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Dame Morrighan's Birthday Bash

All are invited to stop by and visit the Redrain Ward for Dame Morrighan's birthday bonfire! There will be entertainment provided by minstrels, food and liquor aplenty, and games! Feel free to join and participate in a dagger, hatchet, and axe toss, with awards going to first, second, and third place winners! Afterward there will be a little friendly drinking competition, and the last one standing receives a trophy. So whether you come to fill your gullet, participate in the festivities, sit by the fire, or dance the night away, all are welcome.


Jan. 13, 2018, 7 p.m.

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Enyo Gwenna Cirroch Fergus(RIP) Fortunato Asger Bianca Artur Delilah Mydas Percephon Mae Darren Khanne Theron Cassima



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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I did not realize how much I missed the bonfires of Farhaven until Dame Morrighan's amazing birthday bash. Everything felt like home again, or home made in Arx. Or maybe just home? At least a little bit, my heart is being taken by this city and the people. Such a great many people came to celebrate! The memories of this evening will not soon be forgotten.

Phantom, the Great Grey Owl arrives, following Darren.

Percephon gets brilliant fires of steel concealable blade from roomy, gently used leather satchel.

Percephon wields brilliant fires of steel concealable blade.

When guests begin to filter into the Redrain Ward, bright, uplifting music begins from the tent near the garden grotto where a group of minstrels have gathered. Out from the tent comes Morrighan, moving with a light step, rushing off towards the stone platform where a ridiculously large pile of wood has been set up, arranged oh so carefully. She meanders about those seeing to the setup, circling around the structure, hands upon her hips. The dame gestures animatedly towards the wood pile, and somewhere through the upbeat melody are two distinct words, "BIG. FIRE." Flames erupt in a loud *WHOOSH*, dancing and flickering about, much like the smaller ones that light a multitude of flame-shaped lanterns.

Gwenna enters the grounds all wide-eyes and excited looking, this perhaps her first real big event since coming to Arx. Stopping by one of the food tables to pluck a little something first, she meanders toward the mistrels to listen a bit while the heat of the bonfire casts such lovely light on everything. Espying her cousin Cassima first, the princess waves cheerfully and starts making her way in that direction. Eventually she'll approach the birthday dame! Though probably once things settle a bit.

Fortunato arrives in his charcoal-everything partially obscuring his red seasilk. Never a big fan of crowds, he wanders to the sidelines, while always keeping an eye on the fire. The, ah, big fire. He laughs a bit when he catches the lyrics.

"Did I miss it?!" Darren's voice can be heard before he arrives outside the villa, but only a few moments later the Redrain High Lord comes out the front door, "Awww, I missed it." he says, looking at the massive bonfire. "The lighting is the best part." Darren grins a bit, spying Morrighan near the massive fire and heading towards her. "Happy birthday, Mor." Darren says, his eyes already starting to peel off and look for the refreshments.

Oh stars above, it's Gwenna. Cassima could almost faint with relief. She's not exactly good at social situations, and this is more of a test, a trial run, for her. She's dressed all in black today, almost screaming "Thraxian" without saying a word. A high collared, long sleeved brocade hunter green dress with wooden toggles down the front, cinching it tight. She has her wild black hair pulled back and up, then left to fall down to the middle of her back. And, of course, she has her drink in her hand. Her second one. Because drinks make social situations easier, right?

She sighs with relief when she reaches Gwenna, sliding her arm in with the other woman's so they may stand together or walk together. "Oh, my dear," Cassima sighs. "You look like a dream. Thank you so much for letting me know about this."

"Fort!" comes a loud voice out of a small woman. It's followed by the jingle, jingle, jingle sound of jingleboots hitting the road as Mae runs up the way. "Fooooort!" Mae calls. Soon as she's beside her cousin, she tosses an arm around his shoulder, jostling the small man and giving a tight squeeze. "Hey! What are you doing here? Don't you hate fun?" she asks. Trotting along with Mae is Scourge, the rat-dog. He seems agitated, like always. "Happy Birthday, Morrighan!" Mae calls that way. "What should we do with presents?"

Fortunato squawks faintly when Mae grabs him, his arms held high above her arms. "Yes, I hate fun. And parties. And crowds. But I needed to--" He cuts off long enough to shout a "Happy birthday, Morrighan!" at Morrighan. Then, back to Mae. "There, I can go now."

Asger calls out to Darren with a gruff laugh "Aye you've already missed it, I drank all the booze I seduced all the women and I finally got Khanne to get out of a meeting. With feats like this the spirits are clearly upon us!" with a deep rumble of laughter Asger walks over and if Darren doesn't stop him seems intent on giving the high prince a great big bear hug.

Morrighan practically bounces on her feet, beaming at the roaring bonfire before her, and steps off to murmur soft words of appreciation to the various servants meandering about. She immediately perks up when hearing Darren's voice, a jubilant smile upon her features as she lifts an arm, waving it about in greeting. "Darren! Hi!" The Ruling Prince is given a firm side hug when he approaches, not letting him escape - at least not immediately. "All th'good stuff is over there," she says, wiggling a gloved finger off towards the numerous tables holding a diverse assortment of food and drink. A soft hum escapes while the redhead meanders off, greeting people along the way, perking occasionally when she hears her name called. Her attention veers off towards Mae, then aside to Fortunato, her booted feet taking her over in their direction. "Thank you kindly, I hope tha' you have a good time. Ah..presents..can hang ontae those until later or pass 'em off now, if'n you like."

Gwenna is all bright smiles at Cassima's compliment, giving a glance to her outfit. "It took nearly an hour for the braids, but it's such a special event that I felt it necessary. I am so very glad you came, cousin, quite truly. You look stunning as well. That green compliments you very nicely. Shall we fetch a couple of drinks and find someplace to sit? When it settles a bit, I will introduce you to our revered Knight of Farhaven, Dame Morrighan, and His Grace. Surely some of your Sanna family will be here as well."

Khanne is sitting on a bench under the trees, having arrived as things were nearly finished being set up. She smiles and applauds when the fire is set aflame, her toes, clad in dark boots, tapping to the beat of the music. Of course, the birthday woman is the main attraction, so people begin to approach the Dame to wish her well. For now, Khanne settles for a shout cross the way, "Happy Birthday Dame Morrighan!!! I have a special brew being made for you, but it is not quite ready yet." She smirks over to Asger then and says, "meetings are important... but so is sneaking in some fun in between." She waves over to Darren and Gwenna, then smiles to Mae and Fortunato if they look her way.

A party! Artur was sure he heard tell of a party! So, here he is! At just about the right time Artur comes bounding in, eyes lighting up with a bright smile as he finds himself just in time to see the bonfire 'WHOOSH' to life. He pauses a moment or two, transfixed, before glancing around to look over what else there is to see. Spotting tables filled with food and drink, those are Artur's next stop, though the tent with the music drifting out of it also gets an enthusiastic look. Artur is drawn fairly immediately toward whatever's sweet, having his mouth halfway full of honeycake or something of the ilk before he really starts actually properly paying attention.

Fashionably late to the party, Cirroch staps upon the grounds as his dark eyes look around, studying the area with a bit of interest in his dark eyes. Seeing Darren, first he bows his head, "Good evening, my lord." Then he turns to the woman hugging her, "Happy birthday, Dame Morrighan." Finally he turns to those he knows, smiling to Gwenna, Khanne, and Cassima. "Princess Echo, Khanne, Cousin Cassima, it's a pleasure to see you three."

Mae doesn't let go of Fortunato. She drags the man over towards Morrighan. "Okay, I'll give it to you now... Cause... you gotta show Fort your present," Mae says, with a bright smile. She then finally releases the man to dig into her bags and produce a small item, then hand it over to Morrighan.

Mae gets a small pouch made of black and red patchwork fabric from a bright blue messenger bag.

Mae gets a painted clay coin featuring a candle from a small pouch made of black and red patchwork fabric.

Fortunato lets his arms down as Mae releases him. "I'm excited to see other people's presents and sorry I can never produce one in time." He bows toward Morrighan. "But you know I love you!" As he straightens, he gives Khanne a little finger waggle.

When there's a huge ridiculously huge bonfire blazing one Ward over that's coupled with the overheard mentions of plentiful food (and drink) - that's enough of a draw to bring Percephon. Certainly no other reason at all, no. He ducks around a passing servant, wheedles between two other party-goers, and he heads straight for the tables in order to assemble a decent variety on a plate. Once he has secured the vittles, he turns to pay honor to the birthday knight of Farhaven, cupping a hand around his mouth to call out: "Happy Birthday, Dame Morrighan! May you be blessed with many more! May you smile so much on today, your day, that your mouth hurts from it! So on and so forth." The rangy Magister-Lord slips along toward the trees and onto a bench that's occupied by a Khanne.

Khanne has joined the benches under the oak trees.

"Oh, you know me too well." As Morrighan points out the good stuff, his eyes flickering over to the table. As he hears Asger, Darren's features crack in to a grin, "There he is," Darren says, not only allowing but returning the big bear hug. "Duke Crovane, damn good to see you here tonight." He says, "Morrighan throws too good a party for any one man to drink all the booze, so I know you are full of it." He grins, jerking a thumb towards the refreshments table. "Drink?" he asks of the other man, before he turns his attention to Khanne. "My lady," he bows his head a bit. "Just about to get a drink with Asger, care for one too?" He inquires. "And my good Marquis Sanna. Drink?" Darren asks.

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Sir Erron, 2 Acheron guards arrive, following Mydas.

Sir Erron, 2 Acheron guards leave, following Mydas.

"I should like that of all things," Cassima says, taking another sip to finish the glass in her hand and to pass it away to some passing thrall ... no, wait, servant. I mean they're all servants, right? Right, sure. Right. And then there's Cirroch. Gwenna, it seems, is not the only one that can bring out broad almost face-breaking smiles from the Thraxian. "Indeed it would seem so. Cirroch," she says by way of greeting, detatching herself from Gwenna momentarily so she can cross to the man. If he allows, she'll stand up on her tip-toes to give the man a kiss on the cheek. "What an unexpected joy it is to come across you this way."

"Dunnae be a grumpy gus, Fort," comes a teasing murmur from the dame as she gives the Grayhope's hair a light ruffling. "B'sides, plenty o' liquor an' a nice fire, an' th'music. Will'nae hurt tae take one day tae have a good time an' relax. Enjoy things while we can y'know?" she says, grinning wide, appreciative of the birthday wishes, however her head perks up, hearing another voice in the crowd. Morrighan narrows her gaze into a thin squint, spying Khanne, hand lifting into an animated wave. "Brew, you say? Hot damn," she shouts back enthusiastically before turning her focus towards Cirroch, offering a smile. "'ello Marquis, glad tae see you could make it." Her attention drifts back to Mae, posture straight, though excitement in her eyes at the mentioning of the gift, and she accepts the clay coin, slowly turning it over in hand. "Thank you! I like this a lot! An' you.." back to Fortunato. "I dunnae mind, your friendship is plenty gift enough."

Sir Erron, 2 Acheron guards arrive, following Mydas.

"Hear that, Fort? You're a /gift/," Mae tells the man, with a sweet smile. "Happy birthday, again, Morrighan!" Mae adds. She then peels away from Fortunato and Morrighan both, angling over towards Khanne and Percephon. "Hello, sweets! Hello... Lord Percephon."

Mae has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Gwenna returns Khanne's wave with one of her own while on the way to get something to drink, a bright smile still curling her lips. Cirroch's familiar voice gives the princess little reason to allow that smile to dim and she dips her head in polite greeting. "Marquis, it's always so wonderful to see you. You're well, I hope?" When Cassima detaches to better greet Ciroch, Gwenna gets herself a glass of wine. It seems everyone is congregating at the drinks which, perhaps, really isn't all that surprising. Darren and Asger are offered the same nod of greeting before she beams a grin at them both. "Your Grace, Duke Crovane. It seems this will be quite the event, does it not? My first bonfire here in Arx. I hadn't realized how much I missed them until now!"

Mydas arrives alone, save for the trio of guards that have become as normal for the Marquis as the crimson armor he now wears. Golden eyes move over those already present for the celebration, until he finds the celebrant, and heads for Morrighan. "Happy birthday, Mistress of the Flame." he greets, and performs a teasingly elaborate bow. "May there be many more, and may you ever burn... as this fire right there." he says with a motion to the large bonfire.

"Ugh," Fortunato ughs after Mae as she withdraws, and he sighs after Morrighan's hair ruffle. "I'm not a grumpy gus, I'm just duly, dutifully serious and easily overwhelmed. But, please, let your grand day be grand and grandly light." He gives Morrighan a quick hug and a quick withdrawal. "I'm glad of your candle coin! Keep that warmth close and dear. And thank you. I'll be around." He's flitting back to the periphery.

"Aye we're just about to get drinks." Asger says in agreement with Darren before hollering over at Khanne "Come and join us for drinks lass, live, party and have fun or I'm going to get on you about living more!" his words jovial but with an undercurrent of sincerity to them. With Gwenna's formal use of titles, Asger breaks all formality and throws a good natured arm around her shoulders "We're about to be drinking lass, between all of us and the drinks I don't think there is any room for titles in there, now come and drink with us as well!"

Cirroch happily accepts the kiss with a beaming smile given over to Cassima, telling the woman, "It is a joy. I was hoping to see you again. I still need to join you for dinner one of these days. Are you a friend of Dame Birthday Girl?" Cirroch ask, waving his hand over to Morrighan, giving her a smile. Over to Gwenna he dips his head in a nod to Gwenna, "It's always a pleasure. Have I missed any events for the party yet?"

It takes the redhead a bit of time to zero in on Percephon, but once she does, that jubilant grin greets him, hand waving away from where she currently loiters. "Thank you! It's verra likely, an' if'n nae my mouth it'll be my head hurtin' t'morrow," she shouts back with a laugh. There's a small snicker of laughter after Fortunato, the coin held close, carefully tucked way into her satchel bag, though her attention is quickly captured by the familiar voice of yet another Marquis. "Marquis Fancy Pants," Morrighan greets Mydas, "I ain't sure you've graduated from novice fire lord yet, how's my manual workin' out for you?" she wonders with an impish grin. "Thank you, glad tae see you could make it. Th'games will probably start soon, think you'll be around for those? Or th'drinkin' game after?"

Darren grabs a metal goblet of whiskey, handing it to Asger before he grabs one for himself, his features locked in a grin as Asger is... well being Asger. "Ain't a party till the Crovane shows up and starts drinking." Darren says, lifting his own glass before taking a long swig of his liquor. "Gwenna," he bows his head, "I've missed bonfires too. I think I needed one too, the warmth," his eyes flicker to the massive fire, "They warm more than just your skin." He says, moving a bit so his view of the flames (and the heat it radiates) is unhindered by others.

Khanne calls out hellos to all she knows, Cirroch, Mydas, and anyone else. There is of course, a few she does not recognize, but, should they look towards the benches under the tree, she would wave to them as well. To Darren, she asks, "I am quite comfortable here, do you deliver?" She smiles broadly and leans over to steal a small morsel from Percephon's plate, popping it into her mouth with a wink. As mae and Fortunato approach, she does stand to give the woman a hug. "Hello, lovey." She sits back down and steals another bite from Percephon's plate, trying to do so when he isn't looking.

As Gwenna has wine, Cassima will move to slide her arm in with her cousin's if he'll allow. "No; I'm afraid I've never had the pleasure. My dear Gwenna here promises to introduce me, when there is an opportunity to do so. Are you acquainted with her yourself, may I ask? Oh, and is your sister here with you tonight, perchance?"

A laugh quickly echoes from Gwenna at Asger's remarks and friendliness. "You are an absolute foil to my etiquette, Asger, every time. Though you can not blame me for trying, hmm? And I would hardly turn down the opportunity to share drinks!" To Cirroch, her head shakes. "You have not, Marquis Sanna. I believe you only missed the lighting of the bonfire. Though mention of dinner reminds me. Princess Cassima, we are to have a couple coming soon and I hope you might attend one as my guest, if you can. I will send word with details later, of course." A nod follows on the heels of Darren's words. "Indeed, Your Grace. I could not agree more."

"I'm quite certain it was used as a starter the last time I found a cold fireplace. A fine use of it, wouldn't you agree?" Mydas replies to Morrighan with an amused smirk. "I can't stay long. Some things still require my attention, but rest assured, every second of my free time shall be devoted to enjoying this fine celebration and admire the capabilities and livers of the competitors." It is then that he turns his attention to others, saluting Khanne with a friendly wave, even a smile! "High Lord, enjoying a break too, I see?" And then his gaze moves to Cirroch. "Marquis Sanna, I believe? I don't think we've met before, much to my disappointment." And then he looks at his companion, Cassima. "And I am afraid my knowledge of faces fails me, for none in my memory make a match for yours, my sincere apologies."

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Hearing his family name, Caspian turns to Mydas, giving the man a dip of his head. "Cirroch Sanna. I do not think I know you ether, my lord," he says back to the man with a smile given his way. "Though if you are a friend of Dame Morrighan, you must be good company, I've noticed she seems to surround herself with good company."

It had been some time since she'd made it up this way, but there was never disappointment in the attendance of a Northerner event. Bianca found herself distracted by the array of lanterns as she entered the grounds, a book woven within her arms tightly in company to her bag. With that distraction she was nearly upon the groupings before she even realized she'd made it that far. A bit of a double-take was given, hand lifting to Gwenna first though she diverted to those of more familiarity over at the benches!

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His face sufficiently stuffed with cake, Artur turns his attention back to the party at large and notices everyone, including a few familiar faces, congregating just over yonder near the bonfire. Availing himself of a goblet as he passes, Artur takes a healthy drink to wash down all that cake as he closes in on the group, lifting a hand in greeting as a bright smile lights up his features. "Everyone! It is I!" he offers, in a general sort of greeting, before he closes in on Gwenna, who he's not seen since he arrived. "Gwennykins!" he beams aiming a finger toward poking her in the ribs as he draws near.

"Somehow tha' does'nae surprise me. Ah, it was my finest work," @Me laments aside to Mydas, gloved hand rising to wipe away a non-existent tear, though the corners of her mouth curve up into a little grin. "Aye, understandable, but am glad tha' you stopped by. Plenty o' liquor an' vittles, music will go on all night or until all th'festivities end," the dame then remarks before meandering off with an excited bounce to her step. She directs herself to the liquor table, snatching a tumbler for herself, knocking back the contents in one go. A second is taken, though not so quickly imbibed, and she pauses for a time, sea-blue eyes scanning over the crowd, pleased to see people enjoying themselves.

Asger lets out a mirthful rumble of laughter as the goblet is passed to him and he takes a long draining drink from it leaving less then a quarter left after he is done "Look life is too short bloody and painful to get held up on formality when there aren't orders to throw or peoples lives depending on ya. Besides now that I know ya sign your missives Gwenny I'm never letting that one go, I like it."

The woman on Cirroch's arm, Cassima Thrax, bobs herself respectfully to Mydas as he speaks to her. "Princess Cassima Thrax, sir, and a pleasure to meet you." The sound of Gwenna moving to the grotto behind causes her to turn, giving Cirroch's arm an accidental tug in that driection. "Oh, excuse us."

"Did you say Gwenny?" Darren asks of Asger, turning his attention from the bonfire. His eyes trail from Asger to Gwenna, and the Redrain High Lord can't help but laugh. "Well, I think that's going to stick, isn't it?" While gazing in that direction, his eyes settle on Artur and Darren lifts a hand, "Artur!" he shouts at his cousin, heading towards the man. "Damn, I am glad you came to this. You've been down from Farhaven for what, a week? two? and I haven't caught you yet."

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Mydas nods. "Indeed. I am Marquis Mydas Acheron, of Aviaron's Peak. I believe we're something of neighbours." he tells Cirroch. "And yes, Morrighan is a friend, and good company by herself, I assure you." he answers Cirroch. He bows politely to Cassima when the Princess introduces herself. "A pleasure, Your Highness." He turns his attention to Artur as the pair wander off, and the man makes his rather remarkable entrance. He does not comment, simply shakes his head with a chuckle and heads off to grab a drink.

As he is dragged off, Cirroch calls back to Mydas, "We should speak more soon! I like to get to know my neighbors! "

Asger nods his head somberly to Darren "Aye, I said Gwenny it's a cute name isn't it? It would be a shame if we let this one drop because it is just too good." with a chortle Asger finishes off the rest of that goblet and places it aside somewhere it won't get in anyone's way or pose as a problem later "So Darren my friend, what have you been up to as of late?"

Espying the Archscholar, Gwenna gives Bianca a wave in return, seeming pleased that the other woman has found familiar company. She moves to take a seat, but remains just near the bench when her brother pokes her ribs. Laughing at that, and his entrance, she grins. "Artur! It's been so crazy as of late, I'm so sorry we haven't caught up! I'm glad to see you, and at such a wonderful party." That laughter rings again, to Crovane's duke this time. "I know, Asger, but I have to at least try, hm? And Gwenny has really only been used in Farhaven, though..." She grins at Darren. "I suspect, indeed, that it may stick. Which, truly, I am not unhappy about."

Darren moves to get another goblet of whiskey, shrugging his shoulders to Asger. "Lately?" Darren shakes his head, a fake confused look on his face. "I can't think of anything. Been pretty quiet. You know, spent some time in the woods..." Darren shakes his head, "Yeah, no nothing going on." He snorts, heading over to Khanne, delivering the goblet of whiskey to her. He didn't forget! Just got distracted. "For you." He winks to her, before heading back towards Asger and motioning to some of the benches for the two to sit, relatively close to the fire. "I've been in meetings, meetings about meetings we're going to have, meetings about meetings we've already had, meetings about meetings we aren't going to have - those are the best ones because we also talk about nothing, for fear saying something would bring about the end of existence." Darren shrugs, "You know. High Lord shit."

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is just preparing to dodge out of the way of Gwenna possibly trying to kick him, when he becomes aware of somebody behind him calling his name. Glancing back over his shoulder, Artur breaks out into a broad grin when he sees Darren striding in his direction, the young prince affecting his most theatrical of bows as he greets him with a "Your Grace" and then immediately bursts into a happy laugh. "I haven't seen you in forever!" he beams, which is right about when Gwenna greets him, Artur looking back to her and responding "You look lovely! Even if you have been /hiding/ from me!"

Darren adds, shouting to Artur, "When you're done tormenting your sister, join us!"

Tumbler in hand, Morrighan meanders around the grounds, softly chattering to those she passes with an ever present smile upon her face. She ventures off to loiter with some of the servants, ensuring all is well and claps a few on the back, giving words of appreciation. Then off she goes, hop skipping towards the stone platform where the giant bonfire roars, suffusing the area with plenty of heat to keep the winter chill at bay. She stands there, one hand on her hip for a moment, looking out over the crowd before shouting out, "Everyone! If'n I could get your attention for jus' a moment! I'd like tae thank you for comin', whether you're familiar or new, I'm glad you're all here. Take this evenin' tae enjoy yourselves, celebrate life an' all th'good things in it. Stay as long as you like, there's plenty o' refreshment an' vittles, th'minstrels will be offerin' entertainment for as long as th'festivities last. Sing, laugh, dance, whatever tickles your fancy so long as you have fun. In a few moments I'll get th'games started, so any o' you lot tha's got a penchant for small blades, head on over tae th'target area an' well get th'tossin' goin' in a few minutes."

Asger rolls his eyes as he walks over to take the seat on the bench where Darren indicates "Ya know I've been thinking about, there are a dozen different things affecting the compact which if left unchecked will ruin the world...At this point I think we just start killing more, talking less and if some fuck kill us all we spit in their face and tell them they weren't the scariest thing we even had to deal with this month. With a laugh Asger leans over to steal a goblet from a passing server and takes a drink, quieting as Morrighan makes her announcements.

Gwenna rolls her eyes at Artur. "My dearest brother, I am not hiding from you! You very well know when I am pissed enough to do that, hmm," she teases, a roll of her eyes and laugh following. "You are too sweet, though, and thank you for the compliment. Now, go. His Grace is requesting your presense and I dare not get in the way of the men and such." A smirk tugs up one corner of her mouth a bit higher than the other.

Khanne smiles up at Darren as he brings her a goblet of whiskey. She holds it up and dips her head to him. "Thank you, High Lord. It is a great honor to have you bring me whiskey." She says to him though, "hey! The meetings about the meetings where we are going to have meetings about -completely ordinary things- that prepare us for meetings... are my favorite kind of meetings!"

"Yes she is," Cirroch reveals to Gwenna with a small dip of his head. "You should reach out to her. We plan to hold dinners every so often. I think she would love to have you as a gust. Princess Echo was a gust to our last one." Looking over to Cassima he gives her a peer, seeming not to get the joke, and shakes his head. "You and Tila might get along swimmingly."

Scribble, a Delicate Social Butterfly arrives, following Delilah.

Looking over to the Morrighan and the announcement of the games, he calls to her, "I will play, why not? I haven't embarassed myself in a few weeks. Might as well break the record!"

A glance is given over to Darren, a grin and a short nod, before Artur looks back to Gwenna and flashes her a wink. "Alright, try not to get stolen by a dragon or anything while I'm not looking though. It would ruin the evening if I had to rescue you!" he teases, before slowly turning to make his way over toward the courtyard benches where Darren is sitting, snagging a turkey leg and a refill on whatever it is he's drinking as he goes. The servant earns a wink and a lingering glance, Artur's a sucker for a blond. Still, before very long he's sitting himself down on the bench beside the High Lord.

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Mae exchanges a few more words with the people at the benches, then she turns to head over towards target area!

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Mydas does not seem likely to participate, and instead seems happy to drink and watch.

Morrighan raises her tumbler in salute to Cirroch before she hops down, her booted feet taking her from the largest portion of the crowd to where the large target has been set up - though a small crowd in and of itself begins to gather for spectating purposes. She lightly sips on her liquor, standing off to the side to act as judge for the event, and waits for the participants to make their way over. In the mean time music continues to play, lively and melodious with a steady beat of drums. The fire burns bright, flames rising high into the air, casting a warm glow upon its immediate area, as well as plenty of warmth.

Gwenna gives Artur another shake of her head and laugh. "Dame Morrighan, if you need more players, I'll be happy to join and attempt to hit the target! Though make no promises about anyone's safety," she notes and grins a bit.

"I'll give it a shot!" Khanne shots from the benches.

"You're more than welcome tae play!" Morrighan calls over to Gwenna before waving over at Khanne with a cheery smile. "Fantastic, make your way on over when you're ready an' well get it all started."

Mae grabs Khanne's arm, and gives a tug. "C'mon, you can beat Percy again," Mae says, encouragingly. "Is Sparte here? Someone tell him to duck!"

"Morrighan, you having a drinking contest later?" Darren looks up from his conversation with the other guys at the bench, obviously this pertaining to their discussion.

Rising to step away from the benches beneath the trees, the weedy Percephon prepares to lose at knife-throwing with chivalric grace.

The dame perks at hearing her name called, Morrighan's gaze drifts over until she spies Darren, and gives him a sort of look that wonders 'is that a serious question?'. "O' course, after th'games, then we'll get tae th'drinkin' competition."

Percephon checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 9 lower.

Khanne rises up when Mae grabs her arm, laughing when she asks about Sparte. She looks to Percephon and yells, "good luck!"

Cirroch breaks from the arm of his new familial bond that is Cassima, giving her a small dip of his head as he says, "Yelp, going to embarass myself." And with that he heads over the the competing grounds, grabbing a knife and awaits his turn.

Mae leads Khanne on over to the targets... and watches Percephon hurl a dagger at... who knows what. "Percy!" she squeaks. "It hasn't started yet!"

Percephon has left the benches under the oak trees.

Delilah approaches the festivities with a faint smile on her face, wiggling her fingers out to whomever she might meet eyes with. Her footsteps slow as she spots a few familiar faces, and she sneaks on up to Mae to ask, "Did I miss anything exciting? I have a problem with arriving fashionably late."

"Sorry!" Percephon blurts as that eating utensil he threw goes spinning out into space -- it doesn't even hit anything, and he glances aside and down.

Gwenna gives a wide smile to her cousin Cassima on the bench and moves to follow Cirroch to give the dagger toss a whirl as well. "What is it that they say? It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye? Though I do hope no one actually loses such," is noted with a hint of seriousness.

Cassima pats the arm of Cirroch once more and then walks over to Gwenna, moving to kiss her cheek before she goes. "Best of luck to you both. Though really someone should start taking wages on this." She drops off her small liquor glass and plucks up another. Yummy!

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"Aaaall right," Morrighan drawls out, bouncing on her feet, though is careful not to slosh or spill her liquor about, for THAT would be a grave offense. At least in the Northern Ward. "Participants, go ahead an' line up when yer ready, we'll go as many rounds as needed. Ready your daggers an' prepare tae toss! Try nae tae hit any o' th'guests. Or th'villa windows. After this round th'targets will be moved back a lil' further, so th'distance will increase, makin' it a lil' harder."

"My lady," Mae says, as Delilah approaches. She dips her head. "Didn't miss nothing but Lord Percephon trying to wound the serving staff..." Mae glances over as Morrighan calls for folks to line up. "And now I gotta go throw things!" She brings a hand to her lips and blows Delilah a kiss, then tugs Khanne over to the line.

Ulf arrives, following Fergus.

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Percephon checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 8 lower.

Percephon has joined the benches under the oak trees.

Khanne chuckles at Mae's explanation, then assures Percephon, "so far, everyone is safe. Try... really hard... to hit the target." She smiles at him before she is tugged to get in line. She waits her turn and takes her dagger out of her pouch, doing a few air shots in warm up before she tosses.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Mae checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Delilah checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Stepping onto festival grounds, Theron glances around, stopping when the hostess of the party announces games. Except he's terrible at this type of game, so the Sword of Ostria just walks up to her outright -- pulling someone aside to ask just who she is first, of course -- and then states, "Happy birthday."

Fergus was off taking care of Warchief things, which has kept him away from the party. Eventually, the big grumpy Redrain shows up, tromping onto the grounds. "WHERE THE FUCK IS RED. I HEARD SHE GOT OLD AN SHIT." the man bellows. "I'm here to drink her booze and point out her grey hairs."

Delilah's lips twist into a grin as she witnesses Percephon toss something into a space. "It's been some time, Lord Percephon. Are we fated to always meet each other in strange circumstances?" She chuckled some and shook her head at his terrible throw once more. "Oh gods. I think we might need to work on that throwing arm of yours." She turned to Mae and dipped her head politely, "Mae. Have fun, let's chat soon, okay?"

"Oi! What was tha'?!" Morrighan shouts from the target area, leaving the participants to their dagger tossing while she stands up on her tip toes. "Ferg! You can rightly piss off, you're older than I am you ol' goat. Th'liquor is over there, though," she informs, pointing over towards the tables, all of which have a rather diverse selection of booze and food.

Gwenna claps as she doesn't take out any of the staff or guests! The dagger she threw just baaarely clings to the edge of the target, but it made it to the target by the grace of the gods and spirits, surely. Fergus' bellow of greeting tugs her attention. Well, really? It made her jump first, but then she can't help but chuckle.

No one, to this day, will ever know where Percephon's dagger /went./ Oh -- wait. They will. It didn't hit the target, that's for sure. Although, he could blame it on the sudden distraction of Delilah calling his name. He does turn to look her way, auburn eyebrows perked high like an expectant spaniel. "Lady Whitehawk. It has been far too long, hasn't it?" There might be a note of amusement in his voice, "Good to see you again. How is Josl -- ah, the Lady-Dame Stonewood. It's been even longer since I have seen her. I hope everyone's well." After his disastrous throw, Percephon steps back from the line, dusting himself off. "I will let that parting throw speak for me. I need to fail spectacularly elsewhere."

Khanne tosses her dagger and smiles as she does quite well. She looks over to Percephon though and says, "I said the target... not the wherever that went..." She chuckles a bit.

Her bellowing back at the Prince is good natured, her nose a little crinkled, eyes filled with mirth before they shift back towards the games. Morrighan glances about down the line, ensuring all are finished before she waves a hand at some of the guardsman, and they begin to move the targets back, increasing the distance. A young servant girl scurries over after retrieving the daggers, delivering them back to their owners, right and proper. "Lord Percephon is ooooutta there, which leaves th'rest o' th'ladies in competition," the redhead shouts, giving a nod once the targets are in the right place. "Round two! Ready your daggers an' hurl them when you're ready." Quieting down after the announcement, the dame peers about for the birthday well-wisher, finding Theron and gives the man a wave. "Thank you!"

"Never let your spectacular failures be limited, my lord," Mae says, as formally as she can muster, before she tosses a knife, with ease. She turns her attention to Delilah, and smiles. "Sure thing, my lady," she says, with a nod. Then she's back to throwing.

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Darren shouts, "Go Gwenny! All of Redrain's honor is completely counting on you to do really well here. No pressure!"

"Damn straight I'm old." Fergus grunts, grabbing one random bottle that Mydas probably had brought with him before making his way over to where Morrighan is 'holding court'. "How you doing, Firebrand?" he greets. "Another year older an wiser an all that bullshit. Well. Good on you, Red. Mari drop by an plant some kisses all over you?" Because that's exactly what Marian would do, right?" He stands to the side watching the dagger throwing. "C'mon, start throwing some axes. Make me feel at home."

Mae checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 20, rolling 19 higher.

Gwenna checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 20, rolling 0 higher.

Delilah checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

"Any time," Theron nods once to the birthday girl, introducing himself, just so she knows who he is: "Lord Theron Mazetti, Sword of Ostria."

Fortunato watches the contest with some quiet amusement, then slips on away.

Ugarte leaves, following Fortunato.

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Bianca inclined her head. "Always nice to see you and good luck on your trials!"

"She's doing wonderfully," Delilah said sidelong to Percephon, canting her head towards him as she flicked her gaze back towards the trajectory of the dagger. Oh well, it's gone now. She only pulled away and looked over at Mae afterwards, blinking at something said. And then she threw another dagger. Somehow Delilah is decently good at this!

"Am doin' jus' fine. How you doin', Ferg? Care tae join in on th'hatchet toss next? I'll even compete against you," Morrighan remarks aside to Fergus, giving him a light nudge in the ribs with a cheeky smile. "Maybe jus' a lil' wiser, still the wiseass. I have'nae seen Mari yet this evenin', but she did send me a gift," she informs before turning her focus towards the dagger toss. She ambles along down behind the line, watching each throw, pausing when the gets to the end and the targets are moved back a few more paces. "Sorry tae say Gwenny, you're out, which leaves th'others still goin'. Ladies, at your leisure, ready your daggers an' on tae round three."

And with Gwenna's toss, all of Redrain's honor has apparently been squandered on one throw of a dagger. While it does not go off into the Abyss, by any means, it sure doesn't go into the target. Maybe a pie on one of the tables? Who knows? Two hands lift to cover her mouth and she glances over to the bench that Darren, Asger, and Artur occupy, vaguely abashed looking. Then she calls up that little wry smile of her and arches a brow thoughtfully. "I think you made me nervous, Your Grace. That's clearly what happened here." She inclines her head to Morrighan and departs the line to find her wine glass once again.

Khanne pauses to jot down a hastily written note. She gives it off to Drysi, who leaves to take it to its destination. After, she gets back in line to toss her dagger. Blinking as it sticks... JUUUUUUST barely on the target. "That... was close. I was distracted..."

"Yep!" Darren shouts, "I'm going to take the heat for that one." he grins to Gwenna, "I put too much pressure on you. Next time, you will get to /restore/ our family honor."

Mae checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

Delilah checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 17 higher.

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 13 higher.

Laughing, Gwenna offers Darren a smirk and two thumbs up. "And if I fail in each endeavor, surely you and my brother will return our honor in the drinking contest!" Not that she's imagining a plan B here or anything, nope.

"Excuses!" Mae calls out, to Khanne, with a grin. She picks up another dagger and sends it down at the target. "Mmmm, Lady Delilah, I had no idea you were good with knives. You hide it well. Or... did..."

"Shit, I'll toss a hatchet. Just be like back at home. Drunk, throwing sharp objects, laughing off the bleeding." Fergus almost looks nostalgic for Farhaven. "Just like fucking old times." A grunt at the elbow from Morri. "Sure. You all get done throwing around your butter knives and I'll join on the fun shit."

Khanne tosses yet another dagger, this time, focusing a bit better. It was not nearly as good as her first throw, but much better then the one just before. She smiles and looks to Mae. "Well, I was! I did better this time!" She gestures towards the targets. "See?" She looks over to Delilah's and smiles. "Not as well as hers though. Good job!"

Darren's comment earns a grin from Delilah and she adds, "And if you dare fail that," her gaze shifted towards Gwenna, "The High Lord will definitely have some issues with that." That said and done, Delilah focused on the target, squaring it off, before throwing her dagger with some accuracy. "Mistress Mae, I assure you, this is a hidden talent that I never knew I had." Khanne gets a polite curtsey, of course. "Thank you! You're rather skilled yourself."

"Well, yeah, is there any other way tae do it?" Morrighan wonders of Fergus as she tips back her tumbler, finishing off the contents - which are promptly refilled by one of the meandering servants carrying a bottle of whiskey. "It'll be fun, as long as nae one gets a hatchet tae th'knee," she remarks with a snort of laughter. Pausing there, the daggers go flying, each hitting their mark, resulting in an impressed whistle from the woman. "Doin' good, you three. I'm anxious tae see who wins this." Another gesture is given and the targets are moved back, the distance slowly growing greater with each round the passes. "Whenever you're ready, set yer aim an' toss away!"

Asger whistles out loudly and cheers as Khanne's dagger hits the target, "Atta girl, show 'em whose fuckin' boss Khanne." Hoisting his goblet up in the air he no doubt gets some whiskey on Artur who is sitting next to him before bringing it back down to take a drink from

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Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

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"Lemme know when you start tossing the hatchets." Fergus gives a bit of nod Morri, before moving a little amoung the group to land nearby Asger. "Asger." The Warchief drinks from his bottle. "This ain't the time or place for it, but at some point, wanna go over a couple things with you. For now though, I'm here to get my hatchet throwing on. But. Good to see you. Seems like we don't get together like this a whole fucking lot these days."

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"A hidden talent?" Mae asks, lifting her brows at Delilah. "That you didn't know you had... That's..." She just slowly shakes her head. "Nonsense," she decides. "No one just picks up a dagger and is a master thrower," she says. "Unless, maybe, Gloria has blesseed you?" she asks. She stares for a moment, then shrugs, and tosses another knife.

Gwenna lifts her procured wine glass toward Delilah, smile wide. "Indeed, my lady," is responded, mirth evident in her tone. Tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she then watches the next round. At Delilah's throw, the princess' mouth falls open in surprise, staying that way a moment before she collects herself. "Snowballs," is murmured eventually.

Darren stands up from his seat at the courtyard benches, heading towards the benches under the oak trees. He grabs a few goblets of whiskey on his way, before plopping right now with those gathered there, because well, it's Darren.

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Asger snorts and calls out towards Mae "Obviously it is the spirits guiding her blade, we are in Redrain ward after all." Standing from his bench be begins to walk over to watch the knife throwing from closer

Delilah checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 6 lower.

"Gahh!" Artur whines, dodging aside from the worst of Asger's splashing whiskey. He'd been kind of engrossed in watching the throwing and hadn't noticed until slightly too late, so it's not very effective and he gets quite a lot splashed over him. He doesn't seem to mind too much though, just laughing it off and taking another long drink from his own goblet of whatever, in between stuffing his face. He can really put it away, when he gets started.

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Mae turns to look at Asger. She squints, then turns to look back ato Delilah's throws. "Your Dukeship, seems you invoked the spirits and now she can't throw anymore!" Mae says.

As it goes into the fifth round, a raucous cheer comes from the spectators, the excitement near palpable in the air. Commoner and noble alike offer a round of applause after two daggers hit their mark, thunking into the target. Morrighan ambles along, tumbler in hand, offering her own shouts of support and encouragement, and eventually comes to linger around Delilah after her dagger is thrown. "Can say I'm rightly impressed, goin' intae five rounds tae boot," the dame remarks while she rummages about in her pouch. "Bein' one o' th'three remainin' an' th'first out, I'd like tae present you with your trophy. Well done, Lady. Well done."

Morrighan gets a bronze trophy of a dagger with a jeweled pommel from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

"If Gloria has blessed me," Delilah responds to Mae, "I've truly let her down." She lets out a small laugh and steps over to Morrighan, dipping her head politely. "Oh, thank you so much! Perhaps I needed the spirits at my side if I wished to win this one." She accepted the trophy from Morrighan before directing her attention back towards the two remaining challengers.

Theron applauds the competitors, especially Delilah as she receives a trophy. "Well done!"

Asger holds up his hands and shakes his head "Oh no, you can't blame this one on me lass, you misattributed the Spirits good work to a god and now look what happened...Clearly if you're not appreciative they'll leave you to your own devices." With a disappointed click of his tongue he says "This is why you gotta think about where you are before you attribute miracles!"

Khanne checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 40, rolling 3 higher.

Mae checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 40, rolling 8 lower.

"You think so, your dukeship?" Mae asks Asger, then scrunches up her nose at him. She turns to look to Delilah, and gives a laugh. "Sure," she says. Then she grabs another dagger and throws... and it goes wide of the small circle. She gasps. "Oh! ... My. Well..." she murmurs a moment, and then blinks, considering the distance, and the throw.

Fergus continues to watch the throwing with an easy eye, helped on by the drinking from whatever bottle he had grabbed. "Khanne. I got fucking coin riding on you. Don't let me down now. Marian is gonna take me to the goddamn cleaners."

Asger walks up to clap Fergus on the shoulder "It is good to see you my friend and we do need to meet...I have plans to go over with you and I think you'll like them. The seas will run red with the blood of our enemies and the sharks will feast on their water bloated corpses."

Khanne's aim hasn't been quite as good as her first toss, but still, she manages to stay in the game, if barely at times. She stops to applaud Delilah. "Blesses by Gloria or the Spirits, you did well! Congratulations!" She gives a wink at Fergus and says, "I'll do my best." She focuses and aims, tossing her dagger at the target, where it hits the outer ring.

Delilah grins and dips her head once more to Khanne and Theron. "Thank you." Her gaze shifted to Mae next. "You did so well! I had no idea you were good at this kind of stuff but it doesn't necessarily surprise me."

"You're verra welcome, I hope tha' you enjoyed yourself, an' there's still more tae come," Morrighan chirps in response to Delilah, a little bundle of energy this evening, it would appear. Now with it down to Mae and Khanne, there's tension in the air as the crowd quiets, on edge, anxious to see the results of this round. The dame is much the same, skittering from side to side, peering down the way at the target, and unconsciously holds her breath when the daggers begin their path. The crowd loosens a roar of cheer and applause once Khanne's dagger strikes, though Morrighan jumps a little on her feet, arms in the air in a celebratory manner. "Good job, th'both o' you! Tha' was a mighty fine competition," she enthusiastically remarks, shuffling off between the last two participants, extending a silver trophy to Mae, then a gold to the Halfshav. "Your awards, ladies! Well done!"

Morrighan gets a silver trophy of a dagger with a jeweled pommel from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

Morrighan gets a golden trophy of a dagger with a jeweled pommel from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

"Ain't gonna leave Crovane ass hanging out in the wind. Not my fucking style." Fergus shakes his head. "So yeah, we got shit to go over, but it's gonna take some fucking fanagling because I gotta consider the Lycene shit too. Marian is looking into it for me. Getting options. But to let you know," he pauses to take another drink. "Edain promised us calvary and knights for the fight. Suppose it's good that I married his sister. Who'd figured that one. Valardin knights welcome on Northern lands? Fighting alongside Redrain for a change? There'll fucking legends sung in the meadhalls after this." Watching the last throws and the trophies handed out, he nods approvingly.

Gwenna offers polite claps of her hands to the winners, sitting the wine glass down on the bench beside her in order to do so. "Well done, all of you," is also remarked in a cheerful tone. "Ah, such stunning trophies!"

Mae flashes a smile as Khanne's dagger falls true. She turns aside and gives the Halfshav noblewoman a hug, then a kiss on the cheek. "Good job!" she says. She releases the woman, then turns to Morrighan. "Oh, thank you!" she says, with a smile, and she takes the trophy, eyes it, and gives a laugh. Her attention then drifts to Delilah. "One of the only things I'm good at," she says, with a smile.

Khanne smiles and returns Mae's hug and kiss to the cheek. "You too, Mae. It was a lot of fun to compete with you. You are really good. My last toss was clearly just lucky." She looks at her own trophy and smiles at Morrighan. "Thank you so much!" Turning back to Mae she says, "oh.. here.. I got distracted... " A common reason for her tonight.

Delilah brings her hands together in applause for both Mae and Khanne, though Mae's comment does get a smirk. "You really expect anyone here to believe that?" She pulls in Mae for a quick squeeze before adding, "Good job. I'll try to avoid your bad side because you've got some terrifying aim."

Cirroch claps along with everyone else, the man having become distracted after finding some northern whiskey. But now he's back and smiling to the winners. "Good job Khanne," he calls to his clear favored of the two, giving her a bit of a grin.

Asger dons a wry grin at Fergus's words "My friend that will be a thing to see especially in a port city on the edge of the mountains....I'm not sure we'll be able to manage a cavalry charge but I'm sure we will work something good out." Giving the man's shoulder another clap he then turns to stroll for Khanne and wrap an arm about her in a great squeezing embrace "You proved the spirits were at work here Khanne, good work! You did the north proud."

"Thank you all for participatin' in th'dagger toss, it was fun tae watch," Morrighan states, gesturing off with a hand to the guardsmen to bring the targets back up to the starting position. "I hope you enjoy th'rest o' th'party, there will be two more tosses an' then a drinkin' competition after," the dame remarks before turning the crowd at large, raising her voice to a shout, "Ladies an' gents, commoner an' noble, th'next game will be startin' here in a few! If'n you wanna try your hand at th'hatchet toss, come on over!"

"Aww, geez, Khanne..." Mae murmurs, as she accepts the coin. "Thank you," she says. "I'll make sure it gets spent well," she says. Then she turns to fix eyes on Delilah, and flashes a small smile. "Did you wanna talk?"

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"Ok!" Darren says, "Now I am going to play." He pushes himself up from the bench he's on, draining his whiskey and setting the goblet on some passing servants tray. He moves towards where the competitors or gathering, "I'm going to huck hatchets!" He appreciates the alliteration.

"Oh?" Delilah canted her head somewhat at Mae's question, "If you'd like, is here good?" She gestured to the benches. "Or.. Somewhere else? I'm honestly not so good at throwing hatchets, I'll probably end up killing someone on accident."

"Hatchet toss?" Theron ponders that. "Well, I'm in, Dame Morrighan. As long as I get to drink beer while I do it."

Khanne smiles at Mae and nods. "You are most welcome." She looks around to everyone there and says, "you all should know the good work Mae does with the soup kitchen. If you have not contributed to this very, very deserving charity... you should." She starts to walk over towards Morrighan then, turning towards the participants when she stands by the Dame's side. "Good luck everyone!" And then, to Bianca, "I'll be right there!"

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Gwenna grins at Cirroch and takes up her wine glass for a few more sips, which empty it. "I think I shall give it another go, despite my lack of skill in the area. You, Marquis?"

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Mae steps over to Delilah and slips her hand over the crook of the woman's elbow, then leads the way off to somewhere quiet, where they might still be able to watch the show.

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"Fuck, Red, you know I'm in. I'm here to embarrass my cousin." Fergus utters, glancing over at Darren. The Sword is a decent mood tonight. Cracking jokes and drinking. Marian must've been in a decent mood. Or Nia wasn't crying as much. Or he's just getting excited at the aspect of a good war. Either way, he's ready to throw some hatchets.

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Bianca nodded to Khanne with a small chuckle from her place at the benches, otherwise having been in a place of quiet observation for most of the party. She inhaled a breath, still clutching a book to her chest though turning slightly to pick at whatever remained on Percephon's abandoned plate.

Asger grunts as he perhaps releases Khanne from the one armed hug as she goes about other things "Oh I'm definitely in on this one. Let's get to throwing hatchets."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

"Excellent," comes a chuckle as Morrighan knocks back her tumbler, swiftly getting it refilled - might as well level the playing field with the rest of the Northmen who've had their fair share of liquor this evening. She plucks up a hatchet from where they're set out for participants to use for the event, and the dame lightly dances about to the lively music continuing on from the minstrels nearby. "Good, good, come along, I'll be competin' against you lot. Get a hatchet an' get ready tae toss!"

At some point or another during the evening's festivities, Artur is just...well, he's not there any more! Slipping quietly from the party in the company of some blond or another, it's the last that anyone sees of the hellion young prince for the rest of the evening.

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Lacing her hands together and then cracking her knuckles, Gwenna rather cheerfully lines up with the others. Considering how she fared with small weapons, perhaps it's not too far of a stretch to assume she'll do equally as questionable with the next size up. She offers her fellow hatchetees a grin and dip of her head. "This should be interesting."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Darren laughs at Fergus, "And if I beat you?" Darren asks, "I get to go in to battle and you stay home?" He eyes his cousin, amused. "Kidding. Just lording it over your head I beat you will be enough, don't worry." He picks up one of the hatchets, beginning to feel it's weight and get a handle on it.

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Gwenna checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 87 higher.

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Theron takes a hatchet, casually lining it with the target and managing to hit the target, but definitely not a bullseye. He presses his lips, displeased, and then starts to laugh when Fergus just -- just does what he does. "Impressive."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Theron before departing.

Fergus flips the hatchet in his hand. "I remember doing this shit with Anze and Freja when we were all kids. The old man loved to do this." Testing the weight in his hand, he gauges after a moment, eyeballing the target. "Darren. You wouldn't fucking dare keep me at home. Can't hog all the glory for yourself. And if you do, I swear I will drink all your special reserve out of spite." With a grunt of exertion, he throws the hatchet. It hits the target. Fact is, it almost goes *through* the target. "That's about right." he remarks, taking his bottle back from Ulf.

When it is his turn, Asger casually strolls up with an overconfident stride grabs the hatchet and without overthinking it....or indeed really even thinking about it he chucks the hatchet at the target with all his strength, burying the head deep in it. As the hatchet buries itself Asger lets out a loud laugh and says "That's how you do it."

Khanne had TOTALLY given a hug to Asger before making her way over to Morrighan before the hatchet contest began. "Thank you, Az," she says with a smile and one more squeeze, releasing him when he makes his way to the line to throw. "Good luck!" She spoke quietly with Morrighan a moment then in soft tones, handing her something before making her way back over to the benches under the trees to watch the contest.

Darren laughs, nodding his head to Fergus. "Fair enough, fair enough." He hurls his hatchet at the target, making a good solid hit but not almost cleaving the world in two like his cousin. "And something tells me, this scenario of me winning is going to end up being /purely/ hypothetical."

Much like before, the spectators gather, murmuring words of excitement as many of Redrain line up for the hatchet toss - and the majority probably a bit in their cups. Maybe. Morrighan gets a feel for the weapon in her grip, the weight of it, how it handles, and giving the target a keen look, she hurls the hatchet forward, end over end until it thunks into the target. "Yeah!" she cheers, arms in the air - at least until she spies Fergus' turn. Her jaw goes slack at the ferocity in which the blade strikes, nearly going through it. "Holy shite, damn Ferg! Wait, Darren has a special reserve? Share!" She, of course, definitely got a hug and her gift from Khanne before everything started.

Lips wrinkling in disappointment as her hatchet missed the target by a hair (maybe a lock of hair, more like), Gwenna offers a bit of a curtsy. "Not even a single round this time, alas. Perhaps I just had beginners luck with the dagger. Good luck to each of you!" Fergus' result gives the princess a moment of pause, a whistle escaping her lips. "Well then," is murmured as she takes steps to fetch a new glass of wine.

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 59 higher.

Someone mentioned drinks, and prizes and....hatchet throwing? So of course Enyo hauls her ass up to the Redrain ward to check these pesky rumors out. Pay no mind to the fact she's quite literally running until she gets within sight of the celebration, and only then does she slow down to a casual stroll, eyes scanning the crowd.

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 29 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 46 higher.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 36 higher.

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 9 higher.

"How did you do that?" Theron asks of Fergus once he notices the after-effects of the Redrain prince's axe-throwing. He spends a moment to stare at it, and looks back to the man, just as he picks up his hatchet. This time, he'll watch before he throws. He does notice Enyo coming in, and he waves - wielding the hatchet and all - to her.

Gwenna, having been ousted in the first round of the hatchet throwing currently in play, which was of little surprise, espies Enyo as she is refilling her glass at the beverage table. "Welcome," is offered cheerfully, the princess raising her glass in a half-toast of greeting. "There is plenty of food yet and a couple more contests, I do believe. Hefting large weapons and then drinking," she explains further.

"Lots of sit-ups, push-ups, and plenty of juice." Fergus remarks to Theorn, flipping the next hatchet in his hand, then taking a heave. This one doesn't embed itself nearly as deep as the first, but it's a decent enough throw for him. "You said you were a Sword, right?" he asks after. "Fergus Redrain, Sword of Farhaven. You want some tips, kid? I can help you out, if you want. Wanna talk to my wife too. Marian Redrain, formerly Valardin's Sword of Sanctum."

Asger doesn't seem to think this next throw through either, finishing off his goblet as he chucks the hatchet at the target Crovane style. When the hatchet sinks dead in he gives a nod and doesn't seem surprised at all that once again he made it.

Enyo lifts a hand towards Theron, waving back towards him before she grins at Gwenna, "Hefting large weapons and drinking? Sounds like a perfect way to lose a foot or two." She raises a hand up, smoothing a flyaway strand of hair back from her face before she moves towards the beverage table to get a drink.

"Ah, win or lose dunnae matter, it's all for fun an' good memories," Morrighan remarks to Gwenna before she meanders off to get her wine, the hatchets retrieved and returned by one of the servants. The guardsmen move the targets back a few paces, hurrying to skitter out of the way before it begins again. She focuses hard, trying to improve her aim, taking her time with it before letting the hatchet go. The blade sinks into the target closer to the center than before, bringing her to bounce excitedly on her toes. "I wonder how long this'll go," she muses aloud amidst the music and crowd cheering. While the others are doing their own toss, she takes note of Enyo, offering a wave. "Welcome! Feel free tae join in on th'revelry! There's plenty o' food an' drink, music an' games!"

"I am the Sword of Ostria, indeed," Theron replies, looking at the target again, then back to Fergus. He nods once. "Pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. And I know your wife - saw her spar, even. That you're both capable warriors doesn't surprise me at all." He chucks the axe at the target once again. "I'll ask her," he says.

Theron adds, "I'll take tips, too."

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 27 higher.

Gwenna can not help but genuinely chuckle at Enyo's reply. "Indeed," she replies and then turns to smile broadly in Morrighan's direction. "Quite true, Dame Birthday Girl! For which I am immeasurely glad for. You throw an exceptional party that I doubt any of us will forget any time soon," is noted and the Redrain gives another quick raise of her glass, this time in the Knight of Farhaven's direction.

Khanne looks up and shouts out, "Go Redrains! Yeah, Asger! Holy shit, Fergus! Morrighan, proving why she's a badass! Go Darren!"

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 15 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 27 higher.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 19 higher.

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 35, rolling 31 higher.

Darren isn't the best hatchet thrower, but he's doing alright, holding his own with his cousin. As he hefts his hatchet and hurls it, it catches the target. He shakes his head, "Definitely going to be hypothetical." he repeats.

Enyo glances at Morrighan, then to Gwenna when she identifies her as the birthday girl, a hand raising to wave, "Happy birthday! Looks wonderful! I've heard amazing things about these contests of skill and luck." She calls before picking up a drink, taking a quick sip from it before she offers an introduction to both Gwenna and Morrighan, "Lady Enyo Malvici."

"Thank you! There will be an axe tossin' contest after if'n you'd like tae try your hand at it," the redhead responds to Enyo while she waits for the target to be pushed back even further, taking her time - for the moment. "Nice tae meet you, have'nae yet met a Malvici I did'nae like. Welcome tae th'Redrain Ward, I'm Dame Morrighan, Knight o' Farhaven - though Morrighan works jus' as well. If'n you'll excuse me for jus' a second, I gotta to throw this." Then off she goes, ambling over once the others have finished their round, and in much the same fashion, gives her hatchet a toss, thankfully striking the target.

"Marian is a fucking monster." Fergus says, taking the next hatchet and tossing it. Not his best throw and it's displayed on his face. "Maybe I'm drinking too much. Though I thought I'd get better." he notes, drinking again, tilting the bottle at Khanne. "But I mean that in the best sense. Marian beat me in a spar, and that was the fucking end of me. Knew I had to marry her. I love a good woman that can put me on my ass." There's a joke in there somewhere. Enyo at her arrival, get s a nod. "A Malvici? Any Malvici is a fucking friend of mine. Calypso may have shit taste in husbands since she married my brother, but she's alright. Eirene is a good shit."

Asger calls over to Khanne as he chucks the hatchet at the target "Oy lass, if I can win think I could win a kiss from ya as well. You're infuriating but at least it would shut ya up" the duke winking at her after asking this, not even bothering to see if the hatchet sinks.

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 6 higher.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 12 lower.

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 0 higher.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 9 higher.

Khanne opens her mouth and stares at Asger. "Any man that is going to kiss me isn't going to do it after telling me it is to shut me up!"

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 45, rolling 2 higher.

Khanne looks over to Morrighan then. "Kick his ass, Mori!"

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Enyo Malvici. I'm Princess Gwenna Redrain." That, of course, from the denoted Redrain. "I have heard of the healer from your family, Lady Eirene, and my cousin Anze married into the family as well. I've not been in the city but a few weeks, though, and haven't even had chance to visit half of my own family, never mind get out to see Anze. Will you be entering any of the remaining contests, do you think?" She can't help but glance over to the exchange between Khanne and Asger, a laugh quickly escaping her lips at the pair.

"I'd kiss ya, Khanne, but Marian would hurt me. And I got enough fucking bruises." Fergus asides, shaking his head after his throw goes wide. "Fuck. Out of practice."

Darren lets out a grunt as he unleashes the hatchet this time, and he can tell right away he didn't have as good a grip on that as he wanted. He winces as the weapon goes flying through the air, but when it actually connects with the target, barely, on the edge he puts a fist triumphantly in the air. "Still counts!" He shouts, obviously amused with himself.

Asger sighs as he takes his next throw "Look I'm not telling you to shut up, we both know how that'd go but I mean you're not talking while there is a kiss going on so I figure it's a win win." his tone bordering on teasing and perhaps even fond as he banters with Khanne

"She speaks of you with great affection," Theron tells the Redrain Sword, as he picks up yet another hatchet. He considers the target, watches Fergus again as he goes about it, and then throws it. "That's good, I think, that you found a good match through force of arms." He grins at the man, lowering his hand after he notices that he has, once again, scored a surface hit. He's thoughtful at that. "At least it hit."

"Auntie Eirene is the best." Enyo agrees with a laugh, eyes shifting towards the hatchets before she shakes her head, "Not sure I'm really the axe tossing sort, but I'm more than happy to cheer for those brave enough to do it." She nods to Gwenna, "Yeah, he married my cousin Calypso. I've only really met him the once, seems nice." She lifts a hand, rubbing at her jaw before she sighs, "I suppose that...against my better judgment, I could enter one of the remaining contests."

"Ooooh so close, Darren," Morrighan teases, giving the Prince a little nudge in the ribs, snicker giggling away, returning to her spot. "I'll sure try," she hollers to Khanne, however looks to the remaining participants with a look of confusion. "Whose ass am I kickin'?" Lifting her shoulders into a small shrug, easing them into a roll, she gets a good grip on the handle, leans back a touch, then chucks the weapon forward. It hits. She scores. "Aww Ferg.." the dame begins to say before her expression brightens, and a gloved finger points over at hi. "I kicked YER ass. About time!"

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 8 lower.

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 9 higher.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 2 lower.

Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 13 higher.

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 55, rolling 4 higher.

Gwenna calls over, albeit belatedly, "Far better than me, Your Grace, and without the honor of our entire family upon your shoulders, either," and follows the teasing remark with a cheeky grin. Attention returning to Enyo, her smile is of the less teasing sort again. "Oh, I've no skill with any weapons myself, Lady Enyo, but try nonetheless. I even made it a whole round with the dagger competition. It was assumed at an early age that my skills were, perhaps, more suited to domestic than compative practices," she quips with amusement. "I've actually not see Anze since before the wedding, and that was mostly in passing. You know how those are." And whoa wild axe! "That's about how mine go. Still, even if you didn't want to participate, watching is just as much fun."

Khanne chuckles and says to Fergus, "I don't want her hurting either of us. Thank you for the offer though... I think I am good." She sticks her tongue out at Asger. "Don't make me dump ice water on you." She looks to Morrighan and poits to Asger. "His!"

Darren grabs another goblet of whiskey, I mean, Popeye needs his spinach right? He drains the whole thing, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "Don't make me nervous!" he shouts at Gwenna, obviously this target pushing him to the limits of his skill. "I think the air is thinner in Farhaven. Doesn't slow down the hatchet as much!"

Oddly enough, the further they takes steps back away from the target, the better Ferg's aim gets? At least considering the previous throw. This one just *shaves* past the target, but is still a miss. His lips quirk. "Yeah, she's something, ain't she. Great teacher. You'd learn a fucking lot from her." He considers the next hatchet. "How the fuck is Darren still hitting the damn thing. Think Morri is just sucking up at this point." Then another heave.

Fergus checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 1 lower.

Darren checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 31 lower.

Theron misses his target, hissing out in frustration. It does fly wide, after all. He considers it, narrowing his gaze.

Asger checked luck + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 16 lower.

Morrighan has rolled a critical success!
Morrighan checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 22 higher.

Theron checked dexterity + medium wpn at difficulty 65, rolling 36 lower.

Asger laughs and once more tosses the axe at the target "Hey I'd like to see you try and come over here and dump ice water on me." by now it is quite clear that his attention has waned from throwing sharp things to bantering with Khanne and additionally tossing sharp things. After a moment he pauses "I didn't hear that hit, did you?"

"You skill at all?" Enyo's brows twitch upwards a bit before she shakes her head, "Everyone in my family learns how to at least handle something. Some are better than others, although...I guess ones like Auntie got out of it because she's better at putting the rest of us back together." She shakes her head, sipping from her drink again before she glances towards the throwing, watching a moment, "What do you do? I mean, domestic wise?"

Morrighan gets a silver trophy of a hatchet with a jeweled blade from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

Morrighan gets a bronze trophy of a hatchet with a jeweled blade from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

In his attempt to actually cover the incredible distance between him and the target, Darren just hurls the hatchet with all of his strength - target be damned. The hatchet goes flying through the air, whoosh whoosh whoosh right past the target. Completely missing it. "I meant to do that." Darren says sheepishly, "So there it is. I am unable to throw a hatchet from here to Sanctum." He watches Morrighan hurl the act and totally nail the target. "Mor, on the otherhand, has no problem with that."

"Quite impressive," Theron admits when he watches Morrighan make that far away throw. He exercises his arm a little, however, swinging it to and fro. "So, actual axe throws, this time? Should be fun."

Gwenna laughs, at first, to Darren's remark. Apparently? It did make him nervous. Maybe everyone, considering how the round went for about everyone except the Birthday Dame. "Snowballs, I'm going to start packing a shield to these things," is murmured mostly to herself. Attention returning to Enyo, she nods her head a bit ruefully. "At all, though not from lack of trying, My Lady. Perhaps I should see if there may be a teacher here in Arx that might have better luck than the masters did with me in Farhaven." Considering that a moment, she lifts one shoulder in a half shrug. "I know a little about a few things, though am mostly schooled in diplomacy and etiquette. Some find that amusing for a Northerner. Y'know, she convinces the bears not to wrestle sort of thing. And you, Lady Enyo? Are you martially skilled? Or perhaps follow a different discipline?"

Standing on the tips of her toes, Morrighan lifts her free hand up to her face at her brow, peering at the distance between herself and where the target now stands. A considerable ways off to be certain, and she doesn't make her toss right away, rather waits to observe Darren and Asger have their go. When both fall short she scuffs her boot nervously against the ground, and holding in a deep breath, she throws the hatchet end over end with all the strength she can muster. She keeps her aim true, watching it soar steadily - and much to her surprise, thunks into it. Her jaw drops for a minute before she starts jumping up and down, arms lifted victoriously. "Tha' was a lucky shot! Did'nae expect tha'. Thank you lot for participatin', I had a lot o' fun," the dame announces, smiling bright. Rummaging about in her pouch she procures a trophy for Asger and Darren. "Well done, hope you had a good time."

"I can handle a sword well enough, but mostly I'm an explorer. I try to be, at I've a fair hand at a variety of things, diplomacy being one...not etiquette. That I'm shit at." Enyo replies with a laugh, shaking her head before she glances back at Gwenna, "I don't find it at all amusing, I have more than just bears you need to negotiate with. I imagine, though, the bears are probably the easier of the groups."

Darren holds up his trophy triumphantly, "Whoo!" he shouts, maybe a little too loudly since he's been drinking. "Hey," he moves towards Morrighan, "Before the next event, I need to make an announcement."

Asger feigns a sigh as he accepts the trophy from Morrighan "Aye this is a fine trophy, now if only I could have won that kiss." this coming from the duke that just chucked hatchets at the target without much aiming or seriousness

With a clap on the shoulder to Asger and Darren, she gives a wry smile to the former, unable to keep herself from snickering. "Ah, well, maybe next time, yeh? There's bound tae be more games sometime," Morrighan offers encouragingly before looking aside to the latter with a subtle lift to her brow. "Sure, o' course, by all means. It's your House an' all. Announce awaaaay."

Gwenna's brows arch up a bit. "Truly, an explorer, Lady Enyo? That must be exciting." She pauses. "Gosh, which I mean genuinely. Though people must say that to you often." She pauses to clap once again for the winners as everyone is given their trophies. "I think my mother urged etiquette to go in hand with diplomacy, or she just thought it useful." One shoulder lifts in a shrug before she grins. "Oh, bears are ridiculously easy to negotiate with," she says, amusement in her tone. "A couple of fish, a scratch on the ear and they're good to go. More truly, however, were you taught the sword while young, then? Seems a necessary skill if you'll be out at uncharted places, certainly."

Darren climbs up on a chair or some other furniture that makes it so he's taller than everyone else in the room. "ALRIGHT!" he shouts to get everyone's attention, "I want to take a minute to raise a toast to the one we're all here to celebrate." Darren says, "So get a glass of whiskey or whatever you're drinking and shut up a minute." Ah, the Northlands. "No where in all the Compact could you find a friend more dedicated, loyal, diligent, and just damn well fun to be around than Morrighan." He looks down to the woman, lifting his goblet. "You've been there for me in the good times and the bad, and I know I can always count on you. That's a rare thing in this world - don't think I don't know it. In Farhaven, we have a saying about friendship. It goes like this: 'friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it... but only you feel the warmth.' " Darren grins to Morrighan, "Here's to you." And with that, he knocks back his drink.

Mae steps away from the little nook she and Delilah found, their whispering apparently done. "Good luck peeing your pants, your grace!" Mae calls towards Darren. Then there's a wave to the gathering. "Good bye, Lady Khanne! Happy birthday, again, Dame Morrighan! Good bye everyone!"

Enyo lifts her hands to applaud for the winners, which means she claps one hand against her forearm since her other hand is occupied with her drink, "Oh, yeah...I was. It's sort of a given, really. I'm not sure I know a single Malvici that can't at least stick the pointy end into people, and we all serve in some capacity in the family military. I did my time, then ran away from home to become a famous explorer. So far I've been lost in a tunnel, almost drowned, and there was this one time...well, you don't want to hear about that."

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With a small nod towards Mae, she directs her attention towards the group. "Thank you for having me!" And then she made her escape!

Cirroch is overheard praising Darren for: Who amongst the high lords would compare friendship to pissing your pants? Maybe Victus, but I still prefer Prince Darren.

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Fergus gives a bit of clapping to the winners. "Fuck. Now Darren is never going to let me live this one down." He looks to be a good sport about it regardless. He does however toasts Morrighan. "You throw a good shindig, Red."

"That's an interesting saying," Theron admits, stepping away from the targets to grab himself a shot of whiskey and knock it back after the toast. "Going to participate in the next throw, Lady Enyo?" He asks of the Malvici, though he belatedly answers something to Fergus: "I'm going to try and see if she can help me practice with the lighter swords sometime. I want to have a certain degree of flexibility as my House's Sword, even though, well-- I can handle myself with a greatsword, or a warhammer, or a spear."

Cirroch lets out a cheer for Darren, lifting up his cup of rum, "To Dame Morrighan!" And with that, he downs his whiskey in a few gulps.

It's that etiquette thing that maybe leads Gwenna to dropping jaw once the High Lord makes his speech, but a laugh soon follows and she lifts her glass, cheering. "Happy birthday, Dame Morrighan!" Turning back to Enyo, her head bobs. "Southport is known for her military pursuits, among others, so that makes sense. Perhaps I really should look into a teacher. Though you ran away to pursue being an explorer? Snowballs, I'm kind of envious even if I know I probably would never dare such a thing. Especially if I might drown. I'm about as good in water as with a blade," is said a bit wryly, though she grins. "Have you been in Arx long? I assume you returned to your family."

Asger chuckle heartily "I'm second only to the birthday girl in throwing axes....I can live with this for tonight, but there will be a rematch later for all of this."

While Darren climbs up on whatever he can find, Morrighan lingers back, sipping on her tumbler and steps off but a short distance away, seeing some of the folk out and softly murmuring goodbyes and words of appreciation for their stopping by the Ward. The Ruling Prince's booming voice brings her pause, and the knight turns about, listening to his announcement with interest - to a point. She goes a little red in the face before erupting with mirthful laughter, hand wrapping around her stomach. "Thank you, Darren. I ain't ever been compared tae pissed pants b'fore, but I'll take th'compliment. Th'family has been verra good tae me all these years, an' I look forward tae many more. An' thank you, Ferg. Th'drinkin' part will come up in a bit, jus' one more toss game tae go."

"Not really very long, honestly. Few months now?" Enyo shrugs her shoulders just a bit, one corner of her mouth kicking upwards in a smile before she rolls her eyes at Theron, "I can. Although, if I chop off a toe I'm going to blame you." She takes another sip from her drink before setting it down, "Your Highness, if you'll excuse me, I have to go do something dumb it seems. But, if you want to learn to swim I can help."

Darren hops down from his perch, grinning to Morrighan as he does so, heading back to find a seat near Khanne on the benches.

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Gwenna bobs her head a few times. "I am going to join in the doing something stupid," she notes while setting her glass down. Then she thinks better of it, deciding to take it with her. "I may take you up on that offer, Lady Enyo, of swimming. Thank you."

"Well, I look forward to the contest. You can bill me the healer's fees in case you get hurt, though," Theron winks at Enyo, waiting until Morrighan announces the next contest's start so as to pick up an axe.

"Wonderful!" Enyo rubs her hands together before she starts towards the place with the axes, giving them a dubious look before she reaches for one of them. "I wish it to be known now, that I apologize if I hit anyone with this."

Before the last round of games begins, Morrighan veers away from the target area, stepping towards the tables filled with refreshments and vittles. Grabbing a small plate for herself, she gathers a few slices of roasted venison and boar along with a chunk if baked bread. For the gravy of course. Tumbler refilled, the dame returns to judge, clearing her voice to call out to the crowd, "Alright! Ladies an' gents! Any who would like tae participate in th'axe toss, head on over, it'll be th'last game o' th'evenin' - if'n one does'nae count th'last drunk standin' game after. Get yer axes an' prepare tae toss!"

Gwenna makes an 'oh' sound, head bobbing. "Ditto. I've no intention of hurting anyone, but you should all be prepared to duck, bob, and or weave, as the case may be," she says in a louder-than-usual voice. Picking up the really big axe, she weighs and adjusts it as best she can.

Theron checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Enyo checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Gwenna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Theron picks up the large axe without too much of a problem. With a heave, he throws it at the target, listening for that satisfactory thunk of an axehead digging deep into a tree trunk. He nods once, and picks up another shot of whiskey for himself, drinking it down.

Enyo laughs at Gwenna's words, nodding in agreement with her, "Hopefully no one'll be hurt." She hefts her axe up, whewing just a moment at the weight of it before she lifts it up over her shoulder, two handed, before flinging it in the general direction of the nearest target.

No one appears at risk of dying this round! At least not from Gwenna, who can't hide the mild surprise from her features when the large axe manages to actually hit the targer. Not well, mind you, but neither did it land in some inappropriate place like the roasted meat or staff. Looking over the other two, she grins wide. "Nicely done!"

As the hour grows late, a portion of the crowd has thinned out, but many still remain to watch the events when they begin again with the axe toss. Voices rise into an energetic cheer - though some louder then others, probably drunk, as many seem to be as the birthday bash continues on. Morrighan nibbles on a piece of venison while she watches the trio line up, axe in hand, readying for their toss. She hums softly rocking forward and back on her feet, watching with great interest and anticipation for how the first round will go. A broad smile tugs at the corners of her lips when all three hit their mark, resulting in a jubilant cheer from the young woman. "Well done! Guardsmen, move th'targets back jus' a lil' further," she instructs, and one of the older servants moves to retrieve the axes, hurrying back to return them to Theron, Enyo, and Gwenna.

Gwenna checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 12 lower.

Theron checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 30 higher.

Enyo checked dexterity + huge wpn at difficulty 25, rolling 13 lower.

Morrighan gets a bronze trophy of an axe with a jeweled blade from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

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Morrighan gets a silver trophy of an axe with a jeweled blade from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

Morrighan gets a golden trophy of an axe with a jeweled blade from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

Fergus just whistles, not taking part in the axe throwing. "NOthing I love more is watching women handle big, long...axes." A drink. "Yep."

Asger walks over to stand near Khanne and Darren where they sit on the benches, only stopping to procure more booze but that is only a momentary pause "So my friends, got room for another over here?"

"Oops!" Enyo exclaims when the second throw goes a little wrong. Her hands lifting up to cover her mouth before she glances around, double-checking to make sure no one is screaming that she just cut their legs off. No screams, she just tucks her hands behind her before she takes two very large steps backwards, "I'll just be standing over here."

Alas, that wee bit of luck Gwenna manages now and again fails. The princess does not seem all that surprised, though perhaps a tiny bit disappointed. "Sorry!" This is called into the general direction the axe took, though thankfully it doesn't appear anyone was harmed. A faint smirk as she overhears Fergus before the Redrain sighs and glances down a moment. "Well, seems my toes are all intact and memories! We are making wonderful memories here!"

"Absolutely." Darren says, motioning to Asger and then a free space near them.

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Unlike the dagger and hatchet toss, this final event is by far the shortest, but everyone is a winner nonetheless. Morrighan knocks back her tumbler, swallowing down her bite of roasted meat, though keeps the glass empty for the time being and her cheeks takes on a bit of a flushed color. Someone's getting tipsy, but it's her birthday, so hey. There's a soft murmuring of voices, some congratulating, others disappointed - probably from making a number of bets on who would win - and having to fork over silver. "Thank you three for participatin', it was fun tae watch," Morrighan enthuses, rummaging about with her free hand, plucking out one trophy at a time. Theron is awarded the gold, Gwenna the silver, and Enyo the bronze, all in the form of an axe with red gemstones forming the blade. "Well done you lot. Now you Redrains over there," she then shouts, "Still up for the drinkin' competition? Last one standin' gets a trophy!"

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"Now's the real contest, I think, Lady Enyo," Theron grins at the Malvici, offering his arm to her so that they might join the northerners in a drinking contest. "Congratulations on your trophy, also. I should put this one in a cabinet at the Manor."

Gwenna dips her head to Theron and Enyo. "Well done, all of us. It was a pleasure competing with you both." At the mention of the drinking contest, she then adds. "This one, I will be sitting out. I prefer sipping my wine and walking back to my room of my own volition," is quipped, a smirk tugging up one corner of her mouth higher than the other. Moving away from the competitive area, she looks about for her wine and apparently can not find it, so back to fetch one anew.

The bronze trophy is taken with a laugh, "Thank you." Enyo tucks it under one arm before looping her arm through Theron's, "Drinking? I'm a terrible light weight, can't hold my alcohol. Afraid that I'd just be a disappointment to the whole of the Lyceum." She gestures towards Gwenna, "I may should just retreat to safety with the princess."

"What about drinking?" Fergus had still been doing just that, having been standing around with Darren and Asger. "I'll be drinking till I fall over probably. But fuck, I want a goddamn trophy, Red. So lets do this shit. Bring on the whiskey."

"All are welcome tae join th'drinkin' game," Morrighan announces as she heads on over towards the liquor table, plucking up a few bottles while trading off her plate to a passing servant. "This..will be a game o' stamina, tae see jus' how well you can hold your liquor without passin' out," she decrees, giving a playful wiggle of her brows, bottle upheld. "Who wants tae play? If'n you dunnae, can always spectate an' converse. Last drunk standin' wins!"

"I am torn." Darren says, speaking up from the bench he's quietly been conversing with Asger and Khanne on. "Between my desire to get blind drunk and my desire to actually be able to function in the morning."

A small laugh once again escapes Gwenna's lips, this time at Enyo's words. "I've done some contests and am not terribly bad at holding my liquor. I think, perhaps, we train in alcohol like the Malvici train in weapons, my lady," is remarked with no lack of mirth in her tone. "But against this group? I fear they'd have to get me to my rooms in a wheelbarrow." Hearing Darren, the princess calls over, "Shall I check the stores of mint tea this evening, Your Grace, just in case?" She tries to hide the smirk and mostly does. Mostly.

Darren sighs. "Yeah. Probably." He tells Gwenna, before pushing himself up off the bench, obviously knowing he's going to regret this in the morning. "Come on." he nudges Asger and Khanne. "I can't let a drinking contest go on without participating, it's Redrain pride."

"Don't be a fucking pansy." Fergus grunts at Darren, patting the nearest seat. "Half of the important people in Redrain getting blind drunk. We know where our fucking priorities are."

"Dunnae you have a wheelbarrow tha' was gifted tae you an' Donella for yer weddin'?" Morrighan wonders of Darren upon her approach, giving a cheeky smile before she heads off towards one of the benches, plopping herself down, along with a few bottles of whiskey - to get started with. "C'mon you lot. Darren, Ferg, Khanne," the redhead gestures, beckoning them over with a broad grin. "Th'grand finale o' th'night. Might want tae call for Valery in th'mornin' though. She makes really good herb mixtures for th'mornin' after."

"I'll believe you when I see it," Theron states to Enyo, rather skeptically, as he leads them over to the benches, settling down. "I'll give you my gold trophy if you drink me under the table. Unless you want to make a different bet, to be specified, later," he informs the Malvici lady, flashing Morrighan a grin. "let's do this."

Khanne smiles and says, "I am afraid.. I need to head home. I am... just too tired." She looks to Morrighan and asks, "Morri? Can I see you just a moment?"

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"Donella don't like other women wheeling me in that wheelbarrow," Darren tells Morrighan with a grin, settling down at the table and preparing for what's no doubt going to go sideways on him. He's been drinking since he arrived. Seeing Theron and Enyo settle at the table with him, he offers them both a grin. "I don't think I got a chance to introduce myself." Darren says, lifting a hand. "Prince Darren Redrain." He offers.

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Enyo laughs, "I'm going to hate myself in the morning..." She follows along, seemingly more than willing to go along with the bad ideas even if it'll potentially cause her much heartache. She lifts a hand, fingers wiggling towards Darren, "Pleased to mee you, Your Grace. Lady Enyo Malvici."

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Gwenna lifts her newly fetched glass of white wine in Darren's direction, smile in place. "I will be certain to do so, Your Grace. Perhaps extra, considering." Her brown eyes glance over those gathered, perhaps taking some mental count or note to be described later to the staff. Morrighan's words about Valery and her mixtures elicit one of those 'oh' sounds from her. "I'll send word to Mistress Valery as well. I should have considered she must have something better than mint tea." As the Malvici is convinced to join, she adds, "I'm certain your aunt will have something to aide come dawn, my lady."

"Lord Theron Mazetti, Sword of Ostria, Your Grace," Theron bows his head to Darren, "An honor to meet you." He grins at the man. "Ready to report for drinking duty, as honor commands." He remarks, with some mirth. Maybe he's done a lot of drinking tonight, already, at a certain dinner.

A snort of laughter escapes in response to Darren's quip before Morrighan slides over towards Khanne, brows raised in a questioning manner. "Bianca? I think I missed her in th'crowd somewhere, tell 'er I'm sorry if'n she tried tae get my attention - it's been rather busy, people everywhere," she remarks before glancing over the object exchanged with a curious expression. "Ooh..interestin'. I'll give this a read b'fore I go tae bed if'n I dunnae pass out first. Thank you, Khanne, an' thank you for bein' here."

Khanne is overheard praising Morrighan for: Flame Dame. Happy Birthday!

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"Trial by fire, Mazetti. This is the kind of shit you gotta put up with if you wanna carry that fancy blade." Fergus remarks, joining the rest. "Eventually, you're gonna get young studs walking up to you, thinking they're hot shit and want a piece of a Sword. Let'em down gently is my advice on that one. So, get used to challenges." He nudges Morri. "Hey. Red. Start pouring that shit."

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Darren nods, "Good to meet you, Lord Theron." Darren says, "The Sword of Ostria can hold his liquor, I am betting!" Darren grins, "So this should be a good contest." His blue eyes look at Asger and Fergus, "For the Northlands, lads."

"My actual fancy blade is currently receiving a nice polish at the smiths in Ostria. Her name is Allegiance; you should see her in action," Theron grins at Fergus, and angles his head once to Darren. "I think I do fine by myself. And if I don't, I will be such a disappointment you'll have to remind me to send you the strongest brandy you've ever drank."

Asger stands up and rubs at his chin "I thought this whole event was the drinking contest, not an actual contest contest....But I'm in and I'll drink you under the table like the fuckers you are."

Wilhelm the Iron Messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darren before departing.

"Alright you lot," the dame begins, giving Khanne a wave as she heads out, hand reaching for a bottle of Northern liquor, one in particular one of the Nightgold's Brew, Stone Mountain. "Ready your glasses, we go till we cannae go anymore. One last bit o' fun an' revelry b'fore shite gets more real than it already is," Morrighan says, making a face at Fergus, pouring his shot first. "Thirsty much? Dunnae get your trousers in a twist." Each participant gets the same amount poured, and she can't help but to give Asger a little grin. "I have'nae had a drinkin' competition o' sorts since Sigurd was around. Ready your glasses, yeh?"

Enyo laughs, "Auntie Eirene? Yes, a lot of loud noises and laughter....I don't think she'll help me out of a hangover." She then turns her attention towards the whole drinking thing, taking a breath before she reaches for the drink, "Wish me luck...oh, and Lord Theron, the prize to be negotiated later."

"I better deal with this first." Darren says, a messenger running up to him and whispering to him. Darren nods furiously to the messenger, "Yes. Tell him I will absolutely contribute." With the messenger resolved, Darren turns back to the table and smacks the table a few times quickly, "Alright. Ready. Let's do this."

Morrighan checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Enyo checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Theron checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 11 higher.

Asger drains what is left of his glass, the duke already slightly sloshed as he says "I'm up for it, let's go."

Asger checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 3 lower.

Darren checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 7 higher.

Fergus checked stamina at difficulty 10, rolling 12 higher.

Theron reaches for the drink and knocks it back, apparently stomaching it quite well.

"For a drinking contest, we really should use southern swill." Darren tells Morrighan. "The Nightgold stuff actually tastes good, I hate wasting it when I know it's likely going to come back up in a few minutes." He lifts his glass, tossing his head back and the amber liquid with it, draining it without a concern.

Enyo lifts up her drink, then knocks it back quickly before she sets the glass back down.

"Eh, some of the southern shit isn't so bad. Some of it is downright drinkable." Fergus says, tipping back his drink, then setting it down on the table, empty. "You puke, I'm telling your mom you can't hack good whiskey. And that's a fucking waste of good whiskey."

"Come now, tha' jus' waters it down an' makes it tae easy," Morrighan quips back aside to Darren, lifting her glass from the bench and knocks it back, inhaling shortly after, enjoying that subtle burn. "Oh, tha's rightly damn good," she sighs, settling the glass back down, and begins pouring the second round. "It would be worse if'n it was tha' shite Mydas made experimentally, or tha' moonshine Gurdy brought in a couple years back. Tha' was awful."

Asger knocks back the nightgold whiskey, savoring its taste in his mouth before swallowing and letting out a content noise with a smack of his lips "That is some good shit....Reminds me of why it is my favorite to drink on cold nights."

Darren just pulls out his trophy from the hatchet competition and sets it on the table in front of him, grinning at Fergus.

Fergus snorts at the trophy. "Get fucked, cousin."

"You haven't known southern drinks until you've known Ostrian brandy, Your Grace. It is not swill, though," Theron grins at Darren, nodding once to Enyo as he reaches for another. "Well done."

Theron checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 2 higher.

Enyo checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 4 lower.

Darren checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 3 higher.

Fergus has rolled a critical success!
Fergus checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 42 higher.

Chuckling at Enyo's reply first, Gwenna continues to sip her wine, content to watch as the drinks are poured and things get down to business. "I am unskilled with a wheelbarrow. Well, I know /how/ to use one, but more often than not end up dumping the contents over with some lost balance. Just in case that might become necessary information later." She then snaps her fingers. "Next time, we should get Setarco Fire! A charming courtier introduced me to it at the Ambassador. From Southport actually, I think? It's whiskey with peppers. Like drinking fire, so aptly names, but the warmth after it goes down? Lovely."

Morrighan checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 6 higher.

Asger checked stamina at difficulty 20, rolling 1 higher.

"Send me a case!" Darren tells Theron, "And I'll send you a case of good damn whiskey." Darren takes his glass as it is put in front of him, draining it as well. Inhaling deeply, making sure it settles, Darren nods his head. "Alright, I still got this." He says. He knows this is all going to go sideways in a minute, so he looks to make sure he's not sitting across from anyone.

"Setarco Fire is from Setarco...Pravus." Enyo offers as she picks up her drink, and downs it before she proves what she was saying all along. Light weight. Either that, or she is constantly drunk, and this just tips her over the edge before she ends up face down on the table.

"Will do," Theron grins at Darren, ready to knock back the second drink. And he does, closing his eyes and focusing on it -- just in time to reach out and keep Lady Enyo from faceplanting on the table, pulling her back. "Come on."

Did Fergus even drink? He drank something, but it looks like it didn't even bother him. No whiskey face, no grimace, no nothing. Like he was drinking water. Or juice or something that might've been non-alcoholic. "Setarco Fire isn't bad. And that's probably the nicest thing I'll say about Setarco."

Asger begins humming a jaunty tune as he takes the next glass and downs it, once again savoring the burn before saying to Darren "Ya know what buddeh, I never got a kiss tonight she just left before I could get one...Like I could die what if there are more bringers in the schity and they come out tonight and I die before I get another kiss."

"Maybe I should have broken out some o' th'Rathlander for this - tha' is damn good as well," Morrighan notes to the group as she lifts her glass in a small salute to her fellow drinkers, and consumes the shot, swallowing it down. "Damn fine birthday, s'great, ain't ever had one like this b'fore," she says, humming softly, reaching for the Stone Mountain for refill number three. "I'll be curious tae see who really drinks who under th'table..or bench, in this case."

Gwenna gives a roll of her eyes, looks at her wine glass, and then sets it down. "Hence the name, Setarco Fire, perhaps. Gracious but I can be quite dim after too much wine. And why, perhaps, I may take my leave of you all before..." Well, they're all getting plastered as well, so... "Well, I am tired. Dame Morrighan, I can not put to true enough words how much I enjoyed this amazing party. Thank you for having us all and I happiest of birthdays. Can't wait for the next one! Dame Morrighan's Birthday Bonfire should become a new tradition."

Fergus checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 5 lower.

Darren checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 7 lower.

Asger checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 9 lower.

Asger checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 5 higher.

Morrighan checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 10 lower.

"Hi." Enyo chirps at Theron when he saves her from faceplanting, and she just ends up slumping over towards him, hunting for a shoulder to try and catch a nap on.

Darren rubs his face to make sure it is still there. "I am not kissing you." He tells Asger, reaching for his next glass of whiskey. He drains it, leaning back and inhaling deeply. "Yeah, I... Oh, no. Nope nope nope." He turns around from the table, preparing to puke. He manages not to, but falls off the bench and landing on his back. "I'm ok!"

Theron checked stamina at difficulty 25, rolling 11 lower.

Eventually, it just hits Ferg like a brick. "Oh fuck." he utters, blinking in a way that might suggest he's going to puke. But for the sake of his wife and child upstairs in the villa, he holds it in. For the moment. "You sure you didn't sneak Rathlander in there? Bloody fucking shit."

Unfortunately that third drink does Theron in and he starts napping against Enyo, so they both look like some weird rendition of a human Pisa Tower.

"I should go get a kish, that ish what I should do." Asger says with a sudden bout of determination and suddenly stands....Too fast it seems because no sooner is he on his feet then he is throwing up impressive amounts of liquor onto the ground before him. After several heavy breaths he wipes at the back of his mouth with the back of his hand "But before that...." he holds out his goblet to Morrighan and says "Could I have one more?" the duke all in all seeming...kind of stable on his feet even if he did just throw up

Fergus checked stamina + survival at difficulty 25, rolling 14 higher.

"You ain't kissin nobody after you did what I think I just heard you did." Darren says, staring up at the night sky. "Huh. Never noticed how fast the stars just... spin like that." he says to nobody in particular.

Perhaps it's from all the other drinking she's done this evening combined with all the excitement, but Morrighan doesn't quite make it. The shot goes down surely - but so does she. Onto the ground. A small hiccup escapes along with a soft giggle, she's not going anywhere for the moment, planted right where she is. "I lose," the dame announces with a faint slurr, sea-blue eyes squinting up and over to the benches to see who still remains - if any. "Pretty sure I did'nae sneak any in there," she remarks, snorting off at Darren with highly amused laughter. "Aw, shite, we're all mostly under th'table, but Ferg's holdin' his shit in an' ain't fallen off, so I think tha' makes him kind o' th'least loser o' th'bunch." Then..there's the vomiting and she crinkles her nose, turning over to try and crawl away from Asger's immediate location. "Fuck sake, Asger. You can have th'bloody bottle but if'n you're jus' goin' tae toss it back out do it over in th'bushes over there."

Morrighan gets a golden trophy of a tankard on a wooden base from a simple red cloth pouch with a drawstring closure.

"Shiiiiit, you think Donella is gonna kiss your ass now?" Fergus utters a little bleary-eyed to Darren. And for a moment, he might just winch a little at seeing Asger lose his lunch. "Oh fuck, man. C'mon, have enough fucking decency to puke in the bushes."

Glancing around as pretty much everyone takes a dive, Gwenna looks beyond them to the attendants still available for clean up around the grounds. Satisfied that all are in good hands, which also aren't her hands, she grins faintly. "I'm off to check the stores of tea and send word to Mistress Valery for the morn." She dips her head politely and makes her way inside the villa.

"NO!" Darren shouts at Gwenna, "You have to carry me upstairs Gwenny. Come on, you can do it."

Gwenna arches a brow at Darren and hopes he may just be drunk enough that she can pretend she didn't hear him and get away with it. So she tries it! Lalalalala.

"Shit, at least I won something. But I think I suffered the most for it." Fergus says at looking over the trophy, waving it at Darren. "But...uh, think I'm gonna pass out. Upstairs. With my wife. And try not to puke on her." Stumbling up to his feet, the Sword will roam in the direction of the villa. Hopefully, he won't get lost on the way there.

Asger takes the bottle from Morrighan and tells Fergus "There ish no time there are things I musht do friend Fergus." and with that he goes jogging off to the south...and jogging and jogging....The group can probably see him go well beyond the ward gate

"Me too." Darren says, though he's not getting up yet. "Morrighan... happy birthday." He keeps staring at the sky before he starts to push himself on to his knees. He can do this. He inhales sharply as his stomach turns, "Ok, Darren you got this."

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"Nelly sure ain't gonna kiss your face now," Morrighan agrees, heavily slurring as she reaches out to a nearby bench, trying to pull herself up. She kind of half flops onto her chest, loosing another soft hiccup, peering blearily out as everything starts spinning. "Gettin' back tae my room is goin' tae be excitin'. Darren, Ferg, make sure I dunnae end up in th'fountain in th'Solarium, or somethin'." Head wobbling a bit, the dame looks off at Fergus with a broad, though tipsy smile, giving the Prince a thumbs up. "Finally got yer trophy."

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Phantom, the Great Grey Owl leaves, following Darren.

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