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Lady Ariella Igniseri

I like big boats, I cannot lie.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Naughty Nautical
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Igniseri
Gender: female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Shipmaster
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: amber
Skintone: golden olive

Description: Slender but strong, everything about Ariella suggests speed, from her streamlined slimness to the short cap of black curls that crowns her head and frames her face. Her skin is a warm-toned dusky gold, darkened and weathered by long exposure to sun and salt, with a tendency to freckle mostly around her fine straight nose. The dramatic amber-gold of her eyes lends an almost lupine edge to the flash of her quicksilver smile in the spread of rose-dark lips.

Personality: Ariella is headstrong and hilarious, quick-witted and vocal, with a tremendous force of personality behind her ambitions. She is so much a free spirit that she finds the constraints and necessities for her role as a daughter of the nobility to be a tremendous hassle. While she can -- when forced -- put on a decent enough face for a few minutes in polite company, she'd always rather be sailing, dancing, drinking, throwing a punch, or otherwise having a good time as a wild young rapscallion. She is not a complete stranger to responsibility -- the men in her charge are close to her heart and though she struggles with structure she is no pirate to decry the bounds of honor and fealty. She'd just ... rather have fun about it.

Background: The eldest daughter a lesser line of the March of Granato, Ariella's ambition was never for political power or material wealth -- as such -- because both seem likely to encompass the kinds of responsibility she never really wanted. It's actually hard to quantify for certain whether she is the eldest for certain, but she was removed from her mother's belly first when she had to be cut open so that the children could be removed, so she is the eldest for all practical purposes. As a girl, she was a hellion and a troublemaker, but learned when to behave herself: when her auntie, the Badger of Granato, was in earshot, primarily, or under the glares of her Rubino or Zaffria lieges. The rest of the time? Screw it.

Ariella was not a well-supervised little lady. She frequently slipped her minders and ran among the tiered streets of Granato until she reached the rocky shores. Often underfoot for the sailors and merchantmen who peopled the docks and the drinking houses nearby, she developed early on the kind of uproarious temper and _awful mouth_ that makes one ... unlikely future princess material ... to say the least. It didn't help that her aunt, the Countess of the March ... always seemed at least a little amused. Still, these habits forced Ariella into aggressive etiquette lessons that she hated. H A T E D. Her true love was the freedom and the salt and the wind on the verge of the sea, and this was a tendency that only grew as she aged.

She managed to bully, cajole, and adorable her way into a role on one of the ships of the Granato navy whose principal duty was guard escort for the merchantmen who sailed back and forth on a route primarily between the Lyceum and the capital in Arx. After she learned the sailor's trade, she managed to bully, cajole, and adorable her way into a claim on her own ship: Lady Captain Ariella Igniseri, QUEEN OF THE WAVES. Since then, it's all been clear sailing. More or less.

Name Summary
Aethan Took hits well, and a very good sport. Two good qualities.
Agostino A generous woman, at least when she has reason to celebrate, with interesting stories to tell. I hope to hear more in the future.
Amari Charming, in rough edged, dangerous sort of way. I didn't think she'd take a turn when I chose her, but she surprised me and was just as good as I imagined she would be.
Appolonia A captain and a pirate hunter. I wish her nothing but luck in the latter and hope to see more of her around. She is easy going and likes those Setarco boys as much as I do. Those smiles of theirs linger. Perhaps she has stories of such. Time shall tell.
Artur A sea captain from the Lyceum. She's very proud of her ship, though she makes some interesting culinary choices. Turnips are never okay. If I was a turtle, I would be worried!
Barric She cares for her men, Lucita's Twin, I wish I could tell her all she wishes to know but, that is a path that leads to madness if one doesn't truly wish it.
Berenice A delightful wit and irreverent manners. I'm rather of a mind to visit that ship of hers.
Caith I hear that she has a boat! Maybe she will be someone to harass into joining me on adventures? Boats are useful for such things.
Caspian I am a fan of all the Igniseri siblings, Lucita, Luis, and Ariella! All three of them are quite fun.
Clara I'm not sure I've met anyone quite like her before but she seems an okay kind of person.
Cleo A quiet woman, strong, purposeful. Does not hide what she wants or likes. Cleo thinks will like very much.
Coraline A champion and a sea captain, an impressive mix of skills. And rather good advice giving as well.
Cullen Coarse tongued, brash, beautiful, and made no bones about her nature whatsoever. Now I remember why I like sailors. Blunt and they say what's on their mind, none of the tiresome verbal calisthenics others like to go through. Someone I ought to get to know better, if nothing else to share stories about sea life and shav life.
Cullen Looks and acts like a foul mouthed sailor, that's excellent! She wants me to be her cabin boy though, I don't even know what that means!
Denica I hardly know her, but I've already seen her butt. It has a rather nasty scar that she took in battle, but she was certainly eager to show it off. Impressive.
Echo Aw, how I missed Ariella so! She's always been so fun and exciting to hang out with. I really regret that we've grown distant in our lives, but I guess that just means more interesting stories to tell each other when we meet up once again.
Ember Sorta like a sister from another family. Both of us don't give two shits what people think of us, and that's because we're secure in ourselves. She's a good woman.
Ezekiel She seemed in dark mood when first we met. I am pleased I was able to put a smile on her face.
Fecundo Fighting hard and looking good all at the same time. Taken out by the same who took me out, so tough too.
Gareth An Igniseri woman who is very comfortable in the personal space of others. I do not like that. I do not like her.
Helia Met her at the Sip'n Spar, where she was keen to test her mettle in a fight. A bold woman, seems like she'd be a fun friend to have. I like her already!
Ian Decent with a sword. Footwork could be better. Puts a little too much into her swing and not quite enough into targeting it. She'll get better.
Ingrid A sailor and merchant with quite the colorful vocabulary. Her knowledge of the seas may come in handy.
Ingvar Ariella seems a bit of a feisty one, a sailor, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, though she's not traipsing about festooned in arms and armor, so that's in her favor. I wouldn't mind getting to know her a little better at some point in the near future.
Jeffeth She's back and still saying things that go over my head, lovely and fiery as ever though!
Jordan An Igniseri ship captain with a very good suit of leather armor and a war veteran of the Gyre War.
Kenna She's the captain of her own ship and seems more than knowledgeable about ... wait, what is this about bos'n's biting people?! I mean, at least she knows it's happening...
Lou A person who owns her own boat, and is quite skilled at sailing, and sounds as adventurous on her own as I am. If only she did land travels too. Not everyone can be like Cadenza, but she's a close match!
Luca You know, if I weren't such a shit sailor, Ariella would almost remind me of me. Neither of us ever did wear nobility very well. It's a wonder we don't see more of each other.
Lucita Same old sister, one I count on to have my back and who can break me out of a somber mood. I sure have missed her and have needed her, glad she is back.
Lys A flamboyent captain, and potential goat eater. I'll have to keep Aubergine safe from her, I think.
Marian Loud, boisterous, and lots of fun. She seems to be the life of the party. If one isn't happening, she clearly would start one.
Melody An Igniseri captain who I wish I could catch more often!
Mirari Sailors make my teeth ache, but she seems all right. I can appreciate anyone with a sailor's vocabulary.
Monique Saucy sea captain with an impressive entourage. No-nonsense rum-drinker.
Orelia Feisty and hard drinking. She even shooed away that formidable Inquisitor. We should definitely be friends. But not if she's really going to make me get an eagle tattoo.
Oswyn The boisterous Captain Igniseri seems to be quite and admirably a free spirit.
Petal She seems a bit sassy at least in her clothing style. Is polite, warm and welcoming.
Quenia I do not think I'd ever see the day that my cousin Ariella would argue for a marriage match!
Reese She seems to have spirit and I think she can into trouble! But she seems like an interesting and fun person to be around.
River She is blunt crass, direct, mouthy, and I love every bit of it. She's a keeper.
Sabella She's hilarious and has quite the way with words. Usually curse words. I like her, though I think we have very varied perceptions on life!
Theo She is quite droll; I, of all people, can appreciae that.
Victus Puppy-armor? Gods I hope that was a fuckin' joke. I mean it has merit, 'cause who's gonna swing at puppies? Except for the worst of the worst offenders... In which case you're just feeding them puppies. This line of thinking sucks.