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Eswynd Feast - Mourning Memorial

Join House Eswynd for a feast in memory of the late Duchess Margot Tyde and others that have been recently lost amidst rising conflict in the Isles. We ask that you come prepared to share a fond story of the deceased - or at least be willing to raise a glass in their memory. None shall be turned away at the door on account of fealty or station.


July 11, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Haakon Catalana Denica Aviana Aedric



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Eswyndol - Main Hall

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Denica takes Blue Tyde Bracelet from Blue Tyde Pouch.

2 Kennex corsairs, Jane, Mildred the mousy librarian arrive, following Catalana.

Not ones for being terribly somber, the Eswynds have pulled together a generous feast with music and free-flowing drinks on the occasion of remembrance for those fallen so far in the Isles civil war. Tables are heaped high with hearty fare - breads, roasted root vegetables, tureens of fish stew, platters of sliced game. Medeia stands near the entry to the hall to greet those who arrive.

Haakon has a drink in hand, and seems to take personal affront to any visitors who refuse to accept the hospitality of his house. Eat, drink, and be merry. Or else.

Catalana steps in and immediately refuses a drink with a small wave, that is until Haakon is there and she's forced to take a drink. Gratefully, she notices Medeia and greets the couple. "Lady Medeia, Lord Haakon. Thank you for the invitation tonight. You do us all a great honor in hosting this."

In the non-somber category, you can also find Denica Thrax. She's emotional like most artists are and it is vivid on her features. Embracing the grief and joy equally, she has dug herself out of whatever hole she's been painting in. Put on a nice gown and pulled the chaos of waves back enough to show she's sober. Sort of. There is a pause at the door and she looks at Medeia and though the princess lacks her typical softness, there is obvious appreciation there. "Thank you for hosting this Lady Medeia, for the kindness and hospitality of your House. I am glad we could all come together.," dipping her head in respect to the woman and her husband, Haakon in turn, she steps into the house and looks around as she tries to keep her face from cracking. Denica makes a beeline for the drinks and makes no apologies for it.

Haakon has joined the line.

Medeia has a drink - tea - in hand. The smallest of shakes of her head is given in Haakon's direction with a smile. "Lady Catalana," She says, turning her attention and offering one hand out to squeeze the other lady's in greeting. "Thank /you/ for coming. I think it does us all good to come together and remember what is important. /Who/ is important." When she sees Denica, her smile softens. A bow of her head is given, but she recognizes that tenuously held together look and doesn't do anything to poke at it. More generally, the lady notes, "We have remembrance gifts, made by Aviana Bertram. Please be sure to take a bracelet in memory of Duchess Margot. If you have some words to say, please let me know so I can call the music to a halt."

Aviana did make it after all, the dark skinned woman whom seems to have seen plenty of sun walks into the high roofted hall. Her dark brown eyes widen a little looking around, she takes a deep breath as she steps in further spotting the hosts of the gathering. Her leathers creak as she does. Her dark hair is pulled into rows of braids to the back of her head wwwhere its pulled into up on the top of her head and dark curls fall to her shoulders."Lady Medeia, Lord Haakon. Thank you for the invitation," she lowwers her head and her chest partly in a bow showing them respect.

The mention of Margot's name is all it takes for Catalana's eyes to get glassy. Thank the gods Haakon forced the drink because a big gulp is now taken. She turns to thank Aviana too, "I imagine the duchess would be pleased. She had a fondness for jewelry." She moves away to dab at her eyes quickly and take a bracelet and fastens it to her wrist immediately.

Catalana takes Blue Tyde Bracelet from Blue Tyde Pouch.

There is a quite nod to Medeia when she mentions words and the princess looks unsure, like she'll probably decide on the spot and has been going back-and-forth in her head, for days. Securing a drink, opting for a Saikland whisky, or whatever she could find that's strong. That seems to be what she's after, but she puts it into a tea cup, this seems specific to her. Then she catches sight of the jewelry, and she tries to look for the their designer. Taking one, she puts her cup down and affixes it around her wrist. Eyes close for a moment, her face scrunches, she's taking a step back and moving to the side, feeling caught up by her emotions. It takes a moment, she says to Aviana, "it's perfect," she says of the bracelet, though her words are sparse, it's struck her and she is still working through it.

Haakon's scarred lip curls at the mention of Margot being fond of jewelry. "Ye speak true. There were this one renegade lord who she offered the chance to lower his banners and yield, once.. He said the only way he'd ever stand before her unarmed were with his hands around her throat. So-" a sudden chuckle. "He's executed after the fight, obviously, and she has his fingerbones made into a damned *necklace*."

Catching what Haakon says, Denica suddenly bursts into dark laughter and she raises her tea cup in a toast of admiration for the late Margot Tyde.

News starts to filter through the city that Marquis Magnus Stahlben and several House Stahlben guards have been killed by what is presumed to be bandits during a walk in the Gray Forest not too far outside of Arx. The Marquis himself is said to have been shot through the throat with an arrow.

A grateful smile comes from Medeia when she sees Aviana. "I am glad you were able to attend, Messere. Come in, make yourself welcome among us." The lady then steps back, closer to Haakon's side, a wry smile on her lips as he recounts a particular piece of jewelry. "A style we had in common," She murmurs of her former patron. Her head dips, eyes closing briefly as she looks into her tea. "Let us be glad for what we have had. Yes?"

Aviana nods her head to them all, "Thank you." she smiles thinking of Margot, her feet bring her to where the drinks are picking one up to take a sip looking to Medeia, "Thank you, Lady Medeia." she smiles hearing the story Hakkon tells and holds her drink up, turning she moves to find a place to sit down.

Aviana has joined the broad bench piled with furs.

Catalana can't stop her tears with Haakon's story. "That was very much like her. She would surprise you every step of the way. People underestimated her terribly." She lifts her drink to Haakon, "We went on a mission together, to try to convince all of Helianthus's houses to abandon their stupid plans. Frustrated, she shouted at them, while dressed in her most regal thraxian styled gown, that she wasn't here to fuck and would they all stop trying to kiss her ass." She chuckles huskily, "Could of heard the pin drop in the room."

Haakon barks in sharp laughter at Catalana's account of the Helianthus venture. An appreciative shake of his head and he takes a swallow of stout. Aside to Medeia, he asks, "Ye want that we start this formal, or keep on as we are?"

Medeia presses her lips thin to keep from bursting into laughter, but her expression breaks into a grin. "She was a wonder." Her head tilts up to Haakon. "We could. Would you like to start?" She begins to motion for the music to stop.

"She sure showed all of them," Denica muttered knocking back some of the whisky in her teacup with a small shrug. Taking a step from the wall, she tries to assemble into the group again. "Margot didn't coddle people. She saw strength where other's looked away, she broke down barriers," the princess probably had more to say, but she doesn't seem familiar with these sort of events and goes back to drinking.

Turn in line: Haakon

Haakon draws a deep breath and calls, turning to face in each named direction, "To the North Wind: hear! To the West Wind: hear! To the South Wind: hear! To the East Wind: hear!" Those declarations made, he speaks on, rough voice pitched to be heard throughout the hall:

"For my first twenty-four years, all I knew of Arvani nobility were the warlords of Thrax. Compact folk were rich and strong and full of hate for us. They wanted us dead or they wanted us for thralls. There was naught else, and we hated them right back." A wry half-smile twists his scarred lip with the recollection.

"When the Darkness rose in the Deeps, a lady of Thrax came to us, seeking words. She wore the fur of a great white bear- teeth, claws and all- atop a silk gown and jewels. She was the first sight of something fine from the Compact, and she didn't want our labor or our doom. She wanted us to live. To grow stronger and make *her* stronger. The Eswynd knelt to her, and we turned Prodigal. Later, she wanted ties to Lyceum or Oathlands, for that I found my wife and children. She was the Tyde: Admiral and Voice of Thrax."

A long breath drawn and he raises a cup. "Fare well Margot, daughter of Titus, son of Victor. May the Goddess welcome you to her table below the sea, and may your name be remembered until the last sun dies in the West. Hear!" With that, he drinks.

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Medeia is overheard praising Haakon.

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Medeia lifts her tea cup at the end of Haakon's words. The first sign of her true emotion comes as a tear slips free from one eye. Wordlessly, she motions to Denica, if the princess wishes to speak.

Turn in line: Denica

Aviana does not have stories like the others do of Margot, so she smiles sitting listening to the others talk about her. Drinking and paying attention to whatever one has to tell. She is a tad nervous as well being in the home of house Eswynd. So she just sits listening and sipping her drink.

Finishing what's left in her teacup, she puts it to the side and takes a spot where she can address the room, but it's not really them she's speaking to. For a moment, she looks at the door like she is about to bolt but she decides against it. "Words," she murmurs trying to come up with the right ones, while her heart does so many different things. Biting down on her lip, she closes her eyes and lets them come. "It takes a certain kind of strength to be a leader, especially in the Mourning Isles, especially as a -woman- in the Mourning Isles. Margot lived change, she was relentless and focused, but still she had the time for everyone else. She encouraged greatness, because she lived it. I admired my sister-in-law, not just for the things she accomplished, but that she did." There are probably a lot of stories that the princess could share but she doesn't, that was enough for her, rather she focuses on something else. "The best advice that Margot ever gave me was simple, 'don't say, do.'" With that, she steps back and goes off to find another drink.

Turn in line: Catalana

Catalana steps up next, 'Margot was my best friend. We grew up similarly with what was expected of us as Thraxian women and she was my biggest supporter. She was a problem solver and had the kindest heart. She found me purpose when I lacked and gave me a safe home when I needed it." She dabs at her eyes again briefly with her handkerchief, "The moments I will always cherish the most is when in the hottest parts of summer, we would roll our skirts up and wade into the pond at Tyde manner and teach our sons how to make little boats from sticks and leaves and race them. To hear her laugh and be free of the burdens ruling brings was my delight. Margot was a great leader, but she was also a wonderful mother and kind person."

Medeia doesn't say anything right away following the things shared by Denica and Catalana. Instead, she finishes the tea in her cup - likely wishing it was something stronger. She gives everyone a moment to breathe, letting the music restart with a gesture.

Haakon drank once to toast each remembrance as it is spoken, calling, "Hear!" to each, as do many of the common prodigal warriors in the hall, most of whom fought under Margot's command at one famous battle or another. Haakon adds in dry jest once the various women have said their piece: "Not bad, for a lot of Arvani."

Aviana looks in Haakons direction and smirks at his comment and drinks the rest of her drink down moving to get another and moe back to her seat. She moes a free hand to perhaps clean some tears from her cheeks being silent in her greef for the loss of Margot. She is not someone of words but a tailor a artest her words come from the items she makes and for Margot it was the Bracelets.

Listening to everyone speak, the princess seems almost inspired by it, maybe even a little riled up. It's a good outcome, at least for her, and she turns to Medeia and Haakon. "Thank you for this. Anything you need. Whenever. Tell me. I'll be there," and with that, she leaves with purpose.

Stojan, a cleverly reserved assistant, 3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Cato, a stealthy non-descript man leave, following Denica.

Catalana changes her drink over to tea and goes to take a seat near Medeia, "Have there been many other deaths yet? Aethan and Ian have been shielding me from the battles. "

Medeia's tea is refilled by a servant and the lady nods as Denica retreats. "She was truly an important person to me. When brought into the Isles by marriage, she saw in me the ability to not only survive but succeed among the harsher climes - socially and otherwise." To Catalana there is a brief nod. "Not... So many prestigious folk, but that does not mean they are any less important."

Haakon shrugs his right shoulder in a slow roll. "The Stormbreak," Edward, "And a number of his folk. Some fifty thousand in the great battle off Darkwater, some ours, some theirs. Another ten thousand of the foe off Long Strand, far fewer of ours. War is young, but Kinstrife is ever bloody business." He pauses. "Any of you heard the story of how Stormbreak got his barony?"

Catalana remarks to Haakon, "Only rumors. Something along the lines of stealing from house Redreef and being cast out." Her lips twist faintly, "Though, that seems rather kind for such crimes." The numbers Haakon has mentioned has her nodding lightly, 'Hardly surprising. I only know everyone in my family is safe. I am grateful that Aethan, Ian and Wash are so experienced."

Aviana runs her fingers over her braids at Catalanas question, she was sheilded on her rescent adventure by Lord Gideon. She wished he was here but she knows how hard it hit him lossing Margot, licking her lips. "I have not Lord Haakon."

"I have not," Medeia responds to Haakon.

Aedric Blackshore wanders into the main hall of Eswondol and is visibly relieved to spot he is not the only guest present. The baron, tall, lanky, and somewhat disheveled, wears ceremonial-but-worn platemail and has tucked either of his gauntlets between his cuirass and ribcage. At the very last second, upon recounting a prior visit to the family's estate, the mariner quickly (and discretely) discourages one of the guards standing near the entryway from announcing his presence. Instead, he approaches the nearest group of familiar faces and politely dips his chin in greeting. "Lord and Lady Eswynd, Lady Kennex, and... I do not believe we've been properly introduced," he murmurs, offering Aviana a small but no less sincere smile. "The sky is strange. Outside, I mean. Unusual. If any of you would like to take a look," is added.

Medeia quickly bows her head in greeting to Aedric. "Welcome, Baron Blackshore. This is Aviana Bertram, she is an artist. The bracelets made in memory of Duchess Margot were done by her." A gesture is made to a servant to bring the man a drink. "Congratulations to you and the baroness on the birth of your firstborn. I look forward to meeting the little lady."

Haakon chuckles dryly. "That's only the middle of the story- another drink!" he calls aside, one of the Eswynders providing the summoned cup. "Back when he were yet Edward Redreef, he owed loyalty to an old Duke of Thrax. I were still Abandoned, then. On the day the Silence came against Arx, this old Duke were on the walls with his best men. The high nobles of Thrax had little taste for standing the walls of Arx against such foes, or were pulled elsewhere, but this Edward had a sword, so up the ramparts he climbed. The old Duke took one look at this thin silk in his doublet and fine boots without a scrap of armor on him, and told the fool to be on his way before he got thrown off the wall. Golf didn't often defy the old man, but this Edward swallowed once, took a breath and said, 'My Duke can throw me if he likes, but until he does I won't see him stand alone'. The Duke glared at him long and hard, and ordered his men to bring this fool proper armor out of his own stores. The Battle for Arx was fought, and the fool didn't die, staying beside the Duke when walls were shattered by fell magic, and mo stress swarmed the rubble." A dry chuckle.

"After that some time, Edward and Ember quarrelled, because they were Redreefs, and it's their way. Redreef cast him out and named him commoner. But the old Duke remembered this Edward, and told him he'd see loyalty repaid. Gave him use of an army, told him to conquer a new domain and he'd see the man made a Baron. That's how Whitefrost were conquered and built."

Haakon turns an eye to Aedric as the Baron enters. "The Blackshore. Fair met, ye."

Aviana looks to Aedric nodding her head, "Greetings, Lord Blackshore." she says simply, she looks to Medeia with a look of thanks for introducing her. A smile parts her lips, "Congradulations on the birth of your daughter." her eyes look to Haakon as he tells the story listening.

Catalana chuckles at Haakon's stories, "Seems most stories in the isles happen because of fools. Lord Wash only learnt to sail because he stowed away in a boat. Jan to fight because Ian was bored of his brothers." She toys with her necklace thinking, "I wonder how much changes truly because a moment of stupidity."

"Thank you, both. I am certain that can be arranged. As I understand it, you carry the title of physician and have at some point in your career specialized in the academic field of midwifery. This could serve as a boon to us now and in the future," the baron replies to Medeia, offering another respectful nod. "The good news is that most women in my family lead relatively normal and respectable lives. None are prone to madness or fits of rage or flee from the responsibilities of their blood," Aedric continues, words and tone sardonic. He smiles, though, indicating that -- though pointed -- they are indeed intended to be humorous.

As Haakon regales some tale, the sailor listens intently. "What role did the late Duchess play in Eswynd's incorporation into the Compact?" He knew very little of the prodigal line's history.

"I am," Medeia confirms to Aedric, "Midwifery is my particular specialty, though saving lives after battle has eclipsed it." Her eyebrows arch gently at the teasing about the women of Blackshore, a faint smile acknowledging it all. "Ah, but the baroness..." Medeia will never admit to giving rhe baron a wink after saying that. After a moment, she sees to it that Catalana and Aviana have refilled drinks before watching Haakon for his answer, offering only, "If not for her, he would not be here."

Haakon takes a drink, and scoffs, eyeing Aedric. "Damnation, he's going to make me repeat myself.. I'll be brief, this time.. but I need another drink, first."

Catalana suddenly remembers about Medeia, "Oh. I forgot you were a midwife completely. Can I speak with you later? " She sips her tea and grins at Aedric faintly. "Yes. Congratulations." and then she turns back to Haakon, "I think collectively we are all glad she brought your family into the compact. You have said our, well, asses, quite a few times."

Haakon is provided a new drink, and nods to Medeia. "In short: aye. She were the one who voyaged to Eswynd Rock, walked into our longhouse wearing the hide of a great white bear.. stood surrounded by mortal enemies, and said she wanted us to survive the Darkness in the Deeps, and join our strength to hers. Goddess knows I argued with all my breath against it, believe me or nay... but in the end, the Eswynd accepted. Oskar knelt as a king, and rose as a Marquis, and bade me lead our fleet under her banner to war."

Aviana takes the refilled cup and sips from it, how odd how she feels more comfortable here then she does in her own home over her shop. Enjoying the drink and story telling she listes to Haakon re-tell his story.

"I will drink," the elder Blackshore asserts firmly. At this moment, the attendant that Medeia had beckoned to fetch refreshments returns. He accepts the glass, full of some unidentified liquor, and drains its contents in a single swig. And then the grimace comes. Long, hard, and uncomfortable. Haakon's story comes, and -- like before -- the mariner listens. "Does a great white bear have some significance to your people, or was that typical in regards to her manner of dressing?" More humor. "Lady Catalana is right. Medeia saved my life, and Haakon defended my family during a great treachery. Stopped my nephew from stumbling upon an early rendezvous with death, too. Eswynd is an asset to this fealty, and I consider myself privileged to call them our allies." Aedric waves the attendant over again -- but this time takes the bottle.

Medeia's head tilts in Catalana's direction. "Whenever you wish, my lady, you need only ask." As Haakon retells the tale, her jaw sets when a thought occurs to her. "The war that took my brother brought my husband. Strange how things work out." Speaking further on Margot, the lady adds, "She was there for the birth of our twins, our firstborn. And happily agreed to be their saltmother. She had decided to learn some medicine from me, and she and Lady Zoey made sure Miklos and Savja were delivered safe after a surprise assault upon a vassal we were visiting."

Haakon asides to Catalana, "We're folk of the Old Ways. Eswynd now is what Thrax once was. Tell a Dagonite so and watch their foreheads burst, but it's truth." His scarred lip curls at Aedric's jest. "She wore more than *just* the bearskin. But nay, it were same white bear skin she'd wear here in Arx. Teeth, claws and all. Long enough that the bottom trailed on the ground, behind her. That were a big bloody bear."

Catalana quirks her lips amusedly at Haakon, "The isles is full of old traditions and everyone hates when old truths get spoken." She thumbs the necklace around her neck while she thinks. " Most like to paint Prince Dagon as a terrible person, and don't get me wrong. He is. But he was also a man who loved his lands and tried to do what he could for the isles to thrive. Most hate knowing that."

Aviana finihes her drink standing up, "Lord Haakon, Lady Medeia. I thank you again for letting me come and remember Lady Margot and enjoy your company." she looks between them, "I should be returning to the shop, I still have much to work on." she bows her head to them again waiting before she turns to leave.

"Thank you, Aviana," Medeia says, giving the woman a grateful nod. "Let me know if you have need of anything in the future. Your craftsmanship is wonderful."

Haakon age has to Catalana. "I don't hate knowing it. But he was also a coward who murdered his wife, and will die in agony for it." He states the words simply, as if observing the color of a chair, or the size of a cup. Aviana is given a nod. Before she goes, he thinks to ask, "Your presence is welcome. Who are you?"

"Have a wonderful evening," the baron says to Aviana, offering another pleasant smile. Cold cerulean gaze then shifts to Haakon. "Can't say I've ever seen a white bear. Must be found up north," he confesses, pouring himself a second drink and polishing it off shortly after. Though there was truth to Catalana's words, he opts not to engage on that particular subject matter. They were here to mourn, after all, and Tyde's history with Donrai was not a pleasant one. "I read that you successfully neutralized Grimkin's fleet at Whitefrost. Have you yet taken the fight inland?"

Aviana looks to Medeia, "Thank you Lady Medeia." when Haakon asks who she is she stands a bit taller dressed in her leathers, "I am Aviana Bertram a tailor and friend to house Tyde. I part of house Blackram, but I worked as a tailor for both Lady Margot and Lord Gideon Thrax." she smiles speakig both their names. "I made bracelets for the event to remember Margot and house Tyde, blue for house Tyde and a white bead to remember her ship she loved so much."

Haakon nods to Aedric. "Aye, a beast of the Neverwinter." As to Whitefrost, "Their fleet is annihilated. Only some few ship left under the walls of the capital, but they're cut off from open water. Troops have gone ashore from Thrax, Tyde, Grimhall, and Kennex. No further fighting just yet, only light skirmishes. The Grimkin seem shaken by how fully they're stranded." When Aviana names herself, Haakon gives her a short dip of his head. "Her fucking white caravel. A fit choice. Fair met, Aviana Bertram: fair winds find you, until we meet again."

Catalana asks Haakon, curiousity evident, "Do you think Grimkin will scramble or will they lay down their weapons?"

Haakon snorts to Catalana's question. "They'll not yield. The fate they gave Stormbreak is the fate that awaits them in turn, and they know it. But they're in a strong fortress at the capital. We can sweep them from the open countryside, but I want no part of storming that castle, and we can't afford to leave enough warriors there overwinter to besiege them. There's been talk of arming and training Stormbreak's loyalists to the task, so our armies can be better used. We'll need post enough ships to blockade them, and cut off resupply, but that won't take so many. Tyde keeps a privateering fleet could do the task

Medeia frowns when the Grimkin battle is discussed, easing herself down to sit beside Catalana. "Surrender would be too welcome, so of course they will make it as difficult as possible." Her gaze moves from Haakon to Aedric and back. "Is it true there are yet troubles in Tresova, Baron?"

Aviana nods her head to them all turning and moves out her steps a bit quick.

Aviana has left the broad bench piled with furs.

"There's no incentive for them to lay down their weapons, my lady. If they've stockpiled enough staple foodstuffs, they can ride out the winter behind the safety of the capital's walls," the sailor reasons, shaking his head. "Assuming what Haakon says is true -- that Grimkin's fleet was annihilated -- then they'll lack the means of resupplying Whitefrost. No troops, no equipment, no meat, no grain. Thrax will inevitably have to besiege their garrisons eventually, but the actions of the Leviathan have bought Maelstrom time." And time was exactly what the Isles needed. "Congratulations all the same. Well fought. You've earned a respite, my lord." He shifts his attention to Medeia. "There are, indeed. We lost control of the city proper to forces loyal to my wife's previously-thought-dead brother and -- well," a pause, "...our initial landing was complicated. Two districts have been secured, but several -- including the harbor -- remain. The fighting is street-to-street and brutal."

Catalana agrees with Medeia unfortunately, "Indeed and I can only imagine the horrors that Duke Valdemar has in store for those he captures. Duke Aethan I believe is planning the largest flaying in the isles for Turo when we capture him." She admits with a dash of hope, "I am hoping we may be able to get some of our soldiers into the area and they will help arm and fight against the forces. I am hopeful that many of the trapped thralls will take up arms against Grimkin. "

Aedric then adds, briefly: "...Lady Catalana -- Lord Ian accompanied my forces ashore and was instrumental in successfully securing a corridor to the sea. For Kennex' assistance in our efforts I am eternally grateful."

Medeia's frown deepens as she listens to the men recount the state of the war on various fronts. To Aedric, she asks, "Have they enough bandages, medicines? Is there anything I can do to assist in the efforts?" She pales when Catalana brings up Turo. Her voice barely breaks a whisper when she responds. "My brother-by-marriage deserves no less." Suddenly, the lady is very interested in her tea.

Haakon grimaces at mention of arming thralls. "I hate such strategies," he admits. "Thrall revolts all end in massacres, even if it weakens the oppressors, it seems cruel to toss weapons to desperate folk who may be weakened or half dead from cruel labors.. And then loosing them again at the very folk prepared for years to murder them if they revolt."

Medeia takes Blue Tyde Bracelet from Blue Tyde Pouch.

Medeia is overheard praising Catalana.

Medeia is overheard praising Denica.

Medeia is overheard praising Aviana.

"For now, our supplies are sufficient. But I expect to lose a great number of troops liberating the remainder of the city, and the effort to retake the keep will be especially taxing. In the aftermath, any donations from the physicians or Eswynd would certainly be well-received," the baron replies, nodding once. And then he stands, slowly -- likely an attempt to avoid losing his balance. "I should return to the manor and check on my wife and newborn." He raises his glass. To no one's surprise, it is empty. "To the late Duchess Tyde. We honor her memory."

Aedric checks 'recovery check' at normal. Aedric is successful.

Catalana gives Medeia's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "You can't blame yourself for others actions. Everyone chooses their own path." Finishing her tea with Aedric's toast she reiterates, "To the late Duchess. Forever in our hearts."

"Eswynd has little enough to send," Haakon admits, dryly. With a wry curl to his lip, he reminds the Baron, "When last you were in this hall, the Blackshore were offering supply to *us*." In parting, he rumbles, "Fair winds keep you and yours, until we meet again."

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