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Dame Morrighan

I've been through more Abyss than you'll ever know, but that's what gives me an edge. You can't touch a woman who can wear pain like the grandest of diamonds around her neck.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Fiery Northern Knight
Fealty: Redrain
Family: None
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'7
Hair Color: Flame red
Eye Color: Sea-blue
Skintone: fair-skinned and freckled

Description: At first glance, Morrighan very much appears the epitome of the North and its people; she is a woman that carries herself with confidence and strength, embodying all that is wild and unpredictable - much like fire. It's one word that adequately describes everything about her, and the only word that is needed. Voluminous ringlets of silken flame highlighted with yellow-gold cascade down narrow shoulders, settling in at the curve of her pinched in waist. They frame an unmarred oval-shaped face with a fair and freckle dusted complexion, one that harbors fine, symmetrical features with aerial cheekbones. Dark kohl lines almondine eyes and dusts thick lashes, accenting the brilliant color of her tempestuous sea-blue gaze. They rest below groomed brows that are often expressive, a few shades darker than her conflagrant red curls. She has a straight and slender nose positioned above a small, sensuous mouth with full, bowed lips flushed to a natural shade of rosy pink. Though thin-bodied, her physique is athletic, form well-toned with notable muscular definition when seen - but she still retains an ample amount of womanly curves in all the right places. Her voice is honeyed, speech rough and unrefined, accented with a heavy Northern brogue. She exudes an aura of a survivor, a warrior, possessing a ferocity that's akin to a raging fire or the fury of an ocean's storm.

(Long riotous curls are neatly pulled back into a high pony tail, though a few shorter, errant strands fall about her face. Her coiled locks are secured in place by a set of seastone hairpins.)

Personality: Fiery, rough around the edges, a little uncultured and uncivilized - that's Morrighan. She has impish tendencies and a love of strong liquor; by no means does she have any ladylike qualities. Sometimes she can be brash and abrasive, saying what's on her mind and often has a no-nonsense attitude. Typically sharp and quick witted, the young woman has a mouth that can at times even make a pirate blush. She usually keeps her temper in line when necessary, most of the time it's reeled in by Redrain nobility...with some measured difficulty. Morrighan will bite her tongue and play nice when she feels her actions might reflect poorly on the noble family that saved her. She's fiercely loyal to Redrain - no task is too much, and she'll readily admit that she's very protective of Prince Sherrod's family. She's not ashamed of who and what she is, and if there's a derogatory remark about her being a Prodigal? Morrighan will just give a smug looking smirk.

Background: Born to one of war-like tribes of the Abandoned, the typical convention of brutality and savagery was a poignant reality to Morrighan. Through the ongoing blood feuds between various clans, her parents were lost shortly after her birth, leaving her rearing to the tribe as a whole. She didn't experience a typical childhood for most, existing alone was sheer survival. The more knowledged and skilled members of the group taught her what they could, starting her crude, rudimentary education at a young age. She learned with the volatile state and the constant raids it was kill or be killed, fight or fall, to never give up in the face of adversity and to stand one's ground. For the most part, this served her well, for many a year, in fact - until the pirates came.

With the ongoing fighting, chaos flourished, giving the corsairs an opportunity they couldn't ignore. They raided the settlement, pillaging and taking anything of value they could, cutting down anyone who got in their way. Still just a sprite of a child on the cusp of her pre-teen years, Morrighan fought to the best of her ability, though ended up in enemy hands. The scoundrels found her fiery, combative temperament amusing, furthering their resolve to drag her along back to the ship, where she was put to work as a scullery maid. Needless to say, being the hellion she is, a lot of plates were broken, and food may or may not have been tampered with. Time passed and was largely unmeasured, how long exactly she was aboard the vessel is unknown. Eventually, with a misguided sense of assuredness and egotism, the pirates moved to raid a ship in Redrain's coastal waters.

It all went awry, ending as what one would describe as a failure of epic proportions. For their crimes of piracy, the crew was hanged; Morrighan was spared. Prince Sherrod of House Redrain took mercy on the young Abandoned, offering to take her in as a ward. With her life spared, she gave an oath of fealty to the noble house that saved her and swore to serve in whatever capacity that was required. The transition was a bit of a shock, a far cry from her life in the tribe and her time aboard the corsair vessel - but she found it terribly intriguing. Despite her place as a servant, Morrighan remained mostly uncultured and somewhat uncivilized, but she learned enough of social etiquette to know when to keep her mouth shut, lest her behavior reflect poorly upon the man that took her in. It was a new world, a foreign environment, and she had to learn a new set of skills in order to survive.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aerandir A curiosity of a dame, accompanied by a raven most of the time. I find myself fascinating by her, and so I hope to meet her again, should our respective duties permit it.
Agatha A beacon of Hope and feistiness. I think she could inspire many of us
Alarissa Of the Abandoned turned Prodigal that she has met, Morrighan is by far, one of the nicer ones that she has come across and less offensive. Helps that the woman has a deft touch with fabric and soft spoken. Perhaps time for a new seamstress.
Alis House Redrain could not ask for a more spirited and ferocious defender of their family and honor. I have a great deal of admiration for her, and the courage that radiates from her.
Ardoin A fiery Northern lass with the distinction of being both a seamstress and a knight, oddly enough - with a taste for whiskey and a crow for a companion. Still, I get the feeling there's more than that.
Asher Stoic, bodyguard-esque. Pretty much what was expected. Except the accent.
Barric A very skilled tailor by all accounts, talks casually of working with Fireweave. Busy schedule but apparently very worth taking the time to get something made by.
Branwen Passionate. And, appears to be knowledgable of the evils that have happened of late. Someone to speak with later.
Calista Though it has been a year and a day (or more) since first meeting the newly appointed Dame, Morrighan has always been very kind and courteous. There's fire in her but she's never been disrespectful. The young woman is a master of her craft, has an attention for detail and is a true artist. Plus, she likes roses!
Caspian She seemed like an interesting, down to earth woman with a good sense of humor.
Cirroch A down to earth knight with an easy disposition and a love of fire.
Echo Dame Morrighan was splendid company and she has a cute little raven, too. Another from Farhaven, and certainly someone I should enjoy some time with when given the opportunity.
Fortunato What a delightful knight. You can tell the ones that feel Lagoma in their sweet, hungry hearts and she's one of them. Feels deeply, thinks deeply, desires and acts. Who can ask for more? Has her hauntedness and her obsessions, I'll see what I can do to help her walk where she needs and walks to walk. Optimistic despite it all, at least in comparison to me. We'll have to talk more.
Itzal A fire-headed Dame met in the shrine of the flame. Strangely we ended up discussing of water.
Jacque Dame Morrighan. Seems to be a lively sort, and quite the looker, to boot. Knows my cousin the High Lord and his wife. I'd like to speak some more with her, sometime.
Jeffeth A Knight. One who isn't afraid to show her fiery side. We'll be in the north together, and I'm looking forward to standing beside her in battle.
Jordan She's pretty, speaks with a funny accent, and seems to be very cynical or at least guarded about other people's intent. But simple, and wild, in her shamelessly casual way. That's to be enjoyed.
Joscelin What to say about her? She's my friend, my confidante from the first day I met her, stalwart ally and all around just... Yeah.
Katarina Knight of Redrain with the fiery mane and inner spirit to match - or so how Katarina has come to think of Morrighan in their brief, but meaningful encounters together. She's come to hold a healthy respect for this woman, given that she signed up for a mission and came aboard a ship without second thought or voicing doubts. Bravery, beauty, and a fine taste for spirits.
Laric Salvadore's favorite. Passionate and fiery, though her fervor concerns me. Fire burns both ways.
Maeve She is so funny! I love how she can give Kieran and Fergus a hard time in such hillarious ways.
Marcas A proper Northern lass with fire and sass to match her hair, and someone I'll welcome at my side with a sword or a bottle. Or a sewing needle, should she break it out.
Marian A diamond in the rough. Quick to defend against an offense, but seems to fit in well here at Redrain. There's a hint that she feels deeply for those she cares about.
Mason Some people you just know are good people through and through. Mason believes Morrighan to be one of those people. He didn't have to hear her speak for long before coming to that conclusion and he hopes to get to know her better in the days to come.
Petal She is a new knight! I remember her from the siege battle and she fought very bravely. Her clothing is amazing too.
Rook Dame Morrighan, a seamstress but also now a knight. Rook has agreed to teach her how to polish her linguistic talents, which sometimes just starts with elecution lessons. It might take a while, but Rook is a gifted tutor.
Roran A strong woman, with a devoutness to family that I have rare seen in others. I pray that she returns to us so that I may hear how she has changed.
Sivard I've only known her during our venture with the Seacaller, she will be one to keep an eye and a blade at the ready when around.
Sparte I think I saw my stoat chasing her raven once. She didn't catch it. Which is probably why I still have a stoat.
Tarik She has no fear. I do not know many people who would stick food up a Prince's, let alone the Minister of Defense's nostril. Fergus towers over her too. Either she is really loves a good prank, or is really good friends with the Prince that she is not worried about the outcome of her actions. It still was a joy to see her being chase by Fergus.
Theron Dame Morrighan threw a birthday bash for herself and it had quite the turnout. Sure, mostly Redrain, but she's got a creative mind. I'd never thought of throwing wood axes as a contest!
Valery Val and Morrighan don't talk so much, for two people working for the same House. She find her nice, though, even if most of the time she's just drinking.