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Monthly "Skirt and Gown" Night

This is the second of what will hopefully become a monthly "Skirt and Gown" night. What makes "Skirt and Gown" different from all other nights? On this night, the ladies of Arx descend on some poor inn or tavern (or in this case, garden) and relax with their fellow females. They get to know each other, welcome newcomers to the city, and discuss the issues of the day. They drink and make merry. They share in the bonds of female camaraderie.

This "Skirt and Gown" Night will be hosted by Mirari Corsetina at Of Works Obscura in the Blade Garden. We will discuss and hand over the hosting duties to the next lady at the event, so if you are interested, please stop by!

P.S. You can wear pants, but prepare to be gently teased about it.


June 30, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Amari Sabella Carita Aahana Lethe Isabetta Ariella Gianna Lisebet Emmelline Lucita Carissa



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Of Works Obscura - Blade Garden

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Comments and Log

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Amari.

Mirari gets up on the bench, hands on her hips. She waits until attention is focused in her direction and then she speaks up.

"Welcome to skirt and gown night! No formalities, ladies! We're here to gossip and have fun among ourselves. Please feel free to sample from the refreshment cart and draw close to the fire. We're looking for someone to host the next evening, so if you feel like you might be able to accomplish that, set a date and buy some booze!"

1 Saik Guard, Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Mirari steps down off the bench and gestures to the pillows, blankets and the warm fire. "Gather around, and if you're new to the city since the last skirt and gown night, feel free to introduce yourselves. This is for us to get to know one another and make connections." She pours some tea into a glass and holds it out. "Anyone?"

Lethe buys a couple of things while she waits and smiles as the event gets started. She looks around to see who she might know.

Amari arrives at the appointed hour and just in time to hear Mirari out, which she does, just through the glass doors. Having no problem with anything said apparently, she moves to the fire as directed. She offers the host a polite smile and a dip of her head, both in greeting and because she'd love that tea. "I didn't attend the last, so, I'll introduce myself. Hello! I'm Lady Amari Keaton." She suggests a curtsey with a bend of knee.

Carissa walks into Skirt and Gown night a little late, looking around curiously. She smiles around shyly, dark eyes taking it all in before she takes a seat, smiling gratefully to Mirari. "I'm new to the city since the last one, I think," she says, speaking up after a moment's pause while she plucks up some courage. "I'm Lady Carissa Malespero. A pleasure to meet everyone." Her smile turns a bit warmer before she settles in more firmly.

Lucita walks into the shop, leaving her dogs outside with a guard keeping them under control. She stops near the entry to glance around and gives a smile on seeing familiar faces present. Does not take her but a moment ot approach some friends and give them a a warm 'hello' in greeting before glancing toward the newcomer and saying. "Baroness-Regent Lucita Saik, How very nice to meet you."

Lethe watches Amari and waves. She goes over to say something to her but introduces herself first. "To anyone who doesn't know me I am Lady Lethe Tyde."

"It's a pleasure to see all of you, feel free to find some refreshment and a comfortable seat." Mirari says, smiling at the arrivals. "No subject is taboo here ladies. We all know that we're better at gossiping than our better halves." She finds a warm blanket for herself and wraps it around her shoulders. "It's nice to see so many new faces of people I haven't met yet. Welcome to Of Works Obscura, this is my shop and my home. We usually have these at a bar, but..I tried to make it cozy here for us." She cradles her tea close to her. "So, what have some of you ladies been up to since you got to Arx?"

Gianna strides in, head held high. She flicks her hair over her shoulder and announces, "Gianna Whisper, Nightingale of the Bard's College." That said, she inclines her head to Mirari. "Thank you for hosting us." Now, a place to sit.

After a moment, the redhead, Lady Carissa, moves to get some tea herself. "Settling in again, mostly. I was born an Argento," she says lightly, but her eyes are too dark for her tone. She changes the subject swiftly. "I'm sorry if I've crashed something intended for married ladies--if this is not a place for someone unwed, I shall leave if needed, no hard feelings taken." She smiles uncertainly, looking at Mirari, tea in hand.

"This is for women, no requirements at all. Married or unwed, old or young, noble or not - you're all welcome here to gossip with us." Mirari gets to her feet and moves towards the refreshment cart. "Lady Carissa, what can I get you to drink, hmm?"

Amari notices Lethe there and flashes a bright smile at her, even she intones a rather formal greeting of, "My Lady." She pours herself a tea and gives the pot a little wiggle towards Lethe to silently inquire if she'll have one as well. As introductions are rattled off, she makes sure to look to each woman in turn, no doubt to memorize the name that goes with each unfamiliar face. "A pleasure to meet you all." She sneaks in there, but tilts her head slightly to regard Gianna curiously, "I'm unfamiliar with the title. What does being a Nightengale of the Bard's College entail?"

Carissa smiles, relaxing. "I've got some tea, but maybe a splash of something interesting in it would make my night go a little more... smoothly, hmm?" she says to Mirari with a twinkle in her eyes, before flushing a little. "Yes, as Gianna Whisper says, thank you very much. This is a lovely space, and I gratefully appreciate you taking the time to host us," she murmurs quietly to the owner of the establishment they're in.

Carita's arrival is one of warmth, as she's dressed on deep gold and ermine, clearly prepared for sitting in the cooler temperatures of a garden. Cerulean eyes survey the space before she makes her way to the hostess, a quiet servant behind her carring a crate of rum that's set down. "I happened on the Ebb and Flow and when I mentioned wanting a bottle of rum to take, Lord Stormbreak said to put it on his tab as he was leaving, so ... I got a crate of bottles instead." She seems quite pleased with herself with that announcement and smooths her hands over her dress before quietly dismissing the servant. "Lady Lucita!" she says from her spot, a gloved hand lifted to wave as she warmly smiles in the Baroness-Regent's direction.

Gianna finds herself a place to lounge, crossing one leg over the other. She smiles at Amari, although it doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Organize and found it," she tells the Keaton. "And then serve as the head of the organization. It's for musicians and singers."

Mirari takes the cordial from the cart, eyes sparkling. "It's my pleasure, I don't often get the opportunity to gossip with my lady friends." She pours some of the cordial into Carissa's tea, winking. "Every girl could use a little time with the girls." She beams at Carita, holding her arms out to hug the Lady. "I'm glad you were able to come Carita! We've been needing to get together." She turns to smile towards Gianna. "It sounds like quite a venture, are you enjoying it?"

Carissa accepts the Cordial with a smile, before moving to sit. She finds a comfortable spot and settles in, quiet for the moment as she sips her spiked tea.

Lucita finds a comfortable spot to sit and gives Gianna and Amari amicable nods as well as Carissa and Mirari. A hint of mischievious grin is given Mirari as she says to her. "Guess more of what we were sipping before at the Inn might be best, yes? And here is Lady Carita with a generous supply to share! Shall we have to send thanks to him?"

Lethe looks to Lucita and smiles. "It is good to see you here and sure I will have some tea."

Gianna inclines her head to Lucita, politely. To Mirari, she says, "I'm enjoying it, yes. It's been very fulfilling to build something from the bottom up and strive to make it successful. I'll be touring the Compact soon to help spread the word."

Amari accepts something from Lethe and in return pours her a tea, smiling all the while. There's some murmurs between them, but she doesn't forget that she's asked a question. "It's an interesting title, I like it, more so now that you've explained all that's required to earn it. Is being a musician or singer the only requirement to join the College?" She sounds genuinely curious. Carita is looked to a moment, and offered a polite dip of her head in greeting.

Leaning in to hug Mirari, Carita's laughter is soft as she nods, "I wouldn't dare pass up a chance to visit, but to bond with other females as well? Not a chance." It's a warm little hug that even has the addition of a wiggle, parting to smile warmly in Lucita's direction. "Oh yes, please do. Don't forget to mention the copious amounts that were donated." Her eyes sparkle now with mischeif.

Mirari moves around the garden, pouring drinks for folks and flavoring them generously with cordial. "'I will, for certain." She murmurs to Lucita as she winks towards Carita. "Everyone get comfortable, there are blankets for warmth if it's needed." She nods at Gianna. "Hard work is its own reward, isn't it?" She grins at Carita and gestures for her to find a seat. "So what other fun things have people been involved in? Any budding romances out there?" She leans against a wall, sipping at her teacup.

Carissa finds herself seated near Lady Amari and gives her a smile. "I understand you're newer to the city, as well?" she asks softly. Then she looks to Carita, nodding. Seems she's the only outlier here; she sits back and quietly absorbs what's going on around her, while slowly imbibing her tea spiked with liquid courage.

Isabetta wanders into the garden looking lost. Looking very lost. "Ah.. So," She starts saying, hesitantly, "I heard there was a lady's night or something going on around here and.." She looks around at the various people about and bites her bottom lip. "So if I just walked into a private party-" she notices Mirari and adds, "Or a coven of assassins," then she raises her voice, "Then um, I'll just be going."

Aahana gracefully saunters into the garden with a smile curling her lips. And is quite happy to hear about the blankets for warmth, it is cold for her Lycene blood here in Arx! As she sees Lucita and Carita, she lights up and calls out to them both "Baroness Lucita, Lady Carita, it is wonderful to see you both." A warm, welcoming smile offered to all others present here as she says "I am sorry if I am late. I am still learning my way around the city. I am Lady Aahana Volkov." To Isabetta she offers "I don't think it is a private party." She then looks to all present as she inquires "Is it?"

"We do have some supporters that aren't singers or musicians - those who helped me bring the organization together and offer their support in other ways," Gianna tells Amari, her tone pleasant. "It's not a private party, no," she assures Isabetta and Aahana.

"It is not a private party, if you're a lady and you're here to gossip or meet new people, you're in the right place." Mirari remarks, giving Isabetta an amused look. "You don't need to kill people to do so either." She clears her throat and turns back to the refreshment cart. "Would anyone else like some tea?"

Ramona - A Farshaw House Guard arrives, following Lisebet.

Lucita starts to laugh. "Coven of assassins? Don't know if to be flattered or insulted by that but .. it produced a smile none th less. Private in the sense it is for females though give some of the men enough to drink they may put on a skirt and decide to see what gossip is making the rounds amid the womenfolk. Or perhaps just accidently wander in while shopping.

Carissa grins at Lucita. "Have they really been that curious?" she asks, eyes dancing with delight. "What?"

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, Clark, an exasperated guard, 2 Grayson House Guards arrive, following Sabella.

Lethe looks around. "It is wonderful to meet all of you." She looks to Gianna. "It sounds like a great organization."

Amari settles in near the fire, arranging her fur cloak, teacup in hand. Carissa's smile is returned in kind, "Newer yes, just a few months. I'd never been far from Oakhaven, before that... save to Sanctum once." She glances aside to make sure Lethe is near and comfortable, then back to Carissa, "Malespero? Oh! Marquessa Liane and Lord Pasquale? He was very kind when I met him at the art gallery opening." Gianna's answer is nodded thoughtfully to, "Can you be a rank amateur and join? Or are there examinations to pass?" Isabetta's remarks have her glance her way and smile a greeting. She doesn't look particularly lethal herself.

Carissa smiles warmly at Isabetta. "I am far from an assassin, and the drinks are lovely, I assure you." She turns back to Amari. "Yes," she says with the tiniest hint of frost on the first name she says, "Marquessa Lianne and Lord Pasquale. Lord Pasquale is quite lovely." She inclines her head and raise her glass. "I don't leave Malespero Tower much, but I'm working on changing that, as you can see." She smiles brightly then.

"All you need is a love of music and song," Gianna tells Amari, lips still curved in a faint smile. "I do like to hear people sing or play when they join, but only if they're comfortable. It's an excellent place to study music as well, though that's not a formal function of the College. Princess Sorrel has said she is quite happy to teach."

"Oh, I'm sure we'll get a man or two. It will be a bonus if they don a dress." Mirari agrees with Lucita, giggling softly to herself. "To all that just arrived, feel free to grab a blanket, get comfortable in front of the fire and find a drink." She gestures to the refreshment cart. "Whatever gossip is said here, stays here, unless we'd like it to grow wings and flitter to the person we're gossiping about." Her eyes twinkle as she curls up in a seat, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders. "I'm Mirari Corsetina, I've met most of those who have joined us. To the newcomers, this is my shop as well as my home. You're welcome to look around after we're done gossiping. It's going to be a pleasure to know all of you better."

Sabella comes rushing in--or out, really--from the shop looking bright eyed and rosy cheeked, "How late am I? Have I missed all the good stories and introductions?!" She asks with a laugh, giving a wave around, "Apologies, the duel went late!" As Mirari gives instructions for blankets she does go get one before finding a seat.

"Lucita, it's been a while." Isabetta tells Lucita warmly and continues to watch Mirari with an overly wary expression. She looks all around and tells Carissa, "You know the problem with Assassins is they all say they're not assassins."

Carita settles near Lucita, waving Aahana over, pulling a blanket along with her, and of course cordial. "Lady Aahana!" There's more laughter at the mention of men showing up, "We're only a coven of assassins if the men do show up, I think." She then lifts her glass to Carissa, "Lady Carita Darkwater," she introduces herself, ".. and welcome to the city outside Malespero Tower. You've chosen wisely, Mirari is the most delightful company, not to mention her talents in crafting the most beautiful dresses."

Aahana smiles to Mirari as she says "I would love some tea, thank you." Her hand easily reaching to grab one of the blankets to help with keeping her warm. She begins to make her way over towards Carita, Lucita and Isabetta, easily going to join as she says "I do happen to love a beautifully crafted dress."

Lucita says, "I'm just getting back into social circulation myself. I .. had a bit of a rough patch back in January. Was my .. Would have been my first wedding anniversary had my husband not died in Setarco. So I spent several days with my twins and singing and reading to them and telling them about their father even if they are rather too young to remember any of that. They are not quite four months old.""

Gianna turns her almost-smile on Sabella, inclining her head to the Grayson. "You've missed nothing," she tells the rosy-cheeked young woman. "Though, speaking of Miss Corsetina's skill, River Whisper mentioned you gave him a choker with a dawnstone. What does one have to do to be granted such a favour?"

Carissa laughs delightedly at Carita. "Well, I'm at the best place. Dresses are lovely." She smiles at Isabetta, amused. "That's true, I suppose." Then merriment dies on her lips as Lucita speaks. "I'm so sorry," she murmurs, real sympathy in her eyes.

Lisebet arrives even later than Sabella and without her excuse. "Hello," she calls out as she arrives. "I am not too late, and in the right place yes?" There's an amused questioning look on her face.

Mirari turns her head toward Carita, lowering her voice slightly. "I suppose that all women who enjoy the color black are assassins now." She gets to her feet and moves toward the refreshment cart. "Some liquor to warm it up?" She asks Aahana, smiling in her direction. She blinks at Gianna, her cheeks coloring slightly. "Oh, well I didn't give it to him, he commissioned it - along with an umbra outfit."

"Princess Sorrel's a wonderful singer, anyone would be lucky to learn from her." Amari nods, but then she smiles and looks slightly embarrassed, "I'll stop bothering you about it. I was just curious. My mother, from what I remember, was a lovely singer, so I'm a bit crazy about anyone with the slightest talent for it." Carissa is given a brighter smile, "Well that won't do. We'll have to break you out of the tower and introduce you around. There's so many fascinating people here in Arx." The latecomers are looked to then, Sabella given smile and bow of her head, "Princess Sabella. I've not seen you without a Niklas accessory in quite some time. Do you think he'll be alright?" Aahana also gets a polite nod and a curious looking over. And there's Lisebet, she's treated to a wave, "Lady Lisebet!"

Carissa smiles warmly at Amari. "I would like that very much."

Aahana offers a sympathic smile to Lucita as she says "The thought still counts I think. Very much." As Mirari is offering liquor, she brightens up and says "Yes please, I would adore some to help warm it, thank you kindly." Her hands reaching out to take the offered liquor. A warm smile is given to Amari and a curious look over is returned.

Gianna nods to Mirari. "Oh, I see. I misunderstood." To Amari, she notes, "I'm hardly bothered. If you'd like to speak more about it, I'd be happy to meet with you." There are drinks, but none of them are in Gianna's hand. She probably should have procured one before draping herself across a seat. She inclines her head to Lisebet when the woman arrives; she's a somewhat familiar face.

Lucita says, "I'm not too glum about it, the children had a way of helping avoid that. Was just explaining why had not been out and about as much as usual and not keeping quite as close a touch with friends for a bit."

Carissa nods at Lucita. "I appreciate his--and your--sacrifice nonetheless." And she smiles warmly again before sipping from her cup.

Lethe looks to Lucita. "I was glad to get to see rhe twins recently." She tries her tea. "This is really

"You know, I asked him the very same question as I left him," Sabella says with a laugh to Amari as she tucks the blanket around her aeterna skirts. "But he is with his brother so I think he should be all right for a time. I said if he missed me too badly he could send a messenger."

Lisebet smiles at Gianna, but her attention is taken by Amari's call, so she heads over that way. "Lady Amari, how good to see you." she finds a blanket and settles in.

Isabetta falls silent, watching the others talk and scouting for drinks. She also spots Sabella and she's like, "Oh Princess Sabella, hi." She heads over to her to offer her a hug.

Mirari pours cherry cordial into the tea and brings it to Aahana, smiling as she hands it over. "Here you are, enjoy." She says, glancing around with a raised brow. "Would anyone else like something to drink?" She asks, moving back towards the cart. "Just let me know what you'd like, I'm happy to pour for you."

Lethe continues. "good. I am glad I was able to be here. I haven't been able to get out as much as I might like."

Carita's laughter lifts, rich and feminine, a gloved hand lifted to muffle a little of it. She answers by lifting her glass in Mirari's direction, winking, before she leans to gently pat Lacita's arm, affection and sympanthy clearly evident.

Oh thank goodness. Saved. Gianna tilts her chin up and calls out gently to Mirari, "Do you have anything a little spicy? I'd like that, please."

"I'll certainly take you up on the offer, Gianna Whisper." Amari warns, but she drops it for now, not wanting to monopolize her terribly with questions. Aahana is definitely judged interesting by the Keaton, so she pitches her introduction to the blonde in the purple silk gown, "I'm Lady Amari Keaton. Hello." That offered she shifts over a bit to make sure Lisebet has room to join her Lethe and Carissa in that spot near the fire, and laughs softly at Sabella's response, "Poor guy. Are you both recovered from the sledding? Someone told me what happened after, I was so scared I had my eyes closed the entire trip down the hill."

Emmelline smiles as she makes her way out on to the garden. upon seeing Sabella, she makes a beeline for her. Curtsying respectfully to her she says amiably, "Good evening your highness. I do not see your other half today."

Mirari pours a smaller glass of cinnamon whiskey and hands it out to Gianna. "Setarco Fire. Keeps a person nice and warm on a day like today. I would highly recommend it." She pours herself a glass as well and moves to take a seat. "Were the winter festivities fun? I wasn't able to join in, but there was a lot of talk of it."

Carissa watches people come and go. With the small garden filling up, she's starting to look a little overwhelmed, but she'll try to hang in a little longer, if the grim set of her lips holds any indication. She exhales softly and drinks deeply of her tea.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Carita before departing.

Gianna murmurs to Mirari, "My thanks," as she accepts the cup. Cinnamon whiskey? Perfect. She doesn't take a sip just yet; she just looks to the newest arrival, Emmelline, and inclines her head in a sort of greeting.

Isabetta heads over to Carita and gives her a little finger wave. She also notices Emmeline and gives her a little wave too. She's just hanging around quietly, enjoying listening in silence or something.

Lethe smiles as she looks to Amari. "You went sledding. That sounds like fun. I'm sorry I couldn'r be there."

LIsebet arrives in time to hear Amari's introduction to the two women near her. She smiles, and adds, "And I'm Lisebet Farshaw, a pleasure." She's been seen around here ane there, certainly. "This is quite lovely, is it not? I don't think I've been here before." A pause and then to Mirari, she says, "I was watching for a bit, it certainly looked like everyoen was havign fun."

Sabella nods to Amari, "I still sometimes feel like I have ghost snow lingering in parts of me snow ought to never be, but we were both very lucky to come through it all unscathed. Well, mostly. Prince Niklas did need to have a new set of pants made! Honestly, I remember very little except for the rolling part." When Emmelline comes in she gives her a smile and a wave, "Lady Emmelline, hello! And yes, it is a rare sighting of me without my Prince these days! I'm sure in a month or so we'll go back to...well, we've always been rather inseparable, so perhaps nothing will actually change! I just left him on the Proving Grounds after a win, which I'm sure we'll celebrate later."

Emmelline chuckles softly at Sabella's words. hearing isabetta's voice, she turns to face her, the little bells hidden in her earrings tinkling gently. "Why hello Lady isabetta," she says amiably to the woman. "I hope you have been well since last we spoke?" next, she gives Lisebett a soft smile, and curtsies respectfully to her. "Lady Lisebet, it is lovely to see you as usual. I am sorry to hear that you did not take part in the winter festivities. It was quite fun, if not a touch cold."

Aahana takes the tea from Mirari as she says "Thank you so much, it smells absolutely divine." Her attention then flits to Amari with a warm, welcoming smile as she says "And I am Lady Aahana Volkov, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lady Amari. I absolutely love your hairpins, both set are very lovely."

Lucita is seated amid the group of women, a smile on her lips and clearly enjoying the gossip and fun. Her gaze slips from person to person as they speak and a hand is lifted to wave a greeting to the newcomers.

"I walked around the festival with your cousin, Lord Karadoc." Carita tells Lucita, and the room, "It did look fun, but I was hardly dressed for snowball fights or sledding. I mostly drank and cheered." She then dips her head Amari's way, "Lady Carita Darkwater," her cordial glass is lifted in her direction as well.

"Are you enjoying married life?" Mirari asks Sabella, tilting her head as she smiles towards the Princess. "I heard that your wedding was quite lovely." She takes a sip of her drink and grins towards Carita.

"Snowball fights sound divine," Isabetta tells Carita. She hangs around her and lucita, mostly just listening. She's still looking like she's not sure if she got lost and ended up at the wrong party or something.

2 House Riven Soldiers arrives, following Liam.

"It has barely been a week, but I have to say that it has been better than I ever could have hoped!" Sabella enthuses to Mirari, beaming at her, "It is such a--a weight removed. I don't know how much any of you had heard of our saga, but it was outright denied by my Voices in the beginning and we were in the depths of despair and hopeless at our situation when the proclamation came through about the courtship and surprised no one more than us! And I spent the entire three months just waiting for something terrible to happen but! Nothing did and now the contract is signed and we were married before our families and friends and the faith and it has truly just been bliss! And I will continue to gush about it for as long as you ladies indulge me, so you ought to change the subject very quickly." She grins.

"I know that feeling well." Amari nods to Sabella, also a victim of snow. Even so, she's all smiles about it when looks to Mirari, "It was quite fun. I got to hit High Lord Victus with a snowball, and I don't even think he noticed, but it was worth it. And actually, it was probably better he didn't notice." Lisebet is agreed with, "It is nice. Settle in, there was tea going around, or harder stuff. And Lady Lethe, definitely, if there's another sledding event we should try it." Then she has a quiet murmured aside to Carissa who she smiles reassuringly too, Carita is given a lift of her teacup in return, "Nice to meet you. I've seen you... was it the Bold Espressions opening? You look so elegant, you're hard to miss." Aahana's compliment is the last, she smiles brightly to it and gestures the woman closer, "May I see yours? I love all the hairpins."

2 House Riven Soldiers leaves, following Liam.

Gianna has a sip of the Setarco Fire, her expression thoughtful. Her attention is drawn by the discussion of hairpins.

Carissa smiles to Amari as they have their little whispered discussion, but then she brightens and looks around. "So. Um. Any other Scholars about?" she asks hopefully.

Ariella comes into the garden, glancing around a little uncertainly. She's not wearing pants, but she doesn't look particularly happy about it. Every few steps she pauses to yank her gown down or up or to one side or the other, grumbling to herself the whole time. "Fucking godsdamned..." But then she sees that the place is packed with noble ladies and she quiets up and tries to walk like she's totally cool with this and wears nice gowns all the time. "Lucy!" She crosses over to her sister, tripping on her fancy shoes halfway over. "Fuckety hell."

"Lady Emmelline, so nice to see you too. It seems you are doing a very good job taking part in all the fun things. I approve." Course, Lisebet might be doing the same thing, truthfully. Or at least mostly. "I was unable to participate due to other duties, but I did get to watch some, so that was a lot of fun as well.

Mirari giggles at Sabella, a bemused smile on her face. "I don't mind you gushing, it's nice to see someone so happy. It doesn't often happen, and you two are adorable together." She gazes towards Carissa and flashes a grin, before speaking up. "Please, all the new arrivals, find a comfortable seat and a blanket and feel free to pour yourselves a drink or two."

Emmelline shrugs her slender shoulders as her remark towards isabetta goes unnoticed. Smiling, ehr eyes light up with interest at the mention of hair pins. "I really do need to get something for myself as well," she says gesturing to her long blonde hair. Turning to Sabetta, she replies, "It is good, that you and Prince Niklas should be happy. It is only natural that you should be talking of it."

Emmelline shrugs her slender shoulders as her remark towards isabetta goes unnoticed. Smiling, ehr eyes light up with interest at the mention of hair pins. "I really do need to get something for myself as well," she says gesturing to her long blonde hair. Turning to Sabella, she replies, "It is good, that you and Prince Niklas should be happy. It is only natural that you should be talking of it." fix

Lisebet smiles at Amari, and then looks for where the tea is. Especially if it's spiked.

Lethe looks to Lisebet. "I am glad everyone had fun." She smiles as she listens to Sabella. "I am glad you were able to be together. It makes me smIle. She bods to Amari. "We should. I love those kind of things."

Carissa smiles to Sabella. "Congratulations," she says brightly. "I'm so glad you're happy." She seems to mean it, too, even if she doesn't know a soul here. Then she looks around at the discussion of hairpins. She touches her own and smiles. "Hairpins are delightful."

Lucita stands up and moves over to give her twin a hug. "Rella! Everyone, this is my twin sister, Lady Ariella Igniseri, and she is the Captain of the Red Bargain, a Cog out of Granato. Rella, get someone to make you a split skirt. You'll like them and they can be a little shorter and you wear boots with them. Then you have a nice outfit and can be comfortable, too. I bet Mistress Mirari could make you a set like that. They are good for riding and others might like them, too.

"Thank you!" Sabella says happily to all the well wishers, adjusting her gloves a bit as she turns to Carissa with a smile, "I'm not a scholar, but the outcome of the duel earlier makes me one of the smartest people in Arx, I'm pretty sure, so I suppose I could be if I wanted to! Are you a scholar? I'm Princess Sabella Grayson, I'm not sure we've been properly introduced?" When Lucita introduces Ariella she gives the woman a wave, but also gestures not to subtly over to one of her ladies in waiting.

"There are some hairpins for sale here, I'm hoping to make some more, something that reminds me of spring. I am so sick of winter." Mirari admits, taking a drink from her glass. "I can't wait for the flowers to bloom again, for any green to break up this relentless dreary gray and white."

Carissa gives Princess Sabella a lazy curtsey--she doesn't stand, but bows deeply from her seat. "I'm Lady Carissa Malespero! I'm a Scholar, but low-ranking. It's a neat organization!" she enthuses softly with a smile.

Carita's smile softens as she dips her head Amari's way again, "You're too kind! I'm terribly sorry if I missed you there. I tend to focus on whatever orbits nearby at a crushed opening like that. I just wanted pasteries and coffee." She says with a wink before a messenger arrives, and he missive is quickly read, her head tilted. Blue eyes lift to find the Princess, asking Sabella, "Your Highness, I hear the duel about to take place has something to do with your honor?" She waves the missive in her hand. "He won I take it?"

Kyan, a long-legged silver tabby-cat arrives, delivering a message to Carita before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Carita before departing.

"I'm quite curious as to what brought that duel to be, was something rude said to you?" Mirari asks Sabella, leaning back comfortable in her blankets. "I need to attend more balls because it seems like all the good gossip comes from them. So she has to apologize for you?" She grins towards Carita and tilts her glass in her direction.

"I like pants," grumbles Ariella, making her gown nice and short by just yanking up on it and tucking it into the tops of her leggings in a way that can't be comfortable and makes her hips look misshapen. "There we go. I'll be heading out to the Hundred Cities now to find a husband." Spying Princess Sabella Ariella offers her a smile and a wave, then her eyes track over to poor Elizabetta with that woeful haircut. "Aaaahh. That, ah, is beautiful! Elizabetta, you look so... lively and energetic!" She grimaces and turns back to make a face at Lucita, whispering, "Saaaave meee."

Gianna inclines her head to Ariella in greeting, though she wrinkles her nose when the woman bunches her skirt up. Just for a moment, and then it's smoothed away and her expression returns to cool neutrality.

Emmelline listens to the different conversations going on around her, a thoughtful expression on her face. A moment passes, before she shakes her head slightly, almost as if clearing her head before approaching Sabella. "Unfortunately your highness, I must take my leave," she says curtsying respectfully. "I do hope to see you and prince in the near future. You two make a lovely couple, and always keep me laughing," she says pleasantly.

Aahana draws closer to Amari and says "Of course." She carefully turns so that Amari can look upon her the peach rose hairpins that are woven into her hair as she says "I can't want to find more that I feel speak to me. I am sure you have quite a lovely collection."

"You didn't have to come in a gown." Mirari begins to laugh, covering her mouth briefly as she composes herself. "We would have forgiven you if you had shown up in pants." She smiles at Ariella and gestures towards the drink cart. "Feel free to grab something to drink if you would like it."

Sabella nods to Mirari even as she answers Carita, "Ah, yes. The duel was fought just a bit ago and Sir Jeffeth won, so my honor is saved! Or something, I'm honestly not exactly sure how it works out but I know that my side was victorious. Without going into details, Duchess Grazia and I have very, very different viewpoints on many things and there was a rather public disagreement at the Whisper Ball that got a few other people involved. It was all very unfortunate and I am glad we can now put it behind us." When Emmelline says she is leaving she offers the other woman a smile and a wave, "Have a wonderful evening and I shouldn't be surprised if you pass him outside waiting for me!" She laughs again.

Lucita looks toward Ariella and ignoring her plea to 'save me' focuses on the important part. "Husband hunting? You're husband hunting? Who twisted your arm? Blackmailed you? Bribed you? Marquessa Quenia or dear brother Luis or did you just decide 'its -the- time? Ladies here can help you. Anyone have recommendations?

Gianna murmurs into her cup, "Don't."

"I'll have to practice then, I wouldn't want to be a disappointing partner." Amari says to Lethe, of sledding, "I sort of cost my team the match in the snowball war. Lady Monique was so fast, I saw the snowball and I was just flailing stupidly, and woosh. Right by me." She illustrates with an uplifted hand which is flailed, stupidly. She nearly hits Lisebet with it, actually, so snaps it back in closer to herself with a look of apology and a barely suppressed laugh, "Sorry." Carita is given a smile too, one of total understanding, "That's really the only way to cope with a crowd like that. It is lovely to finally meet this time, without needing to elbow through a mob to do so." From there, she looks to Ariella struggling with her skirt and Lucita who introduces her as a twin, and a captain, "Hello. I'm Lady Amari Keaton." Hairpins though, hairpins! Yes! Aahana's are given a casual examination and an appreciative 'ooh', "Those are amazing. I wouldn't have thought of putting mint with rose like that, it's really beautiful." As for her own she smiles and shakes her head, "Oh, not many. If Lady Mirari is making more, I may start a proper collection though."

"I like the Kennexes!" Sabella pipes up helpfully.

"I am glad if everyone had fun at Bold Espressions as well. I adore the place, personally." Lisebet is definitely biased. She goes quiet as the discussion goes to marriage, insted gettig a cup of tea, and spiking it, just a bit.

Lethe looks to Ariella and Lucita. "I'm not sure. I'm not really the matchmaker in my family. I do have some Ashford cousins."

Another messenger arrives for Carita, and this letter seems to cause her amusement to bubble up even more. "Men." She says low and through laughter. "Mayir Grayhope asks me to encourage you ladies to buy... lotto tickets?" She's clearly a poor saleswoman, but having said that seems to consider her duties for past connections met. Sabella earns another smile, "Congratulations on your victory then! Also, how did your husband's birthday party go? Well, I hope?"

Mirari shares a brief look with Gianna, nodding in silent agreement.

Aahana kindly says to Amari "I am sure your collection is far more complete than mine. These are the only pair I have for the time being. But I am sure some more lovely ones will be made soon. I am quite looking forward to when there are really." A pause before she inquires "What else are you fond of besides hairpins? I could really talk for days about your seasilks, I want my own set soon. I am saving up for it. I think I already have the way I want my first seasilk dress to look too."

Carissa blinks. "Finding husbands?" She notices the glance between Mirari and Gianna, nodding her faint agreement as she wrinkles her nose. "Why?"

Ariella is definitely up for a drink. "I feel naked without my sword. Which isn't usually a big problem for me, so it's unusual to be finding naked a bad thing for once." She reaches down to her hip, but nope, the familiar weight isn't there. She shakes her head and pours herself something strong. Another big grimace for Lucita's comments. "Gods, Lucy, I was being sarcastic about how tremendously attractive having my leggings packed full of gown looks." She pats her waist as she knocks back her drink. "I look like a scarecrow fucked me and I'm having his straw baby. No, I'm good. No husbands necessary. Unless they're one night marriages and then they get the fuck off my boat." She pours herself a second and eyes Sabella. "Aethan's not bad."

Lucita chuckles. "I am just teasing Ariella, Ladies, not serious at all about it. The way she used to tease me."

Kyan, a long-legged silver tabby-cat arrives, delivering a message to Carita before departing.

Isabetta sniffs and says to the group of ladies, "I need to go to the beaches, a friend of mine is getting knighted. I will be more talkative next time I promise." She starts on her way out sort of the way she came in.

Mirari leans back on her hands, smiling slightly. "As Isabetta said, there is a Knighting coming up, and while I'm not attending I'm sure Coraline would appreciate the support from the ladies of Arx. So when it's due to start, I'll call for us to disperse. Is anyone here interested in hosting the next night?"

Lisebet does duck back from Amari's expressive talking, and then she actually just stays back, a little bit away from the other woman. She pauses and then she says, "I suppose we could hold one of these at Bold Espressions, if you would like?"

"I was told when I took up the gauntlet to host that anyone can do it, anywhere they want. You just go ahead and put it out there where and when you're holding it." Mirari says, smiling towards Lisebet. "I will absolutely be there if you do."

"It went quite well! Mayir Grayhope was the inspiration for that party as well," Sabella tells Carita with a grin, "He's quite the businessman lately! Very good at public relations as well. We had the party in Fortunato's Art Gallery at Grayhope Manor and it was quite lovely. Good friends showed up, some people I only barely knew, it was a good time all around and Niklas was very surprised."

Lethe laughs as she looks to Lucita. "My brother always do that to me."

Carissa smiles warmly. "This was lovely! I will try my hardest to be at the next one." She looks around.

"As long as I don't have to drink coffee," Gianna tells Lisebet, her lips curved in a faint smile. "Though I suppose you mentioned less bitter varieties that I could try."

Amari quirks a brow at the mention of buying lotto tickets, and when talk goes to matchmaking. She doesn't offer up any potential matches. "It's easier when they find you." She decides, but not very seriously. Aahana is turned to again, because it's fashion talk and she seems more than happy to oblige, "Silks of all kinds, jewelry... My cousins don't have much interest in that sort of thing, they're more leathers and fur and armor for the most part. Whatever's most practical for running through the woods in, with baying hounds leading the way and bandits trying to fill them with arrows." She takes a breath, and considers Aahana carefully in the pause. A question, "You're newly arrived? I can show you around to some of the shops, if you'd like. I don't actually buy a lot, but there's some wonderful things on display."

Ariella jerks a thumb at Lucita. "You should have Lucy do it. She's social. She has a crazy music room. And if I do it it'll be on the deck of my ship with a bunch of ugly ex-pirates hanging around to wait on us."

"Lady Lisebet, I vote for you." Amari tells her, for hosting presumably. Even if no vote has actually been called.

Aahana lights up as she says to Amari "I feel like my siblings can be the same way. I adore the silks and jewelry. I am still needing to acquire some but I know I shall very soon. And I would adore to see some of the shops. I have ventured a bit into the city but I am sure I have missed sme hidden gems."

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting have been dismissed.

Clark, an exasperated guard have been dismissed.

Lethe turns her attenion to Aahana. "When I first got here I was that way, but I've really started to take an interest in jewelry and dresses lately."

Mirari gets to her feet, drawing her coat closer to her. "I'm going to head to the beach to watch the Knighting. You ladies feel free to look around the shop, and stay here and gossip as long as you might want. I hope you'll come and visit again, and keep me in mind for any of your jewelry or scent needs." She tilts her head at Carita. "Shall we?"

Lucita continues to listen though her teasing of her sister hit a sour note that she did not mean. "I think will head there, too. Have not seen a knighting done in the sea like that before, should be interesting to watch.

"I can take the next one, certainly. And then it will be someone else's turn," Lisebet offers. "And certainly, Gianna Whisper, there are many different versions that might appeal to you. I definitely recommend some of the drinks that include other things besides coffee, like chocolate or honey or the like."

"And if it is alright, I think I should also like to go to the beach and watch the knighting," Lisebet adds.

Isabelle, who isn't sticking around for ladies night arrives, delivering a message to Sabella before departing.

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