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Valardin Naval Meeting

A meeting held by Princess Admiral Katarina and Princess Consort Caelis Valardin for the vassals and allies of House Valardin to come together and begin working on naval plans for the coming war. All are welcome to attend.


March 1, 2018, 9:10 p.m.

Hosted By

Katarina Caelis


Monique Jaerith Demura Alban Victus Kael Derovai Corban Ian Alis Eshra



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Valardin Manor - The Vow

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Comments and Log

Derovai has joined the Quiet Alcove.

The great hall has been set for a meeting. A table set with miniature ships on a map. There are chairs available, but none about the table. In Lycene style, there’s wine set out and juice for the sober individuals. The map on the table clearly displays Setarco’s waters and a mass of ships facing off with each other with more little ships set off to one side. Caelis is waiting with Princess Katarina, adjusting little boats and holding a glass of wine in one hand. There’s a clear less fuss, less muss mentality, the focus being on the map and planning out the Valardin’s maritime moves for the upcoming fight.

Eshra steps in, in a jingle jangle of bells and flash of bright silks, otherwise perfectly silent >.> as she finds a seat an plants it

Ian has come early and taken a seat somewhere out of the way. Just here as a silent observer, as usual.

"I really don't even think the song is a thing anymore," Corban is protesting, to no avail, as the dying notes of "Who's got it all DOOOOOOWWWWWN" fade away from Herald Steve in the audience hall. He just sighs. That is his life now when he visits. He picks up a glass of wine and settles down.

Enter the Keatons. In this case, instead of it being the typical Kael and Reigna combo, Kael has companionship of a different sort. His cousin Jaerith happens to be at his side and the pair are chatting in a relatively amiable manner. Or at least Kael is chatting at/to his cousin. "And then Aeryn..." So he's boring him with kid talk. At least said kid talk quits when they are within the Vow, and he knows his cousin well enough to veer toward the refreshments before they take a seat.

Derovai heads in moments after Eshra, without a word from Herald Steve. Maybe he's busy with Corban's song! He might be a bit overdressed for the meeting, in silk clothing and silk gloves. He heads for an alcove out of the way, leaning against the wall. No wine or juice, and he gets comfortable where he is.

Alis felt like she might want to know what the navy was planning, so she wanders on in to the hall and tries to muffle a giggle upon hearing Herald Steve's rousing welcome to Corban. He gets a quick wave, as others also get a quick nod of greeting while she makes herself comfortable.

"Oh how adorable." It's said in an entirely non sincere way. Jaerith slowly looks over to Kael giving a slow smile. Then is looking through those present a brow raises as he stops, bringing one hand up to thump against Kael's chest. The Keaton Lord leans in slowly to murmur something softly to the arguably more Lord of the Keaton Lords.

It's Katarina who fusses the most over the layout of the tiny ships that make up the collective ships of the Oathlands navy, the younger of the two admirals armed with parchments scrawled in myriad numbers and data to guide her movements while hushed words are shared with Caelis. As the hall starts to fill, she raises her head to survey the gathered faces with a hint of soft surprise. Her lips upturn in quiet, but warm reception of the Keatons, her sister, and the others. She clears her throat, turning her golden eyes up onto her sister-in-law. "Ready to begin, Your Highness?"

Watching people enter the Vow, Caelis sets her drink down and clasps her hands loosely behind her back, all business. She does crinkle her eyes, nodding as people enter. She leans aside to murmur to Katarina softly before addressing the room. "I want to thank people for coming. I know information is ever changing, but this seems like the time to get our plan on the board so we can adapt accordingly as the hour nears. I don't have any grand, rousing speeches, but I think this battle will define what our navy will accell at going forward." She reaches for her wine and takes a sip.

Ian doesn't have wine in front of him for once. No alcohol at all! Maybe for once in his life he's actually going to go through this meeting totally sobe -- oh, wait, no. He has a flask. He takes a drink from it and slides it back into an inner pocket of his coat.

With that thump, Kael's brow is quirking and he scans the crowd before easing in and murmuring a few quiet words back to Jaerith. There is a tilt o his head offered in query to whatever it is that he just murmured to him.

Victus makes his entrance into Valardin's hall. No fanfare or anything really, he just wanders through the hall. Unfamiliar as could be, he finds himself a seat somewhere out of the way.

Alban enters into the Vow and takes a look around, offering a deep bow of respect to all and even sundry, regardless of what sundry does upon occasion. Straightening up he takes his helmet off and makes his way further into The Vow to survey the preceedings where he can observe without intruding. "I wish I could offer more of Farshaw's forces, but, as we have no standing 'Navy' I hope it will be enough to help turn the tide." He offers with a subtle nod of his head to Caelis at her mention of naval futures.

Corban spots Lord Kael, who is as close to a buddy as he knows, making his way over to him. "Lord Kael. What fine news for the Duke that just was announced. It is good to see you. The Countess is well, I hope?"

Kit, the grey fox, a tiny man with a BIG unpronounceable name arrive, following Monique.

Alis flashes a smile at Caelis and Katarina, her gaze roaming the map that's been put out, interest plain on her face. "Your Grace." she murmurs in greeting to Victus, as she too is attempting to be out of the way for this.

Monique enters, representing Greenmarch and the navy she's already put under Katarina's command. There's a smile on her lips, lingering from whatever she's come from, and the gentle thump-thump of the backpack carried at her hip this evening.

"Lord Telmar," murmurs Kael, ceasing his quiet murmurs to his cousin in favor of greeting Corban. He inclines his head toward the other man and remarks, "Indeed. I look forward to, gods willing, seeing he and Squall grow up with one another. Reigna is doing well, thank you for asking." Ah, but events have begun and he nods toward the admirals yonder. With a back and forth glance to seating, he gestures to the cavalier table with the two gentleman near, as if by way of offering. That's evidently going to be their chosen spot, or at least Kael's. He'll murmur a few more quiet words to Jaerith however.

Kael has joined the Cavalier Table.

Jaerith has joined the Cavalier Table.

Tilting her head to hear Caelis' whispered words, Katarina delivers a solemn bow of her head before her gaze drifts toward Alban at his words. "While you may not have a standing navy, you have an impressive merchant fleet that can still be of great use to our efforts," she intones, plucking a piece of parchment from the side of the naval wartable. "As it was mentioned in the last meeting, our forces are going to be assembling and coordinating from Setarco. Our plan, as His Grace, Grand Admiral Victus laid out," she looks toward Victus at Alis' attention upon him, continuing on, "is to intercept our enemy's forces offshore in hope that it'll lessen the numbers that actually come ashore to meet the ground defense."

"What we're here to decide today is how our amassed navy can best serve that mission," she turns toward Caelis. "Would you like to present that portion?"

Corban spies his wife, then, and gestures her over to come sit at the Cavalier Table with the Keatons. A kiss to the cheek and then the other cheek as she approaches and a squeeze of hands. And then he gets wine for her because he knows that Monique would like that.

Corban has joined the Cavalier Table.

Alban has joined the Cavalier Table.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alban before departing.

Alban wields Skyguard.

Murmuring softly to his cousin, Jaerith eventually leans back in his seat choosing no longer to whisper. "Someone like that just deserves a fist to the nose." He mutters with a frown, placing his hands on the surface of the table. He looks up and blinks as it seems others are joining them at their table. "Oh hello." Is murmured softly to Corban and then Alban, a deep bow of his head in turn to each.

"We can use fighters, Lord Alban-provided they're not green about the gills." Caelis looks to Victus as he walks in and inclines her head by way of greeting and looks to all the others. "We are a small navy now, but we have a good deal of lighter ships and no shortage of men and women good with a blade. To that end, we're going to out pirate the pirates and Gods know whatelse are in this fleet." She gestures to the map table.

"Ship on ship battle is complicated and messy. It can get easy for ships to get locked up with each. The Valardin fleet will come around the backside of this engagement, since were coming from the west anyway." She sets ships behind the black flagged invaiders. "We'll sail in, ease off the pressure on the larger ships of our allies under fire-or areas where allied ships are too close and move to the next target. Think of it-for land minded fighters as light calvary. Targeted strikes and moving." She looks up, meeting eyes where she can to ensure people are following.

Monique totally doesn't shoot Corban a dirty look when he offers her wine instead of whiskey, like it's a mortal affront to her very spirit. She returns his kisses, and follows him to the Cavalier table, murmuring something low, while keeping an ear out for the plans being discussed.

Monique has joined the Cavalier Table.

Alis hears words she knows - light cavalry - and brightens a little as understanding of the strategy dawns. Beside her, Laurene scribbles out notes when both the women at the front are speaking.

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

"I assure you that every soldier that could be raised has been tasked to these defense plans." Alban murmurs, "And near the entirety of our merchant fleet has also been placed at the disposal of the war council." He smiles a little softly, "If there is more that Farshaw can do, I promise you we will do our utmost to do so." He inclines his head politely to Katarina and Caelis in respect. He turns his attention towards the board with the little ships, "Is there no marker for the beast?" He asks grimly.

Victus gives nods to those who acknowledge him - Alis, Calypso and Katarina in particular. For the moment though the Thrax turned Grand Admiral is just listening, his eyes set upon the pair running this shindig as they lay out their own details.

Corban frowns slightly, listening to the conversation from the leaders. He seems to be following the fleet plan well enough, but something seems to still trouble his expression from the looks of it.

"I've been mulling over an idea for a time," Katarina tentatively begins once Caelis has finished her explanation of their proposed tactics, adding her own in supplement: "Because ours is a defensive stance, first and foremost, I've been contemplating the possibility of mounting siege equipment aboard our dromonds." Golden eyes drift from face to face, a side glance spared briefly to the map laid out upon the war table. "It's a steep expenditure, but one that could provide us with an advantage in lending additional firepower and support during the fights. Think of it like the ranged calvary. The extended reach would come in handy, I think."

"The military analysis from the early Lycene picket engagements suggests that burning the boats from the distance is the most effective tactic against them," speaks up Corban when Katarina speaks of siege weapons. "If flaming pitch could be lobbed with any accuracy, it could be of use."

"I can't plan for information I don't have." Caelis replies to Alban with an even look. She nods at Katarina's words. "It's a costly move, especially as we have so few Dromonds. But it would give us a little more distance to attack should the evil beastie make an appearance as it's suspected it may." Looking to Corban, Caelis nods. "As long as that pitch doesn't spread to our ships over the water before it burns out. The last thing we need is a burning sea to fight upon."

Ian fishes the flask out of an inner pocket of his coat and takes a long drink, the puts the flask away.

"We've learned since then, at the meeting held by Prince Talen, that if the Pirate's... puppets, are set aflame they apparently wear some special flame retardent clothing. They won't burn, even if their ships did. It could set our own ships aflame if they are locked together." Alis offers, from her spot there in the back.

Alban speaks softly at his table to Monique and the others, but turns his attention to the presentation. "Given that we cannot plan for it, I am not sure making the dromond's even slower and less maneuverable is a good idea either." He says in support of Alis' comment.

"The idea is to sink their ships and the bodies aboard before they can do the same to our own, or even reach landfall," Katarina speaks out, bowing her head in acknowledgment to Alis' advisement. She turns her head to look over at Caelis, lips pursed in contemplative moue, "We're counting four dromonds now, from what our fellow houses have contributed so far to supplement our own. Arming two of them and deploying bait tactics to lure in the enemy into a choke point might make it a more viable and effective in justifying it." She looks toward Albanm, the corners of her mouth beginning to upturn just-so though she doesn't yet speak upon his words, waiting for more commentary

Derovai watches mutely from the alcove, arms folded, posture casual.

"May I ask a more-elementary question regarding the broader strategy?" asks Lord Corban, not quite waiting for a response before moving ahead. "My understanding of the strategic assessment was that if we were to move the entire fleet against a single element of the Pirate King, we would be thought to triumph handily. Why are we placing such a large garrison in Setarco if the Fleet is moving as one into Setarco as well?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kael before departing.

"Their boats teleport." Victus says with a shrug.

Ian adds to what Victus says: "Even without... teleportation... it's easy to slip through in a battle like this, especially one of this size. No matter what we do, some of those ships will probably make it to shore."

Whatever comment about the ships Alban was going to make is lost at Corbans' question and then Victus' statement. He raises an eyebrow slightly, trying to think of the logistics of that. "If that is true," He nods his head to Victus statement, "And I have no reason to doubt it, all things considered, then our best tactic of pirating the pirates is an impossible one. The only way we could possibly limit their movements, is to limit their sight. In which case we would need to travel as a pack and somehow create a fog bank, or smoke, with a secure method of communicating amongst our own vessels." He pauses, "We need some sort of cover to make any engagement more even as outnumbered as we are."

Kael's rumbling some minor commentary of, "I believe it may have been mentioned another time that they might be the one bringing the cover." This is of course spoken in response to Alban, head tipping before Kael is snaring his wine and eyeballing it. Perhaps he's also of the camp that wishes it was whiskey. Nonetheless she manages a sip.

"That I can't answer, Lord Corban." Caelis notes and looks at Victus quickly. "Noted. I imagine that makes things considerably more difficult for all parties involved." She sucks in a breath and leans on the table. "We know they will in all likelyhood engage with their shamans as well." She drums her fingers. "Too much risk of crashing and sinking our own ships if we were to try something like that-as nice as cover would be. Most of the fleet will likely be engaging in a more upfront tactics. "Princess Katarina and I both have cut our teeth on more...sideways engagements. Given how light our fleet is, darting in, striking, and moving is going to prove more beneficial to the other admiral in the water. I've heard it rained in Maelstrom while they were being attacked. I won't hold my breath for fire. We'll win with bloodier methods undoubtedly."

"It's a specific kind of travel." Victus adds, gesturing in the open-air somewhat vaguely. "Point A and point B both have to be coated in the Darkwater itself for them to effectively move. They won't just be flashing and showing up at random. But it can be expected that they could flank easily, as well as breeze passed us with ships who's sole purpose is to deliver troops while others are in the thick of it." He takes a pause. "... All completely normal and not at all superna- You guys fuckin' get it."

Alis stifles an amused sound at the end of Victus statement there, even if she grimaced through the first part.

Alban asks, "Has anyone tried dumping oil and pitch on the dark water and burning it out?"

Katarina listens to the commentary, taking it all in quiet deliberation while she studies the map laid out on the table. "What are your thoughts, Grand Admiral? With everything we've proposed thus far?" she beckons for Victus' opinion. At Alban's question, the girl chokes back a quiet noise, lips turning upward again in a subtle grin. "If we could simply kill it with fire, we'd have probably done that already."

Alban opines calmly, "Then perhaps, a brief might be in order, of what /has/ been tried already."

Jacque arrives, following Demura.

"We've thought of trying to burn out the Darkwater. But it's not easily done by conventional means." Victus muses to that thought, speaking a little louder at Katarina's question. "You all remember that gunk that was stuck to Mangata's statue? Not a whole lot worked against it. You can expect the same kind of shit from anybody under the Pirate King's banner. Now for the beasties and 'pets', fire does hurt quite a lot when they don't wear clothes. So I wouldn't count it out entirely. Not to mention their boats still burn even if their crew won't." His eyes turn back to the leaders of this meeting. "When the harbor was attacked, something that did burn the beasts though was a ship left over from the campaign of the Thirteen Hammers. It was carved with symbols of Mangata and blessed. The creatures couldn't touch it, and those who tried were subjected to a hell of a lot of pain. You wanna /burn/ things, burnin' through Faith is the safest bet. But also a long-winded one to achieve."

Corban has left the Cavalier Table.

Captain Reedy, a Telmarine military aide leaves, following Corban.

Shifting to hitch a hip against the side of the table behind her, Katarina folds her arms across her lightly armored front and purses her mouth. "It sounds more that I should speak with you to the side and help get you caught up on everything you need," she posits in hushed aside to Alban. As Victus begins to share his thoughts, her attention shifts upon the high lord whole-heartedly with a subtle grimace contorting her features at his words. "We have a variety of options to explore in those tactics. If we went with creating a flotilla armed with siege equipment and carved with symbols of Mangata, it would provide an edge and help safeguard from the Pirate King's ... unsavory little friends. I -don't- want to be fighting off an entire kraken, again."

"Any of our navy or military is free to pick up a copy of the meeting notes from the Setarco Ground campaign discussion that was held at the Velenosa Estate." Alis offers, right after Katarine, a warm smile showing for the other woman. I will have Laurene leave a stack on my desk for people to pick up during the day. (( The Log: ))

"Thank your Grace." Caelis offers to Victus. She looks between Alban and Katarina. "We're all fumbling against an enemy that is scarier in many ways than the one we faced before him, it's a small miracle to be even close to on the same page as we are. But, I won't keep people all night. This is where we are at in deploying our navy. I know it is younger and smaller than some of the other great houses, but we will make the most of the ships we have and chase down some of the ideas presented if we can." Caelis straightens a bit and lets out a small breath.

Alban inclines his head politely at Katarina's comment, "I would appreciate that. I have little that I can offer without knowing these... particulars." Otherwise relaxes back in his chair, just observing again. He steeples his fingers in front of his chin and lightly taps his bottom lip with his fingertips but otherwise is simply calm and quiet now

Katarina bows her head in silent gratitude towards Alis. "I'll be sure to keep a few copies on hand in case others might need them," she offers, turning her attention back to the meeting at large. "If anyone might have ideas, concerns, or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We want to make sure we're all on the same page and making the most of the tools and resources we have." A look aside to Caelis, as she postures to draw it all to a close.

Derovai scratches his jaw with a silk-gloved hand, shifting his position slightly to lean against the wall of the alcove quietly.

Alis decides to slip out now, as things come to a close. Tired princess is tired!

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight have been dismissed.

Laurene, a military adjutant have been dismissed.

Standing near the back of the hall, who knows how long they've been here, are Jacque and Demura Lyonesse. The Marquessa has a quiet word for the man beside her as they watch and listen to what is being discussed.

"I know it's foreign to much of the Oathlands, but we can build a stronger navy off the back of this-something Prince Edain has worked towards with the Thrax and others." Caelis looks over the faces in attendance. "Share your ideas, your thoughts. Don't hesitate to come to us. We are only as good as the most current information we have. I have a good record of bringing my men back alive." She smiles a bit crookedly. "That's harder to do on a scale as big as this, but I mean to try, if you'll have faith in myself and Princess Katarina. Pray to the Gods, and let's get to work on preparing to bring this fleet down." She offers by means of closing out the meeting with a firm nod.

The cold, grim look that Ian gets in his eyes when Caelis talks of trying to bring people back alive makes it pretty clear how high he think the butcher's bill is going to be.

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