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Academy Of War

Words: "May wisdom save lives."
Sigil: Two crossed crimson blades against a silver backdrop.

The Academy of War was founded after the heavy losses taken in the war against the Gyre. While the Academy's headquarters are within Arx, the true power is the network of colleges that have agreed to share curriculum across Arvum and study the art of warfare, tactics, and strategies of each fealty for the sole goal of strengthening the Compact. The main curriculum includes everything from introductory lessons for future commanders regarding large scale combat to teaching villagers weakened by the war how to defend themselves from opportunistic shav'avari and other assorted bandit attacks. Side branches include diplomacy training prior to engagement and post engagement, as well as the importance of support roles upon the field.


Name Rank Title Description
Alban 5 Instructor / Mentor
Jamie 5 Instructor / Mentor
Demura 8 Member
Baldessare 8 Member
Branimir 8 Member
Cassima 8 Member