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Blessing of the Waters

Archlector Madeleine and the faithful of Mangata offer blessings of purified water and spiritual cleansing for those seeking it.


March 5, 2018, 8 p.m.

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Reese Thesarin Antonio Luis Margot Mae Vano Catalana Titania(RIP) Thorley Esoka Lethe Peri Lucita Shard Waldemai Valdemar Alarissa Emily



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Mangata

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I have spent much time in the shrine of Mangata this week. My prayers go to all the Pantheon as I prepare for the clash against the forces of the Pirate King, but I am conscious that it is the goddess of air and tides that I fight for particularly. Her dread enemy threatens our shores, and by defeating it, we shall renew Her strength and strike a blow at those who shadow Her.

Whenever my heart prays to Mangata, they are prayers for home. For me, she has always been the goddess of the rivers I grew up on. The shores of the Son and Daughter were our fishing grounds that sustained us. I learned to swim in their depths, and my first fights were in defending our hunting grounds along them. Petrichor may be the god of the hearth but, for me, Mangata's currents have always carried me without fail toward a place I call home. I pray they shall carry me back to my hearth and those I love after this battle at Stormwall is over and done.

My sword goes with the blessing of Archlector Madeleine, on my lips is the taste of the goddess's spring wine, and in my heart assurance that the winds that blow me northward shall soon return me, one way or another. I am sustained, lady of winds and tides, and I shall fight for you with all that's within me.

3 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Valdemar.

Margot slips in late but here, holding her little toddler daughter. Both are decked out in grey silk (though little Victoria's dress more forgiving) and with their blond hair braided severely. The little lady is chewing on the tail of her stuffed shark, the poor plush looking like it is used for this purpose often.

Dressed in her shining white robes adorned with ocean and sky blue trim, the barefooted Archlector welcomes guests to the beautified grove for the occasion. "Please," she says in her smoky voice, "Enjoy the food and drink! The bounty of the sea and some of the best liquors I could find. When we've all enjoyed ourselves and celebrated the gifts the Goddess gives, we'll start the blessing." Madeleine beams, setting the crows-feet in her smile into their pleasant crinkles.

Esoka strides into the shrine, in leather armor that looks suited for the daily work of a knight. She's cleaned it up and washed her face for the occasion, though. A little bow is offered to Madeleine. "It looks very good, Blessed!" And she dives into to get herself an ale and some fish to eat.

Into the shrine comes Mae. Her dark hood is up, her boots are jingling, and she's carrying a small, ugly rat-dog in her arms. Poor baby can't walk, it seems. "Oh, there's food..." she says, quietly, to herself.

Lethe steps inside with a smile for Margot and Victoria when she sees them. "Cousin, hello!" She looks at the food and drinks with interest before she takes a little.

Apparently, it appears that Thorley is preparing to ride out possibly as soon as the ceremony is over. With his blades to his side and his armor prepared, the knight glances towards the food and then grins at Mae's words. "'course there's food. Mangata likes keeping us pleasant and plump." he casts a wink at Madeleine when he heads over for a meal of fish and bread, though he passes on the alcohol.

Margot smiles to Lethe and dips her head, letting the little toddler down. She rests a hand on Victoria's head, "Stay with me please," She reminds the girl who is immediately looking around the place like 'where to start'. "Lethe it's good to see you." She lifts a hand to Mae when she spots the woman enter.

Micana, Golden, an Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Lucita.

Madeleine grins back at Thorley. "Of course there's food," she echoes with a laugh. "It wouldn't be a proper celebration without food and drink, would it?" She nods over to Esoka and motions to the table. "Eat, eat. Help yourself, dear!"

Valdemar walks into the grove, wearing finer clothing than many might be used to seeing him in, though he still bears a sword and axe strapped to his back. Looking about as he approaches the gathering that is here for the ritual, he smiles slightly to see some familiar faces. Stopping to listen to the Archlector, he then takes a glass of mead, foregoing food for the moment. With a drink in hand, he approaches Margot, her daughter, and Lethe, greeting them, "Good evening Duchesse, Lady Tyde. It is good to see you both again."

Mae considers Thorley, then Madeleine, then finally the food. She stares for a long moment, then turns to eye Thorley as he whispers. She considers a moment, then finally shrugs, and murmurs back to him.

Esoka goes to sit once she's gotten all her food. Ending up not far from Margot and Lethe, as things go. "My ladies." The murmuring between Mae and Thorley also gets a look. Not that she tries to listen in. She does offer them both a big wave of one arm, though.

After sharing a couple of murmurs with Mae, Thorley nods his head thoughtfully and then grins towards the woman. "Now go eat. You want to do this ceremony on a full stomach, cause afterwards, you'll wonder where it all went."

Lucita steps lightly into the shrine area, carefully seeing that Micana keeps the guard dog back at the entry and out of the way of the gathering. She casts an amber gaze over the area, a beguiling smile given as it picks out people she knows. She makes her way down toward them.

Lethe tries some of the fish. "This is very good." She speaks to Margot. "It is always good to see you." She smiles as she speaks to Valdemar. "It is good to see you as well Lord Grimhall." She continues to smile as she looks to Esoka. "Hello."

Margot nods politely to Valdemar, "Lord Grimhall it is a pleasure to see you here as well." She smiles over to Esoka's greeting. "I am glad to see a good turn out, Magnata needs out prayers now more than ever."

Mae nods vaguely to Thorley, then looks to the food once more. She scrunches up her nose. Instead her attention goes to Esoka. "Hey," she says, with a smile. "Sorry I missed your... thing," she says. Mae then drifts over to the drink table. She'll help herself to some wine - sweet and red, if they have it!

Madeleine bustles about the room. She greets everyone she can get to, calling them 'dear' or 'child' in a friendly manner. Her white robes billow as she moves her hands animating her words and motions. "Do try the shrimp, it's been cooked in garlic butter with lemon-juice," she confides to Mae. Indeed, there is sweet red wine bottled, happily poured.

After gathering a small platter with shrimp, fish, and even some crab, Thorley goes to sit and eat, glancing around the decor quietly. And then he bows his head in a quiet prayer, his thoughts turning introspective.

If there's something vaguely water and religion related, Vano is probably going to at least poke his head in to see what it's all about. Granted, the the idea of stepping into any Compact shrine holds no thrill for him, the Rivenshari Shaman entering, the jingling of the bells at his belt announcing his arrival with a tinny musical sound. And watching, the man will watch for a moment. As if trying to gauge this whole 'Faith' thing.

Esoka /beams/ in a decidedly silly way at Mae, at mention of her thing. Sheshrugs. "We were practically married for a long time anyway, so it was just a party. It was more for other people than us, I felt a bit like. It was fun, though, and provides some merry memories." Another small bow is offered to Valdemar, and a nod to Margot. "Aye. I wanted to say my prayers proper to the goddess before I marched to Stormwall."

"Dame Esoka, a pleasure," Valdemar greets when the knight approaches his fellow Islanders. He then nods at what Margot has to say, remarking in agreement, "Yes, She does need our prayers, just as we need every bit of help we can muster. I am glad to see this turnout." Taking a sip from the glass in his hand, he looks around at some of the others who have gathered at the shrine.

Leana, an Igniseri Guard arrives, following Luis.

Esoka gets half-sized bottle of wine marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Margot gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Thorley gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Margot gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Emily gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Lucita gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Arriving late and in leathers of onyx and crimson, luis steps through the door and makes his way to his sister, quickly leaning over to whisper something and then look around the room, hoping he has not committed some sort of blasphemy.

Valdemar gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Mae gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Waldemai peers at the prayer books and shakes his head. "Never learned that," he explains.

Alarissa quietly makes her way into the shrine proper, no dog with her or anyone else in herr retinue but Pellinor with a surreptitious glance acround.

Lethe takes a sip of red wine. "I'm glad so many of us could be here." She gives a small wave to Lucita.

Emily gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Luis gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Luis gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Lethe gets a string of prayer beads representing the pantheon from Glass bowl filled with prayer bracelets.

Mae flashes a smile to Esoka, then turns off. She snags one of the small bottles of water, then turns away. There's a wave to Lethe and Margot as she moves, but the woman doesn't stay to talk. She walks off, to sit down near the little waterfall. "Do not run off," she warns the little dog that's with her. She sits cross-legged, and Scourge just opts to lay in her lap.

Madeleine seems pleased at the crowd and motions to the food. "Eat," she encourages everyone. "We'll begin shortly. Just... be ready to participate." She winks wickedly.

Valdemar gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Lucita is standing near Lethe and nods to her. Oh, yes, it is good to see people here, and look, here is my brother.

The ceremony has prompted Emily to put on the simple woolen blue dress with its scrollwork embroidery. She pauses to gather a few things, moving the beads about in her right hand as the bottle of water is removed from the rack before she glances aside to see Alarissa. A smile is offered to the Princess as she follows after her. Emily looks aside to Luis as she notes his passing with a curl of her lips.

Alarissa gets half-sized bottle of water marked with Mangata's initial from A wooden bottle-rack with Mangata's sygil carved at the top.

Vano makes a slow circle around the room, taking in visual cues from various spots as he walks, noting some statue or painting or some other curiosity that the man has never seen before. Eventually, this brings him to the shrine itself at the front. The shaman stares at it for a long time, contemplative. And maybe just the least bit wary about it all. Still, could be worse.

Madeleine hellos at Vano. "Welcome! Blessings to you," she says brightly, taking a look at his garb. "We're about to begin, if you wouldn't mind taking a seat?"

Esoka follows the Archlector's directions to the letter. Eating. Some of what she's acquired is shrimp, which she doesn't even bother to try and look polite while scarfing. Emily is spotted, and the Deepwood is flashed a bright smile. To Valdemar she says, "This fight is one in which my sword swings for the goddess of the waves. I hope I do well by her. Are you going to Setarco, Lord Valdemar, or will you be fighting with us in the Crovane lands?"

Mae sips at her wine - wine's food, right? - and idly stares at the water. She seems a million miles away.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luis before departing.

Mae's going to be interrupted, Alarissa making her way through the shrine till she starts to carefully lower herself, silk and all, to sit beside the Harlequin and murmur quietly to the woman.

Once everyone's had a chance to mingle and enjoy the feast, Maddy stands beside the altar's font and bows her head. "Thank you all for coming and sharing your faith in the Gods with us." Her grey-blue eyes focus on each face with a smile. "Faith is what draws us here today. Our faith in Mangata to share with us her blessings, through this purified and holy water. But let me remind you, the water is just water. There is no power in it. The power lies in the Goddess and our belief in her. This will not cure you. It won't kill demons or fend off the horrors we now face. It -will= remind you that the Gods go with us and believe in us as much as we do them. Something tangible we can hold on to and see. And that... if we have belief in ourselves and faith in them, we can indeed work miracles and overcome any obstacle. But this must come from within, with our love and devotion sent without."

She picks up a small bottle from the rack and fills it slowly. "Now I ask each of you come forward in turn and say something you have faith in. It could be in the Compact working as one together against our foes. It can be faith in your family to stand by you and support you. It can be faith in the Pantheon to protect and guide us in these dark times." She pours a little of the water into her hand and dabs it on her forehead. "I, myself, have faith that Mangata will be with us in our darkest hour and brightest day. She will shelter us so long as we believe in her power to do so and give freely of our own spiritual light to hers." That said, she motions for a line to form * OOC: +line/Getinline * and for the worshippers to draw near.

Waldemai has joined the line.

Chief Rin Redreef arrives, following Catalana.

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Margot takes a peice of shrimp and tries to pry the stuffy from Victoria's mouth to actually give her food instead. She has a very brief flutter of exasperation on her generally well collected duchess' features before she moves towards the line with the little girl.

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"Yes, the Pretender King is an enemy of Mangata, so we all fight on Her behalf in this war," Valdemar responds to Esoka solemnly, before he answers her inquiry about where he will be fighting, his voice tightening just a little, "I will be going with the rest of the Thrax forces to Setarco." He then falls quiet as the Archlector moves to stand beside the shrine's altar, turning his full attention to Madeleine.

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Peri[ ] is one of those late-comers, but she quickly takes a seat and tries to orient herself as to what part she might have trampled into, trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible after quickly snagging a small plate. She waits for others to line up when called and then slides in somewhere in the middle.

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Making her way inside, Catalana made her way inside with little Cerilla in tow. Staying quiet as she was late, she'd stay near the back for now until she spots someone she knows. She wasn't feeling too well but she was going to make her way here one way or another. And besides she had Run with her to help her if need be.

Mae looks to Alarissa, and it takes her a few long moments to process the whispered words. Then her eyes go wide, and her cheeks flush. "Oh, geez," she whispers aloud. Mae clears her throat, and then, oh, Maddy is talking! Thank God. She'll focus on /that/.

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The buffet looks tempting but Emily is late to the gathering an as people begin to line up she heads there instead. She finds her place behind Margot but catches Esoka's look. The smile is returned just as brightly as her hand with the beads lifts in greeting. Turning took behind her she notes Luis, having to lean to see past Lethe whom she says 'hello' to.

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Turn in line: Waldemai

With Emily's smile his way, Luis nods back, catching her eye, but then focuses back on taking a bottle of water, getting some beads for prayers, and then eating as much food as he can stuff into his face in short order. Once that is done, he will start to mingle and ready himself as the Archlector suggests.

Waldemai steps up first. As a smith, his answer is easy. "I believe in steel, in its strength and its flexibility, in the way it can be bent to our will and the way it can protect us." That was simple, wasn't it? He steps back.

Madeleine calls each person forward. Smiling beatifically, she annoints their forehead with water, permitted, and encourages them to speak. She then presses a bottle into their hand and thanks them for their words.

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What strange practices these Arvians have. Vano gives Madeline a polite nod moving way to allow the Archelector to speak and do her thing. A brown brow lifts at the idea of making a line and speaking, but he'll play along. At least Eshra will be proud of him for playing nice with the Compact people. Still doesn't mean he trusts them, but being respectful is free, isn't it.

Alariss doesn't reply to Mae, just smiles. But there's Madeleine speaking and she devotes her attention to the Archlector. The serene smile on her face never falterin as the curvy woman speaks and soon is levering herself up to get into line for a prayer.

"Steel. Tempered with metal from Petrichor's earth, fire from Lagoma, water from Mangata, and Jayus' creative forces. May it guard and protect us as much as it strikes against our enemies..." Maddy bows and welcomes the next.

Turn in line: Thorley

"Faith comes from within'. All the years at sea taught me to trust my fellow man cause if I didn't, I'd worried so much about their shit I'd forget my own. And that holds double true now. Faith comes from that trust - to know taht the man next to ya will do his duty and keep ya safe to do yours." Thorley says simply, as the knight steps up. But he loosens the sword belt. "Archlector. This is the Eventide Blade. As it's named for the water, I want to make sure it gets the proper blessin's as I carry it forth on our mission."

Thorley draws out the black blade of Pyrean steel with that so that Madeleine may bestow it with the proper blessings, as needed.

Even as she annoints Thorley's forehead, Madeleine pours a little of the blessed water onto the blade. "May it ever strike true against our enemies and guard our friends and family." She smiles at him and motions for the next.

Turn in line: Margot

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

Mae keeps her eyes on Madeleine, then to Waldemai, then to Thorley. She watches, quite carefully, as the man asks for a blessing.

Margot shifts the grey attired toddler to her hip, "I have faith that there will be a tomorrow. A work for our children to inherit, and that what we do today will shape it but not all of it. I know that regardless of how our efforts result, someone will follow me. Tyde will live on. Thrax will live on. The tide will draw in and out against the shore, the sun will rise and set." And Victoria, realizing all eyes are on her and mommy, waggles her well chewed on stuffed shark at all the people. "Fishies!" Which is what little Lady Victoria apparently believes in.

After the blessing, Thorley puts the blade away. There's a nod to Mae as he steps out of the line and prepares to head off, for his duties are carrying him away.

Madeleine blesses both mother and daughter and even the toy shark for good measure. Victoria has faith in that, of course. "And bless the fishies so they may taste good and swim pretty," she says solemnly, winking to Margot. More seriously, she adds, "May the Gods grant all our tomorrows, as endless as the tides."

Turn in line: Emily

Listening to those ahead of her, her blue eyes slip over each as they speak giving them a smile and nod as they go to find a seat. Soon enough it is her turn and Emily wraps the beads carefully around her right wrist as she steps forward to stop before Madeleine, her chin lifting as she looks upon the Archlector and speaks, "I believe in the spirit of our people, in their will to protect and defend their land and loved ones. It is that spirit that will guide every one of us and will grant us victory."

"May our spirits grant us the strength to carry on and guide us to that happy day," Madeleine replies to Emily, annointing her.

Turn in line: Lethe

As Madeleine touches her brow, Emily whispers her thanks an takes the bottle of water given. She steps off to the side and finds a place to remain slightly out of the way to watch and listen to those that come after her.

Lethe nods to Emily and waits for her turn. "I have faith in everyone here. I think all of our prayers and all us of coming together to do our part even when it's frightening will be what leads to our triumph."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margot before departing.

Gino, a surly sailor, 1 Velenosa House Guards arrive, following Antonio.

The Archlector smiles at Lethe as she does the blessing. "That is a beautiful sentiment," she agrees. "It is the Compact, and our ability to lean on one another and draw together, which ultimately will lead us to victor. No one person can do it alone. Mangata herself cannot do it alone."

Turn in line: Luis

Luis, having finished his food, slowly moves away from the table and slowly rolls the stiring of beads around his palm. The bottle of water is taken and he offers it to Madeleine, his hands free now except for the beads. He bows his head out of respect and his hands slowly open to the priestess.

"I place my faith in the pantheon, in Sentinel's stalwart repose, in Gloria's blessing for those who wage war and battle, and to Limerance for the binding of the oaths that we each hold true. In my family through all the death and defeat, we have risen again, ever stronger, and ever connected. I have faith in my fellow armsmen and those whom take the field to repell that which threatens us. I have faith in the smiths that have forged both weapon and armor, that their skill shall prove the test against our foes. And lastly I will have faith in myself, that all that could be, has been done, and now it is time to step out in what has been ordained. Let it be done."

Luis states, his eyes closing as he awaits the priestess' blessing.

Esoka bows her head deep at the prayers exchanged by those who go before her. Casting a little smile to Margot's daughter, at the one her mother gives. There's a thoughtful look in her eyes for a moment, as they rest on the children in the shrine. She drinks some on her mug of ale and listens thoughtful.

Gently, she places the water against his forehead. "May your strength and resolve serve as a beacon to others. May it lead them to greater belief in the things which make us who we are and why we fight."

Turn in line: Valdemar

When Valdemar's turn comes, he approaches the altar and bows his head reverently. "I have faith in the strength of the people of the Mourning Isles. They will find a way to survive the storm that threatens our home," he states simply, but solemnly, before drawing the large cobalt axe he wears at his back. This, he presents to the Archlector for blessing.

Luis bows his head to the priestess, accepting the bottle of water and slowly moves away after soft thanks is given.

Antonio slips into the shrine, late as he often is to so many things. The Lenosian is quiet, of course, a reverent expression on his face.

"She will be with them," Madeleine reassures Valdemar. She pours water onto the axe and smiles as her fingertips touch it. "This... this she's already blessed," she says reverently, looking up at him. "There is little more that can be done to santify it."

When Luis breaks away, Emily glances his way and smiles. She will move to offer a whispered word before looking at the rest in line. Her fingers press over the beads wrapped about her wrist, the motion an idle expression.

Shard slips in behind Antonio, though she's clearly not with him. She's also quiet, watchful...far from reverent, but definitely watchful. Her eyes are faintly narrowed.

Madeleine has joined the line.

Turn in line: Lucita

"Thank you for that knowledge then, Archlector," Valdemar responds when she says that the weapon was already blessed, returning it to its place at his back before stepping out of the way for the next person to approach her.

Lucita says, "It seems as though the people here have spoken from their hearts, with eloquence and understanding. It leaves me little to say that is different, so to what has already been expressed, will just re-affirm faith in the Pantheon."

Luis bows his head slightly to Emily as he leans in to hear her words, sharing a private conversation for a brief moment, and then his head tilts as he overhears Lucita's words. He looks to her and gives her a reaffirming smile and nod for his sister. Waldemai also get's a meaningful look as well.

Maddy smiles at the simple prayer. "May the Gods, all of them, know we are faithful and give them our worship."

Turn in line: Peri

Peri steps forward and kneels, drawing the sword loaned to her for the upcoming fight. She bows her head not to the Archlector, but to something beyond, something felt inside. "I have faith in the purity of our mission and our unity. May Vellichor guide me to the right waters at the right time, may Mangata protect those I lead. May my blade and wisdom come not from me, and if this should be my time to sacrifice what I hold dear, let it be so. I believe in Mangata's protection, that should I need to remain in this world in this form, it will be so. That if we should have the right winds at the right times. It will be so. That if the sea should swallow up its sacrifices and enemies, holding those in life and those in death as it should be. It will be so. As I have been blessed with the experience of protection in my own lifetime in a time of great need." She does not ask directly for her blade to be annointed, but if it is offered, she does not deny it. It is more a prayer than a simple statement of belief, but there it is, and Peri rises back up to lift her head.

With the blade offered, it too is blessed. She smiles at Peri's words and looks pleased, like a mother hearing a child recite a beautiful poem. "It will be so," she echoes calmly.

Luis looks to Peri at her blessing and he notes the sword, giving a smile and after she has returned from her blessing and her prayer and when it seems appropriate, he will lean in and whisper something to her.

Turn in line: Vano

Esoka gets River's Heart from Leather Satchel.

The bells sing their little song when it's Vano's turn at the front. He looks thoughtful. The Shaman of Riven chews mentally on his words until finally speaking. "I have faith that long after we are gone and dust, the wind will still blow and rivers will still flow. And their songs will sing into the ages yet unseen. We are tangential in this world. We are not the owners, we're only visiting. And that means making the best of what you have when you have it. And I faith in that drive to do what must be done, because I know what the alternative is like." His lips thin out a little. "I have faith that myself and my clan will find a place within your Compact. In time. Even if that may take time."

Madeline offers the blessing if Vano will take it, nodding slowly to his words. "Wind and water can wear away stone, given enough time and patience. I have faith that it will happen, when that time comes."

Shard regards Vano carefully for a few moments, before her gaze shifts to Madeleine at her response.

Peri[ ] nods to Maddy and sheathes the blade after taking the bottle. Then she steps to the side where Luis catches her in a hushed and respectful exchange. She nods in response, and whispers something much shorter in return before taking her place back where she was sitting before.

Turn in line: Mae

Hearing her name, Mae rises up, in one fluid motion. Her weird little critter (Scourge) is scooped up once more, and the darkly cloaked Harlequin makes her way to the Archlector. As she approaches, she watches Vano, with a warm smile. Then her attention turns back to Blessed Madeleine, and she offers a faint smile tot he woman. "I have faith that the Queen of Endings will be with us," she says. Her words spoken, she turns about and drifts back over to the little waterfall.

With a bow and a smile at the quiet words from Peri, Luis returns to the mingling, quietly stuffing more food into his face as he lingers near Lucita and Emily, quiet, respectful conversation taking place when it merits.

"May she greet us when we come to her, and may she return us swiftly - if that is our fate," Madeleine replies. Her smile falters only a little; a bit of a difficult topic to deal with.

Turn in line: Catalana

Carrying that little curly haired blonde little girl up on her hip, Catalana would curtsey slightly. Pushing back some Cerilla's hair out of her face she would look back to Madeline. "I have faith in our soldier both on land and on the sea. I know they will do all they can to win this war and know that they are protected by the Faith. I have faith in my husband to help lead us all to victory on the sea. And I have fath in everyone here, including myself, to be here to do what we need to do while our loved ones are off doing their duty." Looking to Cerilla who had a little token in her hand she would hold it tightly. "Da!" Cat let out a laugh then as she nodded. "....and apparently her with faith in her father, Wash." Moving her hand over that small bump she'd nod then.

Once more, Maddy blesses mother and daughter with the rose-scented water. "May your faith burn bright and may her love for her father guide him home, let her be the lighthouse which shines as he beacon."

Turn in line: Alarissa

Alarissa steps forward. "I have faith dearest Archlector, in the Grand Admiral of the Compact and those who sail with him, even if there have been others who have not expressed their faith. I have faith in the allies of the compact, even the ones that are new or yet unknown. I have faith that Darkwater Watch will hold until help arrives. I have faith that the Gods will do all that they can do. That we will all live to see another sunset, time and time again until it is our time. Above all, Blessed Madeleine. I have -faith-." Alarissa smiles at the other blonde.

Catalana made her way out of the line and moved to find a seat. Rin moving up, would take Cerilla for her as she exhaled softly.

The Thraxian princess is annointed with the water and given a gentle smile. "Your faith does you credit, Highness. None doubt your belief and love for the Goddess. May your devotion give her strength."

Turn in line: Esoka

white-tailed eagle arrives, following Thesarin.

Smiling at Peri during her recitation, Emily gives her a nod as she stops to speak with Luis. Her eyes slip then to the others as they continue to file forward, attention given to their words. Her thumb smooths over the beads at her wrist turning them about as they turn in slow revolutions at her behest. Her smiles is gentle yet oddly fond for the open exultation of beliefs. She leans in to speak to Luis before nodding her head to those that step away from the Archlector.

Alarissa dips her head to Madeleine before slipping away from the line to let others get thier blessings.

Deliverance, an albino falcon, Rascal, a hyper terrier, Rosalie, a lady in waiting, 1 Grayson Guardsmen, Peaches, a lovely white war filly with a peach saddle, Stormy, a silvery gray hunting hound arrive, following Reese.

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Esoka comes forward, bowing deep to Madeleine and offering the Archlector the diamondplate of her blade for blessing. "Blessed. I have faith in the gods and in my fellow soldiers. And, I confess, my thoughts are very much with those who will stay behind, either in my homeland in the Twainfort or in the city of Arx itself, to guard and keep our homes while we're away. I have faith in the people of Riven to protect our borders, and faith in those who stand steadfast on these gates, who support us and keep the hearths warm while we must go to the work of war."

Reese arrives in the shine while wearing quite a bit pink and toting her weapons. She glances around, trying to get a feel for the setting here.

Mae steps back to the little waterfall, and then she lowers herself down again, sitting cross-legged with her little rat-dog in her lap. She picks up her glass of wine and resumes watching the prayers and blessings.

Madeleine stands beside the altar with a font of rose-water, blessing people and the weapons they bring to her - when they bring them. She's also blessing babies which she seems to enjoy more. As they are annointed, they profess what they have faith in - whether the Gods or the fellow Man.

Esoka is given a nod and both she and the blade are touched with the water. "May they stand strong, knowing they have such believe in them."

Thesarin makes his way into the Shrine, walking slowly as he does, arms at his sides. He keeps his eyes down, but his back and shoulders are straight and tall; humility doesn't seem to be his forte. He moves at a slow pace, casting his eyes around the people in attendance, offering a few short nods.

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Turn in line: Reese

Vano moves back to the rear of the shrine. He said what he felt was good enough. More than anything else, he looks like he's studying how the whole thing works. A man of another religion observing how another one does it's own practices.

Thesarin has joined the line.

Shard turns her head slightly, eyeing Thesarin as he enters. It's a longer look than she gives anyone else who has come in, though she does eventually flick her gaze frontward again, even if she looks a little distracted after she does so.

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Reese peeks over to Mae, giving her a smile of greeting that touches her blue eyes. She then gets into the line of those waiting for blessings.

3 Iron Guardsmen arrives, following Titania.

Esoka has just received her blessing from the Archlector. She murmurs a soft thanks to Madeleine and returns to her seat and her drink. Thesarin is noted, and given an inclination of her head.

Luis bows his head as a messenger seems to be politely waiting for him at the entrance to the shrine. Eventually though, Luis is handed a stack to deal with and the man sighs. When the last blessings are done, Luis will quietly speak with the Archlector, "Thank you, for your faithfulness and dedication Archlector," he offers to her, before turning and heading towards the door. Some polite nods are given to recent arrivals and those whom he has conversed with.

Madeleine motions people towards the buffet as she continues the last of the blessings.

Glancing aside to Luis' work brought directly into the shrine to him she smiles and glances to those around, "Let me help with those," she remarks and looking to Lucita she wishes the woman well and offers a smile to Peri, Thesarin and finally Esoka as she moves to follow the Igniseri out.

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As Rin took over for Cerilla, Cat makes her way over to Mae. Slowly she would seat near her before giving her a nod then leaning over to whisper to her softly.

Reese reaches for her silvery pink blade Devotion, presenting such and herself for a blessing. She makes sure to hold the blade so it is clear that she is not attacking anyone with it! She doesn't seem quite ready to speak and so she her words end up being over rambling and overly sincere both. "I have faith the the Gods are with us as we go to fight against the Fleets and in general. I have faith that we will do well enough that the little ones in our families and those who lost their families will have a future. I have faith that we can heal. That we can fight. That we can live each day and each night anew. I have faith that we are really here. I have faith in those who love me. I have Faith in those I love. I have faith in the strength of Compact. In our blades and in our brains and in our bravery."

Titania slips into the shrine she is late but hey it happends when you are in her condition, she has a light sloak on and a very nice dress that is showing her small belly thats starting to show. She moves to get in line and wait for her turn."

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"They will be with us," Madeleine says to Reese with conviction. "She's told me as much." The blade and the princess are both annointed and she smiles. "Your faith will be a shield and shelter to those who need it."

Turn in line: Thesarin

Titania has joined the line.

Thesarin wields A Blood-Red War Axe.

Mae watches. She spots Reese, and offers a faint smile. Mae seems quite distant. Lost in thought, maybe. Her gaze turns to Catalana as the woman draws near her, and she offers that same faint smile. Then it turns to a grin, as she listens, and nods. She murmurs her reply back.

Reese seems encouraged by Madeleine's blessing and she gives her a smile that touches her blue eyes. "Thank you." She says and steps from the line. Her attention is upon Titania a moment later and she also gets a smile.

Peri is off to the side, still observing the statements of faith and subsequent blessings, but she's not in the way. She nods back to Emily in turn and listens aptly to those who follow her. Her eyes slip to Titania briefly as she enters the line, momentarily distracted from Reese.

An interesting time for Vano. Who turns away, the bells on his belt singing slightly. He doesn't look put out or offended by these Arvians ways. Rather, he walks away with at least a suggestion of respect. But he ducks out, having seen what he wanted to.

Thesarin returns nods to Emily and Esoka, and to Shard, eyeing her right back a moment before he steps forward, holding an axe of deep red. He moves to Madeleine, and moves, just slightly awkwardly, to a knee. He holds up his axe and lowers his head. "My faith... is in my people. Them as followed me out from the woods, and them I've found since. Them who've put their faith in me, to lead them right. And in my three children, who'll have to pick it up after me."

Valdemar eventually makes his way to the buffet that the Archlector indicates, picking up a plate of fish to eat from as he quietly watches the ritual go on. Titania's entrance elicits a wave from the Grimhall heir, but having already received a blessing, he remains out of the way of those getting in line.

Maddy pours the water on the axe and smiles. "May your faith be reflected in theirs. And may your children always know their father's love for them." She annoints his forehead as well.

Turn in line: Titania

Thesarin lowers his head, and stands slow. "Archlector." He moves out of the line to join the others, moving toward Esoka to clasp a hand on the woman's shoulder.

Esoka murmurs something, low but audible, after Thesarin speaks. It's in the tongue of the Crownlands shavs, but has the sound of a prayer to it, and the word 'Mangata' is caught if you're listening close and can parse the odd pronunciation. She clasps Thesarin's shoulder in kind as he joins her.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margot before departing.

Esoka says in Crownlands shav, "Honors be to the rivers of the Son and Daughter, our home far away, that sustains us and blessed Mangata."

Shard shifts her weight to one side and folds her arms loosely over her chest. She takes a single slow, deep breath.

Lucita continues to quietly listen and then, after a while, murmurs to Luis. "Need to go, I have a meeting in a few minutes." A respectful bowing of the head is given Madeleine and she makes her way out.

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Titania steps up when it is her turn a soft smile given to Maddy, "My faith is in the gods that they will be with those who go out to help protect us will come back to us." she says in a soft voice but there is some command there hidden deep in her, "My faith is in all the men and woman of the compact who go out by land and sea to deal with the threat and my faith is in those who lead them." she speks it nothing but she holds her bow up to Maddy, "If you could bless it please blessed Madeleine and hope it is not needed." she says softly.

The bow is also blessed, water poured on it even as Madeline graces Titania's forehead. "May the Gods grant you never need this, but may it strike true when you do. May your faith and love guide and guard you, child."

She looks about, seeing if anyone else needs a blessings. "If you didn't get a bottle, please let me know so you can receive one..."

"You all have faith in something. Yourself. Your friends. The Compact. The Gods. Hold firm to that faith, let it shine in your hearts. And like the sun and moon behind a cloud, it will shine on despite doubt and fear. Keep it bright and beautiful," Madeleine says reverently, "and carry the blessings of Mangata in your heart. May the water be a reminder of her purity, grace, and love for us. Know that she hears our prayers and that she will be with us in our hour of need, her peace and serenity always there if we reach for it." She bows her head at the final prayer.

"Now! There's a bit of dill-roasted fish that needs eating, and those lobsters are best when eaten hot!" Madeleine grins as the ceremony ends and she shoo's people towards the buffet and bar.

Margot steps over closer to Reese when the Princess finishes her blessing, still holding Victoria in her arms who wraggles her stuffy shark at Princess Ribbons.

As Madeleine's prayer concludes, Mae offers a few more words to Catalana, then she rises up to her feet. She smiles and dips her head to the noblewoman, then she turns to give a look around, and then ends up just moving for the exit.

Reese has a gentle smile first for the duchess and then for Victoria. "Duchess Tyde." She says softly and keeps close to her for the moment. She looks over the plushies. "Oh, nice a shark." She says.

Shard starts to lean toward Mae as she passes, but instead just offers the woman a faint nod.

Mae stops, as she spots Shard's attention. She considers a moment, then moves over toward the woman, and murmurs a few words.

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