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Vassal of Tyde

Words: “Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame.”
Sigil: A Flaming Sword on a Golden Sunburst
Nicknames: Seekers, The Knights of the Sea

Prior to the Tyde rebellion, the relationship between the Melaeris and Tyde has been filled with periods of conflict and open war but also of steadfast loyalty. According to legend, Melaeris was founded during the ancient years prior to the fall of House Marin, the knights of House Melaeris eventually bent the knee to House Tyde but quickly grew disappointed in the direction that the new reigning House Thrax took the people of the Mourning Sea. The slow decline of traditional morals and values, that Melaeris still respects to this day, shifted into a mindset geared towards reaving and slavery. While much of the details are lost to history, House Melaeris was said to have rejected slavery during the early days of the Compact, and had a disdain for the practice of thralldom. During the Crownbreaker wars, they were one of the only Isle houses that turned against Thrax and fought against the great house, in large part due to longstanding disagreements over Thralldom and the inherent dishonor in the coup. While Melaeris survived the Crownbreaker wars and then the Tyde rebellion, the downfall of Tyde saw Melaeris isolated and just narrowly avoid destruction at the hands of Donrai Thrax. While the House managed to maintain their relative distance from the rest of Thrax, they have reached out and quietly established relations among the other Houses and institutions of the Compact.


Name Rank Title Description
Lilith 2 Prime Minister Minister of Population
Gunnar 2 Prime Minister Admiral of the Fleet (War)
Vera 3 Noble Family Undisposed Noble
Amir 3 Noble Family Sword of Astarrea (Loyalty)
Sinclair 3 Noble Family Firebrand; Minister of Upkeep
Alheri 3 Noble Family
Trueth 3 Noble Family
Montag 4 Trusted House Servants Pathfinder; Commander of the Infantry
Zyn 4 Trusted House Servants Sailor; Captain of the Longships
Dariel 9 Extended Family Cousin
Jophiel 9 Extended Family Cousin

Ruler: Llewella

Minister Category Title
Cyril(RIP) Income Master of Coin
Amir Loyalty Sword of Astarrea
Gunnar Warfare Admiral of the Fleet
Lilith Population None
Sinclair Upkeep None

Land Holdings


Description: The people of Astarrea are a vast melting pot of ex-thralls, reformed pirates, former abandoned, and subjects of Thrax. Despite its strict moral code, House Melaeris has always welcomed anyone willing to bend the knee with open arms. In their eyes, redemption is a path open to all. So long as they’re willing to open their hearts to the gods and put in the grueling, hard work. Devotion, honor, and duty are drilled into the minds of every member of the family. But not tradition. The world is ever changing, ever growing and House Melaeris strives to never forget that.

Landmarks: Part of the Seacoast Watch of the Mourning Isles, built in 1013