a free meal," Melody chimes out as she eyes Caspian thoughtfully. "Probably not a good idea to bring one inside though -- Just in case. The prodigal moved for the bar, sliding onto a barstool near the others. "Now, a spar against Jeffy? I'd love to watch something like that."

"They have a college for music now?" Victus questions of Gianna. "Hmph. Guess they'll be tutoring for painting and dancing next. Well if it entertains..." He offers her a shrug and punctuates his words with a deep swig of his drink. Certainly not a conservative swig either. "Never wanna underestimate a foe. That's how they get ya' and you land flat on your ass too, once it's bumped the pegs on the way down." He muses in kind to Ariella as his eyes move from patron to patron. "Put 'em in a shark tank! Swim and stab!"

A winded 'oof!' bursts out of Helia's mouth as Caspian gets that cheeky gut shot in, but luckily it's only serious enough to wind her slightly and send her a few steps backwards. Nonetheless the two fighters carry on, Helia somehow managing to right herself despite the jab she just took to her abdomen. It's clear, however, that Caspian is the more skilled of the two (obviously!) and soon he finishes her off with a few more whip-fast stabs. Hitting the deck on her butt as she staggers backwards, his opponent stays there for a while, breathing out with puffs of her cheeks. "Ow" she laughs, still a little breathless after a few long moments spwnt catching her breath and getting herself back together, Then she pulls herself to her feet and stands, and grins wide at Caspian. "Yep! Very good!" She winces, "Damn!"

"Ah. Tyde?" Sebastian concludes, nodding towards Gianna as she supplies the information. His fingers tap his glass as he takes a long sip, only putting it aside to applaud when the fight comes to its inevitable conclusion, straightening from his lean on the bar. "Well done, Lady Helia. Sir Caspian," he gives a nod to both, watching the former more then the latter. "I'd volunteer the Marquis Blackram, but I'm afraid he stepped out," the Pravus Lord offers, wryly. "And I would volunteer myself, except I am sure the champion would wipe the floor with me -- even if I weren't enjoying this fine beverage," he says, as he reclaims his glass.

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Tynan has the smile loaded long before he even turns towards the voice, raising his glass towards Theo, "Your Highness." He replies back in turn, giving a broad smile at the man and a quick dip of his head for propriety's sake. "I haven't seen you in a while, must mean I should get out more and spend less time with my face in a book. I hope things are going well?" That drink he hoisted gets brought to his lips instead, sipping from it as he leans towards something nearby. "Come to measure your fighting arm?"

"I'd fight you!" Caspian calls out to Ariella, then turns to Theodoric, "But not a bear! You gotta pay me A LOT for me to do something dumb like that!" Though he turns to Helia, giving her a pat on the shoulder, before asking, "Have you considered joining The Champions? Honestly you'd be a great fit. You're a skilled fighter with a bit of showmanship."

Gianna settles onto a seat at the bar, turning so her back is to it. She plucks at her gittern, just a lazy but jaunty tune. The Whisper incliens her head to Melody as she nears. To Victus, she says, "It's not so much for formal instruction. Just a means for musicians and singers to gather." She watches a few more arrivals, eyes narrowing for a moment.

Theo shifts forward to lean into the bar, regarding Tynan with a wry smirk. "It could also mean that I am dreadfully short on trouble to be getting into," he says with a shrug. "It is good to see you, though. I'm here to watch, more than anything. To drink, and watch, and soak it all in." A shrug, then, and Theo turns his head to glance over Victus' way before he looks back to Tynan. "These gatherings draw the most... interesting crowds, don't they?"

"We've even got ourselves a grand piano at the College." Melody turns her dark gaze to Gianna, narrowing her eyes as she asks, "How in all of Elysia did you manage such a thing? I've been practicing on it in my off-time, but I'm admittedly so terrible at it." With a lazy, dismissive wave of her hand, she grinned wide at Caspian's comment. "How much would it cost you to do something as dumb as that?"

Giving grinning waves to those who paid their congratulations, Helia speaks up, "Thank you!" Then at the pat of her shoulder, she beams at Caspian too, "Kind of you to say! And it's something I've thought about, I'm not going to lie." With a chuckle afterwards, she declares, "Gods, I think I need a drink now. Ha!"

"Okay, okay, no bear. Well, I guess he can't be the champion of everything." Theodoric says with a mocking tone. "Who is next, the sands await, you've nothing to lose but your teeth." He seems now to argue with the attendant, he eventually gets louder. "No, there are no fights going on, that means you can get me some more ale. You're not doing anything right now."

"I think the idea of tutoring for painting is a fine idea. So very glad you suggested it," Sebastian gives a pleasant smile to Victus, keen to credit the Thraxian High Lord it would seem. "One cannot, after all, capture our history, our battles -- as elegantly as those of the arts manage. Not all of us have the gift of a wordsmith in our whites."

"Let me fight this next challenger, then me and you can have a drink and I'll convince you, I think it's a great idea and would love it if you said yes," Caspian says back to Helia, then points his knife to Ariella, asking, "You ready for a match?!"

"Mm. Well, I'm stuck fighting Luca next week, so I guess I might as well get used to ending up on my back in the dirt." Ariella waves down the bartender, gets herself a glass of rum which she makes disappear, then adds, "And before the part where I'm on my back in the dirt, Luca will also probably beat me in a fight." She pushes away from the bar and tugs her captain's hat down low in front. To Caspian she says, "Champions world tour. All gimmick matches. Me versus Lady Lys versus Lady Orelia. Sir Jeffeth versus a bear. You versus the champion of the Nox'alfar. Prince Luca versus the Skylord of Cardia." She wanders over to the pit and makes to jump in. "Hm. That's a nice pendant. Seems like you should give it to the only phoenix in the room, though. And your leathers are good, too. I wonder if your fight with the mystery swordswoman would have been closer, slip on slip."

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Tynan purses his lips into an amused smile at Theo's words, conceding the point with a tilted little dip of his head. "I feel as a representive of the court I should remark that not getting into trouble is the preferred state of being, but then again, that'd really be no fun, would it?" He follows the glance of the other man, nodding once, "They do. Now, I find most people and crowds interesting in their own way no matter what, so I may not be the best barometer there. Once you dig into somebody, there is always something fascinating one can encounter." Another sip of his drink then, adding, "Especially when they're drunk enough, right?"

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Mirari glances over at Waldemai, raising a brow as she holds up five fingers. She leans in to say something to him quietly, a grin on her face.

"It was a gift," Gianna tells Melody. "Whisper Lumen, actually. I was quite surprised and could hardly turn it down. I think it's rather lovely." She pauses, examinig Melody for a moment. "Hmmn. Amethysts? Joscelin Arterius's work?"

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Caspian wields Freedom.

"Who is the phoenix in the room?" Caspian wonders to Ariella, giving her a wide grin. He slides his feet into a ready position, holding up his knife as he says to her. "LEts have a good match, alright? I don't think I've fought you before!"

Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid arrives, following Valencia.

With big old smile to Caspian, Helia nods, then heads over to the bar. A mug of ale gets pushed over the counter after she cheerfully slaps some silver down on it. Then she takes a quaff, plonks it back down again, and bows to those around her. Then she applauds the fighters as they face off.

"I've heard that the Champions make pretty good money, too," Melody offers to Helia with a thoughtful tap to her chin. She'd go on to wink Caspian's way, of course, before flashing a terribly sweet smile Gianna's way. "What an amazing gift. It must've cost an arm and a leg. And yeah, the Guildmaster is so very talented, I've got a few of her things." Before long, Melody has a warm drink in hand and she'd be turning on her seat to face the ring. "You know, Lady Ariella, a world tour sounds like an amazing idea. Let's aim to make this happen, I'll get in touch with both Luca and Jeffy on your behalf."

Victus' shoulders heave in another shrug, specks of snow that dust his collar being shook loose. "I'm actually pretty fond of painters, but sculptors are what really get my eye. Ya' know, taking something like a hard bit of stone and forging it into something brand new? Shit's really nice. Admirin' statues are a kinda guilty pleasure of mine. I like paintings too, but can't stand the smell of paint when it's in the makin'. Makes my head spin." Which rum apparently does not as he takes another generous drink, his eyes glancing between Sebastian and the ring. "Oh, ya' know what else? Leatherworkers. I love me some fine coats."

"Sounds awful," Theo replies to Tynan with a melodramatic little shudder. A grin plays along his lips, hidden away in his glass of wine as the Prince drinks deeply. He nearly chokes when Tynan makes his next comment, the glass lowered to the bar as his grin grows ever wider. "Mmm. I tend to find it best to avoid digging into people in public, no matter how much they may deserve it. Propriety and all." Another glance, then, towards Victus, brief and unassuming. "But enough about me, Messere. How have you been?"

Gianna inclines her head to Melody. "People have been very generous," she tells her. She tells Helia, "You did well." Talk of leathers has he look down at her jacket, then over at Sebastian and Victus. "I love silk, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to let leathers go. Especially at place like this."

"Really," Sebastian says, more statement, but some note of surprise at Victus' response. He exhales a noise that is almost a laugh, taking a slow sip from his glass before he ventures, "I've made a fine sculpture or two in my day. Perhaps you'd let me make something for you. It's been a while since I... had the opportunity."

Ariella looks down at her armor, literally covered in phoenixes, then says, "It's probably somebody over there?" She points at Melody and Gianna. "I think one of them has a bird name. Maybe it's phoenix." The she draws her sword and takes a Lycene duelist's stance.

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Theodoric is still arguing with the Hart attendant about getting him another drink he spies Valencia entering the arena and manages a look of relief. "There, you terrible little man, go pester her with all your rules about not having bears to fight." he points in Valencia's direction and sits back down.

"Oh, even better then!" Helia winks at Melody, "I love a pocket full of silver, I can't lie." To Gianna then, she smiles happily, "Thank you! Doesn't hurt that Master Caspian is one of my teachers as of late."

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One of the grand doors of the Arena opens and a small figure slips side with a flutter of fabric and a glimmer in her eye. The little vixen arrives as the event is full on. Valencia pauses at the door and a bright and beautiful smile finds her lips as she takes in the scene. Scanning the crowd, the smile grows a little more as familiar faces are seen and a few new she looks forward to meeting.

With a little nod, Valencia then moves deeper into the arena. "Good evening," she offers to Theodoric along with a delicate hand. "Apologies for being so hard delayed," she apologizes, her smile turning to a bewildered blink at the mention of bears.

Tynan raises his glass at Helia as she wanders out from the ring, casually remarking, "Well fought. I don't know much about fighting, admittedly, but I understand the Grandmaster is quite skilled at it." before he turns his attention back to Theo's words, lighting up into a grin, "Perhaps physically, but a good conversation where you can really delve into the motivations of a person? Why, that's a good night in any book. As for me, well," Tynan rolls his shoulder into a quick shrug, "As I said, think I'm staying in reading too much lately. Not getting into things enough, but getting caught up on research at least. Speaking of," He gives a quick click of his tongue, "You will have to tell me some time if you ever found out anything else about that topic I was assisting on."

Ariella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 31, rolling 18 higher.

Ariella remains capable of fighting.

Ariella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 45, rolling 8 higher.

Ariella remains capable of fighting.

Ariella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 111, rolling 75 lower.

Ariella checked stamina, willpower + survival at difficulty 69, rolling 33 lower.

Ariella is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Helia lifts her mug amiably at Valencia's appearance and apologies, then does the same to Tynan in thanks for his words, "Thanks! And I have to say I'm something of a fan of Master Caspian. That's why I sought him out for training in footwork. Who better to go to than a Champion when it comes to lessons in dueling, right?

Theodoric takes the offered hand, standing and offering his seat, which somehow miraculously was not soiled by his wild gesticulating with his tankard of ale. "Please, it was no trouble." he then finds a seat of his own. "Did I say bears? No, beers. It a battle of beers, too many affects the coordination."

With a swirl of his glass, Victus drinks to the bottom of it and sets the empty vessel aside. "Are you asking make me into a bust? Is that one of them things where I'm gonna have to strip naked and lay out all appealin' like too?" He inquires in a tone drier than a desert. "Because I can get naked, dunno about the appealin' bit though." Between these words he's also glancing aside at Theo, vaguely aware of whatever conversation he and Tynan were in the midst of. His eyes turn next to Gianna. "Silk is nice, but don't do much to stop a blade unless you've sold your soul for steelsilk. Leather keeps ya' weighted, protected. This jacket is meant to be stylish and also keep me alive in the case somebody sticks a knife in my backside."

Valencia is overheard praising Theodoric: For kindly coming to my rescue and taking care of my Hart! I thank him for his gracious care.

Caspian checked charm + performance at difficulty 30, rolling 44 higher.

The entire fight is Ariella on the defense. She does a lot of nimbly keeping out of the knife fighter's shorter reach, but is never able to take advantage of it. Early on he gets a good solid blow to her neck that sends her staggering, and thought she's able to fend him off for some time, he manages to land another in her gut. Though she's clearly winded, she still keeps coming after him, pressing her attack with wife, aggressive strikes. It's all for naught, though. She just can't land a blow and as such it's only a matter of time (and damn, it's some time!) before he land one more brutal slam right into the bruises he's already set across her stomach and she falls back onto her ass, just as she predicted. Wincing at the pain now and the pain to come tomorrow, she grunts, "Ah, I'm an oracle."

"I will have to do just that," Theo agrees, nodding agreeably to the man. "After drinks, perhaps?" A small shrug, then, and Theo finishes off his wine before sliding the empty back over the bar for a refill. "In truth, I've been spending far too much time in the Estate for my liking. I'm sure your books are leagues more entertaining than my damnable letters."

"I'm rather fond of my leathers, too," Sebastian replies to Gianna, with a low-throated chuckle. "Though I wouldn't say no to some fine silk now and then, either." He gives a little tip of his glass towards Helia as she nears the bar, his gaze following Valencia's arrival for a moment, offering a smile her direction. Victus' words has him chuckling again, one hand spreading. "Only if that's what you want, your highness. But no, sometimes sculptures are best as representatives of how a person identifies. For example, I'm overfond of the raven. I'm sure we could find something -- a place, a memory, a point in time -- that could serve as a suitable subject." He all but misses the fight, so focused on the conversation as he is.

It's a pretty one sided fight. A long one, Ariella does do a good job at protecting herself, but the times that she doesn't, Caspian gets in good hits on her, poking, prodding, and smacking her with that blunted blade of his. All the while he makes bird and Phoenix puns, each one cheekier then the last, such as, "That was hawkward," or, "Are you Emused?" And when the fight is done, he offers her a hand, "Good fight, good fight."

Mirari nods at Waldemai, shrugging a shoulder as she shifts to make room for him to go fill his ale. "Bring a bottle of something back with you, if you could."

Gianna keeps plucking at her gittern; she nods to the conversation with Sebastian and Victus. "Leather is much better for defense, yes. Being charming doesn't always work. Some people just aren't charming now matter how hard they try." She tilts her head in Theo's direction, watching the Prince for a moment. "Though some don't try at all."

"Right? Never go wrong learning from the best. In all subjects." Tynan replies to Helia then, a quick smile in her direction, "Especially when it comes to avoiding somebody sticking a knife into you, I suppose, though. Really want the best then." Raising his glass, he lightly lips at his drink further. "While I find a lot of things enviable about nobility at times, the responsibility that comes with it is not one of them Your Highness." Tynan remarks to Theo, lighting up into a grin, "I like my freedom to turn invisible if I simply choose to not be around for a while. Nobody beating down my door to sign anything." He waggles his head then, adding, "Well, most of the time."

"And some are much less charming than they think they are," Theo adds without missing a beat, his gaze meeting Gianna's over his wine. A saccharine smile, then, and a small shrug, and the Prince turns his attention back to Tynan. "There's not much to be envied, in truth, dear. The feather beds are the exception which proves the rule." A grin, then.

There is a look of recognition to Theodoric's correction and then another look of questioning, but she smiles and nods. "Of course, I am always happy to hear," Valencia returns catching Helia's salutation and offering a welcoming smile in return. Sebastian too gets a big smile as she catches his glance, "My dearest Lord Sebastian, I am so very happy to see you return to my Hart. Do keep a moment to share a drink with me later," she beams brightly as she turns to watch the match a momen, her eyes dancing brightly.

Waldemai nods and climbs down from the rafters. He puts his bucket on the bar. "Fill that up, and give me a bottle of something." Yeah, he can afford the good stuff, no matter how scruffy his clothes look. A smith looks grubby but brings in teh do-re-mi.

A beaming smile having been sent Sebastian's way, Helia then places her ale down on the counter again and applauds. "Good fight, both of you!" Then to Tynan she chuckles, "Absolutely. Getting run through isn't on my list of desired future experiences. But then I suppose it isn't on anyone's list, right?" Turning to Melody after another sip, she nods with a warm quirk of her lips at the foot tap, "Kind of you to say! And I'll definitely consider it!"

Sauntering in to the Hart, Jeffeth Bayweather enters, his hair looking wet and there is the traces of water that he may not have toweled away visible around his hulking figure. The knight glances around with a light smile playing on his lips. Before he starts trudging in, looking at the tables and who's seated where as he goes.

Tynan sighs wistfully in all out amusement to Theo, "Feather beds. Such luxury you live in, Your Highness. I can only imagine when I splay out on my wooden board tonight what it would be like." He gets distracted by Helia's comment though, watching her for a moment. There's even a finger lifted in the air, as if he's about to say something and really considering it with pursed lips. After a moment of internal battle, he settles on, "Yes, most of the time I would say that is true." with a short nod.

After helping up his opponent Caspian heads over to the bar to sit himself down next to Helia, giving her a wide grin, "So, I hear you like money? Champions make good money too! Do you like being famous and popular? We're famous and popular! Honor and glory, that's what we're all about." He waves his hand to Jeffeth, asking, "Jeffeth! Explain to Helia how great being a Champion is!"

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"Perhaps a cat?" Victus muses back to Sebastian while his cup is refilled. "Or perhaps the Maelstrom. Something not so gloomy, or quite as pissed though I believe." He gives his feline friend some side-eye, and she returns it with a glare of her own one eye. "Hmph. While tempting to put a naked bust of myself in my wife's closet, the idea of a good memory sounds better for the long-term." Gianna's words also elicit an amused snort from the burly Thraxian. "I take it because he's so damn handsome he don't need to try at all, aye?"

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Seated at the bar with an assortment of lovely companions, Melody tossed a wave over to Jeffeth when she spotted the man. It wasn't a difficult thing, really. Then she inclined her head towards Helia and she asked, "So, what may I call you?" As she twists by the waist to pick up her drink again, she teases Victus with a waggle of her finger, "Why not go a step further and have someone plant it in Highlord Edain's halls? I'm sure he'd appreciate the gesture."

Sebastian's tip of glass towards Valencia seems to be confirmation of the princesses' request, before he takes a gulp, savoring the contents. "A ruckus?" his brow goes up at Melody's quiet words, intrigued. "What qualifies as such?" with a glimmering glance of his gaze, as he sets his glass down on the bar for a refil, whenever the bartender goes his way again. "A cat," he echoes Victus, leaning past to glance at the feline that takes the Thraxian's attention for a moment, with a purse of lips that becomes a brief chuckle. "Mm. Yes, I think I could come up with something that... you can leave out in public, too."

Humming a song under his breath, Ezekiel makes his way towards the bar. A worn, oak harpcase is slung across his back and he offers something of a smile towards those present. A deep bow is given Valencia, the proprietress, before he seats himself at the bar. Some coppers are drawn out and set on the bar. When the price comes back, his eyes widen, but, he adds a few silvers.

Chuckling in amusement at Tynan's purse-lipped quip, Helia comments, "Well. That's an enigmatic comment!" Noticing Jeffeth then, hearing his name being spoken, she lifts a hand, "Sit Jeffeth! Hello!" And once the knight is greeted, she turns to Melody after a big swig of ale, "Helia! Good to meet you!" Then she screws up her face thoughtfully, "Sorry, did you tell me your name? I have the most ridiculously short memory."

Ariella walks back to the bar, a hand across her stomach. Once there she orders up a glass of universal cure all, Maelstrom rum. She looks between Victus and Sebastian as they talk sculpture. To the High Lord she says, "You should get a statue of yourself like Lady Monique has. Something that really shows off your carefree spirit and bounteous bosoms." Looking back to the sculptor she says, "You should write that down. 'Bounteous bosoms'." When she sees Jeffeth she calls out to him, "Ahoy, Sir Bayweather! Were you just at the Grotto, showing off your magnificent hammer?"

There's a bright smile on Jeffeth's lips as Melody waves to him. "Hey Melody." The big man smiles radiantly, before nodding to Helia with just as radiant a smile. "Helia. Good to see you. Ah you two don't know each other?" He glances from Helia to Melody, and then back. "Helia, Melody. Melody, Helia." He rumbles warmly. He pauses for a moment before approaching the bar and making his order. Once his tankard is received the big man goes to take a seat at one of the empty tables, stretching out and throwing one foot up on an empty chair. As Ariella comes up the big man's eyes widen significantly and his cheeks brighten with red before he buries his face in his mug and just gives Ariella a big thumbs up.

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Gianna keeps playing her gittern, managing a fluid shrug while she does without missing a beat. A faint smile curves her lips, but doesn't reach her eyes. They rarely do. "Who knows? This talk of statues of cats is much more interesting." She shoots an amused look Ariella's way. "That looked like it hurt, but well done." Jeffeth looms, and she inclines her head in the man's direction.

And then to Caspian, Helia grins, "You're making this idea way too appealing, you know!"

The little vixen smiles back at Sebastian and turns to welcome Ezekiel as he arrives, returning his gallant bow with a deep and elegant curtsy. Melody and Prince Victus are offer cheerful and warm nods as they are noted. "Highness," Valencia offers to Ezekiel as he continues to the bar, pausing to offer a warm welcome to Jeffeth and quietly trying to stifle her light laugh as Caspian calls out and the happy vibrance of the room seems to bring a sparkle to her large dark eyes.

"My Lord," Melody angles her chin as she considers Sebastian's question. "I wouldn't wish to spoil the surprise, now would I?" Helia's comment had Melody trailing her fingertips through the air in an airy gesture. "Don't worry 'bout it. It's awful busy over here, I can hardly keep up myself." Tipping her glass at Jeffeth's introduction of her, she cants her head towards Helia. "That's me." Ariella's comment earned a vibrant bit of laughter from Melody and she eyed Jeffeth afterwards. "Aww, you poor thing." The prodigal leaned over to wrap up Jeffeth in a half-hug before she'd wiggle her fingers out to Valencia in a greeting.

"That's the point!" Caspian says back to Helia, giving her a small nudge, before asking, "What do you say? I could recruit you right now. I'll throw in some rum?" He wonders to her with a bit of a grin offered to her, as if she could not resist rum!

"Unfortunately, Messere, this talk of featherbeds has reminded me that I am long overdue for a visit with my own." Theo offers Tynan a small smile, reaching out to clap the man on the shoulder. "Do be well, though, won't you?" Theo slips out of his chair, reaching down to buckle his coat about the waist, and wraps his arm about Renault's shoulders. "Good evening, dears," he calls out, his voice sing-song, and then he's setting out for the door.

Tynan only smiles bright still at Helia at that and gives a dip of his head as his only reply before raising his glass to sweep the remainder of his whisky in one go. "Of course, Your Highness." He says then with a small, shallow, bow towards Theo, "Do not let me keep you. We'll catch up on the other business later, I hope. Do take care."

"Edain has one ass staring him in the face already, he doesn't need mine cluttering up his halls anymore." Victus intoned with a roll of his eyes. "And what makes any of you believe that I am a man who possesses bounteous bosoms? Do these looks like bosoms to you?" He claps a hand against his chest and it bounces right off. Flat. And hard. "Not one goddamn seductive thing about 'em. Now a cat, a cat already shows their ass to you half the time. Suppose we could leave a sculpture of a cat's rear in Edain's halls and then to the public once he's had his heart-attack."

"I look forward to it, Messere Grayhope," Theo calls out over his shoulder, regarding the man with another of his bright smiles. "Enjoy your evening." And then he is gone.

A snort is offered at Caspian's comment, Ezekiel raising a brow as he looks towards the man. "Grandmaster," the slender figure says. "Hustling already, are we?" A grin plays across his full lips, before he claims a glass of what appears to be brandy. He takes a swallow, his gaze flitting towards Gianna. "Well played," he offers to the woman, his smile warm.

Gianna finishes her song and stills the strings of her gittern. She reaches for her whiskey, inclining her head to Ezekiel before having a sip of her drink. "Thank you," she tells him. "Though my voice is my real instrument."

Ariella nods seriously to Victus, then not-even-close-to-whispers to the artist, "You can just add the bounteous bosoms after he gets bored and modeling and wonders off to get something to drink." She offers a wave to Theo's back. "Oof. I missed him." Then, wait, wait. "Prince Edain has an ass staring him in the face? Does this have anything to do with the time he told me he and his wife play cornhole?" She shakes her head. "And they say Oathlanders are prudish."

"It's an artist's right to determine what inspires them, my Lady," Sebastian is quick to answer Ariella, though there's a hint of laughter to the Pravus Lord's voice all the same, "So I reserve not to write that down, though I'll give it some consideration." Melody's coy response has him regarding her with interest for a moment, but he concedes her response with a mere twitch of lips. "I've heard about that ass-conspiracy. Frankly, I'm impressed the artist hasn't felt the need to make themselves known. We're a very prideful lot, after all," he admits.

"Melody! What a pretty name." Helia dips her head in a an amiable matter-of-fact nod before she turns back to Caspian with a look of mock-conflict on her face. "Oooh, I don't know..." Then she widens her eyes and plaintively slaps a hand to her forehead, "More booze? Gods damn it, you've discovered my greatest weakness!" Quibbling for a second or three, she says, "I tell you what. Let's say yes for now. A trial, maybe?"

"I'm sure he'd be thrilled to have such a thing in his halls," Melody play-argued with Victus before having another sip of her drink. "Surely it makes a whole lot of difference when there's another High Lord involved." Worrying her lower lip at Sebastian's remark, Melody eventually lifted her shoulders in a shrug. "'The mysterious painter' has a wonderful ring to it though, don't you think?" Finally, her cheeks reddened a shade at Helia's praise and another smile blossomed. "Aw, that's terribly sweet of you. Thank you!"

"Sure," Caspian says back to Helia, though his eyes are on a messenger that approaches. He takes the message then rises to his feet, slipping Helia a few silvers, "For the rum. I need to get going though. See you around!" And with that, he's off!

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Anya, the cool as an ice cube Champion apprentice, Renn, the mousy, scholarly brunette, Morgan, a roguish looking gentleman leave, following Caspian.

When Melody comes over to give him a half-hug, Jeffeth smiles brightly, bringing up one hand to pat-pat-pat at Melody's forearm, giving her a bright and radiant smile. His mug is slowly lowered and set down on the table.

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Tynan finds himself with an empty glass and a disappeared conversation partner, so the only logical choice is to get a refill. In a to-go cup, or something, as he takes the drink and departs a moment later.

"The vast gap of difference is he may well feel inclined to retaliate. Soon it will be one royal ass after another being shoved in our faces. That is a war even I would not touch if I can help it." Victus grunted in Melody's direction. "Though I'm sure many would enjoy debating who's royal ass is the finest in the Compact. Me, not so much." Another roll of the Prince's eyes as he sets his elbows back against the bar comfortably. "Anonymity is another piece of artform, you could say. Maybe he just wants to make you think instead of making a name for himself. Like, think about this butt I put in someone's hallway. Yeah, that's a brain teaser alright."

"Ah, quite," Ezekiel offers to Gianna, his head bowing her way. "I have a similar talent, though, I suspect somewhat less than yours," the man offers, his lips thinning in a smile, before he looks towards Helia, one brow raising. "Ah, a voracious drinker? Lovely that." THere's a flash of a grin. "Restraint is such a boorish thing, I find."

Gianna has another sip of whiskey, tilting her head to one side as she considers Ezekiel for a moment. "Do you sing, then?"

"Indeed," Ezekiel says, offering a bow of his head towards Gianna. "Now and again."

"I also play the harp," the slender figure offers, with a flash of a smile for Gianna. "It helped pass the time in the marches and on long journeys and what not."

Gianna's eyebrows arch; she looks pleased, even. "You ought to stop by the College sometime, then," she tells Ezekiel. "We'd welcome another musician. I'm Gianna Whisper, Head of the Bard's College. Though I believe I ought to be going. I've an appointment to keep." She throws back the rest of her whiskey, blinking rapidly when she surfaces.

Ariella looks between Victus and Sebastian again. But this is more talking about butts, or at least just paintings of butts, than she really signed on for. So she looks down to the others. "If I sing, but sing very, very badly, can I join the College? I mean... I once got a medal for singing, then I got a much nicer medal for stopping. But I do know some good sailing songs. Though they're mostly about screwing. Even the ones that sound like they're about sailing. Someone in these songs raises their mast or launches a ship or has a hull breech, it's usually not actually about any of those things." She orders herself another drink.

"There's nothing particularly about an ass, in and of itself," says Sebastian, as he nods towards Victus. "So perhaps you're right. Perhaps he -- or she -- enjoys stirring up the whites. I bet all those apprentices wore out their shoes that day." He seems amused by it, his own journal pointedly devoid of any commentary on the provocateur.

"Ah, yes, I owe you a response to a message. Matters kept getting... obfuscated. Ezekiel," the man says, glancing over the place. "I suppose I could offer a song before you go?" There's a briefly raised brow at Ariella's comment and the figure snickers, briefly, raising his glass her way in salute.

"Ah! You're Ezekiel," Gianna says, brightening for a moment. "It's good to finally meet you. A very quick song, for I really must be going. Or a promise to meet at the College soon for that song and a longer conversation?"

Ezekiel checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

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Chuckling at Ezekiel's comment with a wide smile, Helia then listens to the music he plays with a swaying movement that's almost entirely due to the loveliness of the tune. I mean, she's had a drink or two or three, but he's good!

Tilting his head, Ezekiel raises his head. And begins to sing. It's a very, very Lycene song -- about a magical tree, a pair of lovers, and a wicked manservant. To the onlookers in the tree, it appears as if those below are engaged in rowdy pursuits. The lord is convinced to go up into the tree, wherein he sees the two wrapped in lovers bliss. When he slides back down, they are, a yard apart, talking pleasantly.

The little vixen finds a chair and beckons Theodoric join her, happy to finally take a seat. "Have I missed many fine fights," Valencia asks.

Theodoric has finished his new drink that he was finally able to get the attendant to fetch for him, he seems broken from his revere by the music and the question from Valencia. "The eternal champion was victorious, as usual. Caspian made a good showing of two such bouts." he points at Jeffeth. "Someone told me Jeffeth was going to fight a bear with a hammer."

Gianna stills and goes silent, listening intently while Ezekiel sings. Her head tilts gently to the left, her lips parting. She starts to smile before he's even finished. A real smile, one that reaches her eyes. "That was lovely," she tells Ezekiel, her voice hushed. "We do need to talk. You've a place at the College, if you want one."

Having finished up the rest of her drink, Melody set it on the counter and with a sigh, she'd drop her elbow on the bartop and her chin in her palm. "It was worth a try," she concedes to Victus. Languidly, her dark gaze turned to Ezekiel's and her lips curled into a sweet little smile -- Before she turned towards Ariella next and worried her lower lip in an attempt to suppress an ever-growing smile. "Jeffy, don't go off fighting bears now," she said aside to the Champion. "I've got enough things to worry about as is."

Jeffeth glances over to Theodoric at the mention of eternal champion with a slight arch of his brow. He then goes to take a long drag of his tankard before setting it down. "A bear?"

"It certainly succeeds in gettin' a reaction." Victus mused. "Though I think it's a bit immature. When I pulled pranks on my fellow peerage, I usually just left dead fish in their pillow cases. That'll keep 'em up for awhile." He takes a deeper drink of his rum, eventually slowly coming to the bottom of his second drink as well. "That apparently was not as funny to most people though."

Valencia blinks a moment. "Can bears carry a hammer?" she inquires with a little can't of her head.

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"'Cause /that's/ not very immature now, is it?" Now it's Melody's turn to roll her eyes skyward at Victus' comment. "The fish prank, I'd rate probably a... Four. It leaves a mess for them to clean up and a smell that just won't go away. A painting, on the other hand is harmless."

Theodoric shrugs in Jeffeth's direction. "That's just what I heard, who knows how these things get started." he begins to pester someone for another drink. "I'm not sure if a bear can hold a hammer, I'm sure we could ask someone at the lodge and they would know." he might be a tad drunk by now. He looks at Jeffeth again, "Would you think a bear could take you?"

Ariella nods her head gently in time to Ezekiel's singing and says idly to Melody, "It's almost enough to make me forget my internal bleeding and shattered ribs." Looking back to Victus she agrees with Melody, "If it's a nice ass it might not even be a prank. Just a very friendly way of saying, hey, look at this ass. And since it's in the middle of Oathlander territory, it might be their only chance to see one."

"If points were awarded for originally and inventiveness, it'd be far down the scale," Sebastian says. "Now, don't be too sure of that, my Lady," he tells Melody. "Painting a portrait with a sly reference to some embarrassing misdeed in one's history -- now that's something." The gleam of his gaze might suggest that's something //he's// done before. Then again, maybe it's just all the whiskey he's consumed thusfar. "Thankfully, these days I go where the pull of the art takes me."

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"Indeed, well, it seems interesting. Lets talk soon," the fellow offers, reaching for his glass and offers a salute to Gianna. Wetting his throat, Ezekiel glances about. "So, seeing as I'm already engaged in music, is there any particular topic one might wish a song on?" His brow lofts in question.

"But it is funnier and more proactive than a painting." The High Lord grunts. "Both in sneaking that many fish into their room and then also in them having to clean it out after the fact. Of course we're not using their /original/ pillow case for it. That'd just be fucking barbaric. You get a new one and replace the pillow with them. If they can't find out what's causing the smell originally, they'll certainly figure it out when they dump their head against the pillow."

Gianna looks a little reluctant to go, now, but.... she looks happy. She smiels at Ezekiel, waves to the others, and heads out.

Melody glanced between Theodoric and Jeffeth. "Wait, when you say 'Jeffeth is going to fight a bear with a hammer'," because that's totally happening, "Is Jeffeth the one with the hammer or is it quite literally going to be a bear with a hammer?" Warm and sweet laughter erupted from Melody at Ariella's comment and she, of course, glanced around the room for any Oathlanders who might take offense. "Well, my Lord," she addressed to Sebastian, "We're always open to ideas here." And to Victus' comment, Melody asked, "I can only imagine the kind of pillow High Lord Edain would have. It'd probably be worth more than my entire savings many times over. So if I catch the fish for you, will you do the deed?"

The big man tilts his head at Theodoric with an arch of his brow. "Depends on the bear I suppose. I would rather be friends with a bear." He purses his lips and gives a nod. "Maybe a bear and I can team up to fight something else." Jeffeth suggests, before glancing Melody's way. "Perhaps, both of us could have a hammer and we fight somebody else." The big man pipes with a bright smile.

Ariella nods to Jeffeth. "I just want to see Grandmaster Caspian take on whatever the elves have to offer. That would be a good show. Then again, elves probably fight 'til no one is breathing anymore, so it might be a grim spectacle."

"Ideas on..?" Sebastian's clearly missed some of the conversation, backtracks to the scattered comments he heard. "On fighting a bear? I'd imagine you'd get a quite an audience for that. Though the bear -- if not the champion -- would probably damage the arena."

Pondering the conversation and seeing little else to do, the young bard begins to play. A series of rather swift, jocular songs about the creatures. Ursine tales, of the most unbearable sort. But pleasant, and with most jaunty dancing tunes.

"Good ideas, good ideas all." Theodoric comments, yet another tankard, as is the endless hospitality. "So, It's Sir Bayweather and a to be named bear, vs Caspian and the Elves?" He asks, obviously confused. "Do the elves have hammers?"

The little raven-haired princess winces a little. "I think this seems unfair to the bear," Valenca muses with a little shake of her head. "Where is this to be held?"

"My songs your Highness? I am wounded. Wounded indeed." Ezekiel says, "I quite like the bear. Or are we discussing Sir Knight's martial prowess?"

Reports are extraordinarily confused, but there was some very bizarre incident at the Tragedy in the Lower Boroughs involving Ectorion, Astraea, Violet, Jordan, Sparte and Luca who survived some sort of altercation. Apparently dozens of individuals were killed in some sort of freak swarm of insects, with Brother Martin being one of the individuals lost while he was seeing to the healing of a very young girl, and while the details are unclear, it's said he died saving the child's life.

Victus shoots a glance Melody's way. "Why, 'cause you think I'm gonna pay for his pillows? Heh. I ain't got the money for that kinda fine fabric." He sets the glass aside for now. "But I sure as fuck wish I did. I should probably be gettin' on home now anyway it goes."

Jeffeth is sitting there, talking about hammers and bears having a grand old time until a messenger arrives with a forlorn look on his face. There is a murmured exchange with Jeffeth before the messenger leaves, rather quickly. Jeffeth however, goes very, very still. His eyes watching the back of the messenger go with slightly widened eyes, staring straight at the man's back without blinking.

Jeffeth checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 50, rolling 32 lower.

"Sir Jeffeth, the bear whisperer," Melody surmised of the hypothetical situation all too seriously. "I look forward to seeing you tame such a creature." Victus' departure earned a nod from Melody as well and she pressed to her feet. "Yeah, I should be heading off, too..." Not before leaning over and whispering into Jeffeth's ear.

Ariella looks ready to announce that she's following everyone else to the exit, but then Jeffeth gets a look on his face quite unlike anything she's ever seen on him before. So she silently pays for her drink and then moves around the bar toward him, just in case he needs a hand up. She and Melody should be able to carry him out if necessary, right?

With a tip of his glass, Sebastian toasts Victus, though it's hard to say whether it's for the high lord's forlorn comment on his lack of money, or heading home. He's emptying his glass, too, but leaning to order too more, stepping over to join Valencia. He hasn't noticed Jeffeth's reaction yet, moving to seat himself next to the princess, putting down a glass next to her.

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Theodoric is overheard praising Jordan.

Theodoric is overheard praising Sparte.

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Jeffeth doesn't seem really to react to Melody's whisper, he's just staring in the direction the messenger came from. Wide eyed and confused. Over a few moments, it seems his breath starts to quicken, chest rising and falling at a faster rate. As he sits there he begins to breathe faster and faster until it seems like he is on the border of hyperventilating. Melody and Ariella aren't really scene or registered, the big man stands up quite suddenly and dramatically. So dramatically that his chair is knocked over by the sheer force of his movement. His features wander from angry to bewildered, leaning over some his hands are placed palm down on the table he is at. Still breathing quite rapidly, and staring hard down at the table.

The little vixen smiles up at Sebastian as he joins her, his glass quickly refilled. "My dearest Lord Sebastian. I'm so happy to see you, sir. Have you met Missere Theodoric yet?" she offers nodding to the handsome rogue sitting at her side. "Join us yes? I think it seems to be a most wonderful event indeed. Thank you for coming, my lord."

Having pressed to her feet, Melody's expression clouded with concern over Jeffeth. "Uhm..." Dark irises flicked to Ariella almost expectantly before flicking back to Jeffeth. "Everything okay..?" Clearly, no, but she asked anyways. She even went so far as to pat her friend's forearm tenderly. "Do you want me to order you another drink?"

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Ariella reaches out and sets a hand on Jeffeth's shoulder. Up on his shoulder, that is. "Jeffeth?" But when Melody asks if things are okay she quiets up. The other woman is better at talking, and it looks like it's going to take that to get through to the big man more than her shouting, cursing or very crass double entendres about poop decks and seamen.

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"And you, always, Princess. I haven't the pleasure," Sebastian says, with a smile that takes in both Valencia, and Theodoric, when she introduces him. "He seemed to be doing well in your stead, from what I could see," the Pravus Lord adds, as he settles in. "You didn't have a care to take the ring yourself, Master Theodoric?"

Glancing about, Ezekiel takes a swallow from his glass, setting his harp aside. Gathering the mood, he moves quietly to the exit, before departing.

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"No, my fighting days were some time ago, though I do occasionally have call for it." Theodoric grins. "Lord Sebastian, was it?" he asks. "Thank you, I've got some aspirations for this type of work myself. The Princess was gracious enough to let me try out my style on this poor unsuspecting crowd." while chatting Theodoric keeps a eye on the large man Jeffeth who seems to be having some very bad news, and the people attending to his condition.

Jeffeth's breathing continues to accelerate, staring hard down at the table as he starts to rock a little back and forth on his feet. Melody's hand touches against his forearm and he looks sharply down at it, as if an enemy was trying to grab him. But quickly seeing that it's not trying to get him, Jeffeth takes a wobbly step backwards raising one hand to his head as if to steady it. His breathing continues to come in quick sharp tugs, his face contorting into a twist that has rarely be seen on the man off the battlefield, one of pure rage. And then--

His hands swing to grip at the underside of the table. It's a very large table, but Jeffeth is a very strong man, and the table goes up and over with a very loud clatter, the items that were on top of the table skittering against the ground, mead spilling everywhere, chairs being knocked back and adding to the cacophonous racket the huge table going over makes.

He takes a single step back and looks over what he's done, that rage being replaced by bewildered features once more. "I'm very sorry." Jeffeth manages to get out quietly before, making his stumbling way towards the door.

Valencia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

One moment Melody was patting at Jeffeth's arm in an attempt to quell those negative feelings, and then the next she was two steps back, worrying her lower lip and flinching as the table clattered along the ground. Her gaze swept across the establishment and upon finding her target, Valencia, she shot the woman the most apologetic smile she could muster. It was a brief thing, really, because her attention turned back to Jeffeth and she rocked on her heels, contemplating chasing after him.

Valencia turns, her expression cooling as she turns and then rise to see the source of the terrible crash, her expression calm and quiet as one would expect from a princess of Lyceum. Seeing no continued turmoil, she turns to her man Maggnus and James, nodding once and sending the men to see to the table as Lizette, the little buxom brunette barmaid, gathers up the little vixen's ladies of the Hart to clean the mess without missing a beat. Large dark eyes fall upon Jeffeth. Her brow lifts lightly and she frowns with concern as she starts to move forward to see what might be the matter even as the man begins his stumbling retreat.

"Sir Jeffeth?" Valenica asks softly, though she nor her staff do nothing to stop the man from retreating.

Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, following Zoey.

Ian keeps careful watch on his feet as he comes into the arena, marking his own steps as he goes. His short hair is damp.

"Pravus, yes," Sebastian confirms with a nod of his head. "Aspirations? What other things have you... uh, hosted?" he asks, with a lift of brows in Theodoric's direction. And then Jeffeth flips a table which... to be fair, hasn't often happened, and the artist's been in plenty of places where it might've. He's half on his feet, staring at the champion, whose already heading for the door before he can do much more than that.

Zoey pauses in the doorway, stuck still after coming quickly at the sound of a crash. "Valencia?!" she calls, sounding concerned. Roving eyes land on the table... and the giant Jeffeth who is apparently heading right in her direction.

Ariella follows Jeffeth to the exit. To Valencia she murmurs, "I believe he found out some bad news." As she follows the big man she glances back to Melody like, help! Then waves to her quartermaster Serrano and mouths "take the night". He eyes Jeffeth, but either decides that his captain knows what she's doing or that he doesn't want to get involved with anything that might involve tangling with the knight.

Ian must have missed the actual crash on his way in, but he does catch the tone in Zoey's voice behind him, and, looking up, sees Jeffeth headed their way. It's subtle, the way that he shifts to the side to put himself between her and the departing man. There's no challenge in his bearing, no guarding look.

"I'm very sorry." Jeffeth repeats, still wide eyed as he looks over to his recent work of art. A table thrown over with chairs scattered around. "Very sorry." The big man says once more, almost tripping as he backpedals towards the exit. It is easy to see the fresh hot tears readily working their way over his cheeks as the big man struggles to make his exit. "I don't feel very well. I think I should go." Jeffeth manages to get out, then he's wheeling around to face his destination. With Zoey and Ian in the way. "Very sorry." Is all he repeats before he just manages not to bowl over them, and steps around to make his hurried, stumbling exit.

With a look of shocked horror towards Jeffeth and his flipping of the table, Helia goes to stand, a concerned expression blossoming across her face. She looks as though she might hurry after him, but he might already be gone.

Zoey reaches out her hand to touch Ian's elbow as she snaps out of her frozen state and steps behind him and to the side of Jeffeth. A wealth of compassion swells in her eyes and for a moment, she almost seems to lean towards the Knight. Instead, she lets him pass and motions over some of the Hart's staff to clean up the mess. She looks at Ian. "I'll send word to him later," she says softly, "when he's had a chance to collect himself."

Seeing as everyone else is following Jeffeth, Melody decides to do just that, chasing after him and heading on out with him!

Ian looks after Jeffeth (and Ariella, and anyone else who goes chasing after him. "... It's been a strange night." As usual, he doesn't have must of an expression beyond 'baffled'.

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The little vixen's brow furrow's more, though she does not seem upset, merely concerned for the man. There is a little look to Lord Sebastian and Theodoric and then to the departing Jeffeth, a little nod aside to Ariella and then Melody. "It would seem so. If I may be of service, please let me know. I would hate to see hurt hearts untended," Valencia invites her concern growing. "You will call on me, yes?"

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After the disruption has cleared Theodoric answers the question he was asked. "In the future, I wish to run .. similar events" he looks at the crowd as they digest the past few moments of activity. "Though my tables are smaller." he says absentmindedly. "What are you aspirations, Lord Pravus."

Zoey watches as the staff rights the table and chairs, her hand still on Ian's elbow. She is quiet for a moment or two before releasing her husband's arm. "It has been," she agrees softly. "Come. Let's go see the Princess."

Ian lets Zoey lead the way Valencia-ward. He manages to move through the familiar space without staring at his feet the whole way, although he does touch the backs of unoccupied chairs that he passes as a means of steadying himself.

After a moment, when the commotion is over, Sebastian glances towards Valencia with a puzzled look and, finally, takes his seat again. "Mine? I'm an artist. Mine are far more... mundane, Master Theodoric," the Pravus Lord says, half dismissively. "Tables?" he picks up on that. "You have a place of your own, then?"

Zoey comes up on Valencia and reaches out to gently touch the back of the other woman's arm. "My dear Princess," she says softly. "Are you alright?" Theodoric is given a small smile and a look of recognition, while Sebastian receives an equally polite but less personal expression.

"Traditionally, we do no have such experiences," Valencia notes seeming to reconsider her seeing after the knight when others chase after him to see to him. She frowns again briefly and then turns to the crowds. "Drinks are on the house. At your pleasure," she calls out with a warm, honey sweet voice that carries through the arena. The crowd rallies, drinks begin to flow and the room settles once more. "I am most fine. It is Sir Jeffeth that worries me," she offers with a gentle smile to Zoey, her dark eyes smiling with gratitude for her concern. "Good evening, my Lady Zoey. My Lord Ian. I believe you know Lord Sebastian and have me Missere Theodoric, yes?" she nods warmly, pausing to offer Zoey a light kiss upon the cheek in greeting and to offer Ian a delicate hand. "Welcome home. Would you join us?"

Theodoric has resumed his spirited imbibement, "Yes, a little arena. Not this grand of course, we cater to a different set of clients" he doesn't elaborate. "Though we did have a recent remodel. An artist then? What is your medium?" he gives a friendly nod to Zoey as she approaches.

Ian nods a greeting to Sebastian, with a little more familiarity than Zoey showed. In the sense of being familiar, rather than any warmth of feeling. He continues to look generally flat. As is usual for him. He lets Zoey take up the social things. He takes Valencia's hand, his calloused one awkward, like he's afraid he's going to break her fingers on accident somehow. "I think someone he knew died."

Sebastian nods back towards Zoey, though seems content to wait until they finish speaking, instead sipping on the amber liquid from his glass. His smile brightens -- as much, one might guess -- for Valencia's indication of drinks on the house as her timely introduction to remind people of names they might've forgotten. He half rises, a faint smile both for Zoey and Ian. "My lord, my lady." The rising gives him an excuse to touch Valencia's elbow, "Your drink," he murmurs, briefly, before settling easily back into his chair with a nod to Theodoric, perhaps a thin hint of interest at that note of a 'different client'. "Painting, for the most part. Though I dabbled for a couple of years in sculpting. One of my pieces is on display in the raven room, actually," he gestures, vaguely, in that direction.

Zoey nods at Ian's take on the matter. "I suspect it might have something to do with the news coming out of the Lowers," she says softly. "Brother Martin was, I believe, connected to the Knights of Solace." She returns Valencia's gentle embrace before stepping back. "I will send word to check on him later. Sir Jeffeth has a tender soul for all his bravery and skill, and I'm sure he just needs room to grieve if it is as we suspect." Her attention turns back to Valencia's companions, giving them another small smile. "Master Ulbran. It's a pleasure to see you again... And Lord Sebastian Pravus? Lady Juliana's brother, yes?" She extends her own hand to both men in turn.

Valencia's from and look of worry returns and she glances to the door and back. "For that I am sincerely saddened. If there is anything I might do to help," the little southern princess offers earnestly. "So many loved one's lost. My heart goes to him," she says with a longer breath. "Gods, the poor man. It is a blow to Arx to loose such a man," the little princess says quietly, her eyes dropping a moment. "I think something stronger is in order. Mistress Lizette, a bottle of Whitehold amber for the table please, and to any who wish to indulge," she requests, turning to Sebastian to smile at his gentle reminder. "Thank you, my lord. You are kind to look out for me as always," she nods to him and gracefully returns to her seat beside Theodoric.

"I remember him mentioning Brother Martin's name before a few times," Ian remarks. "Anyway, looks like he's got plenty of people looking out for him." He takes a seat.

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Theodoric extends his greetings to the new arrivals as they get situated. He then replies to Sabastian. "Well, if that is so you must be at talent." he speaks of the painting. "The Princess has fine taste."

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Sebastian's brow furrows as he hears the news of another death in the lowers, though it doesn't seem to last long. People die there, well... it happens, and he doesn't recognize the name of the deceased, to judge by his even gaze. "Juliana's twin, actually," he corrects, although he doesn't seem to take offence, quick to take her hand and press his lips against them briefly. "I like to think so," he answers Theodoric, a trace of wryness creeping into his voice. "Although I will admit to a certain recent draught of late."

Something Sebastian says draws a puzzled look from Ian, but he has alcohol now, so it doesn't linger. He takes a sip of his drink.

Zoey lowers into a seat beside Ian as soon as she has retreived her hand from Sebastian. "Her twin, yes, of course," she says softly. Once settled, she rummages in her satchel for a moment and comes out with an extrordinary length of golden seasilk ribbon. She drapes it around the back of her neck and spends the next few minutes trying to pile her thick, damp curls into something resembling 'order'. And then the wrapping begins. Eventually, however, she achieves her goal, with her hair off her neck and captured in a casually elegant style thanks to the ribbon weaving through her curls. There's alcohol, then, and she relaxes back in her seat with it.

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