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Laurent Silent Auction

There are war pensions to be paid and a duty to their soldiers to uphold. In order to expediate taking care of the loved ones of lost men and women in the war against the Pirate King, House Laurent is holding a silent auction to raise those funds. They will be putting various family heirlooms up on the block, some that have been in the family for generations.

More information with silent auction sheet to come! :D


April 29, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Jael Nicia Cristoph


Tesha Monique Felicia Mia Reigna Cullen Jeffeth Thesarin Kael Veronica Norwood



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Jeffeth arrive, following Monique.

Fine spirits are being passed around the hall as the evenings activities kick off. Cristoph is hassling the people that are finishing setting up, as is his way. They're all looking a little exasperated with him as they nod their heads and assure the duke for the fifteenth time that none of the displays are going to fall over and break. It's unclear why he advertised that poor Norwood was going to be wearing a beret for this event, but hopefully he is. Or else he'll probably be in trouble for some kind of faulty advertising. At the moment, he's staring the green-tinted lady painting and looking concerned. "I'm not sure it's safe to sell this one. I mean, it's fine. But I think it's murdered people in the past."

"I do not think that it has murdered anyone." Nicia assures Cristoph, weathering his anxious party-planning like it's an old hat by this point. Which means she just stays out of the way, drinks, and sometimes steals things to nibble on while no one is looking.

Monique arrives on the arm of Sir Jeffeth, gowned in somber black though her hair is as bright a crimson as it ever is. She's murmuring something low to the Knight of Solace before turning to scan the gathering, a little on edge judging by the tension in her shoulders and the way she holds the knight's arm so tightly, directing him in the direction of the hosts to pay their greetings. "Duchess, Duke Laurent." There's a low curtsey. "This is a wonderful idea. I've got my eye on a couple of items," she adds with a smile. "Have you met Sir Jeffeth Bayweather?"

"She watches me." Cristoph tells Nicia, pointing at the green woman in the painting. He has a glass of champagne in his hand and points at piece before glancing back in Nicia's direction. When Monique enters, he twists around and smiles at her. "Lady Monique! Thank you for coming by. What pieces are you interested in?" He wonders, nodding his head to Jeffeth when they're introduced. "We've met briefly a time or two. He's a Knight of Solace and I'm an auxiliary member. Which is a nice way of saying they let me hang out with them."

Entering on Monique's arm, the big man moves as the red haired lady steers him across the hall. Smiling broadly as he is directed. It so happens that Jeffeth is also wearing black, but that also could just be the outfit he has that isn't armor. The behemoth leans down so that Monique can murmur to him, murmuring back softly before they're on their way to Cristoph. As Monique curtseys, Jeffeth bows deeply at the waist, his free hand balling up to a fist and pressing to his chest. "A pleasure and an honor to see you again, My Lord." He rumbles with a broad smile as he straightens.

Norwood had come out without his hat... heard about said advertising, and with a rather longsuffering expression went back to his room for said hat. He looks more than a bit ridiculous in said floopy hat. Mildly, to Cristoph, "The things I do for my Lord..." Cristoph OWES NORWOOD FOR THIS.

Jael is perched on the bench overarched by the wrought-iron arbor which still sports a few bits of dried vines wound in it. Her knees are drawn up under her blue silk skirts and she has a glass of something in a stemmed glass clutched in her fingers as she watches people trickle in.

Veronica enters the Laurent Manse amidst the other guests that are starting to filter in, but she almost certainly isn't here to actually bid for expensive things. Moral support for the Laurents, more likely? For that reason, she would rather not call attention to herself too much! But who's closes to the entrance? Jael! And that's where she'll head over first. "Lady Jael." The blonde bows her head slightly to the Laurent. "I see you are looking forward to this."

Monique rises from her curtsey with a laugh to Cristoph's comment. "It's a privilege, or so I've come to see. I've my eye on the heroes painting, and the archway. My cousin Margret's wedding is coming up and it will be in Greenmarch's gardens. That would make a lovely addition." There's a look to Norwood's hat and she most certainly doesn't laugh. No. Never. The smile is a smile of greeting. "Sir Norwood."

Norwood is overheard praising Cristoph for: Raising money for widows and children!

"Ooooh, the heroes painting." Cristoph looks on it fondly. "I bid so much silver on this thing, just because I had to beat Duchess Farshaw. But I suspect my wife will be happy to see that it's out of our bedroom." He casts a glance in Nicia's direction and clears his throat. Then he does a poor show of half covering his face. "I don't think I'm allowed to purchase anymore random pieces of art at these things." He beams when he notices Norwood wearing the beret and gives the man an enthusiastic thumbs up.

"It is just an illusion." Nicia assures him, although now she is starting to give the green woman in the painting a faintly worried look before she turns her attention back towards the rest of the. The infamous heroes painting being the subject of interest has her attention, eyes narrowing just a bit before she comments, "I would dearly love to see it find a good home."

"Lady Veronica," Jael calls with a smile for the Keaton and a little lift of her glass. "You know, this thing is surprisingly comfortable. I think I liked it better outside, but I suppose it'll be back outside before long." Overhearing Monique, she wiggles her fingers from around the wineglass. "This would be really nice at a wedding. Hello again Sir Bayweather."

Norwood looks //completely// foolish but he's TRYING TO DO HIS BEST to look dignified in that floppy hat. "Lady Monique," he returns with a slight dip of his head... which causes that hat to fall over his eyes. Woops.

"It /looks/ comfortable. The vines are a nice touch." Veronica notes after giving Jael's bench a once over. Ah, but Jael's greeting towards the others will bring Veronica's attention that way as well. "Lady Greenmarch. Sir Bayweather." She greets the guests, and naturally it continues on to the hosts; by this point she needs to move closer to the group and bows her head. "Duke and Duchess Laurent. Sir Clement." She adds, glancing at each in turn. But wait. She takes a second look at Norwood. Or more accurately, his hat.

Monique waves to Jael as she comes over, smiling. "Lady Jael, long time no see! I think it would be stunning and hopefully she and Alessandro will gain luck from helping so worthy a cause in the meantime. Sir Norwood, have you met Sir Jeffeth?" she asks, not having to gesture because let's face it, she's not blocking the view of the giant Knight of Solace at all.

"Jael, has this painting killed anyone?" Cristoph calls out across the room to his sister, pointing at the green one again. Clearly doing a terrible job at upselling this thing to anyone who might want to put it in their house. He tries not to chuckle too loudly when Norwood's hat falls into his eyes. He clears his throat to cover it up. When Veronica moves into his general space, he smiles brightly. "Lady Veronica! Thank you for stopping by."

Glancing to the painting, then glancing to Nicia as she speaks on it, the big man bows her way as well. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. Knight Lieutenant of the Silver Order." Jeffeth smiles brightly over to Nicia, before looking to Veronica. Another deep bow. "My Lady." Straightening up and shifting, the large man smiles to Norwood as well. "I've met Sir Norwood. We've fought at one the Sip n Spars." The big man rumbles with a light smile down to Monique.

1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, 3 House Riven Soldiers, white-tailed eagle, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

"We had to strip the roses off to get it out of the yard, but they shouldn't be that hard to grow back," Jael notes, poking at one of the brown twig bits idly before calling back to Cristoph, "Gods, Cris, I don't know. I don't think so? The servant who brought it out didn't seem very fond of it but he's not dead, I'm pretty sure."

Dignity has been completely sacrificed at the moment as Norwood - longsuffering Norwood - reaches up to push the floppy beret out of his eyes. The glance at Cristoph is UNHAPPY even as he looks back to Monique and JEffeth. "I have nothing but the greatest respect for Sir Jeffeth."

Arlo, an impossibly fluffy dog with an impossibly grumpy face arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Mia steps into the Laurent Hall on her husband's arm, hand nestled into the crook of Thesarin's elbow. She's rather unapologetically curious in her gaze as she drinks in her surroundings -- but such was often the case when she visited the halls of other noble Houses for the first time. Leaning towards the tattooed Prodigal, she murmurs, "Let's hope this soiree ends with less infuriating news than te last, mmm?"

Knocking back the rest of his champagne, Cristoph steals a fork off of one of the tables and rings it against the glass loudly to catch the attention of the crowd. "Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us tonight. All of the silver raised this evening will go towards funding war pensions for fallen soliders, lost in the most recent war. In about an hour, we'll close off the bidding. So get your numbers in while you can. In the meantime, we'll be raffling off this landscape of Artshall. It's one ticket per economic writ and we'll be using the proceeds of /that/ sale to help fund the purchase of equipment for a new squire and help facilitate their training." He hears Jael answer about the murder painting and calls out, "Are you sure? Has anyone checked on him?"

"Duchess Nicia Laurent." Nicia offers back to the introduction, but then she goes silent as Cristoph gets things started, scooping up a drink from one of the passing servants.

Arlo, an impossibly fluffy dog with an impossibly grumpy face arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Monique smiles up at Jeffeth and murmurs something to the muscled knight, and then falls silent to listen to Cristoph. "Exciting, and worthwhile," she says, turning to drag Jeffeth over to examine the items in more details. "Let's have a look at this terrifying green painting they're talking about?" she suggests, offering a wave of greeting to Mia and Thesarin as they arrive.

"We can hope." Thesarin steps into the Hall alongside Mia, doing his very best to look like a landed Lord of the Compact rather than a tattooed barbarian from the Grey Forest in a fancy outfit. Which... well, he's washed and combed, that's for sure. He looks around himself, offering a low nod toward the Duke, and then toward Monique and Jeffeth. One more nod toward Norwood, and a low grunt that probably passes for a sort of greeting. His resting scowl turns to a deeper frown, as he spots the painting of the woman in emerald. "...that meant to be..."

Clearly Jael and her brother do a lot of across-the-room communicating in loud voices. "Eighty...five percent sure? I mean, if one of the servants had died you'd think someone would have mentioned it, right? Oh for the love of..." She waves one of the drink servers over and murmurs something to him; the man gives a little bow and heads off into the depths of the Manse. She's been curled up on the arbor bench, but when a few more people arrive she uncoils and gets to her feet with a little curtsy to Mia and Thesarin. "That's great-great-great-great-something Aunt Aida. We think the paint has aged...badly."

Veronica shuffles next to Norwood to stand while the guests file in; hey, the Swords need to stick together, right? Yes, yes indeed. Except that Veronica can't stop herself from looking sidelong at Norwood's hat.

"A pleasure to makq your acquaintance, My Lady." Jeffeth rumbles over to Nicia with a warm smile before he allows Monique to guide him over to look at the items. He gives a bow to Thesarin and Mia as they enter, that luminous smile permanently plastered on his features. Jeffeth looks up to the painting and. Frowns. Stepping sort of to the side so the lady can't see him.

Norwood has a floppy hat on that goes in different directions as he nods back at Thesarin as he enters the area. A sigh as the older knight mutters something to Cristoph before looking at Veronica. INSPIRATION strikes and he sweeps off that hand and hands it over with a slight bow. "For you Lady Veronica."

"I certainly hope not," Mia murmurs in a low voice in reply. She was, perhaps, about to say something more when she caught sight of the greetings being sent their way and frown in reply to at least one of them, though it's difficult to say which. A quick curtsy is offered to the assembled, before she says, "Lady Jael. It's been some time since I saw you last -- nearly a year, I think, at one of the dinners not long after the Touranment of Roses? You've been well since, I hope, and I regret not having seen you again sooner."

Tesha doesn't arrive with anyone and it doesn't seem like the Telmar is awaiting anyone at the door. The red haired woman dressed in crimson gives a smile to those that she knows as she heads over to the display case. Her eyes flit over things and there's a bit of a smile at a few of the items.

Monique meets the eyes of the painting head on, examining it intently. "It's a very interesting trick of light and brush stroke," she offers, as if she has any clue what that means. "Must have been a talented artist and an exceptional-" She breaks off, spying Tesha's arrival. There's a brief flinch, but she recovers with a summoned smile. "Lady Tesha. It's good to see you again. Do you know Sir Jeffeth?"

Veronica doesn't blink at Norwood. No, she BLINKS. "Oh, I cannot, Sir Clement." She shakes her head, no. Not going to take that stunning floppy hat. "I would never dream of taking such an important, uh, heirloom from you. Are you auctioning it off too? It would seem a pity not to keep it on your head."

Cristoph gasps when he notices Norwood giving his hat away. He looks terribly wounded and /sniffs/ when the man speaks to him quietly. The nerve. "Countess Mia! Count Thesarin!" He calls out to the Riven couple instead of answering Norwood outloud, though he does whisper something to him quickly. "I'm so glad you were able to come by. It's good to see both of you again. And right, right. You've both met my sister before. I forget, have either of you had the chance to meet Nicia before?" He asks of them, giving his wife's shoulders a little squeeze.

"That /was/ a long time ago," Jael replies to Mia with mild surprise. "Pretty well, yes. Back and forth to Artshall quite a bit of late. I hope you've been doing all right?" Then she cottons on to what her former mentor is up to and turns big blue eyes on him. "Norwood! That was a gift!"

Vern, Echo, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Kael.

Tesha looks up when she hears Monique and there's a bit of a nod to the woman, "Lady Monique." she states with a smile. "It's also good to see you. And no, I do not know Sir Jeffeth." she shakes her head as she looks to the man.

Thesarin lowers his head toward Jael, in return to her curtsey, and makes a low noise at the back of his throat. "I'd aggree. Strange thing to see at the least." When Christoph addresses him, lowers his head again, deeper, with another noise of acknowledgement. "Duke Cristoph. My thanks for having us. Reckon it's been some time." He looks over toward Nicia, and gives a nod toward her as well. "If I have, sorry to say I don't recall."

A sigh from Norwood when Veronica says no on taking the hat. With regret he puts the hat back on and carefully tries to arrange it where it will do the least damage to his dignity. Deadpan to both Cristoph and Jael at the same time, "A gift that ought to continue to be given."

"Healing quite nicely after Stormwall, despite weeks of aggravating my physicians by being up and about far more than they cared for. But isn't it always those who tend the wounded that make the very worst patients?," Mia answered with a wry curve to only one corner of her lips. One hand, her free hand, is lifted in greeting as she glances past Jael's shoulder to her brother, the Duke. "We have, my lord, though I believe it's been almost as long since we've seen the Duchess as it has been since we've seen Lady Jael -- the Oathlands dinner at Heron Hall, when I managed to startle the lot of you with more stiff formality than a Sentinel's seraph. Which I consider a triumph, if I may be frank."

It is rare for Kael to make an appearance without his wife, but this is not unheard of. This is evidently just one of those rare times. The Keaton Count moves in through the entryway, nodding to the household staff politely before venturing further in toward the actual event itself. He keeps relatively to himself, examining the items that are offered up for auction.

"I believe we did...had dinner, in fact." Nicia replies, her brows furrowing faintly, "I think?" She shakes her head, "It was a while ago, I'm afraid. I may be mixing people up."

Veronica looks over to both Cristoph and Jael as the Laurents both immediately object to Norwood's attempt to rid the hat on her, and silently thank the gods she didn't fall for that trick. Once Norwood puts the hat back on, she helpfully reaches up to adjust its angle, just so. "There. Aunt Margerie would approve."

"Poor Aunt Aida does look a bit peaky in the portrait, but I'm certain it is only age," Jael reassures Thesarin. "I'm sure Mama would have had something snide to say about it if she really were a green person." She manages to shoot Norwood a look of deep, deep disappointment before chuckling to Mia. "We all had a hell of a time here making sure Cris didn't go wandering off while he was supposed to be healing. And you know, when they took one of the bigger bandages off he'd stuck a /quill/ down there. Said it was itchy." And she curves a sweet smile, after revealing all this family lore.

The huge man bows at the waist towards Tesha. "My Lady. A pleasure and an honor to make your acquaintance. Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. Knight Lieutenant of the Silver Order." The big man smiles broadly over to her. Jeffeth shifts on his feet, looking at the paintings and items out for auction with interest.

"Far too long ago. We should break bread together again. I did enjoy when your children were peering over the balcony. Adorable." Cristoph replies to Mia and Thesarin, addressing them both. There's something very smug on his expression when he notices that Veronica won't take Norwood's hat from him and he mouthes his thanks to the woman. In doing so, he notices Kael's entrance. He lifts a hand and waves it around to get his attention. "Count Kael! Where is Reigna?" He looks perplexed and turns to Norwood again. "Where is Margerie?" Wait a minute!! He heard that. "It WAS itchy." Doesn't even deny it.

Monique smiles up at Jeffeth. "That's right. Knight Lieutenant. I'd forgotten about your promotion. What's next for you anyway, Sir Jeffeth? Where do you climb from there?" She turns to Tesha, more recovered. "Anything caught your eye, Lady Tesha, in the auction?"

Mia blinks a few times at Jael's revelations. And then, gods help them all, the woman actually laughed -- a strange and rare occurance, that. It wasn't much of one truth be told, and only a few little chuckles, but even so, she presses fingers to her lips as if her immediate instinct is to stifle the sound before it can bloom into something fuller. "I ought to introduce you to my brother Nigel the next time he's in Arx, Lady Jael, so that the two of you may spend an afternoon together mortifying your older siblings with tales they thought would be kept behind closed doors.... and which, unlike the Duke, will be wise enough to loudly DENY when confronted with them." Is she... is she shaking her head at their host?

"Your aunt would be the first to enjoy my plight." Norwood says dryly to the other sword. "How about we not mention this to her?" That's //almost// a beg, Margerie doesn't need to know about the floopy hat! "She is taking care of some business, I am sure she will be around."

"I'll send a messenger to tell her about how you're giving away the hat." Cristoph says to Norwood, still waving at Kael. He's blissfully unaware of anyone shaking their heads at him.

When he is called out, Kael is turning toward the Duke and offering forth a rueful smile. He executes a precise bow in the other man's direction in a most easy manner, holds it for a solid three seconds, then rises to his full height. "My lord," he offers forth before gesturing. "Very impressive. Reigna is fine, she simply is feeling a little bit under the weather. I was told to pass along her apologies."

Upon spotting his cousin Monique, Cullen quietly makes his way through the room and silently takes a spot near her with a dip of his head. "Greetings. Good to see you again, I heard I ought to come and see this." Eyes wandering over the crowd, he gives a slight, polite smile.

Veronica gestures vaguely at Cristoph's words, but continues to speak to Norwood. "If she hears about it, I promise you it will not be from my lips. But I cannot speak for the Duke." She states dryly, then glances about the growing crowd. Kael, of course, receives a lift of her chin.

Tesha gives Jeffeth a smile and a little curtsy, "It's nice to meet you, Sir Jeffeth." she tells him. Then there's a shake of her head, "Not at the moment, Lady Monique. I was looking for something for...someone else though." she admits. "I was told I needed to get out this evening." she muses quietly. Then Cullen arrives and she gives a look between him and Monique, "You two look like you know each other." she smiles.

"They do itch something fierce." Thesain nods, with every appearence of solemnity, as he says it. "And aye, we have, Duchess; forgive me. Fine seeing you again." He nods again slowly, and there's a hint of a smile, accompanying Mia's laugh. "...the children are growing, but still not less likely to peer from balconies. Got a stubborn streak, the lot. Can't reckon where from." Kael gets a grunt and a low nod of greeting.

"That is very dapper." Jael slings this praise to Norwood and Veronica before her attention is hauled back by...Mia, laughing. The Laurent watches the solemn Countess chuckling for a moment and then flashes a bright smile. "That would be lovely, I always like getting tips from other siblings on mortification. Princess Alis has been a good source but I could use some new ideas. Count Kael, hello!" Presumably she overheard the news about Reigna, as there's no anxious questioning that follows besides, "Oh, I'll have to have something nice sent over."

There's a voice. A very familiar voice. Monique half-turns, the redhead catching sight of Cullen out of the corner of a mossy green eye. "... Cullen? /CULLEN!/" The Greenmarch breaks off from Sir Jeffeth and just basically /launches/ herself at Cullen in an attempt at the most bone-crushing of all hugs. Ever.

Norwood sighs quietly. "My thanks to you, but I believe there is little hope now." Norwood goes quiet, nodding at those who enter, but standing more like a statue. In a floppy hat, alas.

"Above Knight Lieutenant?" Jeffeth just shakes his head with a light smile. "I think this is as far as I rise. My Lady. There is not much place else to go." Jeffeth glances to Tesha, smiling broadly. "A pleasure to meet you, my Lady." Standing at Monique's side with his arm in her hands, the big man smiles to the approaching man. But then Monique is breaking off and Jeffeth allows a moment to pass for hugging before the big man is bowing to Cullen.

"Tea?," Mia suggests, in response to Jael's concern -- and moreso, to Kael's mention of his wife feeling unwell. "I've a bit still from last shipment from Autumnvale that may help with some of the, ahhh, particulars of her condition." Eyes dart over to the Keaton Count, both of her brows arching expectantly for his reply. "The Countess Keaton was with me in the healer's tents at Stormwall, and I worry she thinks I may be angry with her for leaving the North with far fewer scars than I did." At the mention of them, she shifts uncomfortably in her dress -- long-sleeved, even in the summer heat.

Returning Monique's hug with a strong one of his own, if looking a little embarrassed for causing some fuss, "It's great to see you again," he chuckles, quietly, then smiles at Jeffeth. "Sorry, Cullen Greenmarch," he introduces himself to Tesha while still pinned in his cousin's bear hug, his grey eyes alight with happiness. "I just arrived from Greenhaven and obviously my family is quite happy to see me."

"Oh good, I hope that it's nothing serious. I just saw her here the other day. We had tea while she schooled me on some of the basic points of public speaking. She's a very good teacher, your wife." Cristoph grins at Kael and then ruffles his hair, looking out over the crowd again. He wanders off from the group, taking up a bowl that has many pieces of paper slipped inside of it. He pulls out a slip and announces: "Whoever has ticket #5! You are the winner of this fine landscape! Congratulations! Ticket #5! I really should have written the names on these!" He looks perplexed at his own cluelessness.

Norwood checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 9 higher.

Cristoph checked strength + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Kael moves slowly through the area, offering a return lift of his chin back toward Veronica in kind, then a counter of a similarly low nod of his head in reply to Thesarin. It is the latter man that he begins to venture toward, but Jael's greeting has him pause so that he can deliver another bow of greeting her way. "Lady Jael," murmurs Kael in response, a smile to go along with his words. "I assure you that is not necessary. This second child was being too well behaved, you see." He smiles slightly, though Mia's offering has him turning to her. "I -- tea would actually be very appreciated." His brows knit together and he offers, "I have seen you speaking with Reigna before, but I do not believe that we have properly met. As to my wife being angry, well, her temper," and his eyes sparkle, "is something fierce but I doubt this is the case. Count Kael Keaton, a pleasure to meet you."

Norwood moves away from Veronica and comes to stand next to Cristoph. Reaching up he's going to pat Cristoph. HEAVILY. On his shoulder.

Monique only unlatches from Cullen when Cristopn announces that ticket five has one. "Oh! That's me," she says, her happiness growing. "Thank goodness you're here, Cullen. You'll be able to help Jeffeth and I carry things back to Greenmarch! Spirits, I'm /so/ glad you're back. Sorry," she sweeps aside to everyone, "Lord Cullen Greenmarch, Sword of House Greenmarch. Cullen has stepped into the void left by Eirlys' death."

Tesha gives a bit of a chuckle to Monique launching herself at Cullen, "I figured he was family." she murmurs to Jeffeth. To assure him he's not lost. Then there's a smile to Cullen, "It's nice to meet you, Lord Greenmarch. I'm Lady Tesha Telmar." she introduces herself to Cullen. "It's good to see more Greenmarch coming back." she admits.

Some random messenger makes his way in and scurries over to Veronica, whispering in the woman's ear then stands back expectantly. Whatever the message is, Veronica nods to the man and follows him out, discreetly.

Norwood comes along and smacks Cristoph on the back and causes him to spill red wine down his doublet. He frowns at him and goes, "Why?" ...Why? He really doesn't know?! The duke slowly wipes the dribbling red liquid off of his clothes, looking utterly surprised by this development.

The mention of stepping into Eirlys' place brings a troubled frown to his face, grey eyes downcast for a moment. Sighing, "Yes, well. I can't quite fill those boots, she was one of a kind. But I shall do my best, cousin. It is the most I can do, and honor her memory." A slight smile is given to Tesha afterwards, "Lady Tesha, a pleasure to meet you. And it sounds like I got here just in time to help carry things back. My timing is perfect." Giving Monique a grin, he lets out a quiet chuckle.

"Only showing my utmost support." Norwood doesn't break a smile as he pulls out another napkin to hand over to Cristoph.

"Mia Riven," she replies to Kael, "Countess of the Twainfort." A hand is offered -- slender, not unlike the woman herself, and perhaps a touch too fragile looking to be anything but comedic, clining to Thesarin's arm as it had been only a moment ago. "A pleasure, Count Keaton. It seems I keep running into your relatives all across Arx, but have never had the chance to know any of them as well as I'd like. A shame; I've heard your hounds are some of the best in the Compact and my boys have been clamoring for a dog for weeks now, after seeing the High Lady walking with hers through the plaza outside our doors."

The large man smiles to Cullen brightly. "A pleasure to meet you, My Lord." Jeffeth goes into yet another deep bow. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Lieutenant of the Silver Order." The big man steps up to Culler and Monique, eyeing the latter sidelong. "We're going to be picking up that much that we'll need all that help?" But like Cullen the mention of Eirlys has his features hardening for a moment.

Felicia has at least pulled on a dress. Decent enough quality, a faded sort of black linen, but her hair is still damp, and so is the woman herself, it'd be a fair bet that she's only just dredged herself up from the beach party and only half made an attempt to try and achieve a state suitable for auctioneering in a quick stop along the way. Not that there's the slightest sign of concern that she may be underdressed or less than elegant enough for the event.

"Sometimes I send cookies," Jael replies, but nods as Kael confirms that tea would be welcome. Reigna may be in for a lot of tea. She applauds as Monique's number is called, then paces to the side of the room and ceremoniously closes the auction ledgers. "Lady Monique, it's good you brought so much muscle."

Poor Jeffeth. Poor Cullen. They're going to carrying big things home! Monique beams warmly between the two men, and the hosts. "Thank you, Lady Jael. This is very exciting. Margret and Alessandro will be thrilled!" Then the Minx catches sight of Felicia, and she waves to the woman in her cheer.

Felicia raises a hand Monique's way with a smile before making her way over in her direction,"I was hoping you would still be here. How'd the auction go? Did you win anything?" she enquires, offering a nod for those gathered nearby.

Kael's flashing a smile to Cristoph, belatedly, regarding his wife's skill and there is a brief glance over toward Monique and her family as well. It's a glance, nothing more and nothing less, but most of his focus is upon the Riven Countess. When the hand is offered to him, he takes it, and bows his head as though to kiss the back though actual touch of his lips never actually occurs. This could be a smooth motion, it really could, and while Kael's delivery is passable it is not at all expert. Still, he tries. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady. You are correct, our hounds are some of the best in all of Arvum depending on what you are looking for. How old are your boys? I--" He pauses, just so. "I would love to host yourself, your husband," and he chins up toward Thesarin, "as well as your family in Keaton Hall for dinner. An informal thing if you like and we could have some of our adolescents and older pups on hand." After a moment he is glancing toward Jael with a grin. "Cookies would be wonderful. Especially if I might filch one."

Tesha gives a smile to Cullen, "Perfect timing is a gift few of the population has, Lord Greenmarch." she tells him with a smile. "And it's not like I've got the muscle to help Monique with her treasures this evening." she muses. "You're being good help though." she tells Jeffeth and Cullen.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tesha before departing.

"Count Keaton," Thesarin gives Kael a slow nod, and a low grunt as he speaks with Mia. "Would like to speak more, on what I wrote of, when youve got the time. Dinner would be very fine." He gives a nod toward Mia, and then looks over at Cullen. Sizing the man up a moment, and letting out another low grunt at the back of his throat. Thesarin, with his long hair, faint scars, and tattoos along his neck and wrists, looks exactly like a shav of the Grey Forest that someone's put in a fancy outfit. And not the sorts of Abandoned so... genteel as the Greenmarches, either. "...can't never replace them lost. Just try to do as best we can." Felicia gets a short nod from the tattooed Count.

Cristoph is giving Norwood a series of /looks/ even as he takes the napkin from him and murmurs his thanks. Then it seems that time has just slipped on away from him as one of the servant murmurs to him quietly. He once more raises his voice, "Ladies and gentleman! The silent auction has come to an end! I'm pleased to announce that we raised a fine 208,000 silver towards the pension funds. Thank you for your contributions and thank you for spending the evening with us. If you placed a winning bid, we will release the items to you promptly. If you placed a winning bid under a mystery name, please let me know who you are."

Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, 2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen, Gigi, an apprentice physician's assistant arrive, following Reigna.

"Who the hell is Alaric II?" Jael murmurs from over near the books.

Looking over at Felicia, Cullen dips his head for a moment. He doesn't know her, but his cousin does, so that must mean something. Returning Tesha's smile with a slight bow, "Well, I try to be punctual, if possible. Although it can be difficult at times, I admit. And...yes, I do not mind helping her out, I have missed my family a great deal. Margret was elated." A pleasant smile is given to Thesarin nonetheless even if he's giving him the eye. "A pleasure to meet you."

Monique catches Kael's look and gives the Count a warm smile in return before turning back to her family and Sir Jeffeth. "You're welcome to come back with us, though, Tesha. You are /always/ welcome at Greenmarch." As Felicia approaches, she makes the introductions. "Dame Felicia of the King's Own, my cousin, Lord Cullen Greenmarch, and the Lady Tesha Telmar, and of course, I think you know Sir Jeffeth? You look very... sandy," she teases the beautiful Dame.

a fire salamander arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

"And you are not allowed to filch cookies from a pregnant woman," Jael tacks on to Kael very firmly.

Cristoph picks up Conquering Heroes - A Perspective.

"I suspect if you host us along with all the Keatons, my lord, the dinner will devolve into your aunt and I gossping shamelessly about which unmarried soles we can conscript for our schemes." A pause, and there's a little spark of mischief in her dark eyes as she adds, "For their own benefit and that of their respective Houses, of course." Ohh, dear. What had the poor man gotten himself into?! "As for the boys, Rohan is eight. And Kelleth will be....," she trails off for a moment, and then looks a bit stunned as she says, "Five. Sooner than I'd like, I must say."

Well it seems as though Reigna was able to drag herself out of bed afterall. She's draped in a silk gown, belted at the sides. She is a little slow to move, but she's moving. She looks around, peering through the sea of faces, hunting for someone in particular.

"Count Riven." Felicia offers with a brief grin Thesarin's way, with a touch of her temple, chest, and then away from herself in acknowledgment of her name as she dips her head Monique's way invitingly,"Well, I /did/ only stop at the family home long enough to put something on that wasn't soaked through on my way over. Figured I'd at least come and check it out while I could. Not that a knight's budget lends itself to auctioneering." she laughs.

"It's always good to help your family." Tesha nods to Cullen with a gentle smile. Then there's a look to Monique and a smile, "I should get back to Telmar this evening sadly. I visited with the Kennex today and I'm being missed at the tower." she chuckles. Then someone is talking about marriage schemes and the redhead starts looking for a corner to hide in.

Jael is overheard praising Cristoph.

"Count Thesarin Riven," the Prodigal Count says with a slow nod toward Cullen. "War Chief to the Twainfort. And to Dame Esoka Greenblood." He gives another low nod. "So. If there's a thing I can do for you, send word."

Monique is overheard praising Cristoph for: Way to host! Good event!

Nicia is overheard praising Cristoph.

The big man bows his head to Felicia. "Dame Harrow." Jeffeth smiles brightly over to her before looking back to Monique and then Tesha and Cullen. The huge knight takes a step back, wedging his wrist in between the pommel of his blade and the sway of his hip.

Reigna is overheard praising Cristoph for: Generous and Hosty!

Jael is overheard praising Nicia.

"There was a reason that I said that it would be an informal dinner, my lady," remarks Kael in turn toward Mia, his own eyes sparkling with amusement. "You and my Aunt might discuss such things, I will listen politely of course -- and then I might steal away with your husband to speak of other projects." Kael actually is sobering here with this particular shift in topic, turning to Thesarin with a nod of his head. "We might discuss it at length over dinner, or perhaps after the auction if business does not take us elsewhere before." He darts a sidelong look to Jael and just grins. No commentary made at all, but then he's catching sight of his wife. His brows lift up in unison and he murmurs, "And there is Reigna. I apologize, one moment." He seeks to step away for that simple moment to offer his arm to his wife, murmur a few words in her ear, and guide her back to the Rivens. Along the way, Monique'll be flashed a smile.

"Dame Harrow, Sir Jeffeth, Count Riven," Cullen greets them all with another polite bow, his coppery hair in a little motion as he does so. "I am pleased to meet you all...and thank you, Count. It is an honor to meet you, and I will keep that in mind. It's quite appreciated."

"Reigna!" Jael calls with delight and, since Kael is not her brother, does not immediately rat him out to her. "You made it after all! Do you need to sit down? We have this walnut couch, it's very...supportive. Actually, a chair might be better."

"Sir Bayweather." Felicia offers back to Jeffeth with a grin and eyes his armed state enviously before extending a hand towards Cullen,"I'm not sure that we've met, my lord...?" she offers apologetically.

In the midst of the auction ending, Cristoph receives a messenger. It has him laughing and he shakes his head, gesturing to Norwood. "Help me get this one painting up. We need to have it delivered to Prince Laric." He seems amused as he moves to get Conquering Heroes loaded up and sent away with a messenger. While there are no plans to kick anyone out, he does seem distracted by taking care of the technical side of things and done with any official hosting capabilities.

Mia tears her eyes away from the conversation with Kael for a moment at the mention of Esoka's name. Both brows go up as she peers up to the Prodigal at her side with a questioning look. "What of our Sword now, my lord?," she asks Thesarin, in Kael's absence. But as he returned with his wife on his arm, she offered a small curtsy to Reigna. "Countess. We were just making plans to torment your poor husband with gossip shared between your aunt and I, over dinner at your home some night soon. I apologize for allowing him to make promise to inflict us on the lot of you without you hear to contradict him." A pause. "But not too much, as I admit I'm not very sorry for it at all."

"Of course." Norwood will help with the painting, and then nods gnerally to everyone else and takes himself off and away from the party.

When Kel finds her, Reigna smiles up at him as she takes his arm. She walks back with him, murmuring back at him, her smile deepening. When Jael calls over to her she lights up again, though there is a sallowness to her skin that hints to her not feeling great. "Jael! Hi!" When they reach the Rivens, Reigna offers them both a soft smile, "Hello Countess Mia, Count Thessarin."

Monique leans in to murmur something low to Felicia, leaning back with a distinct glint in her eyes, and turning to the others. "So, we have a large painting and an arbor to move back to the Gardens at Greenmarch. I don't suppose I could enlist you all for help?" She asks Jeffeth, Felicia and Cullen with a charming smile, whilst waving to Tesha's departure.

Monique leads the contingent off, with the strong ones carrying the heavy winnings!

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name, Jeffeth, Felicia, Cullen leave, following Monique.

"Good." Thesarin nods toward Cullen, very seriously, and then turns back toward Mia and Reigna. "Countess Keaton. How now." A low nod toward the Countesses, and making a low nod at the back of his throat. "...just making my thanks to the Sword of Greenmarch. How've you been, Countess Keaton? Ain't seen you since the journey back, that I recall."

a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Cristoph picks up a romantic wrought iron archway and bench.

"My wife would not contradict me for such a thing," says Kael, easily enough with a rueful little smile to go along with his words. "She happens to enjoy our social dinners most of the time." He is teasing his wife of course, punctuating this with a kiss of her brow in a light manner. Now, that being said, when he draws his head back he is peering at Reigna with a curious look, assessing how she might be feeling undoubtedly.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Thesarin before departing.

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