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Kia Cyrto'ani

Never let your circumstances determine your fate.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Opportunistic Prodigal
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Cyrto'Ani
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 20
Birthday: 07/16
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: honey brown
Skintone: olive

Description: Youthful and wide-eyed Kia always has a sense of wonder about her. Her dark brown hair is kept long and loose, flowing down her back. Often she likes to keep flowers in her hair, the sweet scent following her as she goes. Her smiles are warm and come easily. Always bright and hopeful. Her skin is warm and speaks of days spent out in the sun.

Personality: A woman who exudes innocence and curiosity. Smiles come easily to Kia's features, always finding a way to put her best foot forward. She is cunning and resourceful, but a bit naive and trusting. The way she speaks, with gentle intrigue, pulls trust from those who encounter her too. Whatever it takes to get the job done, Kia will find a way to do it. Fate, in her eyes, bends to her will.

Background: Kia grew up with her tribe on the north Cyrto Arch island, thriving with their close knit-culture and rich fertile lands. Lush jungles grow up in to the mountains, hills covered in grape vines and cocoa trees lead almost right down to the white sand beaches. It is truly a paradise that she thrives in. Working the land, understanding the plants and animals. But paradise so often comes at a cost. The islands, far from the mainland of Arvum, have been attacked and invaded several times over the course of their history, leaving behind remnants of many different peoples and cultures.

Though she barely remembers the terrible invasion of her youth, Kia absolutely does remember the day that House Malvici invaded. This time, it felt different. This time there was an offer of peace and protection. And Kia knew it was her time to step up and lend her hand to these new occupants of the islands, to help them thrive for the safety of her people. Eagerly she bent the knee and immediately sword to the newly formed House Magnotta. She would be their steward on the islands, show them how things worked here. Teach them about the natural gifts the island has to offer, help them with the people and understanding the beliefs they have. This was Kia's chance to step up in the world and she wasn't going to waste it.

Now, called to Arx to serve her new family, Kia is intrigued by all things Aravani and finding her way in this new and very large city. The Prodigal from the Cyrto Arch must use her natural talents and find her way.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Caprice Kin to Akamos, seems to have a good sense of humor for all that it's an understated delivery. Came to Seaborn looking for hair combs, so obviously I'm duty-bound to make sure she has nice clothing to match. Or at least introduce her around to other active crafters in the city, to help her resettle.
Domonico Having Kia Cyrto'ani back in the City can only be a good thing. She seems to have begun to settle back in again and already making worthwhile contacts. As always she is an asset to Magnotta and a credit to her people.
Katarina It is difficult to know what to make of someone who is impressed into silence by titles -- are they actually and truly impressed by a title, or are they compelled to armor themselves against even the risk of impropriety? I look forward to finding out which is the case with Kia.
Mabelle Despite claiming to be new to the ways of the compact, she seems well versed in etiquette, which is highly appreciated nowadays. I pray she will find her footing and succeed in her ventures to improve her and her House's standing.
Martino The sweetest flower from the fine garden of Caer Morien's islands. She is smart, in tune with the world, and a delight to be around.
Medeia Having met her by letter before meeting her in person, I was already assured of her being pleasant company. That proves correct, and I am happy to help her resettle amidst this fresh wave of Prodigal distrust sweeping the city. She seems capable of weathering it.
Piccola What sparingly little I have learned is nonetheless informative: that she has come from away to serve her house, to find her place in the City, and no doubt find what fortune and the Gods may have in store for her.
Porter Ah! I've spent so much time working in the Cathedral that I don't see it with fresh eyes anymore. It was wonderful to see a genuine reaction to the months of labor. And she's such a lovely, kind soul. I hope she finds her way in the city.
Ryhalt Warm as her homeland and a good head for business opportunities.
Samira Friendly and kind, she's willing to share her knowledge and information freely, even to those she doesn't know. It may not be practical, but I can't help but envy her ability to turn her back and ignore the darker threats in our world.
Sigurd Confident around her peers and the nobles. Quick to relax and relax the room with that easy smile of theirs.
Thea How great it is to finally see Kia back in the city. I know, she's been here awhile. But I haven't seen her! She appears to be just as hard working as ever. She is doing my brother proud and I hope he knows that.
Venturo A woman on the cusp of discovery, seeking enlightenment with the joys of the world still able to capture her imagination. I only hope that Arx shall not rob her of these precious gifts.
Zyxthylum A student of Arx. Quite the sharp mind for someone who comes from Abandoned Isles.