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Vassal of Malvici

Words: “By Sea and Sky.”
Sigil: A gold hawk on a silver trident with a star in the center on a black field.
Nickname: Ospreys

In the winter of 1007, House Malvici set out to do their part to turn the isles against the Dark Reflection of Mangata and towards the Compact. Through diplomatic efforts and a strong military force, the people of the Cyrto Islands bent the knee to House Malvici. Duchess Calypso Malvici entrusted this new county to the hands of newlyweds Lord Artorius and Lady Melinda, making them Count and Countess of this strategic island cluster in the Lycean Sea. They took the name Magnotta to honor the Goddess of the Wind and Sea. With a new people to look over and a new family to establish, they kept a watch on the southernmost reaches of Arvus, acting as the Watch Tower of the Compact's southern holdings.

In 1013 however, Artorius, for reasons unknown though rumored to have been related to the divorce from Lady Melinda, abdicated and requested Lord Domonico Malvici to take his place. The new Count Domonico Magnotta has both been followed by several further flung Malvici family members changing their names and allegience to the small House as well as having fostered new bonds with the Prodigals sworn to the House.

Only three years later, in 1016, through unfortunate circumstances and natural causes, both Domonico and his wife Aahana passed away. Artorius stepped forward to reclaim what Duchess Calypso had once bestowed upon him in trust, with the support of House Malvici. Retaining the mantle of Count, Artorius has made it clear the traditions of the old blood of Malvici will remain strong in Magnotta. By Sea and Sky.


Name Rank Title Description
Artorius 1 Count
Desma 2 Voice Lady Magnotta and Minister of Warefare
Kia 3 Trusted Officials Paymistress General
Waldemai 3 Trusted Officials Master of the Forge
Akamos 3 Trusted Officials Trident of Caer Morien
Caelis 4 Noble Family Sister of the Count
Valenzo 5 Trusted House Servants
Svoli 5 Trusted House Servants
Calypso 6 Ally of the House
Eirene 6 Ally of the House
Miranda 6 Ally of the House
Kaia 6 Ally of the House
Ademar 7 Known Commoners
Dora 9 Whereabouts Unknown

Ruler: Artorius

Minister Category Title
Kia Income Paymistress General
Waldemai Upkeep Master of the Forge
Desma Warfare Minister of War

Land Holdings

Caer Morien

Description: Caer Morien is a city built on the backs of ruins that reach as far in the past as before the reckoning. Far on the highest peak of Cyrto Major, the city has been built up in tall stone towers. Mixing new construction with old ruins, this city holds many secrets and is in the perfect position to watch over the Lycene Sea. The islands are also known for their vast fields of lilies and cocoa tree groves used for making chocolate.

Part of the Empyrean Trade Route.