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Crafters Gallery Grand Opening

All are invited to attend a legendary fashion show and soirée as we celebrate the opening of Arx's premier outlet - the Crafters Gallery at Crossroads!

Crafters Gallery is a high-end storefront that will host exquisite designs from the finest artists. Every piece is unique and exclusive - all truly one of a kind.

We will be celebrating with a riveting fashion show featuring: Melody, Mistress Yasmine Rovashani, Gianna Whisper, River Whisper, Caspian Wild and Princess Katarina Valardin.

So join us as Guildmaster Joscelin hosts this magnificent achievement for the arts on behalf of the Crafters Guild. Catering will be provided by Lottie Parkins.

Brought to you by Crafters Guild of Jayus.
Sponsored by: Whisper House, House Thrax, House Ashford and House Steelhart.


July 14, 2018, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Alarissa Bliss Joscelin Seth Harlan


Gianna Alessandro Wylla Kenna Duarte Melody Margret Merek Vanora Jasper Mirari Isabeau Grazia Alessia Aureth Elgana Sophie Amari Cambria Berenice Rook Darren Caspian River Yasmine



Arx - Upper Boroughs - Crossroads Casino - Crafters Gallery

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Comments and Log


I very much enjoyed modeling at the Crafter's Gallery Grand Opening. I make no secret of the fact that I love silks and gowns and jewels and this was a wonderful opportunity to wear some gorgeous pieces.

Goodwoman Lyiana Averdeen is an excellent tailor who made a lovely aeterna and seasilk gown with matching slippers.

Goodwoman Josephine Arcuri made a star iron ring with epiphanite, duskstones, and diamonds. I fear I will never have the chance to wear something so beautiful (and expensive) again.

My cuff and earrings were inspired by Eurasi traditions and made by Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius, whose work I always love.

I managed not to weep when I returned it all for later sale.

Dame Rosario Nevarre of the Oathlands, Anouk Ardennes, Anais Ardennes arrive, following Sophie.

Rook has joined the a collection of comfortable chairs.

2 Armed Confessors, Gia the peregrine falcon, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Rary the Lycene beauty arrive, following Grazia.

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Tiny Tom, Princess Sally Acorn, an acorn toting red squirrel, Princess Muffin, the fluffiest white puppy arrive, following Kenna.

Yasmine is currently clustered with a flustered Joscelin and the other models, receiving last minute instructions. At one point, she lifts her head and calls out to Rook, "Hope you brought your big silver pouch! These things go on sale after the show!" She beams at him, blows a kiss, and then returns to listening like a good little model.

There's a flurry of excitement as Joscelin Arterius, garbed in lapis gemstones and aeterna, runs around to the chairs for the viewers, whispers excitedly at Alarissa Thrax, and bodily moves the woman out of her seat.

Resplendent in layered and brilliant white with only the splash of his belt and the gleam of his earrings for vivid color, Aureth has claimed a chair to the right of the catwalk, sitting with a languid extension of his limbs and one arm hooked over the back. His hair is a bright gleam of silver-threaded gold, brushed to its full length and fallen across his shoulders, and if he were maybe younger and his clothing less FAITH-y he might look like he planned to compete with the models for attention. As it is, he mostly looks between saturnine and curious.

While there seems to be a flurry of activity around the stage area where some of Arx's most fabulous are preparing, Duarte is greeting guests as they arrive and thanking them for their attendance. "We will begin shortly. Please enjoy the catering and it is free seating."

Alarissa is moved, having been conversing with some friends before Joscelin's moving over. Whatever is murmured brings wide eyes and a nod as she's up and moving with the jewelr.

Stormbringer, the Highhill War Hound arrives, following Jasper.

Merek has come to the place to support Crafters, while he has on his black leathers and umbra, in addition to his scarf of fireweave and velvet which shifts about him, as he looks around, and moves to the side.

prepping to make sure that everything is fitting right, and his hair is of course not a mess, River glances around the hall as he glances about looking over the crowd and actually giving a little blush.

Alarissa puts a gold with inset pearl octopus ring in a simple velvet bag.

Alarissa puts a pair of delicate iridescite seahorse with it's tail around diamonds and pearls in a simple velvet bag.

Alarissa puts a delicate iridescite seahorse ring with it's tail around diamonds and pearls in a simple velvet bag.

Alarissa puts a fitted aeterna dress with flared mermaid skirt in a simple velvet bag.

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Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant leave, following Alarissa.

Grazia has joined the a collection of comfortable chairs.

Vanora arrives somewhere in the vicinity of promptly, attempting to catch Duarte's attention log enough to give a little finger-wave of greeting before finding a seat among the comfortable looking chairs.

Kenna is wandering, not quite engaging yet, just taking in the environment and seeking out a place to be. Different people get waves and quiet smiles from the blond Whitehawk.

Grazia moves to find herself a seat. She settles in near Aureth, nodding approvingly to his look as she smooths her umbra gown so that it lies properly and allows her fluffy white fur cloak to fall over the back of her chair.

Kenna has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant arrive, following Alarissa.

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Margret arrives on Alessandro's arm, all white in her aeterna physician's robes with a slit of green seasilk visible at the opening of her robes. In contrast Alessandro is in all black because that's what he wears, and color is clearly for chumps. They take a seat, and Margret leans in to whisper something to Alessandro.

Berenice strides into the gallery in a sweep of fur-lined aeterna, the collar of her coat drawn high to tickle her cheeks. Until she makes her way over to the seating, that is, and unfastens the golden clasps holding the coat closed so that she can slide the coat from her shoulders to reveal the layered red seasilk underneath. She lowers gracefully to a chair, looking positively giddy with excitement.

Amari has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

While not exactly his type of event, personally, Seth is a sponsor and representative of his family: House Steelhart. Perhaps, not wearing the most fanciful attire when compared to the others in attendance and especially to those on stage, he doesn't seem to mind or notice. Instead, he makes his way to find seating, all while giving a nod or quick bow to those he passes along the way. There's some familiar faces, some that he's just recently met.

Jasper arrives, looking marginally ill-at-ease, though he manages to cover it by lengthening his strides to take him in a circuit around the room. As he moves, his gaze flickers, landing on Seth briefly and giving his cousin an encouring nod -- if not a smile -- before he finally hunts for a place to seat himself.

Elgana enters not too far behind Margret and Alessandro, moving to catch up to the pair as they sit. She beams a brilliant smile at them as she murmurs, "Hello best friends. Mind if I join you?" She waits a beat before she makes to sit then, giving a look around to others and giving little waves as appropriate.

Jasper has joined the a collection of comfortable chairs.

Sophie arrives alone, she's dressed up for the evening though, in a silken purple robe. Some of the usual mercy's garb has been discarded in favour of jewels but overall she's dressed much the same as always as she looks about for any familliar faces.

Wylla heads in, her eyes widening at all the people. She hesitates for a long, obvious moment or two, before making her way to the catwalk, being very careful not to make eye contact with too many people. She does, however, chirp, "Looks like a good crowd," as she steps up, shooting Joscelin a quick smile that does its best to cover for any uncertainty. But she still looks nervous nonetheless.

Amari makes a quiet entrance, pauses a moment to take in the room and people already settled in. With the chairs looking crowded, she catches sight of Kenna moving towards the benches and follows her there. When she's settled in, a delicate vision of dawn and twilight hued seasilk and rose gold, she murmurs a polite hello the blond Whitehawk. "Squirrel?" She asks, brow quirked.

Wylla has joined the a sleek wooden catwalk set with a sooty mirrored mosaic.

Indeed, Alessandro will leave the color to others for the evening, though there is likely to be quite a bit, all things considered. He leans in to hear whatever Margret has to say to him, and a little chuckle escapes him as he nods, murmuring something back. It's then that he sees Elgana, though, and he gestures toward a seat by them without hesitation. "Best friend," he says, "how lovely to see you. Of course. Are you buying today, or just looking?" His attention turns to his cousin then, though, and it's only a moment before his face shifts in recognition. "Berenice," he replies, "what a surprise! When did you get here?" He turns then, "Princess Berenice Velenosa, the Princess Elgana Redrain, and my wife, Lady Margret Greenmarch."

Cambria also files in, the Mazetti Marquessa takes in the atmosphere as she finds a seat, noting this face or that among those gathered.

From near the catwalk, Yasmine and River are whispering to each other and the Ravashari is pointing right at Rook.

Stepping in a bit after the others, Bliss smiles as she sees Elgana, Alessandro and Margret, walking quickly over to them and waving at them, looking up to the stage briefly before she looks down at a pair of letters in her hands, chewing on her lip for a moment and seeming deep in contemplation.

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Mongoose have been dismissed.

Wylla only realizes belatedly exactly what she's stepped onto. She starts to crimson. "Oh, this is where the /models/... oh." And, as hastily as she can, she's making her way from the catwalk, looking to fade into the woodwork. Those Archlector's robes don't make it too easy to hide, and she looks for a familiar face, hastening towards the gray stone benches with far less people than the chairs.

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Wylla has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

River looks from the stage at Rook, and there's a bit of an impish grin before he turns back to yasmine talking with a bit of an amused expression on his face.

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Sophie after wandering around a bit to find any familliar faces and failing to do so, the princess chuckles with a shake of her head and snags the last of one of the comfortable chairs to watch the event


Margret is chatting with Alessandro, Elgana, and Berenice at the collection of comfortable chairs. When she sees Bliss wave she waves back, and then gives the Whisper a warm smile.

Joscelin checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 4 lower.

Making his way to the front of the catwalk, Duarte claps his hands together. He smiles brilliantly for those in attendance and announces, "Thank you all very much for joining us today at this Grand Opening of the Crafters Gallery!"

"This Gallery was envisioned by the illustrious Guildmaster to serve as a showcasing for Haute Couture and particularly inspired designs and I could not be happier to help her in making it into a reality."

"Before we begin, I would like to thank tonight's sponsors without whom this could not be possible: Whisper House, House Ashford, House Steelhart, House Rubino-Zaffria, House Redrain, House Mazetti, House Thrax and House Valardin. Let's give them a round of applause."

Duarte is overheard praising Grazia.

Duarte is overheard praising Dafne.

Duarte is overheard praising Darren.

Duarte is overheard praising Cambria.

Duarte is overheard praising Isabeau.

When both Margret and Alessandro look up, that just draws Elgana's attention. Her smile just gets a touch brighter, if possible, when she notes the reason why: Bliss. A wave is given, then a gesture to the Whisper for her to join them.

Alessandro says something to his companions before his attention is caught by Bliss' wave, and he returns it with a widening smile, though whatever she has going on with the papers does get a bit of a longer look. He doesn't ask, though, because Duarte is speaking, and he quiets to listen, beginning to applaud once the man is through.

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Merek is overheard praising Grazia.

Cambria applauds politely when Count Amadeo takes the stage, opening the evening with a nod to both the Guildmistress and the sponsors.

Merek is overheard praising Dafne.

Merek is overheard praising Darren.

River is overheard praising Darren.

Merek is overheard praising Cambria.

Merek is overheard praising Isabeau.

Jasper is quick to applaud when the sponsors are announced -- undoubtedly somewhat in part due to the fact that his House's name is amongst those listed. He really looks like he's /trying/ to look like he enjoys this whole thing and failing miserably, his default somber expression making it exceptionally difficult.

River is overheard praising Grazia.

Joscelin is making her way from the hubub of the stage to the podium, and after a furtive thumbs-up to Duarte, promptly almost trips getting to the podium. Almost. There's a burst of laughter from her and she gets to where she needs to be, and uprights herself to applaud the sponsors Duarte has just mentioned. She might even whistle because why not?

River is overheard praising Isabeau.

"Watch that third step, Josie! It's a tricky one!" Yasmine calls out helpfully AFTER Joscelin has already tripped.

Duarte is overheard praising Alarissa.

Duarte is overheard praising Harlan.

Duarte is overheard praising Darren.

Duarte is overheard praising Seth.

Joscelin is overheard praising Bliss.

a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman arrives, following Mirari.

Amari also quiets to hear Duarte out, and also offer a round of applause for the sponsors. She looks back to then to Kenna and Wylla, a brow lifting at the latter as she resumes the conversation there at the benches.

"Without further wait, I would like to introduce our hostess and mistress of ceremonies, the incomparable Joscelin Arterius." Duarte announces, then begins clapping and stands aside so Joscelin may come forward. He leaves the stage.

Mirari slips into the gallery, finding a quiet seat in the back and out of the way. She waves to Joscelin as she settles, giving her attention to the catwalk.

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Merek speaks about his praises to those mentioned with others quietly, then his attention is back to the front. He watches on as he relaxes back, and crosses his arms in thought.

When the event kicks off and announcements are made, Seth offers his own applause to join the others. His eyes glance over to Jasper for a brief moment when the Steelhart name is mentioned, giving some sort of acknowledgement to the other, before he refocuses on the event as a whole. Idly, he listens to some of the conversation going on at his section, only then does he check to see the others whom he is seated with.

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Cambria has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

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After receiving what must have been a discreet invitation, Cambria makes her wy towards the benches, taking a seat near none other than Wylla herself.

The Guildmaster stands to the side at a podium about half way down the walkway, to the side and out of the way of the catwalk. She's dressed in a beautiful aeterna gown studded in lapis gemstones, her riotous curls arrayed in an artful mess around her smiling, flushed face.

"Thank you, all of you, for coming to the grand opening of the Crafters Gallery here at the Crossroads Casino! I would first like to thank Count Duarte Amadeo for his generosity and help, as well as all the wonderful Crafters that provided the many beautiful things you are about to see, the generous, fascinating, wonderful models that are about to dazzle you, and the -fantastic- sponsors that you will hear throughout the show, that were also generous in helping us create this showcasing of inspiration and creation."

"After the show, I would encourage you, all of you, to see what items you've admired are on sale! Almost everything you see tonight will be solid in the aftermath of the show, the proceeds going directly to the artists themselves to encourage further beautiful works and inspirations."

Joscelin smiles, grinning, before looking back to see if the models are ready.

Relic, 4 Ashford House Guard arrive, following Harlan.

Joscelin clears her throat and announces the first model and outfit.

"Due to a circumstances beyond our control, we have an unexpected model appearing first!

"Her Highness, Alarissa Thrax, is representing her House Valardin, and House Steelheart, and she is wearing a unique, lovely umbra outfit with rose-gold jewels.

"She's garbed in a figure-conforming gown made by the talented tailor Messere Lyiana Averdeen.

"The natural darkness of umbra is overlain with a shimmering, sheer panel of white, painted seasilk. Rose petals are painted across the panel, giving the Princess the impression like she's moving through a rain of soft, scented petals. The gown hugs her curves from thighs to shoulders but clearly lends her enough freedom to move with the grace she's known for.

"Her shoes made with heels of ivory, with umbra laces tying up around her calf, the fabric across the footwear the same as the gown, with umbra overlain with white, painted seasilk.

"The armbands the Princess is wearing are rose gold, and made by the very popular, newly made Sword of Lenosia, Mirari Corsetina. As you can see, one wraps around her bicep, and another just above her elbow, with chains linking the two of them. Seasilk and umbra matching her clothing are tied to the chains here and there, to flutter behind her and around her as she moves.

"The wings around her neck are also made of rose gold with details of mother-of-pearl, curling around from the back to meet across the collar bone. As you can see, it's not completely closed, the wingtips don't quite touch. The details are very intricate."

Harlan has joined the a collection of comfortable chairs.

Sophie can;t help but snort at the idea of a wrestling tournament between models and grins a bit behind her hand but doesn;t interrupt the others conversation

Harlan slips in sneakily and finds a seat.

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Alarissa moves out with that throat clearing by the Guildmaster and with that serene smile on her face she's moving out in all that Umbra and seasilk. Each step making sure to show the sippers, moving not so fast that everyone can't take in the details and lifting a hand to trace fingers across the necklace with it's wings on it and show off those draped arm bands. A look left and right when she make it to the end, turning just so to take it all in. And then the Princess Consort of Thrax starts to make her way back, hands smoothing over the seasilk and Umbra as if to show off the touch and drape.

Joscelin beams at Alarissa. "Thank you, your Highness, for helping us out this evening!"

Duarte settles down at a chair to the side of the catwalk and crosses one leg over the other. He oohs and ahhs at the pretty outfit as it's described. "Those shoes. My goodness." he murmurs.

Vanora agrees with Duarte from where she sits next to Mirari. "I love the combination of colors on that gown. It's stunning." She adds.

The Guildmaster peeks back to the catwalk, grins, and continues with the next model:

"We have here now, the handsome, beautiful, muscular River Whisper, who is representing House Valardin as well, along with House Redrain, and House Rubino-Zaffria.

"He is wearing an incredible, high-detailed outfit crafted by the secluded, particular artisan Aaron Blackburn. He caters exclusively to masculine designs and cuts, based in the lighthouse in the eastern part of the city. It should be noted that his outfit is -divinely- detailed, from head to toes.

"You can see here that the shirt he is wearing is dyed a beautiful shade of blue, akin to a clear sky over the ocean. The starburst pattern that radiates outward from the golden fabric rising along his left side, deliberately spilling over his heart and across his chest, mimics the rays of a rising sun.

"The pants he wears are leather, dyed the same beautiful blue as the shirt, that same sky-blue. You'll note that the garment is snug, showing off his powerful legs while remaining comfortable and free with movement. Along the outsides of his thighs are panels of golden leather, stylized to suggest more radiant rays of sunlight.

"The boots are snug and beautifully simplistic, with more of that blue, sea-green along the top edge.

"His gloves are made to match, with gold embroider across the back of the hands, and little flames like he's touching the sun itself. While these are made for the thicker hands of a masculine person, they can be laced tighter for a more snug fit, with little sea-frosted glass tipping the ends of the lacings.

"Over all of this beauty is a coat to complete the look, that same beautiful blue dyed leather, with that golden, sandstone panel coming up the back across his spine to radiate in shimmering embroidery across the shoulders, enhancing more golden leather along the collar, the front edges of the coat, and the cuffs along the arms. It's snug but comfortable, and the buttons that keep it closed are made from polished sea-glass.

"The ensemble is completed by a divinely-made leather hat with a brim, the edges rolled and stitched with the same care Goodman Blackburn shows all of his pieces."

With a confident masculine stride, River walks down the catwalk with a gait that invokes the confidence of a man practiced and poised. Each step takes him down the length of the stage and, while he's not the classical looking model, he makes up for it with bronzie olive skin, and those green eyes.

as he approaches The catwalk's end, he turns, and then makes a pose, coat flairing just slightly to show the inner lining before gloved hands come to his hips, and he runs a hand down one thigh, accenting the stitching on the pants he wears. His other hand then lifts to pluck off his hat and he brings it to his chest, and he gives a roguish grin, bowing for the crowd.

Finally, with a turn that has the light sparkling off a blue hued dragon bracelet, he makes his way back up the runway, with a final pose at the start of the stage, settling the hat back on his head.

Merek stands up and makes his way on having received another messenger!

"If only I had such thighs." Duarte laments as River struts down the catwalk filling out those radiantly decorated leather pants.

Bear, a war mastiff, 6 Last Watch Sentries arrive, following Darren.

Joscelin grins at River for his plucky smile and roguish expression. "Thank you, Whisper River!" She clears her throat, and continues on to the next model and outfit.

Darren enters, fashionably late but present nonetheless. He pauses on the threshold of the room in his fine and lordly outfit of seasilk and umbra to survey the room, his guards making a more flinty-eyed assessment as they move to precede him through the room. Going for a low-key approach for now, Darren casually strolls towards the action.

"We have the privilege of having the Nightingale of the Bard's College here this evening, the wondrous Whisper Gianna representing the House Mazetti, and House Rubino-Zaffria.

"She is wearing a gown of aeterna and seasilk made by the Goodwoman Lyiana Averdeen. It's opalescent white aeterna layered with seasilk, much like the other outfit she took the time to make for our show, dyed a translucent violet and painted with the impression of waves, the skirt made with three tiers, sewn without a hem so that it flows and moves around the legs of Gianna as she moves. You can see here it's off the shoulder, with the sleeves loose to flow down the arms. The entire garment is made to be form-fitting around the torso but flowing and loose, feminine, and comfortable as well. The shows are low-heeled and made to match the dress, with pale aeterna under violet seasilk.

"Please, everyone, pay attention to the ring on her finger: it's an exquisite original by the incredibly talented Goodwoman Josephine Arcuri, an Epiphanite, star iron ring, the center stone flanked by two beautiful Duskstones. The shank of the ring is split, and flush set with diamonds. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not exaggerate when I say this delicate, intricate jewel flares with fire and light when worn in the day. It's -marvelous-.

"To complete the look, we have two final pieces that were provided by the Atelier, the first a wide, silver cuff made of sterling silver, inspired by the Eurusi traditions of filigree and granulation. The polished texture of every detail lends the bracelet an almost faceted appearance, the effect enhanced by the three Duskstones set across the top. Gianna is wearing earrings to match, made in the same Eurusi style, mimicking sharp, dagger-like shapes and set with indigo-hued Duskstones."

Gianna struts serenely into view, her flowy aeterna and seasilk gown fluttering over her form. The violet and white of her outfit go well with her fair complexion and dark hair. Coming to a halt, she plucks up part of her skirt, the dainty duskstone, epiphanite, and diamond ring on her finger catching in the light with a myriad marvel of sparkles. So does the wide Eurasi-style cuff at her wrist gleam. Gianna turns, her skirts swirling dreamily around her and revealing her matching slippers. She releases her grip on the skirt, letting the hem float back down toward the floor. With a theatrical toss of her hair, Gianna draws attention to her earrings, also Eurasi-inspired. She stands proudly with her hand on her hip for just a few moments longer, her chin raised and a faintly smug look on her face, before turning and sailing back the way she came with a swish of skirts and swaying hips.

Wylla is staring at Cambria for some reason, her mouth open for a second before she looks back towards the stage. At River's stride and rakish nature, she colors just a little more. Darren's entrance brings a wave from the former Halfshav Archlector, and she nods towards her seats if he wishes. Gianna's turn on the catwalk makes her applaud -- just a second or two too early for propriety.

Duarte has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

Amari watches the models travel the catwalk, head tilted slightly, expression pleasant with some applause offered for each. She speaks in soft tones to those with her at the benches all the while though, dividing her attention.

2 House Mazetti Aspirants, Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes arrive, following Alessia.

"That gown is absolutely breathtaking. I love the way the layers look." Vanora gushes. "The jewelry is perfect with it too."

Cambria momentarily regards Wylla as if she's offering her poison, openly. Then her expression softens, and the two engage in a hushed conversation in between the models. When Gianna makes her debut, it can come as no surprise that the Marquessa takes a noted interest.

Joscelin beams at Gianna in passing. "Thank you, Whisper Gianna!" And continues with the next model.

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Aureth laughs in a bright crack at something spoken in lower voices around the seats, although he still seems to be demonstrating some interest in the gown Gianna wears.

Darren applauds politely for Gianna's performance as he makes his way towards Wylla and slides gracefully onto a nearby seat on the benches.

"I may have to buy that one myself" Alarissa pipes up from the back with the other models. "Or Victus shall"

The Guildmaster clears her throat softly before speaking:

"We have here, now, the exquisite, highly-sought after Whisper Melody, representing Whisper House in all its glory, and House Ashford.

"We have an incredibly rare treat today, my friends: the reclusive, incredibly talented Morrighan Redrain has submitted an exquisite outfit for our viewing pleasure this evening.

"She is wearing a black silk gown dyed in such a way to mimic a winter's night sky, sleeveless, heart-shaped neckline beset with gold and crystal, and below it, you can see bright, twin starbursts down the front of the bodice as it hugs the torso to the hips. The skirt flares out past the thighs and down, dyed in a darker color that pools around the feet, the effect a skyline over inky darkness beset with bright, golden stars. When the lovely Melody turns, you'll see that the exquisite gown is laced together up either side of the back to just under the scapulae, keeping the bodice snug and supportive.

"Her shoes are equally as exquisite and detailed, comfortable to wear, layered in black silk and embroidered with golden topaz accents, and pale translucent crystals.

"The entire look is completed with minimal jewelry, the earrings understated, black tourmaline droplets set in pure gold. Whenever the lovely Melody so much as tilts her head, these beautiful, sleek gems swing and glitter provocatively."

When Bliss hears Melody's name being called out, she looks up from the work that has been consuming her this whole time. She smiles, expectantly, and then she hears the description that is being given of the outfit from Melody. Her expression starts to fall quickly. "Silk," she repeats to herself. "Silk." And then, without another word, she stands up, grabs her letters, turns, and walks right on out, scowling.

Bliss has left the a collection of comfortable chairs.

Jared, an overworked-looking, nervous Apprentice Whisper leaves, following Bliss.

With each step landing squarely in front of the other, Melody moves for the end of the catwalk with a playful sway of her hips and a lifted chin; the gait of a prowling cat, perhaps, and a posture trained well-trained. The brilliant celestial dress of the deepest blacks and vibrant star-gold accents manages to catch the lighting, sparkling, and really, even with that composed and slightly sweet curl to her lips, Melody can't seem to believe just how PRETTY THE OUTFIT IS. So when she reaches the end of the strip and into the spotlight, she just has to share the beauty of it all, turning on her feet to send the full a-line skirt fluttering and her dark tresses bouncing and dusting by her shoulders.

Sleek gold earrings chime sweetly, and the brush of midnight ebon silk glitters so tauntingly as a corner of Melody's lips tugs upwards into a honey-sweet smile. The matching silken slippers glitter beautifully in the light as Melody's fingers graze over the sweetheart neckline, attempting to draw the eyes to the decorative border of the silks. This is the most beautiful dress EVER -- That's probably what she's thinking as she takes a moment to enjoy the spotlight before turning fully to step back down the catwalk.

Alessia Mazetti enters the Crafters Gallery in a teal blue silk dress, a long wolf fur trim coat and a golden torc with the likeness of a Hydra around her neck. She looks around the room, curiously, seemingly not abashed by her late entrance and quietly approaches the bench her cousin, the Marquessa, is sat on.

Alessia has joined the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

Melody would also frown, possibly wince, having caught Bliss escaping in her peripheral, but nevertheless -- The show must go on.

As Melody's name is mentioned, Elgana's gaze turns toward the catwalk intently. "Melody," she hisses at those she's sitting with, giving a little frantic wave toward the catwalk then, in case they aren't looking. She is practically /beaming/ as her protege makes her way down the catwalk. Though her attention shifts a touch, falters but then returns to Melody. "She looks lovely," she murmurs, clearly proud.

Cambria notes her cousin's arrival as well, and waves the woman over, saying once she nears, "Whisper Gianna has only just taken the stage. Her outfit is superb, but then, so have been all the others."

Joscelin amends, "Ah, forgive me, Melody is -not- a Whisper, but she is modeling for them today, at their behest."

The Guildmaster hesitates a moment before announcing this next model and outfit, craning her head to look back, a hopeful look on her face that everything is going well back there. She continues on:

"We have the here a unique ensemble, modeled by the famously celebrated, illustrious, scandalous, wondrous Yasmine Rovashani herself, the reknown Ravashari entertainer, and today she is representing House Thrax in an outfit befitting one of the finest dancers in the city.

"Over the beautiful, sleeveless aeterna chemise she's wearing, the jewelry she has donned from neck to hips is one piece. Solid gold, from chain links to the beautiful camellia flowers at her chest and atop each shoulder, as well as the ones linked across her lower belly, the gemstone droplets that dangle across the expansive chains are aquamarines. These are all matched, everyone one of them from the same mineral vein, to reflect that hidden blue-green depths of the ocean.

"The chains curve across the torso, the gold camellias curved to rest on her hips, and curved again to link over her shoulders. The chains link across her aeterna-covered breasts to the large camellia that rests at the center between them, with smooth aquamarine cabochons made to mimic dewdrops across the petals.

"Matching earrings of the same bright, pure gold adorn her ears, with more of those beautiful aquamarine droplets, the jewel made to catch the light when she moves. She also has a ring from the same vein to match, aquamarine and gold.

"Completing the outfit are not shoes, but dancer's anklets on each foot. Winding around her ankles, the links are gold camellia flowers, with aquamarine droplets, and then with gem-studded chains they lead to her toes, connected to several toe-rings."

Alessandro shrugs a little helplessly at something Margret says, though he looks more amused than anything else. However, he looks to the stage again when Elgana whispers, and he smiles appreciatively at Melody, taking in the gown.

There was supposed to be an aeterna chemise. Yet, somewhere between being given it by the Guildmistress and strutting across the stage, that unfortunate garment got lost. Instead, the Ravashari is clad in the jewelry only, the gold a shimmering complement to the stretch of dusky skin bared by the 'outfit'. Thankfully, the trained dancer knows to move in such a way to keep the ensemble from being completely immodest. But there is definitely enough proudly bared skin to be scandalous. Despite this, she struts and flirts with the audience as she moves to show off the glitter and shine of the gold and the gems. At the end of the catwalk, the dancer grins and then dips low in a feat of athletic prowess before slowly rising, giving the audience a little wink and then strutting herself back to the other end of the catwalk.

Joscelin's cheeks promptly go pink but... she just sighs, smiling. Ah well.

River just can't help it when Yasmine takes the stage with all that skin revealed he gives a sharp catcall of a whistle and winks at the woman as she returns back up the catwalk.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Sophie before departing.

Aureth is overheard praising Yasmine: /Nice/.

Wylla checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

River is overheard praising Yasmine: Well, there's one way to make an impression. Looks good doing it too!

More grisly news from the Lowers today, as word comes that Countess Paige Stalhben has been found killed. She was most recently working on a matter for the Inquisition with High Inquisitor Alistair and Inquisitor Veronica. Rumor has it that they were asking questions about Duke Anze, looking for what might have happened to him - but apparently she shared a similar fate. Dead, with no marks on her at all - though on her face, say the whispers, was not a look of terror but of rage.

The Guildmaster is trying to scowl at Yasmine the whole walk back down, but she can't stop smiling long enough to do it. She mutters a curse. "THANK you, esteemed Ravashari."

"Oh, Yasmine," Rook is heard sighing in that kind of resigned exasperation one reserves for their most frustrating delights. Then, as the room is abuzz with talk about it, he leans back and murmurs, "I can't really say I'd expect anything less though, when she is given such an opportunity to cause a stir."

Wylla has turned absolutely red. She stares at the benches. She stares at Yasmine. Her mouth opens and closes, but no sound comes out at first, and she looks very much like she wishes the floor would open up and swallow her. At length, her words to Darren are a little like a drowning woman searching for a life raft, loud enough to be heard a bit further. "Nice... nice beard!"

Berenice is absolutely shameless about admiring Yasmine and her outfit, applauding loudly and delightedly for it.

Yasmine returns River's wink, grinning as she does before she turns slightly to blow Rook a kiss and then, delightedly, blows one to the red-faced and flustered Wylla as well.

Joscelin shakes her head, smiling, sighs, and gestures to the catwalk for the last outfit of the event.

"And finally, last and definitely, absolutely not least, we have Grandmaster Caspian Wild! Today, he represents House Ashford, and House Steelheart.

"The following outfit is mostly made of the supple, beautifully exotic sharkskin leather, designed by Oliver Arterius himself.

"The durable, hardy leather has been made into trousers, coat, boots, and belt.

"These trousers are dyed slate gray and made to fit snuggly but comfortably, the ripples tooled into the leather to give it a wave-like effect, with carved buttons of aged bone.

"The sword belt is as beautiful as it is utilitarian, with the large bone buckle. More ripples are tooled into the leather here, lending it a water-ripple effect, a slightly darker gray than the trousers.

"The boots are mid-calf and dyed jet black, secured around the shaft with a strap with another carved bone buckle.

"The silk tunic under the coat is flows a little past the hip, v-necked and dyed this deep, rich shade of near-lapis blue, the garment can be tucked into the trousers or left loose to hang, the lines clean and artfully minimalistic. The sleeves at the elbow are embroidered along the edges in a wave-like pattern in pale blue, lending more to the oceanic-reverence of the ensemble.

"The choker around Caspian's neck mimic hands clasping about his throat, made by the wondrous Mirari Corsetina, crafted in Stygian, with moonstone nails. It's incredibly detailed, almost life-like, which just adds to its provocative quality.

"The ring on his finger is also made by Goodwoman Corsetina, crafted in Stygian into the likeness of a woman resting in a bed of tentacles. In her embrace is a beautiful duskstone, while the highly detailed tentacles embrace -her-. Very beautiful and unique, goodness."

Jerome, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Caspian struts down the catwalk in sharp steps, shoulders swaying in a somewhat exagerated motion, letting that unbuttoned shark coat sway around his blue tunic. Each step of his has his boots softly thump along the catwalk. He pauses at the end of the podium and strikes a pose, feet a little more then shoulder with apart, arm up at a right angle, hand near his head to show off that ring, and making a somewhat pouty face that if it was attributed a name, might be called Blue Steel. He confidently strolls right on back down the catwalk, ending his performance by holding his arms out in a V, snaps his fingers, and he is gone behind the curtain!

Darren strokes his fine and bushy, indeed his outrageously untamed, reddish beard with pride. "Thank you, Archlector," he says with unironic pride. "It's almost time to shed my winter pelt, but we're giving the neck-warmers one last hurrah before the spring comes in earnest."

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On the heels of that interesting fashion choice, Jasper's already actually looking, amazingly -- when Caspian strides out. His brows go upwards, recognizing the champion, surprise flickering across his face. He looks more bemused than anything, though he does, dutifully, clap.

As the final model steps to the back of the catwalk, Duarte springs up and hops back on the stage. He closes arms around Joscelin in a hug and then faces the audience. "Thank you all very much for coming! Feel free to mill around and socialize and continue to admire these master works - which will all be for sale. If anyone sees Lottie Perkins anywhere, thank her for the catering!" He steps aside, "Let's hear it one last time for our models and designers! And have a good evening!" He claps his hands.

River glances after Caspian before he murmurs rather boldly to Yasmine, "He does have a nice ass doesn't he..." flicking a hand to Caspian's ensemble, probably just to fluster Joscelin a little more. But then he goes on more seriously, "I may have to buy something of that nature if it's not set upon by everyone else."

Seth is overheard praising Duarte.

Cambria claps at Duarte's call for a final round, the Marquessa looking quite pleased.

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Seth is overheard praising Joscelin.

Seth is overheard praising Alarissa.

Vanora applauds after Duarte's closing remarks, "Thank you so much, all of you, for putting this together! It was lovely and everything so absolutely stunning."

Seth is overheard praising Caspian.

Aureth is overheard praising Joscelin: You always were the best at aesthetics.

Vanora is overheard praising Joscelin.

Kenna puts her fingers into her lips and whistles loudly, no sense of shame. Good should be acknowledged.

Vanora is overheard praising Mirari.

Seth is overheard praising Lyiana.

Yasmine just looks at River and says with a little smile, "Champions always have the best ones. All that training and fighting and thrusting with swords..." The dancer laughs and then makes her way into the crowd.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

River laughs, and then he's moving off the catwalk himself, giving Joscelin a wave and a smile before calling, "Remind me to meet with you when you have time, Guildmaster." He beams then, stepping into the general mingle.

Princess Isabeau Valardin arrives in the company of her single bodyguard some fair few minutes shy of being fashionably late and is merely... regular late. However, she doesn't miss the cue to clap. She offers polite applause while making her way through the room toward Cambria.

Isabeau is overheard praising Duarte.

Isabeau is overheard praising Joscelin.

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Alessia is overheard praising Joscelin.

River is overheard praising Joscelin: Such wonderful stage presence!

Sophie finally sees a face she knows and bounces up from her seat to wave warmly to her sister "Isa!" she calls maybe a bit too excitedly

Wylla is overheard praising Darren: Nice beard?

Cambria spies Isabeau as she makes her way into the room, and she offers the princess a cheery wave.

River is overheard praising Wylla: Someone who knows how to blush!

Away from the catwalk Alarissa goes, working her way around the room till eventually she comes to Sophie. "Princess Sophie. I'm glad to see you returned. How are you?" A cheek pressed to the blonde Valardin's cheek.

"It was about an art auction?" Caspian says back to Wylla with a smile given her way. "It was orginally going to benfit the discipleships, but Princess Alarissa gave me the better idea of using it to buy Thrall's debts," he says back to the woman, looking over to Alarissa a moment before back to Wylla.

Harlan applauds politeely, relaxng back in his seat, just watching the people for the moment.

Joscelin is stepping down from the podium, moving to thank all of the models, embracing each as she can snag them, grinning. "Oh, you were all wonderful!"

River accepts the hug and smiles to Joscelin. "This was a wonderful event. And I would love to participate in another when you should have the time..."

Sophie is finally managing to ease into the event it seems, first one face she knows and then another! She offers alarissa a warm smile and nod. "Slowly settling back into the busier lifestyle in the city as well as checking up on the mercies here, acclimating takes a bit though I suppose," she offers softly with a light blush. "What about you?"

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Not precisely at ease, Jasper is on his feet as the clapping's still dying down. Striding over to Seth, he bends to murmur something to his cousin, before he slips out the door.

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Gianna accepts the hug, but... she is not much of a hugger. Her arms kind of gingerly circle around Joscelin. She pats the woman's back twice, light as butterfly wings. "Thank you for having me."

Alessia proceeds to clap, although belatedly, as she still seems distracted.

Like a cat that absolutely knows when and where... and whose laps she might not be welcome in, scans the crowd with those gold-flecked green eyes and finds her target: Wylla. She sashays over to the Archlector, the sway of her generous hips making those chains tinkle, gives those sitting nearby a bright smile, and then places herself directly in the Wylla's lap as she says cheerfully, "How did you like the show? I swear, I have never seen anyone turn so many shades of red in my life. You have a -gift-."

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Joscelin grins at River. "Yes, of course!" She looks to Gianna and accepts the ginger hug. "Thank you so much for coming! You were perfect."

River checked composure at difficulty 30, rolling 7 higher.

Wylla checked willpower at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Now that they are free to rise and mingle, Seth does just that. At least the rising to stand part. He offers his applaud to the event runners, models and designers alike. Only then does he move towards where Jasper stands. "That was quite the evening, wasn't it." Though, he's more than certain that this whole thing was not his cousin's first choice to be dragged out to. Approaching Duarte and Joscelin he offers, "Congratulations on hosting this exciting event and also to your Grand Opening. I can't wait to see this place put to good use now that you're open for business."

Kenna covers her mouth and TRIES not to giggle when Yasmine approaches Wylla. "You looked //amazing// mistress."

pulls back from joscelin, just in time to see the woman plop down into Wylla's lap, and he has to stifle a snigger, his face going red with the effort, making noncommunicative gestures at the pair, clearly, trying his best not to erupt with laughter.

River pulls back from joscelin, just in time to see the woman plop down into Wylla's lap, and he has to stifle a snigger, his face going red with the effort, making noncommunicative gestures at the pair, clearly, trying his best not to erupt with laughter.

Wylla watches Yasmine approach more than a little warily, as if she already expects exactly what's going to happen. She /still/ turns a new shade of red: crimson! The all but naked woman seated on her lap at least has pristine white robes to settle upon, and the Archlector steels her nerve, drawing a deep breath. The tiny woman's nearly lost beneath the Ravashari, and she ekes out a hasty, "Talk later!" to something Caspian is saying. "Hello, um, hi. Are you planning to stay there?" Her gaze drifts through the room, and crimson turns maroon.

"Wonderful as always. I have no doubt that there will be flocking to your office soon enough." There's a glance to the others at the seating and smiles, dips of her head. "I came to say hello, I'll not disrupt you further" There's circulating to do.

Thusly hugged, Gianna steps down and accepts a glass of something or other from some helpful soul. She just enjoys wearing the jewels and gown just this little bit longer. Holding her arm up, she admires the cuff with a somewhat dreamy sigh.

Sophie gu=iggles softly and nods. "It was wonderful to see you again," she offers happily

Cambria gets to her feet, offering Wylla something of a sly smile as she notes Yasmine's approach. "Good luck, Archlector. I shall meet with you later to collect my new friend. Now..." She looks back, pinpointing Isabeau even as she offers her arm to her cousin, should she choose to take it. "I intend to be social for a little while."

Amari looks like she's mostly lost the plot with so much happening. If there's space to applaud, she does so, then quietly watches the goings on with a faint, but not unfriendly smile. She's definitely going to observe the whole Yasmine in Wylla's lap thing happening, but she tries not to stare. That would be impolite.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant leave, following Alarissa.

Joscelin puts a celestial midnight black silk gown with moon and star crystal embellishments in a midnight black silk bag with crystal embellishments.

Kenna pats Wylla one last time and then rises. Looking to Amari she smiles and leans forward to whisper in her ear so that her words don't get lost in ALL THE BUSTLE. Then she takes herself out with a jaunty wave and a smile.

Joscelin puts a celestial pair of midnight black silk slippers embellished with crystal embellishments in a midnight black silk bag with crystal embellishments.

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Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant arrive, following Alarissa.

Maxene, Pellinor, 4 Thrax Guards, Honey Snuggle, a Velenosian Angora cat, Dame Cupcake, the most elegant leave, following Alarissa.

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Alessia rises and settles her amber gaze on the collection of comfortable chairs. She takes Cambria's arm and manages a warm smile as she looks to the princess. I haven't met her, I don't think." She looks to the archlector one last time.

While Yasmine doesn't directly answer Wylla's question, she does loop an arm lightly around the woman's shoulders as if she's ready to make herself comfortable for a while. "I actually had a question for you, Archlector. A religious one. So, I know that jewelers and tailor and smiths and all the others crafters are looked after by Jayus. But what about models? Is that a thing? Can modeling things that other people make be -art-?"

River takes a moment to smile at Wylla and Yasmine for a nother moment before he's off to change pulling off jacket and coat to expose more golden skin before he darts out of sight briefly.

River gets a loosely draped cowl-necked umbra top from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

Caspian can't help but laugh and laugh at Wylla's embarassment, the man rising form his seat near Wylla as he notes, "Well, three is a crowd, I should probably get going. You two have fun." He looks over to Joscelin, giving her a wave. "Thanks for giving me a chance to do this!"

River gets a low-slung shimmering aeterna hip sash from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

Wylla smiles back at River -- uncertainly, at best -- before Cambria leaves. She waves a hand around Yasmine, as best she can do, and then she shoots Alessia a smile, if a rather distracted one. Because there's Yasmine again, draping an arm around her and chatting with her, and she stares, open-mouthed. "I.. it can, because dancing can, and modeling is just like dancing, except you're standing still."

River gets a pair of long, loose umbra harem pants from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

River gets a delicate obsidian beaded anklet from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

River gets a pair of gold earrings set with midnight sapphires from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

River gets a pair of sueded black leather ankle-boots from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

"My own theological opinion is that it obviously is, as any other performer's art," Aureth says with a light laugh as he slowly extricates himself from his seat and stretches. "I'm glad to hear that Blessed Wylla's expert advise is similar to my own on the subject." He tips a salute in the air with two fingers, and then wanders over to harass Joscelin while she's trying to work like a jerk.

River gets a red cinnabar-set thick obsidian band from a simple cloth bag with radiant embroidery.

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Joscelin looks up as Aureth approaches, smiling.

"Hm. This is a very good point. I had not considered that. This is why you are the Archlectors and I am a dancer, I suppose." Yasmine grins brilliantly. While others are giving Wylla sympathetic looks, the dancer only has eyes for Wylla, focusing her attention utterly on the woman.

Amari rises and gives the usual polite dips of her head to everyone she was sitting with after Kenna's spoken to her. With that, she joins the Whitehawk in fleeing. "Lovely show." She says to no one in particular and she's gone.

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Wylla smiles back at Yasmine. Sort of. She nods over at Aureth, although the look for help she gives her fellow Archlector is readily apparent. "I... I should be going," she murmurs. "If you'll excuse me, Mistress Yasmine?" An audible swallow.

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finished changing and wrapping himself in a light wrap to cover the arms, River makes his way back out into the crowd, clad once more in silks and harempants, moving through the crowd until he spots Others, smiling. He grins over to Rook and waves saying, "Ah, Minister I've not seen you in some time," then he's mixing through the various attendants and greeting others.

Yasmine's eyes widen as if she just plumb -forgot- where she was sitting for a moment. She rises from Wylla's lap and offers the Archlector a grin. "Of course. Thank you for coming to the show. And for your theological advice. Also, I have to agree with Caspian. Most adorable blush in the Compact, hands down!" With a giggle, the dancer waggles her fingers at Wylla and moves off to find someone else to pester.

Aureth does give Wylla a sympathetic look from across the room, but not one where he knows how you rescue another person from a beautiful woman covered in nothing but jewelry.

Isabeau manages to meet up with Cambria and Alessia mid-step and offers the pair a pleasantly warm smile along with her salutation of: "Ah, my dear Marquessa and... Lady...?" There's a brief pause as the princess appraises the young lady before she notes, "Ah, Lady Hydra. You must be one of Cambria's cousins."

Joscelin laughs outright at something Aureth murmurs to her, and she grins at him.

Aureth spreads his hands wide, looking innocent. No, not really. He doesn't really look innocent.

Having stepped away from the catwalk and changed into her regular attire, Melody scoots by Joscelin to steal a half-hug and whisper her thanks before sweeping down at her silks and glancing about the room for familiarity.

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Mirari approaches Joscelin, a smile on her face as she leans in to quietly speak to the Guildmaster.

As people start to chat or even disperse and depart, Seth has a mind to do the latter, but curiosity has him headed to the actual store front section. With so many expensive items on display tonight, he can't help but take a peek at the prices that these pieces are going for. While not exactly shocked by what he does find, he's certainly glad that he's no fashionista.

Now that the attention -- and the near-naked Ravashari -- is elsewhere, Wylla makes a hasty exit from the room. Not a word to anyone. Not a pause to stop. Just, bam, out the door, and one might get the sense the tiny woman isn't going to stop walking until she reaches the safety of her shrine.

Rook leans over the edge of his chair as Yasmine lets Wylla free, telling her, "You're getting up to all sorts of trouble, aren't you."

Coral, a critical clerk arrives, following Karadoc.

Gianna returns, having changed out of her glorious attire, and she looks visibly sad she had to give it all up. She might be sulking. At least she has wine.

Alessia's smile brightens at the princess' approach and she inclines her head in greeting. "It's lovely to meet you, your highness. My name is Alessia Mazetti, but Lady Hydra will do just fine."

Wylla has left the some lacework-painted storm gray benches.

"Mistress Yasmine," Grazia notes without a hint of a blush to the near-naked Ravashari woman. "Aureth would like his turn wearing your clothes. I think he'll make quite the look of it, hmm?"

Mirari gazes at Joscelin for a brief moment before she glances down at the paper that she is handed. Her eyebrows loft briefly and she bursts into a peal of delighted laughter. "Is this for real?"

"She has a twin sister, Lady Dianna," Cambria informs Isabeau. "On the off chance you meet the one, without the other." There is a playful wink before she says, "Let us go take a peek at the items on offer. And mayhaps relieve that young Lord over there of his loneliness." If Seth is actually lonely does not appear important to Cambria.

River makes his way over in Darren's direction after he's finished changing before he gives a bow to the man when he can receive a moment, saying, "Greetings High Lord. Thank you for your patronage. I just wished to extend my services in future if you should ever need it." He catches the quip from Grazia, and then looks to Aureth before he gusts out a laugh with a smile. "I definitely would pay to see that."

Joscelin just arches an eyebrow at Mirari and grins.

Margret stands up from her chair and smooths her hands over her robes before she smiles at those near her. She waits for Alessandro to do the same before she says, "Have a lovely evening." She starts towards the door with Alessandro in tow.

"Oh, well, you may not need a painting after all," Aureth says in a louder voice to Joscelin. He gives her an animated shrug and spreads his hands. He is the least innocent man in the world.

Mirari returns the paper, shaking her head as she laughs again. "Good luck with that, and let me know how it turns out, hmm?"

"I think we should go before I am tempted to buy you something I can't afford at the moment," Alessandro replies to Margret as he stands up after her, before he looks to Elgana. "Your Highness, always a pleasure. Let us catch up more soon." A look to Berenice then with a little wider smile, "Cousin. Good to see you as always." Mirari's arrival gets a wave in her direction before they actually depart, though, as he follows Margret out.

Joscelin swears good naturedly at Mirari and winks.

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Gianna makes her way toward Joscelin as well. It's like a little parade! If only Gianna still had her finery. "That was a pleasure, Guildmaster. Please, if you ever want me to model anything, do let me know. I'd be thrilled."

"I think he'd look smashing, but if he's well-endowed, he might cause an incident at the Shrine. Also, this chafes a little." Yasmine pulls an comically exaggerated expression of pain and wriggles a little bit as if she's just -so uncomfortable-. Then, she grins dazzlingly. "I probably should have worn the chemise underneath like Josie told me to. Maybe if Aureth wore that, then the jewelry, he won't chafe his bits."

Joscelin grins at Aureth. "Well then!"

Coral, a critical clerk leaves, following Karadoc.

River continues on down the line of the nobles bowing to Seth when he notices the man greetings, "My Lord Steelhart. It is a pleasure to see you again."

"I'm not going to comment on my endowment, thank you," Aureth says with prim dignity, in so far as he is capable of either primness or dignity.

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Overhearing Yasmine, Joscelin pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs.

Duarte reads a recently passed along missive. He rolls his eyes with a shake of his head and rips it into tiny pieces, which he then hands over to Harlen, "For the fire, lad." and sends the boy off to toss the papyrus in the flames where they belong.

Joscelin grins at Gianna. "Thank you again," she says dropping her hand. "You were exquisite."

Mirari shakes her head and gently nudges Joscelin with an elbow. "She is right, and you know it."

"That's between you and the gods, Archlector." Yasmine widens those green eyes in innocence and raises her hands defensively. "I'm just saying. If you were blessed by them, this is going to be awkward to wear without something underneath."

Joscelin tries to scowl at Mirari and winds up snickering instead.

While not exactly lonely, while he was viewing some of the fancy wares, Seth seems to have paused in that action, looking to be lost in his thoughts. He's stopped in front of some Eurusi inspired jewelry, but doesn't seem to be paying them much mind. Or if he is, he's watching those earrings very intensely. Not even blinking once the whole time. It takes a moment for him to be drawn out of what could be a daydream and that is when hears someone actually addressing him. Blinking once, then twice, he turns to River as if just realizing that he's still at the gallery. "Right..." He murmurs, then thinking back on things, he does recall now, "Ah, you were the Whisper I met at the Academy. Well met then."

"I've some things to do, let me know if you need help with anything, including clean up." Mirari gives Joscelin a kiss on the cheek before she makes her way towards the exit.

"When does a blessing become a curse is what I'm wondering," River quips to Yasmin, unable to keep the smile from his face, but then Seth is addressing him and he's back to serious tones. "Of course my lord. I've actually been meaning to make your acquaintence more formally. So I would like to extend an invitation to you for dinner when you should have the time."

Rook clears his throat and shares a long look with his protege, "Yasmine! Come on, you know better than that," he insists, hand up to his temple, rubbing slightly. "Though I'm sure that's exactly the problem. You know better and you're enjoying this immensely."

Gianna favours Joscelin with a smile before moving on. She inclines her head to Rook, and makes her way toward Darren. "Did you see anything you liked enough to purchase, Your Highness?"

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a lithe, dark-cloaked Lycene woman leaves, following Mirari.

"A twin! Well, in that case, Arx is twice-blessed by your beauty, Lady Alessia," comes Isabeau's reply while she strolls with the pair of Mazetti noblewomen over to where Seth is window-shopping, so to speak. "I'm disappointed that I managed to miss the formal floor show, but admiring art is admiring art no matter how it's displayed, I imagine."

Joscelin puts Oliver and Joscelin's Dark Dawn Breaking Bright in a midnight black silk bag with crystal embellishments.

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"When you faint every time you get excited," Yasmine says matter-of-factly in answer to River's question. Noticing that familiar temple-rubbing gesture on Rook's part, she just grins at him and gives him a little curtsy.

Berenice rises from her chair after some post-show lazing, looking about to see what others are still here. Her gaze lands on Seth after a few moments, and she meanders her way over to the shop display where he stands with River. "Lord Seth, do you think one of the items on display might be able to get you to smile?" she wonders teasingly. She offers a warm smile to River. "Hello! Princess Berenice Velenosa."

"or when people ask you what wood your cane is made out of and why it is you keep tripping over it," River launches back, quick witted with a wink for Yasmine. "We best stop though before your Patron? friend?" he gestures to rook, "collapses."

Aureth laughs. "While the gods have given man a cock and a brain and only enough blood to run one at a time," he says, "I am not here to deny anyone the entertainment value of their speculation." He just continues to fail to comment upon the matter in question. "I'm pretty sure you'll have to be much worse than that to shock the conscience of Rook Grayward. His taste, though, his taste is already appalled."

"I imagine there will be a next time," Cambria says to Isabeau. She walks arm-in-arm with both cousin and princess, and as she does so, she manages to give Isabeau a consoling pat. "If I am not mistaken, this is one of the famed Steelharts," Cambria notes to Berenice. "They are practically famous for /not/ smiling." To Seth, she smiles brightly. "Marquessa Cambria Mazetti, and with me are Lady Alessia, my cousin, and her highness Princess Isabeau Valardin. I trust you will not take my quips to heart. Another of my," very many, "Cousins was wed to a Steelhart."

Alessia chuckles at Isabeau's remark, as they walk over to Seth. "That is very kind of you to say, your highness. We're not identical but she's no less beautiful." Her lips rest into a smile. "Besides, Arx has all the blessings it needs if beauty is a gauge."

"I do not collapse," Rook insists suddenly, more alarmed by that than anything else, before he waves a hand. "I'm simply a constant reminder that Yasmine can do better, and she, she is my constant reminder that the world won't conform to my expectations," reveals the courtier. Aureth's words on him cause a laugh, a dip of his head, a broader smile.

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist leaves, following Melody.

River turns when Berenice approaches and he makes a smooth bow with a whisper of silks about him before he straightens, "Greetings my lady," He corrects, "My ladies," when the other noblewomen approach bowing to each in turn. "Such a pleasure, truly."

Berenice laughs warmly for Cambria's comment. "Oh, well, that doesn't mean I can't try, does it? A pleasure, Marquessa, Lady Alessia, Princess Isabeau. Princess Berenice Velenosa."

"Dinner?" Seth inquires, giving it some thought, "I suppose I should have some time. I've been meaning to take on one of the packages that the Whisper House has for their clients, but I've been far too busy to do so." When Berenice comes to join them, he does recognize her from somewhere, though her comment seems to make him just a bit self-conscious, thus as a twitch reaction, the edges of his lips tug down into a brief frown. "I do smile." He states flatly, "When there are things to smile about. Lady.. Berenice, was it? You were there at the Gaun--" The Gauntlet is not something that he cares to remember right not, "At the Telmar's." With others joining in, he is definitely not lonely... At the new train of introductions, he blinks and gives a bow to all of the women that now surround him, though what Cambria says does arch a brow. "Oh that's right." He says of their family's ties, "And it's a pleasure to meet with you all. I'm afraid that I've been so overwhelmed by things as of recently, that I was lost in thought."

"Rook is made of -firmer- stuff that he appears. You should -hear- the filth that comes from those elegant, clasys lips when someone spills tea near him or he finds cat hair on his aeterna or... the ultimate offense... -someone wears white slippers before First Bloom." Yasmine gasps slightly, raises a hand to her head, and pretends to collapse into Rook's arms. "I've not even heard worse cursing on the docks of Arx."

Duarte returns into the fold and walks to settle alogside Joscelin. "Magnificent work, Joscelin. Your and the artisans you represent are so inspirational. Thank you for letting me help."

"I will have to test this when I have a chance to get him alone for private conversation," River poses towards Yasmine before he gives Rook an impish grin. Then he's back to the group about him, shrugging up the light wrap about his arms. He casts a glance towards Joscelin to see when she should be available to speak but his attention always remains partially on Seth and the other nobility, the courtier at work.

Gianna finishes her drink and sets the glass aside where some other person with a more menial job can pick it up. That done, the Whisper makes her way toward the exit.

Joscelin moves to embrace Duarte. "You were wonderful, thank you so much for you efforts, I think they were well repaid, yes?" She grins.

Gianna has left the a sleek wooden catwalk set with a sooty mirrored mosaic.

"You looked stunning, Whisper River," Cambria says to the man. "As did all the models this evening. Your fellow Whisper Gianna was equally elegant. You are each a credit to that esteemed House." She then looks to Berenice, and brightens. "Ah yes, Princess Berenice. We exchanged a few letters. How lovely to meet you in person."

Joscelin gets a sleek umbra gown with an overlay of gauzy white seasilk painted with rose petals from a clothing bag in a black and white rose-petal hue.

"Berenice, yes. Velenosa." Berenice just looks more amused when Seth looks self-conscious, but she reaches to touch fingertips to his arm in apology. "Oh, I'm sure you do, my lord! I was clearly just hoping to see one for myself. I'll have to be funnier, I suppose! Or more entertaining. Earn myself one." She looks back to Cambria, suddenly remembering. "Oh! Yes! Marquessa Cambria! How ridiculous of me that I'd forgotten, I'm such an idiot sometimes. Hello!"

Joscelin gets a pair of low-heeled umbra slippers resting beneath a rose petal painted white sea silk pannel from a clothing bag in a black and white rose-petal hue.

"Oh! Repaid in the joy of the work, love. I didn't keep a penny." Duarte smiles with a pat on Joscelin's shoulder.

Joscelin gets a collar of ethereal rose gold filigree wings from a clothing bag in a black and white rose-petal hue.

"thank you so much My Lady," River states with a bow, before he says to Seth, "Yes, Dinner. I would gladly go over packages for you, if you are interested. We offer everything from massage, to instruction. Counseling, entertainment. Modelling it seems as well." He grins to the group.

"Alright, alright, that's enough of that," Rook scolds as he suddenly has Yasmine's weight splayed over him in the collapse, sliding to his feet and drawing her up with him. "You're being a nuisance," insists the courtier of the dancer. "Come, let's go see if there's anything you want to take home from the lot, then I think it's very important to avoid making a complete make-believe view on how I do or don't curse."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Princess Berenice, Lord Seth." Alessia greets them warmly before looking from Cambria to Seth. "It's a shame Lady Marvella isn't here, perhaps on her return to the city, there'll be a chance for a reunion."

Joscelin gets a pair of looping rose gold armbands draping swathes of umbra and seasilk from a clothing bag in a black and white rose-petal hue.

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River calls over to Yasmine, "Expect word from me. I am thinking of putting on a dance recital at the theatre and I would love to learn some of the dances you know before we set up a time..." He waves to the Protege and her patron then before he turns his attentions back to the group.

Yasmine gives Rook one of -those- grins and then, gracefully, rights herself so that she's standing up straight next to him. She leans in close and then boops his nose as she says with an almost sultry chuckle, "Hush. You love it." River gets a waggle of her fingers and some sort of hand gesture that either means 'write me a message' or 'bake me some brownies'. The dancer loops her arm with Rook's and walks him toward the collection of outfits on display for sale.

With more introductions all around, the Princess Isabeau presents herself as a model of Oathlander grace and poise, making note of every name and title with ease and offering both Berenice and Seth her attention for a time in turn. "Naturally, I am very impressed to see a war dog here in the gallery, my lord. House Steelheart is always welcome company for any Valardin, I imagine," she says to Seth, all smiles enough for the both of them. Berenice is addressed with warmth as the beautiful blonde notes, "Welcome to Arx, your highness. I hope the climate isn't too cold for your tastes. It isn't Lenosia, surely, but the springs are truly worth weathering the winters to see."

Aureth laughs in a warm puff of breath and says, "I've never met a Lycene who enjoyed Arx's winter. Luckily First Bloom is right around the corner and it should start to heat up soon. Then we can all follow Mistress Yasmine's fashionable example without fear of freezing to death." He tips his chin after Yasmine and Rook perusing the wares with bright humor in his gaze.

"Oh, it's /absolutely/ too cold," Berenice replies to Isabeau, but she complains with every evidence of good humor. "I think I'm going to freeze and die every time I step foot outside! But I've been assured /multiple/ times that spring and summer are tolerable, so I suppose I'll just have to endure." She heaves a good-natured sigh.

Trying to be amiable, Seth does decide to smile. His are never big grins or anything of that nature, but he does grace Berenice with a slight upturned little smirk. This may be the best that she, or anyone, will get... "After I heard about the gallery's opening, I figured why not throw the Steelhart lot into this. Everyone loves a good fashion show." He pauses, "Except for my Cousin, Jasper, it would seem." the other Steelhart's absence can clearly be seen. He 'smiles' politely to Alessia, when she greets him, though he does his best to recall the title that was given to him during their introduction, "Lady Alessia and Princess Isabeau." There. He works to set this to memory. When Isabeau speaks out, he clears his throat before he speaks, "Yes, but I thought it was time to offer to support to a new endeavor or other, though it is odd to associate the Dogs of War with, well, fashion. I do agree." It is to Cambria now, that he asks, "I would like to speak to you later regarding Edrik." Perhaps, he's hoping to learn more information. Then to River! "Good, good. I'll let you know when I am free and hopefully we can sort things out."

"That is why I bought a fluffy fur coat. Because the weather is miserable, and all of my dresses are Lycene," Grazia admits to Aureth.

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