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Velenosa-Fidante Wedding Reception

You're invited to join in the celebration of the union of Lord Ignacio and Lady Cadenza Fidante!

Their wedding ceremony was a held in private with just their closest family members but they want to celebrate with all their family and friends. Join them for music, food, drinks and Let's all join in to celebration of the start of a new life for this pair.


April 6, 2018, 9:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Ignacio Cadenza


Echo Apollis Derovai Alarissa Brogan Lethe Isabetta Alessia Lucita Alessandro Saoirse Margret Alistair Valencia Rue Karadoc Lou Dafne Duarte Wash Amarantha



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Fidante Villa - Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met arrives, delivering a message to Amarantha before departing.

Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery arrives, following Saoirse.

Rue gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

Rue gets a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase from a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Margret arrive, following Alessandro.

Apollis enters the ballroom with his sister, Amarantha, on his arm, his emerald green eyes glimmering in the dance of light from the hundreds of candles. The black umbra shirt eats the light up while his black panther hide jacket lets the shadows frolic about his lean lycene torso. "You have to love the Fidantes, sweet sister," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice. "No one decorates quite like them. Do you love roses as much as they? No one does."

Alessandro gets a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase from a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

Alessandro gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Valencia gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

A wedding? Should Saoirse have a date? Maybe. But she DOESN'T, so bring on the ...creepy uncles hitting on -- wait. No. As it dawns on the young Velenosan princess that, maybe, she should've both worn a less absurd outfit AND tricked someone into going with her to the wedding, she stops in the middle of the room. Just dead stops.

Lethe takes a look at the decor and the others attending once she arrives. She wears a green dress and smiles to those she sees.

"Are you sure that you should be here? Has she gotten out of her room and lifted her feet to rest in the garden like I suggested?" Alarissa asks quietly as she makes her way in with Wash to the reception.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Lucita steps into the ballroom, her assistant keeping her guard dogs outsife and simply awaiting the time that Lucita should leave. She hesitates, draws a deep breath as if bracing herself then steps further into the room, a faint smile on her lips. Her gaze sweeps over the gathering noting friends, family and a few acquaintences present.

Walking into the ballroom with a friendly smile on his face, is the Northerner Brogan Nightgold, his beard is braided tonight, and his hair is tied back into a single long braid down his back. On his arm is the Princess Valencia Velenosa, fine silk dress accentuating the outline of her form in a sensual manner, and perhaps drawing the Northman in a little quicker than he'd normally walk heading into a gathering of this type. "Well, my Princess, we've made it, and I've yet to burn anythin' down.. no matter what Sigurd says." His ice blue eyes looking to her, then giving her a playful wink, "What would you like to drink?" He asks as he scans the crowd for familiar faces, "And I'm sure you'd like to give Cadenza and Ignacio your congratulations."

Wash comes in with Alarissa, since neither of them brought their spouses, and a couple of cousins doing escort duty won't set any tongues wagging. He isn't wearing any formal clothes, dressing down and comfortably, since this is just a post-wedding reception, not the real deal. Right? It's a reasonable assumption on his part at least. "She has been taking good care of herself." Wash assures Alarissa. "Have you seen the magnificent garden they have in Tyde now? Indescribable."

Lucita gets a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase from a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

Lucita gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

Derovai has left the an oak sofa upholstered in a rich burgundy silk.

"I hear they have an entire language based around roses." Amarantha muses, for once not yanking her arm free within seconds of arriving. Ocean-blue eyes scan the room, taking in all the guests. "But I'm just happy that Princess Cadenza found happiness in wake of that Setarco nightmare. Should we find and congratulate her?" Then she spots Lucita and her expression changes--the blonde disentangling herself from her brother and making quick steps towards her cousin. "Lucita."

Alessandro and Margret arrive a little bit after Apollis and Amaranatha, the latter on the former's arm. Alessandro's eyes move over those in attendance, a little smile on his face as his gaze settles on each in turn, though only for a second or two. He takes a rose and hands it to Margret, before he murmurs something into her ear as they come further into the room.

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Lou arrives. And, she's dressed in typical Lou fashion. That means her adventuring tunic, leather pants and a cloak. At least she didn't wear her full armor! Not that she's settled on an exact fashion style, as witnessed by her hodge podge of conflicting gear choices. But, she's Lou, and what can Cadenza do but lover her for her obvious fashion flair? And! More importantly, she's shown up to a public event - which is a feat! Unless, of course, that event has something to do with combat or adventuring, then it's not so much a feat. But, pure social events? Not Lou's thang. She peers around the ball room as she enters, taking her time to take in everything around her -- and perhaps looking a bit of out of place and uncomfortable too.

Derovai is already sitting on the oak sofa. For how long? Who knows. He's sprawled out there, clad as per usual. In respect of the event, he has dragged a comb through his hair, but his hair doesn't seem to have seen fit to cooperate. At Brogan's entrance, he jerks his chin towards the sofa wordlessly, if a bit pointedly. He's already claimed the reception favors; a rose rests on the arm of the sofa and a bottle of champagne rests at his booted feet.

Karadoc showed up (on time, defeating the purpose of a fashionable entrance) in order to escort his liege, Baroness-Regent Lucita to the event. After she's been seated, the Saik nobleman slips off again to fetch and carry refreshments to her. Once she's fully settled in to Karadoc's satisfaction, he grabs a couple of drinks for himself and finds a place to flop artlessly and take up space.

Rue enters the ballroom, looking fairly nervous and a little tense. When she spots Apollis and Amarantha, the Culler makes a beeline for them with a half smile. "You didn't die of candy related causes, my lord!"

Apollis accompanies his sister Amarantha over to their cousin Lucita, even though the white-blond noblewoman wishes to rid herself of him. He walks up beside Amarantha and then bows his head. "Looking well, Luci," he says meekly.

"I have not seen how the gardens are dressed this year. I'll have to visit Margot and see for myself." Alarissa spots Lour's entry, Apollis makign his way over. "Lou, grab him and bring him over. If the Grayson blod binds together, they can't poison us, even if friendly, yes?"

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Dafne arrives, dressed in black--but that's normal for the little duchess. She takes a glass of the champagne, wrapping her fingers around it, and studies the room and those present with a long gaze and a little head tilt. One of her assistants keeps the ever-present black kitten just out of the room and out of any inter-species trouble. Pet fights would be terribly rude at a wedding.

1 Igniseri scarlet phoenix guards have been dismissed.

Aubyn--An aloof lycene noble have been dismissed.

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Lucita juggles the items she is carrying more or less, shifting them to and fro and finally gives some of them to Karadoc to handle for her so she can reach up and give cousin hugs-and kisses to Amarantha and Appolis. "Oh, it is good to see you! Have you met Doc yet? This is Lord Karadoc Saik, Doc, my cousins of whom I have spoken so often. The warrior poetress Amarantha and my charming rascal of a cousin Apollis." She foregoes titles figuring he would have surmised them.

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The happy couple was already there and ready, currently the sitting on the couch. Speaking softly to one another, there's a soft chuckle heard. As everyone is making their way in, servants are carrying trays full of glasses of Rose-Gold champagne from Tor. Pluck a glass and have a sip.

In the corner is a gathering of musicians playing music softly in the background. The sextet is perfectly in tune and it is not overbearing so people can have a conversation...or five. But they know their time is coming....soon.

Once people have trickled in and made their way in, finally the blue eyed Fidante nee Velenosa stands up. Wearing a brand new gown for the occasion. Shockingly...her back was out and those that could catch a glimpse would see the scars upon her back that she hid for so long...but not tonight. Tonight she was going to be herself, celebrate and enjoy.

"Thank you all for coming!"

Her voice rang out as Cadenza looks to Ignacio for a moment then back to those gathered.

" missed the /fun/ part....but we wanted to celebrate properly. And that's with family and friends! I am not the most....flashy person but I feel this is not just about me. This is to celebrate the union of two family and two hearts."

A pause as she looks around.

"Now then!! I've seen these things so if you wish to come on up, do the congratulatory thing and all that, we'll do that before the real fun begins...." A sparkle is in Cadenza's eyes as she looks to Ignacio. "Anything you would like to say?"

Apollis's brow perks up as Rue appears at his side. "Rue, you're wearing the dress again?" he asks with a smile. "That's right, I've fully recovered. I had a bite of broccoli and my symptoms cleared up." He pulls a bag of sweets from his pocket and plucks one out and hands it over toward the diminutive tailor. "This is my cousin, Lady Lucita Saik, and my sister Lady Amarantha Sanna, sweet one." To the others, "This is Mistress Rue Culler." He then turns toward Karadoc and bows his head. "Good day. This is Rue Culler." To Alarissa he bows his head, "Good to see you, Your Grace."

Margret takes the rose from Alessandro with the hand that is not on his arm. When he leans in to murmur something her cheeks pinken just a touch, and her dark eyes turns downwards before she laughs. She gives him a quick murmured reply before they step in line to give their congratulations.

The little vixen of the Gold Hart arrives on the large strong arm of the charmingly handsome Lord Brogan of Nightgold. Raven black hair swept up in Velenosan style and clad in a stunning gown of storm grey silk, Valencia sweeps along side him with a sweet smile and a glimmer in her large dark eyes.

Valencia nods once up at the man, "Yes, but I wall await you, if you please, my lord. And a very large one would be so very welcome," she replies with another affectionate smile. "Thank you so much," she says, offering him a light kiss upon the cheek. Turning, the little princess surveys the scene, offering warm smiles and inclines of heads to those she knows well, and pausing to give Lucita a warm hug as she waits for an opportunity to congratulate the happy couple.

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Lou gives pause when Alarissa addresses her, then glances curiously over in Alarissa's direction. "How about I let him go speak to his friends, and I come sit with you?" she suggests, her tone teasing. "I can look all mean and grumbly, and keep people away, and keep them from poisoning us," she grins in Alarissa's direction. "Not that I expect Cadenza would let that happen. We've saved each other too much."

Lucita discretely has one of the servants carry and pass a gift to the newly-weds.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes arrives, following Alessia.

Ignacio pushes himself to his feet, clasping his hands behind his back as he smiles to Cadenza, "Yes my love, I do think I would like to say a few words before we get started." He shifts his attention to those that are gathered, "I appreciate everyone coming to celebrate our union. For us to start the first few steps of our life together with friends means a lot to me. My beautiful wife has gone through a lot of trouble to arrange this party and I would like to make her she gets the credit she is due for this." He says with grin crossing his face, giving a perhaps over flashy bow to Cadenza before sits back down on the sofa next to her.

"It is good to see you again as well." Alarissa offers to Apollis before taking up a seat with Lou and Wash.

Whatever Margret says makes Alessandro laugh out loud, and he replies, "Perhaps they do. We should ask them." And then he heads into the line with her, taking a step or two forward whenever it is warranted. "I hope you will not be disappointed if we lose all the games," he continues, though he falls quiet when Ignacio speaks.

Wash lingers by Alarissa's elbow, a humble escort to the Princess-Consort. But he knows Apollis and Lucita, greeting them wiht a familiar smile. "Lord Malvici, Baroness-Consort." He greets, all manners and formality when required.

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Lucita spots Valencia in the gathering and as she walks nearby on her way to speak with Cadenza and Ignacio, reaches up to offer a little hug as friends do.

"I would rather not." Margret remarks to Alessandro with another coloring of her cheeks, but it is accompanied with a smile. She lets out an amused huff when he mentions the games, "I imagine we can both be gracious losers."

Rolling her eyes she looks to Ignacio then back to the crowd. "Well that part is done....let's do the formalities then drink!!" And with that Cadenza starts that line.

Turn in line: Lethe

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Lethe steps forward and looks to Cadenza and Ignacio. "I am so happy for you both. Congratulations! I hope your lives together will be filled with much joy."

Alessia arrives a little bit late to the party, wearing a gown of teal blue silk, her long dark hair flowing freely down her back, decorated with a few little golden charms braided in. She pauses a moment, glancing around, amber eyes searching out familiar faces. Upon seeing Cadenza and Ignacio, she smiles in their direction, then moves to join the line of well-wishers.

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Brogan looks over to Derovai, nodding towards the man to let him know that he'll head in that direction soon enough, and moves to stand in the receiving line to speak with Cadenza and Ignacio. "Aye..." Brogan replies back to Valencia with a smile after that kiss, waving over one of the servants with drinks and grabbing a glass of champagne for her. Handing over the drink to her, "A drink for you, my Princess.. You'll have to introduce me to a few folks as I've not met everyone here." His hand patting her own on his arm as his eyes continue to move about the crowd before finally looking towards the newly weds.

Cadenza smiles to Lethe and bows her head. "Thanks you so much! And thanks for coming! Please make sure you get a drink before things start."

Turn in line: Alessandro

"No doubt," Alessandro replies to Margret, stepping forward in the line. And then it's their turn, and he moves toward Cadenza and Ignacio, nodding first to the former. "Cousin," he says, "congratulations. I wish you very happy. And of course you as well, my lord," he says, turning to Ignacio with a little thread of humor in his expression. "But if your lady is happy, I am sure it will follow that you shall be, too."

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Derovai pushes himself to rise from the sofa after a quick look at Brogan, before he picks up his champagne and flower and makes his way over to the table where Alarissa and Lou sit. "Ah, Lead Seeker. And the Princess-Consort of Thrax. Pardon the interruption. May I?" A gloved hand hovers on one of the chairs' backs, and he smiles quickly at Wash in recognition.

Lethe nods with a polite smile before going to get a drink and finding a seat.

Margret steps forward along with Alessandro, as is required since she is holding onto his arm. She offers the couple a bright smile, "Congratulations to you both." But otherwise she lets Alessandro do the talking.

Cadenza's smile brightens then as she sees him. "Cousin....thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it....truly..." Grinning she looks to Ignacio and then laughs. "Happy wife....happy life?" A wink then as she looks to Margret. "Thank you so much...and thank you both." A nod as she look to Alessandro then with a smile. "...and congrats to you too...."

"Master Voss. A pleaasure to see you again. Please, join us. It's a wedding after all." Alarissa greets, gesturing to the table.

Turn in line: Brogan

Ignacio just grins to Cadenza as he sips on his glass of champagne as he contently lounges next to the raven haired woman.

Lou inclines her head to Derovai, offering him a warm smile. "Please, do."

"Exactly," Alessandro replies to Cadenza with a wider smile, before he nods once more. "Thank you, cousin." And with that, he leads Margret away to give the next their turn. "A drink, my lady?" he asks, turning to his companion and raising his eyebrows, his tone solicitous. "We may both need one if we are to participate in any of the festivities."

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Alistair.

Brogan moves up to the couple, and smiles as he moves up to give Cadenza a hug in greeting. "Hello again, Cadenza and Ignacio. I'm happy you've both found each other in this crazy world. I'm sure you'll cherish and love each other, and make sure to get into as much trouble as possible..." Once the hug to Cadenza is given, the Northman reaches out, grabbing Ignacio, and giving him a very similar BroHug. He whispers something to the man with a large grin before making way for Valencia to greet them.

Turn in line: Valencia

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"A wedding? I thought it was a reception. Where's the Archlector to perform the ceremony?" Derovai wonders of Alarissa, tilting his head in seeming curiosity. Is it just a little dry? Maybe. He smiles a bit towards Lou and slides into a seat at their table. "Forgive me my lack of effort in clothing, but I didn't see a notice attached regarding that." And then he settles, adding something more quietly to the table.

Ignacio returns the brohug (is that short for Brogan hug?) and just raises his glass to Brogan in return, "As long as you are making the promise my friend."

"Thank you." Margret says to Cadenza, and then they are off. When Alessandro suggests a drink she playfully turns her head to the side as if uncertain before she says, "Well, if you think it will help us perform better."

Squealing in a laugh she hugs Brogan back...the best she can. Licking her lips she looks up and nods. "Thanks for coming!! It means a lot...." Those blue eyes well up slightly but she nods then. "And trouble is my middle name, Brogan...." Laughing she just shakes her head as she looks to Valencia. "Cousin...." Moving, she gives her a hug. Cadenza holds it then pulls back to look at her.

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Alistair arrives with a small retinue of Velenosa guards. The man is hardly dressed for the occasion, wearing the red and black of the Inquisition, though without the hood pulled up to obscure his features. Hes only seen in proper attire for his own wedding. Everything else is business. But he does not appear to be here to drag the bride and groom off to some damp Panopticon cell. Hopefully he has just come to give proper congratulations!

Valencia follows Lord Brogan as he congratulates the couple. She smile up at the pair, her large dark eyes dancing playfully. "And so it is done? You are one," the little southern princess smiles brightly and offers her cousin and then Lord Ignacio a warm embrace and a little kiss upon the cheek. "My sweetest cousin, I wish you an abundance of light, luck and love to you both. I wish beautiful and happy life together. May you always find good and wonderful things in each other in good and bad times, and may your times together be long," she smiles and hugs them both warmly again before stepping aside to rejoin Brogan and then Lucita.

"I do indeed," Alessandro says, and he retrieves a drink for Margret, handing it over before he takes one for himself, too. He lifts his glass to her, before taking a sip from it. "It may not help us perform better," he admits, "but it will certainly soften the pain of losing."

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Somehow, between the refreshment table and the exit, Karadoc favors the latter.

Turn in line: Dafne

Stepping away, Brogan grins back to Ignacio, "Definitely makin' the promise..." a wink tossed in his direction. He smiles down at Cadenza, "Happy tears today, Cadenza. Of course I'd come. Any time either of you need." And once Valencia steps up to him, he moves off so the others can have time with the couple, "Ok, my Princess. Where are we headed?" Looking over to Lucita, giving her a warm smile, "Baroness Lucita, it's a pleasure to see you again. Would you mind if we sat with you this evenin'?"

"Thank you your highness. I assure you, I will do all I can do possibly to ensure your wishes for us to come true." Ignacio adds with a smile to Valencia as he drapes an arm along the back of the sofa.

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Dafne steps forward and gives the bridal couple a warm smile. "Cousin," she says to Cadenza, with a little brightening of her smile and then dips her dark head in a little acknowledgment of Ignacio, "Lord Ignacio. I am sorry we haven't had a chance to come to know you as I should--but I hope we will in the future. My warmest congratulations to you both."

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Cadenza smiles and nods to him. "Thank you..." Looking to Valencia she just nods. " is..." Giving her cousin a kiss on the cheek as they depart then looking to Dafne. That smile brightens as she nods. "I'm glad you made it and thank you. Perhaps if my father gossips to you, you can tell him it was no joke..." Laughing a bit she then bows her head and looks to Ignacio as she speaks to him. Glancing to Dafne she nods. "We do need to fix that. Let's get together for drinks soon, hm? Now that I'm not off on a sip all over the place....."

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Turn in line: Amarantha

Lou reaches out to hail a servant, "Whiskey please!" she calls out.

Amarantha rises from her seat and walks up to the couple, a pleasant smile on her face. In her hands is a small, wrapped package that she offered to the newlywed bride. "Lady Cadenza. Lord Ignacio. I wish you the best and hope for a long, happy marriage." With a half - grin, she adds "And no more wars, at least until after the honeymoon."

"Yes, let's," agrees Dafne. "I keep collecting Granato wine." She slips off to side to allow others to present their congratulations.

So many faces she as not seen in some time, but undaunted, Valencia tries to offer smiles and little waves to all. Wash and Alarissa receive a warm smile as does Derovai. Daphne, Appolis and Lou as bright wave hello to start before she turns back to speak politely with Brogan and Lucita at their seats.

"Of course, it is something I would look to correct. Thank you for your warm regards for us." Ignacio nods to Dafne, looking over to Cadenza with a smile. Once Amarantha comes up, he grins to her as she finishes her piece, "Thank you. I whole heartedly agree with you. I am not even fully healed from the last one." He gives Amarantha a playful wink.

There's a nod to Dafne then. "I'll send a messeneger..." Smiling to Amarantha, she beams. "I'm so glad you and your brother made it. Thank you." Cadenza takes that gift then winks. "And right? I think I'm good for now...." Chuckling she then holds that bottle. "I can't wait to wear this...perhaps tonight."

With hands clasped tightly behind his back Alistair moves about the reception slowly, giving greetings to those he knows, and any who seek to greet him in turn. His eyes flit over the many guests, many who fought on the fields or seas of Setarco.

Turn in line: Apollis

Apollis rises from his seat and follows after his sister Amarantha a little ways, grabbing some champagne on the way, two glasses. He steps up next to her and hands her a glass. He then holds his up to Cadenza and Ignacio. "Congratulations to the beautiful couple," he says in his creaky, honeyed southern voice as his protege Deito comes up with a bottle of Cerise de Rum. "I have a crush on both of you," he says with a sly smirk. "May the gods do such and such and all the happiness and so on and so forth," he says before drinking from his glass.

"It'll be the candy or impersonating my sisters that get him killed, my lady. Not monsters." Amarantha says before bowing and heading back to her table.

Cadenza takes that rum and grins. "Oooh...." Looking to Apollis she smiles and nods. "Oh? Now I am miffed I didn't know before." Giving him a wink she then smiles. "And thank you....for your words and this gift."

Turn in line: Alessia

Alessia steps forward when it is her turn, nodding to Apollis in passing, and offers a warm smile to Cadenza first, offering her a friendly embrace. "Congratulations on your union," she says with a fond smile, before turning her attention to Ignacio. "I don't believe we have formally met, my lord, but I have seen you hovering protectively over your lady. May you always be her Shining Knight," she says sincerely.

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Lou waves back in Valencia's direction, offering her a warm smile. When the servant brings her a whiskey, she settles it down at her table in triumph. A victory scored. She gives Alarissa a look, daring her to try and take it away. She knows why. She does! Denial! Denial! Denial! She then looks back to her table to the conversation held there.

Returning that hug, she gives the woman a smile when she pulls back. "Thank you...." Looking to Iggy she chuckles. "Lord Ignacio....this is Lady Alessia Mazetti. She was the woman who Talen put in charge of organizing the Vanguard. I was working with her until all hell broke loose and she went to kick some ass on the field...." Cadenza winks to the woman then. "She's Theron's cousin so of course she did."

Ignacio nudges Cadenza lightly with his elbow as she makes the comment to Apollis with a smirk, adding in "Is that so?" He shakes his head and chuckles. After Apollis leaves and Alessia gives her congratulations, the dark haired knight adds, "She may not need a knight to protect her, but I shall always be there whether she needs it or not."

Alarissa's not taking anyone's whiskey away. If anything, she's lifting that champagne to take a sip.

Apollis heads back to his table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Alessia smiles, and inclines her head to Ignacio. "Of course, she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right," she says fondly. "But you guard her heart, and that is what is important most of all, I think." She offers a smile to Cadenza. "May the Gods bless you both." With that, she steps back to allow others to give their well-wishes, moving off to find a drink for herself.

Turn in line: Alistair

When the opportunity presents itself Alistair steps before the new husband and wife, giving a deep bow. "As I join the Velenosa, one departs their numbers. Though the Lyceum grows stronger for the union." The man remarks, hands clasping behind his back as he rises up and he peers at the newly weds. "Well fought on the fields of Setarco. And congratulation for finding love in these difficult times. Long days and pleasant nights to the both of you." he says with another practiced bow and then steps back, the prodigal Prince having given his congratulations.

Alistair is overheard praising Ignacio.

Alistair is overheard praising Cadenza.

Alessandro is overheard praising Ignacio.

Alessandro is overheard praising Cadenza.

Margret is overheard praising Ignacio.

Margret is overheard praising Cadenza.

Derovai considers for a moment, listening to the conversation at his table, before he slips away for a moment without a word, digging in his pocket, his gaze drifting thoughtfully towards the married couple. He raises his brows at Alistair's brisk remark, but lingers in the middle distance between his table and the newlyweds, waiting.

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Looking to Alistair, she bows her head before standing up straight with a smile. "Well I am still family and will be carousing the estate halls....." Cadenza gives him a wink. "And yes.....we will be stronger for it." A pause and she nods. "Thank you. We all did what we needed to for our people....and love was just something happens...we are blessed." Nodding she then looks to who is next.

Turn in line: Derovai

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Lucita gives a little grimace and a spot of color rises in her cheeks. She murmurs something quietly to those at the table and then slips out of the gathering.

Derovai draws closer to Cadenza and Ignacio. "I hope you found what you were seeking, Lady Fidante." There's the briefest suggestion of a pun there. And then he leans in towards them, adding something a little more quietly to the woman, with a short bow towards Ignacio, asking his forgiveness for a moment. Then, that done, he moves away again, adding briefly, "My congratulations." There's a vaguely concerned look at Lucita's exit, but he doesn't stop her, turning to reclaim his seat at the table where he was.

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Gunther, a Rottweiler, Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound leave, following Lucita.

Cadenza chuckles a bit as she nods to Derovai, leaning in to that whisper and nods then. Pursing her lips she then stands up fully as her gaze goes to Lucita. She had gotten that gift....she'll thank her privately. Looking back to Voss she smiles. "Thank you so much."

Now that it looks like the line has ended, she looks around the room with a glint in those blue eyes. "'s time for the first game." Cadenza grins now that she looks around. "It is time for the Rose Run! Pick a partner to do this little relay across the dance floor!" With that she stands and motions for a servant to bring over a tray of roses and begins to prep them.

Isabetta arrives late, but not never, which is better than never. She quickly and inconspicuously (as she can reasonably manage) finds a place for herself.

Isabetta has joined the a long mahogany table with matching plush red silk upholstered chairs.

"Lou. You and I. Washburn, you should go with Master voss." Alarisisa suggests putting down her wine and offering her arm to Lou. "We clearly have this."

Orland arrives, following Duarte.

Alistair does not do games! Far to serious for games! He steps back as the reception shifts into party mode, the man glancing back and forth for a moment before he steps away to peer at the dessert table. He rumbles out something as he looks about, again giving another eyeshift, as he sliiiiides over to the cake.

Wash stands up. "Master Voss. We've been given our marching orders." Wash says, standing promptly.

Lou glances at her whiskey glass, glares at it a moment, takes a drink, then decidedly sets it on the table. "What to do this social game thing?" she asks Alarissa, and laughs as she says the same thing, more or less. She then glances to Derovai and Wash. She grins, and notes to Alarissa. "So got this." There's a clear note of challenge in her voice.

Wash calls out to Valencia. "Princess. Do you not have any person in this room you would be comfortable sharing a rose with?" He's not above taunting the wallflowers.

Alessia quietly slips away from the party, disappearing in the chaos of everyone pairing up for the game as it begins. She sets her drink down on the tray of a surprised servant as she takes her leave, unobtrusive and quiet.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes leaves, following Alessia.

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Ignacio sits there grinning as Alarissa starts assigning partners before adding in, "You know, you carry the rose in your mouth do you not?" Before he glances back over to Cadenza, "And are we taking part?

Wash has joined the dance floor.

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Alarissa has joined the dance floor.

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Cadenza looks to Ignacio and smiles. "We can show them how to pass it if you like...." A wink is given his way

Cadenza has left the a mahogany sofa upholstered in a voluptuous red silk.

Lou has joined the dance floor.

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Derovai spreads his hands helplessly at Wash, not seating himself. "Fair enough," he replies. He considers for a moment, before taking off his gloves -- revealing perfectly normal hands beneath -- and using the gloves to fashion a little rose-carrying pouch, which he then hangs on one of the loops of his belt. It is, technically, not using his hands to carry it, isn't it?

"I would hope you would," Valencia calls out brightly to Cadenza and Ignacio.

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Ignacio moves to his feet and promptly over to the dance floor at Cadenza's side, slipping an arm around the raven haired lady Fidante's waist.

Derovai has joined the dance floor.

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Ignacio has joined the dance floor.

Duarte enters and weaves his way through the crowd, around servants, avoiding running children and side stepping drunken uncles and the such. He intercepts Cadenza on her way to the dance floor, with a bow. "My congratulations, your highness - my lady. Best wishes to the happy bride." To Ignacio he smiles, "And groom, as well, my lord. Congratulations." He steps aside "I shan't keep you from dancing!"

"I take full responsibility..." Brogan tells Amarantha as she says something at the table before getting up to join the first set of games. "And I'll like to lodge a complaint, maybe rum isn't supposed to replace water, but I'm sure Northern Whiskey is a valid substitute!" The Northman grins as he sees a few familiar faces make their way to the game, and his large hand waves over to Duarte when the count comes walking in.

"We are about to play a game actually Count Amadeo, but the bride is the one that deserves most of the attention. I am just a piece of arm candy for her. Not sure how well that works though since she is the better looking of the two of us." Ignacio notes with a chuckle as he turns his attention back to Cadenza as she gives instructions on how to play the game.

Dafne makes her excuses as the games begin, and slips away to attend to business.

Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards, Ariadne, Penelope leave, following Dafne.

"Thank you, Count! And thanks for making it!" A wink given to the man. "Should try to find a partner." A rose is given to each pair. "Alright. Whomever goes first will stay on this side. The other go to the other side of the dance floor." Smiling, Cadenza takes one as well. "You can not use your hands to carry or to pass the" With that she looks to Ignacio, winking. "....I suppose...." Placing the rose between her lips she wiggles her brows to wait for him to take that rose, her hands behind her back. Once Iggy does take it, she looks to the group. "So one of you will run down the dance floor to your partner, pass it off, and that person runs back to where their partner started. Fastest team wins."

Perhaps cheating in the pass a little bit, Ignacio places his hand on Cadenza's hip as he leans in brushing his cheek up against hers as he bites onto the rose stem to take possession of the flower.

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Apollis thinks for a moment as he walks over next to his partner, listening to the instructions of the game. He nudges his sister, Amarantha. "Oh we play this game every weekend," he says.

Amarantha checked dexterity + brawl at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Apollis checked dexterity + dodge at difficulty 18, rolling 12 higher.

Alistair checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Alistair turns, having claimed one slice of cake to enjoy. He takes a large bite and is... as emotionless as always. Even cake does not effect this man! He peers at the games, pondering if he will have to arrest anyone.

In response to her idiot brother, Amarantha smacks him. Or tries to. "I hate you."

Apollis dodges the thwap most impressively. He gives his sister a wink. "Save that energy for the game, sweet sister," he says as he takes his rose.

...and gives it to Mara.

Lou makes her way out to the dance floor and gives Cadenza her full attention when she speaks. She grins, glancing to Alarissa. "I think we can manage this."

Valencia smiles up at Brogan as the contests begins. A little sip of her drink is taken and she leans in to speak quietly to him.

There's a slight raise of the eyebrow from the Northman at the interplay between brother and sister, and he leans over to whisper something to Valencia as he chuckles a little. Then, calling out to Amarantha, "And you said no starting trouble!" after she tried a swipe at Apollis.

Alarissa is right there with Lou. "I'll take the first round Lou" A smile on her face and then looking to her shoes.

"Alright!!! First runners line up. As soon as you get to your partner....pass it off. And partner....once you got it....take off!!" Cadenza grins.

Derovai considers for a moment, sizing up Wash. "Too bad you're not a blonde woman," he tells him dryly, unwinding the gloves and pulling them on again with a shrug. Apparently he's decided not to cheat, all things considered. And he motions Wash to start.

Wash gets a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase from a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

Valencia gets a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase from a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

Wash puts a Torean rose in a tinted blue crystal vase in a cherry wood cabinet with glass doors.

When Margret murmurs something to Alessandro, he nods once, replying low to her, before he stands, offering her his arm. Once taken, he looks over where the game is being played, watching for a moment with amusement, before he starts them both to the door.

Alessandro has left the a table of blooming roses.

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Margret leave, following Alessandro.

2 House Velenosa Guards leaves, following Alistair.

Wash puts his hair up, using a leather string pulled from his cloak. "You wound me Master Voss. Bringing up such a sore subject. Don't you know that I have always wanted to be a blonde woman?"

Cadenza looks at the group then smiles brightly as she yells out. "And....go!!"

Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery leaves, following Saoirse.

Derovai checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Alarissa checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 10 lower.

Amarantha checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 9 higher.

Taking the rose from her brother, Amarantha heads to her side of the room--getting ready to run. In her heels. And a dress. It's very unlikely this will go very well. Then she's off!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabetta before departing.

As the race starts, Brogan whistles loudly for the competitors, clapping his hand, "Spirits know I'd never move that good in dresses and damn tall heels!" a grin tossed at the banter between Wash and Derovai.

"You've got this Alarissa! You can do it!" Lou shouts out encouragement to her Thraxian cousin.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabetta before departing.

Derovai, not cheating, tucks the rose in the crook of his arm, holding it against his side with his forearm, so he can fairly easily hand it off to Wash. He's quick enough, heading towards the other side with reasonable focus and speed, using his free hand to wave to Wash as he draws nearer, shifting the rose to make it more reachable without putting Wash in an indelicate position. "You missed the ladies' thing a few days ago," he calls over to Brogan. "That was your chance!"

Valencia cheers nearly as loudly as Brogan, the little vixen looking rather amused at the spirited competitors.

Alarissa takes up a rose a glance to Lou and determination on her face. When Cadenza states to go, Alarissa's off as well with that flower in herr mouth, gently clenching up near the rose itself with her teeth and leaving lots of stem for Lou to take. Only, partway there, she's looking a little wobbly and disaster strikes. Hands go out in front of her to break her fall - and all that silk dress, as a heel to her shoe decides it wants to run on it's own and breaks off. Leaving the Princess of thrax sprawling on the floor for a moment, before in a sea of silk skirts, is trying to stand back up, kick off a the other heel - careful whomever might get in the way of the flying heel - hop a few steps and then hands picking up her skirts, starts to make for Lou, back of the pack and looking a little green around the nostrils.

Wash was already in the process of removing his boots, which have a heel too, though a modest one. He leaves one shoe on, and then does a hand stand, leaning over backward and stabbing Derovai in the chest with his pointed toes as he tries to get a grip on the rose with his feet. "Sorry Master Voss. No hands allowed."

Wash checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 11 higher.

Ignacio takes a step towards Alarissa as she falls, but seeing the Princess recover just well enough, he retakes his spot next to Cadenza as he watches the racers compete.

Cadenza's eyes go wide as she sees Alarissa go sliding across the floor. Gasping she moves but she recovers so she her for now.

Lou checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 17 higher.

Derovai outright /stares/ at Wash. He almost drops the rose, stopping short and staring, eyes widening a little. "We're not going to win if you -- " But he stands back, letting Wash do his handstand, visibly a little taken aback.

Apollis checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 7 higher.

Isabetta is seated at a table, not really paying attention to what is going on around here. There seems to be some sort of parting happening or something.

"What? Ladies who?" Brogan rumbles back to Derovai, obviously confused, and then grins after a moment... "Well, I'm sure everyone would miss seeing a giant, Northman in a dress and heels..."

There is a little gasp as Alarissa falls and her eyes go wide. Her drink forgotten for the moment, Valencia glances side to Brogan and then back to the floor in hopes that she is alright, but she rises again and sets off in fine form and the little southern princess can breath again. "Gods, that gave me such a fright," she confesses. "I like her spirit."

Lou can't help but wince when Alarissa falls. "It's play Rissa! You've still got this. Just get it to me and I'll be good to go!" And, so, when Alarissa passes the flower, Lou takes it firmly in her teeth and starts across the floor. And, true to her word she's good! Look at that girl go, running across and not tripping up once. And, oh, yeah. That's a feat, because she's had WHISKEY! It's that Lou Grayson metabolism. It does a body good.

Sometime during the middle of all of this craziness, Echo had stepped inside and watched the theatrics in silence. "Huh." After having blinked a couple of times from her spot in front of the door, the knight-princess slipped on into a nearby seat to avoid this whole dancing thing.

Echo has joined the a long mahogany table with matching plush red silk upholstered chairs.

Wash is doing a handstand on the dancefloor. Which is not a crazy new dance move, it's how he gets one barefoot high enough to carry a rose back across the way. Then with the unabashed positivity of a man who has had more to drink tonight than was available at his table Wash latches his toes around the rose and then walks, slowly, back the way Derovai came, with the rose grasped between his toes. He sways ominously once or twice, forcing him to stop and gather his balance, like a drunk man trying to walk on his hands across a stage.

Apollis's eyes stick to his partner but peel off when he sees a Princess totally eat it. "Gods," he mutters under his breath before looking back toward Amarantha. He puts his hands behind his back and leans forward to accept the rose between his lips before dashing of toward the other end of the dance floor.

As Echo tries to sneak in, Brogan stands up, and shakes his head "Nope. Try again..." and walks over to wrap the princess-knight in a welcoming hug. He then pulls a chair out for her, and takes his seat back next to Valencia.

The little vixen looks delighted to see Echo arrive. "My dear Princess," she smiles leaning over to give her a quick little hug and kiss upon the cheek before Brogan settles. "It has been too long. How are you?" she asks warmly, turning to reply to Isabetta with a bright smile.

Valencia claims this

A hand to her middle after she passes off that rose, Alarissa's wincing at her ankle, keeping weight off it, rolling it a little and a wan smile to Lou. But she watches her partner nook it across the floor with a small amount of envy and tries to ignore the gasps and the people who started ot move from their seat. She pushes a hair back into place. Alarissa, never less than perfect... unless she's eating floor.

Well the competition was fierce!! Alarissa went sailing across the floor but kept going like a champ. However Amarantha had passed her to pass it off to her brother Apollis who was sure to catch up but....Lou even in her whiskey state made her way across. But....strangely enough....somehow a man on his hands going across and tipsy still managed to be them...probably because Derovai made his way across just enough for Wash to take off.

"Lord Wash and Master Voss are the winners!!" Cadenza calls out and goes to retrieve the prize.

Cadenza gets Rose Run Trophy - 1008 from a soft carmine wool valise with burled oak handles.

Derovai waves a hand towards Wash to take the trophy. "All yours, Lord Kennex," he remarks to the other man, gesturing him that way, content to slip off to the side somewhere.

As Cadenza gives out the trophy to the unlikely winners, Ignacio slips his hands on her hips from behind her, leaning in to whisper something to her.

"Way to go Wash and Derovai!!" Brogan calls out to the two as they are declared the winners, "Fancy runnin' and even fancier trophy!" clapping for all of the competitors.

Wash is no contortionist. He puts his feet on the floor with a heavy thump. "Really?" He asks, stumping along crookedly in only one boot. "Well done Master Voss! Well done." He holds up the trophy for the audience. Then he bows and points to his foot, holding it out and turning it side to see so that everyone can appreciate the real MVP.

After pass off of the trophy, she winks to Wash. "There's only one so you boys share..." Cadenza grins then looks up to all of the competitors. "And thank you to all the competitors!!" Sashaying her way over to Alarissa, she leans in to murmur softly. Smiling at her warmly she then looks around. "So....shall we do one more the night away and get drunk....drunker?"

"Well done!" Amarantha says with a soft round of clapping. Looking a bit tired, she returns to her old seat.

Derovai grimaces at Brogan's callout, sighing, as if resigning himself to something. After a moment, he shakes his head, slipping around the competitors and starting for the door, with an apologetic smile shot Cadenza. "Excuse me. A congratulations to you both."

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Alarissa smiles to what Cadenza says, a nod and soft laugh before sheleaves the woman to Derovai and heads to Lou, stopping to gather her shoes and pass them off to one of her retinue that lingers. Odds are there will be replacement slippers making their way back from across the city soon enough. "Well done Lou. Master Voss, Washburn! Congratulations."

Apollis claps and claps and claps. "Fuckin' rigged," he mutters under his breath, smiling all the while. "Good show, good show," he says to Derovai and Wash before heading after his sister to their seats.

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Apollis has joined the a long mahogany table with matching plush red silk upholstered chairs.

Looking to Alarissa she chuckles a bit and nods. At that she looks to Ignacio and smiles. "My love....start the next game!!" Cadenza grins then moves to Derovai, nodding. "A moment?" She motions to a door for a second.

Derovai stops short, nodding at Cadenza. He moves to retrace his steps towards the direction she indicates, stepping aside briefly to speak to her.

Valencia returns her attention to the cheering guests and smiles in turn, clapping with the others. A little glance is given to Apollis and then a nod of appreciation to Cadenza for thinking of such a very Lycene event for her celebration. Another sip of champagne is taken and she sighs happily, relaxing once more.

Derovai has left the dance floor.

Cadenza has left the dance floor.

Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, 3 Fidante House Guards leave, following Cadenza.

Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, 3 Fidante House Guards arrive, following Cadenza.

"Well, is anyone else ready for another game or has the rose race worn everyone else out for the evening?" Ignacio asks the others as he lifts his glass of champagne to his lips, to take a sip from it. He looks over to Cadenza, "I am not sure if they are up for more games."

Lou has left the dance floor.

Lou grins at Alarissa. "Thank you for the game, and allowing me to sit at your table. However, it's late now, and I'm feeling a bit queasy after that running so I should go home and rest."

Derovai steps out of the grotto, Cadenza following aside. He murmurs something to her, and then starts for the courtyard beyond. Not a word.

Well she was quick to say what she needed then laughs a bit. "Fair...." Cadenza looks around and smiles. "Thank you all for coming. Feel free to stay and all. This little admiral should see what her husband is bugging her about....but....I will wait and drink...and drink...and keep him waiting." Glancing to Ignacio she winks and leans in to hear Derovai. Smiling, she gives a nod then exhales as she looks around. "I'll have to save the other game for another event...."

"Take care Lou" Alarissa murmurs, not objecting to the woman taking off. She turns to the married couple, or the fresh married couple. "Teases." She calls out.

Wash sets down the trophy, puts the rose beside it and refills his glass to slake his thirst. "Is the ankle alright Alarissa?" Wash asks with concern. "I think I might have warned poor Master Voss that I hadn't trimmed my toenails. The look on his face..."

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Apollis checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Lou nods to Alarissa, Derovai and Wash, then turns to leave.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Was Apollis here?

Apollis has left the a long mahogany table with matching plush red silk upholstered chairs.

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Ignacio downs the remainder of the alcohol in his glass, setting it down on a table nearby, "Well, thank you everyone for coming. I do believe this is part of in the evening where I selfishly steal my wife to keep her for myself for the night." He says as a grin lingers on his face. He scoops Cadenza up in his arms as he prepares to carry her off, "Feel free to drink our alcohol and the hospitality of House Fidante."

Orland leaves, following Duarte.

Alarissa is overheard praising Cadenza for: You put a ring on it!

Alarissa is overheard praising Ignacio for: You got a ring on it!

Standing up from the table, Brogan begins clapping and whistling loudly for both Cadenza and Ignacio, he grabs his glass of whiskey and raises it in salute to the couple, "Thank you for the fine evenin', Cadenza and Ignacio. May the Spirits grant you a long and happy life together, and many children to give Ignacio gray hair far faster than he'd have it otherwise!"

Wash gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

Valencia smiles as Cadenza is swept off. She looks to Brogan and smiles a little more.

Isabetta hurries over toward Ignacio and Cadenza, "Iggie wait! Let us get a group hug innnnn!"

Alarissa gets Rose-Gold Champagne from Tor from a champagne chilling chest.

Cadenza gets a special edition vintage bottle of Lenosian red wine from a soft carmine wool valise with burled oak handles.

The dark haired man with Cadenza carried in his arms chuckles as he glances between Brogan and Isabetta, "Alright alright."

Following close behind Isabetta, Echo rushes on over to Ignacio's side to give him an awkward hug (seeing as Cadenza is in his arms). "Congratulations you two! See you around."

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Wash has left the dance floor.

Isabetta also gives an awkward hug, ripe with, well awkwardness. "Sorry I could not have come for more you two, but I am glad I did not miss it all. Congradulatoins."

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Lizette, a pretty buxom barmaid leaves, following Valencia.

Valencia leaves, following Brogan.

Laughing as she's scooped up, she's waving around a bottle of champagne she had somehow snagged. Cadenza is awkwardly returning all the hugs then as she then looks to a servant. "Go get the bottle!!! Give it to Princess Alarissa to help with her ankle." Winking over to Alarissa she smiles then looks to Wash. "Lord Kennex! When I am released from my husband...whenever that is....I'll send word to meet with you!"

Isabetta tugs on Echo, herself turning to leave.

Echo leaves, following Isabetta.

Wash is intent on drinking whatever is left at the table he waves appreciatively to Cadenza. "We should talk! About... stuff! And sailing. I like talking about sailing."

"Exactly!" Caddie waves then looks to Ignacio. "Well you have me, my lord...."

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