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2nd Annual Compact Crew Race

6 teams, A stretch of water and the sun shining. It's the second annual Compact Crew Race, where the various fealty's row their hearts out to bring home the trophy. Grayson won in 1007AR, who will in 1008 and get thier name next on the cup? Come out to row, come out to cheer or come out for the after party. Rules & Mechanics:


April 8, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Victus Alarissa


Mia Sparte Kenna Barric(RIP) Thesarin Tabitha Lisebet Thena Perrach Eithne Jeffeth Malesh Zoey Graham Ferrando Caith Aleksei Esoka Wash Ariel Ian



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


The Graysons took the trophy at the Compact Crew Race for the second year in a row. I was honored to take part alongside my teammates from last year. Lord Malesh commanded us well, and Prince Barric and my War Chief Thesarin joined me in the rowing. We had bracing competition from House Thrax and particularly the team representing the Godsworn. I hope my athleticism and sportsmanship did good honors to Gloria, even if I wasn't rowing for the Faith itself.

white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

Zoey puts Black Berry Brandy with Smooth Floral Notes in a monogrammed black calfskin satchel with silk lining.

People have been ferried out to the boats, everyone settling in on the ships that they want to observe on. Wind whips and the ships anchored, provide protection from it and also the laneway in which the boats will be rowing. The noise is loud, water carrying and back at the beach a bonfire has been set and servants setting about for the after party of the rowing, but out on the water, everryone gets ready in the last few minutes. Grayson is back to defend the title, attempt to get the trophy back. Who will walk away with it this year?

Esoka marches down to the beach, dressed in a plain blue and white sleeveless tunic and trousers. It's not a particularly notable ensemble, but it does show off her intricately-inked shav'arvani tattoos with clear pride. She makes her way down to the boats, flashing a knite-styel salute with one large arm to her competitors. The folk gathering for the Faith in particular get a bow.

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Aleksei is infamously -- infamously!! especially for anyone who's been unfortunate enough to be on one with him -- terrible at boats. TERRIBLE. Crew boats are a bit different, though, and so he seems to not be green in the gills, which is great. For everyone around him. He has stripped out of his longcoat and shirt, which means that he's bare-chested and grinning out on the water with his fellow crew members Thena, Jeffeth, and Ferrando.

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No motley band of misfits with her this time, Caith arrives with just her true-blue Thrax crew (zing!) and zips down to the beach. She has a ribbon in her hand. A good luck ribbon! And she means to give it to someone. Or .. well .. she meant to, anyway. When she sees that everyone competing is already out on the water, the young woman just stands there on the beach for a moment with her mouth pushed over to one side. "Well, nuts," she mutters and then hops onto one of the ferries to head out to one of the observation boats. Once she gets settled, she cups a hand around her mouth and shouts out: "GOOD LUCK!!" Whoever she is pinning all her best thoughts on? They know who they are.

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Shirtless. It's the only way to row. At least that's what Barric thinks. He is out in the Grayson rowboat already, stretching his arms and swinging them around to get warmed up, loose, and limber. He looks around and waves to the onlookers, because why not. He nods to his fellow teammates and gets prepared to row.

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Shirtless may be the only way to row, but Thena's fully dressed for her yelling duty at the front of her boat.

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Jeffeth may not be wearing a shirt, but he is fully dressed. Because you're never fully dressed without a SMILE. And Jeffeth has a BIG one. He is at the back of the ship, with a beaming toothy grin.

Sir Perrach has removed his arm, shirtless and seated within boat as a rower for House Thrax. He stretches his arms out, cracking joints and working out the limbs before he grabs a hold of the wooden oars. He does glance out to the other contestants from the various factions. "We ain't losin to a bunch of fluffy nobles."

Soon enough though, it's all ready. People press against the rails of the boats - some of them listing just a little but this was anticipated - as warning horns are sounded. Everyone sits ready in their boats, the excitement high. That stretch of water doesn't look that long but everyone knows that it's a short length and it will take a lot of energy to get ones boat there, and get it there first.

And then the moment of truth and the horn goes off, one short blast and the racers are off!

Thena checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Lisebet Farshaw is attending, settled in to watch the race. She's secure and relaxed, curious to see just what happens. She settles in, quietly watching for the moment.

Ferrando checked strength + athletics at difficulty 7, rolling 43 higher.

Aleksei checked strength + athletics at difficulty 7, rolling 38 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 7, rolling 51 higher.

Malesh is sitting in the Grayson team row-boat with the other returning champions. He's dressed... not colorfully but certainly brightly. He waves before the horn, an unruly wig covering most of the left half of his face. He's dressed up it seems, as... something? A ship captain at least, but perhaps even a specific one, what with the wig. All jovality asside when the horn is blown he's shouting encouragment and very straight forward commands for strokes.

Malesh checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 30 higher.

Barric checked strength + athletics at difficulty 9, rolling 37 higher.

Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 9, rolling 38 higher.

Esoka has rolled a critical success!
Esoka checked strength + athletics at difficulty 9, rolling 141 higher.

Alarissa checked command + leadership at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Sparte checked strength + athletics at difficulty 11, rolling 14 higher.

Victus checked strength + athletics at difficulty 11, rolling 27 higher.

Smokey, the Wolfhound Pup arrives, following Eithne.

3 House Riven Soldiers, 1 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors, Lianna arrive, following Mia.

Perrach checked strength + athletics at difficulty 11, rolling 17 higher.

Mia has joined the Grayson Ship.

Thesarin seems to be siding with Barric. Srippoed from the waist up, showing off a solid mass of muscle, nearly every inch of skin from his neck to his waist covered in coppery tattoos, old scars, or both. He takes the strokes with a grim expression on his face, not sparing a glance at the other boats, just taking the strokes in time with the team.

Esoka knows her way around a river boat. She slips into her spot among the rowers and gets right to work, muscles flexing to their task. She almost makes it look easy, propelling the boat through the water. Almost. Her guns are working for this with flair.

Barric grips the oars tightly on each draw as his shoulders and back flex, putting his body into each stroke of the oars but loosening his grip each time he swings the oars up out of the water and whips them forwards again, waiting for the next shout to row, and he rows. There's nothing but determination on his face now though.

Thena perches at the front of her boat like a blackbird, time spent with the Grayhope shipping lines showing in her ease up there. Her voice is strong and clear. "SHOW OFF THEM FAITH ABS!"

Alarissa sits at the front of the boat, her back to the finish line and her hands cupping around her mouth as the woman encourages the Thrax team to row. "Tears in our wake! Leave them crying men!" She calls out to them, blondde hair whipping in the air as they go.

"Good gods!" Aleksei really /is/ focused on rowing, on Thena's call, all of it, and the Faith boat is jetting ahead -- but he catches sight of Esoka's rows just /launching/ the Grayson boat far into first.

Victus just doesn't have his head in the game after the Assembly today and it's clearly showing. Though he goes through the motions of rowing, it lacks the passion one might usually find from it.

Jeffeth starts rowing at the back of his boat, glancing over at Esoka with an arched brow. But his biceps keep pumping those oars as he begins to sing. It's a song from the lowers. And not the most reverent of songs. But it sure is catchy! And good for a rowing day! The man pushes and pushes, making a strong effort but the Grayson boat has really taken off.

Malesh leans to one side, sitting at the front of the boat and looking back at teh Grayson crew, to try and offset any drift away from center that Esoka's positively EXPLOSIVE start has given them. His body, while long, isn't particularly heavy and it's not enough alone, so he's hurridly encouraging Thesarin and Barri to try to match Esoka's display to keep them on the line. "For Glory Graysons! Row as one!"

Sparte struggles to row, and row he does. He is already looking red in the face and they've just started. Maybe he should've stripped down to his skin like the other rowers instead of keeping his shirt on, or maybe he should get out and exercise more.

Ferrando looks up from his studiously considered rowing for a moment as he tries to stay in sync with Aleksei ahead and Jeffeth behind. "Wait, do you want me to row or pose?" he calls up to Thena a little blankly.

"HAUL ASS, YOU GUYS!" is shouted from the Thrax boat. That wasn't .. no. That couldn't have been Caith. She is far too delicate a princess to be hollering like that! Ahem.

Perrach exerts all he can into keeping Thrax in the race. He's muttering a loud, "The hell are they feedin them damn Graysons?" He growls over the shoulder after witnessing who's taking the lead.

Thena checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Aleksei checked strength + athletics at difficulty 13, rolling 35 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 13, rolling 40 higher.

Ferrando checked strength + athletics at difficulty 13, rolling 24 higher.

Malesh checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 39 higher.

Barric checked strength + athletics at difficulty 12, rolling 60 higher.

Esoka checked strength + athletics at difficulty 12, rolling 37 higher.

Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 12, rolling 42 higher.

Alarissa checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 10 higher.

Sparte checked strength + athletics at difficulty 18, rolling 0 higher.

Perrach checked strength + athletics at difficulty 18, rolling 10 higher.

Victus checked strength + athletics at difficulty 18, rolling 20 higher.

Graham has joined the Grayson Ship.

Nothing like showing up late to a race! Eithne kicks her boots off while balancing a happy, chubby dark haired baby on her hip. The crew ships are already out in the water and she points towards the Faith's boat. "There he is! Wooo Gooooooo Rando!"

"Definitely row!" Thena calls to Ferrando, doing a bit of helpful air-rowing to make sure he gets the idea before shouting, "FORWARD! For the gods!"

It's all Esoka's fault. The steady rhythm of her rowing, the pull of those muscles, the way she shifts her grip. It is /inspiring/ and Barric is inspired! He is also remembering the last time he did this, a year ago, in the self same contest. The splash of his oars hits almost perfectly with the others and he is leaning way forwards and pulling /way/ back to extend the length of each pull. Sweat starts to form on his skin as he warms up but it's not the sweat of exhaustion, just good hard labor. His breathing is steady and he grins as his body finds that same rhythm, enjoying himself now!

Esoka settles into a more even rhythm after that initial burst of rather insane muscular effort, giving her arms /something/ of a rest while her fellow rowers do more heroes' work at pushing them along. Her eyes shine as she goes through the motions of keeping the boat moving forward, dark curls blowing in the sea air. She's at home out here.

"Put some elbow into it Master Fatchforth! Your stoat can do better!" Alarissa calls out to Sparte. "You as well Master Perrach! That trophy belongs in Thrax! Not in the grayson hall's!" She shifts in her littel wooden seat, uncomfortable. 'victus! Row harder or the it's the guest bedrooms for you! OR worse! Leona's bunk!!!"

Aleksei pulls his distraction from Esoka's /remarkable/ start to focus instead on the pull of his oars, the work of his muscles, trying to keep his rhythm steady in time with Thena's calls. He can't help the burst of laughter when she mimes rowing, though.

"I mean, I wasn't going to row backwards," Ferrando comments as he rows. Forward, that is. "I'm Ferrando, by the way," he tells Jeffeth affably over his shoulder. "Nice to meet you!"

Malesh leans back towards center as his perhaps over enthusiastic boat gets back on the center line. "That's it team, together and as one!" He nearly sings out a rhythm of "Row, Row, Row" to keep them in time together. Whatever his words count for, it's the strong backs of his team that are doing the hard work, and he aims not to forget it, "There's generous rewards for everyone in this boat when we win." Encouragemnet and bribery appear to be his go to methods of captaining the crew boat yet again.

Thesarin keeps working the oars in a steady rhythm with the others, thews rippling under bronzed and tattooed skin, breathing in time with the strokes of the oars, spray on his face with every stroke. He's not matching the smiles of the other Graysons, though; he's working the oars like he hs a grudge.

Pushing hard, Jeffeth keeps singing, though soft enough so Thena can scream at them comfortably enough. He smiles at Ferrando. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. A pleasure to meet you Ferrando." The big man bellows.

Perrach works up a sweat in his rowing, swaying back and forth while pushing and pulling at the oars. "Stroke! Stroke! In a damn rhythm lads!"

Sparte is fully red in the face at this point. He looks like he might just pop, like some particularly ambulatory zit. "I'm... Trying..." Maybe he needs to eat some of what Grayson has been having.

Teonia Redreef, 4 Thrax Guards, Aryka Wyrmfang arrive, following Sorrel.

Thena checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 30 higher.

Aleksei checked strength + athletics at difficulty 19, rolling 38 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 19, rolling 53 higher.

Ferrando checked strength + athletics at difficulty 19, rolling 26 higher.

Malesh checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 39 higher.

Barric checked strength + athletics at difficulty 17, rolling 21 higher.

Esoka checked strength + athletics at difficulty 17, rolling 43 higher.

Thesarin has rolled a critical success!
Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 17, rolling 53 higher.

Alarissa checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 2 lower.

Sparte checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 9 lower.

Victus checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 20 higher.

Perrach checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 2 higher.

"Same to you, Sir Jeffeth! Are you here because the Archlector whined at you too?" Ferrando chatters amiably enough before turning to regard Aleksei's back. "I'm just kidding! You weren't whining. Mostly. Maybe pouting a little at worst. Hey, does Peanut like to swim? Is he going to, like, jump off a dock and follow us? That'd be wild." He could probably pay a bit more attention to the actual rowing, but it seems hard to divorce him from his natural inclination to equate being out on a boat in the summer with a fun trip. This is possibly indicative of why Lenosia isn't famous for crew racing.

Thena sits ramrod-straight with her hand cupped around her mouth. "Pull! Pull! There's no laughing in rowing, Aleksei!" Though she looks like she might be very close to laughing herself, especially with those pleasant introductions and teatime chat going on back there.

Alarissa's looking a little green around the gills. So encouragement is not so much forthcoming as she's lifting a hand to clap over her mouth and a panicked look on her face. Which leaves Thrax with very little in the way of actual leadership at the moment and it shows.

"You know, if we could attack the other ships, then we would probably be doing better," Caith comments to her fellow Thraxxies on the Thrax boat. "Maybe we should toss them all war axes?" So help! Much idea!

"What's a stoat?" Barric calls out to Alarissa, but then he gets concerned when his sister is very obviously sick and it messes up his rhythm a bit, not able to add to the strength of the rowing as he did before. Distractions work, but fortunately Esoka and Thesarin are able to cover for his lack of focus this time around!

Malesh can see from his little eat that, while the Grayson boat got a great headstart, the strong backs of the Godsworn boat are keeping pace with them. "Keep it up, Dame Esoka, pull! Prince Barric that's it man! Count Thesarin graet work, row as if thye chase us with ledgers and paperwork!" He laughs a little and calls out the strokes again, trying to mix in some jovality with the all important rhythmic calls for timing.

The big man at the back continues to plow the oars into the water. Jeffeth continues to roll his shoulders in time with his companions. His singing stops for now as he concentrates on the rowing. "Oh no. I just like rowing." The knight bellows with a broad smile. He looks over at the Grayson ship in the distance. "Grandmaster, we should probably go faster if we want to win." He calls out, helpfully.

"There's totally laughing in rowing!" Aleksei claims. Maybe it's the fact that the Grayson boat is so completely, thoroughly ahead of them that it's hard to get /too/ competitive; he's still putting his back into it, but one might imagine he'd be a bit more hardcore if they had a chance of catching up and making a close race of it. Now he's just having fun. "I wasn't pouting!" he adds.

Thesarin has a sheen on his skin, sweat and spray, and he blinks at it as he goes at the oars like a smith at an anvil, stroke after stroke, pullng the Grayson boat through the water with the two other slabs of muscle aboard, teeth gritted, snorting a short laugh at Malesh's warnings of paoerwork.

Did he just? Yes, Sparte somehow managed to lose grip on one of his oars. He pauses to take his other oar and try to smack it back towards the boat in a vain effort to keep from losing - no, no that oar is gone. Still breathing heavy and flushed, Sparte turns to start rowing one side then the next with the single oar in hand. He can't possibly do worse than he was doing like that, could he?

"Put your back into it, Chief!" Esoka hollers at Thesarin, with a big-throated laugh. Not that he's having any trouble. For her part, she just keeps rowing at a steady, water-eating pace.

Eithne moves closer to the water's edge and sits in the strand in order to put her daughter's feet in the wet sand. The baby bounces happily though starts to cry at times because this is a totally new sensation. "Oh c'mon, Cari, we gotta keep cheering for daddy and the Faith team. Help mommy cheer, yeah?" Eithne starts some rendition of a cheer song that carries only as far as the breaking waves. "Damn, that Grayson team is good. Let's go Faith!"

"Ohhh, so your boss made you show up too, huh," Ferrando observes sympathetically to Jeffeth.

No horses in this - erm, boats in this race. So Lisebet cheers for everyone with no real rhyme or reason. She knows most of the Faith team, and a few of the other rowers.

Thena checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Aleksei checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 31 higher.

Ferrando has rolled a critical success!
Ferrando checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 55 higher.

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 25, rolling 23 higher.

Perrach tries to pick up the lack from the rest of the rowers on team Thrax. When Sparte loses an oar the Salty Knight is cursing aloud. "So help me Master Sparte I'm going to use your limbs as rowing oars if we don't pick up the pace!"

Malesh checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Esoka checked strength + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 45 higher.

Barric checked strength + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 8 higher.

Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 27, rolling 10 higher.

Alarissa checked command + leadership at difficulty 25, rolling 21 higher.

Sparte checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 7 lower.

Victus checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 32 higher.

Perrach checked strength + athletics at difficulty 26, rolling 12 lower.

Sparte reacts to Perrach's shouts at him by moving the oar more quickly. Feverishly. We'd be making amazing headway if the oar was actually getting any depth into the water rather than skimming it worthlessly.

Victus checked out awhile ago. Rowing had become instinct while his mind wandered to a nice bed at home and some good drinks. Yeah, that's a nice thought.

"Then row faster," Thena shouts back to Jeffeth with a toothy little grin as the boat zips through the water after Grayson. She doesn't seem particularly put out by the fact that they're in second place. Being out on the water at high speed with three ripped men in front of her ain't a bad way to go. When Grayson clearly keeps their lead she shouts yelling, "We're number two! We're number two!"

Despite Grayon's crazy lead, Aleksei and the other Faithers actually manage to at least close the gap a fair amount. Not enough to /win/, of course, or really even get competitive for first, but they close the gap!! And Aleksei is working those oars the whole way, trying not to laugh when they cross over the finish line and Thena starts yelling. "Yeah! Number two! Woo!"

It's not going go good for Thrax. Victus has checked out, his wife has managed to say three words before she's hanging over the side of the boat and trying to be discreet - likely unsuccessfully - about what she's doing but manages to at least not fall over the side. Thrax once again, isn't taking that trophy home.

Esoka remains intent and focused up to the last leg of the competition, never flagging, ever forward, savoring the camaraderie and competition as the race winds up. She lets out a loud yell of triumph as they manage to maintain their lead and come in first. "Honors to your captaining, Lord Malesh! Chief, Prince Barric, ever a pleasure to row with you lot."

Alarissa has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 1

Alarissa has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 6

Alarissa has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 14

Ferrando apparently takes the suggestion to row faster fairly seriously, just in case anybody got the idea he was totally slacking out there on the water. "Wait, is number two some kind of nautical term? Is that supposed to mean something? Or am I overthinking this?" he asks a bit blankly, looking around. Maybe number two is sailor talk for 'dumbass about to crash into the dock', you never know.

Thesarin is gasping hard once they cross th finish line. He pulls the oars up and stops rowing, taking big, long breaths as he does, letting the boat slide forward through the water. He still doesn't smile as he looks over to the others on the boat, twisting his big neck with a series of cracks.

From the strand, Eithne watches the boats finish the race and Faith has come in second place. She holds Carson up a little higher while cheering and chanting, unbothered by the wet sand the baby kicks up. "Woohoo! Did you see your daddy out there? Who knew he was so good at rowing a boat. Look at this biceps, too! Rawr!"

Oars pulled up, Jeffeth laughs loudly hands going to lace behind his head at the back. "Sorry Commandermaster." Though he does lean forward to murmur something softly to Aleksei and Ferrando.

Thena checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Malesh is laughing as the cross the line, less exhausted at the end of this year's race than the last. "Oh well said Dame Esoka, but as always it is your strength that carries the day, all of you have made me as proud as can be yet again..." As the boats slows after crossing the finish, it becomes easier to engage with the other crews. "Dame Thena! You and the Godsworn had me worried. I thought for sure if the course were but a bit longer, you might overtake us, especially with Sir Bayweather among your crew."

With Alarissa hanging over the side like that Barric is clearly distracted, even distracted though he puts oars into the water enough to help power the Grayson team to victory but his celebrations are somewhat subdued. Still he cheers, throwing his fists up into the air and then reaching to grab the oars and pull them into the boat so they don't get lost on the ocean. "Well done! None Greater!" He shouts out, "Dame Esoka that start was amazing! Inspiring even! Sorry at the end there... lost my focus."

It's been a close one to some degree. Right out the bat it was clear that Grayson has once again come to win and the Faith with their team split from the crown was rowing flat out to try and catch up. But Grayson still slid easil into home, followed by the Faith not long after. Thrax had a leg up on most others participating and at the end, slid home into third place under those pennants. Surprisingly, Redrain came in fourth, then the crown with a disappoted and squabbling velenosa in last.

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Dumbass is not about to crash into the dock; Thena nimbly stops the boat as it comes in. "Marquis Malesh, I am glad to see you on your feet again! Perhaps I need to yell louder next time." She shakes her head at Jeffeth. "You did fine, everyone did fine. WE'RE NUMBER TWO!"

Alarissa has rolled 1 20-sided dice: 9

Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Thena checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Malesh laughs and shakes his head, his silly wig waving about as he does so. "Not nearly as glad as I am to be on them, I assure you... as for the yelling I believe it had less to do with that and more to do with the generous offer of drinks after the race."

Perrach in his frustrations at their trailing behind broke one of his ores. The wooden paddle floated off and away, lost forever. The salty knight growled as they came in third, "Bested by fucking Graysons and the faith."

Wash applauds as the final bouy is passed. He has twice as many people to root for in this contest, so he's very casual about it. He even salutes the Grayson captain in a jaunty manner.

Well we made it back at least! And so Jeffeth needs to celebrate, the large knight steps up onto the docks before he charges at Thena, aiming to grab her and take her into the water. However. When Jeffeth runs forward, Thena is no longer there.

And Jeffeth goes flying into the water.

"Maybe if we'd been able to convince Dame Esoka not to row for you!" Aleksei calls back to Malesh with a wide grin. He whispers a bit with Jeffeth and Ferrando, something skeptical in his expression, and then he watches Jeffeth try to tackle Thena into the water and promptly fall in. "Well, see, that's what I said!"

Aleksei is overheard praising Jeffeth for: He tried.

The thrax boat is making it to the docks, attendants on hand to help people out of the boats. Alarissa's looking at Perrach, a hand to the back of her mouth. "Really? It's a race Sir Perrach." She looks a littel green still but she has to go tidy up and get ready to hand over the trophy.

Thena taps her temple. "Drinks! Why didn't I think of that." It's a near enough thing that the Grandmaster almost doesn't quite manage to get out of the way...WHOOSH, she sidesteps and there goes JEffeth into the water.

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"I think it was that extra chicken I had this morning. Excellent for energy!" Esoka takes a moment to advertise for poultry protein, offering a bow of her head to Alarissa and the crew of the Thrax ship. Then, those in the Faith. "The competition was fierce this year. I thought Grandmaster Thena's crew was going to overtake us at some points. Anyhow, it was fun!"

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As they reach the dock Barric hops out of the boat and helps to get it tied up before he looks towards the Thrax boat and his sister but she's talking and not hanging over the side of the boat anymore so he smiles and then cheers, "Well done everyone! Good race!" He smiles and claps then looks at Esoka, "Just like last time." He says to her with a wry smile, "If we're not careful they're going to make a new rule that you can't row for any team." He says playfully.

Ariel waits for her husband on the shore and as Malesh goes to step off the dock she releases the hound, just one she doesn't want to see Malesh crushed after the victory. She covers her mouth with a hand, "He's very happy he didn't need to fetch you if you fell out of the boat my dear." A moment later the little redhead is joining the celebration around Malesh giving the captain an affectionate hug. "You did wonderfully."

Once the rowers start to disembark from their boats, Eithne begins to stand up and wipe sand from off her butt. She hooks Carson back onto her hip and makes her way towards more familiar faces. Spotting Esoka, she gives the woman an enthusiastic wave. "Great rowing, Dame Esoka! Congratulations on your victory."

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And now the party on the beach can start, people gathering near the statue even as others have already started the festivities. There is a trophy to pas out after all. A little plaque on it stating Grayson 1007AR, and then a spot for a new one to go on at some point later that will read Grayson 1008 AR. But to the shrine everyone gathers and Alarissa speaks up. "For the second year in a row, Grayson has of course, bested all. Though this year the fait gave a lovely challenge. So if Grayson coul come forth and claim the trophy, to be displayed in their hall for another year. A reminder once more of their motto, and a challenge to take it from them next year." Alarissa hefts up the golden trophy to pass it over. "And everyone, enjoy, partake, it is a lovely summer evening!

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"Well done, everyone," Lisebet calls, with a smile. She listens to the conversation, as she gets off the Valardin boat and returns to the shore, her gaze going to each speaker in turn. After the speech announcing the winner, she joins in polite clapping and cheering.

Thena watches Jeffeth flounder impassively for a long moment, then turns and smiles a wolfish smile at Esoka. "It was definitely fun. Terrific rowing!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eithne before departing.

"Might be so, Blessed Aleksei." Thesarin gives a nod toward the man as he steps back onto the land, stretching at his broad shoulders and taking a deep breath, finding his footing. "Don't reckon we'll find out." There's just a hint of a grin toward Esoka, and he reaches over to grab Barric by the forearm, and give a CAREFUL clasp on the shoulder to Malesh.

Jeffeth eventually clambers onto the beach, sopping wet. Scrubbing his face as he arrives on the sand.

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Malesh climbs out of the Grayson crew boat with just a little unsteadiness of the legs. He's not a tenth as athletic as those that took to rowing. "Fret not, it's my tip for next time. Everybody works harder in a boat when they're the promise of booze after the job is done. Learned that growing up on the river." He's standing there, just adjusting his outfit now, "I think the costume helped too. I decided to honor Admiral Washburn of House Kennex, you know he's a Prince of Grayson by blood and my wife's family is vassal to his so it seemed fitting to honor him for-" And then Koi the big dog is jumping on him and getting sand on his costume. The man 'dances' with the dog a little, trying to calm it down just as his wife greats him with a hug. He's happy to be in her arms, or rather she in his given her petite frame to his lanky one. He doesn't even seem to realize that the dog has caused him to lose his hat, exposing that his left eyebrow and the hair on his left temple has gone completely white. More grottesque then than, so has his left eye, which is now a singular cloudy white orb.

Sparte gets out of his book looking red in the face still, but this time it may very well be embarassment. He flicks a glance over to the other Thrax rowers before shuffling his way along with head downturned.

Mia descended the plank from the Grayson ship quickly, her steps a brisk flurry of sand and long skirts. She was, in all her hurry, rather decidedly aiming herself at her Housemates. And for once she was....good gods above, she wasn't even smiling. Mia Riven was actually *grinning* with pure delight, and outside the walls of Heron Hall, no less. It was a sight as rare as a shooting star, that grin. Her maid looked terribly confused by it all, and her poor, poor guards were simply trying to keep up.

Wash doesn't hesitate to splash through the water up to the beach when the Thrax vessel gets close enough. He's delighted by the demonstration. "Did you save me some of that booze?" He asks Malesh.

"You're looking a bit wet, Sir Jeffeth," Aleksei tells him sagely.

Hopping onto a ferry back to the beaches, Caith accepts the hand of an attendant as she does a graceful little jump down into the sand. "Thank you," she lilts and then drifts through the crowd until she comes upon a sopping wet -- and already quite sandy -- Jeffeth. "I meant to give you this before the race," she tells him, shoving him the ribbon. It's pink and shot through with golden thread so it kind of glitters and shines when it flutters in the breeze. In short: it's a very girly ribbon. Why would she give him a ribbon? "For luck!" she clarifies and then ties it on him anyway, even though the race is over. It gets wrapped around his bicep and tied with a bow.

"You did great," she tells him and then gives the man a hug, not giving a fig about the fact that ... oh no, her dress. Wet. Sand. O WELL. Looking to the other members of the Faith's team, she beams. "You all did so well! I was really pulling for you to catch them in the end."

Ian waits until the Thrax ship actually reaches the dock before disembarking with Zoey. He's not big on struggling around through sand, but manages to get his hands on a bottle of rum, and takes her over to the shady area beneath the trees. There's a log there he spent some time with, last time he was here.

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Esoka is all shoulder-claps and congratulations for Malesh, Thesarin and Barric. A beaming smile is directed at Eithne, and Mia as the countess comes down to greet them. "Thank you! I might have to retire after this year. I'm not sure I can better this." A wink toward Aleksei. "I'll ask Gloria's guidance on what She'd like me to do with my rowing future, though."

Zoey walks down the plank from the Thrax ship, just behind Ian. She smiles at the victorious Graysons, clapping for them cheerfully as she follows the man to the log under the trees.

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Having made her way from the Grayson boat, one hand hitching her blue skirts just above her ankles, Tabitha is linked arm in arm with Kenna. Little glances are cast at the sand below her feet, a faint wrinkle of her nose as she flicks the toe of one slipper forwards, dislodging a bit of sand from the tip. She's totally got some sand in her shoe, it's pretty obvious.

Barric clasps Thesarin's arm happily sharing that grip, "Well done Grayson! Well done Faithful! Well done Thrax!" He smiles widely, practically beaming, "It was a great race!" He congratulates all the rowers and then heads over towards the celebration on the beach, just in time to avoid a giant dog that comes barelling past to savage Malesh with affection! He looks over towards Mia, Kenna, and the others coming and smiles at them all. "I can only hope Gloria suggests you continue rowing for us Dame Esoka." He chuckles.

Thesarin gives nods towrad the other teams, clapping a hand on Mia's shoulder. Malesh's scars get a short look, but not more than that, before he sees his wife hurrying through the beach in his direction. and actually looks... surprised at the sight of it. A smiling Countess is not something he's apparently used to seeing.

Graham moves along with Kenna and Tabitha. He smiles both for the win, and for good company. He will await his turn moving off oft he boat as well before finding the others. "I am glad for this boat ride.. it did something to return my care for the sea." He says taking a deep breath.

Thena tilts her head curiously at Princess Caith and her ribbon typing...that can't be easy...but when the woman speaks to the team she just perks a smile at the princess. "You were the one with the dancing dog. Thank you, I thought we put up a good fight."

Kenna tilts a glance at Graham from where she's hanging on Tabitha's arm. "Are you a sea man then, but wait, of course you are." Her freehand applies itself to her forehead. "If you know Lord Kaldur."

Smiling brightly down at Caith as she manages the Very Pretty ribbon around his overly large bicep, his eyes shift to her as she does so. "Your Highness." The large man steps back and goes into a deep bow, pressing his fist against his chest. "You honor me." Slowly straightening next to her, he stands up to his full height, glancing around at those on the beach. Esoka gets a hearty clap from the man as well as Malesh. "Well done my Lord, you're looking much better!" Jeffeth bellows over at him.

He then looks over to Thena, then back to Caith. "Oh. Princess Caith. My superior, Grandmaster Thena. Or as I refer to her Commandermaster Thena. Commandermaster, this is Princess Caith Thrax. A trusted friend." He smiles brightly over at Thena then back to his ribbon. Ahem. "Thank you, Your Highness. For the luck."

Ariel helps prop Malesh up with an arm around him, the other is patting the head of her hound. "Such a good boy, now fetch." the words said as she wrangles the dog's head so it might get the idea to get the hat slowly floating away and beginning to list in the water. "Come on let's get you a drink shall we?" She asks looks up at Malesh, "Oh you might want to get another hat, you know how Koi loves to chew on things." Malesh's scars don't seem to bother Ariel overly much, he was wierd when she married him.

"I'm sure Gloria will guide you to the right path," Aleksei tells Esoka with sage wisdom -- wisdom!! -- and with a very particular emphasis. YOU KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT PATH THAT HE MEANS IS, ESOKA. "In any event!" He apparently has to head out, because he grabs his longcoat and strides off back towards the city.

After a good few more flicks of her foot, Tabitha suddenly seems to remember where she is and who she's in front of. She gives a wide-eyed nod to Barric and friends, courteous as you like, but then a shy smile breaks across her lips. "You all did so well! Congratulations."

The bubbly blonde grins to Thena in return. "Yes! Stumphrey! I left him at home today because I was afraid he would jump in the water and swim after the boats. Did you know that corgi butts float? They do! They just.." And Caith's hands just drift up, demonstrating corgi butt-fluff floating technique. "..bob up. But yes. He would have jumped in. And then /I/ would have jumped in to go after him. And then all my guards would have jumped in to go after me. It would have been a /mess/." This whole thing is said without a breath but she takes one now. Breathe! Smile! Laugh! Gosh, but isn't she a cheerful thing?

Tilting her head back to look up at Jeffeth, she shakes a finger at him. "You know, I saw what you tried to do on the docks! Grandmastercommander Thena, you are very clever to wiggle out of the way and treat this one here.." She elbow pokes the huge Knight of Solace. "..a taste of his own medicine."

A smiling Countess was an unfamiliar sight, indeed. But apparently today was a day when Riven was throwing all caution to the wind, and would not be stopped. Or at least Mia wouldn't, because as she trippd and traipsed her way over the last heap of sand, both of her arms were flung around Thesarin's shoulders whether the man was still shirtless and sweat-soaked or not. "A wonderful triumph, my lord! Again." Was she crowing? Perhaps just a little. But who could blame her for being proud of her people?

"Hm, perhaps not be nature but I enjoy traveling and seeing new places." Graham comments in return though he gives a shake of his head. "The rest of that can be discussed another time." He says not wishing to bring down the mood after the race and the victory.

Esoka claps Jeffeth's arm in return. "I do rather wish we'd had the chance to row together, Sir Jeffeth. Perhaps next year, if Gloria doesn't bid me to retire." She takes the trophy, hoisting it high above her head and carrying it solemnly over toward Barric. "Sword of Bastion. See that this finds its old place of honor at the Grayson Manor."

Malesh wasn't scared and half-blind then, howeer. This is a recent change in things. He's surrounded by people congratulating him and it takes him a moment to realize he's not hiding his face. "A drink would be nice, thank ou love." He sets his jaw and pulls out a hankerchief, taking his sweet time to pat at his face as if to dry away sweat. There's really not much in the way of scaring, certainly not next to a man forged in battle like Thesarin or any number of others. It's just some white hair and a blind eye and a little unnatural wrinkling to his temple, but he's turning red about it. Terribly ebarrassed. "Sir Jeffeth Bayweather..." he says, forcing himself to smile and lower his hankerchief. "This is my wife, Ariel, and Ariel this is Sir Bayweather who carried me from the battlefield to the healers, no doubt saving my life."

"I have seen Dash swim," Thena says with a curve of a smile, then gives Jeffeth a thoughtful look before replying, "Well met, Princess Caith." The smile curves a bit wider. "That's basically my entire job. Jumping out of the way at the last second."

They've come closer to the grayson team and Kenna can't help but smile at Mia's excitement at the winning team. "A winning team in all ways!" She can't help but cheer them all on as she comes closer in Mia's wake.

Barric reaches out to take the trophy, "Of course Dame Esoka." He says with a smile and then lifts the trophy up over his head, "None Greater!" He calls out happily, "Without such worthy opponents we would never have been so inspired. Congratulations to all!" He smiles and lowers the trophy, "Great race!" And he smiles at Tabitha when she comes over as well, "Thank you for cheering us on Mistress Tabitha." He says to her and shows her the trophy.

"Next year." Jeffeth smiles brightly over at Esoka, going to clap her arm in return with one meaty hand. He's turning quickly as Malesh and Ariel approach, going into a deep bow. "My Lady. A pleasure and an honor." The big man rumbles lowly. Bowing once more to Malesh. "It's good to see you well, My Lord. Congratulations." A toothy smile is given before he's glancing back to Caith.

A sheepish grin forms up, glancing at Thena. "I'll get her next time." He gives a solemn nod, going to clasp his hands behind his back.

Wash comes forward to shake hands and greet the winners, and then the Thrax team as well.

Ian watches the festivities from under the trees, passing a bottle back and forth with Zoey and talking. He seems to be in a reasonably good mood.

Zoey smiles at Ian and chats quietly with the man while they trade off turns with a rum bottle.

Thesarin is shocked, as his wife throws her arms around him, in front of half the Fealties, while he's soaked head to toe with salt water and sweat. It takes a moment, but he reaches one big, bare, tattooed arm around her waist, pulling her tight against him. Kenna gets a nod as well, as she approaches closer, reaching his free hand to his forehead to pull away the hair that's plastered against his skin.

Ariel hands Malesh a drink and then turns to Sir Jeffeth, "I am forever in your debt Sir Jeffeth for seeing my husband to the healers. Without your timely actions...well I don't want to think on that ghastly what might of been. I know it's not much in the way of repayment for his life, but my gratitude is yours."

Tilting her head back to look up at Thesarin, Mia offered to him -- and to Esoka -- "Lady Whitehawk offered her congratulations to you both. And was *very* ardent in her cheering, from just there." Disengaging one arm, she pointed with a single, slender finger to the bow of the Grayson ship. "Though I'm not quite sure you could hear the lot of us, even as exuberant as she and her cousin Mistress Mercier both were."

"Well, its time to get you home and ready for bed, little girl. " Eithne smooches the baby chub on Carson's cheek and begins gathering her things up. "This was so much fun. We'll have to come back to the beach again soon." With another wave to Esoka, then a wave over to where Ferrando is doing Ferrando things, the baby toting armorsmith takes her leave from the beaches for now.

Smokey, the Wolfhound Pup leaves, following Eithne.

Malesh takes the drink from Ariel and has a good bit of it in one go. He looks aroud, somwhere there's a dog either bringing him a sea-soaked hat and wig, or the dog is trying to eat it. Either way it's unlikely it's going back on his head and so he just tries to buck up and keep his embarrassment at bay. The booze helps, but vanity is not easily defeated. "I've told Sir Bayweather he can drink on my good name anywhere in our lands, if that helps add some value to your thanks Ariel."

Her eyes crinkle up with delight at Thena's answer. "Well, you are very good at it," Caith tells her and then quiets as Malesh and his wife approach Jeffeth. She gives them all some space, pulling away from the the trio as talk slips to the more serious.

"It was a delight meeting you officially, Dame Thena, and it was a pleasure watching you order a boat filled with men around. If you will forgive me though, I will leave you to your celebrating -- I think I am going to slip away home to change out of these damp clothes." She holds her arms out away from her body slightly and looks down at herself. "Note to self: be careful hugging wet giants."

With that, she winks at Thena and gives Jeffeth a wave before trudging up the beach back toward the city.

Esoka lets out a cry of surprise, and some glee, as Mia embraces Thesarin. It makes her big, toothy grin grow even wider. She savors the moment with her teammates, passing out a few more handshakes to her competitors, before she takes her leave of the beaches to dry off.

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"One of the many onerous tasks I must deal with," Thena says drolly to Caith with a nod of farewell, then, with a quirked smile at Malesh, "Oh, now you're buying off /my/ teammates." Her gaze doesn't linger on his scars from the demon...she was there, she could probably have guessed at as much.

Tabitha gives Jeffeth a quick wave and a small smile, then looks in any direction that does not contain a Jeffeth.

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Graham looks back after finding his family "Good glad your both well." He comments looking back to those close to him he will arch a brow slightly before looking to the artist. "Such a gathering of various sorts.. it's always good to see." He speaks to Tabitha.

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The big knight smiles quite brightly to Ariel. "Think nothing of it, my Lady." Jeffeth rumbles. "It was the right thing." The knight murmurs, looking over to Malesh. Then back to Caith. He bows deeply to her as she starts to retreat. "Good to see you, Your Highness." He is then offering Tabitha a bright smile as well with a little wave.

The big man is then looking down to Thena. "Are you staying long Grandcommandmaster?"

Wash finishes with congratulating the sailors who competed. Then he wanders heading back to the town.

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Kenna beams at her Cousin, squeezing her arm once before letting her go. "To cheer for Grayson was a delight. I will look forward to this again next year." Her eyes flick over to Jeffeth and Kenna gives a wave to the large knight.

Thesarin nods to Mia, and then to Kenna with a short look at the Whitehawk. Another snort nod at Kenna, and a nod to Tabihta. He keeps his arm around Mia's waist, giving Wash a brief reply to the greetings, looking tired but, generally, cheerful. "Coudn't hear much, with the shouting and rowing. But. It's good to know we had fans on the ship." He watches Mia, almost warily, but he holds her close all the same. "Glad you came out."

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"Washburn." Barric says to Wash when he comes to congratulate them. "Haven't seen you in forever." He tucks the trophy under one arm as Tabitha seems distracted by not looking at Jeffeth and he shakes Wash's hand, "I am surprised you weren't out there on a boat rowing yourself." He starts to move away from the group, calling out, "I'll make sure this goes where it belongs, back in my room!" He calls out playfully in jest then turns his attention back to Wash. "Is everything alright?" He asks the man, "You don't seem yourself." is said softer to Wash as they move away.

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Wash gives Barric a wave. "No no. Everything is fine. Just a few distractions. Your team is very good." He salutes Malesh again. "And that my Lord, is an almost perfect replica of a Kennex Uniform. How did you manage?"

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Tabitha belatedly looks up, still achieving maximum barnacle cling-age to Kenna's arm, then suddenly turns back to Barric, Mia and Thesarin with a sweet smile of apology. Then she blinks as Graham whispers something to her, looking up at him with a concerned frown. She whispers something back.

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Malesh smiles and returns Wash's salute. "Your heroism at Setarco deserved only the most faithful of honorific impressions." He pats at the short hair on his head then, "Forgive me, but I had a hat with a wig to complete the look. One of my wife's dear sweet dogs is either fetching it or eating it as we speak."

"I was here last year as well, and at the Tournament of the Roses, too," Mia replied, cocking one black brow at her husband. "Though I suppose that I can forgive you for forgetting that, just as I forgave Duke Laurent for forgetting our meeting, given that you were both unconscious at the time. Stubborn man. Fighting without a scrap of armor on," she chided him, but made no move to, well, move. She was about to introduce Tabitha as well, but given the woman's whispers with Graham, she paused, so as not to interrupt their conversation.

Kenna is smiling, but also looking between her cousin and Graham with an solid upraised eyebrow. SECRETS.

Thena looks up at Jeffeth and shakes her head. "Nah. I stick around here too long, you're going to try to throw me into the drink again. Anyway, I have a few more things to write up before I call it a night." And putting actions to words, she ducks out of the crowd and heads back towards the walls.

Lisebet drifts off, with a smile and a wave.

Graham doesn't turn away from the group this moment. He seems glad to congratulate and remain with them while they do so. "Yes no more parade armor brother." He comments before looking to lean and return words though he also smiles catching the glance from Kenna "Sorry, dont mean to be rude." He offers her way.

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Ariel looks around Malesh towards the water's edge where said canine is almost gleefully chewing on the hat. "A bit of both I think, when it gets here I don't think it will be in any state to wear." She turns and give the man speaking to Malesh a smile.

"Alright then." Barric glances towards the stitches on Wash's head near his temple and then looks back towards the others with another wave, leaving the others to their celebrations and conversations before he heads out.

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"Heroism." Wash says with a laugh. "I'll stand you a drink and tell you the whole story some time. As much as is mine to tell. I'm just glad I'm not currently sailing the Abyss looking for a way out." He asks Barric, "You get some practice pulling before coming out here? I noticed you didn't drop the oar." He glances in the direction of Sparte with a sidelong glance.

Malesh laughs, "It was short notice! It's all I had in my size." He tries to keep the talk of his folly on the battlefield light, especially in front of Ariel. "At any rate, it did it's job well enough and now I'll have the opportunity to learn from my experiences. If Ariel ever lets me out of the house in such circumstances again." He leans way down then, so that he might steal a kiss from his wife.

"Made a show of it, at the Tournament." Thesarin shakes his head to his wife, and grunts once. "...have a few more scars from it, just the same." He looks toward Wash, with a short nod. "Prince Barric pulled an oar last year. Been keeping the trophy."

Sparte is standing off by himself looking soggy and embarassed after all that rowing. He has been twisting the edges of his shirt to get some of the water out of it, leaving it wrinkled in telltale spots.

Tabitha quietly extends her free hand over to Graham, then gives him a reassuring pat on his nearest arm. A quick but warm smile is offered, but nothing more is said.

"But no practice in between?" Wash asks Thesarin. "Are you sure? Because you were very good out there."

Barric laughs at Wash's comment, "No, just remembered what I did last year. I don't tend to get on boats often, knights tend to sink in heavy armor." He says with a smile and then turns to go, just so happens to coincide with Lisebet's leaving, "Lady Farshaw." He says to her with a bow of his head, "Did you enjoy the race?" He asks and then calls back towards Thesarin, "I just keep it safe until we win it back next your Count Thesarin." He smiles wryly and looks back to Lisebet, "I apologize, we haven't been officially introduced. Prince Barric Grayson, Sword of Bastion." He smiles, "I expected more Farshaw's out here today to be honest, your House is one of the more seaborn ones, is it not?" He asks as they head off.

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Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Mia before departing.

A small smile is growing on Kenna's lips and she finally unhooks herself from Tabitha's arm and gives a slight push to her shoulder with intent to send her closer to Graham. "Lord Graham, I must get back home, I //do// hope you'll take care of my cousin?" Perfectly innocent Kenna will step herself out and wave one last time to the victorious team before she is OUT.

Zoey and Ian seem to have lapsed into a companionable silence as they watch the fellowshipping on the beach. Every now and then, the rum bottle changes hands, or else a word is spoken. Other than that? Just watching.

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